A ridosso dei ruderi, i Trionfi (1997)

Hard Stop (2012)

Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier (2013)

Kasko (2009)

Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers (2014)

Ninja Bombs (2005)

El Casamiento (2011)

Checkin' in with Goofy (2011)

The Hen That Laid the Golden Eggs (1905)

Chiquidracula (1985)

February 31 (2013)

Danemon Ban: The Monster Exterminator (1935)

Devil's Love (1992)

The Blue Wave (2014)

Bengelchen liebt kreuz und quer (1968)

Ileksen: Politics in Papua New Guinea (1978)

Gönül Meyhanesi (1970)

Star Hill (1965)

Sylvia Kristel – Paris (2003)

Dream of the Red Chamber (1943)

Bauçà (2009)

Internationally Speaking (2005)

Trial Balloons (1982)

Two Balls (1962)

My Senator and Me (2005)

Die Flamme (1923)

The Flame (German: Die Flamme) is a 1923 German silent drama film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Pola Negri, Hermann Thimig and Alfred Abel. The film is based on a play by Hans Müller. In the United States it was released under the alternative title Montmartre. It was the last film Lubitsch made in Germany before emigrating to Hollywood where he directed his first American film Rosita for United Artists the same year.

Trusts and Estates (2013)

Steve Harvey's Grand Finale (2012)

Women's Quarter (1966)

Enid's Idyll (2004)

Miss Queencake (1991)

Yulu (2011)

The Priest and the Beauty (1960)

Rolling Stone (1919)

Love Match (2014)

The time and patience (1994)

Kickin' the Conga Round (1942)

Who's Who in the Zoo (1942)

Who's Who in the Zoo is a 1942 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series. It was directed by Norman McCabe, story by Melvin Millar, musical direction by Carl Stalling.

Too Weak to Work (1943)

Ration Fer the Duration (1943)

Cow-Cow Boogie (1942)

Red Roses (1940)

Red Roses (Italian: Rose scarlatte) is a 1940 Italian comedy film directed by Vittorio De Sica and Giuseppe Amato. It was De Sica's first film as a director. De Sica had previously appeared in a 1936 production of the stage play by Aldo De Benedetti on which it was based.

The Hooker with a Heart of Gold (2011)

Nanacha Wily Child (2005)

The Sleeping Princess (1939)

Barn of the Blood Llama (1997)

SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (2010)

Puttin on the Act (1940)

Wendell Scott: A Race Story (2011)

Yankee Doodle Donkey (1944)

Bye Bye Barcelona (2014)

The Worldly Madonna (1922)

The Worldly Madonna is a 1922 American drama silent film directed by Harry Garson and starring Clara Kimball Young (in her last film from Equity) and William P. Carleton.

Embun (2002)

Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions (1991)

Rain on Film (2013)

The Desert Song (1955)

How to Train a Dog (1936)

How to Train a Dog is a 1936 short film released through MGM Studios starring Robert Benchley. The short film demonstrates how not to train a dog, following Benchley's character getting the dog from a pet store.

Oorukku Uzhaippavan (1976)

Pudhiya Boomi (1968)

The Real Story: The Amityville Horror (2009)

Bujang Terlajak (2012)

A Man's Rave (2013)

Swing Your Partner (1943)

A Place Called Lovely (1991)

Skorna (2009)

Age 13 (1955)

Age 13 is an educational film by Sid Davis released in 1955. It is property of the public domain. The film centers on Andrew, a thirteen-year-old boy stricken with grief over the recent death of his mother. On the day of her death her radio stops working, and Andrew believes that if he can repair it his mother will return. He is left with a cold, emotionally distant stepfather. He is also teased relentlessly in school, which leads him to bring a gun with him. During an altercation with another student in a physical education class, he fires the gun, injuring no one. Following the incident he receives counseling, is administered a Rorschach inkblot test and is encouraged to open up emotionally. However, his stepfather becomes increasingly brutal. Andrew commits a virtual murder by destroying a photograph of his stepfather, whom he blames for his mother's death; afraid his feelings will lead him to actual homicide, he runs away. By film's end he has recovered, and is adopted by his aunt and her husband. Musician Kevin Moore selected this film as inspiration for the Chroma Key album Graveyard Mountain Home. The film is included on DVD in a special edition of the album, playing at half speed and featuring the album's music soundtrack as opposed to the original.

Chamber Music (2012)

The Ringer (1972)

Прощание (2013)

Murder on the Wedding Night (1977)

20/68: Schatzi (1968)

Undertone Overture (2013)

Sevendays Twentyfourhours (2007)

Sex How It Works (2013)

Mr. H Is Late (1988)

Eclipse (1999)

Puppeteer (2006)

Chuck D's Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame (2003)

1/57: Experiment with Synthetic Sound (Test) (1957)

De la cabeza con Bersuit Vergarabat (2002)

The Power of the Witch: Real or Imaginary? (1971)

Martha of the North (2009)

Süper incir (2013)

Koma (2009)

Samba Song (2002)

Patrice Chéreau, Pascal Greggory, une autre solitude (1996)

Husn Bewafa (2006)

Velvet Terrorists (2013)

Rough and Tumbleweed (1961)

The End (2014)

Virtual Reality (1993)

The Dark, Krystle (2013)

Tempest Aside (2014)

Lu, Gua Bro! (2014)

Female Teacher: Sweet Life (1973)

Love and Fashion (1960)

A Girl from the Abroad (1999)

Pen Pal (2006)

Leningrad Retrospective (1990)

River Madness (2000)