Healing Cancer (2008)

Anderson exposes the failings of conventional cancer treatments and how the medical establishment and the cancer industry wildly - and deceptively - exaggerate the benefits of treatments. Interviews with people who have beaten the disease demonstrate how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments and natural supplementation. Participants in the DVD include: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D.The China Study;?Brian Clement, Ph.D.Hippocrates Health Institute; Brenda Cobb?The Living Foods Institute; Mirea Ellis?The Kushi Institute; Charlotte Gerson?The Gerson Institute and many more.

Hell On Wheels (1967)

Hell on Wheels is a 1967 American film about stock-car racing, which also includes musical performances by several popular country and western singers. It stars Marty Robbins, a very popular and successful singer who was also a successful NASCAR race driver.

Henry IV Part II (1979)

From executive producer Sam Mendes: King Henry IV, Part 2 reaches the end of his reign amidst rebellion, as his son prepares to take the crown.

Hidden Agenda (2015)

Detective Matthews leaves the confines of his precinct to track down a sadistic serial killer.

Rituals (1977)

Five doctors go on vacation deep in the Canadian wilderness. After all but one pair of the party’s shoes disappear, the remaining shoed camper decides to hike out and go look for help. Soon after he leaves, however, his four companions realizes that something is very wrong when someone leaves a decapitated deer head just outside their camp.

The Detourist (2014)

This is an Amazon Studios test movie, a rough draft of a film. Charlie thought his biggest challenge was finding a job...until he finds a GPS device with the location of a priceless stolen artifact. Will Charlie's Hawaiian adventure to find this treasure with his family solve his problems? We'd love your thoughts on this story. Let us know (and learn more about test movies) at Amazon.com/TestMovies.

The Elegant Clockwork of the Universe (2013)

Time travel will not be impossible forever.

The Elf Who Didn't Believe (1997)

Elmer, one of Santa's elves, steals Santa's sleigh and escapes to the real world to become human.

The Fifteen Minute Hamlet (1995)

Based on the brilliant play by Tom Stoppard, this hilarious short stars Austin Pendleton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Xander Berkeley and more.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008)

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising is a feature length film produced by Dead Gentlemen Productions, and focuses on a group of table-top gamers as their game-master attempts to shepherd them through a campaign that they've played through three times and have yet to actually finish. While the film is set in the same universe as and has a similar theme to its predecessor, The Gamers, it is not a direct sequel to the first film, as it focuses on a different group of players. Also, unlike its predecessor, this film dedicates a substantial portion of the film to the players themselves, and not their characters. It began filming in 2005 and was set for release in 2006, and was finally released at Gen Con in Indianapolis by Anthem Pictures on August 14, 2008. Paizo had an exclusive sales window for the 2008 Gen Con convention where the cast and crew of The Gamers: Dorkness Rising were signing copies at the Paizo booth.

The Great Moment (1944)

In The Great Moment, writer/director Preston Sturges turns to a more serious subject matter focusing on one of the great medical discoveries in modern history. Inspired by the true life story of Dr. William Morton, a dedicated dentist (Joel McCrea) discovers ether, otherwise known as anesthesia, in 1846. The doctor's great contribution to humanity, the tribulations he later faced sharing his knowledge, and his reluctance to capitalize on his discovery, are meticulously laced with typical Preston Sturges humor and drama.

British Invasion: The Hollies - Look Through Any Window (2011)

The Hollies were one of the most successful British groups of the sixties and early seventies and have continued to perform up to the present day

The Kid Sister (1945)

The Kid Sister is a 1945 American film directed by Sam Newfield. The film is also known as All in the Family (American alternative title).

The Kingdom Within (2014)

The film began as a response to a couple of evangelical Christian pastors referring to yoga as "demonic" and "against Christianity". Interviews from yogis, Christians, and scholars comparing these ancient spiritual systems.

The Legend of Wasco (2015)

A performer and his future brother-in-law accidentally resurrect a murderous clown and his henchmen.

The Mirror (2014)

The Mirror is a 2014 British horror found footage film that was directed and written by Edward Boase. The movie had its world premiere on 8 September 2014 at the London FrightFest Film Festival and is based upon a 2013 news article based around a purportedly haunted mirror that left its owners "dogged by bad luck, financial misery, strange sightings and illness".

The Red Room (2008)

In the middle of an uncharacteristically chilly Los Angeles night, 2 men meet for the first time on a rooftop, somewhere downtown. One of the men, Hadley Prince, is calm and in control.

The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter (2010)

An exploration into the underlying themes of J.K. Rowling's novels.

Pulp (2013)

Pulp is a British comedy film directed by Adam Hamdy and Shaun Magher, starring Jay Sutherland and John Thomson On March 2013 it was released exclusively on Xbox Live, becoming the first feature film to be distributed via a games console platform.

Puppet (2010)

Dan Hurlin explores the history of American puppetry.

Rat Scratch Fever (2011)

An army of giant rats dines on Los Angeles residents after a doomed space mission.

Razor Eaters (2003)

Razor Eaters is a 2003 Australian crime thriller film written and directed by Shannon Young. The film had its world premiere on 13 July 2003 at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, and later had a DVD release in July 2006. It follows an anarchist street gang (based on the real-life Hedge-Burners) who terrorize those whom they believe deserve punishment. Razor Eaters was met with some controversy, as the Melbourne police department labeled it as "Extremely Violent" and "Obscene" when it was first released in 2003.

Red Scream Vampyres (2009)

In the tradition of such perverse Eurotrash classics as José Ramón Larraz's Vampyres, Jesus Franco's Vampiros Lesbos and Harry Kumel's Daughters of Darkness comes a new tale of the erotic grotesque.

Reverse Runner (2013)

Reverse Runner (sometimes stylized as Яeverse Яunner) is an Australian comedy film written and directed by Lachlan Ryan and Jarrod Theodore, executive produced by Stephen Herek. It stars Dan Cannon, Dave Callan, Steve Moneghetti, Rosco Brauer and a special appearance from Olympic commentator Bruce McAvaney. It tells the story of teenager Kid Campbell, who dreams of becoming a reverse runner despite being mocked, ridiculed and kicked out of home for refusing to get an ordinary job. In the end he is left to question his childhood dream. It had a limited theatrical release on 11 October 2012 playing in cinemas until April 2013. It was released on DVD, Blu-ray & VOD in Australia on 18 September 2013 and 30 October 2013 in New Zealand.

Rush: A Show of Hands (1989)

Progressive power trio Rush is captured on-stage at the height of their powers in A Show of Hands, a live video recorded at Birmingham, England's National Exhibition Centre during the group's 1988 tour of the U

Scarecrow (2014)

Oscar-winning superstars Gene Hackman and Al Pacino star as two born losers -- one a gruff ex-con who dreams of owning his own carwash and the other, a clowning, likable ex-seaman.

Scar Tissue (2013)

A long-dead psychopath stalks and taunts Luke, whose future is in the hands of Sam, a disturbed female detective. After they uncover a secret, Luke's world crumbles, and Sam faces demons from her childhood.

Seeking Wellness: Suffering Through Four Movements (2008)

SEEKING WELLNESS is a multi-award winning feature length conceptual video narrative. SEEKING WELLNESS is comprised of a series of four vignettes exploring ideas related to victimization, recovery and empathy. SEEKING WELLNESS had its world premiere at The Filmstock International Film Festival in England and went on to win The Special Jury prize at MUFF.

Shadows in the Distance (2015)

A chance encounter leads to a passionate affair.

Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival (2015)

While visiting the small town of East Willard for a funeral, siblings find an old journal that discusses the legend of Black Peter, Santa Claus's vengeful and malicious brother.

Moto 7: The Movie (2015)

MOTO7: A film that rewrites the moto playbook, with the biggest jumps, the gnarliest tracks, and some of the most remote locations a motorcycle has ever touched.

Myanmar: Bridges to Change (2014)

In August 2013, a group of climbers traveled to the farthest reaches of Northern Myanmar to make a first ascent of Gamlang Razi, Southeast Asia's disputed highest peak. All told, the climbers traveled over 270 miles on foot through some of the harshest terrain on the planet, braving extreme heat and moisture, as well as the gambit of jungle creatures.

O Christmas Tree (1994)

Two polar bears battle for a Christmas tree.

Outrageous Taxi Stories (1989)

This is twenty five minutes of real life stories told by the people that watched it unfold in front of them. Outrageous Taxi Stories is the brain child of Oscar Nominated documentary film maker Joe Berlinger. In this film, real taxi drivers tell their most unbelievable stories that have happened to them as the taxi meter ran. These are stories of the very humorous, to the quirky, to the downright strange. In this rare look into the strange and odd of a New York City taxi ride, we see the city for the diverse city it is.

Paranormal Effect (2010)

Visiting her native Japan with her American boyfriend Darren, Reiko is disappointed to see him spend most of his time filming local stereotypes. Already upset, Reiko draws the line when Darren walks into a forbidden cave, which, according to local beliefs, enshrines shinto gods since the dawn of time.

Peter Gabriel: New Blood/Live in London (2011)

Filmed at Hammersmith Apollo in March 2011, “New Blood – Live In London” captures Peter Gabriel performing live with the 46 piece New Blood Orchestra

Pizza (2014)

Pizza is an Indian Hindi supernatural thriller film directed by Akshay Akkineni. The film stars Akshay Oberoi, Parvathy Omanakuttan and Dipannita Sharma in the lead roles, while Arunoday Singh, Rajesh Sharma, Omkar Das Manikpuri and Sonali Sachdev play supporting roles. The film is a remake of 2012 Tamil film, Pizza, directed by Karthik Subbaraj and was released on 18 July 2014. The film was declared "Average".

Days of Darkness (2007)

Days of Darkness is a 2007 American horror film written and directed by Jake Kennedy. Survivors of a zombie apocalypse, including a young couple played by Travis Brorsen and Roshelle Pattison, seek shelter in an abandoned military complex while they attempt to figure out what has caused the outbreak.

Dead of Winter (2014)

Aspiring actress, Kate McGovern, played here by the multi-talented, Oscar-winning actress, Mary Steenburgen, believes her professional star is finally on the upswing when she is picked to replace another actress for a role. Little does she realize how much her particular look has to do with her selection by one Mr. Murray, AKA the producer. Cut to a creepy middle of nowhere parlor (shades of both Ellery Queen and Agatha Christie in the decor and setting) where Mr. Murray, herein played by Roddy McDowell, morphs into an equally creepy butler cum house-boy, offset only by the wheelchair-bound charms of one Doctor Lewis, picture-perfect to the Freudian follicles, also played by Jan Rubes. Nothing is what it seems. But one thing becomes crystal clear, as mid-winter winds howl and help proves inaccessible. Ms. McGovern will definitely have to play the role of her life if she wishes to save her own.

Death Row (2007)

An unknown killer stalks a group of eight hardened convicts and their guards.

Debt of Honor: Disabled Veterans in American History (2015)

A moving tribute to the history of disabled veterans, Debt of Honor takes an unflinching look at the reality of warfare and disability, featuring interviews with some of the country's most prominent disabled veterans.

Degenerate (2012)

Haunted by the images of his own traumatic past, Blair O'Leary (Bobby Field) unknowingly leads his friends down a dark path of destruction. Being a good friend, Marcus (David Yost) lends a helping hand getting Blair, Ralphie (Claude Duhammel), and Kayton (William Lamar) situated in a safe house in the middle of the Arizona desert... but there's a catch. They must pull off a job in order to pay their way. In tight situations friendships can only stretch so far, and what comes around goes around in this twisted tale. If you like gangster flicks, then this one is for you.

Dementia (2015)

"An emotionally resonant chiller. A riveting performance by Gene Jones." – Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter A disabled war veteran is in bad hands when his family hires the live-in nurse from hell in this intense psychological shocker. George (Gene Jones of The Hateful Eight and The Sacrament) is an aging ex-soldier haunted by memories of Vietnam and struggling to reconnect with his estranged son and granddaughter. But when he suffers a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia, George is left in the care of Michelle (Halloween's Kristina Klebe), a seemingly sweet nurse with a disturbing dark side. At the mercy of a psychopath with a hypodermic needle, George becomes a prisoner in his own home, caught in a sadistic game of cat and mouse as brutal as anything he experienced in Vietnam. In his feature debut, director Mike Testin masterfully keeps the tension mounting – until it explodes in delirious violence.

Devil Doll (1964)

Devil Doll (1964) is a British horror film about an evil ventriloquist, "The Great Vorelli", and his dummy Hugo directed by Lindsay Shonteff.

Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You! (2012)

A vicious monster rises from its watery lair and terrorizes a peaceful New England town. Neil sets out to prove the beast exists and exterminate it before it can kill more people.

Do You See Me? (2014)

Do You See Me? (Italian: Scusate se esisto!) is a 2014 Italian comedy film written and directed by Riccardo Milani and starring Paola Cortellesi and Raoul Bova. It grossed $6,571,282 at the Italian box office.

Drone (2014)

Not to be confused with Drones (2013 film), an American thriller film. Drone is a 2014 English-language documentary film directed by Norwegian director Tonje Hessen Schei. The film explores the use of drones in warfare. Drone aired on the TV network Arte on April 15, 2014. The documentary screened at several film festivals throughout 2014, winning several awards. Drone was released in Norway on February 27, 2015.

Echoes (1982)

A young man (Luke Drewell) who lives with his grandmother searches for answers to his past after receiving a box from his long-absent mother.

Eric Clapton Planes Trains and Eric (2014)

"Planes, Trains And Eric" follows Eric Clapton and his band on the Far and Middle Eastern leg of his 2014 World Tour.

Exhibition on Screen: Rembrandt (2014)

A once-in-a-lifetime event hosted by London's National Gallery, in collaboration with Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum, is a major exhibition of Rembrandt's late masterpieces. Given exclusive access, the film documents this extraordinary show and interweaves Rembrandt's life story and behind-the-scenes at the gallery.

Extraordinary Tales (2015)

Five of Edgar Allan Poe’s best-known stories are brought to vivid life in this visually stunning, heart-pounding animated anthology featuring Sir Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Julian Sands, Roger Corman and Guillermo del Toro. Murderous madmen, sinister villains and cloaked ghouls stalk the darkened corridors of Poe’s imagination, as his haunting tales are given a terrifying new twist by some of the most beloved figures in horror film history. (Suitable for ages 11+)

The Fantasy of Deer Warrior (1961)

The happy lives of animals in the forest are stirred by the sudden attack of a pack of wolves. The Father Deer comes to the rescue, and asks Birdy to notify his son, the Deer. When the Deer rushes to his father's side and before he dies he asks his son to seek revenge.

Last of the Great Unknown (2012)

The story of Grand Canyon's hidden slot canyons, the canyoneers who systematically explored their drainages, and the secrets hidden deep within their walls.

LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory II - Code Word Caper (2004)

Leap, Lily and Tad journey to the word factory where the Word Whammer, Sticky-Ick-O-Rama and more amazing machines take letters and make them into words. Humorous ryhming songs and an out-of-control word machine add to the fun.

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games (2014)

Michael Flatley is back on stage with Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, his newest and most exciting adventure yet. Live from London’s Palladium, with performances from Nadine Coyle (as Erin the Goddess) and an all-new award-winning cast! Lord of the Dance is a classic tale of good versus evil. The Little Spirit has a dream in which the Lord of the Dance, who represents all things good in the world, must fight against evil in the form of the Dark Lord and his army of Dark Disciples. Morrighan the Seductress comes between the Lord and his true love Saoirse, while Erin the Goddess puts into songs the words that the dances convey. Will the Lord of the Dance and his Chieftains defeat the Dark Lord and his men? Will the spirit’s dream become a nightmare from which she cannot wake? Let the dance embrace you and take you on a journey filled with energy and passion…

love in tokyo (2015)

Tom moves to Tokyo for work, not expecting how isolated the language and culture will make him feel. He dives into social media as a way to feel connected to other people, until he meets a free-spirited girl who draws him out of his online shell.

Madder Than a Full Moon Dog (2013)

Behind the scenes of the 2012 Full Moon Dog Festival in Leeds, England.

Mandie And The Forgotten Christmas (2011)

During Christmastime, Mandie (Kelly Washington) investigates the truth behind a mystery at a boarding school.

Manowar: Live at Magic Circle Festival 2008 (2015)

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their legendary album, "Kings Of Metal", MANOWAR served a special feast to the 35,000 metal warriors attending Magic Circle Festival 2008: During the 4-day festival the band performed their first 6 albumns in their entirety.

Mischief Night (2014)

On the night before Halloween, young Kaylie is at work babysitting when she’s warned by a local night watchman not to answer the door, because nothing good can happen on "Mischief Night." Soon, Kaylie realizes someone is stalking her. But on "Mischief Night," nothing is as it seems.

Mojave Phone Booth (2006)

Mojave Phone Booth is an independently produced 2006 film directed by John Putch. The movie is based on a real phone booth in the Mojave Desert that once accepted incoming calls, but has since been removed. The film is composed of the intertwined stories of four Las Vegas people whose lives are each connected by the vandalized but functioning Mojave phone booth. An isolated structure in the desert, some 15 miles from the nearest highway and miles from any other building, the booth became an internet phenomenon in 1997. The movie portrays the stories of four fictional travelers, separately drawn to visit the booth in the hopes the phone there might suddenly ring, allowing them to randomly connect with a stranger (this type of pilgrimage was actually practiced by many people prior to the real booth being removed on May 17, 2000 by Pacific Bell). The travelers are: Beth, who is trying to resolve problems with her love-life, as well as a mysterious, recurring crime; Mary, who is considering resorting to prostitution to escape the depressing circumstances of her life; Alex, a woman who is losing her lover, Glory, to a belief she is plagued by aliens; and Richard, an alcoholic, severely depressed by being separated from his wife, who chances upon the booth after the failure of his suicide attempt.

Skinned Alive (2008)

A lonely loser (Jack Dillon) falls in love with a cannibalistic prostitute (Melissa Bacelar) who kills and eats her johns.

Son Of The Renegade (1953)

Son of the Renegade is a 1953 American film directed by Reg Browne.

Spaceship Terror (2011)

Five women and a man are picked up by a derelict ship after they become marooned on a deserted planet. They soon become victims to a deranged killer with an insane blood lust.

The Spirit of West Point (1947)

The Spirit of West Point is a 1947 American drama film directed by Ralph Murphy and written by Tom Reed. The film stars Doc Blanchard, Glenn Davis, Robert Shayne, Anne Nagel, Alan Hale Jr., George O'Hanlon, Michael Browne and Tanis Chandler. The film was released on October 4, 1947, by Film Classics.

Spirit Space (2008)

Allow yourself to travel even further down the quantum rabbit hole in a quest for answers to age-old questions. Discover remarkable possibilities regarding what happens to our consciousness before and after death.

Strawberry Shortcake: Fun Under The Sun (2014)

Blueberry makes a blunder and tells all their friends Strawberry is planning a trip to an island. When they learn the island is closed for a year, Orange Blossom builds the girls their own fabulous resort.

Stray Dogs (2014)

Stray Dogs is a 2014 South Korean thriller film starring Kim Jeong-hoon, Cha Ji-heon and Myung Kae-nam. It is co-written and directed by first-time director Ha Won-jun.

SXSW Comedy With W. Kamau Bell (2015)

Stand-up W. Kamua Bell hosts the hottest comics at the SXSW festival in the first of this two-part showcase featuring today's heavyweights and tomorrow's stars, including Beth Stelling, Iliza Shlesinger, Mark Normand, Matt Braunger, and Nate Bargatze.

Take It All (1964)

À tout prendre (released as All Things Considered in English Canada and as Take It All in the United States) is a Canadian drama film, directed by Claude Jutra and released in 1963. His first film made outside the National Film Board, the film was a semi-autobiographical portrait of Jutra's own life, focusing on his romantic relationship with actress and model Johanne Harrelle, and his struggle to accept his own homosexuality. Both Jutra and Harrelle played themselves in the film. Notably, the film version of Jutra commits suicide at the end of the film in virtually the same manner, drowning himself in the St. Lawrence River, in which Jutra himself would eventually commit suicide in 1986 after being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. The film's cast also includes Victor Désy, Tania Fédor, Guy Hoffmann, Monique Joly, Monique Mercure, Patrick Straram and François Tassé, as well as brief cameo appearances by Anne Claire Poirier and François Truffaut. Considered a landmark film in the history of Quebec and Canadian cinema, the film won Best Picture at the 1964 Canadian Film Awards.

Tale of the Tribe (2009)

Peter, a progressive film-maker, meets Sara, a gifted psychic, on a winter's night in Times Square.

The 11th Hour (2015)

The 11th Hour is a 2014 drama film directed and written by Anders Morgenthaler. The film stars Kim Basinger and Jordan Prentice.

The Basement (2013)

Five teenagers barricade themselves in a basement after an insane killer breaks into the house.

The Bet (2013)

Worried about his teenage grandson's (Scott Hagood) development, a man (Tim T. Whitcomb) pressures the youth into making a wager over which one will seduce a woman first.

The Christmas Gift (2015)

A journalist decides to write a holiday piece about her search for a "Secret Santa" from her childhood whose anonymous gift made a huge impact on her life.

The Slashening (2014)

Best riends ucy Eva Ashley Beth nd argot hrow slumber arty…..BUT URDER EVER LUMBERS!!!!! t’s timeless ale f riendship betrayal madness and he earch or ome ecent ick.

The Sleeper (2012)

The Sleeper is a 2012 horror film written and directed by Justin Russell.

The Sound Of The Spirit (2012)

A 12-year-old Jewish girl (Anna Lasbury) learns about faith after the death of her father.

The Titan: Story of Michelangelo (1950)

The Titan: Story of Michelangelo is a 1950 German documentary film about the painter and sculptor Michelangelo. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. In 1952 it became the first feature-length documentary to be shown on network television. The film was a re-edited version of a German/Swiss film of 1938 originally titled Michelangelo: Life of a Titan, directed by Curt Oertel. The re-edited version put a new English narration by Fredric March and a musical score onto a shorter edit of the existing film. The new credits include Robert J. Flaherty, Oertel and Richard Lyford as Directors and Ralph Alswang, Flaherty and Robert Snyder as Producers. The film was edited by Richard Lyford. The Academy Film Archive preserved The Titan in 2005.

The Untidiness of the Heart (2013)

Anna Davati is a woman who answers a job advertisement published in a newspaper by Carlo Silvio, a writer of about forty-five who became blind after gaining international recognition after publishing only three books. He seeks someone to take care of his library, but says his secretary must be ugly. Anna is a beautiful woman, but is hired, and a rather complicated coexistence between them unfolds.

The Visitor (2014)

An omniscient ghost of a tormented young girl wanders through the streets of three different cities. Her presence in a diverse collection of households leads the residents to become more aware of their most troubling past experiences. The lonely ghost connects with each resident in ways that only seem like premonitions. The emotions and thoughts that are exposed help the ghost to find her way out of an eternal sentence in purgatory and aimless wandering.

Thirst (2016)

Teens at a wilderness boot camp discover a strange orb in the desert. What follows is a fight for their very lives as they're hunted by a ruthless, blood-sucking alien.

Today I Hang (1942)

Today I Hang is a 1942 American film directed by Oliver Drake and produced and released by Producers Releasing Corporation. The plot concerns a man who is framed for the murder of a wealthy importer and the theft of a valuable necklace. The victim's widow doesn't believe he is guilty and sets out to prove his innocence.

Toni (2015)

After her fiance is murdered, Antonia (Kelly Natividade) becomes Toni Foxx to stalk the art world's underbelly in pursuit of two killers.

Two-Bit Waltz (2014)

Two-Bit Waltz is a 2014 American comedy, drama film, written and directed by Clara Mamet in her directorial debut. It stars Mamet, Jared Gilman, Rebecca Pidgeon, David Paymer and William H. Macy. The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 19, 2014, and was released in a limited release on October 24, 2014, by Monterey Media.

UFO Chronicles: Alien Arrivals (2013)

Shocking conspiracy theories, involving extraterrestrial government intelligence, come to light in UFO CHRONICLES: ALIEN ARRIVALS.

Ugly (2013)

Ugly is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language thriller film written, co-produced and directed by Anurag Kashyap. Jointly produced by Phantom Films and DAR Motion Pictures, the film stars Rahul Bhat, Tejaswini Kolhapure, Vineet Kumar Singh, Girish Kulkarni, Ronit Roy, Surveen Chawla and Anshika Shrivastava in the lead roles. It also features TV actor Abir Goswami in his last film appearance before his death in 2013. Told in the course of a week, Ugly follows the story of a struggling actor Rahul Varshney (Bhat), whose daughter Kali (Shrivastava) disappears, and the events that follow.

Unschooled: Save Our Future (2009)

Students file into Save Our Future, a South L.A. charter high school for at-risk teens. Charlotte Austin Jordan, founder of SOF, is the bearer of bad news - their school has been shut down. Two months earlier, California Charter Academy (CCA) Founder C. Steven Cox, accused of misappropriating twenty-three million dollars, abruptly shut down his charter school, displacing thousands of students throughout California. Save Our Future was a CCA site and casualty. Thus begins a harrowing roller-coaster ride for hundreds of at-risk teens holding on to their dream for a high school diploma. We follow Jordan's emotional and heartfelt struggle to get the school reopened. We witness how the students cope with facing yet another disappointment in their uncertain lives. We observe teachers and staff who come to school on a daily basis for weeks without pay. We meet concerned parents who have seen their children fail in L.A. public schools and fear failure again if they are to return. We see a community bind together as volunteers work to bring the school's facility up to code. The topic of education has suddenly gone from overlooked to center stage. As we continue to make difficult decisions in very tough economic times, which will be of greater funding priority - schools or prisons? According to the U.S. Department of Justice (2003), 75% of state prison inmates are high school dropouts. In 2008, the L.A. Times reported that the high school dropout rate in California is 1 in 4 students; the statistic is even more grim in Los Angeles - 1 in 3. Are inner-city teens really not being "left behind" as our national educational policy claims?

Urban Nightmare (2003)

The VOODOO DOGS terrorize the hood, performing weird rituals and slaughtering their victims. A COP returns from the dead, taking horrific revenge!

Wal-Bob's (2014)

After blowing his chance to play college football by bombing the S.A.T.s, Anferny Fertado joins an underground football league at the drug store of his summer job. He joins the team to win the heart of Jada Thomas, which is the beginning of an interracial relationship, but multiple obstacles such as a rival player Donte Styles, his boss Mr. Deaton, Jada's father, Pops, and the societal pressures of middle class Cincinnati, Ohio, stand in his way.

Welcome to Horror (2016)

Horror vignettes about zombies, ghosts and killers.

When I'm with You (2015)

As she struggles to connect with her estranged homophobic brother and admit her true feelings for her gay best friend, artist Lea Costa sets out to unite them all as the family she never had.

White Wolf (1990)

An intimate look at the elusive and remote arctic wolves.

Wings Of The Wind (2015)

In 1946, a young woman struggles to keep her faith while dealing with a series of painful events.

Holy Ghost Reborn (2015)

Filmmaker Darren Wilson continues his search for the spirit of God.

Homecoming (2014)

Katie and her friends become trapped in her deceased grandmother's house, and fight to survive the night.

Hope Along the Wind: The Life of Harry Hay (2002)

Hope Along the Wind: The Life of Harry Hay tells the riveting story of one of America's unsung heroes, gay rights activist Harry Hay. A significant contributor to the struggle for lesbian and gay rights in the U.S., Hay created the country's first homosexual rights organization, the Mattachine Society, in the late1940s, a time of violence and oppression against homosexuals.

Horgasm: A Love Story (2012)

A snowboarding documentary following Torstein Horgmo through 2 years of his personal journey as a professional. Glimpse inside the unique lifestyle of a young man living out his dream.

Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey (2014)

The U.S. sled hockey team prepares for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi.

In Search of Avery Willard (2012)

Who was Avery Willard? Renowned photographer, experimental filmmaker, gay activist and underground pornographer. This award-winning documentary uncovers the life and work of a groundbreaking, yet forgotten, New York City artist.