Little Playdates: Critter Friends - Learning by Example (2008)

The Song of Avila (1967)

The Eyes of Isabelle (2014)

Shoot-Out (2005)

Harland Williams: What a Treat (2006)

The Will of Victory (A Doc Opera) (2011)

Snuffy, the Elf Who Saved Christmas (1991)

My Rifle, My Baby, and Me (2012)

Passion Lane (2001)

Mother of the River (1995)

Amazon Trek: In Search of Vanishing Secrets (2007)

Inferior Decorator (1965)

Inferior Decorator is a 1948 animated short film produced in Technicolor by Walt Disney Productions and released to theaters by RKO Radio Pictures.

Party Games for Adults Only (1984)

Peace, Love & Understanding (1992)

Churchroad (2016)

The Confessions of Bernhard Goetz (1987)

Let's Dance: Bowie Down Under (2015)

Cordoba Nights (2007)

The Girl of the Golden West (1915)

The Girl of the Golden West is a surviving 1915 American Western silent black-and-white film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. It was based on the 1905 play The Girl of the Golden West by David Belasco. Prints of the film survive in the Library of Congress film archive. It was the first of four film adaptations that have been made of the play.

Jurassic Fart (1996)

The Hitch (2014)

Four Quadrant Exercise (1975)

Salo: Yesterday and Today (2002)

Death in June: Live in Italy 1999 (2003)

Derren Brown: Enigma (2011)

Close Before Midnight (2015)

Warren Zevon: Keep Me in Your Heart (2003)

Eye Myth Educational (1972)

Swan Lake (2009)

At First Sight (1924)

Healed (2015)

Upon This Rock (1970)

Money Machine (1929)

Between Heaven and Hell (2008)

Arabic Numeral Series 12 (1981)

Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik (1926)

Kattarpanthy (2016)

Arabic Numeral Series 8 (1981)

Horn (2014)

Lash of Lust (1972)

10 Yards (2008)

Liebe auf Eis (1950)

Love on Ice (German: Liebe auf Eis) is a 1950 West German romance film directed by Kurt Meisel and starring Margot Hielscher, Kurt Meisel and Hannelore Bollmann. It also features the ice hockey teams SC Riessersee and EV Füssen. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Robert Herlth, Max Mellin and Willy Schatz. It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich.

Hell Is Empty (1967)

Hell is Empty is a 1967 British film. It began filming in 1965 under the direction of Bernard Knowles. Filming was suspended and later resumed by John Ainsworth after Martine Carol's death. It also starred Anthony Steel, Shirley Ann Field and James Robertson Justice. On the run from the police, thieves stumble upon an abandoned mansion on a deserted island.

Introspective (2017)

Rubens (1948)

La sed (1961)

Thirst (Spanish: La sed) aka Hijo de Hombre, aka Choferes del Chaco is a 1960 Argentine-Spanish war film directed by Lucas Demare. It is set during the Chaco War (1932-35) between Bolivia and Paraguay, sometimes known as the "War of the Thirst". The script is based on a chapter of Augusto Roa Bastos novel Hijo de Hombre. It was made as a co-production between Argentina Sono Film and the Spanish company Suevia Films.

Passage to Roma - Video Tours of Rome (2009)

Experience Unlimited: Taste of Your Love (1989)

Rare Essence: Work the Walls (1992)

Treasure Island Part II: Captain Flint's Treasure (1989)

Punk '76 (2013)

Love Copyright (2015)

The High Road (2015)

Hafenmelodie (1950)

Harbour Melody (German: Hafenmelodie) is a 1950 West German crime film directed by Hans Müller and starring Kirsten Heiberg, Paul Henckels and Catja Görna. It is part of a group of postwar German film noirs. A gang of criminals plan a raid on a warehouse. It was shot at the Wandsbek Studios in Hamburg. The film's sets were designed by the art director Herbert Kirchhoff.

Sjätte skottet (1943)

Sjätte skottet (English: Sixth Shot) is a 1943 Swedish drama film directed by Hasse Ekman.

The Cuckoo (1948)

Downtime (1985)

Bu ye tian (1987)

El ultimo perro (1956)

El Último perro is a 1956 Argentine film directed by Lucas Demare. It was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

A Fan (1968)

Summer Soldiers (1972)

Mistik (2003) München - San Francisco (2007)

Amstel (2012)

Dead City (1951)

Dead City (Greek: Nekri politeia) is a 1951 Greek drama film directed by Frixos Iliadis. It was entered into the 1952 Cannes Film Festival.

Windfall in Athens (1954)

Windfall in Athens (Greek: Kyriakatiko xypnima, Greek: Κυριακάτικο Ξύπνημα) is a 1954 Greek comedy film directed by Michael Cacoyannis. It was entered into the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

The End of Puberty (2011)

Strict ang parents ko (1997)

Cuore di donna (2002)

El Cristo de los Faroles (1958)

The Christ of the Lanterns (Spanish: El Cristo de los Faroles) is a 1958 Spanish film.

Pop Star (2010)

Taxidi sti Mytilini (2010)

Xuxa in Crystal Moon (1990)

Lua de Cristal (English: Xuxa in Crystal Moon) is a 1990 Brazilian comedy-romance film directed by Tizuka Yamasaki, and starring Xuxa Meneghel. With just under 5 million spectators, Lua de Cristal was the biggest film of the 1990s, and it guaranteed Xuxa a second box-office hit at a time when the Brazilian film industry has all but ground to a halt.

Correspondances (2009)

The Gambling Syndicate (1975)

Memories of Dien Bien (2004)

Vivian (1965)

Cards, Cads, Guns, Gore and Death (1969)

Return of the General (1962)

A Trip Thru a Hollywood Studio (1935)

Western Spaghetti (2008)

The Old Grifter (2011)

Get Rich Quick (1911)

The Replacement Child (2007)

Lieve Céline (2013)

BNSF (2013)

Le grand ménage d'Atchoum (2013)

On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez (1987)

On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez ("Let's calm down and drink fresh in Saint-Tropez") (1987) is the last movie made by French film-maker Max Pécas. It is also the last one of his "Saint-Tropez" trilogy.

Tom Thumb (1909)

Solar Syokoy (2012)

The World According to RZA (2004)

Ang alitaptap (2013)

The Lost Planet (1953)

The Lost Planet is a 1953 Columbia Pictures 15-chapter serial which has the distinction of being the last interplanetary-themed sound serial ever made. It was directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet with a screenplay by George H. Plympton and Arthur Hoerl (who also wrote forRocky Jones, Space Ranger). It appears to have been planned as a sequel to the earlier chapterplay Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere and shares many plot-points, props and sets, as well as some of the same cast. However, the Video Rangers do not appear, and their uniforms are instead worn by "slaves" created electronically by Reckov, the dictator of the Lost Planet (Gene Roth) with the help of mad scientist Dr. Grood (Michael Fox) and enslaved "good" scientist Professor Dorn (Forrest Taylor).

Graham Cracker Cream Pie (1999)

Stille Nacht V: Dog Door (2001)

His Mother Marveled (1963)

Human Revolution (2014)

Oliver (1983)

Permille (2010)

Marah-marah Sayang (1987)