Doctor West II (2009)

A gunslinger enters a poker tournament and tangles with fierce competition from dirty cheaters.

The Sea (2013)

A young city dweller goes to the sea and falls in love with a young woman.

As del precipicio (2006)

Three roommates in Mexico City confront uncertainties that could change their lives.

Schindler's Houses (2007)

Forty buildings designed by Austrian-American architect Rudolph Schindler are shown, in the chronological order that they were built, from the years 1921 to 1952.

Il commissario Pepe (1969)

A police commissioner in a small town investigates a prostitution ring that is being run by two pensioners.

A Question of Honour (1966)

A mild-mannered man is falsely accused of murder.

La mazurka del barone, della santa e del fico fiorone (1975)

A fig tree is revered by villagers after a woman performs a great sacrifice beneath its branches.

A Queer Country (2016)

Israel is governed by Orthodox civil law but encourages gay pride.

Tutti giù per terra (1997)

A disgruntled and disenchanted 22-year-old reluctantly returns to Turin to live with his quick-tempered, blue-collar father and his mother, whose nervous condition has rendered her almost mute.

Englewood: The Growing Pains in Chicago (2011)

Three high-school friends deal with street violence and dysfunctional families.

Alki Alki (2015)

A man's addiction to alcohol accompanies him through every aspect of his life. His best friend "bottle" is never far from his side.

Tupilaq (2014)

A look at a traditional Greenlandic background in contrast to the everyday life of Western society. The contrast is depicted through the repetitive monotony and the human distance of modern society as opposed to Greenland's natural beauty.

To My Dear Mother on Her Birthday (1974)

An introvert tries to break free from his domineering mother's influence so that he can go forth and meet women.

Ploddy the Police Car Makes a Splash (2009)

A downed electrical cable zaps Radar the Police Car and grants him special powers; his new energy brings greater responsibilities.

Sensation Hunters (1933)

A cabaret girl goes to Panama with a troupe.

Farewell to Dreams (1956)

A teenager becomes disillusioned as he begins to lose the people close to him.

Magnet of Doom (1962)

A boxer becomes a corrupt banker's bodyguard.

30 Miles (2005)

Two strangers who carry dark secrets learn how much life can change in just 30 miles.

Our Futures (2015)

A young man trying to cope with his life looks up an old school friend, and together they concoct a scheme to re-enact a high school birthday party with a bunch of old pals.

Where Is Jane Doe? (1956)

Detectives in New York City investigate a missing girl.

Arafel (2008)

Filmmaker Rafik Halabi tries to unravel the fate of Mu'in Halabi, an Israeli soldier who disappeared at the beginning of the Yom Kippur War during an abortive IDF attempt to conquer Mount Hermon from the Syrians in October of 1973.

La Vague (2015)

Three witches try to save their home from a flood.

Baked Pears (2013)

A man accidentally hits someone with his tractor.

Pegasus: Pony with a Broken Wing (2019)

When Sydney and a neighbor boy find a mysterious pony that has an injured wing, they secretly heal the creature while racing to save Sydney's family ranch from developers.

Ziveli! Medicine for the Heart (1987)

Exploring the vitality of Serbian traditions in a mosaic of folk music, arts, conviviality, Serbian Orthodox pageantry and immigrant lore.

Dr. May (2014)

Prince Kelly returns after many years abroad and contacts his good friend.

Nkuli the Masked (2013)

Poverty stricken children from a small West African village try to survive both the loss of their parents and the effects of a deadly disease.

Cross of Men (2015)

A woman seeks revenge on the man who raped her.

History Box (2014)

Three young couples divulge secrets from their past that threaten to ruin their current relationships.

Kemi Animashaun (2015)

A woman shares her talents with everyone.

The Bride and the Lover (2013)

Using any means at her disposal, a vengeful ex-fiancé sets out to win back her man.

Udoka (2015)

A woman returns home to claim an inheritance.

Tarzan in Istanbul (1952)

Tarzan rules over the jungle.

Old Dog (2012)

A negligent ambulance attendant receives his punishment.

Shattered Romance (2014)

Women test the commitment of their men.

The Remarkable Life of John Weld (2018)

The life and work of the stuntman.

Atelophobia (2015)

A bullied woman lashes out at some beauty queens, forcing them to play a grisly game that will leave them disfigured or dead.

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice (2014)

A celebrity radio guest gets a phone call while on the air that sets a series of deadly events into motion.

Heavy Fog Tonight (2015)

An engineer at New York's oldest steam power plant puts on an annual steam whistle show.

Albert E. Brumley: Songwriter of the Ozarks (2017)

Songwriters complete recently discovered, unfinished works by the legendary composer.

Recurrence Plot: The Family Circle (2018)

A woman relives her mother's memories using a bracelet.

Esel (2015)

A farmer deals with the imminent death of his longtime companion, an old donkey.

A Great Ride: Adventures in LGBT Aging (2018)

Elderly lesbians express their zest for life.

The Spider (1992)

A man tries to flirt with a woman in a flower shop.

The Dollhouse (2015)

A mother hides her dark side.

Sac De Nœuds (1985)

A woman wants to take her own life after her son dies.

Secret Room (2014)

After the death and burial of an ambassador, his daughter and her husband visit one his abandoned properties where they discover a room containing secrets from the past.

Extraction (2015)

An extraction specialist and his team protect America from its enemies.

Breaking Good: A Journey to Making Better Christian Films (2018)

Christian filmmakers and fans discuss movies.

You Are My Vampire (2014)

A vampire writer's fantasies come true.


The Savior (2014)

A vision of the man taken from the Gospel of Luke.

Deep Dance (2014)

A struggle for life and death takes place in the threatening silence of the deep sea.

Torquato Neto: Every Hour of the End (2017)

The life and work of the Brazilian poet.

Rebecca (2014)

A young woman feels restless and disoriented after a breakup with her boyfriend.

Monsterland 2 (2019)

An outbreak turns the people of New York into cannibals.

Loud Like Love (2015)

A high schooler spontaneously explodes at a house party.

Once Upon a Time (1994)

After their parents divorce, three children are distraught when they end up with their mother. They run away from home, hoping to reunite with their father.

Jesse and the Fountain of Youth (2014)

A subway busker tries to establish a career as a legitimate musician.

Mimik (2015)

Two mimes are eating an invisible lunch when a pigeon walks by. There actions grow more and more ridiculous as they vie for the bird's attention.

L'ecran Demoniaque (2014)

A man finds himself trapped in a television screen.

Let Me Buy You a Drink (2015)

Christian, an Italian man living in London, is forced to return to Genoa when he turns 35.

Vidrohi (2002)

Devan is accused of murdering Jeeva, a photographer, as a video recording of the murder shows a man like him. When a CBI officer nabs Devan, he learns some bitter facts that makes him help the latter.

Rue de l'Estrapade (1952)

A woman becomes tired of her husband's infidelities and tries her hand at single life.

Ezequiel Campa: Live and on Weed (2019)

The Argentine comedian explores various topics.

Super Shastri (2012)

Subramanya, who belongs to a priest family, falls in love with Sowmya, the daughter of a village gangster. To impress her family, Subramanya turns from a priest to a gangster.

Aliens Stole My Virginity (2009)

A woman hires filmmakers to investigate her alien abduction.

Vaanam (2011)

The lives of five individuals living in different places converge at a point, resulting in the transformation of their persona and purpose.

Toofan: One Man Army (2004)

Udhaya and Vasanthi love each other, but when he learns that she is engaged to another, he moves to another city. Here he is framed for a crime; Vasanthi finds out and sets out to prove his innocence.

Broken Hill Blues (2013)

Young people cope with life in a small Swedish town known only for its cold weather and iron mines.

Bang Bang! (2014)

On the opening of hunting season, Eda turns 25.

Gigil (2006)

A groom jilts his fiancee at the altar after he realizes that he is gay.

Sandstorm (1982)

Female members of a tribe are abused.

Chains of Love (2013)

A woman attempts to surprise her boyfriend but catches him with another girl.

Cat Sick Blues (2015)

A devastated man believes that the only way to resurrect his dead cat is to take the lives of nine humans. He dons a vicious claw and mask to begin his work.

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip (1940)

Mickey Mouse stuffs Pluto into a suitcase to sneak him aboard a train.

The Last Tip (2016)

An old man reminisces about the past while visiting his favorite restaurant one last time.

Colony Mutation (1995)

A woman doses her cheating husband with an experimental serum, causing his limbs to separate from his body and take on lives of their own.

Condomboy (2014)

A condom dreams of becoming a balloon.

The Door (2011)

A woman gets trapped in the space between heaven and hell.

Cart (2016)

A young woman's heartbreak is softened by her godmother's helping hand.

Lamerica (2015)

A journey across the United States.

My Name Is Marc, and You Can Count on It (2017)

Marc Brown discusses his iconic television commercials.

The Trip (2015)

A mother and her daughter share a moment that catches them by surprise.

Especialidade da Casa (2015)

The daily routine at a typical Portuguese cake shop.

Chatarra (2015)

Memories of life in an apocalyptic world.

The Eight Hilarious Gods (1994)

Two gods descend to the mortal world to retrieve the holy pearls stolen by the devil. Along the way, they are joined by six criminals (including a police officer), who eventually become gods after eating the pearls.

Dogs Five-Star Hotel (2012)

Sara and Luca are a loving couple who dream of opening a hotel for dogs.

Emr (2004)

After taking an experimental epilepsy drug, a man wakes up and realizes he's missing a kidney.

15 Scaffolds for a Murderer (1967)

Horse thieves are wrongfully accused of rape and murder. They flee the bloodthirsty lynch mob, taking refuge in an abandoned fort.

Aur Ek Yodha (2009)

Muththuraj, a village boy who lives with his parents, wants to be an actor. With luck on his side, he moves to the city and lands a lead role after being spotted by an associate director.

Jagan Nirdoshi (2013)

Jagan befriends two women on separate occasions and they both end up falling for him. When he finds out that the two are sisters, he is left in a dilemma. Things take a turn for the worse when some goons force him to marry the elder sister.

Happy Though Married (1919)

A woman's faith in her husband is put to the test when she discovers a photograph of another woman.

Mimi & Lisa: Christmas Lights Mystery (2018)

Blind, shy Mimi, and restless, crazy Lisa celebrate Christmas together.

Answer Me (2004)

A couple's perfect life unravels after the birth of their son.

That Day (2015)

A teenager mourns her father in her own way.

A New Civilization (2015)

Venezuelan police officers try to confiscate ballots on election day.

Loa (2016)

Filmmakers document Vodou practices in rural Haiti.

Letters to Santa (2011)

Five men and five women find that there is no escape from love on Christmas Eve.

Zettl (2012)

A chauffeur unintentionally becomes the editor of an online newspaper.