Who Am I (2014)

Who Am I (German: Who Am I – Kein System ist sicher; English: "Who Am I: No System Is Safe") is a 2014 German techno-thriller film directed by Baran bo Odar. It is centered on a computer hacker group in Berlin that gears towards global fame. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was shot in Berlin and Rostock.

Lissi and the Wild Emperor (2007)

Lissi und der wilde Kaiser is a 2007 German animated film comedy parody of the Sissi films.

Banarasi Babu (1997)

Banarasi Babu is a 1997 Indian Hindi comedy film directed by David Dhawan. The film stars Govinda, Ramya, Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor and Bindu. The film was inspired by William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and the 1972 Tamil movie Pattikada Pattanama.

General Stone (1977)

When his father dies mysteriously, a vengeful young man learns kung fu from a female master and war spirits that inhabit a magical stone.

Ellie Lumme (2013)

Ellie has to rebuff an intense older man as he tries to wedge himself into her life.

Beyond the Door III (1989)

Seven California students embark on an educational trip to Yugoslavia, where they become participants in a passion play, an ancient ritual of the western world. They are led into a deep, haunting forest where they witness the terrors unleashed by the union of the devil and one of the co-eds, a girl with an innate beauty but whose body bears the mark of the devil - she is the chosen one.

Meatball Machine (2005)

Meatball Machine is a 2005 Japanese science fiction splatter film directed by Yūdai Yamaguchi and Jun'ichi Yamamoto based on a film by Yamamoto from 1999. Special effects and makeup effects were by Yoshihiro Nishimura.

When the Dark Man Calls (1995)

A listener's (Geoffrey Lewis) call stimulates a radio psychologist's (Joan Van Ark) repressed memories of her parents' murders.

45 R.P.M. (2008)

Luke hears a radio broadcast and discovers love, loss, and the magic of rock and roll.

Trio (1950)

Trio (also known as W. Somerset Maugham's Trio) is a 1950 British anthology film based on three short stories by W. Somerset Maugham: "The Verger", "Mr. Know-All" and "Sanatorium". Ken Annakin directed "The Verger" and "Mr. Know-All", while Harold French was responsible for "Sanatorium". Trio is the second of a film trilogy, all consisting of adaptations of Maugham's stories, preceded by the 1948 Quartet and followed by the 1951 Encore. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound, Recording (Cyril Crowhurst) and was the final one released under the Gainsborough Pictures banner.

Katilon Ke Kaatil (1981)

Katilon Ke Kaatil is a 1981 Indian Bollywood action thriller film, produced and directed by Arjun Hingorani. The producer had a fixation for titles with KKK and Dharmendra in the lead of his films.. This film stars Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman, Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim, Amjad Khan, Nirupa Roy and Shakti Kapoor. The music is by Kalyanji Anandji. The film is known for its hit music and a special character called Reecha, who was born of a woman and a wild bear and has a lot of gimmicks like a Bruce Lee lookalike Bruce Le making an appearance. The film became a box office hit.

Man About Town (1939)

Man About Town is a 1939 musical comedy film starring Jack Benny and Dorothy Lamour. The screenplay concerns a producer who tries to get his leading lady to take him seriously romantically by pursuing other women.

The Tree and the Swing (2013)

Eleni is confronted with an unexpected kinship while making amends with her estranged father.


Guidance is a Canadian dark comedy film, which premiered at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival on September 5, 2014 as part of the Discovery program. The full-length directorial debut of Pat Mills, the film stars Mills as David Gold, a down on his luck former child star who fabricates his credentials to take a job as a high school guidance counsellor. An unrecovered alcoholic and drug addict troubled by his faded success and in deep denial about both his closeted gay sexuality and his health following a skin cancer diagnosis, he becomes unexpectedly popular with the students after his habit of introducing them to his own deeply unhealthy coping mechanisms actually helps many of them solve their own problems. The film's cast also includes Kevin Hanchard, Alex Ozerov, Jen Goodhue, Maria Vacratsis, Eleanor Zichy and Allison Hossack. It has been picked up by Strand Releasing for distribution in the United States.

The Wind and the Water (2008)

A young teen seeks his fortune in Panama City where he meets a girl from a wealthy family.

I.R.A.: King of Nothing (2006)

An angry member of the Irish Republican Army threatens a delicate peace process.

Melody of the Plains (1937)

Rancher Steve Condon (Fred Scott) is attacked by outlaw Cass (Charles "Slim" Whitaker) and his gang. In the ensuing gunfight, Steve's cohort Bud Langley is killed. Thinking he fired the fatal shot, Steve is morose. It gets worse when he takes a job on a ranch and realizes that owner "Dad" Langley (Lafe McKee) is the dead man's father. Land developer Gorman (Hal Price) is after Langley's cattle and gets Cass to spread rumors that Steve killed Langley's son to get him out of the picture.

The Runaway (1971)

Ricki (Gilda Texter) is a teenager who has run away from her safe, suburban life for a new experience in a free-wheeling commune in Los Angeles, leading her parents to hire Frank (William Smith), a weather-worn detective, to track her down and return her home. He succeeds in finding Ricki on the road, but in lieu of reporting back to her parents, he joins her on her quest to find herself. Ricki and Frank become inseparable until they encounter a stranger (Rita Murray) who comes between them.

Gentille (2005)

Good Girl is a 2005 French comedy film directed by Sophie Fillières.

Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist (2009)

A young professor mentors graduate students as they conduct research into what controls appetite in the human body.

Starship: Rising (2014)

Starship: Rising is a 2014 action science fiction film directed by Neil Johnson. The film was generally poorly received.

Visitantes (2014)

Dark spirits torment a successful doctor (Kate del Castillo) and her family.

Countersex (1964)

Controsesso, internationally released as Countersex, is a 1964 Italian anthology comedy film directed by Franco Rossi, Marco Ferreri and Renato Castellani. All the episodies have sex as main theme. The episode of Ferreri is considered by several critics as the masterpiece of the first Italian period of the director.

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers (2013)

The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers is a 2013 American documentary film about former Israeli Prime Ministers, directed by Richard Trank. It was based on the book The Prime Ministers: An Intimate Narrative of Israeli Leadership written by Yehuda Avner, a former Israeli diplomat and speechwriter to Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin and Shimon Peres. Moriah Films, a division of Simon Wiesenthal Center produced it. Review aggregater Rotten Tomatoes rated it 33% fresh based on 12 reviews. Douglas was awarded the Genesis Prize in January 2015 for his involvement in Jewish cinema and his work for world peace.

Public Jitterbug No. 1 (1939)

A government agent (Hal Le Roy) goes undercover on Broadway to locate the dancer who started the Jitterbug.

Callejero (2015)

Javier's career as an underground fighter ends, and he returns home to forge a relationship with his father and teenage son. When his old manager comes to town to train a talented young boxer, Javier faces a difficult choice.

Pleasure Factory (2007)

Pleasure Factory (快乐工厂 Kuaile Gongchang) is a 2007 docudrama film set in Geylang, the red-light district of Singapore. Directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, the film was selected for the Un Certain Regard competition at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. The film is unusual in Southeast Asian cinema[citation needed] for its frank depiction of subjects traditionally hidden in Asian society, such as prostitution and same-sex relationships, and features explicit male nudity.

Getting It On (1983)

A teen (Martin Yost) and his buddy (Jeff Edmond) make hidden-camera videos of his next-door neighbor (Heather Kennedy) and other girls.

In the Doghouse (1962)

In the Doghouse is a 1962 British comedy film directed by Darcy Conyers and starring Leslie Phillips and Peggy Cummins. Shot in black-and-white, the film was based on the bestselling novel It's a Vet's Life by Alex Duncan.

Easy Money (1948)

Easy Money, a satirical 1948 British film about one of the most beloved traditions of the English middle class, the football pool, is composed of four tales about the effect a major win has on four different groups in the postwar period. Written by Muriel and Sydney Box and directed by Bernard Knowles, it was released by Gainsborough Pictures.

My Wife's Best Friend (1952)

My Wife's Best Friend is a 1952 comedy film directed by Richard Sale, starring Anne Baxter and Macdonald Carey.

Quintet (1979)

A frozen wasteland is the scene of an unusual game of life or death where the victims fight to remain alive.

Seduction: Three Tales from the 'Inner Sanctum' (1992)

The same two actors (Victoria Principal, John Terry) play three couples in a trilogy of quirky passion, spanning the 20th century.

Hollywood Round-Up (1937)

Kindly, fading star Carol Stevens (Helen Twelvetrees) accepts a role in a two-bit Western movie and arrives for an on-location shoot in a small town. When Stevens has words with her pompous co-star, Grant Drexel (Grant Withers), Drexel's stuntman, Buck Kennedy (Buck Jones), steps in to defend her. Kennedy's honorable gesture costs him his job. After a group of gangsters posing as a film crew frames the newly unemployed Kennedy for the robbery of a local bank, he must struggle to clear his name.

The Food Guide To Love (2013)

A food writer (Richard Coyle) and a Spanish activist (Leonor Watling) begin a dysfunctional romance.

Mrs. Sundance (1974)

The Sundance Kid's fugitive mate, Etta Place (Elizabeth Montgomery), hears a rumor that he's still alive.

The Narrow Frame of Midnight (2014)

During a quest to find his missing brother, a man (Khalid Abdalla) encounters an enslaved orphan girl (Fadwa Boujouane).

Shadowland, the Legend (2012)

Shadowland: The Legend, also known as Shadowland, The Legend, is a 2012 Canadian independent fantasy family film. The film is based on a stage production Frank, Big Baba and Forty Thieves, written, directed and produced by Johanna Kern, who later adapted the story for the screen, as well as directed and produced it under After Rain Films banner in association with Factory Film Studio.

Convention Girls (1978)

Three enterprising women join forces with a plastics expert to create and market a virtually lifelike doll.

That Evening Sun (2009)

An aging Tennessee farmer returns to his homestead and must confront a family betrayal, the reappearance of an old enemy, and the loss of his farm. Based on a short story by acclaimed author William Gay, and an award-winning screenlay by writer-director Scott Teems. Featuring songs by Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers. Produced by Oscar winners Raymond McKinnon and Walton Goggins. And starring Oscar nominee Hal Holbrook.

Spoilers of the Plains (1951)

Spoilers of the Plains is a 1951 American film starring Roy Rogers.

Playing for Charlie (2008)

An exploration of the delicate relationship a mother and her son share after her husband's death.

Much Better Than You (2013)

Cristobal, a father and businessman, is humiliated when his wife is awarded a scholarship and asks to move their family to Spain. He spends a pathetic night looking for sex and failing, until he has to choose between his ego and his family.

SBK The-Movie (2014)

One man's journey to become a legend of the boardwalk by claiming the title of world champion in the fast-paced sport of professional skeeball.

The Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete (1960)

Minotaur, the Wild Beast of Crete (original title: Teseo contro il Minotauro; "Theseus against the Minotaur") is a 1960 historical drama film loosely based on the Greek legend of Theseus, the Athenian hero who is said to have slain a minotaur on Minoan Crete around 1500 or 1450 BC. It was also distributed under the title The Minotaur. The film was directed by Silvio Amadio and starred Bob Mathias.

Chasing a Butterfly (2005)

Filmmaker Natasha Guruleva makes plans to return to Vladivostok and resettle.

Four Eyed Monsters (2005)

Four Eyed Monsters, a film by Susan Buice and Arin Crumley premiered at the slamdance film festival in 2005. It roughly follows Buice and Crumley's real life relationship; the couple initially communicated only through artistic means inspired to continue their online digital non-verbal courtship in the analog world. The film is a very low budget digital video production but has gained attention for its use of various web-related strategies in distribution and in its ability to build an audience through the use of online resources, a growing trend among contemporary American indie filmmakers. In 2007 it became the first ever feature film to be released on YouTube.com. In 2010 the film was released on VODO where and placed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike license allowing audience members to redistribute or even alter as they wish. Since then a number of screenings have been utilized taking advantage of this open license. The film was shot on MiniDV using the Panasonic AG-DVX100 mostly in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York, with supplementary shooting in Framingham, Massachusetts and Johnson, Vermont. It was edited on Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software. It debuted on the festival circuit in January 2005 at the Slamdance Film Festival where it was well received. At first the filmmakers hoped to obtain a conventional deal for theatrical distribution on the basis of its success at Slamdance, but nothing was forthcoming. This is when they decided to release what eventually grew into a two season 13 episode online series about the journey of creating the film. This attention eventually grabbed the attention of IFC TV who went on to air the film, release in iTunes and sell DVDs through Borders bookstore. IFC then stopped selling the film and for a period of time it was only available in Canada through Films We Like and UK via DOG WOOF. IN 2009 the film was relaunched on YouTube and in 2010 released on VODO.

Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game Of Death (1975)

Goodbye Bruce Lee: His Last Game of Death, also known as The New Game of Death and Legend of Bruce Lee, is a 1975 Bruceploitation martial arts film starring Bruce Li.

Dancing in the Forest (1988)

A stranded writer (Darren Dalton) lives his tale of a lumberjack (Ian Roberts), a temptress (Brumilda Rensburg), a strange old man and madness.

Real Value (2013)

Leaders and social entrepreneurs use business to force social change.

Hunchback of the Morgue (1973)

Gotho (Paul Naschy), a moronic hunchback employed in a hospital morgue, is deeply in love with Ilse (María Elena Arpón), but it’s an ill-fated relationship. Ilsa is terminally ill with tuberculosis and dies shortly after. Out of his mind for the loss, Gotho steals her corpse, killing the medical students who are going to dissect it, and hides her in an underground crypt. Dr. Orla (Alberto Dalbés), a mad biologist, promises Gotho that he will revive Ilsa, but Gotho will have to provide him with dead - and live - bodies for his terrible experiments.

Defenders of the Law (1931)

Defenders of the Law is a 1931 American crime film directed by Joseph Levering and starring Catherine Dale Owen, John Holland and Robert Gleckler.

Barefoot to Goa (2015)

Barefoot to Goa is a 2015 Indian Hindi drama film directed and produced by Praveen Morchhale. It narrates the story of two school-going kids living in Mumbai. Its release in India was crowdfunded through Morchhale's Proud Funding Campaign. It was released on 10 April 2015.

The Three Mesquiteers (1936)

The Three Mesquiteers is notable as the original entry in what became a 51-film series of Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movies, eight of which starred John Wayne. Filmed in 1936, the film stars Bob Livingston (in the role later played by Wayne), Ray "Crash" Corrigan, and Syd Saylor, and was directed by Ray Taylor.

Cleaverville (2007)

On the lam from police and gangsters, a woman (Ever Carradine) seeks refuge with her estranged mother.

The Sickhouse (2007)

The Sickhouse is a 2008 horror film, directed by Curtis Radclyffe, produced by Charlotte Wontner and starring Gina Philips, Kellie Shirley and Alex Hassell.

The Turning Point (1952)

The Turning Point is a 1952 film noir crime film directed by William Dieterle starring William Holden, Edmond O'Brien and Alexis Smith. It was inspired by the Kefauver Committee's hearings dealing with organized crime. Actress Carolyn Jones made her motion picture debut in the film.

One Frightened Night (1935)

One Frightened Night is a 1935 American film directed by Christy Cabanne. The film has entered the public domain.

Behind the News (1940)

Behind the News is a 1940 American drama film starring Lloyd Nolan and directed by Joseph Santley. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Sound Recording (Charles L. Lootens). It is also known as A Flagpole Needs a Flag.

Bahama Passage (1941)

Bahama Passage is a 1941 American drama film directed by Edward H. Griffith, starring Madeleine Carroll and Sterling Hayden. The film was primarily shot on Salt Cay, Turks Islands in Technicolor.

Garnet's Gold (2014)

A man embarks on a recklessly brave adventure to search for a hidden treasure.

The Wizard of Gore (2007)

The Wizard of Gore is a 2007 splatter/noir horror film directed by Jeremy Kasten and starring Kip Pardue, Bijou Phillips, Crispin Glover, Joshua Miller, Brad Dourif, Jeffrey Combs, and the Suicide Girls. The film is a remake of the 1970 Herschell Gordon Lewis film of the same name.

Say It in French (1938)

Say It in French is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Andrew L. Stone and written by Frederick J. Jackson. The film stars Ray Milland, Olympe Bradna, Irene Hervey, Janet Beecher, Mary Carlisle and Holmes Herbert. The film was released on November 28, 1938, by Paramount Pictures.

Hijack (1998)

The Last Siege: Never Surrender is a 1999 independent action/thriller starring Jeff Fahey and Ernie Hudson. The theatrical release was called Hijack but this was changed for the 2002 DVD release.

Danger Trails (1935)

A cowboy (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) saves a woman's (Marjorie Gordon) ranch.

Diamond on Vinyl (2013)

Beth kicks her fiance Henry out after she listens to recordings of his intimate thoughts. Beth confides in Charlie, a stranger, and Charlie helps Henry rehearse the perfect words to regain Beth's trust.

Rats and Cats (2007)

Rats and Cats is a 2007 Australian comedy film directed by Tony Rogers and starring Adam Zwar and Jason Gann.

L For Leisure (2014)

In 1992, several graduate students go on various vacations.

Zouzou (1934)

Co-starring with Jean Gabin, Baker plays a talented Cinderella who takes the place of the lead on opening night of a musical review. With five great musical numbers including "Haiti".

Swoon (1992)

Swoon is an independent film written and directed by Tom Kalin, released in 1992. It is an account of the 1924 Leopold and Loeb murder case, focusing more on the homosexuality of the killers than other movies based on the case. It starred Daniel Schlachet as Loeb and Craig Chester as Leopold. Along with the films of Todd Haynes, Gregg Araki and others, Swoon is identified as part of the New Queer Cinema.

Viva Zapatero! (2005)

Viva Zapatero! is a 2005 documentary by Sabina Guzzanti telling her side of the story regarding the conflict with Silvio Berlusconi over a late-night TV political satire show broadcast on RAI-3. The show, RAIot (a play on the name of the Italian state public TV: RAI, and the English word riot), lampooned prime minister Berlusconi. Since it wasn't considered a satirical show, but a political one, it was cancelled after the first episode.

Christmas With Tucker (2013)

In the months following his father's death, a boy learns about responsibility, the loyalty of friends and the power of love through his bond with a special dog.

Death of a Saleswoman (2010)

Every resident of Mametville is named as a suspect in a woman's death.

Maria Bethania: Music Is Perfume (2005)

Maria Bethânia: Music is Perfume (Portuguese: Maria Bethânia: Música é Perfume) is a 2005 documentary by French-born, Swiss-based director Georges Gachot that focuses on Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia. The film follows the star in the recording studio, the concert stage and in a visit to her 100-year-old mother in Bahia. The film also included appearances by Brazilian music stars including Caetano Veloso (Bethânia’s brother), Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque and Nana Caymmi.

Legit (2006)

A lifelong nemesis (Norm Boucher) stands in the way of a reformed gangster (James W. Boinski) who dreams of opening his own club.

Survival Knife (2016)

The sole survivor of a serial killer's attack tries to cope with her mutilation and the deaths she witnessed. As she recovers, she slowly realizes the trauma may have awakened something dark within her.

Yukon Vengeance (1954)

Yukon Vengeance is a 1954 American western film directed by William Beaudine and starring Kirby Grant, Monte Hale and Mary Ellen Kay. It was the tenth and final film featuring Grant as Mountie Corporal Rod Webb, assisted by his dog Chinook.

The Orgy at Lil's Place (1963)

Two sisters become nude models for artists.

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974)

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (originally Terror! Il castello delle donne maledette) is a 1974 Italian horror film directed by Dick Randall that is Loosely based on the Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein. The film is also known as Dr. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (American video title), Frankenstein's Castle (British video title), Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (American dubbed version), Monsters of Frankenstein, Terror, Terror Castle, The House of Freaks and The Monsters of Dr. Frankenstein.

Little Cigars (1973)

Little Cigars is a film released in 1973 by American International Pictures about a gang of little people who team up with a gangster's mistress, played by Angel Tompkins, to go on a crime spree. It was directed by Chris Christenberry. "Cleo," the gangster's mistress, was played by Tompkins shortly after her Golden Globe nomination (for 1970's I Love My Wife) and appearance in Playboy magazine (an offshoot of her role in Prime Cut opposite Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman). The film also features Billy Curtis and Jerry Maren, both of whom played Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. The film was also released in the United States as The Little Cigars Mob.

Summer in the City (1971)

Summer in the City is the first full-length feature film by director Wim Wenders, released in 1970 and starring Hanns Zischler. Wenders' first full-length film was produced as his graduation project at the Academy of Film and Television in Munich ("Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München") which he attended from 1967 to 1970. Shot in 16 mm black and white by subsequent long-time Wenders collaborator Robby Müller, the movie exhibited many of Wenders' later trademark themes of aimless searching, running from invisible demons, and persistent wandering toward an indeterminate goal. In this case the journey is that of protagonist Hans (Zischler) after he is released from prison. Searching through seedy West German streets and bars, he finally winds up visiting an old friend in Berlin. According to Wenders, the title of the film relates to the song from the band The Lovin' Spoonful, which was also included in the film, although a painting by Edward Hopper might have influenced Wenders as well. Wenders was a fan of both The Lovin' Spoonful and Hopper, references to whom he has included in several of his films.

Final Impact (1992)

Final Impact is a 1991 martial arts film starring Jeff Langton, Mimi Lesseos, Lorenzo Lamas and Michael Worth. It was directed by Joseph Merhi. The film was shot in 18 days.

Jan Saudek: Trapped by His Passions, No Hope for Rescue (2007)

The truthful, yet harsh, life story of a hero and dropout.

The Hand That Feeds (2014)

Twelve undocumented immigrants face an uphill battle and the threat of deportation when they take on the popular restaurant in New York City where they work.

The Agreement (2013)

A mediator negotiates with Serbia and Kosovo to establish borders and end conflict.

55 and Older (2013)

Disguised as retirees, a young couple hopes to save money on rent by moving into a 55-and-over community.

The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982)

The Dorm That Dripped Blood (also known as Pranks and Death Dorm) is a 1982 American slasher film directed by Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow, and written by Carpenter and Stacey Giachino. It stars Laura Lapinski, Stephen Sachs, David Snow and Pamela Holland as four college students who stay on campus over the Christmas holiday to clear out a dormitory which is due for demolition. In the course of their work they are stalked by an unknown assailant who uses various industrial tools to dispatch his victims. It features actress Daphne Zuniga in her film debut. The film was initially deemed to be a video nasty in the United Kingdom, but was later removed from the list.

Font Men (2014)

Former business competitors join forces to revolutionize the world of font design.

The Cold Room (1984)

The Cold Room is a 1984 cable television film by James Dearden. Based on an eponymous 1978 science fiction novel by Jeffrey Caine, the film stars George Segal, Amanda Pays (in her film debut), Anthony Higgins, Renée Soutendijk, and Warren Clarke. The original film score is by Michael Nyman. It was a production of MCEG/Sterling Entertainment and released on VHS by Charter Entertainment.

Lioness (2008)

Lioness is a 2008 documentary film directed by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers about the first members of Team Lioness. This feature-length documentary tells the story of a group of Army servicewomen who went to Iraq as clerks, mechanics and engineers but ended up fighting alongside the Marines in some of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq war. Told through intimate accounts, journal excerpts, archival footage, as well as interviews with military commanders, the film follows five women who were part of an unofficial program called "Team Lioness." The women's candid narratives, coupled with scenes from their lives back home, form a portrait of the emotional and psychological effects of war from a female point of view As the first film to shed light on the hidden narrative of women in combat, Lioness interceded in public dialogues about gender and the military, leading to tangible change in a number of arenas by framing an important but largely invisible issue in meaningful, human terms. The film played an important role in influencing legislation and policy discussions in Congress, the VA, and the Department of Defense and was embraced by a national movement of activists and veteran service organizations working to improve care for the unprecedented influx of women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan into the VA system.

The Meaning of Tea (2008)

Filmmaker Scott Chamberlin Hoyt sheds light on the character of tea.

Apollonian Story (2013)

A man spends 40 years carving a home for himself in the side of a limestone cliff near Tel Aviv.

Northwest Rangers (1942)

Northwest Rangers is a 1942 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Northern second feature that is a remake of Manhattan Melodrama set in the North West Mounted Police of Canada.

This Way Out (2013)

A woman tries to prevent her euthanasia center from closing.

Aftermath (2013)

Thomas Fiorini (Anthony Michael Hall) has created a perfect life for himself. Owning a profitable construction company, blessed with a beautiful wife and child on the way. Life is perfect. But problems arise quickly when charismatic, ex-convict Tony Bricker (Chris Penn) is fired and his foreman (Jamie Harrold) goes missing. Tensions Flair as suspicion falls on Bricker who initiates a war of threats but not until an overreaction from our hero do things spiral out of control. As Fiorini is introduced to a slew of shady characters and hit men, forcing to take matters into his own hands – for better or worse.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1981)

Mark Twain's boy hero (Kurt Ida) cavorts with Tom Sawyer (Dan Monahan) and rafts the Mississippi with runaway slave Jim (Brock Peters).

Arena (1989)

Arena is a 1989 American science fiction film directed by Peter Manoogian and starring Paul Satterfield and Claudia Christian. Set in 4038, Satterfield plays Steve Armstrong, the first human in 50 years to compete in the intergalactic boxing sport called simply "The Arena". The film was produced by Irwin Yablans and features original music by Richard Band.

Red Crag (1965)

A woman who works for the Chongqing Communist underground is captured and becomes a key planner for a prison break.

Pickup on 101 (1972)

Pickup on 101 is a 1972 American drama film directed by John Florea and written by Anthony Blake. The film stars Jack Albertson, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Sheen, Hal Baylor, George Chandler and Robert Donner. The film was released in May 1972, by American International Pictures.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Maligned Mobster (1991)

Lawyer Mason (Raymond Burr) must resolve an old murder to defend a former mob boss (Michael Nader) accused of killing his wife.