The Flying Classroom (1954)

Das fliegende Klassenzimmer (English:The Flying Classroom) is a 1973 German comedy film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Joachim Fuchsberger, Heinz Reincke and Diana Körner. Two classes in a school have a running feud. It is based on The Flying Classroom, a novel by Erich Kästner.

Polterabend (2006)

Floored By Love (2005)

Breaking Vegas (2004)

Black Sheep Boy (1995)

Kings of the Road: The Story of the Portland Buckaroos (2000)

Kingdom of the Blue Whale (2009)

Supported by the National Geographic Society, the world’s eminent blue whale scientists embark on a revolutionary mission: they’ll find, identify and tag California blue whales, use the DNA samples to confirm the sex of individual whales then rejoin the massive creatures’ stunning migration when they collect at a chimera known as the Costa Rica Dome. These experts have observed, firsthand, courtship behavior among the whales at the moving mass of krill and currents 500 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. Now they hope to find and record the Holy Grail of blue whale science ... the breeding and calving grounds of the biggest mammals in the sea.

Důvod k rozvodu (1937)

Talegaver Til Børn: 10 Års Jubilæum (2002)

Cherche fiancé tous frais payés (2007)

Cherche fiancé tous frais payés is a 2007 French film directed by Aline Issermann and starring Claudia Cardinale.

Kimchi Warrior 2D Feast of Fury (2011)

Take That: Come To Town (2008)

Nasty Old People (2009)

Nasty Old People is a 2009 Swedish film directed by Hanna Sköld, Tangram Film. It premiered on 10 October 2009 at Kontrapunkt in Malmö, and on file sharing site The Pirate Bay. The film is available as an authorized and legal download under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA.

Savage Harvest (1981)

Savage Harvest is a 1981 American/Brazilian/Kenyan action-adventure natural horror film directed by Robert L. Collins. It stars Tom Skerritt, Michelle Phillips, Shawn Stevens, Anne-Marie Martin, Derek Partridge and Tana Helfer.

Directed By Alan Smithee (2002)

Frida - Straight from the Heart (1991)

Frida – Straight from the Heart (Norwegian: Frida – med hjertet i hånden) is a 1991 Norwegian drama film directed by Berit Nesheim. The film was selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Elective Affinities (1974)

Elective Affinities (German: Die Wahlverwandtschaften) is a 1974 East German drama film directed by Siegfried Kühn. It follows the dynamics which follow when a couple invite two other people. The film is based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel Elective Affinities. It was released by the DEFA film studio on 27 August 1974.

Der tolle Bomberg (1957)

The Mad Bomberg (German:Der tolle Bomberg) is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Georg Asagaroff and starring Hans Adalbert Schlettow, Liselotte Schaak and Paul Heidemann. It is an adaptation of the 1923 novel The Mad Bomberg by Josef Winckler, which was later made into a 1957 film of the same title. The film's art direction was by Otto Erdmann and Hans Sohnle.

Der müde Theodor (1957)

Tired Theodore (originally Der müde Theodor) is a 1957 West German film directed by Géza von Cziffra.

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity (1999)

Kill for Love (1982)

Killing vs. the Flying Man (1967)

Death from Beyond (2006)

A Taste of Hemlock (1989)

Cactus River (2012)

Tongs: A Chinatown Story (1986)

Frank Lloyd Wright's Home & Studio (2009)

Der Haustyrann (1938)

Der Haus-Tyrann is a 1959 West German film directed by Hans Deppe. It is based on the play The Scoundrel by Hans Reimann and Toni Impekoven.

Surf, Sand and Sex (1994)

Franco ...ese hombre (1963)

Franco, ese hombre, translated into English as Franco, that man, is a 1964 documentary film by Spanish director José Luis Sáenz de Heredia. It follows the military and political career of the Spanish Head of State Francisco Franco until the 25th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. It uses diverse footage and interviews Franco's doctor in Morocco, Manuel Aznar Zubigaray, and Franco himself. It is a commemorative documentary of the 25th anniversary of Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War.

The Butterfly (2009)

Heimweh nach St. Pauli (1963)

Homesick for St. Pauli (German: Heimweh nach St. Pauli) is a 1963 German drama film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring Freddy Quinn, Josef Albrecht and Ullrich Haupt. Heinz Pehlke was the cinematographer. It was based on a musical by Lotar Olias and Gustav Kampendonk. A German singer who has enjoyed massive success in the United States, returns to his hometown, the St. Pauli district of Hamburg. The film was one of the many foreign films that Jayne Mansfield made in the 1960s, after becoming a star in the late 1950s in films like: The Girl Can't Help It (1956) and Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957).

Silence the Witness (1974)

Silence the Witness (Italian: Il testimone deve tacere) is a 1974 Italian poliziottesco film written and directed by Giuseppe Rosati.

Mugshot (2014)

The Malagasy Way (2014)

Sexy American Idle (2004)

Shoot the Girls (2001)

La fine è nota (1993)

The End Is Known (Italian: La fine è nota, French: La fin est connue) is a 1992 Italian-French mystery film directed by Cristina Comencini. It is an adaptation of the novel with the same name by Geoffrey Holiday Hall, in which the setting is moved from post-war America to 1980s' Italy.

Heads or Tails (2005)

Heads or Tails is a 2005 film written and directed by Joey McAdams and Clark Kline. Produced by Fool Martyr Productions, the film stars Jeff Keilholtz, Douglas Cathro and Jon Liddiard. The screenplay was adapted from a short story Kline wrote in 1994. Shooting began in September 2003 with a script that was shrouded in secrecy even from cast and crew, as each were given the day's lines on the day a scene was to be shot. Its premiere gala acreening was at The Weinberg Center for the Arts in February 2005. A review by Courtney Oates of The Flow magazine describes Heads or Tails as an "incredibly unique story of murder, myths and mania." It was released to DVD in the spring of 2008.

Lash of the Scorpion (2003)

The Trouble with Marnie (2000)

Frenzied (1990)

Milkman (2015)

Realm of the Alligator (1986)

Go-Go Bigbeat (1965)

Pour Djamila (2012)

George Anton's Romeo and Juliet (2014)

Lost on Location: Behind the Scenes of 'Lost in Translation' (2004)

Fighting Angels: Exodus (2010)

Ángeles rotos (2015)

Fear Itself (2010)

Divine Unrest (2008)

Ludacris - The Red Light District (2005)

Decision at Midnight (1965)

Decision at Midnight is a 1963 American-British drama film directed by Lewis Allen and starring Martin Landau, Nora Swinburne and Walter Fitzgerald. It is also known by the alternative title of Music at Midnight.

David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper (1992)

The Texas Bad Man (1932)

The Texas Bad Man is a 1932 American Western film directed by Edward Laemmle and written by Jack Cunningham and Richard Schayer. The film stars Tom Mix, Lucille Powers, Willard Robertson, Fred Kohler, Joseph W. Girard and Tetsu Komai. The film was released on June 30, 1932, by Universal Pictures.

Yes: Greatest Video Hits (1991)

Le Rossignol (2005)

The Bloody Monks (1988)

Cold Harbor (2003)

Truth in Advertising (2001)

Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel (1978)

Choices 2 (2005)

The Vampire Wino (1989)

The Boyfriend (2012)

Amateur Night (1986)

Before Your Eyes - Vietnam (1982)

The Secret Tapes of the O.J. Case: The Untold Story (2015)

Death O' Lantern (2011)

The Pogues: Live at the Town and Country (2004)

The Story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' (1949)

The Ungovernable Force (2015)

Ted & Venus (1991)

Ted & Venus is a 1991 film directed by Bud Cort. This comedy-drama is written by Bud Cort and Paul Ciotti, and features and all-star cast including Brian Thompson. The original music is composed by David Robbins. The film was initially released theatrically in the United States on December 20, 1991. and on home video in 1993. On March 1, 2005, the film was released on DVD in Canada by Legacy Entertainment, but in full frame format and without any bonus material. The DVD has since been discontinued, and as of 2010, there are currently no plans for a new DVD of the film.

Between the Covers (1973)

Luca (2008)

Last Mountain (2005)

Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)

Gift for the Living (2005)

Saturday Night Live in the '80s: Lost & Found (2005)

Bekçi (1985)

Alien Ecstasy (2009)

Cinta Fotokopi (2005)

Starz Inside: Sex and the Cinema (2009)

Skid Row: Oh Say Can You Scream (1990)

Hollywood 90028 (1973)

The Birth of a Race (1918)

The Birth of a Race is a 1918 American silent drama film directed by John W. Noble. It was made as a response to the 1915 film The Birth of a Nation, and was meant to discredit the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the film. The Birth of a Race was released following the end of World War I. This film is preserved at the Library of Congress.

The Red, White, and Black (1970)

Chimp & Zee (1968)

Woody's Magic Touch (1971)

Woody's Magic Touch is a Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was released in theaters on May 1, 1971. It was one of the first Woody cartoons in 5 years that was animated by someone, other than Les Kline or Al Coe. In that case, it was Virgil Ross who animated this and the next four cartoons in that same year. In addition to Grace Stafford, who provides Woody's voice, Dal McKennon guest stars.

The Rude Intruder (1972)

Westward Whoa (1926)

Westward Whoa is an animated short film in the Looney Tunes series. It marks the final appearance of Ham and Ex, and the penultimate for Beans and Little Kitty. It is also the last cartoon where Porky Pig is the co-star to Beans. The film is also in the public domain.

The Stranger in Town (1962)

Stranger in the City (Turkish: Şehirdeki Yabancı) is a 1962 Turkish drama film directed by Halit Refiğ. It was entered into the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival.

Der Partyphotograph (1968)

Whitey (1980)

Whitey, original title: De Witte van Sichem, is a Belgian movie by Robbe De Hert released in 1980. The movie is an adaption of Ernest Claes' novel De Witte. It stars Eric Clerckx, Willy Vandermeulen, Blanka Heirman, Paul S Jongers, Luc Philips and Paul-Emile Van Royen. It is the second adaption of the book. The other movie was released in 1934 as De Witte. The title Whitey refers to the nickname of the main character: Louis Verheyden, a naughty blond boy of eleven years old.

The Tragic Side of Comedy (2009)

La voluntad del muerto (1930)

La Voluntad del Muerto (English: The Will of the Dead Man) is a 1930 Spanish-language remake of the 1927 silent film The Cat and the Canary and a Spanish-language version of The Cat Creeps (1930) which is now considered a lost film. The film was directed by George Melford and Enrique Tovar Ávalos and stars Antonio Moreno, Lupita Tovar, Andrés de Segurola, Roberto E. Guzmán, Paul Ellis, Lucio Villegas, Agostino Borgato, Conchita Ballesteros, María Calvo, and Soledad Jiménez.

The Indomitable Leni Peickert (1970)

Korean War Stories (2001)

Ellen ten Damme: As I Was Wondering Where This Mixed-up Little Life of Mine Was Leading To (2007)

Particle (2013)

Particle (Turkish: Zerre) is a 2012 Turkish drama film written and directed by Erdem Tepegöz. It was selected to compete in the main competition section of the 35th Moscow International Film Festival where it won the Golden George and Jale Arıkan won the Silver George for Best Actress.