Derren Brown: An Evening of Wonders (2009)

Daily Dozens (1926)

Nutty News (1942)

Nutty News is a 1942 Warner Bros. cartoon in the Looney Tunes series. It was directed by Bob Clampett, animated by Virgil Ross and an uncredited Vive Risto, and musical direction by Carl Stalling. Elmer Fudd's voice can be heard as the narrator, but he is not seen.

Scrap the Japs (1942)

Scrap the Japs is an American anti-Japanese cartoon with the popular character Popeye as protagonist. It follows his adventures after being sent for punishment on a ship and running into Japanese sailors. The film was released in 1942 by Famous Studios, a part of Paramount Studios and focuses on racist stereotypes of the Japanese during the war. These images were based on pre-existing images of the Japanese that the American people had in their minds from previous fears about immigration. Because of the racism, this cartoon, along with some other World War II cartoons is now banned from being broadcast in most countries.

Baby Wants a Bottleship (1942)

Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue (1943)

Seein' Red, White 'N' Blue is a 1943 American cartoon short featuring Popeye, directed by Dan Gordon. The cartoon revolves around Bluto trying to escape the draft but ends up fighting alongside Popeye against some Japanese spies, Hirohito and Adolf Hitler.

110% (2005)

Saturday Night Life (2006)

Gerak Khas The Movie (2001)

The Stone (1992)

Fantozzi alla riscossa (1990)

Fantozzi alla riscossa ("Fantozzi to the Rescue") is a 1990 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti. It is the seventh chapter in the Fantozzi film series.

Cream: Royal Albert Hall, London May 2-3-5-6 2005 (2005)

50 For Izzy (2010)

Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants (1996)

Paul Raymond's Erotica (1982)

Radiohead: 7 Television Commercials (1998)

Russell Brand: The World According to Russell Brand (2010)

The Chronicles of Hollow Earth: The Next Race (2009)

The Next Race: The Remote Viewings, also called The Chronicles of Hollow Earth: The Next Race, is a 2007 independent science fiction film written, directed, edited and produced by Stewart St. John. It is the first chapter in the "Creation Wars" saga, followed by Dark Metropolis (2010). Two more sequels are planned.

Academy of Doom (2008)

Academy of Doom (also known as Mil Mascaras: Academy of Doom) is a 2008 American lucha libre film starring the legendary Mexican wrestler and film star Mil Máscaras. It shared production personnel with Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy and was completed at the same time as that film and screened with it at several film festivals. Featured luchadores in the film include: Mil Mascaras, La Torcha, Luctor, Dramatico, Logico, The Headmistress, Medea, Dianoche, Argozan, El Medico Angel, The Magister, Luchanaut, Synaptico, and Eigeno.

Breathe In, Breathe Out (2004)

Molokai, la isla maldita (1959)

Jon Stewart: Unleavened (1996)

Electric Light Orchestra: Zoom Tour Live (2001)

So You Won't Squawk? (1941)

So You Won't Squawk (1941) is the eighth short subject starring Buster Keaton made for Columbia Pictures.

No Fear: The Manny Pacquiao Story (2004)

The Woven Stories of the Other (2006)

The Woven Stories of the Other is a 2006 Philippine indie film directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez.

Las alas de la vida (2006)

David Gilmour in Concert (2002)

Aquí, el que no corre... vuela (1992)

Ross Noble: Randomist (2006)

No Budget Story (1997)

Playboy: Farmer's Daughters (1986)

Los endemoniados del ring (1966)

Pampa bárbara (1945)

Savage Pampas (Spanish:Pampa bárbara) is a 1945 Argentine historical film directed by Lucas Demare and Hugo Fregonese and starring Francisco Petrone, Luisa Vehil and Domingo Sapelli. The film's sets were designed by Germán Gelpi. The film is set in the nineteenth century in the Dry Pampas, when it represented a frontier between Argentinian-controlled territory and areas still largely inhabited by Indians before the Conquest of the Desert extended Argentine control southwards. In 1966, Fregonese remade the film in English under the same title.

American Dictators (2004)

Blackfield: NYC - Live in New York City (2007)

Fistful of Knuckles (1965)

Per un pugno nell'occhio is a 1965 Italian film. It is a spaghetti western parody of Fistful of Dollars and was also known as Fistful of Knuckles and For a Fist in the Eye.

Steel Panther: The British Invasion (2012)

Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without a Pause (2003)

Johnny Cash: The Last Great American (2004)

The Burning Soil (1922)

The Burning Soil (German: Der brennende Acker) is a 1922 German silent film directed by F.W. Murnau. It was made the same year as Murnau's Nosferatu and released in Germany around the same time. The film follows tells the story of a struggle over a plot of petroleum-rich land. It was shot at the Babelsberg Studio in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by the art director Rochus Gliese. The film was considered lost until 1978, when it was discovered to have been owned by an Italian priest who organized screenings in mental hospitals. A restoration of the film was made with the assistance of French director Eric Rohmer.

A Boring Afternoon (1964)

Kindering (1987)

Quixote (1965)

Commuter Husbands (1974)

Commuter Husbands is a 1973 comedy film by noted British sexploitation director Derek Ford, and a semi sequel to his 1971 film Suburban Wives. The film was directed and written by Derek Ford, and stars Gabrielle Drake, Robin Bailey, and Claire Gordon.

Decapitated: Human's Dust (2008)

The Route V50 (2004)

Rush: Snakes & Arrows - Live in Holland (2008)

Tony Cannata Feat. Alecksa & Alex Escobar: Maybe Tonight (2012)

Too Much Stress from My Heart (2015)

L'opéra du bout du monde (2012)

The House-Opening (2012)

Amores Imperfeitos (2011)

The Heart Buster (1924)

The Heart Buster is a lost 1924 American silent comedy western film directed by Jack Conway and starring Tom Mix and Esther Ralston. It was produced by and distributed by Fox Film Corporation.

Aoi uta - Nodo jiman Seishun hen (2006)

Portrait as a Random Act of Violence (2013)

The Vaughn Sister (2010)

Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse at the Circus (1916)

Hippety Hopper (1949)

Hippety Hopper is a Merrie Melodies cartoon. Released to theaters on November 19, 1949, this short is directed by Robert McKimson and written by Warren Foster. This is the 2nd appearance of Hippety Hopper and the short that bears his name.

Choose Your 'Weppins' (1935)

Zánik domu Usherú (1980)

Life Beyond Earth (1998)

The Town of Whales (2012)

Fighting Soldiers (1939)

The Mountain King (2000)

Bijlmer Odyssee (2004)

The Kindness of Strangers (1998)

Perros callejeros II (1979)

Barbara Wood - Spiel des Schicksals (2002)

Dave Spikey: Living the Dream (2005)

De Nuremberg à Nuremberg (1989)

De Nuremberg à Nuremberg (fr: "From Nuremberg to Nuremberg") is a documentary film about the Third Reich by Frédéric Rossif, with text written and read by Philippe Meyer, produced by Jean Frydman. The title is a reference to both the Nazi mass Nuremberg Rallies held in Nuremberg from 1933, at the beginning of the regime, and to the Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946), after its fall.

Warp Vision: The Videos 1989-2004 (2004)

Man zhou ren (1973)

Noah: He Walked with God (1997)

Parallel Lines: The Gift (2010)

Akt (1997)

Um Caipira em Bariloche (1973)

Amphitryon (1935)

Amphitryon is a 1935 German musical film. Written and directed by Reinhold Schünzel, it is based on plays by Molière, Plautus, and Heinrich von Kleist, which in turn are based on Greek mythology. The film is known by a variety of other names: Amphitryon – Happiness from the Clouds, Amphitryon – Aus den Wolken kommt das Glück in Austria, Amfitryon in Greece, Anfitrione in Italy, Det gudomliga äventyret in Sweden. Amphitryon was filmed in Ufa-Atelier, Neubabelsberg, from 2 February 1935 – May 1935. It was one of UFA's many multiple-language version films: a French version, Les dieux s'amusent (The gods are having fun), was shot at the same time.

New Found Glory: The Story So Far (2002)

La educación prohibida (2012)

The Forbidden Education (Spanish: La Educación Prohibida) is an independent documentary released in 2012. The film documents diverse alternative education practices and unconventional schools in Latin America and Spain and includes educational approaches such as popular education, Montessori, progressive education, Waldorf, homeschooling. It became the first released movie in Spanish to be funded under a crowdfunding methodology. It was also highlighted by its distributed screening proposal that enabled a synchronized release in 130 cities in 13 countries with a total number of 18,000 viewers in a single day. One week after its release, the movie was viewed almost 2 millions times. The film was released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Germany 1 England 5 (2001)

Sakuya: Slayer of Demons (2000)

Beautiful Budapest (1938)

Przygoda czlowieka poczciwego (1937)

Iron Pant (2012)

Gekitotsu! Kyonshi kozo shijo saikyo no kanfu akuma gundan (1988)

Holiday in Seoul (1956)

David Foster's World Children's Day (2002)

Into The Darkness Volume 4 (2006)

The Story of The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem (1983)

Sarı Zeybek (1953)

Crimson: The Motion Picture (2013)

Art City 2: Simplicty (2002)

Svejk na fronte (1926)

Godenzoon (2008)

Paul Tomkowicz: Street-railway Switchman (1953)

Sea of Darkness (2013)

El gran espectáculo (1958)

Łódź Symphony (1993)

My Life for Ireland (2016)

My Life for Ireland (German: Mein Leben für Irland) is a Nazi propaganda movie from 1941 directed by Max W. Kimmich, covering a story of Irish heroism and martyrdom over two generations under the occupation of the British. The movie was produced for Nazi-occupied Europe with the intent of challenging pro-British allegiances; yet in some cases it had the unintended effect to make audiences identify the Irish struggle with their own resistance against the Nazis.