All Screwed Up (1974)

In this satire, workers from southern Italy relocate to Milan and adjust to life in the city, where they reside in a house together. Among the group are Gigi (Luigi Diberti) and Carletto (Nino Bignamini), two country boys who are overwhelmed by urban living. While some of the transplants find work at a hectic restaurant, others are employed at a grim slaughterhouse. When some of the migrant workers are unable to make ends meet, they resort to theft, making their situations even worse.

The Lady Has Plans (1942)

A Lisbon foreign correspondent and his assistant find themselves in the middle of an international spy chase.

Evil Brain from Outer Space (1965)

The brain of a diabolical alien is kept alive in this feature version of the Japanese "Supergiant" series.

What I Love About Concrete (2012)

Mollie wakes up next to a dead swan and undertakes a quest to create a potion.

Paper Soldier (2008)

Two women who loved the same man end up living together after his death.

Land of Patagones (2014)

Brothers travel to the southernmost areas of the world to surf.

ZON North Canyon Show 2011: Nazare Calling (2012)

Garrett McNamara returns to Portugal to explore giant waves formed by the Nazaré Canyon.

Secrets to Love (2008)

Three couples of varying backgrounds discuss how to make a marriage work.

Promise the Moon (1997)

Love happens between a newcomer (Colette Stevenson) and a foreman (Henry Czerny) trying to save his boss's failing ranch in 1920s Canada.

Beau travail (2000)

Foreign Legion officer, Galoup, recalls his once glorious life, leading troops in the Gulf of Djibouti. His existence there was happy, strict and regimented, but the arrival of a promising young recruit, Sentain, plants the seeds of jealousy in Galoup's mind. He feels compelled to stop him from coming to the attention of the commandant who he admires, but who ignores him. Ultimately, his jealousy leads to the destruction of both Sentain and himself.

Blood Soaked (2013)

A lesbian college couple becomes stranded and hunted by a pack of Nazi teenagers.

The Girl with the Red Hair (1981)

Hannie Schaft (Rene Soutendijk) joins the Dutch resistance and becomes an executioner of traitors during World War II.

Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs (2007)

Using archaeological discoveries and genetics data, researchers and explorers piece together clues from mummies to better understand the culture, religion, medicine and daily life of antiquity. Relics and bodies provide a window into the world of the pharaohs and -- by reconstructing the DNA -- scientists hope to better understand present-day genetics and to advance medical treatments.

The Steel Key (1953)

Scientists working on a secret formula face danger and death.

Strays (1991)

A Chicago lawyer (Timothy Busfield) moves to the country to please his wife (Kathleen Quinlan), but their house is overrun with cats.

Professor (1962)

Sita devi is a very strict aunt for a number of young ladies, and does not allow them to fraternize with males. Along comes Pritam disguised as an elderly Professor Khanna to break every possible rule of the aunt.

Arrobá (2013)

Three guys mess up while robbing a bank and use a time machine to try again.

The Black Tulip (1964)

Based on the book by Alexandre Dumas. A nobleman dons the mask of his bandit twin and becomes a hero to the people.

Harrigan (2013)

One man fights to clean up a blighted housing estate during the chaos of a miners strike and power cuts.

Intimate Strangers (2004)

When a beautiful woman named Anna (Sandrine Bonnaire) mistakes a psychiatrist's office for that of tax attorney William (Fabrice Luchini), she unwittingly confesses her deepest and darkest secrets to a perfect stranger. Sexually repressed and lonely, William doesn't have the courage to reveal his true identity to Anna. Maintaining the deception, William begins to enjoy the fake therapy sessions. Every week, the pair meet, and they forge an odd and erotic relationship.

The Invisible World (2012)

Eleven short stories from 12 filmmakers revolve around a missing man, a subway preacher, moviegoers, a hotel waiter, a Buddhist monk and a Japanese acting teacher.

San Antone Ambush (1949)

An Army officer (Monte Hale) makes a federal case out of stagecoach thefts.

The Black Watch (1929)

British Capt. Donald King arrives in India as World War I breaks out. He convinces his comrades he is a coward so he can complete his mission and rescue captured British soldiers.

Dev (2004)

A young Muslim (Fardeen Khan) seeks vengeance against a lawman (Amitabh Bachchan) after his father dies during a police crackdown.

Double Dribble (1946)

Goofy look-alikes play a basketball game.

The Crossing (2014)

A man and his son (Finnegan Oldfield) take a canoe trip to find the missing Arthur.

The State of the World (2007)

A collection of tales includes " One Way," "Germano," "Luminous People" and "Brutality Factory."

Ad Nauseam (2014)

An aspiring novelist and his amoral friend launch a last-ditch effort to create a viral ad that will achieve one million hits on Youtube.

Swarg (1990)

When Sahibji's family usurps his business and mansion, leaving him penniless, it is up to the poor house servant to fix the matter.

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (1969)

The ebullient and seductive Charlie Cartwright (Ian McShane) is a tour guide taking a busload of American tourists across Europe. The group of travelers includes a World War II veteran, a wife and her cynical husband (Murray Hamilton), young lovers, an Italian-American meeting his relatives for the first time, and Samantha Perkins (Suzanne Pleshette), the beautiful but old-fashioned department store buyer traveling on her own, whom the womanizing Cartwright inevitably falls for.

On Valentine's Day (1986)

Christmas unites a small-town family divided by a couple's (Hallie Foote, William Converse-Roberts) elopement in 1917 Texas.

Dusty (1983)

Ranch hand Tom Lincoln (Bill Kerr) buys an adorable puppy named Dusty and trains it to herd sheep. The puppy grows to be a loyal dog, but Tom finds out that Dusty is half wild dingo and has a violent streak. Though Dusty is the best sheep dog around by day, he roams at night and may pose a danger to the livestock of others. When the ranchers call for Dusty's extermination, Tom's loyalty is tested, and he must determine how far he is willing to go to keep his dog alive.

Dostana (1980)

Two close friends, Vijay and Revi both decide to enter law enforcement, one as a police officer, the other as a lawyer, but their friendship starts to unravel when they fall in love with the same woman.

The Woman Who Sinned (1991)

An adulterer (Susan Lucci) must confess in order to clear herself of murder and to save herself from the killer (Michael Dudikoff).

Georgi and the Butterflies (2004)

The eccentric and multi-talented Dr. Georgi Lulchev is, among other things, a psychiatrist, a neurologist, a chef, a Chinese medicine man and -- perhaps most notably -- the director of a home for the psychologically disturbed. This documentary about Lulchev tells the story of his kindhearted attempts at constructing a working farm behind the home, where the patients can roam freely, raising ostriches and snails and tending to colonies of soybeans.

The Adventures of Petey and Friends (2014)

A hot-tempered fighter plane named Petey learns to become dependable with help from his friends.

If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium (1987)

Tourists in Europe join their bus driver (Claude Akins) on a search for his daughter, kidnapped by a circus knife-thrower (Bruce Weitz).

Wapos Bay: Long Goodbyes (2011)

Talon learns his family is leaving the Cree community and sets out to accomplish his bucket list.

Unauthorized and Proud of It: Todd Loren's Rock N' Roll Comics (2005)

Home video and animation sequences profile Todd Loren, a publisher of comic-book biographies of rockers.

Terror at Midnight (1956)

A police detective's (Scott Brady) girlfriend (Joan Vohs) is hastily linked to murder and an auto-theft ring.

The Hoax (1972)

Two scuba divers (Bill Ewing, Frank Bonner) find a hydrogen bomb and demand $1 from each citizen of Los Angeles or else.

La Bomba (1999)

Struggling Italian actors find success in New York by posing as a new mafia family.

Children Of The Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999)

Hannah (Natalie Ramsey) is the daughter of one of the original members of a murderous cult composed of children who worship a demonic spirit called "He Who Walks Behind the Rows." Hannah travels to her hometown of Gatlin, Neb., to find her mother and explore her past. Upon her arrival, Isaac (John Franklin), the original cult leader, begins to wake from a coma. As Hannah tries to find out the truth about her lineage, violence, threats and strange rituals surround her.

Clay Pigeon (1971)

A Vietnam veteran (Tom Stern) helps a narcotics agent (Telly Savalas) bring down a drug kingpin (Robert Vaughn).

Ninja 2 (1963)

Ishikawa settles down with his family and tries to assassinate Nobunaga to save his Buddhist community.

Atilano for President (1998)

A funeral home employee steals money from corpses and is later forced to become a political candidate.

Marked Man (1996)

A jailed auto mechanic must run for his life after he witnesses the murder of a fellow inmate by two prison guards.

Empire State (1987)

Vice, boxing and a U.S. investor's (Martin Landau) deal revolve around a Londoner's (Ray McAnally) nightclub called Empire State.

Joe Panther (1976)

A Seminole (Ray Tracey) finds his place in the white man's world as an alligator wrestler.

Magallanes (2015)

Struggling to survive, a veteran drives a taxi in the poorest neighborhoods in Lima.

Badman's Territory (1946)

After Jesse and Frank James rob a bank in a northern Texas country, Sheriff Mark Rowley (Randolph Scott) and his deputy brother Johnny (James Warren) pursue them into the "Badlands" territory, an outlaw haven not associated with any government. The James brothers are also wanted by a devious federal marshal, who battles Mark for their custody. Soon Mark and Johnny are embroiled with the Dalton Gang and an effort by a female newspaper owner (Ann Richards) to make the territory part of Oklahoma.

Too Much Harmony (1933)

A singing star (Bing Crosby) brings small-town talent, including a comedian (Jack Oakie) and an actress (Judith Allen), with him to Broadway.

The Jokers (1967)

Crafty brothers Michael (Michael Crawford) and David Tremayne (Oliver Reed) decide to steal Britain's crown jewels -- but not for anything as vulgar as wealth. Instead, Michael and David plan to return the jewels just days after they steal them and then bask in the resulting glory. So the pair devise a madcap heist involving an elaborate series of bomb scares to distract the authorities. But what happens when one of the brothers decides on a change of plan?

Marin Karmitz: A Life at the Movies (2014)

The life and career of Marin Karmitz, filmmaker, businessman and founder of MK2, a production company and movie theater chain.

The 25,000 Mile Love Story (2013)

Swiss endurance athlete Serge Roetheli spends five years running across six continents with his wife to raise money and awareness for children.

Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013)

Bittu, an ambitious man, chooses the wrong way to earn quick money to repay a debt. In the process, he meets a dangerous criminal, Billu Bakra, and gets on his wrong side.

Gang Busters (1955)

A detective (Don Harvey) and his partner hunt an escaped convict from Oregon State Prison, public enemy No. 4 (Myron Healey).

The Green Butchers (2003)

The owners (Mads Mikkelsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas) of an organic-meat shop attract unsuspecting customers with a special cut that is actually human flesh.

Seven Keys to Baldpate (1947)

An innkeeper's secretary (Jacqueline White) tries to scare a mystery writer (Phillip Terry) with whom she has made a bet.

Biradari (1966)

A woman running a boarding house in Bombay, renting out rooms to the city's poor, discovers that her daughter sold the building while she was on vacation, leaving the boarders destitute.

Son Of Kong (1933)

After his disastrous venture with the giant ape King Kong, promoter Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) flees New York to avoid indictment from a grand jury. He sails off with friend Captain Englehorn (Frank Reicher) and soon gets involved with singer Helene Peterson (Helen Mack). When a crooked sea captain kills Helene's father, she stows away on board Denham's boat, which heads to Kong's home on Skull Island. There, the group befriends Kong's son -- who defends them against the resident dinosaurs.

In Prison My Whole Life (2008)

Mumia Abu-Jamal writes of his life on Death Row.

Spy of Napoleon (1936)

Napoleon III's (Frank Vosper) illegitimate daughter (Dolly Haas) spies as an aristocrat's (Richard Barthelmess) wife during the Franco-Prussian War.

Arsène Lupin Returns (1938)

A gentleman jewel thief (Melvyn Douglas) is lured from retirement by a huge gem crossing the Atlantic.

In No Particular Order (2012)

Bowing to pressure from her newlywed sister, a young woman (Kristine Cofsky) re-examines her self-destructive ideas surrounding commitment and relationships, and confront the effects of her choices on herself and those around her.

Who is watching (2003)

A disturbing phone call summons several strangers to a meeting at a deserted zoo.

Neerparavai (2012)

An old woman tells the story of her husband's death after his skeleton is found.

Festa di Laurea (1985)

A man tries to restore a villa for his daughter's graduation.

The Wild and the Brave (1974)

Conflicts arise when a black chief is chosen to replace a white warden at a remote park in northern Uganda.

The Concorde Affair (1979)

A reporter (James Franciscus) uncovers a plot by a rival corporation to sabotage the Concorde supersonic jet.

Tecumseh: The Last Warrior (1995)

The Shawnee leader (Jesse Borrego) organizes a unified resistance against white encroachment in the 1790s.

Meet Sexton Blake (1945)

A famous detective and his assistant are called in by the war office to find some important papers that were stolen from a man during an air raid.

The Menace (1932)

A man wrongly convicted of murder escapes from prison and exposes the real criminals.

The Middleman (1976)

Recent college graduate Somnath (Pradip Mukherjee) is having a rough time finding a job. In desperation, he sets up shop as a middleman, buying goods at low prices and reselling them to businesses at a profit. Everything's going along fine until Somnath is asked to supply one of his clients with a highly unusual item: a prostitute. If he succeeds, he'll land a huge order. After scouring the brothels of Calcutta, India, he finds the right girl. Unfortunately, she's his best friend's sister.

Skinwalker: Curse of the Shaman (2005)

A mythology student seeking to produce a documentary about six students who were rumored to have fallen victim to a deadly curse finds that she may have underestimated the power of the supernatural in director Steven Stevens' horrific frightener.

Jeeva (2014)

An ambitious young cricketer who dreams of playing for the Indian national team encounters multiple obstacles to realizing his dream.

Red River (1988)

After the Civil War, rancher Thomas Dunson (James Arness) leads a dangerous cattle drive across Texas with a team that includes his adopted son, Matthew (Bruce Boxleitner), and black cowboy Jack Byrd (Stan Shaw), whose presence annoys some of the white cowboys. Fearful of Indians and struggling through the dry terrain, Dunson's men grow increasingly unhappy with his authoritarian ways. Fed up, rebellious Matthew goes to work for another ranch, infuriating his father.

Jithan (2005)

A girl breaks up with her lover after a rich guy proposes marriage to her. The lover gets the power of invisibility due to an accident; he uses this to hurt his rival, play tricks on people and even commit crime.

La feldmarescialla (1967)

A soldier, a woman and an eccentric professor flee from the Nazis toward the Allied lines.

Eating Happiness (2015)

Animal activist Genlin goes to the streets of Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, and China to expose the dog meat trade.

The Stoolie (1972)

A New Jersey informer (Jackie Mason) runs off to Miami with police money, with an officer (Dan Frazer) on his trail.

Sherpa (2015)

After an ice slide kills 16 Sherpas on Everest, they unite in grief and anger to reclaim the mountain.

A Teacher's Crime (2008)

A former convict blackmails a high-school teacher after she develops a close friendship with his son.

House of Sand (2005)

After their patriarch (Ruy Guerra) dies in an accident, a pregnant woman (Fernanda Torres) and her mother (Fernanda Montenegro) must fend for themselves in a harsh desert in northern Brazil. Befriended by a local man (Luiz Melodia), they establish a modest home, and the younger one, Aurea, dreams of escape, but the older one, Dona Maria, learns to accept her fate.

The Day We Met (1990)

In Israel, a military investigator (Yehuda Barkan) returns to base to catch a rapist and meets a female soldier who is trying to find her father.

Lunacy (2005)

In 19th-century France a young man (Pavel Liska) meets a nobleman (Jan Triska) who invites him to spend the night in his castle, where the former witnesses a bizarre orgy and the latter's apparent death and burial. The next day, the nobleman explains he cured his fear of premature burial by having himself entombed, and he suggests that the young man, who is plagued by nightmares of a madhouse, have himself committed.

Pixels (2010)

Characters from famous video games invade New York.

For Love and Honor (2016)

A by-the-book veteran takes over at a failing military academy and immediately clashes with the beautiful dean of academics. Eventually, sparks fly as they're forced to become close to save their school.

Hera Pheri (1975)

Vijay and Ajay sever their relationship after Vijay learns that his father's killer may be Ajay's long-lost father. Once the friendship is over, a bloody saga of familial revenge is set into motion.

Dandelion Dharma (2009)

Three eccentric ladies and their stories inspire a young woman to come to terms with letting go.

One Last Dance (2006)

A professional hit man ponders another line of business but soon finds that there's a high price to pay for leaving behind a life of crime.

Fireman Save My Child (1954)

Chaos reigns in San Francisco when a fire station manned by nincompoops receives their first gasoline-driven fire engine.

Chip Off the Old Block (1944)

A naval-academy student (Donald O'Connor) woos a girl (Ann Blyth) whose mother and grandmother were wooed by his father and grandfather.

The Housekeeper (2002)

After his wife leaves him and his apartment turns into a pigsty, Jacques (Jean-Pierre Bacri) decides to get a housekeeper. He meets Laura (milie Dequenne), who's young and pretty. She has no experience, but he hires her. As time passes, Laura does more than just mop the floors -- she gradually begins to insinuate herself into his life. Soon their relationship threatens to go beyond that between an employer and his employee. But is that what Jacques really wants?

Les maîtres du suspense (2014)

The women in Quentin's, Dany's and Hubert's lives cause a series of unexpected situations and lead them into a troubling world.

Nobody Loves Alice (2008)

A young girl who has always craved love finally finds what she's been searching for, but it may already be too late.

Most Dangerous Man Alive (1961)

An unjustly imprisoned man gets revenge after a chemical explosion transforms him into a man of steel.

For Love or Money (1963)

Deke Gentry (Kirk Douglas) is the lawyer of wealthy hotel magnate Chloe Brasher (Thelma Ritter), so he's confused when she orders him to marry off her three daughters. There's Kate (Mitzi Gaynor), the reasonable one; Jan (Leslie Parrish), the free-spirited one; and Bonnie (Julie Newmar), the health-obsessed one. To make sure Deke gets the job done, Chloe orders her personal security guard (William Bendix) to follow him. After a while, Deke realizes that there's more to Kate then meets the eye.

Sau Din Saas Ke (1980)

The story of how a tyrannical mother-in-law mends ways and improves her relationships with her sons and daughters-in-law.

Single Fin Yellow (2005)

Singlefin Yellow tells the story of one surfboard's life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends.