Ostwind - Der grosse Orkan (2020)

Saturday's Children (1929)

Saturday's Children is a 1929 American part-talkie romantic-comedy film directed by Gregory La Cava, and starring Corinne Griffith, Grant Withers, Albert Conti, Alma Tell, Lucien Littlefield. It is based on the 1927 play Saturday's Children by Maxwell Anderson. The film was released by Warner Bros. on March 10, 1929 in silent version and April 14, 1929 in sound version.

Frozen River (1929)

Frozen River is a lost 1929 part-talkie film directed by F. Harmon Weight and starring silent film canine star Rin Tin Tin and boy actor Davey Lee. Warner Bros. produced and distributed the film releasing it with sound recorded in the Vitaphone process.

Little & Big Monsters (2009)

The Naked Wanderer (2019)

Studio 17: The Lost Reggae Tapes (2019)

Christmas in Arabia (2010)

Ein Lächeln nachts um vier (2017)

Don't Fuck in the Woods 2 (2021)

Christmas Wedding Runaway (2019)

Maggie Mason, a runaway bride, does some soul-searching when she's trapped in a snowed-in cabin with her grandmother and an old flame at Christmas.

Transference (2020)

A twelve-year-old boy, Joshua, is charged with the protection of his twin sister when their father passes, but she possesses a special ability and his greatest challenge will not be keeping her safe but keeping her hidden. Twenty years later, Joshua is struggling to cope with the events of his childhood and the choices he has made since. Out of desperation, he places Emma in a psychiatric compound against her will. Joshua is driven to the world of underground crime to maintain their secret. But he cannot earn enough to hide their past and someone has followed their trail of destruction. When a sinister visitor attempts to remove Emma from his care, Joshua comes to the most important realization he can make for himself, his sister, and the world.

Rogue Warfare 2: The Hunt (2019)

When the leader of an elite team of soldiers is captured by terrorists, it is up to the team to find and rescue him before it is too late.

Jurassic Thunder (2020)

When a covert desert base is forced to divert World War III against a formidable adversary, a group of commandos and weaponized dinosaurs are hired to get the job done.

Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation (2020)

M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters (2020)

A distraught mother suspects her teenage son is plotting a school shooting, but when he slips through the cracks of the system, she is forced to take matters into her own hands. After installing an elaborate spy camera system in their home, Abbey captures a series of disturbing videos that confirm her worst fears. Torn between a mother's unconditional love and a mother's acute intuition, Abbey caters her videos to all the other "mothers of monsters" online. Abbey's plan backfires when Jacob uses a dark family secret against her, launching both mother and son on a terrifying, and ultimately deadly, game of cat and mouse.

Bikini Valley Car Wash (2019)

Portae Infernales (2019)

Winter In Vail (2020)

Chelsea inherits a house in Vail. She meets Owen and gets a much needed break. Together, they put on Strudelfest to highlight the charm of Old Vail.

Home for Harvest (2019)

The Tombs (2019)

The Elfkins - Baking a Difference (2020)

Desertor (2019)

The Night House (2020)

The Night House is a 2020 American horror thriller film, directed by David Bruckner, from a screenplay by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. It stars Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Stacy Martin, Evan Jonigkeit, and Vondie Curtis-Hall.

My Little One (2019)

Dreambuilders (2020)

Les barbares de La Malbaie (2019)

Pete Davidson: Alive From New York (2020)

Comedian and 'SNL' star Pete Davidson drops a candid and intimate stand-up special shot live in New York City.

The Paraseekers Origins (2019)

Fly Me to the Saitama (2019)

Fly me to Saitama is a 2019 Japanese comedy film directed by Hideki Takeuchi and based on the 1980s manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Mineo Maya.

Filles de joie (2020)

8th Round Pick(2020) (2020)

The Grotesque World of Jimmy the Bean (2019)

Une sirène à Paris (2020)

Bullet Ride (2020)

How to Be a Good Wife (2020)

The Dark Red (2018)

A young woman is committed to a psychiatric hospital claiming that her newborn has been abducted by a secret society called the Dark Red -- an ancient, underground cult that harvests and controls an incredibly rare blood type that gives one the power to hear and guide another person's thoughts. She says that she is special: that she carries a pure and powerful strain of the blood like nothing seen before, and that the society sees her and her child as its next evolution or perhaps its greatest threat, should she turn against them. Is the Dark Red entirely a figment of her imagination a complex coping mechanism to overcome a terrible personal tragedy or is there some truth behind her story?

One Day at Disney (2019)

One Day at Disney is a feature-length documentary highlighting the fascinating and inspiring personal stories of 10 incredible people behind the enduring magic of Disney. Through the lens of CEO Bob Iger, we follow each subject, including a legendary animator, the man who designs the next generation of Marvel superheroes, and GMA’s Robin Roberts, throughout their day for an intimate glimpse into their unique journey. We'll get a window into the dedication and responsibility they feel to continue the creativity, innovation, and excellence that is synonymous with Disney. Whether it’s bringing the first Spanish production of The Lion King to life for audiences in Madrid or preserving our planet's most endangered wildlife species, each of our subjects is on a mission to make the world a better place while spreading a little Disney magic. Narrated by Sterling K. Brown.

Jackson (2019)

Breaking Surface (2020)

Iliza Shlesinger: Unveiled (2019)

Here comes the bride, and she's got plenty to say. Newlywed Iliza Shlesinger dissects wedding traditions as she mines her nuptials for laughs.

Emerald Run (2020)

John Thomas ventures on a desert excursion orchestrated by his questionably righteous father in law. Though reluctant at first, the exacerbating toll of his daughter’s medical condition forces John to seek recompense across the border. Throughout his journey, John encounters various characters that raise new conflicts, both internally and externally, allowing him to reflect on his relationships with those he left back home and find inspiration in the one long gone.

To and from New York (2006)

Robo (2019)

Robo is a 2019 Russian children's adventure film directed by Sarik Andreasyan and starring Daniil Muravyov-Izotov and Sergey Bezrukov as the voice of Robo. The film released on October 31, 2019, by Central Partnership.

Yoko & his friends (2015)

Psycho Goreman (2020)

Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash (2020)

STREET SURVIVORS: THE TRUE STORY OF THE LYNYRD SKYNYRD PLANE CRASH was scripted and directed by Jared Cohn (DEVIL’S REVENGE, DEVIL’S DOMAIN), produced by Brian Perera and co-produced by Tim Yasui for Cleopatra Entertainment. The biopic recreates the story about the ill-fated flight through the eyes of former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle (who narrates the film), who not only survived the plane crash that claimed the life of the band’s founder and front man Ronnie Van Zant amongst others, but who also physically pulled the remaining survivors out of the plane wreckage before staggering towards the nearest farmhouse in rural Louisiana to seek help. Pyle also contributes original music to the film’s soundtrack.

Con olor a guanajuato (2019)

Mother of Tibetans (2019)

Ducobu 3 (2020)

Bad CGI Sharks (2020)

Loveland (2020)

Peter Cushing: In His Own Words (2019)

Savage State (2020)

City of Trees (2019)

Beyond the Law (2019)

Steven Seagal, DMX and Johnny Messner star in this action-packed thriller about one man’s quest for justice in a corrupt city. When a former detective learns of the murder of his estranged son, he ventures back to the darkened streets he once knew so well. Armed, dangerous and with nothing to lose, he must take on the ruthless local mob in his mission for revenge.

What Did Jack Do? (2017)

A detective interrogates a monkey who is suspected of murder.

Amazing Winter Romance (2020)

The Heiress (2019)

Gli uomini d'oro (2019)

Undine (2020)

Undine is a 2020 German drama film directed by Christian Petzold. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival.

Los Hijos de San Luis (2020)

The Salt of Tears (2020)

The Salt of Tears is a 2020 French drama film directed by Philippe Garrel. Co-written with his longtime collaborators Arlette Langmann and Jean-Claude Carrière, the film follows Luc while travelling to Paris. There he has a short romance with Djemila before leaving for his hometown where he starts an relationship with Geneviève. It is produced by Edouard Weil who previously worked with Garrel on 2008's Frontier of the Dawn. The film features Oulaya Amamra, André Wilms, Logan Antuofermo, Louise Chevillotte and Souheila Yacoub.

Freshman Year (2020)

A devout preacher's son leaves his protective home to begin college and meets a self-reliant student who will test his faith and his heart.

Die Papsttochter - Wir kommen im Namen des Herrn (2020)

Exhibition on Screen: Lucian Freud - A Self Portrait 2020 (2020)

Odeya (2019)

Kaamelott - Premier volet (2020)

Kaamelott - Premier Volet (English: "Kaamelott: First Installment") is a 2020 upcoming French comedy-drama fantasy film written, directed, produced by and starring Alexandre Astier, and a sequel to the television series Kaamelott created by Astier. The first of a planned trilogy set to conclude the story of the original series, it is set for release in France on July 29, 2020.

Castle Falls (2020)

Femalien: Cosmic Crush (2020)

Schlingensief - In das Schweigen hineinschreien (2020)

Marc Maron: End Times Fun (2020)

Marc Maron wades through a swamp of vitamin hustlers, evangelicals and grown male nerd children, culminating in a gleefully filthy end-times fantasy.

The Occupant (2020)

An unemployed advertising executive begins stalking the new tenants of his former home and his motives toward the family turn sinister.

Tape (2020)

Based on true events, TAPE, follows Rosa (Annarosa Mudd), an actress who secretly places hidden cameras on her body as well as in a dark studio. Rosa begins to stalk and film Pearl (Isabelle Furhman), who she identifies as the next “protege” of a successful producer, Lux (Tarek Bishara). Rosa’s camera has difficulty finding focus as she attempts to shift her vision from the male gaze to the female experience. But as Pearl and Lux enter the targeted studio, and Rosa collects and edits footage, she, and we, must all sit through an endless day of Lux’s screen test process, and the grey areas of pressure that women experience when being coerced by a powerful man. As Rosa peers into her own past experiences playing out before her eyes she is forced to question if her revenge-fueled goal of revealing what goes on behind these closed doors is worth what it takes to achieve it.

Art & Mind (2019)

Drowning (2019)

Anna is a prostitute who has been abused, exploited and manipulated since childhood. Disconnected from her emotions and the sympathetic people around her, Anna accepts that she must take control of her own life, empower herself and learn to live her life on her own terms. Returning to the place where her nightmare began, her childhood home, Anna faces off against her enablers, her abusers, and her own demons.

Vai que Cola 2: O Começo (2019)

How to Get Away with Cheating (2018)

Although Professor Alex P. Keating and his wife Olivia's marriage has hit a bit of a dry spell, his professional life could not be better. Based on the success of his self help book, How To Get Away With Cheating, he is in immediate negotiations for his own television show ala Dr. Phil, and the women around the college campus where he teaches are all over him. Every thing changes when a casual fling with a sultry yet unstable woman named Fabrae, who appears out of nowhere, finds out that Professor Keating is actually happily married. Now she wants revenge, against him and everyone protecting him, including his wife.

Schwesterlein (2020)

My Little Sister (German: Schwesterlein) is a 2020 Swiss drama film directed by Stéphanie Chuat and Véronique Reymond. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section at the 70th Berlin International Film Festival.

Mujeres Arriba (2020)

Clownface (2017)

Talking Money (2017)

Wild Slovakia (2015)

Attabu 2 (2015)

Attabu 2 is a 2015 Taiwanese docudrama film. It is the final part of a two-part documentary film series about the rise and fall of the Wufeng Lin family (霧峰林家) in Wufeng District, Taiwan. The film is presented with Mandarin Chinese or Taiwanese Hokkien narration, along with subtitles in Chinese and English.

Electric Amazon (2015)

Breathe (2011)

Sinterklaas en de wakkere nachten (2018)

Totenfieber - Nachricht aus Antwerpen (2019)

Dragon Island (2016)

Meine Nachbarn mit dem dicken Hund (2019)

Mental Scars (2009)

Bullet Teen (1997)

Fear Stalk (1989)

Fear Stalk is a 1989 American made-for-television thriller drama film starring Jill Clayburgh, Stephen Macht, Lynne Thigpen, Sandy McPeak, Mary Ellen Trainor, Lorna Luft, Sada Thompson, and Andrew Divoff. It was directed by Larry Shaw from a teleplay written by Ellen Weston and broadcast as the CBS Sunday Night Movie on December 17, 1989.

Fantasy (2017)

Thambikku Indha Ooru (2010)

Thambikku Indha Ooru is a 2010 Indian Tamil-language comedy film directed by Badri. It stars Bharath, Sana Khan, Prabhu, Vivek, Madalsa Sharma, and Ranjith. The music was composed by Dharan Kumar with cinematography by Saalai Sahadevan and editing by S. Surajkavee. The film was released on 5 March 2010 to negative reviews and was declared a box office bomb.

First Day High (2006)

First Day High is a 2006 Philippine comedy film starring Geoff Eigenmann, Jason Abalos and Maja Salvador with Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu in their film debut. This Film is released under Star Cinema. The film is the movie adaptation of the Rexona First Day High TV commercial. The original actors in the commercial were also part of the cast.

Challenge Me Dragon (1975)

A Golden Prison: The Louvre (1964)

The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue (1951)

I sette nani alla riscossa, internationally released as The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue in 1965, is a 1951 Italian fantasy-comedy film directed by Paolo W. Tamburella.

Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink (2014)

89 Blocks (2017)