Barricade (2012)

Barricade is a 2012 action thriller directed by Andrew Currie. The film stars Eric McCormack. The film was released on September 9, 2012. It is the first film entirely produced by WWE Studios to not feature a wrestler in any way.

Within Temptation: The Silent Force Tour (2005)

Puthisen Neang Kongrey (1968)

A Man and His Dog Out for Air (1957)

Defiance (2002)

When a boy's father is slain by the town's most powerful man because he's not willing to pay his dues, he devotes his life to avenging his father's death. Years later he becomes swept up in a vicious cycle of revenge and must sacrifice everything he has to protect himself and his family.

Too Young to Die (2002)

A 73-year-old Korean confectionery vendor (Park Chi-gyu) and a 72-year-old folk musician (Lee Sun-ye) meet and fall in love.

Greetings (1968)

Greetings is a 1968 film directed by Brian De Palma. A satirical film about men avoiding the Vietnam War draft, it features a young Robert De Niro in his first major role. It was the first film to receive an X rating by the MPAA, although it was later given an R rating. De Niro reprised the character of Jon Rubin in the 1970 film Hi, Mom! also directed by De Palma. The film was entered into the 19th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won a Silver Bear award.

Inspector Clouseau (1968)

When an elusive group of thieves commits a string of robberies across Europe, the British prime minister enlists the expertise of bumbling sleuth Inspector Clouseau (Alan Arkin). To complicate matters, the crimes are suspected to be connected to a Scotland Yard dirty cop, so Clouseau must save the day all on his own. However, he finds himself in a tricky situation when he is kidnapped and the robbers use a mask of his own face to conceal their identity while they continue to rob banks.

The Jackals (1967)

The Jackals is a 1967 DeLuxe Color Western film from 20th Century Fox filmed at Killarney Film Studios South Africa. A remake of 1948's Yellow Sky, it stars Vincent Price as a South African prospector named Oupa (grandpa) Decker and contract Fox star Robert Gunner. The film was the last directed by Robert D. Webb.

Night Visitor (1989)

Night Visitor is a 1989 horror film directed by Rupert Hitzig and starring Richard Roundtree, Elliott Gould, Allen Garfield, and Derek Rydall.

A Song for Martin (2001)

A Song for Martin (Swedish: En sång för Martin) is a 2001 Swedish drama film directed by Danish Bille August and starring Sven Wollter and Viveka Seldahl. Based on the 1994 autobiographic novel Boken om E (The Book about E) by Swedish author Ulla Isaksson, the film's themes are loss and Alzheimer's disease.

Southie (1999)

When Danny Quinn (Donnie Wahlberg) left his tough Irish Catholic, working class neighborhood in South Boston, going back was the last thing on his mind. But when Danny returned home, he found his brothers out of work, his sister (Rose McGowan) out of control andhis mother running out of time. While he may have changed, everything else is still the same- torn between loyalty and the law, between family and the streets and caught between two mob families at war- Danny must decide whether to walk away from his roots or make a stand.

Santa and the Three Bears (1970)

Santa and the Three Bears is a 1970 animated featurette, which aired on television regularly during the holiday season. It was later released on video in 1992 by Kids Klassics and distributed by GoodTimes Home Video in the VHS format with the original live-action sequences at the beginning and end of the film edited out.

Unidentified (2006)

Unidentified is a 2006 science fiction Christian film produced by Rich Christiano and Alvin Mount. It was written and directed by Rich Christiano and stars Jonathan Aube, Josh Adamson, Michael Blain-Rozgay, Jenna Bailey, Lance Zitron, and the popular Christian pop rock musician Rebecca St. James, starring in her first film. The film deals with UFOs and how they could possibly play into the end times.


A father and son retrace the 1,000 mile journey of the Marquette/Joliet group from the top of Michigan to the Mississippi at St. Louis.

This Is the Army (1943)

This Is the Army is a 1943 American wartime musical comedy film produced by Hal B. Wallis and Jack L. Warner, and directed by Michael Curtiz, adapted from a wartime stage musical with the same name, designed to boost morale in the U.S. during World War II, directed by Ezra Stone. The screenplay by Casey Robinson and Claude Binyon was based on the 1942 Broadway musical by Irving Berlin, who also composed the film's 19 songs and broke screen protocol by singing one of them. The movie features a large ensemble cast, including George Murphy, Ronald Reagan, Joan Leslie, Alan Hale, Sr. and Rosemary DeCamp, while both the stage play and film included soldiers of the U.S. Army who were actors and performers in civilian life.

The Trip (2005)

A crazed driver terrorizes a group of college students traveling on desolated roadways.

The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)

A martial-arts master encounters a violent gang of thugs.

Desert Victory (1943)

Desert Victory is a 1943 film produced by the British Ministry of Information, documenting the Allies' North African campaign against Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps. This documentary traces the struggle between General Erwin Rommel and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, from the German's defeat at El Alamein to Tripoli. The film was produced by David MacDonald and directed by Roy Boulting who also directed Tunisian Victory and Burma Victory. Like the famous "Why We Fight" series of films by Frank Capra, Desert Victory relies heavily on captured German newsreel footage. Many of the most famous sequences in the film have been excerpted and appear with frequency in History Channel and A&E productions. The film won a special Academy Award in 1943 and the 1951 film The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel took sections of the film for its battle footage. The film has been criticised for emphasizing the British role in the victory, while playing down the American contribution to the battle. Mark Harris, author of the "Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War," a book about the role that five prominent Hollywood directors played in the war, has stated in an interview on Turner Classic Movies that when asked about the omission, the British war department retorted that the Americans "didn't have any good footage." A sequel, "Tunisian Victory," was produced as a co-allied production between British and American propaganda agencies, with American film makers Frank Capra and John Huston allegedly restaging actual events, such as liberations, as well as tank and air battles (some of which was actually filmed in Orlando, Florida) to achieve high quality footage that the British couldn't refuse. The British supposedly knew immediately that the footage was fake, but since they themselves restaged much of the footage, this uneasy collaboration continued.

Elvis Through the Years (2007)

This highly entertaining documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Elvis Presley, including rare film footage, press conferences, interviews, outtakes and more!

Audrey Hepburn: In the Movies (2012)

One of a kind documentary focusing on 15 of Hepburn's best known films

Puppy Party (2009)

Join Milo, the adorable Labrador Puppy that has invited all his favorite breeds to his party! Featuring over 25 breeds, facts about each breed and hilarious puppy antics.

Tom Papa: Live in New York City (2011)

With a shiny happy exterior, an offbeat, demented interior, Tom Papa’s “Live In New York City” attacks our hilarious attempts at happiness as life piles up around us. His take on fatherhood in the 21st century is sure to delight.

Freeload (2014)

Filmmaker Daniel T. Skaggs spends a year documenting the people who still ride in America's freight trains.

El eco del miedo (2012)

Luis cruza una difícil situación económica. Con la muerte de su madre, hereda una casa en otra ciudad y decide enviar a su familia por delante. Al llegar descubren una muñeca escondida en la casa, alterando la paz de un espíritu que habita el lugar.

Medal of Honor: The History (2014)

Narrated by Gary Sinise, this documentary illustrates how the Medal of Honor rose from a decoration no one wanted, to becoming the nation’s highest honor. The film is the first time a history of the medal has been assembled anywhere.

I Want To Be An American (2013)

In the spirit of the surrealist parlor game Exquisite Corpse, seven filmmakers join together to make a global independent filmmaking experience.

Kill the Messenger (2003)

During the Civil War, a soldier (Bryce Cone) and a photographer (John Coffman) embark on a dangerous mission to deliver a secret message.

Vampiyaz (2004)

A hip-hop, ex-con returns to his former neighborhood and must team up with a group of vampire hunter-killers to rid the area of vampires whom have taken over the area.

Second Hand Wife (1933)

Second Hand Wife is a 1933 American drama film written and directed by Hamilton MacFadden. The film stars Sally Eilers, Helen Vinson, Ralph Bellamy and Victor Jory. The film was released on January 8, 1933, by Fox Film Corporation.

The Lost Steps (2001)

The Lost Steps (Spanish: Los pasos perdidos) is a 2001 Argentine and Spanish drama film directed by Manane Rodríguez and written by Rodríguez and Xavier Bermúdez. The film features Irene Visedo, Luis Brandoni, Federico Luppi, among others.

Bill Hicks: Relentless (1992)

Bill Hicks tells us how he feels about non-smokers, blow-jobs, religion, war and peace, drugs and music.

Blue Sunshine (1977)

Blue Sunshine is a 1978 American horror film written and directed by Jeff Lieberman and starring Zalman King, Deborah Winters, and Mark Goddard. The plot focuses on a series of random murders in Los Angeles, in which the only common link between the perpetrators is a mysterious strain of LSD that they had all taken years prior. Over the years, the film attracted a cult following, and was released on special edition DVD by Synapse Entertainment in 2003.

Coach (2009)

Coach, released in 2009 and directed by Joram Lursen, is a fun filled drama through and through. The movie starts off with Susanna Van Meeteren, a Dutch saleswoman, trying to venture out to her next and newest hobby. This hobby of hers was trying to set up a big brother/sister program; however Susanna soon finds that she messed up with that to begin with by accidently choosing to big brother a boy. The boy, Soukri, has a love for acting that Susana encourages, yet Soukri knows his father would never approve and therefore keeps this a secret and remains cautious about his passion becoming known. During this time Soukri starts getting tutoring lessons from a girl named Sophie who he develops feelings for. However this soon goes sour as soon as Sophie’s father finds out about Soukri’s love for her Sophie’s father moves them both out and therefore away from Soukri.

Yes: 9012 live (1985)

9012Live is a concert film featuring the English rock band Yes, recorded at Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 28 and 29 September 1984 on the band's tour in support of their eleventh studio album, 90125 (1983). It mostly features performances from 90125, which was their highest selling album. The band consists of singer Jon Anderson, guitarist Trevor Rabin, keyboardist Tony Kaye, bassist Chris Squire, and drummer Alan White. The film includes computer special effects from Charlex.

The Man on the Train (1958)

An aging professor (Donald Sutherland) and a secretive traveler (Larry Mullen Jr.) he invited into his home become envious of each other's lives.

Demonic Toys (1992)

Demonic Toys is an American film produced by Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment and released in 1992. The film features small, killer toys similar to those seen in Puppet Master, a film which Band produced in 1989. Like many other Full Moon releases, Demonic Toys never had a theatrical release and went straight-to-video in 1992. In the USA the film was given an "R" rating for violence, language, and brief nudity.

Champion (2002)

Champion (Hangul: 챔피언) is a 2002 South Korean film directed by Kwak Kyung-taek, about South Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim, portrayed by Yu Oh-seong.

War of the Planets (1977)

Cosmos: War of the Planets (also released in Europe as Year Zero: War In Space) is a 1978 Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia and starring John Richardson. It is considered a remake of the 1965 film Planet of the Vampires. It was also released as War of the Planets (not to be confused with the 1965 Antonio Margheriti film of that name), and also as Cosmo 2000, as well as Cosmo: Planet Without a Name. The movie has been made public domain and may be freely found and distributed. The 4 films in Alfonso Brescia's 1978 sci-fi series are Star Odyssey (1978), Cosmos: War of the Planets (1978, aka Year Zero War in Space), Battle in Interstellar Space (1978, aka Battle of the Stars) and War of the Robots (1978, aka Reactor).

Sanders (1963)

Death Drums Along the River (titled Sanders in the USA) is a 1963 British-German international co-production, using the characters from Edgar Wallace's 1911 novel Sanders of the River and Zoltán Korda's 1935 film based on the novel, but placed in a totally different story. Filmed on location in South Africa, it features Richard Todd and Marianne Koch leading a cast of British, German and South African actors. The film was the first feature film of British producer Harry Alan Towers.

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home (2009)

Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home is a documentary released in 2009 which relates the personal transformation of farmers as they reexamine their relationship to animals. The movie also tells the story of two animal rescues.The principal filmmakers were James LaVeck and Jenny Stein working with associate producers Eric Huang and Kevin Smith. The name of LaVeck and Stein's charitable organization is Tribe of Heart.The stories of seven people compose the core of the documentary: Harold Brown, Howard Lyman and his wife Willow Jeane Lyman, Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis and her husband Jim Vandersluis, and Jason Tracy and his partner Cayce Mell. In the case of Harold Brown, the Lyman couple, and the Ezell-Vandersluis couple, the movie tells the story of how they began as traditional farmers working as part of the system that uses animals for food or other human purposes, but then came to the view that such practices are cruel and unethical. In the case of Jason Tracy and Cayce Mell the movie tells the story of two animal rescues they participated in: one occurring after a tornado hit a chicken farm, and the other from the house of a woman who suffered from an animal hoarding compulsion. The musical score was done by Kevin Bartlett and Joy Askew. Philosopher Tom Regan (a proponent of the abolitionism movement within animal rights) is listed in the credits for the movie. Consistent with abolitionism—LaVeck and Stein created a web site called which advocates that it is not possible for animals to be treated humanely in an agricultural process which uses the animal for food.Actor Alicia Silverstone also appears in the credits and has supported the work of Tribe of Heart.

Reel Montauk (2014)

Archival footage, interviews and animation combine to illustrate a Long Island community's rich history and present life.

Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect (2008)

The designs and theories of the Dutch architect, whose work includes Seattle Library, Porto's Casa da Musica and Las Vegas's Guggenheim Heritage museum.

Road to the Big Leagues (2008)

Through the eyes of local kids playing with pebbles to the perspective of Dominican major league stars David Ortiz and Vladimir Guerrero, this documentary reveals a side of 'America's Game' that few have ever seen before.

Bob the Builder: Construction Chaos (2014)

Grab your hard hats and get ready for fun! Bob and the Top Team experience some mishaps, mysteries and mayhem on site in this collection of action-packed episodes.

Bohemia (2014)

Narrates the journey of a rock star (Carla Quevedo) who, with a scarred conscience by the death of a fellow artist, goes into the deepest of the night (in a maze of shadows) to create his masterpiece. To the point that in the middle of his odyssey he may lose his life, his head and his beloved Valquiria (Macela Breque).

Bound by Sea (2013)

Jack Viorel and his young daughter visit four oceans and teach poor children the value of surfing and transcending the hardships in their lives.

California Unfiltered (2015)

California Unfiltered is a vintage American style surf action film, a throwback to timeless cool that never dies. Bubbling over with epic surf filmed in HD and 4K detail, these rides are a modern twist on today's best surfing.

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (2014)

After he is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Lathe Poland tries to find out why he got sick.

Change (2009)

Change is a feature documentary about the Barack Obama - John McCain United States presidential election, 2008 directed by Matteo Barzini and produced by Feel Film. It premiered May 15, 2010 at Rome Independent Film Festival. It was later distributed by Cinecittà Luce.

Clock Cleaners (1937)

It's time to laugh like crazy as Mickey, Goofy and Donald fight against raging gears, twisted springs, deafening bells and a sleeping stork. Watch them reach new heights of humor as their valiant efforts to clean a bell tower turn into a real circus! This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Confluence (2011)

This is a documentary movie about the Lewiston-Clarkson valley. It explores the history of the area where Lewis and Clark camped on their way west. It highlights the darker history people do not acknowledge. When Lewis and Clark took their famous trip west, they stopped at the confluence of the Snake River and the Clearwater. They camped for a while, and it eventually became a town. It is touted by the locals as the first real capital of Idaho. What locals usually do not mention are the murders. Between 1979 and 1982, five people vanished. Only three bodies were found, and the killer is still at large.

Connors' War (2006)

Anthony "Treach" Criss (Today You Die, Empire) and Nia Peeples (Half Past Dead) are on a high-stakes thrill ride as they fight against time to stop a deranged man bent on catastrophic destruction. After losing his eyesight during a sabotaged CIA operation, Special Agent Connors (Criss) agrees to be injected with an experimental serum that promises to cure his blindness. Armed with a new extraordinary ability, Connors successfully completes a daring mission for his former mentor — only to discover he's been tricked into stealing a deadly chemical bomb intended for a twisted act of terrorism.

Contrecoeur (1983)

Contrecoeur est un film qui utilise le réalisme fantastique pour parler de psychologie, de dérive et d'amour. Trois personnages doivent se définir dans un espace clos: un camion pris au piège dans une tempête de neige. Ils rêvent d'un ailleurs pour se retrouver!

Devil's Deal (2013)

Hell has come to the town of Burning Bush. When the terms of a deal with the devil made long ago resurface, the innocent must fight for their lives as the Devil aims to destroy everything and everyone in the town to reap the souls he was promised.

Dominguinhos (2014)

The life and work of a master of Brazilian music.

The Factory (2013)

A killer roams the streets, abducting women on cold, quiet nights. Detective Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) is the one cop on the force bent on bringing him to justice, but it's taking a toll on his family life. His marriage is soon to be on the rocks, and he's out of touch with his son Jed and young teenage daughter Abby. One night, Abby runs away from home and our abductor grabs her, blindfolds her, and locks her in his basement with the others. He's not a serial killer – instead, he's been abducting women to start a family. When Mike learns of Abby's abduction, he puts the facts together and realizes he doesn't have much time. He goes all out to catch the killer and rescue her before it's too late.

A Mother's Devotion; or, The Firing of the Patchwork Quilt (1912)

When the trestle her son's train is about to cross is struck by lightning, a mother must find some way to warn him of the danger ahead. This silent film features an original, scene-specific piano score compiled from period appropriate photoplay music.

The Rapture: The Beginning of the End (2015)

A world-wide event of Biblical proportions. With the help of a dozen experts the documentary The Rapture: The Beginning of the End will explore just what this controversial prophecy contains and what it will mean to mankind.

The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter (2010)

An exploration into the underlying themes of J.K. Rowling's novels.

The Toy Shop (1928)

Locked in a deserted old English toy shop, Katherine and her stuffy cousin Matthew meet some very special friends, toys who are alive!

The Ugly Duckling's Christmas Wish (1996)

Omar finds hope and love on Christmas.

The Visitor (2014)

An omniscient ghost of a tormented young girl wanders through the streets of three different cities. Her presence in a diverse collection of households leads the residents to become more aware of their most troubling past experiences. The lonely ghost connects with each resident in ways that only seem like premonitions. The emotions and thoughts that are exposed help the ghost to find her way out of an eternal sentence in purgatory and aimless wandering.

Video Tape Terror (2013)

A VHS fan decides to make his own horror movie.

Warren Miller's Chasing Shadows (2016)

Warren Miller Entertainment's 66th snow sports film, Chasing Shadows. Watch JT Holmes, Seth Wescott, Caroline Gleich, Steven Nyman, Marcus Caston and more as they pursue turns on the mountains of our dreams.

Watchers 4: On the Edge (2012)

L.A. Marzulli continues with Dr. Leir's latest implant tests, and on to Texas where we probe into the Nephilim. The latest Torah Codes, as well as an exclusive interview with Jonathan Daniels from the Knesset, and finally -- what it is like to die and go to hell?

Nick DiPaolo: Raw Nerve (2011)

Stand-up comedian Nick DiPaolo unleashes his caustic wit on a willing crowd at Connecticut's Foxwoods Resort Casino, putting to work the same razor-sharp sense of humor that kills 'em on Comedy Central's celebrity roasts.

Things I Like, Things I Don't Like (1989)

Foutaises is a 1989 French short film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

A Dream in Doubt (2007)

A look at post-9/11 hate crimes against Sikhs in America.

The Photographer 2: Inside the Dark Room (2016)

A photographer and his cohorts kidnap young models and torture them to capture their fear on film.

Albüm (2016)

A married couple, approaching forty, stage a photo album of a false pregnancy in order to conceal to their family that they adopted a child ...

Amateur Teens (2015)

Some teenagers in Zurich find their daily lives increasingly influenced by the power of social media.

Coup d'Etat (1973)

Coup d'Etat aka Martial Law is a 1973 Japanese film directed by Yoshishige Yoshida. It was Japan's submission to the 46th Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film but it was not accepted as a nominee.

The Prisoner (2010)

When a married, career-driven businesswoman decides to seduce her boss's son to get ahead, she is unexpectedly abducted by a serial killer.

Taxi! Taxi! (2013)

The trials and tribulations of a retrenched microbiology scientist, professor Chua, as he turns to taxi driving after several failed job attempts.

Twisted Trunk, Big Fat Body (2015)

Vakratunda Mahakaaya is a 2015 Marathi Film about an attempted terrorist attack in Mumbai during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is a comedy thriller, directed by Punarvasu Naik and produced by Bohra Bros, Anurag Kashyap, Guneet Monga and Anshuman Jain.

In the End (2012)

A man (Dwayne Bryshun) who makes his living photographing affairs for a private investigator receives an unusual request from the wife of his latest target.

Navy Boys (2006)

When a series of daring crimes are committed under the nose of the Royal Thai Navy, a special team is set up to infiltrate the gang and bring those responsible to justice.

A Head Full of Doubt (2017)

A man tries to keep urban youths off the streets of Chicago.

Oh La La Pauline! (2015)

Pauline desperately tries to leave her family.

Behind the Mirror (2015)

A traumatized writer moves to upstate New York with his family, but when hostile townspeople invade his privacy and a cunning shaman manipulates him, his life spirals out of control.

Guo shu shi duan (1974)

Two friends travel the country challenging martial arts teachers and students to test their skills.

The Departure (1967)

The Departure (French: Le départ) is a 1967 Belgian comedy film directed by Jerzy Skolimowski. It stars Jean-Pierre Léaud as a car-obsessed young man trying to get possession of a Porsche for a race. The film won the Golden Bear at the 17th Berlin International Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Belgian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 40th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Unwanted (2017)

When a couple land a deal on an old house that was on the market for years, they soon find out that the house came with more than just the furniture.

Beyond Here (2015)

Basile and Léa cross a desolate mountain region, stopping only to rob shelters of food and ammo.

My Good Hans (2015)

Unaware of an impending war, Russian and German engineers work side by side in a glass plant.

O Samba (2014)

Composer and singer Martinho da Vila describes the world of Samba.

Unaccustomed As We Are (1929)

Unaccustomed As We Are is the first sound comedy short film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy released on May 4, 1929.

Mauro (2014)

A metalworker moonlighting as a currency forger decides to set up a printing shop.

Little Superman (1975)

A Chinese officer and his friend smuggle important war documents out of Japan and into Hong Kong.

Cold Blooded Murder (1981)

Cops chase a maniac through Hong Kong.

Electric Nostalgia (2016)

A dead woman wakes up inside a new body and is haunted by visions of a faceless man.

The Bear Facts (2010)

A self-important explorer plants a flag on the Arctic ice as an Inuit hunter looks on.

The Forbidden Note (2017)

A South African pianist falls in love with a Muslim ballerina who is being forced into an arranged marriage by her abusive uncle.

Bliss! (2017)

A young girl (Freya Parks) runs away from home and boards a ferry traveling from England to Scandinavia in search of her unknown father.

Who's Crazy? (1966)

Accompanied by a frenetic original soundtrack by the great Ornette Coleman, insane asylum inmates escape their confinement and hole up in a deserted Belgian farmhouse, where they cook large quantities of eggs and condemn one of their own in an impromptu court. The actors don’t have much need for words when they can dance around, light things on fire, and drip hot wax on each other instead. Ornette Coleman and the other members of his trio – David Izenzon and Charles Moffett – recorded their score for WHO’S CRAZY? in one go while the film was projected for them, and the result feels like a bizarre silent film with the greatest possible accompaniment. The soundtrack also features a young Marianne Faithfull singing what are probably her most experimental riffs – written for her especially by Ornette – as she asks, “Is God man? Is man God?” in an original track titled “Sadness.”

Paraguay Remembered (2017)

Filmmaker Dominique Dubosc returns to Paraguay.

The Rifle, the Jackal, the Wolf, and the Boy (2016)

Two brothers (Fidel Badran, Jad Badran) take matters into their own hands when their den of poultry is attacked by a wild animal.

Confessions of a Bad Girl (1965)

A small-town girl (Judy Adler) travels to New York City with dreams of becoming a famous actress, but along the way, she discovers that many men are expecting a very different kind of audition from her.

Raised by Wolves (2014)

A group of skaters go searching for an empty pool behind an abandoned house. They should not have ignored the rumors that the house is haunted. What follows is a terrifying tale of evil causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.