Bill Evans Trio: The Oslo Concerts (2007)

Shut the Door (2000)

Maboroshi kurozukin - yami ni tobu kage (1967)

The Timber Queen (1922)

The Timber Queen is a 1922 American action film serial directed by Fred Jackman. The film is considered to be lost, though the UCLA Film and Television Archive has episodes one, four, eight and nine, as does a private collection.

Rock and Roll Mobster Girls (1988)

An Ordinary Day (1986)

How Not to Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File (2013)

Lisa, Tosca of Athens (1961)

Nightswimming (2003)

Klein (2011)

Surfavela (1996)

Com Cuspe e com Jeito Se Bota no Cu do Sujeito (1997)

Allah Allah (1987)

The Alchemists of Wall Street (2010)

Das triadische Ballett (1970)

Byrd (2012)

La figliastra (Storia di corna e di passione) (1976)

La figliastra: Storia di corna e di passioni is a 1976 commedia sexy all'italiana film directed by Edoardo Mulargia. It features Bruno Scipioni with Austrian sexploitation star Sonja Jeannine (credited as Sonia Jeanine). In France, the film was released in an adult version with added hardcore scenes and under the title Veuves excitées.

Romantic Nostalgia (2014)

The Who and Spécial Guest - Live at The Royal Albert Hall (2000)

Enchanted Princess (1959)

Getting Stronger Every Day (2001)

Eine Kirche der Angst vor dem Fremden in mir (2009)

The Baltic Love (1992)

Beyond the Great Wall (1964)

Estocolmo (2013)

Bruno Mars - Summer Soul Festival Brazil (2012)

Discoveries...America, Louisiana (2010)

Duet (2014)

The Making of a King (1935)

Der alte und der junge König (The Old and the Young King) is a German historical film by Hans Steinhoff, made under Nazi rule in 1935. The film ostensibly deals with the intense conflict between Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm I and his son and heir, Crown Prince Friedrich – the future King Friedrich II "The Great". This is a well-known incident of 18th century German history, which had drawn much public attention in the time itself, and been artistically treated before. However, in its specific presentation of this historical theme, the film was clearly seen to be a work of Nazi propaganda aimed at extolling the Führerprinzip, i.e. blind obedience to the Leader (the King in the film's plot, Hitler in the reality for which the film was a parable); complaints of "encirclement" and the need for Lebensraum also feature. For that reason, the film was banned by the Allied military government following the Nazi defeat in 1945. However, after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany the FSK ("Voluntary Self Regulation of the Movie Industry") subjected it a test on 4 August 1958 and ruled that, unlike other films made under the Nazis, the propaganda element in it was not so blatant as to justify its inclusion in the list of "Forbidden Films" (de:Vorbehaltsfilm).

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln (1976)

Marriage Adventures (1959)

El último velo (2013)

Jack and the Dustbowl (2012)

Une histoire de ballon (1976)

Peonies and Stone Lanterns (1955)

The Love of Captain Brando (1974)

The Love of Captain Brando (Spanish: El amor del capitán Brando) is a 1974 Spanish drama film directed by Jaime de Armiñán. It was entered into the 24th Berlin International Film Festival.

Brush with Life: The Art of Being Edward Biberman (2007)

Distortion III (2013)

Il testimone (2001)

Nuestra voz de tierra, memoria y futuro (1982)

Over the Edge: Ultimate Speed Riders (2012)

Beşikteki Miras (1969)

Ride on a Runaway Train (1921)

Never Go with Strangers (1971)

Heart Attack (1967)

Cháchara (2007)

Domani è un'altra truffa (2005)

Roger Ballen's Asylum of the Birds (2014)

What a Carry On! (1949)

Jet - Right! Right! Right! (2004)

A-Lad-in His Lamp (1948)

A-Lad-In His Lamp is a 1948 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon starring Bugs Bunny and featuring the Genie and Caliph Hassan Pfeiffer who is after Bugs and the Genie in his lamp. The voices of Bugs Bunny and Caliph Hassan Pheffer are voiced by Mel Blanc and the voice of the Smokey the Genie is played by Jim Backus in one of his first professional roles. The cartoon is a takeoff of the story of Aladdin's Lamp. Elements of this short would later be re-used for the Arabian Era in Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters.

Stop, Look, and Listen (1949)

Notte italiana (1987)

Notte italiana (internationally released as Italian Night) is a 1987 Italian comedy drama film directed by Carlo Mazzacurati. It won several awards including the Grand Prix at the Annecy Film Festival, the Nastro d'Argento for Best New Director and the Globo d'oro for Best Actor (to Marco Messeri).

The Rosentopf Case (1918)

The Rosentopf Case (German: Der Fall Rosentopf) is a 1918 German silent comedy film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Lubitsch, Trude Hesterberg and Margarete Kupfer.It was shot at the Tempelhof Studios in Berlin. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Paul Leni and Kurt Richter.

Zandra Rhodes (1981)

The Relaxed Wife (1957)

The Relaxed Wife is a 13-minute live action American film produced in color for distribution during 1957. Structured in a form similar to the 1942–55 series of MGM's Pete Smith Specialty comedy short subjects, which were written and directed by those films' star Dave O'Brien, or to Warner Bros.' Joe McDoakes shorts which starred George O'Hanlon, the brief comedic episodes comprising The Relaxed Wife depict a wise, easygoing housewife calming her stress-filled husband. The film is a short version of a longer promotional production which described the benefits of Atarax, a tranquilizer that was marketed at the time.

Spellbound Hound (1950)

Kogda tsvetet siren (2011)

Space Cat Hob (2014)

The Legend of the Red Lantern (1970)

Poison: Stand on the Road (2006)

Quadrat I+II (1981)

Rong shi qi an (1993)

The Rape of a Nun (1983)

Serbian Epics (1992)

Kalai Arasi (1963)

Koduthu Vaithaval (1963)

Djalioh (2011)

There Is No Escape (1948)

American crime writer Nick Allen is hired to expose the life of petty crook Sidney Robertson (Charles Stuart) who recently came to a bad end. Allen learns that Robertson's problems began when he was a teenager. Having little parental control he fell in with the wrong people and, after robbing a house, was sent to prison. Released early for good behaviour, Roberston found work as Mr. Ashcroft's chauffeur, but he soon weakened and stole from his employer. After being caught stealing cars, Robertson was arrested and sent to prison for seven years, but soon escaped.

The Velvet Underground (1966)

Popalong Popeye (1952)

Ceasefire Massacre (2014)

Egon (2013)

Counting Sheep (2004)

Dave Allen In Search of the Great English Eccentric (1974)

What About Prejudice? (1959)

Swiss Miss-Fit (1957)

Breakdowns of 1942 (1942)

Il dolce rumore della vita (1999)

Il dolce rumore della vita (internationally released as The Sweet Sounds of Life) is a 1999 Italian romance-drama film directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci. It premiered at the 56th Venice International Film Festival, and entered the competition at the 1999 Mar del Plata Film Festival, in which Bertolucci was awarded as best director.

Gila-gila Pengantin Popular (2005)

The Curious Puppy (1939)

Sweety. The Friends, Betrayal and Murder of Maja Bradaric (2008)

Wimmin Is a Myskery (1940)

Scream: Generations (2012)

Tsubaki Sanjûrô (2007)

Jusei: Last Drop of Blood (2003)

Orizzonti orizzonti! (2014)

The Hams That Couldn't Be Cured (1942)

The Girl with the Yellow Stockings (2008)

Boston Beanie (1947)

Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick (1947)

The Sultan's Birthday (1944)

Shunmao Monogatari Taotao (1981)

The Governance of Love (2013)

Boxers and Ballerinas (2004)

La mort du duc d'Enghien (1912)

Cicada Princess (2012)

Procol Harum - Live Beat Club & Musik Laden (1974)

Triangle of Lust (1978)

Timeholes (2013)