The Priest and the Girl (1966)

The arrival of a young priest causes commotion in a small town.

Le garde du corps (1984)

Barbara marries Julien, a handsome zoologist. Paul, Barbara's old flame, becomes convinced that Julien's previous two wives were murdered for insurance money.

Les rois du gag (1985)

A depressed comic hires two actors to help restart his television show.

Le silence des églises (2012)

A man enters a school with a weapon to find the priest who abused him as a child.

O Museu D' Orsay (2012)

The history of the Musee D'Orsay's art collection.

Women's Strike (2010)

An exasperated wife launches a "women's strike" that takes over her entire village.

La vie sauvage des animaux domestiques (2010)

Animals get into mischief on an idyllic French farm.

La Fleur de l'âge (2013)

Gaspard, a famous television presenter, enters the twilight of his career. As age catches up with him, he finds himself forced to care for his elderly father.

Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter (2016)

A strange but familiar looking creature shows up and brings memories from Bramble Bear's youth flooding back. A bunch of strangers arrive trying to hunt down that mysterious creature, leaving the forest in turmoil.

A Thrill for Thelma (1935)

A young woman winds up in jail when she tries to cheat her way to luxury.

Otra vez de veinte (2013)

A woman diagnosed with cancer wants to commit suicide and discovers that her husband is cheating on her.

Tres chilangos y un paisano (2013)

Jerónimo does not accept his homosexual brother, but a tragic accident forces the brothers to express their feelings.

Love at First Dance (2018)

Hope is tasked with teaching Manhattan's former most eligible bachelor how to dance for his extravagant wedding. As the dance lessons progress, complications ensue when feelings begin to develop between the student and the instructor.

Feminists: What Were They Thinking? (2018)

Filmmaker Johanna Demetrakas revisits photos from a 1977 book of photographs that captured women shedding cultural restrictions.

Seed of Life (2015)

In August 2002, Israeli soldier Kayven Cohen is killed in Gaza. Moments after receiving the news, his parents make the decision to harvest sperm from his body so that he may still father a child.

La viuda de Chihuahua (2003)

A man tries everything to get rid of his worst enemy, but a captain ends up killing him while he is with his wife.

Traicionera (1950)

After a man falls in love with a showgirl, he realizes his mistake and decides to get back together with his girlfriend.

Siete niños de Écija (1946)

In 19th-century Spain, the Seven Children of cija become lavish, independent bandits and stop being guerrillas.

La locura del Rock and Roll (1957)

A young girl and her friends form an orchestra, but the owner of a restaurant is only interested in hiring the girls.

The Cure (2015)

One evening, a young woman receives a mysterious visitor who has come to bring her a miracle cure for her addiction.

Polvo Carnavalero (2016)

Alejandro's life changes completely when his mother reveals that Alejandro's real father is not the man who he has always thought of as is his father. He sets out on a trip during Colombia's biggest celebration.

Bang bang al hoyo (1971)

The sons of a dead sheriff must confront four criminals that he arrested many years ago.

El águila negra contra los diablos de la pradera (1958)

Raúl arrives at her aunt's home and finds her on a wheelchair. She tells him that Antonio Ramírez lied and forced them to give him the property, so Raúl decides to confront the evil man.

Everest Unmasked (1978)

High-altitude climber Reinhold Messner pushes himself to summit without supplemental oxygen.

Girl Fight: A Muay Thai Story (2015)

Prairie Rugilo opens a kickboxing gym for women in Toms River, N.J.

Juntos Pero No Revueltos (1939)

A young pregnant girl is sent by her father to the capital city, where she succeeds as an opera singer.

Pasión Oculta (1967)

A man leaves the Navy and goes back to his hometown only to find chaos among his family and friends.

Eterna agonía (1949)

A young man is confused with a robber and punished by his captor, though the police prove his innocence.

Goza conmigo (1990)

Two women and three men play pranks on a passersby and get everything on camera.

Chilango Guango (2002)

A demon in human shape lands on Earth to enjoy the pleasures of life, but the opposite unexpectedly occurs.

Amor del bueno (1957)

A poor rancher falls in love with a young woman and must confront her family's obstacles.

Voces de la montaña (2009)

The mayor's son is kidnapped by wood traffickers who exploit the Tarahumara.

El Superflaco (1959)

A feeble man gets injected with ant milk, which makes him strong and allows him to fight against famous wrestlers.

Pasión y muerte en el puerto (1999)

A man lives off rich women and ignores the consequences that his acts may cause on other people's lives.

La banda del Plebe (2002)

A 12-year-old boy known as "Plebe" works for a drug cartel in Sinaloa.

Bal Ganesh 3 (2015)

A group of alien kids visit Earth to learn more about their favorite god, Bal Ganesh. They meet three mice, Dhoti, Topi, and Suit Boot, who are ardent devotees ready to share his adventurous tales.

Nepali (2008)

Karthik's wife Priya is being harassed by a police officer, due to which she ends her life. However, Karthik is held responsible for her death and imprisoned, where a social worker offers to help him.

Submerged (2011)

A man receives word that his son is dead.

Silly Fool, But Not Too Much (1972)

Una india decide irse a vivir con una prima a la capital y encontrar un buen trabajo, pero ella todo lo enreda.

El Caballo Bayo (1966)

Un jinete revolucionario y la mujer que lo ama y lo odia, buscan un tesoro de oro escondido en un lago.

Adiós Amor (1973)

Un millonario se enamora de una modelo, pero la deja plantada en la iglesia al enterarse de que tiene un tumor cerebral.

Feliz Año, Amor Mío (1957)

Un violinista de fama internacional está desilusionado con su vida familiar y recibe una carta de una mujer desconocida que tuvo un hijo de él.

Las Cautivas (1971)

Un hombre sin escrúpulos es chantajeado por su empleada cuando ella descubre sus secretos.

La Cárcel de Laredo (1985)

Un hombre poderoso separa a su hija del novio, un mecánico, y lo manda a encarcelar a pesar de que ella espera un hijo.

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches (2017)

A girl's life is turned upside down when her father, who has raised her in isolated and shocking conditions, dies.

Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2015)

An indigenous man with a Western upbringing attempts to reconnect with his ancestral lands and traditional culture.

Confesiones de una Adolescente (1969)

La directora de un orfanato logra que un hombre pague los estudios de pintura de una huérfana, de la que él se enamora.

El padrecito (1964)

Father Sebastin is assigned to the church of a town where he is not welcomed. He will have to earn the people's trust.

Alivio (2015)

Blanca, Ángeles and Lupita live in different parts of Mexico and do not know each, but they share a painful past of different types of abuse; the three women find hope after becoming nurses.

Noche de circo (2013)

Ten people confess their secrets to one another when they find themselves trapped in room oddly designed like a circus.

La Cara del Diablo (2014)

A group of friends travel to the Peruvian jungle of Tarapoto, where the secret powers of the place will amaze them and make them experience extraordinary situations.

Les quarantièmes rugissants (1982)

An electronics professional enters a sailing competition.

Les Quatre Saisons d'Espigoule (1999)

Residents of a gloomy-looking town stay upbeat and happy.

Les yeux clairs (2005)

A woman living with her brother and his girlfriend takes medication to control her behavior.

Elite Cup (2014)

When an admired police officer saves the Argentinean soccer star from being kidnapped on the eve of the World Cup, everyone in his country starts to hate him.

Shenanigans: red Notice (2013)

Jonathan has to face his demons and find the person responsible for the death of his friend.

Hasamba 2 (1985)

During the British rule of Israel in the 1940s, the Hasambas have to stop a gang of horse thieves.

My Last Mistress (1943)

A renowned sculptor falls in love with his model as his eyesight begins to deteriorate.

Marussia (2013)

Lucia, a Russian mother, finds herself living with Marussia, her 6-year-old daughter, on the streets of Paris.

Ne le criez pas sur les toits (1943)

A scientists discovers a revolutionary new fuel but dies before he can reveal the formula.

Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story (2014)

Louise Nicholas claims to have been raped by policemen.

Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland (2018)

An investigation into the arrest and death of Sandra Bland.

Hakuchi: The Innocent (1999)

In a future where World War II never ended, Japan is decimated by nightly bombings. The only building left standing is known as the Media Station, a broadcasting center responsible for all of Japan's entertainment.

My Brother Is Getting Married (2006)

A Vietnamese woman travels to Switzerland to meet her biological son for the first time.

Like a Star Shining in the Night (2008)

A young couple find out what love truly means when one of them has a brush with death.

Le Torrent (2012)

In 1922 a young man goes deaf from abuse after he defies his mother's wish to enter seminary.

Os Irmãos Roberto (2012)

Brothers Marcelo, Milton and Maurício Roberto were behind many important masterpieces of Brazilian modern architecture.

Summer Outside (2012)

Fourteen-year-old Wanda watches the deterioration of her parents' marriage.

Baal (1970)

An anti-heroic figure chooses to live a dissipated life on the fringes of society.

Hannah Cohen's Holy Communion (2012)

A spirited 7-year-old growing up in Dublin in the 1970s eagerly wants to make her Holy Communion, but she belongs to the wrong religion.

Peter Bell (2002)

When a loveable scamp's pranks become plentiful, they are found in newspapers.

Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness (2009)

A musician has an epiphany during electroshock therapy and decides to rid the world of electronic gadgets. He takes a converted bus around the country to spread his message.

Peter Bell 2 (2003)

Lovable rascal Peter Bell is accused of a crime he didn't commit and is unceremoniously thrown in jail.

Ousmane (2006)

A poor child from Senegal writes a letter to Santa Claus.

I Am Action Man (2015)

A boy, thinking he is a superhero and believing he actually saved his parents from a car crash, confronts his doctor in a rehab facility, challenging her to see things differently.

Emmène-moi (1995)

Two people attempt to revive their relationship after a two-year break.

Indigo Child (2016)

A young girl is hounded by the media when it is discovered that she has developed the gift of curing illness.

F.C. De Kampioenen: Kampioen zijn blijft plezant (2013)

A Belgian soccer team heads to France for a friendly match.

Senario Lagi (2000)

A car brings the lives of several people together.

Senario The Movie (1999)

To bring back the popularity of his fun fair, a man sponsors a concert.

Ulugh Beg: The Man Who Unlocked the Universe (2017)

The life and works of Eastern Renaissance thinker, Mirzo Ulugh Beg.

Sharon (2015)

Sharon, an ordained priest, discusses the role of women in the Church of England.

Platform 1 (2015)

People who make the early morning commute at a train station reveal their personal stories.

Leathermarket (2014)

Residents of Bermondsey, South London, discuss memories of the streets of their past.

A Luv Tale (1999)

Two women end their loveless relationships and find happiness together.

Loss (2009)

Scott brings his girlfriend to a remote field. Once there, he tells her that he bought this piece of land for her because he knew that it was a dream of hers when she was a child.

We Are EC: The Untold Story of East Chicago Basketball (2017)

East Chicago, Ind., is an industrial city that is home to over 70 nationalities and an unrivaled basketball tradition. This is a celebration of a great basketball city in a basketball crazed state.

South of the Clouds (2014)

A playboy's dishonesty gets him into trouble.

Paying the Price for Peace: The Story of S. Brian Wilson (2017)

A Vietnam veteran becomes a dedicated anti-war activist after losing both of his legs at a protest.

Birth Reborn (2013)

Medical professionals and mothers in Brazil talk about the increasing number of caesarean deliveries with traumatic and unnecessary interventions, as opposed to natural labor.

TangerineLAnd (2015)

A woman reconnects with her husband while attempting to divorce him.

Anything Once! (1927)

An employee in a tailor shop has misadventures with her boss.

Tasmanian Tiger (2014)

The heir to an oil fortune travels to New Orleans to claim his inheritance.

Lousy Neighbor (2015)

A small-town makeup artist moves to the big city to find her fortunes.

Perfect Girl (2014)

Childhood friends reunite years after high school. The two must admit their feelings before the weight of adulthood consumes them.

Clérambard (1969)

A stingy aristocrat receives a vision of St. Francis.

Mrs. Judo: Be Strong, Be Gentle, Be Beautiful (2012)

Throwing thousands of years of tradition to the wind, Keiko Fukuda chooses to follow her own destiny and becomes the highest-ranking woman in judo.

¡Cuando la Tierra Tembló! (1942)

Los clientes y empleados de un restaurante quedan atrapados tras un temblor y sus vidas cambian durante este accidente.

Le Meroir (2010)

A man ages rapidly in front of a mirror.

From San Francisco With Love (2016)

A political science student encounters a young African-American man who is taking a sabbatical year in France.