Hoch klingt der Radetzkymarsch (1958)

Without Special Risk (1983)

Wild Roots of Love (1965)

The Day That Will Never End (1959)

Super Ajan K9 (2008)

National Theatre Live: Twelfth Night (2017)

A ship is wrecked on the rocks. Viola is washed ashore but her twin brother Sebastian is lost. Determined to survive on her own, she steps out to explore a new land. So begins a whirlwind of mistaken identity and unrequited love. The nearby households of Olivia and Orsino are overrun with passion. Even Olivia's upright housekeeper Malvolia is swept up in the madness. Where music is the food of love, and nobody is quite what they seem, anything proves possible.

Puss in Boots (1934)

Puss in Boots is an animated direct-to-video movie, created in 1999 by Phil Nibbelink. It is based on the story Puss in Boots.

Mission Antarctique (2007)

ROMEOWS (Retired Older Men Eating Out Wednesdays) (2013)

Into The Sun (1992)

Into the Sun is a 1992 action comedy film starring Michael Paré and Anthony Michael Hall. Most of its aerial footage are taken from Iron Eagle movie stock (hence its Israeli Air Force camouflage, but USAF roundel).

BreadCrumbs (2011)

High Tech Soul: The Creation Of Techno Music (2006)

Theo Against the Rest of the World (1980)

Le Village Des Ombres (2010)

88 - Pilgern auf Japanisch (2008)

Marking Time (2003)

Marking Time was an Australian television mini-series, consisting of four one-hour episodes. It first aired on 9 and 10 November 2003 on ABC-TV. Directed by Cherie Nowlan and written by John Doyle, it was the first mainstream television/film project to address the issue of the Australian government's refugee policy, a topic it approaches by chronicling the emotional journey of one young man during his year off after graduation, in his fictional rural home-town of Brackley, Australia.

Diamantenhochzeit (2010)

Wild Child 2 (1994)

Auf Der Walz (2009)

Reportaje (1953)

Reportaje ("Report News") is a 1953 Mexican film. The film brought together the most important stars of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and was held for charitable purposes for the A.N.D.A (Asociación Nacional de Actores) of México. The film is divided in 6 chapters around a principal storyline. Was released in a special presentation in the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

1/2 Man (1986)

Halber Mensch (also known as 1/2 Mensch) is a 1986 film by Japanese director Sogo Ishii with German band Einstürzende Neubauten. It was originally released on VHS, and re-released on DVD in 2005. The film's title comes from the album of the same name. The one-hour film documents Einstürzende Neubauten's visit to Japan in 1985. It includes concert footage along with scenes of the band performing in an industrial building. Several songs from the "Halber Mensch" album are presented as music videos, some with accompanying Butoh dancers. According to DVDManiacs, the DVD was originally mastered from a VHS tape, and the quality is therefore not as high as a usual DVD. The band, due to disputes with the manager of the label involved, have since released a remastered DVD on their own label.

Martha Argerich, Evening Talks (2003)

Martha Argerich has long been hailed as one of the greatest and most uniquely imaginative pianists. She is most admired for the pure joy of her music-making and her individual approach to each work, each situation and each audience. A wild child and a rebel at heart, this legendary Argentinean musician has often been surrounded by an aura of mystery during her long career. The "evening talks", a film by Georges Gachot, a French film maker specialised in classical music documentaries, lifts a corner of the veil: Martha Argerich shares with us her memories, confides in us her doubts, and transmits to us her incredible appetite for music-making.

Charleys Tante (1976)

Charley's Aunt (German: Charleys Tante) is a 1956 West German comedy film directed by Hans Quest and starring Heinz Rühmann, Hertha Feiler and Claus Biederstaedt. It is an adaptation of the British play Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas.

Greasy Rider (2006)

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project (2010)

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project is a 2010 Hungarian film written and directed by Kornél Mundruczó, developed from his own theatrical play and loosely based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The film was screened in the main competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, where it was poorly received by critics.

Mann v. Ford (2011)

One Direction: Where We Are - The Concert (2014)

One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film, is the second concert film by English-Irish boy band One Direction and the sequel to One Direction: This Is Us. The film takes place during the 28 and 29 June 2014 shows of the band's Where We Are Tour at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. It contains a 15-minute interview with the band with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Ring of Fire (1991)

Ring of Fire is a 1991 documentary film in IMAX format. It looks at some of the varieties of volcanism and earthquake activity in the Ring of Fire, around the Pacific Rim. The film runs 40 minutes. The film was jointly presented by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth, Texas, the Science Museum of Minnesota in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center in San Diego, California. The film has eight main segments, corresponding to chapters in the DVD release: 1. Ring of Fire: an overview of the region using wireframe computer animation, and including footage of Hawaiian lava flows as an illustration of how early Earth might have looked. Footage of a new volcano in Chile is also shown. 2. The San Francisco Quake of '89: looks at the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco, California and its aftermath, including IMAX footage of the rescheduled game of the 1989 World Series, ten days after the quake. 3. Mount Saint Helens: includes IMAX footage from about 10 years after the 1980 eruption, and the famous time sequence of the eruption taken at the time. 4. Floating on Hot Liquid: looks at the geology of volcanism, again using wireframe computer animation to illustrate plate movement and magma flow up through the crust. 5. Learning to Live With a Volcano: life in Sakurajima, an island in Japan where eruptions are almost constant and evacuation drills are an annual event; sulfur mining at Kawah Ijen 6. Buddhas Keep Watch: Using the temple of Borobudur and the Balinese Kecak dance as a frame, shows how Indonesians live with the simultaneous threat and fertility provided by their volcanoes. 7. The Center of the Ring: Looks at volcanism on Hawaii, especially Kilauea and Mauna Loa, Footage includes roads, houses and cars destroyed by advancing lava, and underwater lava flows. 8. End Credits Ring of Fire was released as a VHS video in 1995, and as a DVD in 1997 (rereleased in 2006). It was released on Blu-ray on July 12, 2011, and is also available in HD from the iTunes Store.

The Mountain (2011)

Trans Bavaria (2012)

Niente Puo Fermarci (2013)

How To Be A Woman And Not Die In The Attempt (1991)

Jacob: The Man Who Fought with God (1977)

A Family Is a Family Is a Family: A Rosie O'Donnell Celebration (2010)

Louise's Diary (2010)

Jill The Ripper (2000)

Jill Rips is a 2000 film directed by Anthony Hickox starring Dolph Lundgren, based on a 1987 novel by Scottish writer Frederic Lindsay. The film is also known as Jill the Ripper and Tied Up.

A Love to Hide (2005)

A Love to Hide is a French film made for television, directed by Christian Faure, which aired in 2005. It is loosely based on the book Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexuel by Pierre Seel.

Wochenendkrieger (2013)

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle (2013)

On the Beach (2012)

On the Beach is a 2000 apocalyptic made-for-television film directed by Russell Mulcahy and starring Armand Assante, Bryan Brown, and Rachel Ward. It was originally aired on Showtime.

Chez Gino (2011)

My One and Onlies (2006)

Yefon (2015)

Churchill's Leopards (1970)

Churchill's Leopards (Italian: I leopardi di Churchill, Spanish: Los Leopardos de Churchill) is a 1970 Italian-Spanish "macaroni combat" war film directed by Maurizio Pradeaux and starring Richard Harrison and Klaus Kinski.

Breakfast at Tiffany's: The Making of a Classic (2006)

EK 'Eighty-Eight - Oranje Kampioen! (2004)

Ameera (2014)

Fear in the Dark (1991)

The Possession of Father Thomas (2004)

A Defeated People (1946)

A Defeated People is a 1946 British documentary short film made by the Crown Film Unit, directed by Humphrey Jennings and narrated by William Hartnell. The film depicts the shattered state of Germany, both physically and as a society, in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The narration explains what is being done – and what needs to be done – both by the occupying Allied forces and the German people themselves to build a better Germany from the ruins.

Obsession (1964)

My Love and I (Swedish: Kungsleden) is a 1964 Swedish thriller film directed by Gunnar Höglund. It was entered into the 15th Berlin International Film Festival. It was released on DVD in March 2008.

The Nautical Nut (1967)

September in the Rain (1937)

September in the Rain is an American one-reel animated cartoon short subject in the Merrie Melodies series, produced in Technicolor and released to theaters on December 18, 1937 by Warner Bros. and Vitaphone. It was produced by Leon Schlesinger and directed by I. Freleng, with musical supervision by Carl W. Stalling. Timed at 5 minutes and about 50 seconds, September in the Rain may well be the shortest among all Warners Bros. Merrie Melodies or Looney Tunes animated short subjects. Due to the controversy engendered by the sequences considered to depict racial stereotyping, it has been most commonly edited to a much shorter running of four or even three minutes, with the invariable excision of the Fats Waller–Louis Armstrong "Nagasaki" production number and, frequently, the Al Jolson title song performance. Although not listed among the Censored Eleven, the cartoon has been exhibited infrequently, even in its brief censored version. Re-released under the "Blue Ribbon" label, September in the Rain was shorn of its original title card containing all the credited names, however, the recovered card, along with those for other "Blue Ribbon" reissues, is available for viewing.

Summer House (2013)

Sa gosse (1919)

Dr Liebenstein (2015)

The Roosevelt Story (1947)

The Roosevelt Story is a 1947 American documentary film written and directed by Lawrence M. Klee. The film is a documentary about the private and public life of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The film was narrated by Ed Begley, Gene Blakely, Kelly Flint, Canada Lee and Kenneth Lynch. The film was released on August 30, 1947, by United Artists.

For Nothing (2014)

Les misérables - Époque 2: Fantine (1913)

Guinea Pig: Making of 'Devil Woman Doctor' (1986)

So This Is London (1939)

So This Is London is a 1930 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by John G. Blystone and starring Will Rogers, Irene Rich, Frank Albertson and Lumsden Hare. It was based on the 1922 play So This Is London by Arthur Goodrich, which was adapted again in 1939. An American and an Englishman clash over which country is the greater, while their children have a secret love affair. The plot was relatively similar to They Had to See Paris, a previous film starring Rogers.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live: Come Together (2009)

I-Libings (2011)

Cuchera (2011)

Crying Freeman 2: Shades of Death, Part 1 (1989)

LAID: Life as It's Dealt (2013)

White Oak (1921)

White Oak is a 1921 American silent Western film directed by Lambert Hillyer and written by William S. Hart and Bennet Musson. The film stars William S. Hart, Vola Vale, Alexander Gaden, Robert D. Walker, Bert Sprotte, Helen Holly, and Luther Standing Bear. The film was released on December 18, 1921, by Paramount Pictures. A copy of the film is in the Library of Congress, Museum of Modern Art, and William S. Hart Museum film archives.

The New York Centerfold Massacre (1985)

Maria's Gravy Pot (2010)

The Believer's Heaven (1977)

The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell (1982)

San Francisco Rock: A Night at the Family Dog (1970)

Abra Cadabra (1983)

Abra Cadabra is a 1983 animated comic fantasy Australian film about an optimistic boy and his friends, based loosely on the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The film was directed and written by Alexander Stitt and stars John Farnham and Jacki Weaver. It is the first ever animated feature film to be made in 3-D. Stitt co-produced the film with Phillip Adams. The film was theatrically released in stereoscopic 3D as well as in a regular version.

The Second Gun (1973)

Love for Levon: A Benefit to Save the Barn (2012)

The Miracle Man (1932)

The Miracle Man is a 1919 American silent drama film starring Lon Chaney and based on a 1914 play by George M. Cohan, which in turn is based on the novel of the same title by Frank L. Packard. The film was released by Paramount Pictures, directed, produced, and written by George Loane Tucker, and also stars Thomas Meighan and Betty Compson. The film made overnight successes of the three stars, most notably putting Chaney on the map as a character actor. Paramount remade the film in 1932 also titled The Miracle Man with Hobart Bosworth, Chester Morris, John Wray, and Sylvia Sidney. Today, the majority of the 1919 film is considered lost, with only two fragments, totaling about three minutes, surviving.

The Flower of Hawaii (1933)

The Flower of Hawaii (German:Die Blume von Hawaii) is a 1933 German musical film directed by Richard Oswald and starring Mártha Eggerth and Iván Petrovich. It is an adaptation of the operetta The Flower of Hawaii by Paul Abraham. The operetta was later adapted again for a 1953 film. It is based on the life of the last Queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani.

Vox Lumiere: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (2008)

Too Loud a Solitude (2007)

A Husband for Anna (1953)

A Husband for Anna (Italian: Un marito per Anna Zaccheo) is a 1953 Italian romance-drama film directed by Giuseppe De Santis.

The Devil & the Song (1989)

Goodnight Moon & Other Sleepytime Tales (2005)

Quartette from 'Rigoletto' (1927)

Originally first in the third Vitaphone program presented at the Selwyn Theatre, New York City, Feb. 3, 1917.

Doo Wop 50 (2000)

The Giants (1969)

Artifacts of Idealism (2012)

Stage Door Magoo (1955)

The Last of the Gladiators (1988)

The GLO Friends Save Christmas (1985)

The Dolphins (1960)

Silver Spoon Set (Italian: I Delfini, also known as The Dauphins) is a 1960 Italian and French drama film directed and written by Francesco Maselli. The film stars Claudia Cardinale. Shot in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

In the Best Possible Taste: A Tribute to Kenny Everett (1994)

Mirant al cel (2008)

Cards of Death (1986)

A Man from the Sun (1956)

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria (2001)

What if anything were possible? What if the stage became a fantastic world where the old were youngagain, and where the kings were clowns? And if that were ALEGRíA, what would you make of it all? Wherever ALEGRíA has passed, its refrain of folly and irreverent laughter echo still. Its magic and joy spring from a world turned upside down.

The Bears Who Saved Christmas (1994)

Ulterior Motives: Reality TV Massacre (2016)

Faded Dreams (2007)

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum (2017)

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Jubilee: Live at Wolf Trap (1995)