Mentiras Piadosas (2009)

I'm in the Army Now (1936)

Pristupit k likvidatsii (1983)

Turn of the Century (2009)

The Film to Come (2013)

I'd Love to Take Orders from You (1936)

Little Swee'pea (1936)

Little Swee'Pea is an American animated short film, released September 25, 1936 and featuring Popeye the Sailor, at the time a star of the cartoons of Fleischer Studios. As is the case with all Fleischer shorts of the period, Dave Fleischer is credited as the director. The cartoon makes use of the Fleischers' stereoptical process, by which modeled sets provide three-dimensional backgrounds for the action of the film. The short is in the public domain in the United States.

Thor, Lord of the Jungles (1913)

Ça c'est du cinéma (1951)

Vpered, vremya! (1977)

The Chocolate Chase (1980)

Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons (1981)

Winnie the Pooh Discovers the Seasons is a short film made by Walt Disney Productions' educational media division, released on September 6, 1981.

Porky's Snooze Reel (1941)

Porky's Baseball Broadcast (1940)

Agit Pop (2013)

The Flea Circus (1954)

The entire entourage of a flea circus runs away to join a dog.

Screwball Squirrel (1944)

A screwy squirrel provokes a pedigreed birddog to chase him throughout the picture.

Simon the One-Eyed (1952)

Survivors of the Holocaust (1996)

Mediterranean (1963)

Méditerranée is a 1963 French experimental film directed by Jean-Daniel Pollet with assistance from Volker Schlöndorff. It was written by Philippe Sollers and produced by Barbet Schroeder, with music by Antione Duhamel. The 45 minute film is cited as one of Pollet's most influential films, which according to Jonathan Rosenbaum directly influenced Jean-Luc Goddard's Contempt, released later the same year. Footage for the film was shot around the Mediterranean, including at a Greek temple, a Sicilian garden, the sea, and also features a fisherman, a bullfighter, and a girl on an operating table.

In Public (2001)

In Public is a short documentary film directed by Jia Zhangke, a Chinese cinema "Sixth Generation" movement filmmaker. In Public was shot on digital video for the 2001 Jeonju International Film Festival.

In the Bogie Man's Cave (1908)

The Genii of Fire (1908)

Die wundersame Welt der Waschkraft (2009)

The Mischance of a Photographer (1908)

A Tricky Painter's Fate (1908)

Sightseeing Through Whisky (1907)

Armaguedon (1977)

Armaguedon (Italian: Quel giorno il mondo tremerà) is a French-Italian crime-thriller film starring Alain Delon. It recorded admissions of 716,098 in France.

Mystical Traveler (2014)

Revelation (2009)

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy (2017)

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy is a 2017 documentary film broadcast in the United Kingdom by ITV on 24 July 2017 and the United States by HBO on 24 July 2017. It will also air on Seven Network in Australia, CBC in Canada, Three in New Zealand, NRK in Norway, YLE in Finland and TV2 in Denmark. It aired on 20 August 2017 on CBC News Network.

Slow TV: Northern Passage (2012)

Jazz Icons: Count Basie: Live in '62 (2006)

James Brown: Live at Chastain Park (1985)

Dr Blanche's Clinic (2014)

Lions (2012)

Dos criados malcriados (1960)

Human Touch (2005)

Human Touch is a 2004 film directed by Paul Cox and starring Jacqueline McKenzie, Chris Haywood and Aaron Blabey. The plot follows the story of Anna who is a singer trying to raise money for her choir's trip to China. She does this by posing nude for an ageing artist and upon seeing the finished results goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Who's the Boss? (2013)

Who's the Boss? (Spanish: ¿Quién Manda?) is a 2013 Dominican Republic comedy film directed by Ronni Castillo. The film was selected as the Dominican Republic entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Redentor (2004)

Redeemer (Portuguese: Redentor) is a 2004 Brazilian drama film, the debut film of director Cláudio Torres.

For Love Alone: The Ivana Trump Story (1996)

El investigador Capulina (1975)

The Adventures of Mimi (2007)

Broken Trail: The Making of a Legendary Western (2006)

El Chapo & Sean Penn: Bungle in the Jungle (2016)

Shock To The System (2006)

Shock to the System is a 2006 gay-themed mystery film. It is the second film adaptation of a Richard Stevenson novel featuring fictional detective Donald Strachey. The film premiered at the 2006 Outfest film festival before going into rotation on the here! television network.

Zólty szalik (2000)

The Prom (1982)

Max Takes a Bath (1910)

Tous peuvent me tuer (1957)

Porky's Hare Hunt (1938)

Porky's Hare Hunt is a 1938 animated short movie directed by Ben "Bugs" Hardaway and an uncredited Cal Dalton, which stars Porky Pig as a hunter whose prey is an rabbit named Happy. The rabbit's hyperactive personality and laughing voice provided by Mel Blanc predated the 1940 Walter Lantz/Universal Pictures release Knock Knock which starred Andy Panda and introduced cartoon audiences to Woody Woodpecker which was created for the Lantz studio by Hardaway after his departure from the Leon Schlesinger/Warner Bros. studio.

The Witness Vanishes (1939)

The Witness Vanishes is a 1939 American drama film directed by Otis Garrett and starring Edmund Lowe, Wendy Barrie, and Bruce Lester. It was released on September 22, 1939.

Khamosh (1985)

Khamosh is 1985 Indian thriller directed and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The film starred Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Amol Palekar, Soni Razdan and Pankaj Kapoor.

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham (2013)

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham is a 2013 Indian Tamil-language fantasy comedy film written and directed by K. Chandru. The film revolves around four men, played by Jai, VTV Ganesh, Sathyan and Rajkumar. Niveda Thomas was paired opposite Jai. The film was produced by Kalpathi S Aghoram and has cinematography by Anand Jeeva; songs were composed by Prem Kumar. The film went on floors on 29 November 2013. It is not a remake of the 1966 mythological film Saraswathi Sabatham.

Nude, calde e pure (1965)

His Trust Fulfilled (1911)

His Trust Fulfilled is a 1911 American drama film directed by D. W. Griffith. Prints of this film survive in the film archives of the Library of Congress and the Museum of Modern Art.

Porky's Prize Pony (1941)

Ah Fei (1984)

Few of Us (1996)

Few of Us is a 1996 Lithuanian drama film directed by Šarūnas Bartas. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival. The film shows a young woman visiting a nomadic Tofalar tribe in the Sayan Mountains. There is no dialogue throughout the film.

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson (1990)

The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson is a one-hour special that aired on CBS on November 21, 1990. The program was a tribute to Muppet creator Jim Henson, who had died earlier in 1990 due to toxic shock syndrome caused by a streptococcus infection, and featured characters from The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and Sesame Street.

Tir (2014)

Junior Army (1942)

Junior Army is a 1942 American film directed by Lew Landers, starring Freddie Bartholomew, Billy Halop, and Huntz Hall, and released by Columbia Pictures.

The Pottery at Ilza (1951)

Karanlikta uyananlar (1964)

West Indies (1979)

AD/BC: A Rock Opera (2004)

Colic: The Movie (2006)

Colic: The Movie is a 2006 Thai horror film directed by Patchanon Thammajira.

Gesetz ohne Gnade (1951)

Drishti (1990)

Drishti is a 1990 Hindi film directed by Govind Nihalani that stars Dimple Kapadia, Shekhar Kapur and Irrfan Khan. It is one of the rare films to have music direction by noted classical singer Kishori Amonkar with lyrics by Vasant Dev.

Romaenseu ppappa (1960)

Zelyonyy teatr v Zemfire (2008)

Okka Magadu (2008)

Okka Magaadu is a 2008 Telugu, patriotic film produced & directed by YVS Chowdary on his Bommarillu banner. Starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Simran, Anushka Shetty and Nisha Kothari in the lead roles and music composed by Mani Sharma.

Rue princesse (1994)

Pirveli mertskhali (1975)

Claymation Easter (1992)

A Claymation Easter is a 1992 stop-motion short film by Will Vinton. The special won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.

Tom-ic Energy (1965)

Tom-ic Energy is a 1965 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones and the eighth short in Jones' series of Tom and Jerry cartoons. The name is a pun on atomic energy. The music of this cartoon is primarily based on Paganini's Moto Perpetuo with other music and sound effects mixed in with the theme which crops up throughout the cartoon.

Purr-Chance to Dream (1967)

Purr-Chance to Dream is a 1967 Tom and Jerry cartoon short directed by Ben Washam, a longtime animator under Chuck Jones dating back to the 1940s, and produced by Jones. It was the last theatrical Tom and Jerry short in the Tom and Jerry series released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the last of the Chuck Jones shorts in Tom and Jerry series, the last Tom and Jerry cartoon released during the Golden Age of American animation, and the second-to-last animated short related by MGM in the Golden Age, and The Karate Guard was the next Tom and Jerry cartoon from Warner Bros. It is also the last Tom and Jerry cartoon with Carl Brandt as the music composer.

Advance and Be Mechanized (1967)

Advance and Be Mechanized, released in 1967, was the penultimate Tom and Jerry cartoon. It was directed by Ben Washam and produced by Chuck Jones, and is the third and final outer space themed shorts from the Chuck Jones era, following O-Solar Meow, and Guided Mouse-ille both released earlier in 1967. It is the last Tom and Jerry cartoon with Dean Elliott as the music composer.

O-Solar-Meow (1967)

O-Solar-Meow is a 1967 cartoon featuring Tom and Jerry. It was the first of three outer space-related shorts to be released in the Chuck Jones era. Also according to the MPAA code and not episode number, this Tom and Jerry cartoon is the last one to feature music from Eugene Poddany. The cartoon was produced by Chuck Jones and directed by Abe Levitow. The animation was supplied by Ken Harris, Don Towsley, Tom Ray, Dick Thompson and Ben Washam. The cartoon title is a play-on-words of the popular Italian song "'O Sole Mio."

Sorry Saranghaeyo (2010)

Sorry Saranghaeyo is a 2010 Thai film directed and written by Poj Arnon

Grock (1931)

Grock is a 1931 German drama film directed by Carl Boese and starring Grock, Liane Haid and Betty Bird. Grock, a famous circus performer, appears as himself.

Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (2010)

Pandane to Tamago Hime is a 2010 Japanese animated fantasy short film by Hayao Miyazaki made for the Studio Ghibli Museum. It premiered at the museum on November 20, 2010. Miyazaki conceived the idea for the film from the painting The Harvesters by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The music was composed by Joe Hisaishi and consists of a set of Baroque variations on the Folia theme.

Snehaveedu (2011)

Snehaveedu(English: The Love House) is a 2011 Malayalam family drama film written and directed by Sathyan Anthikad. It stars Mohanlal, Sheela and Rahul Pillai in the lead roles. This is Mohanlal's 300th film and was one of the successful ventures of 2011.The film got positive reviews from the critics

Teja Bhai and Family (2011)

Teja Bhai and Family is a 2011 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Deepu Karunakaran, starring Prithviraj, Akhila, and Suraj Venjaramood in the lead roles.

Jenin, Jenin (2003)

Jenin, Jenin is a film directed by Mohammed Bakri, a prominent Arab actor and Israeli citizen, in order to portray what Bakri calls "the Palestinian truth" about the "Battle of Jenin", a clash between the Israeli army and Palestinians in April 2002 which drew Palestinian accounts of the "Battle of Jenin".

Novem (2006)

NOVEM is a 2006 American independent film, produced and directed by Brad Kimmel, a filmmaker from Evansville, Indiana. Kimmel is also the creator and producer of My Classic Car. The film tells the story of fictional band NOVEM's epic six-day recording session in May 1973 and chronicles the modern day discovery of their lost tapes and who they were.

Love Conquers All (2006)

Love Conquers All is an award-winning 2006 movie by Malaysian director Tan Chui Mui.

Bless the Woman (2003)

Bless the Woman is a Russian film that was released in 2003. The film is based on the novel Hostess, by Irina Grekova.

O Homem dos Olhos Tortos (1918)

O Homem dos Olhos Tortos is a 1918 Portuguese detective silent film directed by José Leitão de Barros, with a cast of amateur actors with António Sarmento as the hero and Álvaro Pereira as the title-character villain.

The Curse of Steptoe (2008)

The Curse of Steptoe is a television play which was first broadcast on 19 March 2008 on BBC Four as part of a season of dramas about television personalities. It stars Jason Isaacs as Harry H. Corbett and Phil Davis as Wilfrid Brambell. The drama centres on the actors' on- and off-screen relationship during the making of the BBC sitcom Steptoe and Son, and is based on interviews with colleagues, friends and family of the actors, and the Steptoe writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Sundae in New York (1983)

Sundae in New York is a 1983 American animated short film directed by Jimmy Picker and starring Scott Record. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 56th Academy Awards.

Kadhavaseshan (2004)

Kathavasheshan is a 2004 Malayalam mystery drama film written and directed by T. V. Chandran, starring Dileep and Jyothirmayi in the lead roles. Veteran Bengali actress Gita Dey made a special appearance.

Süpermenler (1979)

3 Supermen Against the Godfather is a superhero film directed by Italo Martinenghi.

Evdokiya (1961)

Mr. Flip (1909)

Mr. Flip is a 1909 American silent comedy film made by Essanay Studios, directed by Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson and starring Ben Turpin. The film is about a man going to various locations in town where he flirts with the women, and they in turn get revenge on him, causing him to leave their establishment. This film is believed to have included the first cinematic instance of a comedian being hit in the face with a pie, later known as the Pie in the Face, when Ben Turpin was struck. However, the pie Turpin was hit with was hand-held, not thrown.

Alam Ara (1931)

Alam Ara was a 1931 Indian film directed by Ardeshir Irani. It was the first Indian sound film.

Don't Tell Everything (1927)

Delwende (2005)

Delwende is a 2005 Burkinabé drama film directed by S. Pierre Yameogo about a mother and daughter resisting to succumb to a local sexist tradition. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Prize of Hope award.

Buckaroo from Powder River (1947)

Immaturi - Il viaggio (2012)