Sunny Side Up (2012)

Chef Shilarna Vaze prepares mouth-watering brunch recipes and invites her famous friends over.

Wild Wild East (2016)

A rich and delicate ecosystem thrives on the eastern shores of Canada.

Little Ghost (1997)

A lonely boy prepares for adventure when the ghost of a girl who died centuries ago becomes his new best friend.

Lionheart (1987)

Lionheart, also known as Lionheart: The Children's Crusade, is a 1987 adventure film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner and produced by Talia Shire and Stanley O'Toole. Shire's brother, Francis Ford Coppola, initially planned to direct the film but instead opted to be executive producer along with Shire's husband, Jack Schwartzman. The screenplay was written by Menno Meyjes and Richard Outten from a story by Meyjes. The composer Jerry Goldsmith wrote the score. The film was released in August 1987. It was distributed by Orion Pictures.

MicroPlanet 3D (2012)

MicroPlanet is a documentary film that depicts the smaller things in our world. Using a specialized filming technique, viewers are able to see up close and personal the lives of insects and other small creatures, and how they must fight for their place in the hierarchy.

Man Friday (1975)

Daniel Defoe's classic story of survival and heroism takes on a whole new perspective in this electrifying version of Robinson Crusoe. Marooned on a beautiful South Seas island with a black man, Crusoe declares himself 'master' and throws Friday into a cave when he rebels. Friday escapes and leaves Crusoe who soon discovers he needs Friday's companionship and welcomes him back. A slave ship comes to the island and puts them in peril but, in a violent battle, they defeat the ship. After many difficulties they build a seaworthy raft and sail to Friday's island. Unable to adapt, Crusoe is destined to live out his life isolated and alone.

Nine Lives (2002)

Nine Lives is a 2002 horror film starring Paris Hilton. The movie was shot in England and was low budget.

The Presence (2010)

In this darkly romantic ghost story, a woman travels to an isolated cabin where she is stalked by an apparition who inhabits her space as his own. With the unexpected arrival of the woman’s boyfriend, the dark spirit’s haunting grows obsessive. Soon the woman begins to exhibit weirdly irrational behavior as the thin line between sanity and possession begins to unravel. Is she battling her inner demons, or is a much darker presence threatening them all?

Inside (2007)

Inside (French: À l'intérieur) is a 2007 French home invasion horror film directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, starring Alysson Paradis and Béatrice Dalle. It was written by co-director Bustillo, and is the first feature film from either director. It concerns the attack and home-invasion of a young pregnant woman by a mysterious stranger who seeks to take her unborn baby. The film received generally positive reviews from mainstream critics upon its release and was particularly well received among horror film critics, noting it for being a genuinely scary and brutally violent example of the new wave of French horror.

The Jackals (1967)

The Jackals is a 1967 DeLuxe Color Western film from 20th Century Fox filmed at Killarney Film Studios South Africa. A remake of 1948's Yellow Sky, it stars Vincent Price as a South African prospector named Oupa (grandpa) Decker and contract Fox star Robert Gunner. The film was the last directed by Robert D. Webb.

Little Man (2005)

When documentarian Nicole Conn and her partner, Gwendolyn Baba, decide to adopt a child in 2002, their surrogate mother turns out to have serious undisclosed medical issues. Refusing to terminate their child, the two choose to have Nicholas born 100 days early, leaving the under-one-pound infant with a very small chance of survival. Nicole and Gwendolyn battle to keep Nicholas alive, while the stress of the medical emergencies tests their relationship.

Queen Of The Lot (2013)

On a trip to meet her movie-star boyfriend's family, an actress (Tanna Frederick) falls in love with a failed writer (Noah Wyle) who happens to be her boyfriend's brother.

Slipstream (2007)

Slipstream is a 2007 American film starring, written, scored, and directed by Anthony Hopkins, which explores the premise of a screenwriter who is caught in a slipstream of time, memories, fantasy and reality. The film premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Hopkins composed the music for the film, while British composer Harry Gregson-Williams scored and produced it.

Common Chord (2013)

After his ex-girlfriend dies, Kyle struggles to accept the responsibility of being a father to his young daughter.

Crafted (2015)

Morgan Spurlock takes a look at the struggles and triumphs of five modern artisans.

Crawford (2008)

Crawford is a 2008 documentary film about Crawford, Texas, and the impact of President George W. Bush having relocated to the town shortly after announcing his nomination for the 2000 presidential election. The film spans nearly the entirety of Bush's presidency, from 1999 to mid-2008. Crawford was directed by David Modigliani and distributed by B-Side Entertainment. On October 7, 2008, the complete film was made available for free in a streaming format on the legal video website Hulu, and was billed as the site's "first movie premiere."

Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (2014)

Author Jim Marrs investigates the conspiracy behind President John F. Kennedy's death.

Cut'n It Up: Chicago (2008)

Devastatingly funny comics rock the house in the first stand up film of the new series "Cut'N It Up." The most raw, hilarious, urban comedians are featured in different cities throughout North America.

Delusions Of Guinevere (2014)

Obsessed with social media, a former child star (Ariana Bernstein) goes to extremes to become famous again.

Duck and Cover (1952)

Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterized as propaganda. With similar themes to the more adult oriented civil defense training films, the film was widely distributed to United States schoolchildren in the 1950s. It instructionally teaches students on what to do in the event of a nuclear explosion.

Elevate (2011)

Four exceptionally tall youths from Senegal come to the U.S. in the hope that eventually each will be selected for a position on a pro basketball team.

Elliot Loves (2012)

A Dominican-American boy tries to bond with his mother and a 21-year-old looks for love in New York City.

Favor (2013)

After a casual fling results in a woman's death, a man (Blayne Weaver) calls on an old pal (Patrick Day) to help him dispose of the body.

Fell (2010)

A manic-depressive plummets into a downward spiral after being fired from his job and dumped by his girl. Dependent on drugs and overwhelmed, the lines between reality and paranoid fantasy become violently blurred.

Grow Up Already (2011)

Maturing has never been so funny. Can Andy (Johnny Simmons, The Perks of Being a Wallflower) show his girlfriend that he's not a big baby?

Gunfight at Yuma (2012)

Caleb waits seven years after his wife's murder to become a gunfighter.

Hahaha (2010)

Hahaha (Hangul: 하하하) is a 2010 South Korean comedy-drama film written and directed by Hong Sang-soo. It was entered into the 2010 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Prix Un Certain Regard.

Harland Williams: A Force of Nature (2011)

On the far horizon of fall-down funny, Harland takes comedy to whole new frontier! On a mountaintop deep in the Mojave Desert, Harland takes on Mother Nature in a hilarious stand-up set on the world’s biggest stage.

Ink & Steel (2014)

During a mob turf war, an aging enforcer hides a don's son in a rural farmhouse, and has to decide whether he should encourage the young man to follow in his father's footsteps or become a writer.

Johnny Express (2014)

Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different planets to deliver packages. He usually encounters bizarre planets and strange aliens. Will he be able to finish this mission without trouble?

Karl Rove, I Love You (2007)

An actor falls for Karl Rove.

Lord of the Dance (1996)

Lord of the Dance is an Irish musical and dance production that was created, choreographed, and produced by Irish-American dancer Michael Flatley, who also took a starring role. The music for the show was written by Ronan Hardiman.

Merrily Yours (1933)

Sonny falls for the pretty girl next door and decides to take her to a party. First, however, he must get his little sister to go to sleep, which is proving to be harder than he expected.

Misfits (2015)

Three teenagers from Tulsa struggle with isolation and instability.

Mystic Blade (2013)

Sam turns his back on a band of merciless killers and lives a quiet life. When his former associates kill his wife and leave him for dead, he forges a mystical blade from his wife's ashes and tracks down the evil men one by one.

Nocturna (2007)

Nocturna is a Spanish-French animated fantasy film directed by Adrià García and Víctor Maldonado. The film was produced in 2007 by Filmax Animation.

Open City (2008)

Open City is a 2008 South Korean film.

Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy (2004)

This is a tale of shock, the outrage, and the bitter resolution of those who lived through the raid. Relive that incredible day through the memories of those who survived and whose experiences put you there in the midst of the catastrophic attack.

Pregnant in America (2008)

Steve and Mandy document their first pregnancy after they decide to deliver the child without the help of modern medicine.

Hancock - 4K

A scruffy superhero protects the citizens of Los Angeles, but leaves horrendous collateral damage in the wake of every well-intentioned feat.

The Big Big Show (2015)

Talent show contestants are showered with cash, given a liquid goo bath, or anything in-between.

Sam Has 7 Friends (2006)

The story of an aspiring L.A. actress during the last days of her life.

Salaam Hyderabad (2007)

The last incubus (2014)

Negocios Son Negocios (2004)

Onofre (1974)

Na svete zhivut dobrye i khoroshie lyudi (2010)

Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie (1952)

Wait till the Sun Shines, Nellie is a 1952 film drama directed by Henry King, sharing the name of a popular song. It stars Jean Peters and David Wayne.

Coyote (1955)

The Coyote (Spanish: El coyote) is a 1955 Mexican-Spanish western film directed by Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent and Fernando Soler and starring Abel Salazar, Gloria Marín and Manuel Monroy. It was followed by a sequel The Coyote's Justice in 1956.

The Island at the End of the World (2005)

1973 revoluciones por minuto (2008)

La vengeance d'une blonde (1994)

La Vengeance d'une blonde is a 1994 French comedy film directed by Jeannot Szwarc.

Kamen Rider Super Den-O Trilogy: Episode Blue - The Dispatched Imagin is Newtral (2010)

Kamen Rider ZO (1993)

Kamen Rider ZO (仮面ライダーZO, Kamen Raidā Zetto Ō), translated Masked Rider ZO, is a 1993 Japanese tokusatsu superhero movie produced by the Toei Company as part of their Kamen Rider Series. Directed by Keita Amemiya, it was the first joint production of Toei and Bandai. A Sega CD interactive movie was released for ZO in 1994, and was distributed in the United States as The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO. To commemorate the series' 40th anniversary, ZO was shown on Toei's pay-per-view channel in September 2011. The film's protagonist, Kamen Rider ZO, appears in the later Kamen Rider Decade television series and is a playable character in the 2011 Nintendo DS video game All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation.

Îngerul necesar (2007)

141 perc a befejezetlen mondatból (1975)

141 Minutes from the Unfinished Sentence (Hungarian: 141 perc A befejezetlen mondatból) is a 1975 Hungarian drama film directed by Zoltán Fábri. It was entered into the 9th Moscow International Film Festival where Fábri won a Special Prize for Directing.

The Adulterer Series (2021)

The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (1973)

Journey with Ghost Along Yokaido Road (1969)

Bolshoi Ballet: Romeo and Juliet (2018)

In Verona, Romeo and Juliet fall madly in love while their respective families, the Montagues and the Capulets, are caught in a bitter rivalry ending in heart-wrenching tragedy… Alexei Ratmansky, former artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, stages the company’s premiere of his production with dramatic urgency and a fresh re-telling of Shakespeare’s beloved classic. His brilliant and detailed adaptation set to Prokofiev’s romantic and cinematic score reignites the story of literature’s most celebrated star-crossed lovers like no other classical ballet choreographer today.

Bruno Motta: Melhor que os Outros Stand Ups que Eu Já Fiz em 15 Anos de Carreira (2017)

Motorcity Motormouth (2016)

Magnificat (1993)

Magnificat is a 1993 Italian drama film directed by Pupi Avati. It was entered into the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

Strikeforce: Destruction (2008)

Youp van 't Hek: Oudejaarsconference 1995 (1995)

A Band of Rogues (2012)

Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor (2010)

Totò, Peppino e i fuorilegge (1956)

Toto, Peppino and the Outlaws (Italian: Totò, Peppino e i fuorilegge) is a 1956 Italian comedy film directed by Camillo Mastrocinque. For this film Peppino De Filippo was awarded with a Silver Ribbon for best supporting actor.

Befrielsesbilleder (1982)

Images of Liberation (Danish: Befrielsesbilleder) is a 1982 Danish drama film directed by Lars von Trier. The story is set in Copenhagen during World War II, and follows a German officer who visits his Danish mistress the days after the occupation of Denmark has ended. The film was Trier's graduation film from the National Film School of Denmark. It became the first ever Danish school film to receive regular theatrical distribution. It was screened in the Panorama section of the 34th Berlin International Film Festival.

Angst (2003)

Angst (German: Der alte Affe Angst) is a 2003 German drama film directed by Oskar Roehler, starring André Hennicke, Marie Bäumer and Vadim Glowna. It follows a stage director who goes through a personal crisis.

The Alps (2007)

Our Folks (1967)

Sami swoi (variously translated as All Friends Here or Our Folks; literally "Only ours") (1967) is the first part of a Polish comedic trilogy of movies by Sylwester Chęciński. Its two follow-ups are Nie ma mocnych (a Polish idiom meaning "no can do") (1974) and Kochaj albo rzuć ("Love It or Leave It") (1977).

Die blonde Christl (1933)

Wie die Karnickel (2002)

Wie die Karnickel (Like Rabbits) is a comedy by Sven Unterwaldt from 2002, based on a script by Ralf König.

Dave Matthews Band: The Gorge (2004)

Love (2003)

Big House Bunny (1950)

Big House Bunny is a 1948 Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoon, released in 1950 and directed by Friz Freleng.

Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency (2009)

Kokuhaku: Nurse no Zangyo (2009)

Uno al año no hace daño 2 (2015)

Nightbird (1973)

Rota Comando (2009)

A Cry from the Grave (1999)

Wet Job (1981)

The Little Island (1958)

The Little Island is a 1958 British animated short film directed by Richard Williams. It was Williams' first film. Williams wrote, produced, directed and animated the short film. Self-financed, it was a half-hour philosophical argument without words. It won the 1958 BAFTA award for Animated Film.

Momok jangan cari pasal! (2012)

Ein toller Einfall (1932)

A Mad Idea or A Crazy Idea (German:Ein toller Einfall) is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Kurt Gerron and starring Willy Fritsch, Dorothea Wieck and Rosy Barsony. It was made by UFA, Germany's biggest studio. The film's art direction was by Julius von Borsody.

Waiting for the Hearse (1985)

Waiting for the Hearse (Esperando la carroza in Spanish) is a 1985 Argentine comedy film directed by Alejandro Doria. It is considered a cult film. It opened on 6 May 1985. The story belongs to the criollo grotesque (costumbrismo) genre or black comedy. It's based on the play of the same name by Jacobo Langsner, premiered by the Comedia Nacional company in 1962. The film adaptation starred some great local stars from the theater world like Antonio Gasalla, China Zorrilla, Luis Brandoni and Betiana Blum. In the River Plate culture, it's considered to be a classic and its reruns on TV still draw large audiences. On April 2, 2009, 23 years after the original film's release, a sequel, Waiting for the Hearse 2, was released.

The Wiggles: Here Comes The Big Red Car (2006)

Anden live i Cirkusbygningen - Hva' snakker du om? (2001)

Hugh Cornwell: Another Kind of Love (2010)

Lisa Lampanelli: The Queen of Mean (2002)

Metallica: Orgullo pasión y gloria. Tres noches en la ciudad de México. (2009)

April Road Trip (2008)

Naan Yen Pirandhen (1972)

Man and His World (1966)

An Indian Day (1968)

Song of Avignon (1998)

The Courier of Lyons (1911)

Iver (2004)