Hanging Offense (2003)

That Woman (original title: Cette femme-là) is a 2003 French drama film directed by Guillaume Nicloux. For this film, Josiane Balasko received her third nomination for the César Award for Best Actress.

My Name Called Bruce (1978)

A kung-fu hero (Bruce Le) recovers a crown jewel in Hong Kong.

Killer Barbys (1996)

A vanload of kids are stranded in a hilltop castle and become the unwitting victims of an immortal, sex-crazed countess (Mariangela Giordano) who retains her youth by feeding upon the blood of the young. Hardly the typical "Scooby-Doo" kids, these guests are members of the gore-punk band the Killer Barbies, who prove themselves quite well equipped to battle the horrors that confront them.

If I Were a Rich Man (2002)

If I Were a Rich Man (Ah! Si j'étais riche) is a 2002 French film written and directed by Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz.

Train To Tombstone (1950)

Train to Tombstone is a 1950 American film directed by William Berke.

The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013)

Frieda Cloiselle (Inge Jaklyn) helps an alien hide from the government after he crash-lands in her backyard.

The Life and Times of Paul the Psychic Octopus (2012)

Filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe explores celebrity mania and the science of probabilities through the life and predictions of an octopus.

Western Mail (1942)

Western Mail is a 1942 American western film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey.

Silver City Revisited (1969)

Views from various apartments filmmaker Wim Wenders lived in as a student in Munich.

3 amerikanische LP's (1969)

Peter Handke and Wim Wenders discuss American music from inside a car.

Heart of a Child (1958)

Heart of a Child is a 1958 film, adapted from a book written by Phyllis Bottome, directed by Clive Donner. It stars Jean Anderson and Donald Pleasence.

The Last Witness (2000)

The Last Witness is a 1999 made-for-TV movie which was originally entitled Caracara. It was written by Craig Smith and directed by Graeme Clifford, then released December 1, 1999. The cast included Natasha Henstridge, Johnathon Schaech, and Lauren Hutton.

Heads or Tails (1997)

Heads or Tails (French: J'en suis!) is a 1997 Quebec comedy film directed by Claude Fournier and starring Roy Dupuis and Patrick Huard

My Mexican Shivah (2007)

A group of family and friends sits Shiva for seven days after Moishe's death, where many secrets are disclosed.

Satan's Whip (2008)

Claude wants to join a secret, religious brotherhood that is dedicated to battling the forces of evil; to prove his worth, he must find a missing priest by using his faith.

A Perfect Chord (2015)

Cadence and Mika have to overcome their fears to show off their amazing musical talents.

Red River Valley (1941)

Red River Valley is a 1941 Western film about ranchers struggling to build a reservoir. It stars Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, and Gale Storm, and the director was Joseph Kane.

My Voice My Voice (2003)

Nha Fala, English title: My Voice is a 2002 internationally co-produced sports film directed by Bissau Guinean director Flora Gomes. The movie stars Fatou N'Diaye, Ángelo Torres, Jean-Christophe Dollé and Bia Gomes.

Vanessa, Her Love Story (1935)

Vanessa: Her Love Story is a 1935 American drama film directed by William K. Howard of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, starring Robert Montgomery, Helen Hayes, and May Robson. It is based on the novel Vanessa by Hugh Walpole. The film premiered on 1 March 1935.

My Little Friend (2011)

An artist cannot tell her best friend that she is a lesbian. They go out for a night of drinks and confront sexual tension, leading the two friends to a blurred line in their relationship.

Move (2012)

Move is a 2012 German comedy film directed by Dietrich Brüggemann.

Fabric of Time (2007)

Science and religion come together to uncover a mystery.

Houston, We've Got a Problem (1974)

Houston, We've Got a Problem is a 1974 American made-for-television drama film about the Apollo 13 spaceflight, directed by Lawrence Doheny and starring Ed Nelson in the role of NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz.

Shinobi No Mono 2: Vengeance (1963)

Goemon Ishikawa has settled down with his wife and child, and wishes only to live in peace – a wish that will not be granted. As mighty warlords battle and connive, Goemon must once again try to assassinate Nobunaga, in order to save the Buddhist religious community that has come to mean so much to him.

Memory Lane (2011)

Memory Lane is a 2012 science-fiction film by American director Shawn Holmes and his directorial debut. The film world-premiered on May 6, 2012 at the Sci-Fi London film festival in London, England and was funded by Shawn Holmes with a budget of less than three-hundred dollars. Of the film, Holmes stated that he was inspired to create Memory Lane after his friend Michael Guy Allen returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Filming took place in Martins Ferry, Ohio and Wheeling, West Virginia.

Sacrificial Youth (2013)

TJ has to accept his fate as the chosen one to fight a multi-national corporation.

Looking For Trouble (1996)

A young tomboy hits the road to rescue a baby elephant named Trouble from a cruel circus master.

The Gentleman Tramp (1976)

This tribute to the comic genius of Charles Chaplin was compiled just after his emotional and overdue Academy Award tribute in 1972. Briefly outlining Chaplin's frequently tempestuous personal life, the film uses newsreel footage, photographs and quotations from Chaplin's autobiography, spoken by Laurence Olivier. Clips from Chaplin's silent shorts and features display his ability to veer from slapstick to pathos in an instant. The film is rounded out by delightful home-movie footage.

Platypus Cove (1986)

Platypus Cove is a 1983 Australian television film about a tugboat.

Exposure (2013)

A U.S. photographer (Peter Coyote) learns from a master knife-fighter (Tcheky Karyo) how to avenge his girlfriend (Amanda Pays) in Rio de Janeiro.

The Rawhide Years (1956)

The Rawhide Years is a 1956 Western directed by Rudolph Mate and starring Tony Curtis and Colleen Miller.

The Valley Below (2014)

The Valley Below is a Canadian dramatic film, released in 2014. The feature film debut of filmmaker Kyle Thomas, the film consists of four interrelated stories taking place in the badlands around Drumheller, Alberta. The film was produced by the North Country Cinema media arts collective based out of Calgary, Alberta. The individual stories centre on Kate (Mikaela Cochrane), a young woman preparing to attend college who discovers that she is pregnant just before leaving on a camping trip with her boyfriend Henry (Joe Perry); Warren (Kris Demeanor), a zamboni driver at the local hockey rink and an aspiring musician who is struggling with alcoholism; Gordon (Stephen Bogaert), a shy and reclusive taxidermist dealing with his failing marriage with Susan (Lori Ravensborg); and Barry (Alejandro Rae), a police officer and part-time local radio host who is looking to start a family with his partner Jill (Alana Hawley). Each of the four segments features a score by a different Canadian musician. Rae Spoon, Dan Mangan, Eamon McGrath and Gavin Gardiner composed the music. The film garnered two Canadian Screen Award nominations at the 3rd Canadian Screen Awards, in the categories of Best Supporting Actor for Demeanor and Best Original Song for Mangan's song "Wants". The film received largely positive critical attention from the Canadian media, including The National Post calling it a "superb first feature".

Elmer (1976)

A courageous canine helps a blind youth steer clear of danger while making his way out of the wilderness.

In Your Arms (2015)

A nurse (Lisa Carlehed) agrees to take an embittered, mostly paralyzed patient (Peter Plaugborg) to Switzerland so that he can end his life.

Den russiske sangerinde (1993)

The Russian Singer is a 1993 Danish thriller film directed by Morten Arnfred and starring Ole Lemmeke. It was entered into the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival.

3-Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam (2014)

Performance poets have thought provoking conversations on the activist roots of spoken-word poetry.

The Last Romantic Lover (1978)

A magazine editor's (Dayle Haddon) manhunt for lovers leads her to a French lion tamer (Gerard Tybalt).

The Space Movie (1980)

The Space Movie is a documentary film produced in 1979 by Tony Palmer at the request of NASA, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. The 78 minute film was released theatrically in 1980, on VHS in 1983 and on DVD in 2007. Richard Branson and Simon Draper's Virgin Films produced the film. Ed Bishop provided some narration for the film.

Boothill Brigade (1937)

Boothill Brigade is a 1937 American Western film directed by Sam Newfield and written by George H. Plympton. The film stars Johnny Mack Brown, Claire Rochelle, Dick Curtis, Horace Murphy, Frank LaRue and Ed Cassidy. The film was released on August 2, 1937, by Republic Pictures.

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938)

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars is a 1938 Universal Pictures 15 chapter movie serial, based on the syndicated newspaper comic strip Flash Gordon. It is the second of the three Flash Gordon serials made by Universal between 1936 and 1940. The main cast from the first serial reprise their roles: Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon, Jean Rogers as Dale Arden, Frank Shannon as Dr. Alexis Zarkov, Charles B. Middleton as Ming the Merciless, and Richard Alexander as Prince Barin. Also in the principal cast are Beatrice Roberts as Queen Azura, Donald Kerr as Happy Hapgood, Montague Shaw as the Clay King, and Wheeler Oakman as Ming's chief henchman.

The Flag of Humanity (1940)

Clara Barton (Nana Bryant) works to further the cause of the Red Cross.

Twists Of Terror (1997)

Twists of Terror, originally titled Primal Scream, is a 1997 Canadian made-for-television horror-thriller film directed by Douglas Jackson and starring Jennifer Rubin, Françoise Robertson and Nick Mancuso. The film first aired its native Canada in July 1997 and then in Germany during November 1997, whilst the film's video premiere in the UK was during April 1998, and made its television premiere in America, October 17, 1998, on Showtime.

BOTSO (2014)

A man from the Republic of Georgia survives World War II and transforms a small coastal town in California with his passion for art, music and living.

Duke-Carolina: The Blue Blood Rivalry (2013)

The history of the feud between Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

Rendezvous in July (1949)

Rendezvous in July (French: Rendez-vous de juillet) is a 1949 French comedy film directed and written by Jacques Becker. It was entered into the 1949 Cannes Film Festival. The film was selected for screening as part of the Cannes Classics section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Before We Say Goodbye (2010)

A Mexican-American woman (Juanita Sena-Shannon) worries about how she and her family will cope if her ailing husband (F.X. Gurrola-Gal) dies.

Bill Hicks: Relentless (1992)

Bill Hicks tells us how he feels about non-smokers, blow-jobs, religion, war and peace, drugs and music.

Best Friends (1975)

Best Friends is a 1975 film directed by Noel Nosseck and starring Doug Chapin (who also wrote a part of the screenplay's dialogue) and Richard Hatch. The film centers on the slow psychotic deterioration of a Vietnam war veteran who aims to restore his carefree youth by eliminating his best friend's marital engagement.

Blood Trails (2006)

Blood Trails is a 2006 German horror film written and directed by Robert Krause, and co-written by Florian Puchert.

Coach (2009)

Coach, released in 2009 and directed by Joram Lursen, is a fun filled drama through and through. The movie starts off with Susanna Van Meeteren, a Dutch saleswoman, trying to venture out to her next and newest hobby. This hobby of hers was trying to set up a big brother/sister program; however Susanna soon finds that she messed up with that to begin with by accidently choosing to big brother a boy. The boy, Soukri, has a love for acting that Susana encourages, yet Soukri knows his father would never approve and therefore keeps this a secret and remains cautious about his passion becoming known. During this time Soukri starts getting tutoring lessons from a girl named Sophie who he develops feelings for. However this soon goes sour as soon as Sophie’s father finds out about Soukri’s love for her Sophie’s father moves them both out and therefore away from Soukri.

Before It Had a Name (2005)

Before It Had a Name is a 2005 film directed by Giada Colagrande and co-written by her and husband Willem Dafoe. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was retitled as The Black Widow when it was released on DVD. It marked the first time Dafoe had developed a project to the point of being shot as well as the first time Colagrande had written in English.

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980)

Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe is a short documentary film directed by Les Blank in 1980 which depicts director Werner Herzog living up to his promise that he would eat his shoe if Errol Morris ever completed the film Gates of Heaven. The film includes clips from both Gates of Heaven and Herzog's 1970 feature Even Dwarfs Started Small. Comic song "Old Whisky Shoes", played by the Walt Solek Band, is the signature tune over the opening and closing credits.

Wonder Women (1973)

A businesswoman (Gigi Leung) and her unemployed husband (George Lam) experience financial woes related to real estate and stocks.

Should Men Walk Home? (1927)

Should Men Walk Home? is a 1927 American short silent comedy film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Mabel Normand and featuring Oliver Hardy and Eugene Pallette.

Taming of the West (1939)

Bill Elliott stops the evil cattle rustlers, who use up sheriffs like disposable razor blades. Instead of the customary gun battles, Elliott was known for his fisticuffs action and so he uses his knuckles to clean out the bad guys and win the heart of Iris Meredith, who had been the main lady for Charles Starrett in his westerns.

Rabid Dogs (2015)

"4 stars… in the big finale, after all of the elements have slowly been brought to a raging boil, the climax duels out a shocking blow and delivers a gut punch of an ending." – Bloody Disgusting On the main avenue of a crowded city, Sabri (Guillaume Gouix, The Returned), grips the steering wheel of his car, eyes fixed anxiously on the bank entrance opposite… Then, there's a sudden explosion, and three masked men race to the car, bags loaded with stolen cash. Unfortunately, everything is about to go wrong. With the cops right behind them, the car crashes and their boss is killed. Sabri and his accomplices are forced to run. The desperate criminals will stop at nothing to make their escape. Taking a young woman and a father and child hostage, they embark on a crazy, violent road trip that not all of them will survive… This chilling remake of the 1974 Mario Bava cult classic stars Lambert Wilson (The Matrix Reloaded, Dante 01), Laurent Lucas (Calvaire) and Virginie Ledoyen (The Backwoods, The Beach).

Do You Believe in Love? (2017)

After becoming paralyzed, Tova does not believe in love, but she tirelessly works to find it for everyone else.

The Mind's Eye (2015)

The Mind's Eye is a 2015 American horror film written and directed by Joe Begos. The film stars Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos, Larry Fessenden, Noah Segan and Matt Mercer. The film was released on August 5, 2016, by RLJ Entertainment.

Accidental Exorcist (2016)

Richard Vanuck is thirty something, Polish, a piss poor alcoholic and a bad writer. He can’t hold down a day job, or maintain a normal life, and he can’t finish his book because long ago fate dealt him a very strange hand. Vanuck is a natural born Exorcist, in fact, he’s the best there ever was and with possessions on the rise across the city, he’s booked solid. Reluctantly, he faces the fact that performing exorcisms is the only thing he’s truly good at even though it’s wearing him down and making his life utterly miserable. Case after case, he stares evil incarnate in the face and takes on Satanic forces to help those in need but not without a price because not only is it slowly killing him, it’s changing him and time is running out.

The Sea Hornet (1951)

The Sea Hornet is a 1951 American adventure film directed by Joseph Kane and written by Gerald Drayson Adams. The film stars Rod Cameron, Adele Mara, Lorna Gray, Chill Wills, Jim Davis and Richard Jaeckel. The film was released on November 6, 1951, by Republic Pictures.

The Butler's Dilemma (1943)

The butler in a well-to-do household is simultaneously impersonated by both a young playboy and a small-time thief.

The African Cypher (2012)

Filmmaker Bryan Little explores the philosophy of dance of two young performers.

Yakshiyum Njanum (2010)

Yakshiyum Njaanum is a 2010 Malayalam film written and directed by Vinayan. The film is produced under the banner of RG Productions India Pvt. Ltd by multinational industrialist Rubon Gomez.

Her Adventurous Night (1946)

Her Adventurous Night is a 1946 American comedy film directed by John Rawlins and written by Jerry Warner. The film stars Dennis O'Keefe, Helen Walker, Scotty Beckett, Fuzzy Knight, Milburn Stone and Tom Powers. The film was released on June 5, 1946, by Universal Pictures.

Manny (2015)

A man who overcame insurmountable odds to become one of the most loved and respected athletes of all time. From a starving teenager who fought to feed his family, to a Congressman working tirelessly to improve the lives of his people, Manny is a hard hitting feature length documentary film that explores the many triumphs and tribulations of Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao.

1st to Die (2003)

First to Die is a 2003 television miniseries based on the novel of the same name by James Patterson. The film stars Tracy Pollan, Pam Grier, Angie Everhart and Carly Pope as a group of women team up to investigate a string of murders.

In a Spiral State (2009)

As a number of unusual incidents begin to happen to four women and four men, their lives spiral out of control.

The Return Of Jesse James (1950)

The Return of Jesse James is a 1950 American western film directed by Arthur Hilton and starring John Ireland, Ann Dvorak and Henry Hull. The film's art direction was by Frank Paul Sylos.

Spring Awakening (1994)

A 1900s Nebraskan (Jamey Sheridan) leaves his true love (Sherilyn Fenn) to work in Mississippi, where he's trapped into marrying someone else.

Why Be Good? (1929)

Why Be Good? is a 1929 American silent comedy film from First National Pictures starring Colleen Moore and featuring Neil Hamilton. The film has no audible dialogue, but it is accompanied by a Vitaphone soundtrack with music, sound effects, and some synchronized singing.

The Weapon (1956)

The Weapon is a 1956 British thriller film directed by Val Guest. It was made by Republic Pictures. Its themes were originally explored in the 1951 British film, The Yellow Balloon.

Strange Glory (1938)

A look at the debate about who should get credit for the "Tennessee Plan" during the Civil War.

The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life (2013)

The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life is an Academy Award-winning 2013 documentary-short film directed, written and produced by Malcolm Clarke.

Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir (2011)

Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir is a 2018 documentary film directed by Laurent Bouzereau. The film is about Roman Polanski's life, career, and legal issues.

Regular or Super: Views on Mies van der Rohe (2004)

Filmmakers Patrick Demers and Joseph Hillel look at the life and work of the famed architect, who approached his designs with a "less is more" philosophy.

Dark Side of Genius (1994)

An artist Julian Jons (Brent Fraser) begins to dig up the painful memories of his past.

It Happened at the Inn (1943)

It Happened at the Inn (French: Goupi mains rouges) is a 1943 French mystery film directed by Jacques Becker, starring Fernand Ledoux, Robert Le Vigan, Georges Rollin and Blanchette Brunoy. It follows an investigation where the family members of an old woman are suspected of her murder. The film is based on the 1937 novel with the same title by Pierre Véry. It was released in France on 14 April 1943. It was shot at the Epinay Studios in Paris with location filming taking place around Charente.

Heaven and Earth (1990)

In 16th century Japan, two samurai engage in massive battles across the countryside; one attempting to conquer and the other attempting to defend his land while repressing his love for a woman after taking a vow of celibacy.

Vote for Me (2003)

Elderly Leo Rodriguez (Ricardo Barber), a proudly Puerto Rican building superintendent, enters politics with homemade signs and a vow to drive out drug dealers. He soon becomes a real contender when he picks up a guitar and sings and dances his way into voters' hearts.


Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller chronicle their efforts to construct a mobile home that measures only 120 square feet but contains the comforts of larger houses.

Hope (2014)

Hope is a 2014 French drama film directed by Boris Lojkine. It was screened as part of the International Critics' Week section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival where it won the SACD Award.

Hulchul (2004)

Hulchul is a 2004 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy-drama film directed by Priyadarshan. The story is adapted from the Malayalam film Godfather and storyline is based on "Romeo and Juliet". The film has a huge star cast including Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Sunil Shetty, Amrish Puri, Paresh Rawal, Jackie Shroff, Arbaaz Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Farha Naaz, and Laxmi.

Inupiluk (2014)

Thomas is forced to host Olee and Adam, two of his father's Inuit friends, in Paris.

Saving Star Wars (2004)

Saving Star Wars is a 2004 independent film by Woodworks Films that was written and produced by Gary Wood. The title is a play on the titles of the World War II movie Saving Private Ryan and Star Wars. The first preview of the film was at a film festival called Reel Competition, where it was rated highly by the film-goers. It features David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in the Star Wars trilogy. In addition, one of the principal actors, Jim Peterson, now teaches film, theatre, and alchemy at Carmel High School (Carmel, Indiana). The film was shot in central Indiana, and shown at the Star Wars Celebration III convention in 2005 in a nearby IMAX theater. The original concept poster was designed by Associate Producer Josh Shanks and Travis Bow.

The Comedian (2012)

The Comedian is a 2012 British drama film, written and directed by Tom Shkolnik as his feature debut. The movie was shot in central London and follows the life of Ed (Edward Hogg) as it paints a vivid picture of the city. Shkolnik was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2012 London Film Festival.

Dynamite (1929)

Dynamite is a 1929 American Pre-Code drama film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Conrad Nagel, Kay Johnson, Charles Bickford, and Julia Faye. Written by Jeanie MacPherson, John Howard Lawson, and Gladys Unger, the film is about a convicted murderer scheduled to be executed, whom a socialite marries simply to satisfy a condition of her grandfather's will. Mitchell Leisen was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Art Direction.

The Violent Ones (1967)

The Violent Ones is a 1967 film directed by and starring Fernando Lamas. The story was written and created by Charles Davis, Fred Freiberger, Herman Miller, and Doug Wilson.

Seasons change: Phror arkad plian plang boi (2006)

Seasons Change is 2006 Thai romantic comedy film directed by Nithiwat Tharathorn.

All Under the Moon (1993)

All Under the Moon is a 1993 Japanese film directed by Yoichi Sai and starring Masato Hagiwara and Ruby Moreno.

The Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold (2006)

The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold is a 2006 American romantic drama film and the sequel to the 1992 film The Cutting Edge. The film premiered on March 12, 2006 on ABC Family and released on DVD on March 28, 2006.

The Hillz (2004)

The Hillz is a 2004 film written and directed by Saran Barnun and starring Rene Heger, Jesse Woodrow, and Paris Hilton. It centers around four kids from Beverly Hills who form a ruthless gang. The entire film features Steve's (Woodrow) feeble attempts to obtain Heather Smith (Hilton) as his girlfriend, and a ruthless rebel child with some clear psychological disorders named Duff and his friend T trying to earn respect in their gang.

Two: The Story of Roman & Nyro (2013)

Songwriter Desmond Child and his partner create their new modern family.

Baker County, U.S.A. (1982)

Trapped (also known as Baker County, U.S.A. and The Killer Instinct) is a 1982 Canadian-American thriller-horror film directed by William Fruet and starring Henry Silva.

Hotel Normandy (2013)

Alice has everything she wants at the age of 40 -- everything except a man. Her best friends, intent on facilitating her encounter with a guy, book a luxurious room at a grand hotel.

For My Baby (2000)

A woman (Juliet Aubrey) falls for a stand-up comedian (Alan Cumming) who dresses like his dead sister to please his hospitalized mother.

Black Mountain (1971)

Alone with her dog and hapless one-eyed husband, a woman (Liya Ai) runs an isolated Chinese inn during World War II. One day two porters arrive, kill her spouse and take over the property. Violent "Big Brother" (Zhao Xiaorui) is determined to forcibly make the woman his, while his gentler companion, "Sixth Brother" (Xie Yuan), wins her over with kindness. The rising tension between the two men is set aside in favor of national unity when Japanese soldiers arrive to conquer the territory.

Movie (2011)

Rather than complete his latest picture, a filmmaker goes on the run and meets a sexy young woman and a hitchhiker.

Grosshouse (2015)

Marty, a trouble nerd, lives with his abusive mother, a prostitute who murders her clients. When she threatens to pull him away from his sister, Marty decides she's gone too far, and it's time to stand up for himself.

The Glass Mountain (1949)

The Glass Mountain is a black and white British romantic film drama released in 1949. It starred Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray and Valentina Cortese. The film was a popular success of its day, and was re-released in the UK in 1950 and 1953. It features acclaimed classical vocalist Tito Gobbi as himself, with the orchestra and chorus of the Venice Opera House. The theme music by Nino Rota is memorable, and was also a contemporary hit. It was mainly filmed on location in the Dolomites and at Venice's La Fenice Opera House.The Guardian wrote, "most reference books now deride the film, but at a time when Britain was emerging from the war into a period of grey austerity, The Glass Mountain and movies like it were a popular tonic. Set in the beautiful Dolomite mountains, with graceful performers and a nostalgically slow pace, it was one of the most successful British films to that date. The part of the composer was taken by Denison, with whom (Dulcie) Gray starred on stage and screen so many times that the Denisons became one of the "royal families" of the British entertainment scene." A tale from peasant folklore concerns a mountain made of glass and a man's attempts to climb it, to win the love of a princess. For each step he takes, he slides back two steps; so, cleverly, he turns about and climbs it backwards, gaining double elevation with each downward step.

No Substitute for Victory (1970)

Utilizing the DVD format to its fullest, viewers will enjoy a unique and educational experience by being able to switch between past and current interview footage with the touch of a single button. Hosted by John Wayne, the original No Substitute for Vict