Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe (2008)

Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe is a 2008 documentary film about painter and graffiti artist David Choe, directed by Harry Kim. Over more than a decade, Kim filmed the most intimate and dramatic moments of his best friend David Choe's colorful life as an artist. Dirty Hands began as a film school project, but gradually expanded into a half-hour film entitled Whales and Orgies, then a feature-length documentary. The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 21, 2008 and had a theatrical premiere at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco in May 2010.

Spellcaster (1991)

Spellcaster is a 1992 American film starring Adam Ant.

Open Heart (2002)

A young surgeon (Aki Avni) has an affair with the wife (Riki Gal) of a hospital administrator (Assi Dayan).

The Debt (2007)

Ha-Hov, aka HaChov, or in English, The Debt, is a 2007 Israeli drama-thriller film directed by Assaf Bernstein and starring Gila Almagor, Yuriy Chepurnov, and Oleg Drach, about three retired Mossad agents confronted by a challenge from their past.

Law and Order (1942)

Billy the Kid's (Buster Crabbe) resemblance to a cavalry officer leaves an old woman open to a swindle.

Murder in My Mind (1997)

Murder in My Mind is a 1997 science fiction crime drama film starring Nicollette Sheridan, Stacy Keach, Peter Outerbridge, Peter Coyote, Ian Tracey and Peter Flemming. It was directed by Robert Iscove and written by Tom Swale.

Passion's Web (2007)

A prison psychologist (Julie Warner) finds herself drawn to a dangerous inmate (Sebastian Spence) and advocates for his parole.

Bonnie's Kids (1972)

Bonnie's Kids is a 1973 American crime exploitation film written and directed by Arthur Marks.

Visitors (2013)

A wordless portrait of modern life, exploring humanity's trance-like relationship with technology, which, when commandeered by extreme emotional states, produces massive effects far beyond the human species. Comprised of seventy-four shots, Visitors takes viewers on a journey to the moon and back to confront them with themselves.

When Innocence Is Lost (1997)

When Innocence Is Lost is a 1997 American drama television film directed by Bethany Rooney and written by Deborah Jones. The music of the film was composed by Dennis McCarthy. It stars Keri Russell, Jill Clayburgh, Vince Corazza, Julie Khaner, and Charlotte Sullivan.

Guns for Dollars (1971)

They Call Me Hallelujah (Italian: Testa t'ammazzo, croce... sei morto - Mi chiamano Alleluja, also known as Guns for Dollars, Deep West and Heads I Kill You, Tails You're Dead! They Call Me Hallalujah) is a 1971 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Giuliano Carnimeo and starring George Hilton.

Dark Places (2005)

Keri, a drug-addicted prostitute living on the dark side of life, thinks things cannot get any worse, then she learns that they can.

Journey to the Christmas Star (2012)

A girl begins a hazardous journey to find the Christmas star and free a kingdom from a curse.

This Won't Hurt a Bit (1993)

This Won't Hurt a Bit is a 1993 Australian comedy film about a dishonest dentist who overservices the British public and then goes on the run from Interpol, directed by Chris Kennedy who was a dentist in real life. According to Ozmovies, Those searching for the source of inspiration for writer/director and co-producer Chris Kennedy need look no further than his professional life as a dentist, which saw him do time in England practising his skills. It’s perhaps pushing things to say that he dreamed up the idea of revenge on the English while peering into the mouths of his English patients, but his screenplay is filled with knowing nods in this direction.

Loot (1970)

Loot is a 1970 British comedy film directed by Silvio Narizzano which is based on the play of the same name by Joe Orton. It was entered into the 1971 Cannes Film Festival.

Whistlin' Dan (1932)

Whistlin' Dan is a 1932 American western film directed by Phil Rosen and starring Ken Maynard, Joyzelle, and Georges Renavent. It was released on March 20, 1932.

The Sister-in-Law (1995)

A lounge singer (Kate Vernon) schemes to get revenge on the tycoon she holds responsible for her parents' deaths.

The Kindergarten Teacher (2014)

Nadav Lapid's The Kindergarten Teacher is the story of a teacher who becomes at first enchanted, and then ultimately consumed by the poetic genius of her five-year-old student. As the titular protagonist, Nira, discovers that her young student, Yoav, has an otherworldly talent for language and poetry, she slowly and progressively becomes interested in cultivating the boy's gift. But when fascination morphs into obsession, Nira pushes the boundaries of her relationship with the boy and his family in an attempt to protect his talent before he passes from boyhood to adolescence, and his purity is lost.

The Purloined Pup (1946)

Policedog Pluto must save a captive pooch from Butch the dognapper.

I'm the Father (2002)

Marco (Sebastian Blomberg) is an overworked architect who is just about to finish a project he believes will make his name in the architectural world. But Marco's success comes at a price. His relationship with his wife, Melanie (Maria Schrader), and son is suffering. Melanie is fed up with Marco's refusal to pay more attention to his family and files for divorce. Shocked by their departure, Marco must reassess his lifestyle if he wants to win back his family.

The Blind Dead 4 (1975)

Night of the Seagulls, also known as La noche de las gaviotas and Don't Go Out at Night, is a 1975 Spanish horror film written and directed by Amando de Ossorio. The film is the fourth and final in Ossorio's "Blind Dead" series, and the sequel to The Ghost Galleon (1974).

Africa Uncensored (1971)

A disturbing documentary based on a tour of 20 African countries.

Melody (1997)

Saaz is a 1998 Hindi movie produced and directed by Sai Paranjpye, starring Aruna Irani and Shabana Azmi in lead roles. The plot is allegedly based on the life of legendary singing sisters of Bollywood, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. In an interview after the release of the film Asha said, "Its not true at all. To have two women in long plaits, take a couple of incidents and exaggerate them into a 3-hour film is such a waste of time."

A Death of Innocence (1971)

A Death of Innocence is a 1971 American made-for-television drama film directed by Paul Wendkos.

The Children in the House (1916)

A woman is stuck with an unfaithful husband until he is killed robbing a bank.

Pictures of Superheroes (2012)

Marie is dumped and fired on the same day and gets a job cleaning up after a businessman and his forgotten roommate.

The Three Es (2015)

The Dunn family struggles to prepare for a son's return after he is severely injured while serving in Iraq.

The Touch of Satan (1971)

The Touch of Satan is a 1971 horror film. It was directed by Don Henderson, and it starred Michael Berry and Emby Mellay in their debut roles. The film was shot in 1970 in the Santa Ynez, California area and featured early work by movie makeup artist Joe Blasco. The film was relatively obscure, playing only in drive-in theaters and dollar movie houses until a 1998 appearance on the series Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Nos voisins Dhantsu (2007)

Two reporters (Ral Bland, Stphane Lefebvre) travel to Tokyo to measure the tolerance and sense of humor of Japanese people.

Clubbed (2008)

Danny - a lonely factory worker, intimidated by life - is battered and humiliated in front of his kids in a random act of violence. His already bleak existence sinks further into the abyss. On the verge of total breakdown he decides to fight back. He meets a group of night-club doormen who take him in and give him the confidence to stand his ground. As he is drawn deeper into their world he becomes embroiled with the local gangland boss, setting in motion a chain of events with shockingly brutal consequences.

American Girls (2013)

Schoolgirls are abducted and murdered in an all-American town.

The Lady Has Plans (1942)

The Lady Has Plans is a 1942 American thriller comedy film starring Ray Milland and Paulette Goddard.

The Shaman (1987)

A man must oppose his best friend while resisting the powers of an evil being seeking a successor.

Blackout (1950)

Blackout is a 1950 English crime drama film directed by Robert S. Baker. The film featured Maxwell Reed, Dinah Sheridan, Patric Doonan, Kynaston Reeves, Annette D. Simmonds, Eric Pohlmann, Michael Evans and Michael Brennan in the lead roles. The film depicts the story of an engineer (Maxwell Reed) who is able to find out the murderers involved in a murder mystery with the help of Patricia Dale (Dinah Sheridan). The film was the first featured appearance of Ronald Leigh-Hunt.

A Weekend With Lulu (1961)

A Weekend with Lulu is a 1961 British black and white comedy film directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Bob Monkhouse, Leslie Phillips, Alfred Marks, Shirley Eaton and Irene Handl.

One step behind you (2004)

A woman (Florence Pernel) stands accused of murdering her violent husband.

El viaje de la nonna (2008)

Three siblings (Vernica Langer, Rodrigo Murray) hatch a plan to trick their forgetful mother (Ana Ofelia Murgua) by faking a trip to Italy.

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom (1975)

Queen of the Stardust Ballroom is an American television movie directed by Sam O'Steen and executive-produced by Roger Gimbel, from the teleplay by Jerome Kass. It was broadcast by CBS on February 13, 1975. Maureen Stapleton, Charles Durning, and Charlotte Rae were nominated for Emmy Awards for their performances.

Going Undercover (1985)

A Beverly Hills socialite (Jean Simmons) pays a would-be private eye (Chris Lemmon) to watch her stepdaughter (Lea Thompson) in Europe.

Kajraare (2010)

Kajraare is a Bollywood film that released on 15 October 2010. The film was directed by Pooja Bhatt and starred Himesh Reshammiya and the Pakistani actress Sara Loren. Reshammiya plays a singer who falls in love with a bar dancer and the film is centred on how they find true love. It is the first Hindi film to be shot in Petra, often called "the eighth wonder of the world."

Take It with You (2013)

In April 2009, Bryce Lemon and his sister Alyssa departed on what they hoped would be a spiritual journey around the world. But what they found was more human and real.

How Is It Going? (1976)

Two newspaper workers try to make a film.

Frogs! (1991)

A witch turns a high-school senior (Scott Grimes) into a frog like his friend, and only a kiss can turn him back again.

Foreign Ghosts (1998)

A trilogy of tales centering on three women of various ethnic backgrounds and their experiences in Montreal.

The Black Network (1936)

The owner of a shoe polish company funds a show featuring black performers along with his wife, who sings on the program.

Princess Aurora (2005)

Princess Aurora is a 2005 South Korean film about a mother over grieving the death of her child, who goes on a murderous revenge spree. It was the directorial and writing debut of actress-director Bang Eun-jin.

The Incredible Petrified World (1960)

The Incredible Petrified World is a 1957 science fiction film directed by Jerry Warren and starring John Carradine. It was only theatrically released on April 16, 1960, on a double bill with Teenage Zombies.

The Sheik Steps Out (1937)

The Sheik Steps Out is a 1937 American musical film directed by Irving Pichel and written by Adele Buffington and Gordon Kahn. The film stars Ramon Novarro, Lola Lane, Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Burke, Stanley Fields and Billy Bevan. The film was released on September 6, 1937, by Republic Pictures.

Sea Devils (1937)

Sea Devils is a 1937 American film directed by Benjamin Stoloff. Among the American "preparedness films" of the mid-1930s devoted to enhancing the image of the Army (Flirtation Walk), the Navy (Here Comes the Navy) and the Marines (The Singing Marine, Devil Dogs of the Air), this entry focuses equivalent approving attention on the work of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Indian Cowboy (2004)

Indian Cowboy is a 2004 South Asian independent feature film that belongs to a growing list of independently produced films in North America by filmmakers of South Asian descent. Featuring a bevy of South Asian actors including Sheetal Sheth, this film premiered at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August 2004 and was released in North America on February 23, 2007.

Bai cu shi fu kou cu tou (1979)

A street bully sends his followers against the martial-arts student who offended him.

Das weiße Abenteuer (1952)

The White Adventure (German: Das weiße Abenteuer) is a 1952 West German comedy crime film directed by Arthur Maria Rabenalt and starring Joe Stöckel, Lucie Englisch and Adrian Hoven. It set at a ski resort on the Bavarian border with Austria, where smuggling is taking place.

Blackwood (2014)

A college professor finds himself plagued by spectral visions, and becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth behind a local mystery that appears to be putting the lives of his family in danger.

House Of Forbidden Secrets (2013)

House of Forbidden Secrets is a 2013 American horror film directed by Todd Sheets, with a score created by Fabio Frizzi.

The Love She Sought (1990)

An aging school teacher (Lansbury) at a Catholic grammar school in Minnesota questions her life's existence when she has to start battling a new bishop (Prosky). As a result she retires and moves to Ireland where she seeks an admirer (Elliott) with whom she has been corresponding for five years.

Stormy Weathers (1992)

Stormy Weathers is a 1992 television film directed by Will Mackenzie and starring Cybill Shepherd as Samantha Weathers.

A Man Alone (1955)

A Man Alone is a 1955 Trucolor Western film directed by starring Ray Milland, Mary Murphy and Ward Bond. The story involves a man (Milland) who stumbles onto the aftermath of a stagecoach robbery in the Arizona desert in which there were no survivors.

Everybody Go Home! (1960)

Everybody Go Home (Italian: Tutti a casa) is a 1960 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Luigi Comencini. It features an international cast including the U.S. actors Martin Balsam, Alex Nicol and the Franco-Italian Serge Reggiani. Nino Manfredi was rejected for the starring role because Alberto Sordi wanted it. The film is one of the most famous films of the Commedia all'italiana genre, and is set during the Allied invasion of Italy in 1943. It also belongs to a large genre of Italian films about Italy during the chaos after the invasion and double occupation of September 1943 - others include Rome, Open City, Paisà, General della Rovere, Violent Summer, Long Night in 1943, Escape by Night, Two Women, The Fascist, The Abandoned, The Four Days of Naples, and Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom.

Game For Vultures (1979)

Game for Vultures is a 1979 British thriller film starring Richard Harris, Joan Collins and Richard Roundtree. It was directed by James Fargo and based on a novel by Michael Hartmann set during the Rhodesian Bush War.

Wintersleepers (1997)

Winter Sleepers (German: Winterschläfer meaning "hibernators") is a 1997 German film directed by Tom Tykwer. It was premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival.

80 Blocks from Tiffany's (1979)

80 Blocks from Tiffany's is a 1979 documentary directed by Gary Weis. It depicted the daily lives of gangs within the context of the South Bronx. It dealt primarily with two gangs, one African American and the other Puerto Rican, known as the "Savage Skulls" and the "Savage Nomads". The South Bronx was known for its severe social decay during the 1970s and this idea was emphasised throughout the documentary. The documentary also illustrated many social issues such as high unemployment, prostitution and drug and alcohol abuse. The name of the documentary refers to the distance between Tiffany's jewelry store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the South Bronx. 80 Blocks from Tiffany's was released by Pacific Arts Entertainment for Home Video on VHS in 1985.

Gaslight Follies (1945)

Four-part documentary (each part of which was also available as a short subject) relating to films and other customs of the 1910s and 1920s, consisting of: 1) "Stars of Yesterday", a parade of closeup shots of about 45 silent-era film stars ranging from Marie Dressler to Dolores Costello, Tom Mix and Tony (the horse) to Douglas Fairbanks; 2) "Time Marches Back", a compilation of about a dozen newsreel items ranging from the 1899 Jeffries-Fitzsimmons prize fight thru Babe Ruth's early days with the New York Yankees, and also personalities such as Teddy Roosevelt at home and the inauguration of Prince Edward; 3) a filmed Victoria stage melodrama, "The Drunkard", originally produced by Louis Weiss in the 1930s; and 4) a de-subtitled reprise, possibly edited, of the 1915 motion picture "East Lynne", with satirical narration and sound effects...

Honour (2014)

Honour is a contemporary thriller focusing on "honour killings".

Infernal Street (1973)

A Northern China street well-known for its plush casinos, opium dens and danger is the setting for intense action.

Sergeant Matlovich vs. the U.S. Air Force (1978)

in this film based on a true story, Leonard Matlovich (Brad Dourif) is a decorated Vietnam veteran who faces a court-martial from the U.S. Air Force after his admission of homosexuality. Convinced he is taking a stand for civil rights, Matlovich intentionally reveals his homosexuality to challenge the rules that forbid openly gay men from serving in the military. When the Air Force attempts to oust Matlovich with a discharge, he fights the case in court, citing his perfect military record.

Gibier d'élevage (2011)

During the Vietnam War, a pilot (Cyril Gueï) survives a plane crash but becomes a prisoner of Cambodian soldiers.

The Last Outpost (1935)

The Last Outpost is a 1935 American adventure film directed by Charles Barton and Louis J. Gasnier and written by Charles Brackett, Frank Partos and Philip MacDonald. It is based on F. Britten Austin's novel The Drum. The film stars Cary Grant, Claude Rains, Gertrude Michael, Kathleen Burke, Colin Tapley, Margaret Swope and Billy Bevan. The film was released on October 11, 1935, by Paramount Pictures.

Till Death Us Do Part (1969)

Till Death Us Do Part is a 1969 film based on the BBC television series Till Death Us Do Part. The film was directed by Norman Cohen and written by Johnny Speight, the creator of the television version.The film was considered successful enough at the box office to spawn a sequel, The Alf Garnett Saga, in 1972.

Hoedown (1950)

Country music star Eddy Arnold plays himself in this goofy comedy about a new cowboy movie star (Jock Mahoney) on a personal appearance tour for his first movie, unaware that his studio has already decided it's a flop and dumped him. He wanders in on a benefit concert hosted by Arnold, featuring Carolina Cotton, The Pied Pipers, and others. Arnold sees potential in the kid and tries to get him back in Hollywood's good graces. Directed by Ray Nazarro, also features Jeff Donnell and Guinn "Big Boy" Williams. Newly remastered.

Hashar: A Love Story... (2008)

College students rebel against the traditional values of their parents.

Missä on missä? (2009)

Two Arab boys kill their French friend in the late 1950s.

The Black Glove (1954)

Face the Music (released in the U.S. as The Black Glove) is a 1954 British crime drama film directed by Terence Fisher, starring Alex Nicol and Eleanor Summerfield. An American trumpet player in Britain is accused of murdering a beautiful blues singer.

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is a 1970 American satirical musical melodrama film starring Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom, John LaZar, Michael Blodgett and David Gurian. The film was directed by Russ Meyer and co-written by Meyer and Roger Ebert. Originally intended as a sequel to the 1967 film Valley of the Dolls—"dolls" being a slang term for depressant pills or "downers"—Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was instead revised as a parody of the commercially successful but critically reviled original.

Corrupt Justice (1993)

Crimebroker is a 1993 Australian-Japanese TV movie starring Jacqueline Bisset as a housewife who masquerades as a crime broker. It was also known as Corrupt Justice.

Jajantaram Mamantaram (2003)

Jajantaram Mamantaram is a 2003 Indian Hindi comedy fantasy film directed by Soumitra Ranade and produced by Arunima Roy. The film is based on the tale of Bakasura and Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels.

Billy Frankenstein (1998)

Billy Frankenstein is a 1998 horror-comedy movie directed by Fred Olen Ray and written by his wife Kim Ray.

Wrestling with a Memory (2008)

A wrestler experiences memory lapses.

Tazza: The High Rollers (2006)

Tazza: The High Rollers is a 2006 South Korean gambling film directed by Choi Dong-hoon and based on Huh Young-man and Kim Se-yeong's manhwa of the same name. Produced by Sidus FNH and distributed by CJ Entertainment, the story revolves around a group of gambling drifters involved in the Korean card game Hwatu. It was a huge commercial and critical success, becoming one of South Korea's highest-grossing films and winning numerous awards. It was the 2nd best-selling film of 2006 in South Korea, with 6,847,777 admissions nationwide.

The Masked Avengers (1981)

Masked Avengers is a Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh and produced by Mona Fong. It is one of the later Venom Mob films which no longer starred Sun Chien or Lo Mang, who were replaced by new Venom members Wang Li and Chu Ko. It also gave a starring role to younger member Chin Siu-Ho. This, along with House Of Traps and Five Element Ninjas is one of the more violent and darker martial arts films.

Crash Dive (1996)

When the American submarine "Ulysses" responds to a distress call, the Yugoslavian refugees they take onboard turn out to actually be Middle Eastern terrorists, led by Richter (Reiner Schone). They threaten to destroy Washington, D.C., using the sub's nuclear capabilities if they do not receive $100 million in gold. Former Navy SEAL James Carter (Michael Dudikoff), now a submarine designer, is brought in by Adm. Pendleton (Frederic Forrest) to sneak aboard the ship and defeat Richter.

Hay que matar a B. (1975)

A Hungarian in South America gets involved in politics, industrial chaos and the assassination of an exiled leader.

Island of Lost Women (1959)

Island of Lost Women is a 71-minute, black-and-white film, directed by Frank Tuttle, which was released by Warner Brothers in 1959. Its plot borrows from the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet which, in turn, lifted much of its plot from Shakespeare's The Tempest. Jeff Richards plays Mark Bradley, a radio commentator whose pilot, Joe Walker (John Smith), is flying him across the Pacific to a conference in Australia. Engine troubles develop and Smith makes a forced landing on a small, perhaps uncharted island inhabited by Dr. Paul Lujan (Alan Napier).

The Junior Spy Agency (2011)

Sam (Jacob Hays) and the Junior Spy Agency search for a priceless Russian treasure. They race to beat Cash (Kevin Sorbo) and his gang of bumbling thieves to recover the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.

Thule (2011)

In 1962, several young men stationed at a remote Air Force base band together to undergo a dangerous mission to retrieve mail lost in the frozen landscape of Greenland.

Blue Blood (2007)

Blue Blood is a documentary film that was released in UK cinemas in 2007 and showed on BBC2's Storyville in 2008. The film follows the paths of five students from Oxford University as they try to win a place on the Oxford University Amateur Boxing Club Varsity squad. Those who do will face off against students from the University of Cambridge and earn the right to call themselves a "Blue".

Hunting the Phantom (2014)

A policeman must break the law to save his fiancée. During his illegal activities he discovers that a global corporation is trying to overtake people's minds to control the future.

Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere (2014)

Đập cánh giữa không trung is a 2014 internationally co-produced drama film written and directed by Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp.

Slave Trade: How Prince Remade the Music Business (2014)

Filmmaker Elio Espana chronicles Prince's legal battle with his record company in which he reclaimed the rights to his intellectual property and set the norm across the music world.

Motivational Growth (2013)

Ian, a depressed recluse in his 30s, takes advice from a growth in his bathroom after a failed suicide attempt.

Red Reign: The Bloody Harvest of China's Prisoners (2013)

Filmmaker Masha Savitz exposes the organ harvesting done in China's prisons.

Vote and Die: Liszt for President (2008)

A billionaire runs on a "kill everyone now" ticket.

No Code of Conduct (1998)

No Code of Conduct is a 1998 action crime thriller film directed by Bret Michaels. The film stars Charlie Sheen, and Martin Sheen as father-and-son vice unit detectives, along with Mark Dacascos who portrays Charlie Sheen's partner. The film was released as a direct-to-video feature in some countries, including: Australia, Sweden, Japan, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Bret Michaels is credited as Director, Screenwriter, Composer, Actor and Executive Producer. Charlie Sheen's credits in this release include Actor, Screenwriter and Executive Producer.

Dark Future (1994)

Following a plague which left them sterile, humans run clubs for android masters with organic brains.

Three Brothers (1981)

Three Brothers (Italian: Tre fratelli) is a 1981 Italian film based on a work by Andrei Platonov. It was directed by Francesco Rosi and stars Philippe Noiret, Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Michele Placido and Charles Vanel. The film won the Boston Society of Film Critics award for Best Foreign Film, and the Nastro d'Argento for Best Director and Actor. It received a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It was screened out of competition at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Night of the Carrots (1998)

Diego checks into a bizarre hotel where rabbits use voodoo.

Appointment with Crime (1946)

Appointment with Crime is a 1946 British crime film directed by John Harlow.

The Mysteries of the Chateau de De (1929)

Les Mystères du Château de Dé (English: The Mysteries of the Chateau of Dice) is a 1929 film directed by Man Ray. It depicts a pair of travellers setting off from Paris and travelling to the Villa Noailles in Hyères.

Nani (2012)

Oscar is caught spraying graffiti and does community service in a nursing home. He teaches Isabel, an 84-year-old woman, how to tag and helps her cover the entire block.

Lies and Crimes (2007)

Lies and Crimes is a 2007 television film starring Estella Warren, Tamara Hope, James McGowan and Joe MacLeod. It was directed by Mario Azzopardi and written by Morrie Ruvinsky.

The Sickhouse (2007)

The Sickhouse is a 2008 horror film, directed by Curtis Radclyffe, produced by Charlotte Wontner and starring Gina Philips, Kellie Shirley and Alex Hassell.