Zero 2 (2010)

Deadly Weekend (2009)

The Microchip (2011)

Ottokar, the World Reformer (1977)

Spanish Movie (2009)

Spanish Movie is a 2009 Spanish parody musical film directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and written by Paco Cabezas. The production makes spoofs of several successful Spanish horror/drama films in the box like Los Otros, El Orfanato, Alatriste, Abre los ojos, Los lunes al sol, Volver, Mar Adentro, El laberinto del fauno and REC. It features a cameo from Leslie Nielsen. The production started on 23 February 2009 in Barcelona and was released in cinemas on 4 December of that year.

Sweet Girls (2015)

Mono Lake (2004)

My House (2003)

My House is a 2003 Japanese drama film directed by Junji Sakamoto, starring Arisa Mizuki. It is based on the comic of the same name by Rieko Saibara.

Vennela (2005)

Vennela is a 2005 Telugu romantic comedy film written and directed by Deva Katta, starring Raja and Parvati Melton as well as Sharwanand and Ravi Varma. Vennela was well received among the young, urban audiences and south Indian students in USA mostly from Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, India. 90% of the film was shot in Michigan, United States. The American university setting was shot at Wayne State University main campus in Detroit and Oakland University in Rochester. Only 10% of the film was shot at City College Hyderabad. The film grossed ₹ 5.3 crore at the box office and was declared a cult hit.

1970 FIFA World Cup Official Film: The World at Their Feet (1970)

G'olé! (1983)

G'olé! is the official documentary film of the 1982 FIFA World Cup held in Spain. The film is narrated by Sean Connery and the score was written by Rick Wakeman. It tells the story of the 1982 FIFA World Cup which was won by Italy who beat West Germany in the final. It also highlights New Zealand - who played the most games in order to qualify - and Cameroon, a rising African force.

Blood Calls to Blood (1968)

All Time Low: Straight to DVD (2010)

I Still Believe (2020)

One love can change your life. One life can change the world. From the creators of I Can Only Imagine comes an inspiring love story for the ages. Rediscover the wonder of love in I STILL BELIEVE, based on the real-life story of chart-topping singer Jeremy Camp.

Six Shooters (2011)

Aballay is a 2010 Argentine drama film directed by Fernando Spiner. The film was selected as the Argentine entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

Sin You Sinners (1963)

Joseph and Mary (2016)

Joseph & Mary is a 2016 biblical drama film directed by Roger Christian and starring Kevin Sorbo as Joseph. It portrays the birth and early life of Jesus under the rule of King Herod the Great of the Roman Empire in the 1st century and includes an allegory about forgiveness involving the rabbi Elijah, a fictional character invented for the film.

Deception by Design (2015)

Kiss and Kill (1967)

The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan (2012)

When unemployed soccer hooligan Mike Jacobs encounters an old friend during a bloody pregame brawl, he finds the answer to his problems - credit card fraud. But before long, the fast paced world of easy money and beautiful women descends into a violent struggle for survival.

Mega Cyclone (2011)

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale - Part 1: The Sun Flag (2011)

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale is a 2011 Taiwanese historical drama film directed by Wei Te-sheng and produced by John Woo, based on the 1930 Wushe Incident in central Taiwan.

A Year in My Life (2006)

King's Daughters (1974)

Run Baby Run (1998)

The Prado Museum: A Collection of Wonders (2019)

The Old Man (2012)

The Old Man is a 2012 Kazakhstani drama film written and directed by Ermek Tursunov. The film was selected as the Kazakhstani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Of Slaves and Saints (2015)

Every October, men and women gather in the outback of Bahia for a religious festival.

Concrete Evidence: A Fixer Upper Mystery (2017)

After she finds a human skull in the basement of her current project, Shannon sets out to discover who is behind the mysterious death by piecing together clues left behind in the victim's hidden diary.

Notias (2016)

A boy shocks everyone when he weaves his own defeatist fairytale about the heroes of Greek history.

O, Brazen Age (2015)

Toronto artists search for new mythologies.

Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017)

Two of Michael Jackson's trusted bodyguards reveal the singer's devotion to his children and the hidden drama that took place during the last two years of his life.

Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992 (2017)

Filmmaker John Ridley examines a decade of tensions, civil unrest and events in Los Angeles that culminated in citywide violence following the Rodney King verdict on April 29, 1992.

Rajani The Style (2010)

A former software engineer starts pursuing a girl who considers him to be a local rowdy. She finally learns the truth and falls in love with him. However, he is unaware of her true identity.

Fun Bar Karaoke (1997)

A misfit works with an old fortune teller to prevent a strange dream from coming true.


A fighter with a heart of gold finds himself drawn into an Internet-streaming underground martial arts tournament.


Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four explores through extensive interviews with the cast and crew, the circumstances surrounding the legendary cult classic and "lost" Roger Corman film, The Fantastic Four.

Curtain (2015)

A burnt-out nurse moves into a new apartment in search of a simpler life. But when things begin to disappear through a strange portal in her bathroom wall, she discovers a gateway to the unknown that brings unimaginable horror to her quiet life.

Don't Blame the Karma for Being an Idiot (2016)

A woman's life turns chaotic after learning that her sister is engaged to her former high school sweetheart.

The Last Playlist (2014)

Told he has mere months until he'll be deaf, aging record producer Nick Silver sets out to prove that he's still relevant.

Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly (2017)

Filmmaker Justin Hunt dissects the harmful impacts of pornography on societies around the globe, from how it affects the brain to how technology leads to greater exposure to youth.

Alien Implant: The Hunted Must Become the Hunter (2017)

A brilliant scientist seeks revenge on the aliens that abducted her as a child.

Coffee & Pie (2011)

A man going through a breakup learns revenge is best served with pie.

Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager (2018)

A portrait of English soccer manager Bobby Robson.

El Pistolero (2012)

A powerful Mexican man comes to a new town in search of gunmen who want to team up. He recruits a humble man who accepts the job to avenge his father's death.

Hummus the Movie (2015)

Personal stories of the colorful men and women who simply live their lives and love their hummus.

Bernadette Lafont et Dieu créa la femme libre (2016)

Bernadette Lafont's granddaughters, Anna, Juliette and Solène, revisit the dreams of Bernadette in the family home in the Cevennes region, while her close friends Bulle Ogier and Jean-Pierre Kalfon reminisce about their artistic and human complicity.

Be Beautiful But Shut Up (1958)

Actresses discuss the movie industry.

Lovesongs: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (2008)

Rohan, an aspiring advocate, has been raised by his grandmother, Mridula, who used to be in love with a Muslim boy, Aftab. Years on, Rohan insists on knowing the secrets behind his mother's death.

Va' dove ti porta il cuore (1996)

A young Italian girl falls in love with a mysterious and handsome young man, but although the relationship prospers he wants to separate.

Mecánica popular (2015)

A disenchanted editor is about to commit suicide when he is interrupted by a woman, who threatens to do the same if he does not read his book.

Bank Robbers (1990)

Three friends go on the run from the police after they rob a bank.

Back to Life (2009)

A man reunites with his dead fiancee in the cemetery where he believes she is buried.

Sunshadow (1996)

Cristina Sanchez becomes one of Spain's only female bullfighters.

Above & Beyond Acoustic: Giving Up the Day Job (2018)

British trance legends Above & Beyond put on an acoustic performance.

The Winner (2011)

A talented young pianist faces mounting debts following the collapse of his promising career.

Day of the Comet (2015)

After three losers in a small town make wishes that plunge their neighborhood into chaos, they must believe in themselves to save the town from disaster.

6 Dynamic Laws for Success (in Life, Love & Money) (2017)

A man discovers a coded message in a self-help book that supposedly reveals the location of $2.4 million from a bank robbery gone bad. He soon learns that he's also competing with others in a frantic quest to find the money.

Rags (1915)

A young woman defends her alcoholic father.

Flesh Eaters From Outer Space (1989)

Metal heads from New Jersey face off against aliens.

Starstruck (1995)

A serial killer becomes a movie producer.

Sway (2014)

Three generations of Asian immigrants experience love in three different cities.

Pedal the World (2015)

Felix Starck documents his 18,000-kilometer bicycle journey across 22 countries over the course of one adventure-filled year.

Feed 'em and Weep (1938)

Mr. Hood looks forward to a quiet birthday celebration until Darla's friends show up.

Harvest of the Dead (2015)

Four teenagers venture out for a weekend of camping in the British countryside, but it soon becomes clear that they are not alone: an unknown figure is watching them. After a night telling scary stories around the campfire, the teens are attacked.

Worlds of Sound: The Ballad of Folkways (2009)

The life and work of Folkways Records founder Moses Asch.

11 Cipotes (2012)

A young seminarian decides to get 11 problematic teenagers involved in an activity and forms a soccer team with them. It turns out to be a great decision for the kids, as they make it to the finals in the biggest tournament in the region.

Seventh Heaven (1993)

After saving his neighbor's life, a suicidal man tells her he has been sent from heaven to make her happy again.

Moonshine (1918)

Revenue agents search for a bootlegger's secret hideout.

Tennessee Whiskey: The Dean Dillon Story (2017)

Country music singer/songwriter Dean Dillon discusses his career, the stories behind the hits and his collaboration with such stars as George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith.

A Gentleman of Paris (1927)

A butler comes up with a plan for revenge when his boss has an affair with his wife.

Hi-Yo Silver (1940)

The Lone Ranger fights criminals.

Ore Kadal (2007)

Nathan, a well-renowned economic professor who sticks to his theories, is a loner. His life takes a turn after he meets Deepti, a housewife staying in his building.

Girls Gone Wild (1929)

A man rescues the woman who rebuffed his advances.

Revolt of the Empire of the Apes (2017)

Mankind makes its final stand in a world dominated by tyrannical apes.

Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai (2014)

After moving to a new town with her husband, a woman begins to sense the existence of a mysterious presence in the family's new house.

Help Me... I'm Possessed (1976)

A mad doctor and his hunchbacked assistant torture women in a dungeon.

Possibility Zero (1969)

A crack team of Allied commandos attacks an underground Nazi facility.

Paroled (2011)

An ex-convict lands a job caring for an elderly couple.

Steamboat Willie (1929)

Mickey Mouse steers a steamboat down a river.

Eugene (2009)

A lonely man becomes desperate to connect with the people around him.

Pokémon the Movie 2000 (2000)

A trainer catches the legendary Pokémon Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in an attempt to awaken Lugia, guardian of the sea. When Ash and friends arrive, the islanders ask him to gather three elemental orbs from different islands to restore the balance.

Pokémon 4Ever (2001)

Ash and friends find a boy and his legendary Pokémon, Celebi, in a forest. The team has to withstand Celebi's power and restore it to its true self when the Iron Masked Marauder uses a cruel device to make it evil.

King's Highway: The Story of Malcolm Fairfield (2016)

A family tragedy becomes local mythology.

Hounds (2015)

A museum guard makes a careless mistake with a priceless piece of art.

Rainy Day (2015)

A boy learns about the circle of life.

Yes or No (2010)

Pie is taken aback when she discovers that her college roommate, Kim, dresses like a man. As they grow closer, Pie begins to wonder if she's actually developing feelings for Kim.

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2006)

Ash and his friends learn the legend of the AuraGuardian is true when Lucario is awakened and Pikachu disappears. Ash and Lucario set out to find Pikachu in a journey that leads to a mystical tree and the Mythical Pokémon Mew.

Rene the Cane (1977)

A maverick police inspector and a flamboyant thief join forces in opposing the Nazis in France.

Wacken: Louder Than Hell (2013)

Artists and attendees of the 24th annual Wacken Open Air Festival discuss the impact that heavy metal music has had on their lives.

Wilson City (2015)

Two detectives and an experienced FBI officer head up the search for a murderer who has embarked on a rampage in Wilson City.

2 Hati, 1 Jiwa (2010)

Two sheltered women enroll at a university.

The Fear Inside (2015)

A woman who has severe agoraphobia experiences a series of unexplained events in her home and wrestles with her need to escape versus her own paralyzing fear of the outside world.

The House on Peach Avenue (2016)

When two paranormal investigators head to the country to explore a ghostly legend, they get more than they bargained for.

Wildman: My Search for Sasquatch (2016)

Filmmaker and adventurer Justin Chernipeski chronicles the search for the legendary creature known as Sasquatch.

Whispers Among Wolves (2014)

Every Wednesday, an alcoholic CEO and her long-suffering personal assistant meet to conduct matters of business. But on this particular evening, secrets will be uncovered.

Will Work for Views: The Lo-Fi Life of Weird Paul (2017)

Paul Petroskey started making videos of himself at the age of 13 to become famous. After 30 years and thousands of videos, he's still trying.

Those Who Kill: Shadow of the Past (2011)

Detective Katrine Ries Jensen and psychiatrist Thomas Schaeffer investigate a serial killer that may be connected to Schaeffer's past.

With a Smile (1936)

A penniless vagrant becomes a theater manager and marries a chorus girl.

Mahal (1969)

Rajesh finds himself in a fix when he must collect money for his sister's wedding. He runs into luck when a stranger offers him money to pretend to be someone, however, things are not as they seem.