Jitsuroku Kazuko Shirakawa: hadaka no rirekisho (1973)

Tannhäuser (1978)

The Storybook Review (1946)

Choqela: Only Interpretation (1987)

Time in Summer (1968)

Tranquility in the Presence of Others (1972)

Bim, Bam, Boom, Las Luchas Morenas (2014)

Ken Dodd: Another Audience with Ken Dodd (2002)

Max Headroom Pirating Incident (1987)

Ein Mädel der Strasse (1932)

Scampolo is a 1932 German comedy film directed by Hans Steinhoff and starring Dolly Haas, Karl Ludwig Diehl and Oskar Sima. The film is an adaptation of the Italian play Scampolo by Dario Niccodemi, which has been turned into numerous films.

Durchgangsverkehr (1992)

Satan's Sword II (1960)

The Curse of the Swastika (1940)

Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed (1998)

Dananir (1940)

Little Pig Is Flying (2005)

Wing: The Fish That Talked Back (2007)

Byt (1968)

The Flat (Czech: Byt) is a 1968 Czechoslovak animation and comedy film directed by Jan Svankmajer. The film starring Ivan Kraus and Juraj Herz in the lead roles.

Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (1972)

Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (Spanish:Jack el destripador de Londres / Jack the Ripper of London) is a 1971 Italian-Spanish crime film directed by José Luis Madrid and starring Paul Naschy, Patricia Loran and Renzo Marignano. It was based on the story of Jack the Ripper, here depicted as a cannibal.

Disney Princess: A Christmas of Enchantment (2005)

Tiësto: Another Day at the Office (2003)

The Other Day in Eden (2008)

Ali G, Innit (1999)

Ali G, Innit is a VHS release (later re-issued on DVD) of Ali G interview segments from The 11 O'Clock Show as well as footage not broadcast. It is hosted by Ali G himself.

Animusic (2001)

To Whom Does the World Belong? (1932)

Kuhle Wampe (full title: Kuhle Wampe, oder: Wem gehört die Welt?, released in English as Kuhle Wampe or Who Owns the World?) is a 1932 German feature film about unemployment and left wing politics in the Weimar Republic. The script was conceived and written by Bertolt Brecht. He also directed the concluding scene: a political debate between strangers on a train about the world coffee market. The rest of the film was directed by Slatan Dudow. The film music was composed by Hanns Eisler. Kuhle Wampe itself was a tent camp on the Müggelsee in Berlin. Wampe is Berlin dialect for "stomach", so the title could be rendered "Empty Stomach". The film was banned in 1932 under the accusation that it depicted the president, the legal system, and religion in a poor way, but due to protests the ban was lifted on a recut version. The film remained unseen for many years after the Second World War. However, a restored print is now available and a video was released by the British Film Institute in 1999, along with a documentary video essay on the original film by Andrew Hoellering, son of the film's producer George Hoellering.

Bathing Buddies (1946)

Bathing Buddies is the 18th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on July 1, 1946, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures.

The Wacky Weed (1946)

Chick and Double Chick (1946)

Wastelander (2012)

Two Scent's Worth (1955)

Two Scent's Worth is a 1955 Merrie Melodies short starring Pepé Le Pew and directed by Chuck Jones.

The Off-Handed Jape... & How to Pull It Off (1967)

Kid's Castle (1995)

ForeBears (2013)

American Rural West (2007)

Electric Shades of Grey (2001)

The Psychedelic Priest (also known as Electric Shades of Grey and Jesus Freak) is a 2001 American film produced by Allied International Films. It was directed by William Grefé, although he was uncredited, and written by Terry Merrill. It stars John Darrell, James Coleman, and Joe Crane.

The Overture to 'William Tell' (1947)

Neptune's Daughters (1900)

Automobile Parade (1900)

Fumerie d'opium (1901)

English Lancers Charging (1900)

The Chimney Sweep and the Miller (1900)

Cucaracha (1982)

Kukaracha is a Georgian film released in 1982. It is based on the story of Nodar Dumbadze. Directors of the film are: Siko Dolidze and Keti Dolidze.

Roy Keane: As I See It (2002)

St Mark's Gospel (1990)

Én vagyok Jeromos (1971)

Shadows of the North (1923)

Shadows of the North is a 1923 American silent adventure film directed by Robert F. Hill and written by Paul Schofield. The film stars William Desmond, Virginia Brown Faire, Fred Kohler, William Welsh, Al Hart and James O. Barrows. The film was released by Universal Pictures on August 27, 1923.

The Greenwood Tree (1929)

Under the Greenwood Tree is a 1929 British historical drama film directed by Harry Lachman and starring Marguerite Allan, Nigel Barrie and Wilfred Shine. It is an adaptation of the novel Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy.

Vita segreta di una diciottenne (1969)

Hangin' With Leo (2000)

The Source of the Secret (2008)

Who's Your Lady Friend? (1937)

Who's Your Lady Friend? is a 1937 British comedy film directed by Carol Reed and starring Frances Day, Vic Oliver and Betty Stockfeld. The secretary of a beauty specialist accidentally brings the wrong person back from the railway station, triggering a series of confusions. It was based on a comedy play by Béla Jenbach and Rudolf Österreicher, which had previously been made into an Austrian film The Gentleman Without a Residence three years earlier. It was an independent production made at Ealing Studios.

Homage to the Teacher (1967)

It Was a Gay Ballnight (1939)

The Life and Loves of Tschaikovsky or It Was a Lovely Night at the Ball (German:Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht) is a 1939 German historical drama film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Zarah Leander, Aribert Wäscher and Hans Stüwe. The film portrays the fictional relationship between the Russian composer Pjotr Iljitsch Tschaikowsky and an aristocratic woman who, unhappily married, falls in love with him and decides to secretly support his work financially. It premiered on 13 August 1939 at the Venice Film Festival.

El Cristo del océano (1971)

The Face: Jesus in Art (2001)

Cybele (1969)

Bernstein: Beethoven Piano Concertos Nos. 3, 4 & 5 (2007)

The Wild And The Naked (1962)

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation (2005)

Icons of Power: Napoleon's Final Battle (2006)

Find Your Man (1924)

Find Your Man is a 1924 American silent action drama film starring Rin Tin Tin and June Marlowe. It was directed by Mal St. Clair who persuaded Warner Bros. to hire his friend, Darryl F. Zanuck, to write the screenplay; this began a long association between Zanuck and Rin Tin Tin. Filming took place in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This film survives. It was transferred onto 16mm film by Associated Artists Productions in the 1950s and shown on television.

Nile Rodgers and Chic: Live at Montreux (2005)

Intransit (2014)

Super Wan-tu-tri (1986)

Sun Tunnels (1978)

Travelling Circus (1988)

...Maybe This Time (1981)

...Maybe This Time is a 1980 Australian feature film starring Judy Morris. It was the first feature directed by Chris McGill. It was the feature film debut of stage actor Jill Perryman.

Mind the Steps! (1989)

Demon Beast Invasion Volume 3 (1991)

Andrew W.K. - Live In Taiwan (2006)

Black Moon - Behind The Moon (2004)

Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)

Whom the Gods Destroy is a 1934 American drama film directed by Walter Lang.

The Great Wall of China (2007)

Song 2 (1964)

Song 5 (1964)

Big Bad Sindbad (1952)

Rainbows are Real (2013)

Éclats d'Orphée (2002)

Animal Sumo (1931)

Waylon Jennings Live in Nashville (2009)

Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers (1986)

Prisioneiras da Selva Amazônica (1987)

Raskalyonnaya subbota (2002)

Simonland (1984)

When Passions Collide (1997)

L'encyclopedie de grand-maman en 13 volumes (1963)

Once upon a time in Hungary (2015)

Sinergias: Diálogo entre Jaime Rosales y Wang Bing (2009)

Pacifier (1995)

Malai Nattu Mangai (1973)

Trust During a Zombie Apocalypse (2014)

Safrana or Freedom of Speech (1978)

Her mit den kleinen Schweinchen (1984)

Reef - Live (2003)

The Prince and the Pauper (1978)

World Series of Fighting 13 Moraes vs Bollinger (2014)

Un estate con sentimento (1970)

A Bone for a Bone (1951)

A Bone for a Bone is a Looney Tunes short starring the Goofy Gophers. The cartoon, released in 1951, was directed by Friz Freleng and released by Warner Bros. Pictures, and was the first of four Goofy Gophers cartoon directed by Freleng, and would be the final work by J.B. Hardaway at the Warner Bros. studio, having returned after almost a decade at the Walter Lantz studio.

Riding the Rails (1938)

Riding the Rails is a 1938 Fleischer Studios animated short film featuring Betty Boop and Pudgy the Pup. Although some sources claim that this film was nominated for an Academy Award, it does not appear in the official Academy Awards database. The film inspired a large variety of collectibles in the 1930s, although originals are now rare to find.

Alarm (1941)

Alarm is a 1941 German crime film directed by Herbert B. Fredersdorf and starring Karl Martell, Maria von Tasnady and Paul Klinger. The production was made by the independent Aco-Film rather than one of Germany's major film companies. It was shot at the Althoff Studios and various locations around Berlin including Tempelhof Airport and the Karstadt Department Store. The film's sets were designed by the art director Bruno Lutz.