The Sandpiper (1965)

A free-spirited single mother forms a connection with the wed headmaster of an Episcopal boarding school in California.

The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers (2011)

The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers is a startling look at the truth behind what Americans believe to be the Christian foundation for the creation of the United States of America. Prominent historical figures are closely examined to reveal their little-known personal beliefs on serious matters of faith in Jesus Christ. Many people believe that the Founding Fathers were Christian men of great conviction on a crusade to establish a nation for believers in God, but evidence presented says otherwise. This documentary delivers the unvarnished truth that will shock many with the secret origins of the birth of America.

Russell Peters: Two Concerts, One Ticket (2006)

Russell Peters: Two Concerts...One Ticket is definitely a video that any lover of stand up comedy is going to want to own. And here's why... it's two for the price of one, Show Me The Funny, and Comedy Now. Its a double take of the "no holds barred" comedian that holds nothing back, and was once said to be by NOW magazine to be controversial, silly, cerebral, profane, eloquent, and a fine mi mic. With double the shows, comes double the laughs and quadruple the fun.

Jan Dara: The Beginning (2012)

Jan Dara the Beginning is a 2012 Thai film that is based on a novel by Pramool Unhathoop, The Story of Jan Dara.

Adam Ferrara: Funny As Hell (2009)

Adam Ferrara brings the stage to life with his honest, clever, and fearless, perspective on family, relationships and himself.

Kochaj! (2016)

Color (2013)

L'ange noir (1994)

L'ange Noir is a French drama film directed and written by Jean-Claude Brisseau.

Suiker (2010)

Concrete Pharaohs (2010)

Concrete Pharaohs, directed by Jordan Todorov, is a 2010 Bulgarian documentary film exploring the lifestyle of the Kalderash Roma – a closed community of no more than 1 million people all over the world.

The Cat Who Walked by Herself (1988)

The Cat Who Walked by Herself is a 1988 Soviet animated feature film directed by Ideya Garanina and made at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. It is based on Rudyard Kipling's short story "The Cat that Walked by Himself". Like the earlier Soviet animated feature Adventures of Mowgli, the film retains the dark, primal tone of Kipling's work. The production includes almost all types of animation technologies.

Le futur proche (2012)

The Near Future is a Canadian short drama film, directed by Sophie Goyette and released in 2012. The film stars Patrice Berthomier as Robin, a pilot for a small Quebec airline who learns of his mother's death, but goes through his day emotionally ambivalent about the news due to their complicated relationship.

Punch and Judy (1906)

Punch and Judy was a 1906 French silent comedy film directed by Georges Méliès.

Maya Bazar (2008)

Mayabazar is a 2008 Malayalam film by Thomas Sebastian with Mammootty in the lead role. The film was dubbed in to Telugu language as Nenunnanu.

When You Wish Upon A Star (2011)

When You Wish Upon A Star is a 2011 Japanese film directed by Koji Kawano and based on the manga of the same name. It was debuted at the 3rd Okinawa International Movie Festival and was released in Japanese cinemas on 2 April 2011.

Chuk and Gek (1953)

Chuk and Gek is a 1953 Soviet comedy drama film directed by Ivan Lukinsky. It is based on the 1939 story of the same name.

Really Wild Animals (1993)

Really Wild Animals is a children's nature television series, hosted by Dudley Moore as Spin, an anthropomorphic globe. Comprising 26 episodes, the series aired between October 24, 1993 and March 2, 1998. The series was released on thirteen VHS tapes, and later on thirteen DVDs. The creator and executive producer of Really Wild Animals was Andrew Carl Wilk. The series was nominated for five national Emmy Awards and won one.

Nellikka (2015)

Balu is an engineer, who is out of a job and returns home to attend his sister's wedding. His life takes an unexpected turn when he helps a friend caught in some illegal activities.

Love Requited (1958)

A series of oil paintings tells a love story.

Nimantran (1971)

Nimantran is a 1971 Bengali film directed by Tarun Majumdar, based on a story by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, and starring Sandhya Roy and Anup Kumar in the lead roles. At the 19th National Film Awards, it won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali.

Killing Girls (2009)

Russian women are followed as they go to abortion clinics.

Glenn Beck: Unelectable 2012 (2012)

From Democrats to Republicans, law makers to law breakers, no one is safe from Glenn in what many are calling the funniest show he's ever done. In addition to the comedy (that's perfect for every member of the family), a Glenn Beck stage show wouldn't be complete without a few words of inspiration--the show ends with an address from Glenn that will have you entertained and enlightened.

Night Shift (2008)

A man kills a businessman at a bus stop.

Cole Younger & The Black Train (2012)

Cole Younger has an experience with a black train as a teenager and again as an adult, then he helps form the most-notorious outlaw band of the Old West.

Major League Baseball: All Century Team (2000)

One hundred years in the making, the 'Major League Baseball All-Century Team' was an all-time roster chosen from the more than 15,000 men who played Major League Baseball in the 20th Century.

Little Shaolin Monks (2007)

This acclaimed documentary follows the lives of a group of "Little Warrior Monks" who live in the famous Shaolin Temple and practice the highest form of martial arts known to man. The kids range in age from 6 to 12 years and lead lives isolated from the rest of the world. Each day their discipline includes rigorous training, dedicated prayer and a vegetarian lifestyle. Other children their age admire these legendary "Shaolin Monks." This film also follows the plight of one particular "Little Monk" whose dream is to venture out of the Temple to go to Tiananmen Square to see the statue of Chairman Mao.

All's Well That Ends Well (2012)

All's Well That Ends Well centers on the tale of Helena's quest to marry the man she loves, the rather unimpressed Bertram, who initially refuses he due to her lack of social standing. Aided by fellow conspirator Diana, Helena devises a fail-safe scheme to ensnare her man. With lavish staging and costumes, the production is a triumph that, according to The Independant, 'leaves teh audience reeling with happiness by the end.'

Colony (2009)

Colony is an Irish documentary film about colony collapse disorder, directed by Carter Gunn and Ross McDonnell. The film was produced by Morgan Bushe and Macdara Kelleher. It opened theatrically in Los Angeles on July 30, 2010 and New York City on August 13, 2010 at the 14th Annual DocuWeeks.

Between Men (1935)

Between Men is a 1935 American Western film directed by Robert N. Bradbury who also provided the original story. Produced by A.W. Hackel's Supreme Picetures, it stars Johnny Mack Brown in his second film for the studio.

Between Home: Odyssey of an unusual sea bandit (2012)

Artist and amateur sailor, Nick Jaffe, has been living in Berlin and has decided to take the long way home to Australia. Some call it brave, others think it's crazy, but Nick decides to sail solo from the UK to Australia, negotiating the treacherous waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Nick turns his camera out to the ocean, with an endless empty horizon in each and every direction.

Between Places (2005)

A love triangle between Nagib, an immigrant from Egypt, his beautiful co-worker Aisha, and his handsome neighbor Jeff. Nagib is caught between being true to himself and the ones he love, as he tries to survive in the U.S. after 9/11.

Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence (2005)

From the heat of the first look to the importance of our erotic fantasies, Kim Cattrall explores both the physical chemistry and the emotional complexity of raw sexual desire. Is it possible to develop a sexual intelligence? Can we unravel the mysteries of desire and fantasy? In "Sexual Intelligence," the actress (Sex and the City) and author (Satisfaction) who famously broadened our notions of modern sexuality, navigates a whimsical investigation into what turns us on and why. Drawing on mythology, history, master works of art, cheeky animation and candid interviews with a diverse group of sexual adventurers, sexologists and authors, Kim urges us to broaden and explore our own understanding of erotic desire--making us laugh all the while. From the glorious beaches of Cyprus--the mythical birthplace of love Goddess Aphrodite--to the site in England of a 200 year old, 26 ft long phallus, to the "Secret Museum" in Naples, where the erotic treasures of ancient Pompeii have been locked away for centuries, Kim takes us on a breathless tour of sexual significance and cultural discovery. Smart, arousing, and blush-worthy, "Sexual Intelligence" is Sex 101 for adults.

Dracula, Lord of the Damned (2011)

"Dracula, Lord of the Damned", was originally shot entirely on the cinematograph by it's rightful originator, Aloysius Monahan Wildebeast Trout, in 1901. Although feature length films were still a generation away, Trout, driven by a strange obsessive mania, conceived a film based on Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' years before the technology existed to make any kind of film run more than a few seconds. The fact that there was no way to feasibly exhibit such a film at the time did not deter him, and he in fact proposed the construction of a mutoscope the size of a ferris wheel, which would require a team of horses to revolve in order that a single viewer could enjoy the entire three and a half hour epic as a gigantic flip-book. Needless to say, despite the elaborate nature of Trout's designs for the machine, it proved impossible to construct, and in fact several men were injured in the attempt. After squandering a small fortune that had been left to him by his immediate antecedents, Trout was left with a warehouse full of mutoscope cards each bearing a single frame of his epic, and a small cartload of wax cylinder recordings (bearing the recorded soundtrack which was to have been played on the gramophone as the viewer enjoyed the film), and no access whatever to the copyrighted novel upon which his masterpiece was based. Trout died a broken man, giving apocalyptic sermons on street corners to attract passersby, then telling them filthy jokes for beer money. Then in 2005, the keys to Aloysius Monahan Wildebeast Trout's warehouse came into the possession of his descendent, Theodore Normal Moron Trout. Having been brain-damaged in a nail-gun fight at birth, the younger Trout was even more possessed of an obsessive mania for perseverating on monotonous repetitive tasks, and quickly set to work scanning every single mutoscope card into his home computer, one by one by one.

Chicks Dig Gay Guys (2014)

Two pickup artists get into trouble through the lies they tell.

America Stripped (2010)

August of 2007, director David Palmer set off on a journey with avant-garde photographer Greg Friedler to capture his shooting of the fourth and final book in his critically acclaimed "Naked" series - for the first time in color, in the only city in the world that is synonymous with the term "strip": Las Vegas. Starting from scratch with no confirmed subjects nor a location to shoot at, Friedler and Palmer embarked on a multi-dimensional and highly emotional 30 day rollercoaster that eventually brought together 173 naked human beings of every shape, size, and walk of life into a single white room with a red curtain to open themselves up to Friedler, Palmer and eventually the world. STRIPPED is a no holds barred behind the curtain exploration which follows Friedler's own personal search into the underbelly of Las Vegas to capture its wide array, and at times bizarre, denizens who when stripped of clothing and society's judgments in front of his lens discover an even playing field of beauty, humanity and ultimately self love.

A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day (2013)

Inspired by true events. Cast into a violent and bloody world of murder, Hereward, a novice monk, must deliver the Holy Gospel of Lindisfarne – a book of great beauty and power – to the safety of the Iona monastery, while being pursued by a Viking death squad hell- bent on its capture. On his way to the monastery, he meets a fierce and skilled swordsman who answers his prayers and dedicates his life to protecting Hereward while he delivers the book. In the midst of their journey, they are confronted by Vikings ready to kill in order to get what they want, leaving Hereward and his protector at their mercy.

The Viking Serpent: Secrets of the Celtic Church of Norway, Their Serpent Worship and Sacred Pentagram Geometry (2008)

What do the three most evil symbols for Christianity - 666, the pentagram and the snake - have in common? Quite possibly one of the most amazing discoveries of all time, The Viking Serpent reveals an ancient and incredible legacy placed upon the landscape of Norway. In this film, best selling author Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered this amazing mystery in the land of the Norse.

Revenge Quest (1995)

Revenge Quest is a 1995 direct to video action/science fiction thriller directed by Alan DeHerrera with an ensemble cast featuring Brian Gluhak, Christopher Michael Egger and Jennifer Aguilar. It takes place in 2031 in Los Angeles following the escape of a dangerous inmate from the fictitious Red Rock Prison on Mars. The film was released by Vista Street Entertainment.

Budo: The Art of Killing (1978)

Budo: The Art of Killing is an award winning 1978 Japanese martial arts documentary created and produced by Hisao Masuda and financed by The Arthur Davis Company. Considered a cult classic, the film is a compilation of various Japanese martial art demonstrations by several famous Japanese instructors such as Gozo Shioda, Taizaburo Nakamura and Teruo Hayashi. Martial arts featured in the film include: karate, aikido, kendo, sumo, and judo among others. The only modern Japanese martial art not featured in the film is kyudo.[citation needed]

Ways To Live Forever (2010)

Ways to Live Forever is a 2010 drama film by director Gustavo Ron based on the award winning novel of the same name written by Sally Nicholls. The film stars Robbie Kay, Alex Etel, Ben Chaplin, Emilia Fox and Greta Scacchi. The film is produced by Life&Soul Productions, El Capitan Pictures and Formato Producciones. It will be distributed via Karma in Spain, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation for North America and InTandem for the rest of the world.

Reign of the Jaguar (2010)

Filmed on location in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mayan's language, with English narration, Reign of the Jaguar brings forth the Maya's culture, ceremonies, rituals and events, seen through their eyes today.

24 x 24 Wide Open with Jeff Gordon (2007)

24 x 24: Wide Open with Jeff Gordon is a 2007 documentary television film about the life of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. The film explores his life both on and off the track, and gives viewers a glimpse of Gordon the driver, the family man, the adventurer, the entrepreneur, and the philanthropist. The film is hosted by actor and racing driver Patrick Dempsey, and features interviews from other personalities in sports and entertainment.

Painted Skin: The Resurrection (2012)

Painted Skin: The Resurrection is a 2012 Chinese fantasy action film directed by Wu Ershan, starring Zhao Wei, Chen Kun, Zhou Xun, Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Kris Phillips and Chen Tingjia. The film reunites most of the original cast of the 2008 film Painted Skin.

I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart (2011)

The true story of one boy's journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. At the age of 22, and after spending 5 years in prison, John is able to forgive his parents and find the peace he needs to fulfill his dream of helping other victims of abuse.

Whisper Leigh (2008)

You feel like you're a girl, but in the mirror and to everyone else's eyes you're a boy. You go along with it, just to not make waves, but then during puberty you develop breasts. Eventually, you marry as a man and even father children. Until one day, you decide that enough is enough. 61 year old Leigh Smythe has always been "in between" male and female. Leigh lived as a man for over 58 years, but always felt like there was a woman trapped inside. Although she yearns to live 24/7 as a female, currently, she must bounce back and forth between being a woman and a man. She lives her social life as a transgender activist and aspiring drag performer (competing against contestants less than half her age); and his work life as a man delivering newspapers (the only job he can find). Watch as she/he speaks candidly of her/his inner struggles of living with dual gender identities. Vertna Bradley's "Whisper Leigh" questions the notions of the strong and hard socially constructed and widely accepted definitions and characteristics of what it means to be male or female as it reveals the slippage of identity that can occur in defining gender.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jimmy Fallon (2005)

The Best Of Jimmy Fallon is loaded with his most memorable moments and sketches on the show and includes Jimmy with Mick Jagger, Jarret's Room, Sully and Denise, Jeopardy with Jimmy impersonating Adam Sandler, Impressions, Montage and Weekend Update Montage. Celebrity guests include Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Robert De Niro, Janet Jackson, Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller and Ian McKellen.

A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz (1999)

On September 12, 1998, a group of top makeup artists gathered in Studio City, CA, to pay tribute to Jack Dawn and his team from the seminal 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz. In addition to appearances by makeup stalwart Rick Baker and feature film director Ron Underwood, the celebration was enhanced with an impromptu performance by "lollipop guild" Munchkin Jerry Maren, who was only 18 when he acted in the original Oz. Howard Smit, who was a Munchkin and Winkie Guard makeup artist on the film, spoke eloquently about Charlie Schram, a key makeup artist on Dawn's team, responsible for many makeups on the film, including the Cowardly Lion. Undoubtedly, the biggest treat of the tribute was the recreation of seven characters from the film, realized in stunning detail by a "dream team" of artists led by makeup department head Bill Corso. In fact, Corso's friend and voice-over actor Jess Harnell initiated the tribute with his enthusiasm for a local stage performance as the Cowardly Lion earlier in the summer of '98. Corso had created his costume and makeup for the stage performance, further enhanced for the tribute. Additionally, Corso oversaw the new fabrication of makeups for the Scarecrow, played by Ken DeShan, the Tin Man, Bob Stilwell, and Dorothy, Jeanne Castagnaro, with their makeup applied by Kenny Myers, Kevin Haney, and Deborah Patino, respectively. Matthew Mungle donated prosthetics for the Wicked Witch, Denise Moses, applied by Ve Neill, and for the Flying Monkey, Joe Grif...

The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914)

The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914) is a silent film made by L. Frank Baum's The Oz Film Manufacturing Company. It was based on the book The Patchwork Girl of Oz. The film was written and produced by L. Frank Baum and directed by J. Farrell MacDonald. It makes almost no use of the dialog from the book in the intertitles. While there are a number of modest special effects, the movie relies largely on dancing (or rather cavorting), slapstick, and costuming. The Patchwork Girl uses acrobatics regularly with good effect. Dr. Pipt's daughter is added for love interest, as well as an additional plot thread: her boyfriend is turned into a small statue which women find irresistible. The plot omits the Glass Cat, the Shaggy Man, the Yoop, and the phonograph, but also adds Mewel, a donkey, and "The Lonesome Zoop", both slapstick animals.

Red Light Revolution (2010)

A man sparks a sexual revolution by opening an adult shop in his conservative neighborhood.

The Clash: Revolution Rock (2008)

The Clash’s Revolution Rock is a hard-hitting collection of rare and unreleased live performances from The Only Band That Matters. Award-winning filmmaker Don Letts constructs an unforgettable account of England’s greatest punk rock revolutionaries.

PewDiePie (2010)

PewDiePie, an erratic, hyper-active Swede, hosts one of the internet's most popular video channels. Much of his content focuses on video games, but he also has more personal videos about his own life. His unique personality and off-the-cuff, often hilariously disjointed commentary quickly gained him millions of viewers, a total that now stands near 30 million, and has made him a model of internet video channels.

Popped (2011)

The hits that made musicians superstars.

Pregnancy for Dummies (2001)

Being pregnant can be a very scary time for many women. This television show, titled after the original book by the same name, gives new mothers straightforward and useful information to assist them through this exciting by challenging time. Originally shown on Discovery Health Channel, this four-part series walks pregnant women through all of the symptoms, fears, myths and essentials of carrying a child to term through the use of both real life actors and animated characters. The two doctors, Dr. Joanne Stone and Dr. Keith Eddleman, are actually the authors of the book, giving the show even more credibility and interest.

Pumped! (2011)

Pumped! (2011) was a quiz show. The host, Greg Fitzsimmons, would ambush people who were pumping gas at their local service stations (hence the title). He would then guide these instant game show contestants through rounds of questions about pop culture or cars. The winners would get prizes and cash.

The People's Champions (2003)

People compete to capture world records in outrageous and unlikely events.

ANIMUS (2013)

Five film students document the Copper Queen Hospital -- but as the sun goes down, they become the prey of a bloodthirsty maniac.

Joe Rogan Live from the Tabernacle (2012)

If you have every wanted to see inside the Holy Place; if you have ever dared to imagine the experience of being in the Holy of Holies, then you will be thrilled when you watch The Tabernacle. AniMan Studios presents this intriguing walk through of the ancient Tabernacle. This meeting place between sinful man and Holy God is seen in illuminating three-dimensional computer-generated detail. You'll marvel at the stark contrast between the bronze-covered Altar, with its implications of death, and the exquisite gold Lampstand, showing the way to life and forgiveness. The Table of Shewbread, the Altar of Incense, even the Ark of the Covenant, will no longer be just mental images. You will feel as if you have walked on Holy Ground just as the priests once did. Hard to visualize passages of scripture come to life as you appreciate what God has revealed when you watch The Tabernacle.

The Greatest Journeys on Earth: France - Journeys of the Sun King (2007)

At the end of the 17th century in the reign of Louis the Fourteenth, the marshes and woods of a little burg neighboring Paris became the site of the most monumental architectural caprice in the history of France. Versailles! Soon Europe's monarchs and the entire civilized world will turn an envious, incredulous eye to Versailles, with its superb gardens, handsome chateau and the never-before-seen ostentation flourishing in the court of the Sun King.

Thy Will Be Done (2013)

A former clergyman, who lost his home and his church during Hurricane Katrina, awakes in a church that's desperately in need of a pastor.

Portraits From Ground Zero (2011)

On 9/11, photo-journalist & filmmaker, Andrea Booher, was designated by Mayor Guliani as one of the only two photographers allowed unlimited, 24 hour access. She was assigned to the Urban Search & Rescue teams, whose only mission was to find survivors.

VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas - A Story of Joyful Giving! (2009)

Laura Carrot's Christmas stocking might be empty this year because her dad is in danger of losing his job. While Larry thinks a letter to the North Pole should fix the problem, Bob knows what will really help... and tells the story of a little boy named Nicholas who made a discovery in Bethlehem that changed Christmas forever. But what did Nick learn and how can it possibly help Laura and her family? Find out as the Veggies discover the true joy of giving to others - at Christmas time and throughout the year! Also includes I Can Be Your Friend Sing Along! 10 Great Silly Songs presented karaoke style.

TED: The Future We Will Create (2007)

Wired Magazine has called them "the hottest gathering around." Follow filmmakers as they take an inside look into TED. At this gathering, the top minds in the world gather to discuss a number of topics that will shape the rest of our lives.

Unemployed (2008)

Jamal and Dex, out-of-work actors, come to terms with reality when they realize they've been pursuing their dreams for over ten years and still haven't booked a single speaking role. When the two run out of cash and face eviction, they hit the pavement in search of a job. With no experience, no skill set and little ambition, these two characters can't seem to catch a break.

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! (2008)

A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All! is a Grammy Award-winning Christmas special that debuted on Comedy Central on November 23, 2008.

A Lamp In The Dark: The Untold History of the Bible (2009)

This exciting documentary unfolds the fascinating "untold" history of the Bible, revealing critical information often overlooked in modern histories. Enter into a World of saints and martyrs battling against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing. Learn the stories of valiant warriors of faith, such as John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, the ancient Waldenses, Albigenses, etc.

Justin Bieber: Always Believing (2011)

Go beyond the music to learn what it took for Justin Bieber, a boy from small town with a passion for music, to dominate the pop charts around the world. Packed with exclusive interviews with fellow touring artists Mindless Behavior as well as friend and rapper Lil Twist, this comprehensive biography also features rare footage of Selena Gomez and celebrity insights on the "Bieber Phenomenon" from Usher, Drake, Sean Kingston and Nicki Minaj. Experience Justin's remarkable journey from YouTube sensation to the biggest superstar on the planet... a story that will keep millions of fans always believing!

Fetish (2010)

An iconic actress with a lagging career tries to make a comeback by becoming a talk show host.

George Carlin: George's Best Stuff (1996)

George's Best Stuff is a compilation of some of Carlin's legendary routines;including "A Place For My Stuff," "Dogs and Cats," "Baseball and Football," "Losing Things," "Al Sleet the Hippy-Dippy Weather Man," the notorious "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television," and many more. A great collection of some of the best standup comedy ever performed.

Snowriders (1996)

Come find out all about the original Snowriders and take a ski trip around the world from China, to Scotland, and down to Australia with skiing greats like John Egan, Brad Vancour, and Jeremy Bloom.

West 40s (2018)

Valentina (Una ragazza che ha fretta) (1958)

Three Live Wires (1961)

The TV That Made Me (2015)

Brian Conley journeys through the fantastic world of television with celebrities as they choose the TV moments that have shaped their lives.

Orlando furioso (1974)

Up Pompeii! (1969)

In the vein of and following in the footsteps of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", this bawdy, risque, and hilarious British Comedy is rife with one liners, innuendos, and double entendres, and was the perfect comedy for Britain's mad comedian Frankie Howerd. From his attempt to begin each show with "The Prologue" to his final "Salut", what occurs in-between is pure Frankie Howerd. The cast around him are his props and his role as the slave Lurcio was one of his finest roles, played to comedic perfection. The series takes place in Pompeii, before the eruption of Vesuvius of course, and relates the day to day trials and tribulations of our star, the slave Lurcio played by Frankie Howerd. The innuendo's begin at once with the names of the characters in the series. Lurcio is slave to philandering Senator Ludicrus Sextus, a rather befuddled senator that is often at odds w...

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft (2007)

Guns & Talks (2001)

Guns & Talks is a 2001 South Korean film written and directed by Jang Jin. Starring Shin Hyun-joon, Won Bin, Shin Ha-kyun, Jung Jae-young and Jung Jin-young, the black comedy is about a group of four assassins-for-hire, with a dogged prosecutor on their trail.

A Way Back to Mother (2016)

Yoo-Na receives a phone call from the hospital saying that her mother is dying. Although heavily in debt, she decides to take a day off for the first time in 10 years.

The Real Story (2003)

The Real Story uses reconstruction and eyewitness testimony to explore the real stories behind movies such as American Sniper, Donnie Brasco, Munich and others. They've thrilled us, horrified us, and devastated us. They've raised questions about our past and given us hope for a brighter future. They are five of Hollywood's biggest hits, all works of fiction, but all inspired by real events more dramatic than anything a screenwriter could dream up. Join us as we go behind the scenes of "Live Free or Die Hard," "Scream," "Platoon," "The Da Vinci Code," and "Star Trek," and uncover the actual characters and true stories that inspired some of Hollywood's most famous blockbusters. This series unpicks fact from fiction with interviews from the real people behind these extraordinary events. Each story is brought to life with enthralling dramatic reconstruction and archive footage of the actual events. What really happened is more intriguing, more thrilling and more revealing than the fiction.

Day of Discovery (1968)

Zwei am großen See (2004)

Zwei am großen See is a German television series.

What's with Andy? (2001)

What's with Andy? is a Canadian children's animated series loosely based on the Just! book series by Australian author Andy Griffiths. The protagonist of the series is Andy Larkin, a mischievous youth and the self-proclaimed "world's greatest prankster". The show follows him as he tries to perform elaborate practical jokes, or pranks, on people in the fictional town of East Gackle.

Autobiography of a Princess (1975)

An Indian princess long divorced and living in self-enforced exile in London, invites her father's ex-tutor, Cyril Sahib, to an annual tea party, intended to celebrate a happier past, where the two watch old movie footage of Royal India.

Chrysalis (2014)

Joshua and Penelope, survivors of a deadly infection that wiped out humanity 25 years ago, encounter another survivor as they fight off the remnants of the infected.

Destination: Rad City (2014)

Rick lives as if the 1980s has never ended.

The Caretaker's Daughter (1925)

A man (Charley Chase) bickers and battles with his wife (Katherine Grant), but his life unravels when he sells his decrepit jalopy to a notorious gangster.

Volta à Terra (2015)

A young farmer in northern Portugal tries to bring back the farming methods of his forefathers until dreams of love interfere with his plans.

Katrina's Children (2008)

A portrait of kids from areas of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Goin' All the Way! (1982)

A teenager (Deborah Van Rhyn) makes her boyfriend (Dan Waldman) jealous just in time for the senior prom.

The Chosen Ones (2013)

A woman turns to the supernatural to lead her out of a bad situation, but her salvation comes with a price.

The Place Where the Last Man Died (2010)

A bitter military scientist triggers weapons of mass destruction around the planet, intent on wiping out all human life. As he emerges from his shelter, convinced he's the only survivor, he receives a mysterious signal.

The Dumpling Affair (2017)

A police officer is accused of murdering his boss.

Tai yin zhi (1972)

Finger Of Doom is a 1972 Hong Kong film.

The Grizzly Truth (2017)

Environmentalists and scientists argue against grizzly hunting in British Columbia.

Elijah's Ashes (2017)

Lawrence Shaw is a run of the mill guy who just can't get accepted for being who he is. He's not straight enough for his job where he sells testosterone fueled ad campaigns to beer companies and he's not stereotypically gay enough for his boyfriend. To make things worse, his father Elijah just died and his last dying wish was for Lawrence to go on a road trip with his extremely homophobic half-brother Kevin to bury his ashes. It's a heroically dumb journey of brotherly love and acceptance that begs the age old question... Can you truly accept someone else when you can't even accept yourself?

Muktodhara (2012)

Muktodhara is a 2012 Bengali film directed by Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy. This is a story about the prisoners of a correctional home ‒ Presidency jail who all have a dark past life but here they are being reformed day by day.

Varavelpu (1989)

Varavelpu is a 1989 Malayalam black comedy film, directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and written by Sreenivasan, starring Mohanlal, Revathi, Sreenivasan, Thilakan, Murali, Innocent and Jagadish. The film was produced by K. Rajagopal under the banner of K. R. G. Movie International and has been distributed by K. R. G. Enterprises.

Buckets (2017)

A girl makes a brutal sacrifice for love.

Peanut Gallery (2015)

Molly Gandour, producer of Oscar®-nominated “Gasland,” embarks on a mission to her family home, to break the silence around her sister’s death. An intimate examination of sibling relationships, grief, and love.

A Girl And A Gun (2013)

Female gun enthusiasts share their stories about how gun ownership has changed their lives and enabled them to feel empowered.