Well Kept Secrets - Athanassia (2008)

While searching for her father Angela discovers her mother.

Hollywood to Dollywood (2011)

Hollywood to Dollywood is an American documentary film that played at 60 film festivals in the U.S., Canada, Scotland, and Australia in 2011 and 2012. Directed by John Lavin, the film follows the cross-country journey of identical twins Gary and Larry Lane to deliver to Dolly Parton a screenplay they wrote, which includes a role for her. Hollywood to Dollywood has won 24 film festival awards and includes 17 Parton songs, two of which were previously unreleased. The film had a one-week theatrical release in New York beginning August 31, 2012, followed a week later in Los Angeles.

Ankhen (1968)

Ankhen is a 1968 Hindi spy thriller produced and directed by Ramanand Sagar. After the surprise big hit of Farz as a spy thriller, Sagar came out with a bigger budget film in the same genre, shot in many international locations. The film stars Mala Sinha, Dharmendra, Mehmood, Lalita Pawar, Jeevan and Madan Puri. The music is by Ravi and the lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi. It was estimated to be the most profitable Indian film of 1968 in India.

Nightmare (2005)

A film student (Jason Scott Campbell) finds a video camera that contains footage of himself committing murder.

When Knights Were Bold (1936)

When Knights Were Bold is a 1936 British musical comedy film directed by Jack Raymond and starring Jack Buchanan, Fay Wray and Garry Marsh. Songs include "Let's Put the People To Work" sung by Jack Buchanan, "Onward We Go" sung by Buchanan & soldiers' chorus, and "I'm Still Dreaming" sung by Buchanan.

The Tempest (1960)

A dethroned duke and his daughter become the rulers of an enchanted island after being cast adrift at sea.

The Dancing Years (1950)

The Dancing Years is a 1950 musical British film based on the musical by Ivor Novello.

Laughter (1930)

Laughter is a 1930 film directed by Harry d'Abbadie d'Arrast and starring Nancy Carroll, Fredric March and Frank Morgan. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Story. A copy has been preserved at the Library of Congress. In 1931, a German-language version called Die Männer um Lucie was released starring Liane Haid and Lien Deyers. This film is considered lost.

Fly High (2006)

A Korean high-school student falls in love with a terminally ill classmate.

The Man Who Bottled Clouds (2008)

A chronicle of composer and politician Humberto Teixeira.

The House of the Spaniard (1936)

The House of the Spaniard is a 1936 British comedy thriller film directed by Reginald Denham and starring Allan Jeayes, Peter Haddon and Brigitte Horney. It is set in Lancashire and Spain, during the ongoing Spanish Civil War. It was shot at Ealing Studios in west London, England, and on location in Lancashire and Spain. Art direction was by Holmes Paul. It was based on a novel by Arthur Behrend.

The Riverbank (2012)

Family secrets come to light after the mysterious death of a woman's aunt.

The Odds of Recovery (2002)

Filmmaker Su Friedrich documents her long history of medical problems and numerous operations.

One Minute to Nine (2007)

One Minute to Nine is a 2007 documentary film written and directed by Tommy Davis and produced by Quinto Malo Films. It was later re-edited and screened on HBO as Every F---ing Day of My Life. The film chronicles the last five days of freedom for Wendy Maldonado before she and her son are sentenced for the manslaughter death of her husband and explores the years of domestic abuse the family experienced prior to his death.

In the Name of the Tiger (2005)

High atop a mountain, two tribes fight for control of a small town, the home of a tiger shrine. Suddenly, the mountain shakes and the town begins to collapse. A mysterious man appears from within the rubble.

Web (2013)

As children in remote villages in the Amazon Jungle and Andes Mountains connect to the Internet for the first time, Web considers the impact of global connectivity on all of our lives.

The Shock Doctrine (2007)

An exploration of how events of the recent past have been theaters for the shock doctrine.

Nazi Overlord (2018)

A D-Day rescue mission turns horrific when a band of Allied soldiers runs into a batch of experiments that were created by the Nazis.

The Wild Pussycat (1969)

The WILD PUSSYCAT is an unsung classic of exploitation cinema. Produced in Greece in 1968, it was not officially released there until 1972 and then only in a cut and compromised version. The simple plot concerns a women whose sister was exploited and driven to suicide by a sleazy pimp. In order to get revenge on him the woman seduces the man, drugs him and imprisons him in a sound proofed room, tormenting him through a large one way mirror (he can see out, no-one can see in) by performing sultry strip tease dances and having sex with men and women while he can only look on, helpless to stop it or join in. Her final vengeance on him is so shocking it raises eyebrows even today.

Moist Fury (2011)

Gang members avenge a fallen comrade.

Don't (1975)

Don't is a 1974 short American documentary film following the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, directed by Robin Lehman. It won an Oscar at the 47th Academy Awards in 1975 for Best Documentary Short Subject.

Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath (2009)

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Journey's End (1930)

Journey's End is a 1930 British-American war film directed by James Whale. Based on the play of the same name by R. C. Sherriff, the film tells the story of several British army officers involved in trench warfare during the First World War. The film, like the play before it, was an enormous critical and commercial success and launched the film careers of Whale and several of its stars. The following year there was a German film version Die andere Seite directed by Heinz Paul starring Conrad Veidt as Stanhope and Wolfgang Liebeneiner as Raleigh. The film was banned just weeks after the Nazis took power in 1933. In 1976, the play was adapted again as Aces High with the scenario shifted to the British Royal Flying Corps. The play was adapted for film again with its original title and scenario in 2017.

FUTURE LANGUAGE: The Dimensions of VON LMO (2018)

Filmmaker Lori Felker examines the life and career of mysterious musician Von LMO.

Jaya Ganga (1998)

A writer intends to travel the entire length of the Ganges.

Leprechaun Returns (2010)

Leprechaun Returns is a 2018 American television horror comedy film made as a direct sequel to Leprechaun, ignoring the continuity of all its sequels. Directed by Astron-6's Steven Kostanski, the film stars Taylor Spreitler as the daughter of Jennifer Aniston's character from the original film, who encounters the titular creature 25 years after her mother trapped it in a well. Warwick Davis elected not to return as the Leprechaun, and Linden Porco took over the role for this film.

The Sleuth (1925)

The Sleuth is a 1925 American silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel.

Magical Mystery or: The Return of Karl Schmidt (2017)

In the middle of the 1990s, Karl Schmidt (Charly Hübner) met his old friends by chance in Hamburg. While Karl suffered a depressed nervous breakdown on the day of the opening of the wall and was handed over to the slaps, the old friends have now become the stars of the German techno scene. With their successful record label they want to make a "Magical Mystery" tour through Germany to reconcile the rave of the 90s with the hippie spirit of the 60s. And that is exactly what they need a driver who always has to stay sober. This is Karl Schmidt just right, because he has no desire for the dreary life in his therapy-WG. It starts an adventurous tour through the Germany of the 90s, undertaken by a handful of techno-freaks and supervised by a mentally unstable ex-artist. What can go wrong?

Our Century (1983)

A man paves his own way to his soul.

Be Reasonable (1921)

A woman wakes up to find a man in her house rummaging through her belongings.

Inbred Redneck Alien Abduction (2004)

Aliens make the mistake of abducting a family of rednecks.

LSD: Insight or Insanity? (1967)

Experts discuss the manufacturing and effects of LSD.

The Fighting Cholitas (2006)

Bolivian women form a professional wrestling league.

Robert Kennedy Remembered (1968)

Robert Kennedy Remembered is a 1968 American short documentary film produced by Charles Guggenheim. In 1969, it won an Oscar for Best Short Subject at the 41st Academy Awards.

Trance and Dance in Bali (1952)

Trance and Dance in Bali is a short documentary film shot by Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson during their visits to Bali in the 1930s. The film was not released until 1952. In 1999 the film was deemed "culturally significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

The Cheerful Squadron (1954)

The Cheerful Squadron (Italian: L'allegro squadrone, French: Les gaietés de l'escadron) is a 1954 Italian-French war-comedy film directed by Paolo Moffa.

Bodyslam: Revenge of the Banana! (2015)

Seattle semi-pro wrestlers fight to keep their league alive after a jilted newcomer turns them in for operating without a permit.

A Stolen Jackpot (2013)

A man's good intentions keep getting derailed by his fiance.

Elf Pets: Santa's St. Bernards Save Christmas (2018)

Elves, St. Bernard puppies and a family come together to ensure Santa's Christmas mission succeeds when there's not enough Christmas spirit.

Envisage (2016)

Three people experience the same event through their unique perspectives.

Strong Black Woman Vol. 2 (2017)

A sequel to Strong Black Woman from 2013; Darnell is divorced and looking for answers as a young black man who moves in with his family to raise his 5 year old son in Inglewood, Ca. Upon arrival the city of LA is in a panic over police brutality. Darnell meets a kind black woman who becomes his best friend. Together they navigate through his divorce woes.

The Smoke (2014)

The Smoke, also known as Two Days in the Smoke (worldwide title outside UK/Ireland: London Payback), is a British crime thriller starring Matt Di Angelo, Lili Bordán, Stephen Marcus, Lindsay Armaou, Anna Passey and Alan Ford. Lawyer Brad Walker (Matt Di Angelo) is having a bad day. His girlfriend Sasha (Anna Passey) has left him for a mate of his. And he's lost his job. While drowning his sorrows, Brad overhears a conversation between two drug dealers. In a moment of madness, Brad decides to steal thousands of pounds from their boss Jack (Alan Ford), an intimidating gangster who will stop at nothing to get his money back and exact retribution on the one who took it.

The Photographer 2: Inside the Dark Room (2016)

A photographer and his cohorts kidnap young models and torture them to capture their fear on film.

Bloodsucker's Handbook (2016)

Marshals recruit a Catholic priest to help them with a vampire they've captured. The ancient being has other plans and begins to taunt the priest, making a play for the man's soul.

Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man (2017)

After losing his wife, home and high-paying job and ending up on the streets, a man pursues his passion for music and women.

Danger Ahead (1935)

Danger Ahead is a 1935 American film directed by Albert Herman.

Jumping for Joy (2002)

A girl joins a male basketball team and helps it compete for the state championship.

A Spell on You (2015)

A young woman, fresh from university, finds herself working a dead-end office job at the same time that she is trying to find love, a task that proves harder than it seems since she isn't quite sure who she is.

Border Brigands (1935)

Border Brigands is a 1935 American Western film directed by Nick Grinde and written by Stuart Anthony. The film stars Buck Jones, Lona Andre, Fred Kohler, Frank Rice, Hank Bell and Edward Keane. The film was released on June 1, 1935, by Universal Pictures.

Treasure of the Bitch Islands (1990)

A new energy source is discovered.

3 Misses (1998)

Three different tales of damsels in distress.

The Least of These: A Christmas Story (2018)

A homeless single mother and her 7-year-old daughter are befriended by a feisty waitress, a big-hearted short-order cook and a storefront Santa.

Melinda's World (2005)

Melinda's World is a 2003 film adaptation of Marianne Kennedy's novel, directed by David Baumgarten and is also Zac Efron's film debut.

Around India with a Movie Camera (2018)

Sandhya Suri skillfully weaves together archival footage – including hand-colored sequences – with a new score by Soumik Datta to create an emotionally resonant story about life across India from 1899 to 1947. Drawn exclusively from the BFI National Archive, AROUND INDIA WITH A MOVIE CAMERA features some of the earliest surviving film from India as well as gorgeous travelogues, intimate home movies, and newsreels from British, French and Indian filmmakers. Taking in Maharajas and Viceroys, fakirs and farmhands and personalities like Sabu and Gandhi, the film explores not only the people and places of over 70 years ago, but asks us to engage with broader themes of a shared history, shifting perspectives in the lead up to Indian independence and the ghosts of the past.

Woman on Fire Looks for Water (2009)

Ah Fei and his father, Ah Kau, experience love, longing and ultimate forgiveness.

The Dragon Dies Hard (1975)

Numerous film clips illustrate the film career of Bruce Lee, the legendary Chinese-American star of martial-arts films.

Bringing King to China (2011)

Bringing King to China is a 2011 documentary film by Kevin McKiernan. The cinematographers include three-time Oscar-winner Haskell Wexler. The documentary is "a father's 'love letter' to his adult daughter, a young American woman struggling to bring Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream of nonviolence to China, and then back to the United States. Her life is thrown into turmoil when she learns, mistakenly, that her father, a journalist covering the war in Iraq, has been killed by a suicide bomber." Bringing King to China conveys the lead character's "dream to build a bridge between the societies by talking about peaceful struggle and universal rights." It chronicles her struggle to interpret and adapt King's message for Chinese society, preserve the historical accuracy of the U.S. civil rights movement, clear bureaucratic hurdles before opening night and raise funds to pay the theater company. The film takes American viewers backstage at the National Theatre Company of China, as Chinese actors rehearse with African-American gospel singers. The film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and won best documentary at the Ventura International Film Festival and the Tulsa International Film Festival. In 2011, it was scheduled to screen at film festivals across the US, including DOCNYC and the St. Louis International Film Festival. Commentators called the film timely, noting it premiered in the lead-up to the unveiling of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Sradha (2000)

Sradha is a 2000 Indian Malayalam language action film directed by I. V. Sasi and written by T. Damodaran and Dr. Rajendrababu. The film stars Mohanlal, Shobhana, Abhirami, and Indraja. It features a musical score and soundtrack composed by Bharathwaj. The plot follows the investigations of a police squad led by Ganga Prasad (Mohanlal) for a terrorist threat in the city. The film was released on 7 July 2000. It was dubbed and released in Tamil titled Dhool Police.

Truck Farm (2011)

The bed of a truck is turned into a mobile garden.

East of Java (1935)

East of Java is a 1935 American drama film directed by George Melford and starring Charles Bickford, Elizabeth Young and Frank Albertson.

Easy to Look at (1945)

Easy to Look At is a 1945 American comedy film directed by Ford Beebe and written by Henry Blankfort. The film stars Gloria Jean, Kirby Grant, J. Edward Bromberg, Eric Blore, George Dolenz and Mildred Law. The film was released on August 10, 1945, by Universal Pictures.

Bittersweet Motel (2000)

Bittersweet Motel (2000) is a documentary about the rock group Phish. The film was directed by Todd Phillips (later the director of Old School and The Hangover) and covers the band's summer and fall 1997 tours, plus footage from their 1998 spring tour of Europe. The documentary ends with The Great Went, a giant two-day festival held in upstate Maine which attracted 70,000 people. The film's title comes from a Phish song of the same name, which is featured at the end of the movie.

Danger Valley (1937)

Danger Valley is a 1937 American western released by Monogram Pictures, directed by Robert N. Bradbury, written by Robert Emmett Tansey (as "Robert Emmett") and starring Addison Randall (aka Jack Randall).

Song of India (1949)

Song of India is a 1949 American film directed by Albert S. Rogell and starring Sabu, Turhan Bey and Gail Russell.

How to Boil a Frog (2010)

How to Boil a Frog is a 2010 Canadian eco-comedy documentary film written and directed by Jon Cooksey to show the consequences of too many people using up Earth resources and suggesting five ways that the filmmakers say people can save habitability on the Earth while improving their own lives at the same time.

Underbelly Blues (2011)

Odd characters become connected through a series of bizarre circumstances that help bring down corporate America.

The Dark Horse (1946)

A war veteran gets caught up in a political whirl after a chance meeting.

Maciste contro i mostri (1962)

Maciste contro i mostri (English Translation: Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules) is a 1962 Italian film directed by Guido Malatesta that was filmed in Yugoslavia and Italy. In the American version Maciste is called "Maxus". The film was originally known as Colossus of the Stone Age in the UK, and was re-released in 1975 as Land of the Monsters.

Dark Streets of Cairo (1940)

Dark Streets of Cairo is a 1940 American mystery film directed by László Kardos and starring Sigrid Gurie, Ralph Byrd, Eddie Quillan, George Zucco and Katherine DeMille.

The Missing Lady (1946)

The Missing Lady is a 1946 American mystery film directed by Phil Karlson and starring Kane Richmond and Barbara Read. It was the third and final in a series of three films released by Monogram in 1946 starring Richmond as The Shadow, the others being The Shadow Returns and Behind The Mask.

Under the Pampas Moon (1935)

Under the Pampas Moon, also known as The Gaucho, is a 1935 romantic western film directed by James Tinling, starring Warner Baxter and Ketti Gallian. Baxter plays an Argentine gaucho. Rita Hayworth also had an early role in the film. The film has been cited as a "ludicrously dated essay into South American caricature".

A Gentleman at Heart (1942)

A Gentleman at Heart is a 1942 romantic comedy film starring Cesar Romero, Carole Landis, and Milton Berle. A bookie acquires an interest in an art gallery.

The Avenging Fist (2001)

The future is here. All weapons are outlawed. The superhuman potential of the human brain has been unlocked by the Police force via a secret weapon: the Power Glove. Only those in positions of authority are allowed to wield the Glove, but Combat 21 (Roy Cheung), one of the few remaining survivors of the Glove’s human experiments, mounts an evil plan to capture the world’s best fighters and steal their psychic energy for himself and his Red Dragon army. Inspector Dark (Sammo Hung), also a survivor, has one last hope: to convince Nova (Lee-Hom Wang), his sister Belle (Kristy Yang), adopted brother Jazz (Kar Lok Chin), and virtual combat champ-turned-bartender Iron Surfer (Stephen Fung) to join the fight and embrace the destiny left behind by their father (Yuen Biao).

Carbon Nation (2011)

Carbon Nation is a 2010 documentary film by Peter Byck about technological- and community-based energy solutions to the growing worldwide carbon footprint. The film is narrated by Bill Kurtis. ASIN: B0055T46LA (Rental) and B0055T46G0 (Purchase). Rather than highlighting the problems with use of fossil fuels, Carbon Nation presents a series of ways in which the 16 terawatts of energy the world consumes can be met while reducing or eliminating carbon-based sources. It contains optimistic interviews with experts in various fields, business CEOs, and sustainable energy supporters to present a compelling case for change while having a neutral, matter-of-fact explanation. Among those interviewed are Richard Branson, former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, Earth Day founder Denis Hayes and environmental advocate Van Jones. Much of the content of the film consists of interviews, some are listed above. The list of interviewees also includes Lester R. Brown President, Earth Policy Institute Sean Casten President & CEO, Recycled Energy Development Ralph Cavanagh Lead Attorney, NRDC Bob Fox, Partner Cook+Fox Architects Thomas Friedman, Author & NY Times Columnist Eban Goodstein Economic Professor, Lewis and Clark College Gary Hirshberg Chairman, President, and CEO of Stonyfield Farm Sadhu Aufochs Johnston Chief Environmental Officer, City of Chicago Amory B. Lovins Chairman & Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute Joel Makower Executive Director, GreenBiz.com Edward Mazria Executive Director, Solar Richmond Arthur H. Rosenfeld Commissioner, California Energy Commission John Rowe (CEO) Exelon Chairman & CEO, Exelon Corporation

Phillip the Fossil (2011)

A man chases endless summer despite his aging body.

Living on Love Alone (2010)

Living on Love Alone (French title: D'amour et d'eau fraîche) is a 2010 French drama film written and directed by Isabelle Czajka.

The Fugitive (1939)

On the Night of the Fire, released in the United States as The Fugitive, is a 1939 British thriller, directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Ralph Richardson and Diana Wynyard. The film is based on the novel of the same name by F. L. Green. It was shot on location in Newcastle upon Tyne and was released shortly after the outbreak of World War II. It is regarded as an early example of British film noir, with the kind of subject matter and filming style which fell completely out of favour during the war years – when British studios felt that cinemagoers would want either light entertainment and escapism or topical patriotic propaganda pieces – and would not be taken up again until the later 1940s. Film critic David Quinlan describes the film as "grim but gripping". Andrew Spicer, in his book European Film Noir, writes: "A riveting psychological study. With its sustained doom-laden atmosphere, Krampf’s expressive cinematography, its adroit mixture of location shooting and Gothic compositions and Richardson’s wonderful performance as a lower middle-class Everyman, On the Night of the Fire clearly shows that an achieved mastery of film noir existed in British cinema".

Conqueror of Maracaibo (1961)

A pirate accused of treason saves Spanish ships from other pirates and gets even with his enemy.

Prom Night in Kansas City (2002)

Filmmakers Hali Lee and Peter von Ziegesar follow disparate teens from various schools as they prepare for their dances.

To Make A Farm (2012)

Five young Canadians decide to become farmers.

Abgefahren (2004)

A car racer (Sebastian Strbel) falls for his lesbian opponent (Felicitas Woll).

With Friends Like These... (1991)

Unusual things happen: a classic MG takes over; a creature grows from leftovers; a computer date is too perfect.

Good News (1979)

Good News (Italian: Buone notizie) is a 1979 Italian satirical comedy film written and directed by Elio Petri and starring Giancarlo Giannini. It is the last film of Petri.

Powdersmoke Range (1935)

Powdersmoke Range is a 1935 black-and-white Western film directed by Wallace Fox starring Harry Carey, Hoot Gibson, Guinn Williams and Bob Steele. It is based on the 1934 novel of the same name by William Colt MacDonald with characters who would later appear in Republic's The Three Mesquiteers film series.

Flame Of Stamboul (1951)

Flame of Stamboul is a 1951 American thriller film directed by Ray Nazarro and starring Richard Denning, Lisa Ferraday and Norman Lloyd.

Starry Night (1999)

One hundred years after his death in Europe, Vincent van Gogh (David Abbott, TV’s The Killing) is brought back to life by a magic potion. He finds himself in the modern metropolis of Los Angeles, and is stunned to learn that the world considers him one of the greatest artists of all time…even if no one believes who he is now. With a relentless detective on his trail, Van Gogh sets out to help struggling young painters by stealing his works from the greedy collectors who hoard them. Along the way, he finds himself drawn to a talented student who inspires him to experience new feelings and create new masterpieces in this comedy-fantasy about second chances.

Bloodline (1979)

Bloodline is a thriller film picture released in 1979. Based upon the novel Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon, it was produced by Paramount Pictures and directed by Terence Young with music by Ennio Morricone. The film was also released under the title Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline. It was the only R-rated film to star Audrey Hepburn.

Santa and the Three Bears (1970)

Santa and the Three Bears is a 1970 animated featurette, which aired on television regularly during the holiday season. It was later released on video in 1992 by Kids Klassics and distributed by GoodTimes Home Video in the VHS format with the original live-action sequences at the beginning and end of the film edited out.

48 Hours to Live (1959)

An overseas journalist tries to protect an atomic scientist being hunted by thieves seeking vital nuclear secrets.

If You Love This Planet (1982)

If You Love This Planet is a 1982 short documentary film recording a lecture given to SUNY Plattsburgh students by physician and anti-nuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott about the dangers posed by nuclear weapons. The movie was directed by Terre Nash and produced by Edward Le Lorrain for Studio D, the women's studio of the National Film Board of Canada. Studio D head Kathleen Shannon was executive producer.

Pastorale (1979)

A highly cultured group of musicians spends the summer rehearsing in a small village in the Georgian countryside.

A Gambler's Story (2001)

Down on his luck, a gambler (Francis Ng) falls for a woman (Suki Kwan) and receives a tempting offer from a dying man.

The International Space Orchestra (2013)

Nelly Ben Hayoun assembles the world's first orchestra made up of space scientists.

Minimal Knowledge (2002)

A burned out detective partners with a beautiful woman to find a killer who may have killed her in a previous life.

Petunia (2013)

Petunia is a 2012 comedy-drama film. It was co-written and directed by Ash Christian. Thora Birch, who stars in the film, and her father Jack Birch, are credited as producers.

Nishchaiy (1992)

Nishchaiy is a 1992 Indian Bollywood film directed by Esmayeel Shroff and released on 17 July 1992. The film stars Vinod Khanna, Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor.

Children of the Hunt (2009)

In the year 2052, a group called the Brotherhood of Mars hunts humans for sport. Morgan, a Brotherhood guard, protests against the violence, and he is put into the hunt.

Adjust Your Tracking (2013)

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collection is a 2013 American documentary film written and directed by Dan M. Kinem and Levi Peretic. It released on May 24, 2013 and examines the culture of collecting VHS tapes. To raise funding for the film Kinem and Peretic launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that granted any person that donated $10 or more executive producer status, with over eighty participants donating at or above this amount.

Alila (2003)

Alila is a 2003 Israeli film directed by Amos Gitai and starring Yaël Abecassis, Uri Klauzner, and Hanna Laslo. The drama follows half a dozen very different characters through their lives in modern day Israel, giving Gitai an opportunity to comment on his country's top social issues. The film received mixed reviews. Newsday called it, "sexy, colorful, courageous and boldly entertaining," and the Village Voice called the director "Israel's one man new wave"; Stephen Holden of the New York Times stated: "There really isn't a likable character in the movie, which opens today in Manhattan. The filmmaker's jaundiced view of humanity is matched by his eye for the ugly".

Those Mad, Mad Moviemakers (1974)

The Last Porno Flick (also known as Those Mad, Mad Moviemakers) is an American 1974 film starring Marianna Hill and directed by Ray Marsh.