Don Quintin the Bitter (1935)

A businessman abandons his family and reunites with his daughter on his deathbed.

The Slit-Mouthed Woman (2005)

A couple's passionate tryst in a hospital is interrupted by a horrific spirit.

Khuda Gawah (1992)

An Afghan warrior (Amitabh Bachchan) seeks final reckoning with his enemies after spending time in an Indian prison.

The Fighting Code (1933)

The death of a young woman's father puts a cowboy on the trail of a killer.

Chowkidar (1974)

While waiting for his father's approval on his marriage to the woman he loves, Dr. Shyam is caught having an affair with someone else.

Outlaw's Highway (1934)

An extraordinary dog and a lovely white stallion help trap outlaws.

Dracula's Fiancee (2002)

A professor and his protege track Dracula through parallel universes and find an odd order of nuns, which is holding a young woman captive so she can marry the vampire.

A Murder of Quality (1991)

A detective (Denholm Elliott) comes out of retirement to investigate a mysterious death at a boarding school.

Satan in High Heels (1962)

A married stripper flees to New York and has an affair with her boss and his son.

Wrestling For Jesus: The Tale of T-Money (2011)

A man from rural South Carolina tries to overcome the demons from his past by starting a Christian professional wrestling league.

The Fighting Rookie (1934)

A condemned cop redeems himself by exposing a gang of underworld crooks.

Trash Dance (2012)

Choreographer Allison Orr tries to persuade employees of the Austin Department of Solid Waste to participate in a public dance performance.

The Angel Who Pawned Her Harp (1954)

An angel (Diane Cilento) comes to Earth on a goodwill mission and befriends an elderly London pawnbroker (Felix Aylmer).

Subbuteopia (2012)

Two Italian brothers fight Hasbro in the courts to keep making a copyrighted game.

A Different Path (2010)

A sidewalk activist and others struggle to make their way through the urban environment.

The Black Sheep (2010)

Having spent 35 years in an Italian mental hospital, a man (Giorgio Tirabassi) reflects on his life.

Bhutto (2010)

Politician Benazir Bhutto becomes prime minister of Pakistan.

The Pyramid: Finding the Truth (2011)

In 2006, Semir Osmanagic claims that there are ancient pyramids in Bosnia, and he starts excavating sites to prove that the Butmir culture is older than that of the Egyptians.

Lucky 13 (1984)

A teen convicted of murdering his father escapes from authorities and heads for Arizona with a prostitute.

Blue Planet (1990)

"Blue Planet," a space film about Earth, gives us an experience of our home planet that, until now, has only been shared by astronauts. Spectacular scenes from space, filmed aboard several space shuttle missions, are intercut with scenes of the Earth's surface, clearly showing the powerful forces that affect our planet.

Paul Williams Still Alive (2011)

Filmmaker and longtime fan Stephen Kessler's portrait of the award-winning 1970s singer-songwriter-actor, who disappeared for much of the 1980s and '90s, but still performs today.

Three of a Kind (2004)

An overprotective father is infuriated when his daughter's boss asks to stay at their house. However, they gradually set aside their differences as they start getting to know each other better.

The Taiwan Oyster (2012)

Two ex-patriot kindergarten teachers in Taiwan embark on an odyssey to bury one of their countrymen.

The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (1933)

A flirty college student who has been pinned by the members of the Sigma Chi fraternity falls in love with a no-nonsense athlete who does not have time for women.

Ffolkes (1980)

An English admiral (James Mason) needs an eccentric lord (Roger Moore) and his frogmen to save oil rigs and a ship from a mad bomber (Anthony Perkins).

Mysteries of Egypt (1998)

In the flood-fed richness of the Nile River Valley rose an ancient kingdom whose culture has strongly influenced the western world. Its massive architecture and the intrigue of such personages as Nefertiti and Tutankhamen capture the imagination.

Land (2010)

Three American men set up a business in Nicaragua and get into trouble when the Sandinistas come to power.

The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969)

An Asian villain (Christopher Lee), now in Istanbul, plans to take over the world with a freezing machine.

Sirocco (1938)

A reformed prostitute (Viviane Romance) ditches her irresponsible husband and becomes involved with a wealthy archaeologist.

Pourvu que ça dure (1995)

Two motorcyclists from the police force try to protect a deputy mayor.

2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages (2009)

An investigation of the doomsday prophecy and the predicted beginning of a new historical cycle.

A Very Young Lady (1941)

A tomboy (Jane Withers) is sent to a private school to become a refined young woman, but her innocent crush on the headmaster (John Sutton) leads to serious complications.

Head (2011)

A delivery boy receives a package containing a renowned scientist's head. When he is kidnapped, his sister must find the hidden package before her brother is killed.

The Best Things in the World (2010)

Together with friends, a paulistan teenager lives situations where fears, pressure to succeed, and family relationship are manifested intensely.

Serafin (2001)

A boy and his friends confront an evil man with the help of a guardian angel.

Puzzle (2006)

Criminals regroup after a botched bank heist to figure out what went wrong.

Hot Rod (1950)

All evidence points to an innocent teenager (James Lydon) whose car was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Across the Badlands (1950)

After surveyors for a railroad company are killed under mysterious circumstances, the Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) sets out to find the guilty parties.

Split Decision (2000)

Jesus Gabriel Sandoval Chavez starts training to be a boxer as a boy in his hardened Chicago neighborhood. His dreams and considerable talent are put on hold when he is arrested after his friends rob a store with him in tow. Years later, when he is released from prison, he moves to Austin, Texas, where he trains for and wins boxing competitions. However, due to new immigration laws, he is deported to Mexico. Marcy Garriott's documentary focuses on his life and struggle against deportation.

Mirror Images (1992)

Identical-twin sisters (Delia Sheppard) have little else in common, except one's weird lover wants to kill the other.

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters (2012)

World record-holding players of Tetris prepare for the Classic Tetris World Championship and hope to break new records.

Affairs of a Model (1946)

A woman (Maj-Britt Nilsson) who poses for artists falls for a talented sculptor (Alf Kjellin) who sees her only as the perfect model.

Alimony Madness (1933)

A woman (Helen Chandler) stands trial for shooting and killing her husband's callous ex-wife (Charlotte Merriam).

The Amazon Trader (1956)

An adventurer (John Sutton) narrates four stories set in the South American jungle, including that of an escapee from Devil's Island who attempts to take advantage of a native tribe.

The Bright Shawl (1923)

Charles Abbott (Richard Barthelmess) agrees to visit his friend Andres Escobar (Andre Beranger) in Cuba during the failed revolution of the 1850s. When Charles arrives, he is appalled at how the Cubans are treated and agrees to lend a hand in the revolutionary efforts. Despite initially being drawn to Narcissa (Mary Astor), Escobar's sister, Charles becomes involved with La Clavel (Dorothy Gish), a dancer who can offer him useful information about the enemy.

Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion (2011)

Dr. Easter rescues Rune Balot, and she recovers in Paradise, a high-tech laboratory where the Scramble 09 protocol originated. After a fierce battle, Rune and the doctor decide that it's time to take the fight to the enemy.

The Complex (2012)

A man wakes up in an hallway with no memories and a number tattooed on his wrist.

Nest of Virgins (1972)

A man seems to be a saint, and he is loved by all the beautiful women, but things are not what they seem.

When Santa Fell to Earth (2011)

Ben moves to a new town and has a tough time adjusting to a new life. He is thrust into a whirlwind yuletide adventure when Niklas crashes to Earth.

Princess Warrior (1989)

Two sisters (Sharon Lee Jones, Dana Fredsti) from another planet fight over the Ring of Power left by their mother the queen.

Mission of Danger (1960)

After his Rangers (Buddy Ebsen, Don Burnett) are caught during a raid, a major (Keith Larsen) must infiltrate the French army to save his men.

Ski Troop Attack (1960)

GIs (Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo) on skis enter a Nazi forest to blow up a railroad bridge.

I Remember Better When I Paint (2009)

Art and other creative therapies have a beneficial impact on people with Alzheimer's.

Goodbye, Cruel World (2010)

Angel is an honest accountant, then he is fired for no reason. To make ends meet, he joins a third-rate gang of thieves and finds friendship, and loyalty but no money.

Mourning Becomes Electra (1947)

In a Greek tragedy updated to the 1860s, young New Englanders (Rosalind Russell, Michael Redgrave) exact vengeance after the murder of their father (Raymond Massey).

A Time to Live (1985)

Writer Mary-Lou Weisman (Liza Minnelli) inspires her family as she inspires her son (Corey Haim) who has muscular dystrophy.

Littlerock (2010)

Vacationing Japanese siblings (Atsuko Okatsuka, Rintaro Sawamoto) become stranded in a California desert town but soon warm up to life in the dusty burg.

China Venture (1953)

A Marine captain (Edmond O'Brien) and his Navy superior (Barry Sullivan) seek a crash-landed Japanese admiral.

Gateway (1938)

A newsman (Don Ameche) flirts with an Irish girl (Arleen Whelan) on a ship full of immigrants bound for Ellis Island.

The I Don't Care Girl (1953)

A film producer is gathering facts for his potential movie about the life of famed vaudevillian Eva Tanguay (Mitzi Gaynor). He sends his writers on a trail that leads to Eva's former partner, Eddie McCoy (David Wayne), who remembers her humble beginnings waiting tables at a restaurant in Indianapolis. But high-strung accompanist Charles Bennett (Oscar Levant), who was once infatuated with Eva, causes trouble when he presents a far different version of the story.

Truth About Men (2010)

A screenwriter (Thure Lindhardt) dumps his girlfriend (Tuva Novotny) and embarks on a quest to find his ideal woman.

The Woman in Black (1989)

Coastal English villagers warn an estate settler (Adrian Rawlins) about an old dark house; then he sees why.

Northern Skirts (2000)

Two former classmates (Nina Proll, Edita Malovcic) become friends again when they encounter each other in an abortion clinic.

Single Ladies (2011)

Three best friends (Stacey Dash, LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea) philosophize about men, sex and relationships.

The Italian (1915)

When fortune no longer favors Beppo Donnetti (George Beban) in his homeland of Italy, he sets off for the welcoming shores of America, telling his beloved Annette (Clara Williams) that he will send for her upon successfully settling into a new life. After Beppo secures a job as a shoeshiner, he and Annette are reunited and soon have a child, but their happiness is short-lived. Their baby falls ill, setting into motion a chain of events that finds Beppo in jail and Annette desperate for money.

Violated (1953)

A New York police detective (Mitchell Kowal) tries to psych out a killer (Wim Holland) who has a fetish.

Miracle Seller (2010)

Urika, Hasim and Stefan travel to France to find their father.

Rataplan (1979)

A timid, quirky young man (Maurizio Nichetti) creates a robot-double to woo a woman he likes.

Dynamite Jim (1966)

During the Civil War, a Union officer tries to move a gold shipment out of Mexico despite the threat of raiders.

Shadow of Afghanistan (2012)

A 20-year history of Afghanistan is seen through the eyes of the filmmakers and an Afghan warrior.

Prom Night in Kansas City (2002)

Filmmakers Hali Lee and Peter von Ziegesar follow disparate teens from various schools as they prepare for their dances.

Gory Gory Hallelujah (2003)

Four actors (Tim Gouran, Angie Louise, Todd Licea) encounter strange people while taking a cross-country motorcycle trip.

The Famous And The Dead (2010)

Mr. Tambourine passes time in Brazil looking at movies featuring the same woman.

The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol (2012)

Struggling actor Tommy P turns his back on his friends and family to pursue his dream of stardom, and he finally hits rock bottom when he realizes that, even in his dreams, he is a failure.

Nicoleta (2013)

In 1951, a boy carries his little sister over inhospitable mountains to escape poverty in Greece.

The Shebabs of Yarmouk (2013)

The daily lives of young third-generation Palestinian refugees adults in their early 20s living in the Mukhayyam Yarmouk camp.

Police Force (1973)

A policeman experiences a moral dilemma when his desire for vengeance interferes with his duty as an upholder of the law.

Spell Your Name (2006)

Survivors of the Babi Yar massacre during World War II tell their stories.

In Abigail's Place (2014)

Sarah uncovers truths that should remain hidden during a school trip to a rural house.

Prince Charming (1984)

A man falls in love with a woman from Shanghai who comes to Hong Kong to search for her mother. Problems arise when her wealthy father thinks his daughter was kidnapped and contacts the authorities.

Brownie Speaks (2014)

The life, music and legacy of Clifford Brown.

You Were Meant for Me (1948)

Hometown sweethearts Chuck (Dan Dailey) and Peggy (Jeanne Crain) marry and then immediately afterward depart on a whirlwind tour of the Midwest with Chuck's big band. When the Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurs, Chuck and Peggy are forced to return home penniless and defeated. But Chuck quickly tires of small-town life and, on word from manager Oscar (Oscar Levant) of a booking at a vaudeville nightclub, heads to Chicago find success in the music business.

Hundra (1983)

The sole survivor (Laurene Landon) of a female tribe of warrior breeders journeys to find a suitable mate.

Scarewaves (2014)

Radio host Amos Satan tells four terrifying and true stories of horror.

Raw Courage (1969)

Shangguan is charged with protecting his boss's baby and gives it to his daughter. She sets off to safety with a deadly assassin and an entire army after her.

One More Tomorrow (1946)

A playboy (Dennis Morgan) marries a gold digger (Alexis Smith) instead of the photographer (Ann Sheridan) he loves.

Dot and the Whale (1986)

Little Dot and a dolphin need Moby Dick's help to save a beached whale in Australia.

Huey Long (1986)

Part of the series "Ken Burns' America," this documentary covers the life of Huey Long, the infamous Louisiana senator who was assassinated in 1935. Viewed as a savior by the poor and a power-hungry Caesar by the rich, Long was an undeniably magnetic figure, running for office under the slogan "Every Man a King." Interviewing everyone from farmers to writer Robert Penn Warren, whose novel "All the King's Men" was inspired by Long, Burns shows the man's many sides, from genius to drunk.

Shooting Stars (1997)

An unhappy woman (Romane Bohringer) interferes with her partner's (Jean-Philippe coffey) illicit dealings with a swindler (Melvil Poupaud) in Paris.

Star Crystal (1986)

Space-station crew members (C. Jutson Campbell, Faye Bolt, Taylor Kingsley) escape from an explosion, with a deadly creature from Mars.

Man of Violence (1971)

Crooks, a mercenary (Michael Latimer) and a police inspector (Derek Aylward) seek gold bullion hijacked from a shaky Arab sheikdom.

Ardennes Fury (2014)

During World War II, members of a U.S. tank unit try to save an orphanage from disaster.

Hellmouth (2014)

A man battles the world's most horrific ghouls and ghosts in a graveyard that turns reality into outer world fiction.

Winterhawk (1975)

A Montana trapper (Leif Erickson) leads the search for a boy and a girl kidnapped by a noble Indian chief (Michael Dante).

Tarzan And The She-Devil (1953)

Lyra (Monique Van Vooren) and her gang chase Jane (Joyce MacKenzie), burn the tree house and capture the ape man (Lex Barker).

News from Planet Mars (2016)

Philippe Mars (François Damiens) is a pleasant 40-something whose meeting with a psychotic college friend who is in search of love profoundly changes his life.

Mary Forever (1989)

A reform-school teacher's (Michele Placido) peaceful determination eventually wins over his hardened charges.

Mushrooming (2012)

A journalist gets a tip about corruption rumors involving a politician.

The Creature Wasn't Nice (1983)

The crew of the U.S.S. Vertigo encounters an alien life form during a stopover at a distant planet.

Fish Meat (2012)

A fish scientist and an environmental engineer sail through the cradle of civilization to expose the world to modern fish farming.