Favorites for Her (2015)

Curated selections for any woman; peruse the innovative and trendy to the timelessly essential item. Featured presentations on favorites from every category, in a fun and fast-paced, variety-filled hour. Find practical solutions to make life simpler.

The World of Jewelry and Gemstones With Marvin and Steve (2014)

Pat's Closet (2015)

Host Pat James-Dementri shares her fashion picks.

Tomorrow Today (2015)

Dietrich Garbo, the Angel and the Divine (2014)

More than just legends of cinema, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo are the movies.

Tigerfish (2015)

Tigerfish are terrifying freshwater predators; extreme angler Andy Coetzee undertakes a hazardous journey to study the giant-sized species in their habitat in the Congo.

Journey to Le Mans (2014)

Following the progress of the British Jota team at Le Mans.

Inside Lens Glimpse of Greatness (2015)

David Lai is a blind musical prodigy studying at Music high school in Beijing, where he struggles to pursuit his dream to be a pianist.

FOX News Reporting: Election 2016 -- The Many Early Contenders (2015)

Rating how the GOP contenders are doing in the invisible primary quest for money and strategic advantage, who's moving toward the front of the crowded pack, and who faces the longest odds.

RX: Doctors of Tomorrow (2015)

Students at Long Island's Hofstra Medical School learn how to work in teams, taking care of patients and learning about the communities in which they live.

The World of Jewelry and Gemstones With Marvin and Rafi (2014)

NASCAR Xfinity Series Prerace (2015)

Previewing the upcoming race from the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

New York Giants Hall of Fame Weekend Special (2014)

Wide Open: Hook Line and Studdard II (2015)

Vince Young, Ricky Williams and other Longhorn Legends join Kasey Studdard for adventures on the sea, in the swamp and on the diamond.

Soccer City (2015)

Filmmaker Nick Fitzhugh visits Alexandra, a South African township where soccer dominates the local culture.

Freak Out Special 2 (2014)

Friends and family members help design fun but scary pranks to be played on unsuspecting individuals; actor Jonathan Sadowski takes part in a supernatural gag at a restaurant; a woman's cockroach-filled stomach gives a guy the creeps.

mtvU Clubland (2014)

NHL Top 100 (2014)

The best plays from the 2013-14 NHL season.

Peace and Justice (2014)

Peace and justice. A TV talk by Dr Jamal Badawi.

Alcatraz: No Way Out (2014)

Attempted inmate escapes lead to advances in prison security; how inmates learned the harsh and inescapable truth that freedom is priceless.

Islamic Legal Maxims (2014)

A TV talk by Riaz Ansary.

Coal Mine Kids (2014)

Investigating child labor in northeast India; thousands of children risk black lung, cave-ins and floods by working in dangerous coal mines.

Fresh Beats (2015)

Peace Makers (2014)

Religious programming.

Health Insurance Marketplaces (2014)

Panelists talks about the upcoming second annual open enrollment period for health care plans under the Affordable Care Act.

Countdown to the CMA Awards: 15 Songs That Changed Country Music With Robin Roberts (2014)

Iconic songs that helped transform country music through their musical significance, cultural influence and ability to reach new audiences, and the stories behind their creation.

Operation Cloud Lab: Secrets of the Skies (2014)

Fashion With Tee Hoang (2014)

Tirreno-Adriatico Road Cycling (2015)

Action from the cycle race that follows a route between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic coasts of Italy.

Travel With Hang Ny (2014)

Lifeline Today with Dick and Joan (2015)

Men in Rubber Masks

Men who don rubber female masks and body suits to become living dolls.

Beauties on the Beach (2014)

Book Discussion of Stalin (2015)

Stephen Kotkin tells the early life and political ascendancy of Joseph Stalin in his book, "Stalin: Volume 1 - Paradoxes of Power."

Phim Bo 2 (2014)

BodyGym Fitness With Marie Osmond (2015)

Road to Kovalev/Pascal (2015)

Sergey Kovalev and Jean Pascal prepare for their upcoming light heavyweight bout.

Phim Bo: Weekend 1 (2014)

Doll 10 Beauty by Doris Dalton (2015)

Skin-loving cosmetics from Doris Dalton.

Mark Twain's America (2015)

Author Harry Katz provides a collection of photographs, illustrations, and newspaper clippings in his book, "Mark Twain's America: A Celebration in Words and Images."

Phim Bo: Weekend 2 (2014)

Music in Love (2015)

World Ten (2015)

Book Discussion on Inside Syria (2015)

"Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect."

Learning Immigration (2014)

The City Game (2015)

Highlighting the rich history of basketball in NYC. The show travels to each of the five boroughs to highlight memorable players, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Nate "Tiny" Archibald, Kenny Smith, Chris Mullin, and Bernard King.

The Great American Seafood Cook-Off VII (2014)

Chefs around the country gather in New Orleans for the annual contest requiring each one to prepare dishes using seafood native to his or her own state.

Alaska's Wild Coast (2015)

Earthquake: the Prediction That Does Not Exist? (2015)

Exclusively Gold Jewelry Gifts (2014)

Twenty percent off items $99 and up; colorful gems set in gold jewelry designs at amazing prices.

Mr Mzuza (2014)

Alex, frustrated in his long-term relationship, finds Mr. Mzuza, who specializes in breaking up unwanted relationships.

Book Discussion on Fire In The Belly (2015)

Jerry Neal and Jerry Bledsoe discuss their book, "Fire In The Belly."

Financial Battles of the World War II (2015)

NBA Free Agency Special (2014)

UFC 179: Aldo vs. Mendes II Countdown Show (2014)

UFC featherweight champion Jose Also and number one contender Chad Mendes settle their score. Go behind the scenes as the fighters prepare for their match. Don't miss UFC 179 on DIRECTV Pay Per View Saturday, October 25th 2014!

Meet the Smiths Season Sneak Preview (2015)

Hosts Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith provide a preview of their new reality show, "Meet the Smiths."

Book Discussion on Color Blind Justice (2015)

Professor Mark Elliott discusses his book, "Color Blind Justice: Albion Tourge and the Quest for Racial Equality from the Civil War to Plessy v. Ferguson."

In a Heartbeat Vinyasa Yoga (2015)

Connecting to the inner rhythms of the body.

Paul Woods Presents: Bellezza Jewelry (2014)

Italian-inspired high-end jewelry designs.

Book Discussion on Poor Whites of the Antebellum South (2015)

Professor Charles Bolton discusses his book, "Poor Whites of the Antebellum South: Tenants and Laborers in Central North Carolina and Northeast Mississippi."

Beauty in Russian style (2015)

Slimming Pilates (2015)

Detailed and modified Pilates instruction for all skill levels.

WWE Stupid Crazy Love Show (2015)

Renee Young relives the highs and lows of romance in WWE. Also, hear from WWE Superstars and Divas as they discuss the most intimate matters of the heart.

No Greater Love (2015)

After finding out he was nearly aborted, Deacon Julio reflects on how this and other events in his life have shaped his calling to the priesthood.

Remand (2015)

Franco Sarto (2015)

Trials of the Mind (2014)

Three stories examining human behavior from the Los Angeles Times.

The iHeartradio Jingle Ball 2014 (2014)

Elvis Duran hosts a star-studded concert at Madison Square Garden featuring musical performances from Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Pharrell, OneRepublic, Meghan Trainor and more.

Rogers Hometown Hockey Pregame (2015)

Ron MacLean and Tara Slone host a weekend festival and half-hour pregame show in the Sportsnet Mobile Studio.

Focus on Africa (2014)

The biggest African and international stories from the BBC.

A Christmas Feast With Peter Kuruvita (2014)

In Australia, Chef Peter Kuruvita cooks a buffet using local ingredients.

Kanto University Rugby League 'Meiji Univ' vs 'Waseda Univ' (2014)

I Shall Serve You - The Life of Saint Camillus of Lellis (2014)

St.Camillus of Lellis became a priest and founded the Camillians, an order dedicated to the sick.

Whitney: Beyond the Headlines (2015)

Friends and colleagues reflect on the life and career of singer Whitney Houston.

Junior and the Swan (2014)

Deadly Dust: Valley Fever in the West (2014)

The danger of the soil-borne disease valley fever rises in California and other Western states.

Vision of Truth (2015)

UFC 180: Werdum vs. Hunt - Prelims (2014)

From Mexico City, Mexico.

Sacred Sites: Ireland (2014)

Experts look at how meteors and comets influenced religious practices in Ireland over millennia.

Book Discussion on When Lions Roar (2014)

Thomas Maier discusses his book "When Lions Roar."

Lakers Top 10 Laker Teams (2014)

Countdown of the 10 greatest Lakers teams.

Heggie, Moby-Dick (2015)

Train: Q Sessions Live (2014)

Wolfgang Puck's Customer Pick Gifts (2014)

R.J. Graziano Fashion Jewelry Gifts (2014)

Stylish, designer fashion jewelry.

Gems En Vogue Holiday Special (2014)

Yaad Karo Qurbani (2014)

The martyrs of India who fought for independence.

Vietnam, Peace Negociations (2013)

DeRo (2014)

Endless Golf: Myrtle Beach (2014)

Mojo Moxy Fashion Footwear (2014)

Handel's Messiah (2014)

Handel's life up to the debut of "The Messiah" oratorio.

Book Discussion on An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States (2014)

Arthur Laffer discusses his book "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States."

Wake Up in Style: Gift Edition (2014)

Up-and-coming fashion and beauty.

TNA Wrestling: Legends (2015)

A look back at the icons of TNA wrestling.

Fall Home Headquarters (2014)

Book Discussion on The Pity Party (2014)

William Voegeli discusses his book "The Pity Party."

Florida Georgia Line: Dallas Smith Spotlight (2014)

Country singer Dallas Smith.

Paul Williams: Still Alive (2014)

A story of Stephen Kessler's lifelong obsession with the former superstar.

Amedeo NYC Gifts (2014)

Stylish cameo jewelry.