Making of Pacific (2010)

A behind-the-scenes look at the new mini-series "The Pacific."

Crankworx (2005)

Coverage of slopestyle mountain biking events.

Torture on Trial (2009)

An investigation into the U.S. government's use of torture to secure information from suspected terrorists after Sept. 11.

Show da Rodada do Italiano (2009)

Grimm's Fairy Tales/Storybook

Maximum Fighting Championship 17: Hostile Takeover (2009)

Lamont Davis vs. Mike Sorenson; Dwayne Lewis vs. Aron Lofton. From Enoch, Alta.

Twins: What You Never Knew (2010)

Similarities of and differences between identical twins help scientists learn more about nature versus nurture, through cutting-edge research.

Shogun Fights (2009)

Premier League Preview (2009)

A round-up of all the latest headlines from the Premier League.

The Joni Show (2001)

Exploring a wide variety of issues pertaining to Christianity today.

The JFK Assassination (2005)

Leading scientists test out the main theories behind JFK's assassination.

Animal Planet Investigates: Dog Fighting Exposed (2010)

Investigation footage exposes the illegal enterprise.

The Jack Benny Hour (1965)

Guest include Bob Hope, the Beach Boys, Walt Disney.

Miss America 2010 (2010)

Mario Lopez hosts as 53 women compete in the 88th annual pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Up Syndrome (2010)

Rene Moreno is a San Antonio native with Down Syndrome.

Maximum Fighting Championship 15: Rags to Riches (2009)

From Edmonton.

World Chocolate Championship (2009)

Nineteen pastry chefs assemble in Paris to compete in five categories in hope of impressing judges and winning the prestigious title of World Chocolate Master.

Ele Tele (2001)

A special camera and microphone trace the life of African elephant matriarch Afslurpie.

Maximum Fighting Championship 16: Anger Management (2009)

Ryan Ford vs. C.J. Fernandes; Chase Gormley vs. Eric Pele. From May 9, 2008 in Edmonton.

Insane Cinema: From... With Love From ... (2010)

Snowboarding legends travel the world.

Strong Body, Ageless Body With Erin O'Brien (2009)

Hollywood trainer Erin O'Brien demonstrates an efficient total body workout.

Insane Cinema: On the Pipe 1 (2010)

Dan Pastor crashes.

Jane's Rock Stars (2010)

A Celtic Pilgrimage With John O'Donohue (2010)

The Irish author journeys through the sacred landscape of western Ireland.

Tainted Love (2009)

The truth about victims of sex trafficking.

Kenny Rogers: The Gift (1996)

The singer performs songs from his latest album.

Secrets of the Lost Symbol (2009)

Author Dan Brown discusses his new book, the power of the human mind, the beliefs of Freemasonry, whether people can become gods, and an obscure science that might tie them all together; he also talks about the nation's founding fathers.

The Making Of: Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser star in the drama.

The Wizard's Laboratory: Edison's Quest for Rubber (2009)

Inventor Thomas Edison searches for a domestic source of rubber.

Menace From Outer Space (1953)

Space Ranger Rocky Jones (Richard Crane) encounters aliens and his archenemy.

Father Rutler: Stories of Hymns (2000)

The history of religious hymns.

Little League Baseball (1995)

Coverage of all the action from Little League baseball.

Mexican Soccer

Alumni (2009)

Five recent graduates search for meaning and purpose in the world.

Morris Cerullo Helpline (2006)

Teaching and preaching from the word of God.

Economics Classroom: A Workshop for Grade 9-12 Teachers (2003)

Workshops assist high school teachers in teaching economics and personal finance.


Kenny, a tiger shark, lives with a suburban family and is eating them out of house and home.

Kennywood Memories

Kennywood evolves from an 1889 trolley park to a popular amusement park and national historic landmark in Pittsburgh.

The Last Pullman Car

Pullman workers struggle to save their jobs in the era of corporate takeovers.

Brain Fitness Frontiers (2009)

How people are using their brain plasticity to create lasting changes.

Celtic Woman: Songs From the Heart (2009)

The group performs a range of music, from Celtic fiddle and bodhran pieces to Irish classics, contemporary covers and original compositions.

Gina Yashere: Skinny B...tch (2010)

The comic discusses weight loss.

Pop Goes the Culture (2009)

Backstage and behind-the-scenes of the arts and entertainment industry.

Hard Rock Calling '09 (2009)

Performances include Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Neil Young, The Killers, The Dave Matthews Band, The Pretenders, James Morrison and Ben Harper.

Short Sighted (2010)

Celebrating the overlooked medium of short films.

Living Service (2009)

Jayesh Patel discusses how Gandhi's principles inspiring the organization are being put into practice in the slums of Ahmedabad.

Long Days Working Hard (2009)

The West Coast World War II effort includes shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, petroleum production and U.S. Navy activity in Long Beach, Calif.

Feast Greece (2009)

The country whose beauty and history seduces its visitors back time and again beckons chef Barry Vera, who embarks on a journey to experience firsthand the culture, traditions, cuisine and people of Greece. From the stone villages of Zagoria to the bustling metropolis of Athens, the nine-part series highlights the many facets of this diverse country.

Easy Elegance for the Home Premiere (2010)


The Last Ridge (2007)

The U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division scales a 2,000-foot cliff in northern Italy to overtake the Germans in 1945.

Gemstones: Afternoon Delights (2009)

Colorful loose gemstones.

Mortal Enemies (2002)

The lives of Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat, and the battles experienced by these two rival leaders.

Marquis by Waterford First Anniversary (2010)


Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists (2009)

Homeless and formerly homeless people create art in the worst area of Los Angeles known as Skid Row.

Science Trek (2009)

The physics, engineering and fantasy of popular culture.

Vision 2020 (2009)

Start-Up (2009)

A small group of friends find the next great idea in social networking.

The Young Victoria (2009)

Queen Victoria's path to the throne has pitfalls.

HIStory (2000)

Using products of popular culture to illustrate the prevalence of Jesus throughout history.

Macabre Theatre With Ivonna Cadaver (2007)

Straight No Chaser -- Live in New York: Holiday Edition (2009)

The a cappella group performs material from its new album, "Six Pack," as well as songs from a holiday album, "Christmas Cheers."

System Crash: Wired Planet (2010)

The explosion of telecommunications systems converging onto the Internet creates a host of problems.

Federation Cup Highlights (2004)

Roskilde 2009: Pet Shop Boys (2010)

Lila Downs Interview (2010)

Lila Downs discusses her childhood and what inspired her music.

Visionaries, Mystics & Stigmatists (1996)

The lives of Catholic visionaries, mystics and stigmatists from around the world.

Hockeyville on CBC: 2010 Top Twelve (2010)

Ron MacLean and Cassie Campbell-Pascall count down the top 12 finalists.

Five for Fighting: Live Back Country (2009)

The band performs at the House of Blues in Orlando, Fla.; songs include "100 Years," "Superman," and "World."

Mortuary School (2001)

Men and women at a college of mortuary science learn how to bathe bodies, set eyes, seal lips, fill the bloodstream with embalming fluids and cremate bodies.

Japanese Bow Built to Kill (2010)

The precision craftsmanship that is needed to create the ancient samurai's deadly bow known as the Yumi.

MTV Top 20 (2010)

In this hosted thematic countdown MTV counts down the best music of all times.

Sospetti (1999)

Rai Fiction.

Maceo Parker and Roots Revisited (1997)

Jazz saxophonist Maceo Parker.

Golden Gate Replays (2009)

The track's race replay show. The 30-minute program includes complete replays of every race from Golden Gate.

Cada Cosa en su Lugar (2009)

Christmas With Wartburg

A Christmas concert features the Wartburg Wind Ensemble and Concert Band, Wartburg Choir, Castle Singers, Ritterchor and St. Elizabeth Chorale; with Simon Estes.

Cracked Actor: David Bowie (2001)

A 1975 documentary profiles changes in the singer's career.

E! Fashion Week (2003)

E! News Special (2001)

A special episode of the news, giving an in-depth look into the biggest headlines.

Vespasian (2003)

When Rome's Augustan dynasty ended in 68AD, civil war led to a power vacuum, afterwards Vespasian was the man who stepped in to restore power, stability and growth to the empire.

Briefing Encore (2009)

Championship Ballroom Dancing 20th Anniversary Special (2001)

Sandy Duncan and Ron Montez host performances in the international standard and Latin championships, featuring demonstrations of the cha-cha, samba, rumba, pasodoble and jive.

Green Rose (2005)

Lee Jung Hyun is accused for murdering Oh Soo Ah's father. He runs away and becomes a fugitive. Later, he returns and seeks out revenge. Oh Soo Ah who is the successor of the enterprise "First Electronic" falls in love with Lee Jung Hyun.

Dance Connection

The International Dancesport World Championships (2005)

Competitors from around the world challenge each other in Latin, Standard and World Ten.

Fall Fashion Day Party (2009)

Fashions for the season.

Global 3000 (2010)

Vesti (News) (2003)

Informational program.

The International Dancesport World Championships 2007 (2008)

Competitors challenge each other in Latin, Standard and World Ten.

Terey Darsan (2010)

Kiran Ahluwalia and Rez Abbasi create an eclectic sound.

Jewelry: Holidays Must Haves (2009)

Jewelry must haves for gift giving.

The International Dancesport World Championships 2008 (2009)

Competitors challenge each other in Latin, Standard and World Ten.

Vet School (2000)

Students face challenges at Cambridge University's veterinary school.

The Bubble Decade (2009)

Financial turbulence marks the first decade of the 21st century.

Cracking Crime (2002)

The Irish Forensic Science Laboratory work to solve high profile murder cases.

Bil Cornelius, Life Beyond Limits (2010)

Bil Cornelius challenges people to experience life beyond limits.

Oktoberfest German Crafts (2009)


Juan Pablo II: No Tengais Miedo (2009)

An entertaining animated biography about the childhood of Karol Wojtyla until he was elected as Pope.

Regatta (2010)

Skipper Luis Gonzales leads 10 individuals on a sailing ship.

Joey and Rory (2009)

The DIRECTV Concert Series brings you music & interviews with the country music husband and wife duo "Joey & Rory". Only on DIRECTV.