Vibrations (1994)

A musician (James Marshall) who lost his hands falls for a woman (Christina Applegate) whose technologically adept friends help him make a comeback.

That Wonderful Urge (1949)

An heiress (Gene Tierney) gets even with a sneaky New York newsman (Tyrone Power) who courts her for a story.

The Hospital (2013)

A student investigates a haunted hospital and becomes a serial rapist's plaything. When paranormal investigators arrive, the rapist starts hunting them, until the ghosts become unhappy with his depraved actions.

Class of '61 (1993)

Divided by the Civil War, three friends (Dan Futterman, Clive Owen, Joshua Lucas) from West Point meet again at the Battle of Manassas.

Paper Tiger (1975)

An English tutor (David Niven) sees a chance to be a hero when he's kidnapped with the Japanese ambassador's (Toshir Mifune) son (Ando).

The Reincarnate (1971)

An unsung sculptor (Jay Reynolds) receives a doomed lawyer's (Jack Creley) spirit in a cult ritual featuring a sacrifice.

Del Ciego Desert (2014)

In the desert, two gunfighters duel to avenge the massacre of their families.

My Name Is Salt (2013)

Families spend eight months a year extracting salt from the ground.

Deadly Lessons (2014)

A mysterious college professor uses dysfunctional people to help investigate a murder when he is framed by his rival (Jon Voight).

The Reptile (1966)

A Malayan curse turns the daughter (Jacqueline Pearce) of a 19th-century English doctor (Noel Willman) into a snake woman.

The Mighty Humble Blueberry (2014)

The history of the fruit and the woman who brought it into cultivation in 1911.

Wedding Rehearsal (1932)

Fun-loving bachelor Reginald Candysshe, the Marquis of Buckminster (Roland Young), sees his easygoing life coming to an end when his imperious grandmother (Kate Cutler) insists he marry a suitable woman and start a family. The dowager's leading candidates are twin sisters Lady Mary Rose Wroxbury (Wendy Barrie) and Lady Rose Mary Wroxbury (Joan Gardner), both of whom are already in love with others. Reginald endeavors to help the sisters' romantic lives to keep from having to marry one himself.

Law of the North (1932)

A man tries to clear himself of murder while a neighboring woman knows more about the case than anyone suspects.

Punish Me (2006)

Elsa, a probation officer, finds herself more and more attracted to a 16 year old offender who offers to submit himself sexually to her.

The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1998)

In a boy's (Phillip Van Dyke) quest to obtain passes for a new amusement park, his adventures threaten to ruin the town.

Murder on Approval (1956)

While confirming the authenticity of a rare stamp, an English sleuth finds a trail leading to murder.

Illusions (1992)

Plots of murder and her husband's (Robert Carradine) sexy sister (Emma Samms) mark a woman's (Heather Locklear) recovery from a nervous breakdown.

Land of Silence and Darkness (1971)

Werner Herzog examines the world of Fini Straubinger, a woman who uses her own conditions of blindness and deafness to call attention to others who are similarly afflicted.

Genesis II (1973)

A NASA scientist (Alex Cord) wakes up in a strange new world after spending World War III in suspended animation.

An Anti American (2014)

Tom and Vernon stumble into an abandoned building for shelter, and enter a world of shadows and nightmares that drives them into a vortex of madness.

Deadly Presence (2012)

After finding her friend dead in a bathtub, a woman (Kathy Sue Holtorf) uses the friend's journal to trace the origin of the tragedy back to the night they spent in a haunted house.

Out of Omaha (2007)

Unforeseen obstacles stand in the way of a family (Dave Foley, Lea Thompson) planning to take a road trip in an RV.

Traveling Saleswoman (1950)

A soapmaker's daughter (Joan Davis) goes to the Wild West, followed by her boyfriend (Andy Devine).

Light Up the Sky (1960)

Bunglers (Ian Carmichael, Tommy Steele, Benny Hill) man a British searchlight battery during World War II.

A Place to Go (1964)

A London laborer's (Bernard Lee) son (Michael Sarne) finds a wild girlfriend (Rita Tushingham) and turns to petty crime for a gang.

The Courtneys of Curzon Street (1947)

Beautiful and feisty Kate O'Halloran (Anna Neagle) works as a maid in the London home of the socially prominent Courtney family. The daughter of longtime family maid Mrs. O'Halloran (Ethel O'Shea), she has grown up around the family and loves handsome young Edward Courtney (Michael Wilding), a military officer. Against the wishes of his snobby relatives, Edward weds the lower-class Kate, and their marriage endures through the first half of the 20th century.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel (1987)

Defense attorney and supreme sleuth Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) returns in this made-for-TV movie to solve a murder supposedly committed by an embittered tabloid journalist (Susan Wilder). When the publisher (Robert Guillaume) of a muckraking newspaper is killed, the suspect pool is wide. As Perry investigates, he must contend with a motley crew of potential killers ranging from a disgraced Army general to a financier who lost it all after a hatchet-job profile.

Insignificant Things (2008)

The story of an adolescent who is infatuated with saving objects that have been lost, forgotten and discarded.

The Blue Hour (2015)

A bullied loner finds solace in another boy's arms when they meet at a haunted swimming pool.

Lucky Dog (2014)

A dog named Lucky (David DeLuise) helps his owner (Bryce Johnson) juggle relationships with his ex-wife, his two children and an attractive colleague (Boti Bliss).

The Wild Duck (1983)

Ibsen's play, adapted to Australia, concerns a couple (Liv Ullmann, Jeremy Irons) forced to answer for their daughter's legitimacy.

The Deadly Knives (1972)

A kung-fu student (Ling Yun) seeks revenge against a violent Japanese family.

Pharaoh (1966)

After the death of his father, Ramses XIII (Jerzy Zelnik) becomes the ruler of Egypt. But he quickly realizes that the priests, who command the Egyptian army and oversee the empire's vast treasury, wield the real power. When Ramses defiantly assumes command of the army, he becomes locked in a bitter struggle with the well-connected priests. With the country divided between those loyal to Ramses and those loyal to the old guard, the priests begin warning of a devastating solar eclipse.

The Bottle (2000)

Two friends (Ral Boss, Franois Papineau) reunite, as promised 15 years earlier, to look for a paper they sketched their goals on, now buried in the yard of an old grouch (Jean Lapointe).

The Art of Losing (2015)

Suffering through a recession, a 30-year-old man named Victor doesn't have a job or a girlfriend.

Dirty War (1984)

Disgusted by his employers' brutal tactics, a mercenary must fight his way out after they refuse to release him.

La Voladora (2008)

A bus driver is haunted by a dark past that tormented him for years.

Shadows on the Range (1946)

A cattleman's association detective goes under cover as a ranch foreman to nab a gang of cattle rustlers.

Deadly Voltage (2015)

A fractured family is forced to band together to survive when they are caught in a deadly lightning storm.

Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story (1993)

A woman (Ann Jillian) makes medical history when she bears her daughter's (Tracey Gold) twins after in-vitro fertilization.

The Woman Who Dares (2013)

Beate, a former top swimmer for Germany now in her 50s, receives devastating news on her health and prepares to live out her dream of swimming the channel.

Zeiram (1991)

A futuristic bounty hunter brings out the big guns to bring down her quarry, a giant space alien threatening Earth.

A Ripper In Canada: Paranormal Hauntings in the Great White North (2013)

The dying curse of an innocent woman burnt as a witch causes evil entities to reach out from the grave.

Massacre at Grand Canyon (1965)

A murdered sheriff's brother and his fiancee try to rouse citizens to action against a gang of hired gunmen.

Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (1992)

A martial-arts master (Bolo Yeung) travels to Mexico to save two students tricked into an illegal tournament.

The Judge Steps Out (1949)

A middle-aged Boston judge (Alexander Knox) leaves his family, goes west and cooks in a woman's (Ann Sothern) roadside diner.

Hindustani (1996)

An honest veteran, having served in the Indian Army, decides to teach corrupt officials a lesson. He targets officials, ministers, and bureaucrats to make them work diligently without accepting bribes.

Boxboarders! (2006)

Two high-school surfers (James Immekus, Austin Basis) invent a sport in which competitors race crates with wheels.

Gomez vs. Tavarès (2007)

Two crooked lawmen (Stomy Bugsy, Titoff) search for a precious stone to collect an inheritance.

The Last Dance (1999)

Kunhikuttan (Mohanlal) is a respected Kathakali dancer, but is also a member of a low caste. Trapped in a loveless marriage arranged by his estranged father, he dances for the love of his daughter, the only person in his life he cares about. When the equally unhappily married Subhadra (Suhasini) becomes enraptured by Kunhikuttan's portrayal of the hero Arjuna, the two have a tryst -- but Subhadra is only in love with Kunhikuttan's character, while he has fallen for her completely.

Yellow Dust (1936)

A prospector goes under cover to clear his name of robbery before he can lay claim to a mother lode of gold.

No Dead Heroes (1987)

The CIA sends a commando (Max Thayer) to Latin America to stop his KGB-modified buddy (John Dresden) from meeting the pope.

The Outlaw Deputy (1935)

While searching for his friend's killer, a former outlaw (Tim McCoy) thwarts a robbery and becomes a lawman.

The Man From O.R.G.Y. (1970)

A man looks for the three women who stand to inherit a madam's multimillion-dollar fortune.

On the Isle of Samoa (1950)

After committing a robbery, a man is inspired to confess by a lovely native girl he meets on a small island.

Meet Miss Bobby Socks (1944)

An ex-GI calls on the girl who has been sending him pen-pal letters, only to find she's a bit younger than he expected.

Law of the Tong (1931)

A bar hostess (Phyllis Barrington) gets caught up in a scheme to smuggle illegal Chinese aliens into the U.S.

The Sea Wall (2008)

A widow tries to erect a barrier against the sea to protect her crops from flooding.

Ever Since Venus (1944)

An eccentric factory owner (Hugh Herbert) saves the day for promoters of a non-staining lipstick.

The Gentleman From Nowhere (1948)

An insurance detective (Luis Van Rooten) helps a "dead" man (Warner Baxter) clear his name and reunite with his wife (Fay Baker).

Aasaiyil Oru Kaditham (1999)

Unaware that Lakshmi is his friend Anand's fiancée, Karthik sends her a love letter. Things turn ugly when Anand doubts Lakshmi for infidelity after getting married to her.

Ayyaa (2005)

A young man, angered by the murder of his father, causes trouble for the man who killed him and took his position.

The Deceivers (1988)

An undercover East India Company agent (Pierce Brosnan) and a native (Saeed Jaffrey) expose the Thugs in circa-1825 India.

Woman Undone (1996)

Teri Hansen (Mary McDonnell) is found near a burnt car with the corpse of her husband, Allan (Randy Quaid), in it. The body has bullet wounds, and Teri's prints match those on the gun, so she is arrested. Her attorney, Ross Bishop (Sam Elliott), believes she is innocent but has difficulty extracting her story. Bishop eventually learns about Teri's rocky marriage with the abusive Allan, as well as her affair with a lifeguard named Jim Mercer (Benjamin Bratt) and a darker family secret.

Wild Arctic (1970)

A wildlife photographer raises three orphaned wolf cubs amid a flurry of protest from greedy bounty hunters.


An emotionally scarred woman finds herself strangely drawn to a man 20 years her junior.

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck (1976)

Filmmaker Werner Herzog goes to a cattle auction.

Watchers II (1990)

In this movie inspired by the Dean Koontz novel, Paul Ferguson (Marc Singer), an AWOL U.S. Marine, stumbles upon a lost golden retriever, and he's pleased to meet a fellow runaway. But this dog has a dark secret. Beyond being a genetically enhanced animal with super intelligence, he shares a psychic bond with a vicious monster that is intent on killing him -- and anyone who gets in its way. Now, Paul and his canine pal must stand up against this fiend before it kills again.

Big Money (1956)

The meekest member (Ian Carmichael) of a larcenous British family tries to spend a load of counterfeit cash.

Nuts (2011)

Francois has everything required to be happy in life -- a wife that he loves and two beautiful children -- but emotional instability presents itself, and getting his life back will be no easy task.

Two Gals and a Guy (1951)

Married TV-show stars (Janis Paige, Robert Alda) and their manager (James Gleason) seek a look-alike to take the wife's place.

His Picture in the Papers (1916)

A young man wants to win the girl of his dreams by getting his picture in the paper.

Larry Kramer in Love and Anger (2015)

Filmmaker Jean Carlomusto examines the life of Larry Kramer, playwright, author and activist for gay rights.

Squadron of Doom (1936)

A government trouble-shooter and aviation pioneer sets out to capture an archvillain. From the "Ace Drummond" serial.

A Place to Be Loved (1993)

A Florida boy (Thomas Guiry) and his lawyer (Rhea Perlman) sue for his right to be adopted by foster parents.

Preoccupied (2014)

As the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement rages, two men become annoyed with the noise, smell, and hassle of the protests and start a counter protest called Occupy Occupy Wall Street.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962)

Argentinian patriarch Julio Madariaga (Lee J. Cobb) urges his German-born nephew, Heinrich von Hartrott (Karl Boehm), to give up his Nazi allegiance on the brink of World War II, but the request is refused. Madariaga's debauched grandson, Julio Desnoyers (Glenn Ford), joins the French Resistance, risking his life to fight the Nazis in honor of his grandfather, who died shortly after von Hartrott's Nazi leanings were exposed. The war brings the cousins together for a final showdown.

Civilian (2014)

A youth launches a search for the intended recipient of a letter he finds while on military duty.

Marple: The Body in the Library (2004)

Miss Jane Marple (Geraldine McEwan) investigates the connection between two mysterious deaths.

Fit for a King (1937)

An aspiring journalist (Joe E. Brown) falls in love with a crown princess (Helen Mack) and exposes a plot to kill her.

Run (2014)

A man reflects on his life and the changes he's made, each time fleeing one life into something not of his own choosing.

Go to Blazes (1961)

Would-be bank robbers (Dave King, Daniel Massey) hire an arsonist (Robert Morley) to create a diversion and buy a fire truck for a getaway.

Flesh Feast (1970)

Miami scientist Elaine (Veronica Lake) uses maggots for cosmetic surgery and has Adolf Hitler for a client.

Beloved Enemy (1979)

The mysterious deaths of brides leads to a growing list of suspects.

Masterson of Kansas (1954)

In the 1870s, Marshal Wyatt Earp (Bruce Cowling) calls upon Dodge City, Kan., Sheriff Bat Masterson (George Montgomery) to track down rancher Merrick (John Maxwell), who is accused of murder. But, thanks to some proof held by local Native American Chief Yellow Hawk (Jay Silverheels), Masterson realizes Merrick might be the victim of a frame-up. So, with the help of Earp and gunfighter Doc Holliday (James Griffith), Masterson sets out to find those who are really behind the killing.

Jesus Town, USA (2014)

A small town's reenactment of Jesus' life could be derailed by an actor's massive secret.

Lucia's Secret (2014)

An orphaned flamenco dancer's return to her native city brings tragic consequences.

The Opposite Sex... and How to Live With Them (1993)

A lusty slob (Arye Gross) meets a snob (Courteney Cox) in a bar, and they warily begin an oddball affair.

The Badger Game (2014)

A philanderer falls victim to an extortion scheme when four masked strangers demand restitution for his sins.

Quiet Please, Murder (1943)

A smooth forger (George Sanders) kills for library first editions, planning to sell copies to a Nazi collector.

The Love Butcher (1975)

Caleb is pushed too far and develops an evil personality.

The Dakota Kid (1951)

Two frontier children (Michael Chapin, Eilene Janssen) talk an outlaw into helping the sheriff (James Bell) ambush crooks.

Nightscare (1995)

An experiment gone awry places a neurologist (Elizabeth Hurley) and a homicide detective (Craig Fairbrass) in a psychopath's (Keith Allen) nightmarish world.

Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman II (1994)

An ex-detective (Lorenzo Lamas), the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, faces an enemy he executed 2,000 years ago.

Triggerman (1948)

A Wells Fargo agent uncovers a plot to steal a pretty rancher's spread.

Megasnake (2007)

A paramedic who fears snakes must stop a gargantuan serpent from killing townspeople.

Rowing Through (1996)

In this drama based on a true story, American rower Tiff Wood (Colin Ferguson) is set to compete in the 1980 Olympics and is shattered when the United States boycotts the games for political reasons. Wood then decides to focus on the 1984 Olympics, but he will now have to compete against a new group of younger athletes, among them Polar Bear Nelson (James Hyndman) and Paul Enquist (Christopher Heyerdahl), while also trying to navigate his shifting personal relationships.

Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare (2002)

A man runs an antique store as a front for illegal activities.

Fait Accompli (1998)

Seeking revenge for his brother's murder, an ex-con (Michael Madsen) hiding out in the Louisiana bayou steals $1 million cursed by a voodoo priestess.

Shattered Image (1994)

Greed, lust and betrayal surround an undercover FBI agent (Jack Scalia) and a fashion model (Bo Derek) with plenty to hide.