The Quest (1986)

A U.S. orphan (Henry Thomas) and his girlfriend (Rachel Friend) explore the aboriginal legend of a lake monster in Australia.

They Dare Not Love (1941)

A young Austrian couple encounters wartime difficulties.

They Call It Sin (1932)

An aspiring singer (Loretta Young) from Kansas works for a sleazy producer and loves a married man (David Manners) in New York.

Wedlock (1991)

A man (Rutger Hauer) and a woman (Mimi Rogers) escape from a high-tech prison, bound by collars set to explode if they part.

Cotton Queen (1937)

A mill owner's (Mary Lawson) daughter gets tangled in romance while working under cover at a rival operation.

Leaves From Satan's Book (1921)

The devil influences history throughout the ages.

Courage for Every Day (1964)

A young factory worker (Jan Kacer) jeopardizes his relationship with his lover by constantly spouting socialist dogma.

Your Unknown Brother (1982)

In 1935, convicted communist Arnold (Uwe Kockisch) is released from jail into the startling transformed world of Nazi Germany. After learning that the majority of his comrades have been arrested, Arnold grows wary of rejoining the communist cause. He meets Walter (Michael Gwisdek), a resistance fighter, and the two strike up a friendship. But just as Arnold becomes politically active again, he begins to fear that he's being set up by Walter, who he suspects is a Nazi collaborator.

Blue Fin (1978)

An Australian boy (Greg Rowe) proves himself to his tuna-boat captain father (Hardy Kruger) during an ordeal at sea.

The Iron Ladies (2000)

Based on a true story, "The Iron Ladies" describes the inexorable march of a volleyball team composed mostly of transsexuals, transvestites, and some rather effeminate gay guys to the Thai male national championships in 1996. An entire team of gays, transvestites and transsexuals is a practically unheard of situation in Thailand.

La Ley de la Sierra (1957)

A man wants revenge on the federals who shot him, and after his wounds heal he is ready to make justice.

Where Is the Chesterfield King? (2001)

A rock band tries to save its drummer after a power-hungry alien kidnaps him.

The Woman on the Beach (1947)

Coast Guard officer Scott (Robert Ryan) loves his fiance, Eve (Nan Leslie), but he can't fight his attraction to the alluring Peggy (Joan Bennett), a lonely beauty he meets on the beach. But Peggy is trapped in a loveless marriage to Tod (Charles Bickford), a former painter whose career was cut short by blindness. Scott and Peggy become romantically involved, yet they can't help but feel that Tod knows more than he's letting on -- and his blindness may just be a ruse he uses to spy on Peggy.

Breakaway (1957)

A formula designed to overcome fatigue in supersonic flight becomes the object of contention between competing groups.

Kammath & Kammath (2013)

Raja Raja (Mammootty) and Deva Raja (Dileep) try to open a new restaurant in a renovated hotel.

The Great Jewel Robber (1950)

A master thief (David Brian) steals more than $1 million in valuables from society homes between 1947-'48.

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)

In this claymation film, celebrated author Mark Twain (James Whitmore), displeased with the state of humanity, sets off in a hot-air balloon to meet his celestial destiny: Halley's Comet. Stowed away on the craft are beloved characters from Twain's stories -- Tom Sawyer (Chris Ritchie), Becky Thatcher (Michele Mariana) and Huckleberry Finn (Gary Krug). As Twain's balloon ascends ever higher to its ultimate goal, his literary creations try to persuade him of the essential goodness of man.

La Coyota (1983)

The owners of a hacienda exploit a young woman who lives there.

Soundbreaker: The World of Kimmo Pohjonen (2011)

The life and work of Finnish musician Kimmo Pohjonen.

Home Alone da Riber (2002)

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, a man gets another chance to win back his family.

Merce Cunningham, A Legacy of Dance (2012)

Marie-Hlne Rebois follows lawyers, directors, dancers and musicians as they follow the Cunningham Legacy Plan they developed with Merce before his death.

Mamá, Soy Paquito (1984)

Paquito suffers the death of his mother at an early age, left at the mercy of poverty and misery.

Highway 301 (1951)

A network of armed robbers successfully gets away with several million dollars before the law can stop them.

Third Time Lucky (1950)

A gambler (Dermot Walsh) takes his lucky lady (Glynis Johns) for granted, until he is shot in the back.

Ivan's Dream (2011)

Ivan, an 11-year-old, plays against the most important champions of the soccer world and lives the first love story of his life.

Touch of the Panda (2009)

An orphaned boy (Daichi Harashima) befriends a panda cub after rescuing the animal from a research lab.

Miles From Home (2006)

Miles Conway is abandoned and lives on the streets until he is drawn into an underworld.

The Mansion of Madness (1973)

Inmates of an insane asylum take over the institution and run it the way they see fit.

Leaving (2009)

An unhappily married woman's (Kristin Scott Thomas) affair with an ex-convict (Sergi Lpez) yields dangerous consequences.

Stagecoach War (1940)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) shuts up a gang of singing bandits.

Marejada (1952)

A doctor goes to work on the coast, the magistrate receives him indifferently and he befriends only with a boy.

Langrishe Go Down (1978)

A German student of philosophy (Jeremy Irons) in the 1930s embarks on a relationship with a woman (Judi Dench) trapped by a family of sisters.

A Son Comes Home (1936)

A mother experiences the torment of discovering that her own son is a killer.

Piché: Entre ciel et terre (2010)

An airline pilot miraculously saves an Airbus 330 from crashing.

The Believers (2012)

Despite disdain from mainstream science, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs and a high-school student keeps experimenting to make cold fusion a reality.

Stolen Heaven (1938)

Two jewel thieves pose as musicians as a cover to elude pursuing law officers.

Gala Day at Disneyland (1960)

The California theme park adds new attractions the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Disneyland Monorail System and the Submarine Voyage in June 1959.

Night Rider (1932)

A stranger (Harry Carey) is blamed for gulch trouble caused by a night rider.

Love Expresso (2007)

Four friends approaching 30 seek their place in life while pursuing relationships with women.

Around the World (1943)

The bandleader (Kay Kyser) and his entourage entertain troops in Australia, India, China and Egypt.

Submarine Patrol (1938)

The ill-assorted crew of a World War I submarine chaser become heroes in the thick of battle.

I'll Be There (2010)

A young, aspiring New York-based fashion designer returns to Philippines to meet her father after her mother's death.

General Crack (1929)

A soldier of fortune (John Barrymore) travels to Vienna with his new Gypsy bride to offer his services to the Austrian emperor.

Love Commune (1970)

Cleveland hippies plan peace demonstrations, clash with the police, and welcome a curious young woman into their far-out fold.

Beck: The Monster (1997)

When police use a robot to detonate a suitcase bomb, they find the bag really contains a baby.

Sylvia and the Phantom (1946)

The appearance of a real ghost adds to the confusion when a nobleman hires three impostors to play phantoms.

Aryan (2006)

Aryan gives up his dream of winning the boxing nationals championship in order to get married. When he hits a professional and personal low, he decides to get back in the ring, but he discovers that he is not the man he once was.

The Black Knight Returns (2009)

When a corporation threatens to release a plague, a young man's (Adam Salandra) grandfather (Win De Lugo) indoctrinates him into an ancient order of warriors who are sworn to fight evil.

Aunty No. 1 (1998)

As a favor to his friends, Gopi dresses up as an elderly female relative to help them deal with their romance-related problems. However, he himself ends up with two persistent suitors.

What If Cannabis Cured Cancer? (2010)

Examination of whether chemicals found in marijuana prevent and even heal several deadly cancers; an eye-opening film about the future of cannabis - and perhaps even the future of medicine.

Legion of Missing Men (1937)

A Foreign Legionnaire (Ralph Forbes) and his younger brother (Ben Alexander) fall for a cabaret singer (Hala Linda).

In Enemy Hands (1968)

During World War II, Allied Intelligence agents parachute behind enemy lines to sabotage a Nazi torpedo plant.

The Legend of Secret Pass (2010)

A Native American boy embarks on an epic journey to save his family.

Manchalaa (1999)

A practical joke leads to love.

(A)Sexual (2011)

People who experience no sexual attraction face a sex-obsessed culture, a mountain of stereotypes and misconceptions as they struggle to claim their identity.

Blood Rage (1987)

A suburban apartment complex becomes a scene of carnage following the escape of an institutionalized twin.

Dear Alice (2010)

A car accident brings together the lives of two men, a businesswoman and a former TV star.

Yearning (1964)

A grocer's widow (Hideko Takamine) faces outside pressure to sell her store and learns of her brother-in-law's (Yûzô Kayama) unrequited love for her.

Lovers Like Us (1975)

A woman (Catherine Deneuve) flees her fiance (Luigi Vannucchi) in Venezuela and hooks up with a perfumer (Yves Montand) on the lam from his wife.

One New York Night (1935)

A Wyoming man travels to the big city in hopes of finding a wife, but ends up in the middle of a murder mystery.

The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963)

A Cape Canaveral scientist (Kent Taylor) finds martians reducing people to ashes and taking their places.

Sophie Lang Goes West (1937)

A young girl on the lam from police heads for the West Coast and freedom.

Goldy 3: The Search for the Golden Bear (1988)

An orphan (Jessica Black) and her pet bear find adventure in the wilderness.

Do Chor (1972)

When a mysterious burglar robs the homes of several important people, leaving behind only a swastika, the police go on a massive hunt to track down the criminal.

The Peril From Planet Mongo (1940)

Flash Gordon (Buster Crabbe) saves Earth from the purple death of Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton).

Ghulami (1985)

When a man refuses to comply with the regulations set by his father's former employer, he is labeled a bandit and chased by police.

The Fort (1998)

When a seemingly brutal landowner is murdered, the case is brought up in court to none other than his own twin brother, Judge Amarnath Singh, who rounds up all suspects, but is yet unable to determine who the murderer is.

River of Grass (1994)

A bored housewife (Lisa Bowman) and her boozing lover (Larry Fessenden) almost go on the lam after she thinks she shot a man.

Dark Horse (2005)

A young man rejects romance and helps his friend get through his daily struggles.

Fast Work (1930)

A man (Charley Chase) mistakes an escaped mental patient (Dell Henderson) for the father of a woman (June Marlowe) he is interested in dating.

The Field Mouse (1941)

A lazy young field mouse and his feisty grandfather fight for survival when advancing farm machinery destroys their home and sends their family scattering.

Best Man in Grass Creek (2001)

As part of a business deal, a jilted groom (Grace Phillips) reluctantly agrees to serve as best man for someone (John Newcombe) he hardly knows.

The Oregon Trail (1936)

A cowboy who is bitter over his father's murder sets out after a gang of renegade outlaws.

Red Tears (2011)

Copious amounts of blood characterize two Tokyo detectives' hunt for a serial killer.

The First Assignment (2010)

After taking a teaching job in an Italian village, a young woman (Isabella Ragonese) finds romance with a local handyman (Francesco Chiarello).

Park Plaza 605 (1953)

A man wrongfully accused of murder sets out to trap a gang of smugglers.

Sands of the Desert (1960)

A sheik (Peter Arne) objects when a clerk (Charlie Drake) from a British travel agency tries to open a holiday resort in Saudi Arabia.

Partners of the Sunset (1948)

A cowboy sets out to prevent a young woman from murdering her husband.

The Path of Hope (1950)

After the shuttering of a local mine, villagers in a tiny Sicilian town are desperate for work. Widower Saro (Raf Vallone) decides to try his luck in France with his three children. He buys passage abroad from Ciccio (Saro Urz), a guide who is to accompany him, his family and several others on their trek. Along for the ride are Barbara (Elena Varzi), and her boyfriend, Vanni (Franco Navarra). While the group travels across Italy, perils, as well as new relationships, are unavoidable.

The Devil's Money (1953)

A textile factory worker is offered a chance to make money by planning a robbery.

Footrot Flats (1986)

A dog (Peter Rowley) guards his master (John Clarke) and their house from the evil inhabitants across the river.

The Perfect Clue (1935)

Investigators tackle a case that appears to offer rather dubious leads.

The Viking (1928)

A story loosely based on the novel "Leif the Lucky," which tells of Viking activity west of Greenland.

The Kiss (1929)

Irene (Greta Garbo) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband, Charles Guarry (Anders Randolf). She strays and falls for lawyer Andr Dubail (Conrad Nagel), but their secret relationship doesn't last. Irene then starts hanging around love-struck 18-year-old Pierre (Lew Ayres). Pierre kisses Irene farewell as he departs for school, but Charles walks in on the innocent embrace, leading to a scuffle. Charles is killed, Irene takes the blame and a murder trial full of twists ensues.

Good News (1930)

A shy coed tutors a college football star when bad grades threaten to make him ineligible to play in the big game.

Goldstein (1964)

The Hebrew prophet Elijah (Lou Gilbert) comes to Chicago from Lake Michigan in the guise of an elderly tramp.

Anna (1952)

The presence of two past lovers confuses a young woman (Silvana Mangano) about her vocation as a nun.

Guards of Shaolin (1984)

Monks must protect a priceless artifact from a band of deadly ninja.

The Refugee (1940)

A Viennese doctor and his daughter join the Dakota farmers in their trek from the dust bowl to Oregon.

The Spirit of Salsa (2010)

New Yorkers assemble at the dance studio of Tomas Guerrero in Spanish Harlem to learn the art of salsa dancing.

Había una Vez una Estrella (1989)

A young man is forced to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die.

Sing and Swing (1964)

A record producer recovers a lost demo tape made by a post-office worker and three friends, then tries to locate the quartet.

El Rey de los Taxistas (1989)

A womanizer and a model for erotic photographs get married, each one unaware of what the other does.

A Woman for All Men (1975)

An elderly millionaire (Keenan Wynn) weds a young woman (Judith Brown) in Las Vegas and brings her home to meet his two sons.

Future Women (1969)

With the help of her well-trained army, a beautiful woman (Shirley Eaton) plans to take over the world.

Cause of Death (1991)

The brother of a slain DEA agent seeks revenge on a Colombian drug lord.

Los Náufragos II: Los Piratas (1986)

Survivors of a shipwreck find treasure on a deserted island.

The Green Jade Statuette (1977)

A band of criminals returns to a vice-filled village one year after their theft of a valuable family artifact, along with a talented fighter hired to recover the relic.

Flame Over Vietnam (1957)

During the French Indochina War, an arms smuggler comes to the aid of a Spanish nun and the orphans in her care when enemy forces prevent them from leaving the country.

Emperor of Shaolin Kung Fu (1980)

A butcher agrees to marry a crazy princess with one arm and fights with the marauders who threaten their kingdom.