Having It All (1982)

A bicoastal fashion designer (Dyan Cannon) has a husband (Barry Newman) in New York and a husband (Hart Bochner) in Los Angeles.

Desperado (1987)

Cowboy Duell McCall (Alex McArthur) fights a mine boss (David Warner) and his henchman (Yaphet Kotto) in a company-run Arizona town.

The Zero Boys (1986)

War games turn deadly for a group of young people whose celebratory camping trip leads them to an unoccupied house.

Sons of New Mexico (1950)

When rancher Gene Autry (Gene Autry) takes on the responsibility of looking after a rebellious teenager, Randy Pryor (Dick Jones), he discovers that raising cattle is a lot easier. Gene sends the boy off to a military academy to teach him discipline, but Pryor runs away and rejoins the gang -- headed by Pat Feeney (Robert Armstrong) -- he was a member of before he met Gene. Pryor is eventually framed for murder, and Gene risks his reputation to prove the boy didn't do it.

The Company She Keeps (1951)

After serving a harsh sentence in a women's prison, Diane Stuart (Jane Greer) steps off a train at Union Station in Los Angeles -- and into life on the outside. She is greeted by her parole officer, Joan Wilburn (Lizabeth Scott), a strict but compassionate woman with high expectations for her mentee. Stuart struggles to adjust to her new life and nurture her own self-discipline in spite of continued poverty and the bad example set by her friend and fellow parolee, Tilly Thompson (Fay Baker).

Scarecrows (1988)

Bank robbers parachute from a hijacked plane into a field full of killer scarecrows.

The Circle (2005)

A woman (Angela Bettis) searches for the hit man who is supposed to kill her husband.

It's Now or Never (2015)

A problem arises between two lovers.

The Overlookers (2004)

A mysterious New York agency investigates possible love interests for attractive young people.

Up River (1979)

A British Columbia homesteader (Morgan Stevens) befriends a trapper (Jeff Corey) and an Indian girl while fighting for his land.

Outrage (1998)

A man (Rob Lowe) fights back against prep-school students who ransacked his car and terrorized his wife (Jennifer Grey).

Tuck Everlasting (1980)

While exploring the woods behind her house, young Winnie Foster (Margaret Chamberlain) meets the charismatic Jesse Tuck (Paul Flessa). Jesse introduces Winnie to his family, who turn out to be immortals living near the Fountain of Youth. Winnie is taken in by Angus (Fred A. Keller) and the rest of the family, though their idyll is soon interrupted by a power-hungry man who wants to sell the spring water. Winnie and the Tucks must make sure their secret remains safe -- which proves no easy task.

Run, Hide, Die (2012)

Five girls head out to a cabin to help their friend find balance on the anniversary of her husband's death. As the weekend continues a secret begins to emerge and may boil over into revenge.

Pennsylvania Holy Ghosts (2014)

Three loners reflect on life, death and drugs in a bleak Pennsylvania town.

Friendship Love and Loyalty (2016)

Two lifelong friends once made a pact to never allow anything to come between them, even women. When they fall for the same woman they'll have to decide what matters more: love or loyalty.

I Know What You Did (1998)

A defense attorney (Rosanna Arquette) kills a rapist, then must keep the deed secret from her detective boyfriend.


A London clerk (Tony Hancock) quits his dull office job and goes to Paris to be an avant-garde artist on the Left Bank.

First to Fight (1967)

A Guadalcanal Marine hero (Chad Everett) settles with his wife (Marilyn Devin), then returns to battle and freezes under fire.

On the Line (1998)

A policewoman (Linda Hamilton) recently transferred to robbery/homicide tackles two tough cases with her partner (Jeff Fahey).

My Brother's Keeper (1949)

While being transported to prison, two convicts -- veteran criminal George Martin (Jack Warner) and not-so-tough Willie Stannard (George Cole) -- manage to escape from custody. Martin and Stannard have to work together if they're going to make it to safety. The only problem is that they're handcuffed to each other. With the police on their trail, the two men try to break their bonds. Things go from bad to worse when Martin murders a man who spots them sawing through the handcuffs.

Trouble for Two (1936)

On the cusp of entering into an arranged marriage, Prince Florizel (Robert Montgomery) travels to England to gather his thoughts. In transit, Florizel encounters Miss Vandeleur (Rosalind Russell) who, unknown to him, is his intended wife. Things get considerably stranger in London when the prince hears of a "suicide club" where wealthy people who want to end their lives but lack the courage select their killer at random. Curious, Florizel decides he must attend, and Miss Vandeleur follows.

The Unearthly (1957)

A mad scientist (John Carradine) seeks immortality with trial-and-error gland experiments and his servant, Lobo.

Night of the Witches (1971)

A California witch (Kathryn Loder) and her coven have plans for revenge upon a killer preacher (Keith Erik Burt).

Wish You Were Here (2005)

An American (Samuel Page) launches a desperate search to find his missing mate (Natassia Malthe) in Spain.

Nightmare Street (1998)

Joanna Burke (Sherilyn Fenn) courageously rescues her daughter from being hit by a speeding automobile, only to be hit by the truck herself. She later regains consciousness in what seems to be an alternate universe. There she learns she never had a daughter, another family lives in her home and everyone thinks she's Sarah Randolph, a woman suspected of murdering a young boy. Now, with only a caring Dr. Matt Westbrook (Thomas Gibson) on her side, Joanna desperately searches for the truth.

Dirty Dishes (1978)

With two sons and a pushy husband (Pierre Santini), a French housewife (Carole Laure) tries diversions to change her life.

Trouble Dolls (2014)

Two codependent roommates flee New York for the promise of sunshine in Los Angeles. On the road, their friendship is tested by a chance at fame, a fortune teller and a wealthy aunt.

The Exorcist File: Haunted Boy (2014)

Documentary filmmakers uncover a secret diary in a haunted asylum that details an exorcism performed in 1949 on a 13-year-old boy.

The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company (1986)

A director is determined to save his failing career. He uses an assembly line to audition actors, hustles Germans for production money, and discusses film history with filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard.

Roamin' Wild (1938)

Crooks hatch a plot to rob miners of their rightful earnings by masquerading as government officials.

It's Great to Be Young (1946)

Young performers (Leslie Brooks, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeff Donnell) impress a Broadway producer with a borscht belt show.

Charlie Chan in London (1934)

The Chinese detective (Warner Oland) mixes with the horsy set to solve a murder at a plush English estate.

The Green Goddess (1930)

A plane carrying British Maj. Crespin (H.B. Warner), his wife Lucilla (Alice Joyce) and Dr. Traherene (Ralph Forbes) crash-lands in the small Near East nation of Rukh. There, the rajah (George Arliss), whose three brothers are about to be executed by British forces, informs them that they will be killed in retaliation -- but then finds himself attracted to Lucilla. She refuses the rajah's advances, but distracts him so that Crespin and Traherene can get to the telegraph machine to summon aid.

My Love, My Bride (2014)

The honeymoon is over for two newlyweds (Jo Jeong-Seok, Min-a Shin) who begin to constantly bicker.

Blondie Goes Latin (1941)

Blondie (Penny Singleton) and Dagwood (Arthur Lake) join Mr. Dithers on a South American cruise.

Penance (2014)

A grief-stricken woman (Kyôko Koizumi) demands that the friends of her murdered daughter identify the killer or face a penance of her choosing.

Heroes Shed No Tears (1980)

Kao is given a mission by his elderly master to take a cursed sword and solve petty squabbles between skilled martial masters.

Projections of America (2014)

During World War II, Robert Riskin and other filmmakers create powerful short documentaries that showed America's strength.

For Love Alone (1996)

Though a Czechoslovakian defector (Sanna Vraa) finds wealth and a socialite husband (Stephen Collins) in the United States, she cannot escape the past.

Return of Dr. Mabuse (1961)

Two sleuths (Gert Frobe, Lex Barker) catch the master criminal (Wolfgang Preiss) making zombies at a prison to take over a nuclear plant.

Strange (2003)

An uncommunicative former surgeon (Julio Chvez) moves in with a pregnant woman (Valeria Bertuccelli) whose roommate committed suicide.

Lady in a Corner (1989)

The veteran editor (Loretta Young) and publisher (Brian Keith) of a fashion magazine thwart a takeover by upstart counterparts.

Reunion (1936)

People return to their hometown to celebrate the retirement of the doctor who brought them into the world.

Masters of the Sky (2014)

Veteran pigeon fighter Mehmood teaches his art to a young apprentice on the rooftops of Karachi.

Juan and the Ballerina (2012)

A scientific clone of Jesus inspires residents of a retirement home to fight against their oppressor.

Vertical Features Remake (1978)

The Institute of Reclamation and Restoration attempts to assemble raw footage into a short film.

El Séptimo Arcángel (2003)

An unemployed man struggles to survive in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Young and the Guilty (1958)

Parents veto the romance of two high-school students (Andrew Ray, Janet Munro), forcing them to meet in secret.

Bus Riley's Back in Town (1965)

A brooding ex-serviceman (Michael Parks) comes home and spends time with an innocent girl (Janet Margolin) and a worldly woman (Ann-Margret).

Honeymoon Lodge (1943)

A couple's (David Bruce, June Vincent) trip to save their marriage instead reunites them with their old flames.

Illegal (1955)

A former district attorney (Edward G. Robinson) becomes a racketeer's lawyer and uses his client's mistress (Jayne Mansfield) to expose him.

Take the Stand (1934)

Several likely suspects are rounded up after a radio commentator meets an untimely end.

Love or Money (1989)

Chris Murdoch (Timothy Daly) and Jeff Simon (Michael Garin) have established their own real estate business after leaving bigger firms. Unfortunately, financial problems threaten to plunge their new venture into bankruptcy. When a potential deal comes along with a corporation headed by William Reed (Kevin McCarthy), they believe their problems are solved. Complications arise, however, when Chris falls in love with Jennifer (Haviland Morris), who happens to be Reed's beautiful daughter.

Shimon's Returns (2014)

The life of Holocaust survivor Shimon Redlich.

Ghost Chasers (1951)

The Bowery Boys are helped by a friendly apparition when a phony spiritualist invades the neighborhood.

The Perfect Friend (2005)

A journalist (Antoine de Caunes) investigates his past after he wakes in the hospital with amnesia.

Faraar (2015)

A man traveling to the United States becomes involved in an investigation when authorities think he is a notorious criminal.

Blood on Her Hands (1998)

A woman (Susan Lucci) convinces her lover (Philip Casnoff) to kill her husband (John O'Hurley), then tries to frame him.

Skull and Crown (1935)

Bob Franklin (Regis Toomey) patrols the Mexican border with help from his trusty dog, Rinty. Ed (Jack Mulhall), another patrolman, informs Bob that a criminal named El Zorro has crossed the border. Bob leaves Rinty behind while he and Ed pursue El Zorro. Meanwhile, Bob's sister arrives at his cabin. While she waits for him to return, El Zorro shows up and murders her. Enraged, Bob quits the border patrol and goes undercover to hunt down El Zorro.

The Power of Forgiveness (2007)

Individuals and communities use magnanimity to overcome devastating tragedies, like the murders of Amish schoolgirls in Nickel Mines, Pa.

A Brilliant Disguise (1994)

From harmless to dangerous, the three personalities of a woman (Lysette Anthony) become apparent to her lover (Anthony John Denison).

Call of the Wild (1976)

Based on Jack London's classic about two gold-seekers who forge their way to the Klondike with their faithful dog Buck.

Eric Clapton: Live at the Royal Albert Hall -- Slowhand at 70 (2015)

Musician Eric Clapton performs classic songs and fan favorites at London's Royal Albert Hall.

O Começo da Vida (2016)

Scientists, advocates and parents around the world explore how carefully tending to kids' earliest needs can shape the course of human society.

The Seniors (1977)

College buddies (Jeffrey Byron, Dennis Quaid, Gary Imhoff) turn their grant-funded coed sex study into a moneymaker.

The Twist (1976)

A U.S. writer (Bruce Dern) and his rich French wife (Stphane Audran) suspect each other of having affairs.

Snow in Paradise (2012)

A snapshot of life on a remote, picturesque island in the South Pacific through the eyes of a young Polynesian girl. In one moment her world will change forever.

High Risk (1981)

A filmmaker (James Brolin) recruits three buddies to help steal $5 million from a drug dealer in South America.

Ritratti abusivi (2013)

An exploration of Parco Saraceno's squatter community. Living between misery and lawlessness, the inhabitants of the park are suspended between daily violence and the dreams of a normal lives.

Clandestins (1997)

Desperate to escape France and build a new life for themselves in Canada, six illegal aliens take a dangerous journey stowed away in a tiny container on a cargo ship. Between the two men (Anton Kouznetsov, Moussa Maaskri), two women (Simona Maicanescu, Christelle Sabas) and two children (Hanane Rahman, Ovidiu Balan), there is little food and water. An emergency stop in Liverpool, England, tests their resources and forces the group to make a decision that could cost them everything.

Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994)

A Chicago detective (Brian Dennehy) uncovers a crime ring while investigating the death of a nightclub stripper.

Additions and Subtractions (2004)

An engineer gets involved in the world of Columbian drug trafficking in order to make some easy money.

El Ángel y Yo (1972)

Tin Tan becomes a thief and while stealing in a home he has to tell a story that would prevent a boy from crying.

Blood Hunt (1986)

A dead man's detective brother (Michael Carter) asks an old sailor (Andrew Keir) in the Scottish Highlands to help him find the killer.

The Marauders (1955)

Corey (Jeff Richards) claims squatter's rights to a ranch in the Arizona desert, but a wealthy landowner wants him evicted. A group of mercenaries, including the inept but maniacal Avery (Dan Duryea), lay siege to Corey's ranch, but are continually repelled. The marauders believe they are fighting an army, but Corey's only allies are Hannah (Jarma Lewis) and Albie (David Kasday), a mother and child who chanced upon the homestead just before the attack began.

In the Heat of the Night (1988)

A Mississippi police chief (Carroll O'Connor) solves a murder with a detective (Howard E. Rollins Jr.) he has met before.

Steamroller and the Violin (1960)

A road worker intervenes when he sees a group of bullies teasing a 7-year-old violin student.

Under the Lighthouse Dancing (1997)

While visiting friends on an Australian island, a man (Jack Thompson) and his younger girlfriend (Jacqueline McKenzie) announce plans to wed immediately.

Sins of Jezebel (1954)

Biblical prophet Elijah (John Hoyt) recalls the wicked wife (Paulette Goddard) of Ahab, king of Israel.

East L.A. Warriors (1989)

A street-gang veteran (Tony Bravo) teaches martial arts to a young fighter (Kamar Reyes) caught in the gang scene.

Wings of Danger (1952)

An airline pilot (Zachary Scott) frees his buddy from the grip of a smuggling ring.

City Without Men (1943)

A woman (Linda Darnell) rooms with others in a boardinghouse by a prison where her innocent husband awaits execution.

Three Cheers for the Irish (1940)

Retiring police officer Peter Casey (Thomas Mitchell) resents his replacement, Angus Ferguson (Dennis Morgan), a young Scotsman. To help Peter adjust, his daughters, Maureen (Priscilla Lane), Patricia (Virginia Grey) and Heloise (Irene Hervey), suggest he run for alderman. Unknown to Peter, Angus meets Maureen and the two begin courting. Trouble starts when Heloise naively asks a bookie friend to help raise money for Peter's campaign, and Peter discovers a secret between Maureen and Angus.

Bandits (2013)

Two young thugs commit a robbery and find a wounded boar when they hide in the woods.

A Father for Brittany (1998)

After his wife dies, a man (Andrew McCarthy) fights rules against single-parent adoption in order to take custody of their child.

Bear Shooters (1930)

A gang of friends go on a camping trip; there they encounter poachers.

The Demon (1963)

Purificazione curses Antonio when he chooses to marry someone else, inciting the townspeople to believe she is a witch.

Submarine D-1 (1937)

Navy officers and crew (Pat O'Brien, Wayne Morris) bring a submarine from Long Island to San Diego via the Panama Canal.

Voices From Within (1994)

A woman (Stephanie Zimbalist) with three personalities is murdered; her sister (JoBeth Williams) and a police detective (Corbin Bernsen) unlock her lives.

Pigpen (1969)

Two interconnected tales display humanity sinking to its darkest depths.

The Boys (1997)

Grim, gut-wrenching domestic drama follows a family's descent into chaos when two siblings are reunited with their psychopathic, recently paroled brother. Impeccably filmed, with a dark, grimy, foreboding and noirish atmosphere, the film boasts a bravura performance from Wenham, who is masterful at being on the verge of exploding with rage.

Lucky 13 (2006)

Benjamin Fiedler (Daryl Sabara) has a lot to be nervous about; his bar mitzvah is fast approaching, and his parents (Jeremy Piven, Jami Gertz) are caught up in plans to make his party even more lavish than the one the Steins threw for their son. Amid his family's debate over whether to invite an estranged grandfather (Garry Marshall), the youth solves the problem by arranging for Grandpa to arrive two weeks early.

The Godless Girl (1929)

When militant atheist Judy (Lina Basquette) organizes a society for non-believers at her high school, devout Christian Bob (George Duryea) leads an attack against them. In the ensuing fray, one of the atheists is killed, and both Judy and Bob are sent to a reform school dominated by a sadistic guard (Noah Beery). The two fall for each other and escape to the countryside, where Judy finds her faith in God. They're soon recaptured, but their love helps them endure the harsh conditions.

Middle of the Night (1959)

Jerry Kingsley (Fredric March) is a wealthy garment manufacturer left lonely in his 60s when his wife dies. Despite the difference in their ages, he strikes up a romance with divorced 24-year-old receptionist Betty (Kim Novak). The relationship is dismissed by his daughter, Lillian (Joan Copeland), discouraged by his sister, Evelyn (Edith Meiser), and denounced by Betty's mother (Glenda Farrell) -- but when Jerry begins to mention marriage, even Betty is forced to confront her ambivalence.

Shelley (1986)

Sexually abused by her stepfather, a teen (Robyn Stevan) runs away to a street life of drugs and prostitution.

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (1949)

Father-and-daughter photographers (Onslow Stevens, Peggy Ann Garner) find a teenage boy (Johnny Sheffield) living wild in Africa.

The True Nature of Bernadette (1972)

Bored Montreal housewife Bernadette (Micheline Lanctt) decides to trade her comfortable bourgeois life in the city for a simpler existence in the Quebec countryside. So Bernadette and her son move into a dilapidated farmhouse where they begin communing with nature and making their living off the land. When the newcomers' arrival coincides with positive changes in the community, Bernadette's neighbors bestow on her the dubious title of "miracle worker."

And the Angels Sing (1944)

Four sisters seek success as singers, aided by a saxophone player (Fred MacMurray) two of them (Dorothy Lamour, Betty Hutton) want to marry.

The Survivor (1980)

Only the pilot (Robert Powell) survives a jumbo-jet crash, but he needs a psychic's (Jenny Agutter) help to remember it.

Virtual Obsession (1998)

A scientist's (Peter Gallagher) experiments in human immortality turn deadly when a manipulative woman (Bridgette Wilson) enters his life.