Police Patrol (2009)

An electrical cable zaps a police car, and the jolt gives the vehicle special power, making it able to deal with the Badger Brothers and stop them from stealing the town's water supply.

Sex Is ... (1993)

Filmmaker Marc Huestis chronicles homosexuality from the 1970s through the 1990s with some discussion of earlier times.

Tortured (2009)

Quaid (Nick Stoppani) and Kurk (Rami Hilmi) escape from prison and kidnap a pretty woman to ensure their protection. Kurk dislikes the way Quaid treats her, and the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game.

Jwalamukhi (1980)

A police inspector (Shatrughan Sinha) and a customs officer (Vinod Mehra) confront a criminal possessing a secret document.

Persona (2010)

Five people rely on faith to deal with their respective problems.

Easy Money (1936)

Guilt and remorse send a gangster to his grave, but he leaves a revealing legacy.

Married 2 Malcolm (2000)

Malcolm tries to keep his dual lives -- and two wives -- separate, but when both of his spouses want to attend the same concert, he runs into a big problem.

The Hunted (1948)

A straight-arrow policeman attempts to reform his lawless girlfriend.

Children of Sarajevo (2012)

A young woman (Marija Pikic) struggles to make ends meet while simultaneously trying to provide a stable environment for her teenage delinquent brother (Ismir Gagula).

Dangerous Millions (1946)

Eight strangers meet in Shanghai to stake claims to the fortune of a late shipping magnate, then must evade a murderer in their midst.

Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead (2011)

Megumi and several of her friends go on a trip to the woods and they are attacked by a crowd undead covered in sewage. They seek refuge in Dr. Tanaka's home and he tries to do experiments on them.

Helga (1968)

A prospective mother is taught the clinical aspects of her pregnancy from conception to birth.

Hell Canyon Outlaws (1957)

A sheriff has to battle outlaws who have overrun a small frontier town.

Hell Is Sold Out (1951)

A supposedly dead writer suddenly turns up to confront the young woman who is using his penname.

Wolves of the Sea (1938)

Mutineers complicate a captain's efforts to rescue a woman stranded in the tropics with a shipload of wild animals.

Missed Connections (2012)

Neal is in the middle of a midlife crisis until he learns how to manipulate women on the Internet. He has a lot of success, then he meets Jane, a woman who may be as damaged as he is.

Let's Talk About Sex (2009)

The filmmaker investigates adolescent sexual trends and the rates of infection teens experience.

Lucky and Zorba (1998)

A cat raises a baby seagull and defends it from a gang of rats.

Dracula Rising (1992)

An art historian (Stacey Travis) discovers her new Romanian employer (Christopher Atkins) is the infamous vampire count.

Court Martial (1959)

Three German sailors who survived the sinking of their battleship face charges that they deserted the vessel before an order to abandon ship.

My Way Home (1978)

A disgruntled teenager (Stephen Archibald) lives with his irritable father (Paul Kermack) before joining the military.

The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957)

A tempestuous teenager winds up involved with two homicide charges before fate waves its tragic wand for her.

The Green Scarf (1954)

A deaf, dumb and blind man, Jacques Vauthier (Kieron Moore), confesses to committing a murder, apparently without motive. He depends on his defense attorney, Delfot (Michael Redgrave), to unravel the mystery behind his actions. To understand Jacques' life and character, the flamboyant Delfot turns to the man's estranged wife, Solange (Ann Todd), with whom Jacques grew up but now has mysteriously abandoned, and his longtime friend and tutor, Rodelec (Leo Genn).

Streets of Ghost Town (1950)

The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) and his sidekick (Smiley Burnette) look for stolen gold with a history.

Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)

A prank backfires when two best friends learn they both love the same man.

The Gunman (1952)

Terrorized citizens send for a Texas lawman to rid their town of bandits.

Secrets of Wu Sin (1933)

A rookie San Francisco newswoman (Lois Wilson) tracks Chinatown smugglers for her editor (Grant Withers).

A Touch of Zen (1971)

Ku Shen Chai (Chun Shih), an unmotivated artist in his early 30s, still lives with his mother, but he is shaken from his comfortable rut by the arrival of beautiful and mysterious Yang Hui-ching (Feng Hsu), a princess on the run from Gen. Ou-Yang Nin (Tien Peng), who murdered her entire family. Yang brings Ku into her circle of protectors, including Nin's rival, Gen. Shih Wen-Chiao (Pai Ying), and the nameless monk (Roy Chiao) whose spiritual guidance transforms Ku into a valiant fighter.

Sampson (1961)

Imprisoned for manslaughter and released after the start of World War II, a Polish Jew seeks to redeem himself.

Summer I Love You (2002)

A depressed and lonely woman (Candy Lo) falls for a disabled man (Richie Ren) whose condition is deteriorating.

La Mujer Ajena (1954)

A villain wants the wife of another man who is already the lover of a player.

The Hands of Orlac (1924)

After losing his hands in an accident, a world-famous pianist receives transplanted hands that once belonged to a murderer.

Illusive Tracks (2003)

On a train heading from Stockholm to Berlin just after World War II, passengers deal with murder, adultery, religion and Santa Claus.

Good Morning, Judge (1943)

A young female attorney defends her songwriter-boyfriend against a slander suit.

Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (1965)

Buffalo Bill (Gordon Scott) is hired to stop Donaldson (Mario Brega) from selling guns to renegade Indians.

War of the Planets (1966)

In the 21st century, mankind has finally made contact with intelligent life forms from another planet. Alas, the aliens are hostile. First they invade Mars, usurping all of mankind's space stations and annihilating their crews. They plan to use the red planet as a launching pad for their sweeping attack on Earth. The future of human civilization is in the hands of space Cmdr. Mike Halstead (Tony Russel) and his intrepid crew, the last line of defense between the aliens and Earth.

Monday Morning (2012)

Thomas (Victor Browne) meets a woman who sees his true nature and, through a series of setbacks, he ends up among the homeless of Los Angeles.

Who Killed Aunt Maggie? (1940)

People die and a niece wonders why; the sheriff (Arthur Kennedy) doesn't know either.

She Couldn't Say No (1954)

Corby Lane (Jean Simmons) is an heiress with a heart as big as her bank account. In her youth, the small town of Progress, Ark., banded together to fund a crucial medical operation for Corby. As an adult, she now wants to thank them by awarding the residents an enormous anonymous check. Local doctor Robert Sellers (Robert Mitchum) tries to convince Corby that flooding the town with cash isn't the best method of gratitude. But, as they argue, he learns even he cannot withstand her charms.

Switchin' the Script (2012)

During a weekend corporate retreat, Lonnie's best friends convince her to take control when dealing with men. Lonnie's new attitude impresses every man she meets, especially her boss's good-looking son, David.

Vermont Is for Lovers (1992)

Two New Yorkers (George Thrush, Marya Cohn) plan to have their wedding on a farm up in New England, just to be different.

The Girls of San Frediano (1955)

In Italy, handsome auto mechanic Andrea (Antonio Cifariello), who calls himself Bob, can't pass up the opportunity to make dates with the beautiful women around him. While on his way to see the fiery Tosca (Rossana Podesta), Bob considers chorus girl Silvana (Giulia Rubini), and later Bice (Corinne Calvet), a clothing designer -- and her assistant. Bob also finds time for schoolteacher Loretta (Luciana Liberati), all the time unaware that his neighbor, Gina (Marcella Mariani), pines for him.

Happy Is the Bride (1959)

In an English village, young Janet Royd (Janette Scott) and boyfriend David Chaytor (Ian Carmichael) decide to marry. After hearing the news, Janet's sister, Miranda, cautions her about her own unhappy marriage and divorce. Later, her brother John (Nicholas Parsons) brings home a carefree rock fan, Petula (Elvi Hale), throwing the family into chaos. When Janet's father arrives, he is turned away as a tradesman, and the exasperated Janet and David decide in order to marry, they must run away.

Mad Dog (1975)

An escaped-convict killer (Helmut Berger) in bell bottoms goes on a crime spree of revenge on his betrayers.

The Man From Nowhere (1965)

An outlaw (Giuliano Gemma) protects a town from the gang of raiders who broke him out of jail.

Billy the Kid's Roundup (1941)

Sheriff Hanley (Slim Whitaker) sends Billy the Kid (Buster Crabbe) an urgent summons but is killed by notorious outlaw Ed Slade (Charles King) before Billy and his friends -- Jeff (Carleton Young) and Fuzzy (Al St. John) -- arrive. Slade assumes the sheriff's post and harasses Dan (John Webster), the local newspaper editor who refuses to listen to his demands. When Slade and his henchman, Vic (Glenn Strange), kidnap Dan's daughter, Billy organizes a rescue party and vows to confront Slade.

Headin' North (1930)

Two ex-cons pose as vaudevillians to trap the man who framed them.

The New Monsters (1977)

A collection of dark-humored vignettes, including tales of a cardinal with a liberal congregation and a conniving husband.

Midnight Fear (1990)

A sheriff's (David Carradine) search for a homicidal maniac leads to two brothers who are holding a woman hostage.

December Kisses (2001)

Freddy takes shelter with a pastor and his daughter, but trouble ensues when he falls for her.

Cherry Waves (2012)

Angie (Tracey Heggins), a hardened street fighter, risks it all to create the life she has always wanted.

Luna de Lobos (1988)

After the Spanish Civil War, a group of Republican soldiers remain hostile despite constant losses.

Heir to Trouble (1936)

An underhanded rival makes it difficult for a cowboy to keep his lady and his mine.

Bay of Angels (1963)

This luminous, hypnotic tale of love at the roulette wheel has not been seen theatrically in the U.S. since its original 1964 release. In this lighthearted precursor to "Croupier," Jeanne Moreau stars as Jackie, a compulsive gambler who falls in love with a bank clerk (Claude Mann) on holiday in Nice. At first, the two lovers simply use each other as good luck charms; but what happens to love when luck runs out? Painstakingly and lovingly restored by Agns Varda.

Twice Upon a Time (1983)

Evil creatures attempt to make time stand still by taking the spring from the all-powerful Cosmic Clock.

It's Showtime (1976)

This documentary honors the contributions of animal actors to the world of cinema. After all, where would Roy Rogers be without his trusted horse, Trigger? Among those featured are heroic canines Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, as well as their courageous comrade from the sea, Flipper the dolphin. Excerpts from their film work show these talented creatures at their very best -- even upstaging high-powered human co-stars such as Cary Grant, James Cagney and Charlie Chaplin.

Black Fury (1953)

A naturalist leads a group of hunters as they pursue a rogue bear through Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

The Lost Romance (1921)

A couple with a rocky marriage reconcile after the kidnapping of their child.

Blitz Wolf (1942)

The well-prepared Sgt. Pork defends his porcine pals when the no-good Adolf Wolf violates his nonaggression pact and invades peaceful Pigmania.

Get Going (1943)

A woman finds the Washington social life a bit dull, so she decides to pose as a "public enemy" to attract attention.

Angels' Brigade (1979)

Female vigilantes use a high-tech combat van in an all-out war to eradicate the drug lords infesting the city.

A Night for Crime (1943)

Murder baffles a newswoman, a PR man and others at a Hollywood studio.

Gallant Lady (1942)

A country doctor offers refuge to a woman doctor convicted and jailed for participating in mercy killings.

Gibraltar (1964)

British and Nazi agents tangle in Tangier during World War II.

Maigret at the Crossroad (1992)

Inspector Jules Maigret (Bruno Cremer) investigates the murder of a diamond merchant who was found in a car.

Beck: Sender Unknown (2001)

A reporter contacts Martin Beck for help when it seems that his life is being threatened because of his latest story.

Maigret and the Flemish Shop (1991)

Inspector Jules Maigret (Bruno Cremer) investigates a single mother's disappearance after she leaves her lover's shop.

Overland Stage Coach (1942)

The Lone Rider (Bob Livingston) and his partner (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) unmask a bandit.

Take a Leap of Faith (2008)

Rose (Yvette Saunders) places her love life in the hands of God and is rewarded with a man who loves her completely.

Girls' Town (1942)

Two aspiring starlets head for the bright lights of Hollywood.

El Charro Negro en el Norte (1949)

Charro Negro returns to defend a girl and some orphans from a gang trying to steal a gold mine on their land.

Overland Telegraph (1951)

A range rider (Tim Holt) and his Irish-Mexican sidekick (Richard Martin) guard a woman's (Gail Davis) telegraph line.

Pleure pas la bouche pleine (1973)

A 16-year-old girl feels detached from her family, which consists of a grumpy father, a loving mother, a 12-year-old sister and a 19-year-old brother.

The Dropout (1982)

A determined detective (Ken Ogata) uses his girlfriend as a decoy to catch a psychopathic killer.

Yaar Meri Zindagi (2008)

Two close friends, an upper-caste landlord and an upper-caste doctor, turn into arch rivals owing to a clash of egos.

A Bullet for Billy the Kid (1963)

The notorious outlaw makes his way to the safety of a family ranch with lawmen and gunslingers in close pursuit.

Came the Brawn (1938)

Alfalfa enters a rigged wrestling match against the Masked Marvel, unaware that neighborhood bully Butch has secretly donned the disguise of his opponent.

Camera Shy (1930)

A rambunctious visitor (Lloyd Hamilton) to a movie set regales the crew with personal stories that he believes would make good films.

Gold of Rome (1961)

A group of Roman Jews surrenders its gold to the Nazis only to find that the Nazis aren't satisfied with the quantity.

Hillbrow Kids (1999)

Street children driven from townships that bear the scars of apartheid seek a better life in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Gladiator of Rome (1962)

A slave rescues a woman from the onslaught of ravaging Roman invaders.

Time of Favor (2001)

Winner of Six Israeli Oscars including Best Picture, "Time of Favor" is a taut thriller about the tense relationship between the orthodox nationalists and the military. Both a political-psychological drama and a love story between a passionate woman and two best friends, "Time of Favor" raises important questions of faith to one's religion, duty to one's nation, and love for oneself.

Naughty Flirt (1931)

A spoiled heiress leaves her boyfriend only to become involved with a man who secretly desires her money.

Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (1993)

Filmmaker Jeff Feuerzeig documents the strange career of Jad and David Fair's avant-garde rock duo, Half Japanese. Formed in the pre-punk 1970s and originally releasing their music on self-distributed cassettes, the brothers quickly gained renown in the fringe-rock underground due to their lo-fi recording style and deliberately minimal musical skills. The film includes interviews with both brothers as well as famous fans like magician Penn Jillette and Velvet Underground drummer Maureen Tucker.

The End of Summer (1962)

A widower who runs a sake brewery, Manbei Kohayagawa (Ganjir Nakamura) has three daughters. Manbei's middle daughter, Fumiko (Michiyo Aratama), lives with him, and her husband is employed at the brewery. Manbei's eldest daughter, Akiko (Setsuko Hara), resides with her youngest sister, Noriko (Yoko Tsukasa), away from their childhood home. While the girls come to their father for advice, he gets into trouble when they discover that he has rekindled a romance with an old mistress (Chieko Naniwa).

Maa Kasam (1985)

When Balwant returns home after a jail sentence, he kills those around him in search of a rare ring, but ends up back in prison, waiting to be released, so he can continue his search.

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology (2012)

Slavoj Zizek discusses his ideas on fantasy, reality, sexuality, subjectivity, desire, materiality and cinematic form.

How to Be a Detective (1936)

A lecturer (Robert Benchley) discusses skills needed to become a successful detective, including identifying criminal types, obtaining a confession, and incarcerating a prisoner.

Without Air (1995)

Life for a stripper (Lauri Crook) means doing drugs or fighting with her boyfriend (Jack May).

Love 101 (1999)

Two college roommates find their friendship put to the test when they both fall in love with the same sexy student.

The Amorous Milkman (1972)

A libidinous milkman delivers more than the morning quart to a series of bored housewives.

Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam (2008)

India's Research and Analysis Wing assigns Arjun Rastogi to infiltrate a dance troupe named the Kalakar Theatre Company in order to prevent the planting of explosives.

Affliction (2012)

A film director (Amos Phillips) plans to relive the terrible experiments that were once conducted by his Nazi grandfather.

The Bushbaby (1970)

An English girl (Margaret Brooks) misses a boat and crosses Africa with her pet bush baby and a native servant (Louis Gossett Jr.).

Touchdown, Army (1938)

Autumn means kick-off time for the gridiron stars at West Point.

Another Fine Mess (1930)

Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) hide in a mansion to escape from a policeman.

Chickens Come Home (1931)

Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) must thwart a blackmailer.

Pepe el toro (1953)

Pepe becomes a boxer and accidentally kills his friend during a match. He uses the anger and frustration to win the championship and becomes close with his friend's widow.

Buffalo Rider (1977)

Nineteenth-century Oregon is the setting for this account of the exploits of folk hero C.J. "Buffalo" Jones.

The Uninvited (2008)

Malevolent spirits visit a remote house to torment a woman (Marguerite Moreau) who has a history of agoraphobia.