The Breach (2014)

Filmmaker Mark Titus embarks on a journey to discover where the wild salmon have gone, and how to bring them back to the Pacific Northwest.

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1994)

A killer cyborg (John Ryan) hunts the only fertile woman (Nicole Hansen) left on Earth, 17 years after a nuclear war.

Good Time Max (2007)

Two genius brothers lead different lives: one as a doctor, the other as a drug addict.

Teenage Ghost Punk (2014)

Amanda and her little brother, Adam, move into an old Victorian house and discover it is haunted by the ghost of a 17-year-old punk guitarist and his band of pals.

In the King of Prussia (1982)

A judge (Martin Sheen) overrules Daniel Berrigan and the Plowshares Eight, who play themselves, on trial for infiltrating a nuclear-warhead plant in 1980.

Tromba, the Tiger Man (1952)

Tiger tamer Tromba hypnotizes jungle cats and women as the star of a circus in Germany.


Sukhov, a Red Army soldier fighting in Asia during the Russian Civil War, is chosen to guard a guerilla leader's harem.

The House I Live In (1945)

Frank Sinatra takes a smoke break during a recording session and sees a large group of boys chasing a Jewish boy and intervenes. His message to them is that all Americans are one and all religions are to be respected equally.

Untamed Heiress (1954)

Crooks and talent agents escort an orphan heiress (Judy Canova) to a prospector's (George Cleveland) castle in the desert.

Angoor (1982)

Two pairs of identical twins have trouble telling who is who.

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders (2008)

Four doctors struggle to provide care in war zones.

The Henderson Monster (1980)

A genetic scientist's (Jason Miller) helper (Christine Lahti) and her husband (Stephen Collins) begin to question the results of his DNA work.

Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

Police think an ex-mental patient who accidentally killed his brother is also to blame for recent ax murders.

Showdown (1993)

An ex-policeman/school janitor (Billy Blanks) shows a new student (Kenn Scott) how to defend himself from a martial-arts whiz.

The Drag-Net (1931)

Named assistant district attorney, a playboy (Rod La Rocque) targets mobsters for rackets and murder.

Frasier, the Sensuous Lion (1973)

Prolific zoo lion Frasier shares the secret of his virility with a young professor (Michael Callan).

Sensation (1936)

A London crime reporter neglects his fiancee for his work and ends up getting the scoop on a killer.

Demons (2014)

A young rock band uses a deserted house to record a new album, and things take a horrible turn when their Satan worshipping manager tries to open the gates of Hell.

Making It (1971)

A 17-year-old (Kristoffer Tabori) fools around with a gym teacher's wife (Marlyn Mason) and helps his mother (Joyce Van Patten) through an abortion.

Il sole negli occhi (1953)

A maid falls in love with a plumber.

Run (2002)

Shiva works hard to woo a gangster's sister.

Kill the Referee (1984)

Disgruntled soccer fans stalk a referee (Eddy Mitchell) and his girlfriend (Carole Laure) after a ruling goes against their team.

Rivaaj (1972)

Fate brings together a widower (Sanjeev Kumar) and a widow (Mala Sinha) who fell in love years earlier.

Titon From Havana to Guatanamera (2008)

The life and work of Cuban filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea.

Tangled 8 (2014)

People from diverse social backgrounds, races and ages manage grief through its different phases.

The Appeared (2007)

Horror strikes when a man (Javier Pereira) and his sister (Ruth Daz) find an old diary that opens the door to a parallel world.

Ben Hur (1907)

Based on the Lew Wallace novel, "Ben-Hur, a Tale of the Christ."

The Blazing Ninja (1983)

Despite the sacrifice of his own brother-in-law, a warrior leads an anti-Japanese rebellion in occupied China.

Dreamland (2013)

Dominique, an editor living on a houseboat, hears a noise coming from the cargo deck and finds a wounded Congolese man. As he helps him recover, strange things begin to happen.

Girl With Big Eyes (2010)

A Creole girl returns to her homeland when her father dies. She feels stranded in a foreign country and begins searching for a new identity.

The Meeting (2012)

Makinde is at the mercy of political patronage when he tries to secure a government contract.

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown! (1977)

In this animated feature, Charlie Brown (Duncan Watson), Linus (Liam Martin) and the gang head to Camp Remote, located in the Rocky Mountains, where the big event is the annual river rafting race. Competing against Charlie Brown and his friends is a gang of bullies who always win the race, owing to their penchant for dirty tactics and cheating. This time proves no different, and Charlie Brown has to overcome his lack of confidence if his team is to have any hope of winning.

Leo (2000)

An illegal immigrant (Iciar Bollain) in Madrid asks a security guard (Javier Batanero) to kill her mother's former lover.

London Town (1946)

A British comic (Sid Field) gets the break he needs, thanks to his tricky teenage daughter (Petula Clark).

Smart Woman (1931)

While returning on an ocean liner to America after spending time in Paris, Nancy Gibson (Mary Astor) meets a dashing and wealthy bachelor, Sir Guy Harrington (John Halliday). Although the two are attracted to each another, Nancy is married. But when she gets home, she is told by friends that her husband, Donald (Robert Ames), has been having an affair with a dumb blonde, Peggy Preston (Noel Francis). Nancy retaliates by contacting Harrington, hoping that it will make her husband jealous.

Mad (2016)

Two sisters do not want to deal with their mother's nervous breakdown, so they railroad her into a psych ward.

Citizen Boilesen (2009)

Henning Albert Boilesen, a man from Denmark, moved to Brazil and became a wealthy and powerful businessman.

Pocahontas: The Legend (1995)

Love means a clash of cultures for the Powhatan princess (Sandrine Holt) and English settler John Smith (Miles O'Keeffe) in 17th-century Virginia.

By Sidney Lumet (2015)

Sidney Lumet tells his own story and delves into what matters to him as an artist.

Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death (1982)

The grandson (James Mathers) of Dr. Jekyll injects his kidnapped victims with an experimental serum.

The Great British Train Robbery: A Tale of Two Thieves (2014)

Mastermind Gordon Goody talks about the infamous 1963 heist as well as his collaboration with a previously unknown insider called "the Ulsterman."

Oh, Mr. Porter! (1937)

The new stationmaster of an unused train stop encounters gunrunners while trying to revitalize his post.

Racing Luck (1935)

An unjustly banned horse trainer (William Boyd) makes a comeback with a once-lame longshot.

The Uninvited (1969)

A wife leaves her husband when he returns from a trip with a young woman. Her boss takes her to the Côte d'Azur and invites her to stay in his marital home.

Bogie (1980)

Based on Humphrey Bogart's (Kevin O'Connor) life, movie career and marriages to Mayo Methot (Ann Wedgeworth) and Lauren Bacall (Kathryn Harrold).

.357: Six Bullets Marked for Revenge (2013)

Jade narrowly survives being murdered and wakes up holding the hand of her dead husband on their wedding night. She pawns her wedding ring for a .357 Magnum and trains to kill every member of the criminal organization responsible for the hit.

Apocalypse Nerd (2016)

Rival survival experts team up to survive when they learn the world is ending.

Screamtime (1984)

Video crooks watch three tapes about a mad puppeteer (Robin Bailey), hallucinations that happen, and ghouls and fairies.

Arang (2006)

While investigating murder, a detective (Song Yun-ah) has troubling dreams about a dead girl.

The Common Touch (1941)

A rich young Englishman (Geoffrey Hibbert) poses as a derelict and rallies misfits to save a flophouse.

The Corsican Investigation (2003)

A mild-mannered private detective (Christian Clavier) deals with bumbling nationalists, legal authorities and a beautiful woman (Caterina Murino).

Survival Zone (1983)

A family attempting to start a new life after a nuclear holocaust is threatened by cannibalistic fallout victims.

Shoot It: Black, Shoot It: Blue (1974)

A young filmmaker documents a police officer's racial slaying of a purse-snatcher.

Samurai (1945)

Japanese spies hatch an insidious plot to take over the United States.

House of the Invisibles (2007)

A ghost haunts a dilapidated apartment building that is scheduled for demolition.

The Lady Iron Chef (2007)

A man (Hacken Lee) falls in love with a woman (Charmaine Sheh) who cannot cook, but his mother wants him to marry a master chef.

Irezumi (1983)

A Japanese librarian (Masayo Utsunomiya) has her body tattooed by a master of erotica (Tomisabur Wakayama) to please her boss/lover (Yusuke Takita).

Schwer Verknallt (2003)

Self-conscious about her weight, a woman (Katrin Filzen) meets a man on the Internet.

The One-Armed Executioner (1983)

An Interpol agent (Franco Guerrero) hunts masked drug smugglers for killing his wife (Jody Kay) and cutting off his arm.

The Second Night (2000)

Three adolescent friends discover love, sex and maturity.

Happy Birthday, Turke! (1992)

Resourceful Kemal (Hansa Czypionka) is a Turkish private detective who was raised by German parents. Although he feels like an outsider as a minority, Kemal finds comfort when a disgruntled Turkish woman named Ilter (Doris Kunstmann) hires him to find her missing husband. But, when the unusual case leads him to a sleazy brothel in Frankfurt, Kamal uncovers several dark secrets about Ilter's family -- and in the process starts to understand more about his own fractured identity.

Shadows of Death (1945)

Billy the Kid vows revenge on the engineers of a land-grabbing scheme that caused his close friend's death.

Search and Rescue (1994)

Townsfolk and a helicopter pilot (Robert Conrad) form a volunteer rescue unit in the Sierras of California.

Celebrity (1928)

When an actress is hired to be the fiancée of a prizefighter for publicity, she falls hard for him.

Bitter Art (2013)

A volatile Aussie who dreams of a Hollywood career tries to finish his short film for an upcoming festival.

Solar Superstorms (2015)

One of the most powerful solar eruptions to hit Earth in recorded history.

Veettoda Mappillai (2001)

A hard working man who has three daughters owns and manages a restaurant. Impressed by the sincerity of his newly appointed hotel manager, he decides to get his youngest daughter married to him, but the other two sons-in-law do not like him.

Federal Hill (1994)

A young hoodlum becomes enamored of a college coed in this tale of five longtime friends in Providence, R.I.

When the Redskins Rode (1951)

A French spy (Mary Castle) flirts with an Indian chief's son (Jon Hall) amid war in 1753 Williamsburg, Va.

Someone to Love (1987)

A director (Henry Jaglom) invites his friends to a party and films them answering the question, "Why are you alone?"

Gene Autry and the Mounties (1951)

Chasing two violent bank robbers -- Pierre LaBlond (Carleton Young) and Raoul Duval (Trevor Bardette) -- over the Montana border into Canadian territory, U.S. Marshal Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and his trusty partner, Scat Russell (Pat Buttram), brave not only bullets but the treacherous wilderness as well. Duval is captured by Canadian officials, and LaBlond is forced to risk his life to save his partner in crime. But Autry will stop at nothing to get his man and bring him to justice.

The Finger (2014)

Three siblings attend the funeral of their father.

Dogmouth (2014)

Vietnam War veterans live and travel on freight trains.

Street Hunter (1990)

A Western bounty hunter (Steve James) enters an urban drug war with his Doberman pinscher partner.

Falling Fire (1998)

A spaceship officer (Michael Par) tries to find out who is murdering his crew during a mission to bring an asteroid to Earth.

Crazy Over Horses (1951)

Slip, Sach and the rest of the gang (Bowery Boys) take their racehorse to the track.

Pair of Aces (1990)

With a con-man safecracker (Willie Nelson) in his custody a Texas Ranger (Kris Kristofferson) hunts a killer of teenage girls.

Crow Hollow (1952)

A greedy woman (Nora Nicholson) tries to poison her nephew's (Donald Houston) bride (Natasha Parry) in a dark mansion.

Loafer (1996)

A known troublemaker (Anil Kapoor) is arrested for murder, but no one steps forward to defend him. Only a miracle can save him from the gallows.

Momma Knows Best... Right? (2014)

A young woman struggles to survive and make sense of the horrific parts of her formative years.

Front Page Story (1954)

Grant (Jack Hawkins), the determined editor of a London newspaper, has planned a vacation with his wife (Elizabeth Allan) but stays behind at the last moment due to his hunch that a hot story is going to break. As predicted, Grant is inundated with front-page news -- everything from a loose-cannon atomic scientist to a tragic twist in a mercy killer's trial. But the biggest story of all is when an airplane crashes, and Grant believes it is the plane on which his wife was traveling.

Dangerous Pursuit (1990)

An Oregon policeman's wife (Alexandra Powers) spots an assassin (Gregory Harrison) she slept with five years before in New York.

Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940)

Concerned about his father's failing health, Dr. James Kildare (Lew Ayres) and his mentor, Dr. Leonard Gillespie (Lionel Barrymore), travel to the Kildares' country home. After speaking with his father, Kildare decides to start a low-cost health clinic and recruits a couple of unemployed local doctors to help him. But realizing his dream becomes an uphill battle for Kildare after the miserly George Winslow (Gene Lockhart) convinces local high-society types to oppose him.

Hindle Wakes (1952)

A factory worker (Lisa Daniely) falls for her boss' son (Brian Worth) but enlists the aid of her girlfriend to keep it a secret.

Breaking Sword of Death (1979)

A martial artist (Ti Lung) and a cunning thief must stop an evil mastermind.

There Were Times, Dear (1985)

The ravages of Alzheimer's disease begin taking their toll on once-passionate Bob Millard (Len Cariou). As his condition worsens, Bob's wife, Susanne (Shirley Jones), and daughter, Jenny (Cynthia Eilbacher), who have relied on Bob as their emotional and financial pillar, find their world turned upside down. Over the next few years, mother and daughter struggle to put together the broken pieces of their lives as Bob's diagnosis goes from bad to terminal.

The Man From the Diner's Club (1963)

Meek credit card company clerk Ernest Klenk (Danny Kaye) is feeling the pressure of demanding coworkers, new computers and an upcoming wedding. This stress leads to a big mistake -- the accidental approval of a credit card for mobster Foots Pulardos (Telly Savalas), who is planning to flee to Mexico with his girlfriend, Sugar Pye (Cara Williams), in order to avoid criminal charges. When Klenk tries to fix his mix-up, he gets dangerously involved in Foots' scheme.

Shiokari Pass (1977)

A circa-1900 Japanese man acts upon a divine revelation on a runaway train in the mountains.

3AM (2003)

After a cremation attendant molests a beautiful woman's body, she returns seeking revenge.

Black Gold (1963)

A wildcatter (Philip Carey) competes with an Oklahoma oil baron who fights back with dynamite.

The Mysterians (1959)

Japanese (Kenji Sahara, Yumi Shirakawa, Momoko Kochi) face a new threat: flying-saucer aliens with a death-ray robot big bird.

Heir to an Execution (2004)

When Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were put to death in 1953 for selling atomic secrets to the USSR, their two children were orphaned after every family member refused to take them in. Documentarian Ivy Meeropol, raised to believe in her grandparents' innocence, begins investigating what actually happened, interviewing family members and friends. With declassified papers indicating Julius was participating in espionage in some capacity, Ivy tries to understand the beliefs that drove the couple.

Dig That Uranium (1956)

Slip, Sach and the rest of the gang (Bowery Boys) work a mine out West and run into bad guys.

The French Touch (1954)

A lovable sheep-shearer becomes the rage of the Parisian salon circuit when he turns his magical talents to hairdressing.

The Notorious Guys (2012)

All hell breaks loose when a 23-year-old high-school student (Diego Castello) with special needs attends a class trip.

Adira (2014)

During the Holocaust, a young Jewish girl (Andrea Fantauzzi) becomes stranded on an abandoned farm.

Johnny Frenchman (1945)

An English harbor master (Tom Walls) cannot seem to catch a French fisherwoman (Francoise Rosay) who poaches in Cornwall.

Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (2016)

A history of game sounds from the Victorian penny arcades through pinball and the video games.

Almost Heaven (2005)

A terminally ill woman (Heike Makatsch) becomes an unwilling tourist in Jamaica.

Show Business (1944)

Two guys (Eddie Cantor, George Murphy) and two girls work their way up in vaudeville to the Ziegfeld Follies.