Celebration of Gospel 2012 (2012)

Celebration to honor the memories and legacies of Mahalia Jackson and Whitney Houston; "Rise Up! Renew! Rejoice!"

Lesley Machado's Summer Host Picks (2012)

Show Host Lesley Machado picks her favorite summer items.

KHL Hockey (2012)

Action from the Kontinental Hockey League.

Waves (2012)

Roaring breakers and gentle ripples.

CNN NewsCenter (2012)

Hosted by Isha Sesay, CNN NewsCenter shows you a complete global picture of the day's news.

Murder in the Family (2012)

Examining the growing number of people murdered by members of their own family. Cases include the Freeman brothers, Jeffrey Howorth and Lizzie Borden.

Only in Vegas (2001)

Las Vegas has become a luxurious escape and vacation getaway.

The Rundown (2012)

The title says it all, as any good title should. "The Rundown" presents a jump-start to all that's happening each weeknight in Major League Baseball, including highlights, live look-ins to games in progress, and access to batting practice. There's also team reports, injury updates and the latest news regarding roster moves. Scott Braun, who joined the MLB Network roster in 2012, hosts.

Barbara Walters Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 (2012)

The journalist interviews some of 2012's top newsmakers, including author E.L. James, Gov. Chris Christie, gymnast Gabby Douglas, actor Ben Affleck, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, group One Direction, and writer Seth MacFarlane.

Eliza Doolittle at Isle of Wight 2011 (2012)

Following the enormous success of her debut album, English singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle performs live at the 2011 Isle of Wight Festival.

Cardinals Legends (2011)

Through Her Eyes (1995)

Acclaimed international and Canadian female directors and their films are featured.

Honey Badgers: Raising Hell (2012)

The Peek family adopted a honey badger in Zimbabwe with intentions of returning it to the wild.

News File

Video stories about top US and international events.

Echoes of the Holocaust (2009)

Four of the memorial's docents give intimate conducted tours as they relive personal tragedies of their loved ones who perished and of their own private terror.

Wire Service (1956)

The Association: Denver Nuggets (2012)

RFK in the Land of Apartheid (2012)

Using never-before-seen archival footage Kennedy risked everything by forming a friendship with Chief Luthuli one of Africa's great leaders, forced into exile by the Suppression of Communism Act.

Bringing Brooke Home (2012)

A reliable and popular 19-year-old college student disappears, leaving behind no clues.

John Hagee Rally & Prophecy Seminar (2011)

Teaching and preaching the word of God.

Mat Staver: Law & Justice (2012)

Choose Your Weapon (2012)

A show about exploring the extremes and disciplines to help hunters discover the right weapon.

Europe's Last Wild Horses (2012)

In forested wetlands in central Europe, the Dlman horses are the last wild horses on the continent.

Gold Medal Greats (2012)

Lost Sharks of Easter Island (2011)

Enric Sala and his team begin their search for deep sea sharks on Easter Island.

State Fair Competitions (2012)

A look at America's State Fair competitions in which contestants throw their inhibitions to the wind.

Aetrex Footwear (2012)

Brand-name comfort shoes.

Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide (2000)

Rick Stein travels the coast and prepares more seafood dishes that delight.

Fenway Park 100th Anniversary Celebration (2012)

The First 70 (2012)

Seventy state parks are slated to close in California.

Wisconsin Barns: Touchstones to the Past (2005)

Some farmers, historians and families believe that rehabilitating an old barn is better than having it destroyed.

Premier League Darts (2011)

Replay of dart action.

Suburban America: Problems & Promise (2011)

Policy experts discuss shifts in suburban America.

Seeds of Summer (2009)

Lives of female combat soldiers from the Israel Defense Force.

Street Smart with Trish Regan, Lisa Murphy and Adam Johnson (2012)

Understanding today and positioning for tomorrow's open.

Sesame Beginnings: Make Music Together

Prairie Dawn helps her mother put away groceries, which turns into a music lesson.

Raw Opium (2011)

The opium poppy is the raw material for heroin, fueling a vast criminal trade larger than the economies of many countries.

Sheryl Crow: Miles From Memphis, Live at the Pantages (2011)

Filmed in November 2010 in the palatial surroundings of the wonderful art deco Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, this concert film captures Sheryl Crow on tour in support of her recent hit album `100 Miles From Memphis'. The set pulls tracks from across her career and is peppered with hit singles and her best loved album tracks as well as highlights from the new album. Sheryl Crow is at the top of her form and is backed by an outstanding band.

Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team (2012)

The corporate and political intrigue behind one of the biggest battles in the business of basketball, that eventually cost Seattle its only championship team.

Brett Chukerman's Summer Host Picks (2012)

Brett Chukerman's favorite summer items.

Brett Chukerman's Summer Electronic Picks (2012)

Brett Chukerman's electronic favorites.

Sexiest: Britney Spears (2011)

Across the Divide (2012)

S & L takes you to a Catholic university in Bethlehem that is caught in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Hi-Tech Home Celebration (2011)

Clash of Continents (2012)



Top 10 Income Property Renos (2011)

The top income property transformations; smart choices add value.

Baltic Amber Jewelry (2012)

Ingenious Designs (2012)

Products from Joy Mangano which help solve everyday household challenges.

Game Plan with Karen Aston (2012)

Coach Aston's weekly breakdown of past games and upcoming matchups for the Lady Longhorns.

World Cities (2011)

Rodman Revealed (2011)

David Aldridge interviews Rodman about his life and career.

Entertainment Studios.TV (2012)

Actors and music artists discuss their recent projects.

Sexiest: Rihanna (2011)

Aleksandr Zbruev. Mechta odinokoj zhenshchiny (2012)

Snow White and the Huntsman: Max Final Cut (2012)

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth star in the fantasy-adventure "Snow White and the Huntsman."

Creative You: Scrapbooking & Craft Event (2011)

Titanic: Voices From Beneath (2012)

Story of the ill-fated ship.

Outside the Lines Special (2012)

Woolly Mammoth: Secrets From the Ice (2012)

Mammoth hunter Bernard Buiges searches for an intact mammoth carcass in Siberia.

Shaqtin' a Fool (2012)

Shaquille O'Neal and crew discusses the most outrageous and foolish plays from the current NBA season.

Fashion Must Haves (2019)

The title says it all. Tune in and discover new pieces you'll love adding to your closet! Fair warning, be prepared for compliments! New shoppers save an extra 20 percent using code GUIDE20 at checkout. Evine.com/guide.

The Red Tail (2012)

Following a strike against Northwest Airlines, Roy Koch and his daughter meet the man who got his job after it was outsourced to China.

Hot off the Grill With Bobby Flay (1998)

Bobby Flay entertains friends and neighbors.

Beauty IQ (2011)

Skin care needs.

Fall Out Boy (2013)

The band performs; songs include "Sugar We're Going Down," and "Dance, Dance."

And The Nominees Are: The Golden Globes (2013)

Interviews with Anne Hathaway, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere, Meryl Streep and all the nominees in the major categories for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards; the contenders for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress.

The News (2012)

Every hour, 24 hours a day, a 10-minute news program is presented live from the newsroom.

Reporters (2012)

Reports from the FRANCE 24 teams and our senior reporters from around the world.

The Crossover (2013)

NBC Sports Network taps the talents of Michelle Beadle, who helped make ESPN's "SportsNation" a ratings winner, and former Fox News anchor Dave Briggs to co-host "The Crossover," a half-hour weekday studio show. As its title hints at -- and despite airing on a sports network -- the show's content is not solely sports-driven; mixed in are top stories from the worlds of pop culture and entertainment, a crossover designed to appeal to viewers who want more than basic sports news and scores. Adding to that element are the personable Beadle and Briggs, who welcome sports and entertainment stars for wide-ranging interviews.

25 Shocking Medical Mistakes (2013)

Medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen shares stories of medical mishaps and how patients can help doctors get things right.

Tech 24 (2012)

Digital technology is now at the center of many important world events.

The Berliner Philharmoniker - The Singapore Concert (2013)

Sir Simon Rattle conducts The Berliner Philharmoniker at the concert hall of the Esplanade Theatres in Singapore.

Money, Power & Wall Street (2013)

As Wall Street innovated, its revenues skyrocketed, and financial institutions tied their fortunes to one another.

Europa Konzert 2012 from Vienna (2013)

From the magnificent building of the Spanische Hofreitschule in Vienna, conductor Gustavo Dudamel leads the Berliner Philharmoniker and acclaimed cellist Gautier Capuon in a repertoire that includes Brahms, Haydn, and Beethoven.

Fifth Gear Express (2013)

New-car reviews, second-hand bargains and industry news.

2012 Eclipse Awards (2013)

From Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, Fla.

From The Inside Out (2013)

Redneck Roadtrip (2012)

UFC From All Angles (2012)

Gold Tips Name The Game (2012)

World Champions archers Levi and Samantha Morgan who met in competitive shooting at a young age and wed in 2008.

Republican National Convention 2012 (2012)

Delegates of the Republican Party choose nominees for President and Vice President.

UFC Weigh-In: Evans vs. Davis (2012)

UFC's stars weigh-in and face-off Live.

From the Heart of God: Catholic Charities Tulsa (2010)

The work of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Tulsa, Okla.

Tino's Latino:Puerto Rico (2012)

A culinary journey to Puerto Rico; crispy whole roasted pig; a twist on traditional Latin breakfast; a visit to Bacardi, the oldest rum distillery in the world; San Juan's food scene.

ACC Championship Saturday Special (2011)

Interviews with players and coaches; recap of the 2011 season.

Castles of the Ages (2012)

Explore the rich history of some of worlds castles.

I Believe I Can Fly (2012)

Tancrde Melet and Julien Millot test the boundaries of free flight and friendship as they highline.

Carlos Mencia: The Best Of Funny Is Funny (2011)

Compilation of Carlos Mencia's best material from the show "Funny Is Funny."

Phil Simms All-Iron Team: Super Bowl Edition (2013)

Phil Simms and Jim Nantz look at some of the greatest stories in Super Bowl history.

Treasures of the World: Heritage of Mankind (1995)

The myths and legends of mankind's cultural achievements.

November Biblethon (2011)

Bible study.

2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season Preview (2012)

Terra in the Pit (2012)

Side-by-side utility vehicles and ATV 4-wheel drive quads racing through rocks, logs, mud, tires and other obstacles.

UFC 141 Countdown (2011)

Preview of the Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem heavyweight match and Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone lightweight match.


Efforts by UNESCO seek to protect an Amazon World Heritage Site from one of its biggest threats, climate change.

$24 in 24 (2012)

Jeff Mauro travels to different cities set out to spend $24 total on breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Timbersports Series (2000)

The nation's top lumberjacks compete in the ultimate test of strength and agility.

Planet X Square (2012)

UFC: Shogun vs. Vera Prelims (2012)

Nam Phan vs. Cole Miller; Wagner Prado vs. Phil Davis; Rani Yahya vs. Josh Grispi; Oli Thompson vs. Phil De Fries; Michihiro Omigawa vs. Manny Gamburyan; John Moraga vs. Ulysses Gomez. From Los Angeles. (Card subject to change)