Messenger Of Death (1988)

Charles Bronson is Garr Smith, a Denver police detective on the trail of a serial killer linked to a century-old cult of Mormon avenger--known as "unholy angels." Smith learns from the locals that these avenger may indeed be among the living at Lizard's Head. The evidence is, however, that common greed over a fortune in oil is the more likely ingredient, but this doesn't change the grisly nature of the murders, or the possibility that Garr could be the next eerie tale of ritual murder.

Bryan Loves You (2008)

Bryan Loves You is a 2008 horror film directed by Seth Landau. The film relates the supposed true story of the Cult of the Bryans who took over a small Arizona town in 1993. It was shot in 17 days with a budget of $25,000.

Out There (2008)

Teton Gravity Research presents Out There, a film taking a progressive, fresh look at what faces the surf world out there today. Humankind threatens many pristine and favorite surf breaks and surfers need to take action. This film takes viewers to a variety of breaks around the world, showcasing the cutting edge surfing of today. Through the eyes and experiences of surfers and locals, the film takes a thought-provoking look into the environmental destruction threatening key surf spots such as Trestles in Southern California, surf in Southern Chile threatened by pulp mills, Teahupoo and its growing popularity, mainland Mexico, North Shore Hawaii near the Turtle Bay development and beyond.

The Last Man on Earth (2011)

The Last Man on Earth is a 2011 Italian science fiction drama film directed by Gian Alfonso Pacinotti. Its original Italian title is L'ultimo terrestre, which means "The last earthling". The story follows a man with relational problems while aliens visit Earth. The film premiered in competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

A Choice to Yield (2015)

"A woman follows her heart in spite of her best friend's advice, "...Stay with men who resemble your father." When Angela meets Mark at a local bookstore, he strikes her interest with his mysterious demeanor and motivates her to explore dating outside of her comfort zone. What Angela knows about men of color is a warning sign, but meeting Mark changes it." Copy & Paste this link in the URL for the movie trailer:

Assassin of Youth (1938)

Assassin of Youth (1937) is an exploitation film directed by Elmer Clifton. It is a pre-WWII movie about the supposed ill effects of cannabis. The movie is often considered a clone of the much more famous Reefer Madness (sharing cast member Dorothy Short). The thriller reflects perfectly the anti-drug propaganda of its time.

Casbah (1948)

Casbah is a 1948 American film noir crime musical film directed by John Berry starring Yvonne DeCarlo, Tony Martin, Peter Lorre and Märta Torén. It is a musical remake of Algiers (1938), which was in turn an American remake of the French film Pépé le Moko (1937).

Michael Winslow Live (1999)

Michael Winslow Live - This is the only uncut, uncensored Theatrical Edition of Michael Winslow performing Live! This award winning film showcases popular actor/comedian Michael Winslow, star of 7 "Police Academy" films and most recently National Lampoon's "RoboDoc". Winslow's spellbinding and audience pleasing talent has never been cinematically preserved until now! Winslow's live performance is a unique event that rivals a rock concert utilizing laser light effects, his mastery of vocal gymnastics, a catalogue of over 10,000 sound effects, numerous impersonations, and eerie re-creations of legendary rock performers like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin & Tina Turner. Winslow relies on his talent and not vulgarity, misogyny, racism or hatred for his humor. Shot at Universal Studios Florida, this Technicolor film captures Winslow in a flurry of activity. Fasten your seat belt, turn up the volume and relax - it's going to be a fun, fun, funny ride!

Gay USA (1977)

Gay USA is an American documentary film released in 1978 and directed by Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. The documentary focuses on the gay rights movement. Composed of footage shot at a number of gay pride events around the United States in 1977, the film captures a time just as the gay rights movement began facing the first organized backlash in the form of Anita Bryant and her campaign to repeal anti-discrimination protection in Dade County.

Dezert People 5 (2015)

The winners of the 2005 Extremey Award for best off-road video and nominated in 2007 for DP4. Grill up the carne asada, sit back and hold on as JD Films brings you the fifth release in the Dezert People Video Series.

Abomination: The Evilmaker II (2003)

A year after tragic events struck four close friends, the mystery of their disappearance still has not been solved. One family member dares to hurl herself into a web of darkness and evil in order to find out what really happened. The evil unleashed from her actions will have a terrifying consequence for everyone as they combat The Evilmaker!

AC/DC: And Then There Was Rock (2005)

AC/DC: And Then There Was Rock charts the band's early years, up to the tragic death of their enigmatic front man, Bon Scott. This documentary takes the cameras where they have never previously preyed, interviewing AC/DC's original singer Dave Evans, original drummer Colin Burgess, school friends of Bon, Angus, and Malcolm, Bon's lifelong friend Vincent Lovegrave and AC/DC biographers Malcolm Dome and Clinton Walker amongst others. This DVD is a fitting tribute to the memory of Bon Scott, containing rare footage of him in his earlier bands, previously unseen photographs and much much more!

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (1933)

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (German: Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse) is a 1933 German crime film directed by Fritz Lang. The movie is a sequel to Lang's silent film Dr. Mabuse the Gambler (1922) and features many cast and crew members from Lang's previous films. The film features Rudolf Klein-Rogge as Dr. Mabuse who is in an insane asylum where he is found frantically writing his crime plans. When Mabuse's criminal plans begin to be implemented, Inspector Lohmann (played by Otto Wernicke) tries to find the solution with clues from gangster Thomas Kent (Gustav Diessl), the institutionalized Hofmeister (Karl Meixner) and Professor Baum (Oscar Beregi Sr.) who becomes obsessed with Dr. Mabuse. The Testament of Dr. Mabuse was based on elements of author Norbert Jacques' unfinished novel Mabuse's Colony. It was Lang's second sound film for Nero-Film and was his final collaboration with his wife and screenwriter Thea von Harbou. To promote the film to a foreign market, a French-language version of the film was made by Lang with the same sets but different actors with the title Le Testament du Dr. Mabuse. When Adolf Hitler rose to power, Joseph Goebbels became Minister of Propaganda and banned the film in Germany, suggesting that the film would undermine the audience's confidence in its statesmen. The French-language and German-language versions of the film were released in Europe while several versions of the film were released in the United States to mixed reception with each re-release. The sequel The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (1960) was also directed by Lang. Modern reception of the film is favorable with critics, while the film has influenced filmmakers including Claude Chabrol and Artur Brauner.

American Style (2008)

An infant is kidnapped, separating him from his twin brother.

The Thought Exchange (2012)

The Thought Exchange is a 2012 New Thought Documentary Film based on a book by the same title, it was the directorial debut of Usher Morgan who also produced the film. The film stars David Friedman and Lucie Arnaz among others who appeared on the film and testified to the concepts taught by Friedman throughout the film, this was the first film ever released by Digital Magic Entertainment.

Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives (2013)

From honey bees in Chile to a Paul Frank store in Slovakia. From a food distribution service in Zambia to a North Korean defector who serves as a venture capitalist to his fellow defectors in South Korea, witness economic freedom in action, transforming lives ... and entire nations. Swedish scholar Johan Norberg showcases five stories demonstrating how people can lift themselves from poverty when given the opportunity. Program also features the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World Report with an explanation of how the index works.

Meishi Street (2006)

Meishi Street, directed by Ou Ning, is a 2006 independent Chinese documentary that portrays a group of Beijing residents protesting the planned destruction of their street prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The filmmakers gave video cameras to the subjects, and they capture exclusive footage of the eviction process.

Press On (2005)

Pedal steel sensation Robert Randolph’s life is documented in this film. It shows the spiritual tradition in which he grew up, and he wanted desperately to bring this beautiful steel music into the mainstream. Because of him, a musical style that was only in churches became more mainstream.

The Residents: Is Anybody Out There? (2009)

The Residents have enjoyed many attachments over the years, but none more unique than "Bunny." Their relationship flourished in the 70's when Bunny's eccentric ideas often pointed the group in unexpected directions, but Bunny eventually grew distant and his appearances at the El Ralpho Studios declined. Then, after a lapse of several years, a video tape arrived in the mail. Looking like the product of a discarded Korean surveillance camera, The Residents quickly recognized the unidentified video as the "work" of the long lost Bunny. At first amused, the group soon became disturbed by Bunny's obvious cry for help, attempting to gain support finding his missing "brother" Harvey. Hoping that a project focused on their lost friend might stimulate his reappearance, and subsequent psychiatric care, The Residents reenacted Bunny's plight in a series of internet videos, resulting in this DVD. Unfortunately after a CD, a world tour and the video series, Bunny remains among the missing.

Frank Lloyd Wright: Murder, Myth & Modernism (2005)

Frank Lloyd Wright is an American icon - it's most famous modern architect, and probably it's most prolific - over 400 buildings in a 60-year career. But his most revealing constructions are his houses, revolutionary in their open plan design, and conceived as an expression of Wright's philosophy of a perfect harmony between man and nature - 'organic architecture' as he called it. Wright's houses also embody an ideal for living based on calmness and order, but his own life was characterized by public scandal, financial chaos and personal tragedy. The story begins with the most dramatic and terrible event in Wright's life - the brutal murder in 1914 of his mistress and her two children and a terrible fire that destroyed the house, known as 'Taliesin', which Wright had built as a private sanctuary. Wright had invested so much of himself in Taliesin that, despite the tragedy, he could not bear to abandon it. He immediately set about rebuilding and over the next forty years the house became a piece of living architecture - continually extended and remodeled. Taliesin was, in effect, Wright's alter ego - order born out of chaos. We then go back in time to examine the history of Wright's early life and career leading up to that incident. It will show not only how Wright developed his unique style, but how he constructed his own myth and cultivated his reputation in his relationships with his wealthy clients. They, in turn, indulged his 'genius'. This film reveals the extremes and eccentricities of the man through interviews with individuals whose lives he touched - acolytes who knew and lived with him at Taliesin and those who encountered him during the construction of some of his most famous buildings. Frank Lloyd Wright is a dramatic, surprising and entertaining portrait of a master builder whose most enduring edifice is his own legend.

Emergency Exit (2012)

A major change in the constitution has revolutionized the life of thousands of people in Argentina, the legalization of same sex marriage. Following this event Mathieu and Augustin have led a very serious investigation throughout this huge country covering a wide spectrum of the population and asking them to testify about their everyday life and experiences since their coming out and their legal union.The result is a very beautiful, honest and touching documentary.

La morte-saison des amours (1961)

Sylvain, a suave, witty player as well as an accomplished writer and Geneviève met 10 months ago. He wanted a serious relationship for the first time so they moved to the country so they could be together and he could write.

Camp Kickitoo (2012)

Camp Kickitoo is a fast-paced hip-hop comedy. It centers on the stormy relationship between Alvin Fishman, a would-be banker from a well-to-do family, and MC Wanda B, a street-wise hip-hop singer. Despite his Ivy League MBA degree, Alvin can't find a job. He has moved back in with his parents and is taking out his job-search frustrations by beating out frequent solos on his drum set in the garage. At the urging of his long-suffering mother, he accepts a summer job at Camp Kickitoo, which turns out to be anything but your usual summer camp. In fact, it is a rehab facility for minor drug offenders and here we find a mixed bag of colorful characters. Initially assigned to the kitchen as a pot washer, Alvin soon gets his wish and becomes a counselor. Among his other duties, he is put in charge of reining-in Wanda, an angry camper unjustly busted for marijuana possession. United by music, the storm lifts and friendships begin.

A Drop of Water (2013)

Three Christian organizations attempt a bottom-up approach to train a new generation to rescue a broken society in Cambodia.

Splash Area (2012)

Halloween Night. A gang of killer clowns are on the rampage and after seeing their friend killed, 3 friends decide to stop the red nosed crazies. But in an old asylum, they become the hunted in the bizaare fun house. No Trick, No Treat, Just Guts!

Pizza Shop: The Movie (2013)

Cole O'Barts Entertainment proudly presents "Pizza Shop: The Movie", written and directed by George O'Barts. Starring Robert Bielfelt, Cian Patrick O'Dowd and Brett Buzek, this raunchy, off color comedy delves into the drama that goes on in a pizza delivery driver's life. Whether it's the battles that take place in the restaurant to be King Salami, or dealing with a host of bizarre customers, life at the Pizza Shop is never boring! When veteran company man "Pete" (Robert Bielfelt) is pushed beyond the limit by rival slacker "Jason" (Cian Patrick O'Dowd), it ignites a no-holds-barred battle to the end! Who will come out on top and who will leave Pizza Shop forever? One thing is certain, after sampling this twisted little slice of cinema, you just might have to think twice the next time you consider ordering up.

Wyclef Jean: All Star Jam at Carnegie Hall (2004)

Multi-platinum award winning superstar Wyclef Jean welcomes an all star gathering to New York City's legendary Carnegie Hall for the first annual Clef's Kids concert in aid of the Wyclef Jean Foundation for inner city youth musical education. Backed by a dazzlingly talented array of teenaged Clef's Kids musicians, the show is fronted by Wyclef Jean and features guest appearances from a stellar line up of guests including Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, Marc Anthony, Charlotte Church, Third World and Mary J Blige. Wyclef Jean was born in Haiti and brought up in New York. He first found fame as a member of The Fugees, with whom he enjoyed global success, before embarking on an eclectic solo career which has maintained his profile at the highest level. Outspoken on many social issues he has worked tirelessly for a number of charities and in 1998 founded the Wyclef Jean Foundation with the specific aim of bringing musical education to deprived youngsters. This concert is ample proof of the fantastic work the Foundation has done.

The American West of John Ford (1971)

The American West of John Ford is a 1971 television special about movie director John Ford's career narrated by John Wayne, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda. Footage of Wayne, Stewart, and Fonda talking with the aging Ford are interspersed with an array of clips from Ford's films spanning more than five decades, including The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Searchers, and Stagecoach, each of which is dealt with at some length.

The Dead Boys' Club (1992)

The Dead Boys' Club is the story of a young man in a world haunted by the absence of an entire generation of men that have gone before him: a generation that he should have known but, because of AIDS, is a generation that he can only imagine. Awkward and shy, Toby is visiting his New York cousin Packard, who gives him a pair of shoes previously owned by Packard's recently deceased lover. When Toby dons the shoes, he is transported to the pre-AIDS 1970s world of promiscuity, hot guys and glitter balls. The Dead Boys' Club is an evocative, sexy and humorous exploration of a young man's coming out, and an homage to the generation that paved the way - some with their lives - before him.

Brimstone (2008)

Director's New version of the film with a shorter run time, different scenes, and some new score music. Tandra is trying to cope with the mysterious deaths of her best friends. When she finds a journal telling disturbing events that happened in a place called brimstone, she sets out in the woods to find the answers. It is there that she comes to face her demons and contends with the evil within the darkness of brimstone Stars: Misty Simmons-Poteet, Ricky Long, Chance Forshee, and Christina Rowland

Hoodslam: The Accidental Phenomenon (2014)

HOODSLAM - THE ACCIDENTAL PHENOMENON is the story of one of the most controversial pro wrestling company's in the country. Watch as they grow from their meager beginnings out of a dilapidated warehouse in the ghetto of Oakland California to an award winning theatrical production that plays to sold out crowds.

Beowulf (2006)

Finally, the long awaited recording is made! Since 1990, Benjamin Bagby has been performing the great epic Beowulf at major festivals and venues around the world. Now we have his remarkable performance, beautifully filmed by the award winning Swedish director Stellan Olsson. While Beowulf has come down to us as literature, as a written poem, the epic's pre-literate medieval audience would have known it through the performance of a scop, a bardic storyteller, as Bagby presents himself here. In this one-man tour de force Bagby accompanies himself on an anglo-saxon harp. Using the entire range of his voice, he delivers this gripping tale in Old English, as it could have been experienced more than 1 thousand years ago.

American Pharaoh (2014)

From PBS - Go behind the scenes with the Egyptian national soccer team -- the "Pharaohs" -- and its American coach, Bob Bradley and follow the team's efforts to qualify for soccer's ultimate event for the first time in more than 20 years. Faced with ongoing violence and political strife within the country, the team must remain united and work together to reach their ambitious goal. American Pharaoh documents the team's personal and professional struggles to keep their eyes on the prize of getting to the World Cup while living in and representing a country in turmoil.

Gods of Metal (1982)

Gods of Metal is a 1982 American short documentary film produced by Robert Richter for the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers on nuclear disarmament. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Rromani Soul (2008)

RROMANI SOUL traces the true origin of the Rroma people. Through rituals, song and dance we follow emblematic figure and "Queen of the Gypsies" Esma Redzepova to Macedonia, south of France and finally to India. The film reveals for the first time ever that the true and unique origin of the Rroma is Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sounding the Alarm: Battling the Autism Epidemic (2014)

Parents of autistic children struggle to find affordable lifetime care as their sons and daughters move from childhood into adulthood.

Accidental Hero: Room 408 (2002)

Award winner, Accidental Hero plunges the viewer into a multi-racial high school classroom where the focus of the students is winning...bringing home a state championship in a little known academic sport called "forensics." The art of public speaking is changing their lives, and Tommie Lindsey, their powerful African-American coach, is proving it. By allowing students to draw on their cultural backgrounds, sometimes pent up pain or anger, Lindsey channels emotions positively into spellbinding performances. Lindsey creates champions and inspires dreams to happen. The audience experiences the process, from classroom to state championship. Oprah Winfrey featured Accidental Hero on her television show awarding Tommie Lindsey and his program the $100,000 Use Your Life Award

Magic Sketchbook (2014)

Fantasy Family Short Film Sara finds a sketchbook among old books in an attic room of her grandmother's home. She draws pictures and they pop up from the sketchbook.

Between the buried and me: Future sequence - Live at the Fidelitorium (2014)

"Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium" features Between the Buried and Me in a small studio setting in which they perform "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" album in its entirety.

BloodSisters (1995)

BloodSisters is an important, and over-looked piece of feminist history, a feature-length documentary about the political activities and sexual choices of the San Francisco lesbian S&M community. This community is a highly organized group of women who interact through an intense exchange of physical body play, master/slave relationships, and a commitment to political activism. Featuring interviews with several gender-bending leaders of the scene including Pat Califia, (now Patrick Califia) an author and activist who's collection of erotic fiction Macho Sluts broke open the field of lesbian erotica; Skeeter, a young British ex-pat who has been part of the SF leatherdyke scene for several years as a performer and fetish gear maker; and Queen Cougar, an African-American activist and titleholder of the 1993 Ms San Francisco Leather contest. By following these women and cutting between their personal lives, political activities and candid interviews, BloodSisters illuminates the intelligence behind the sensation; providing an in-depth picture of the leather S&M community as a progressive grass-roots organization that challenges fixed ideas of gender identity and fights against discrimination as sexual outlaws within the queer community. Through their own words, we will hear about the serious business that goes on in this group of women trying to better understand themselves and better the community at the same time. "A ground-breaking documentary!" Time Out, New York

Roulette City (2012)

Tak travels to Macau with his uncle Wai and wins so much money, Wai becomes distracted by the temptations of the big city. Tak thinks he killed Wai in a brawl over a woman, and searches for a way to flee from the city with a woman.

Special Needs (2006)

Special Needs is a dark comedy/satire about three reality TV producers creating show about people with physical and mental disabilities. The film was written, produced, and directed by Isaak James, who also starred.

Sons of Africa (2013)

"Out of the jungle and into the light", Jaffar says with glee. No longer on the gnarled forest floor in the stifling heat, the hiking group have room to breathe. Yet ahead lies more difficulty and danger. Kilimanjaro looms large; inhospitable and deadly. The group now face vast moorland, dry deserts and an icy wilderness, climbing higher into the oxygen-starved air. Yet as Jaffar's companion says, "compared to the complexity of history, climbing a mountain is easy". If they can ascend a mountain, can Jaffar and Madaraka also climb out from under their fathers' oppressive legacies? History has torn their legacies in different directions: one remains a hero of the Pan-African Socialist movement whilst the other is seen as dictator and tyrant. With all that remains of Jaffar's father being the scent of rose water on his prayer beads and a blood stained history, it is hard for him "to find the courage to stand up and be counted". Similarly, Madaraka has to cope with the comparisons and expectations that come with having a candidate for canonization as a father. It is under this shared burden that they form an unlikely relationship. "He has a kojo approach to life just like his Dad!" Jaffar says of Madaraka, "I feel like I've a lot I can learn." And as their ascent continues up the mountain you can hear in Jaffar's words about his father an echo of Madaraka's philosophy: "He was using something that was a tried and tested way of ruling Africa and unfortunately that same style of leadership is with us today. We still haven't turned the corner." In their attempt to touch the Roof of Africa, get to know each other and uncover one another's pasts, these two sons, separated by politics and war, teach us about a region's tangled history. It is, as Jaffar states, "a quest to discover yourself and how you fit into society". At once compelling, revealing and beautiful, Sons of Africa exists as both an inspiring and enlightening documentary.

Jump Tomorrow (2001)

Jump Tomorrow is a 2001 independent film and romantic comedy written and directed by Joel Hopkins, starring Tunde Adebimpe, Hippolyte Girardot, and Natalia Verbeke. It concerns George (Adebimpe), a shy, bespectacled man who is about to marry a fellow Nigerian American woman named Sophie Ochenado, played by Abiola Abrams, when he falls for a Spanish woman. It is based on a short film called Jorge.

Convicts at Large (1938)

An architect (Ralph Forbes) enters a mob-run nightclub wearing clothes left for an escaped convict.

Confessions of a Vice Baron (1943)

Confessions of a Vice Baron is a 1943 American film directed by S. Roy Luby, William A. O'Connor, Melville Shyer and Herman E. Webber. The film was edited from footage from Mad Youth (1940), The Wages of Sin (1938), Smashing the Vice Trust (1937), Race Suicide (1937) and The Pace That Kills (1935). Willy Castello appears in each of these films except for The Pace That Kills. The film is also known as Skid Row (American reissue title).

The 7 (2006)

Seven high school students on a science class field trip become prey to an unknown entity in a desert cavern and are eliminated one by one.

30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle (2000)

30 Frames a Second: The WTO in Seattle 2000 is a documentary film shot during the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity and contains interviews with many of the protest leaders. It was directed by journalist Rustin Thompson and released in 2000.

Münferit (2007)

You'd salt the meat when it stinks... what if the salt stinks? In the midst of a night, an unexpected ferryboat approaches to the shores of a cute little town in Turkey. On the deck, an inspector and his assistant - two highly commissioned authorities only assigned to very fragile cases concerning the government, scan the town from a distance.

South Carolina Drugwars (2012)

An inside look into South Carolina Gangs, Drugs, and Crime. South Carolina Crip and Blood gangs are based on Los Angeles, Compton, and South Central gangs. Ranked #1 in violent crime since 2005 Ranked #5 in murder 3rd most dangerous state behind 1.Nevada 2. Louisiana (3. South Carolina)

Harry Connick Jr: In Concert on Broadway (2011)

Twenty years after his first Broadway concert, triple Grammy Award-winner Harry Connick, Jr. delivered a dazzling set at the Neil Simon Theater in 2010. In Concert On Broadway features Connick with a big band and a 12-piece string section.

Christmas in Hollywood (2014)

Charlie, a young boy from China travels all the way from Shanghai to find his fathers restaurant in Hollywood is in trouble. He must convince 3 people to believe in the Spirit of Christmas in order to save his family's dream.

Angelique and the King (1966)

Angélique et le Roy known in Italy as Angelica alla corte del re or Angelica (Angelique) and the King is a 1966 French historical romantic adventure film directed by Bernard Borderie. It stars Michèle Mercier.

Harvard Park (2012)

The streets of South Central Los Angeles in the early 1980s were riddled with crime, drugs and gangs. But a small patch of land in the middle of all the peril – a baseball field called Harvard Park – was an oasis, a place where dreams could come true. Producing several legendary baseball players, including All-Stars Eric Davis, Darryl Strawberry, Frank Thomas and Barry Larkin, Harvard Park became a place where hungry players took the first step toward becoming not only superstars, but also heroes to their community. In this moving documentary, several of the players discuss the importance of their time at Harvard Park. Newly remastered.

Last Of The Red Hot Lovers (1972)

Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers is a 1972 comedy film based on Neil Simon's play of the same name. Alan Arkin, Sally Kellerman, Paula Prentiss and Renée Taylor star in it.

Driving Equality Across America (2014)

Driving Equality Across America is the product of a 107-day, 22,000-mile trek through most of the lower 48 states in an effort to meet, interview, and share the stories of LGBT Americans, their allies, and their opponents. In an effort to raise awareness of the various forms of discrimination faced by the LGBT community and the tremendous progress being make toward equality, these interviews give the viewer a better understanding of what it is like to be LGBT in vastly different parts of the country. Many of these interviews tell the stories of LGBT individuals, their personal struggles and incredible accomplishments. Other interviews depict how the LGBT community has employed different ways of combating discrimination across the nation. This film follows the filmmaker's trip across the country as he meets LGBT Americans where they live, in small towns and big cities. Through touching interviews, some heartbreaking, others inspiring, Driving Equality Across America offers a glimpse of the filmmaker's journey into the heart of LGBT America.

Asad (2012)

Asad is a 2012 South African-American short film directed by Bryan Buckley. The film was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

Behind the Glass Door: Hannah's Story (1998)

Behind the Glass Door: Hannah's Story reveals both the tremendous challenges and deep joys of raising a child with a developmental disability. As an infant, Hannah would not respond when someone walked into the room. When other babies were walking, she still crawled. At two years old, Hannah could not speak a word. She lived in her own little world, one of constant tantrums that kept her family awake at nights for weeks on end. Frustration and sleepless nights turned into desperation. But Hannah's mother prayed to God and clearly heard Him say in her heart, "Hannah has been made in my image. You need to look at her like I see her." Through the support of a team of care-workers and other professionals, Hannah made progress. Her family discovered she could count. And then one day, she spoke -- in perfect, clear English. Soon, she was using the family computer to study Dinosaurs. Hannah's Story is an inspiring account of how one dedicated family has learned to raise a child diagnosed with PDD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a form of autism. Viewers will be touched by the story's revealing truth -- that a family's committed, God-centered love can help us survive even the most challenging valleys of life.

Feud of the West (1936)

Feud of the West is a 1936 American western film directed by Harry L. Fraser and starring Hoot Gibson, Buzz Barton and Bob Kortman. It is a B film made by the Poverty Row company Diversion Pictures.

We Must Go (2014)

Egypt's national soccer team and its American coach fight to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

UFO Chronicles: Area 51 Exposed (2015)

A retired military weatherman who worked at Area 51 from 1965 to 1967 recounts his encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

Burn It Up, Djassa (2012)

Filmed in the Abidjan neighbourhood of Wassakara, only a few months before the Ivorian civil war broke out, Burn it up Djassa was a labour of love for a collective of actors, writers and technicians, all of whom come from Wassakara and who have created an engrossing, vérité-style fiction at the very edge of their own lived experience. After his father died, Tony (Abdoul Karim Konaté) was pulled out of school by his mother; and when she passed away, he made his way by selling cigarettes on Princess Street, famous in Abidjan for its bars, dance clubs and exciting nightlife. Now twenty-one-years old, Tony is bitterly convinced that his future has been sacrificed, and is desperate for a way out of the ghetto. His older brother Mike (Mamadou Diomandé) has been considerably luckier, having found a job on the police force, while Ange (Adélaïde Ouattara), their younger sister, is also pursuing respectability by learning to become a hairdresser - but she secretly moonlights as a prostitute in order make ends meet. Looking for easy money, Tony eventually turns to gambling and is dragged further down into the seedy underworld of Wassakara - until he commits a shocking crime that irrevocably changes his life. Now an outlaw, he goes on the run and is relentlessly pursued by the police, his own brother among them. Narrated by a storyteller (Mohamed Bamba) in the Abidjan argot called Nouchi, this compelling crime drama bursts with the eagerness of a generation determined to shape its own destiny and reflect its present in its own distinctive language, music and dance. Burn it up Djassa's raw energy has remarkable staying power and, in spite of the dark tenor of the story, it brims with hope.

A Norml Life (2011)

Patients, doctors and caregivers discuss the current state of medical marijuana in the United States.

Lang Lang: The Third Dimension at Berghain (2010)

Lang Lang, the world-renowned pianist, gives an exceptional solo recital. The programme includes the first movement of the Appassionata Sonata by Beethoven, the last movement of Prokofiev's Sonata for piano No. 7, Isaac Albéniz's "Evocation" from the first Iberia Book and Chopin's Polonaise No. 6 in A flat major Op. 53, "Heroic".

Yoga for Beginners with Desi Bartlett (2008)

Yoga is one of the best ways to tone and build long, lean muscles while energizing and restoring the body and mind. These beautiful, basic programs will leave you feeling revitalized, strong, and healthy. By incorporating two unique, complementary practices, Yoga for Beginners truly gives you the best of both worlds. The flowing and energizing Solar practice builds strength, endurance, and flexibility from head to toe. A complete body-toning program, it will bring you a sense of overall vitality and wellness. You will feel healthy and radiant from the inside out. The Lunar practice incorporates slower, deeper stretches to help you achieve a lean, long, graceful physique. These moves nourish the muscles, joints, and connective tissues while helping you to release stress and tension. Do the practices separately or combine them for a total mind/body yoga experience. Easy-to-follow and non-intimidating, Yoga for Beginners will truly transform how you look and feel.

Elmo's World: Singing, Drawing & More! (2002)

Join Sesame Street's curious red monster as he explores singing, drawing, and telephones! Elmo's World offers kids and adults a fresh and lighthearted take on the world around them. Each episode comes to life in Elmo's bright, exciting and very original room - the drawer, door, shade, and TV all join in the fun. And he's even visited by a Muppet opera diva and a talking Muppet phone! Also featuring Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy, the zany Mr. Noodle and classic songs that will delight viewers of all ages.

Opera (1987)

Opera (also known and released as Terror at the Opera) is a 1987 Italian giallo film co-written and directed by Dario Argento, with music composed and performed by Brian Eno, Claudio Simonetti, and Bill Wyman. Starring Cristina Marsillach, Urbano Barberini, and Ian Charleson, the plot focuses on a young soprano (Marsillach) involved in a series of murders being committed inside an opera house by a masked assailant. The film was one of Argento's most commercially successful, seeing 1,363,912 ticket sales in his native country of Italy. This is the second Dario Argento horror film to have THX audio certified and picture quality.

When I Find the Ocean (2006)

With her pets in tow, a girl sets out to find the place where her fathered disappeared at sea.

The Famous Joe Project (2012)

Joe, in the midst of dropping out of college and coming out as gay, decides to record the everyday activities of his life on a handheld mini-video and post the clips to the internet. Soon after he begins this experiment, Joe meets Jesus, a narcissistic hustler drawn to the idea of constantly being on camera.

The Chronology Protection Case (2002)

When Phil D'Amato takes a call from a lady physicist about her missing husband, he has no idea that her life, his life, and every other scientist working on a top-secret time travel project will soon be in dire jeopardy. As the number of dead begins to mount, D'Amato starts to realize that the suspect is not any one person or group but something much more sinister and dangerous.

Absolute Justice (2014)

After a horrific attack on his wife and daughter, Metin's life is turned upside down. Driven to take revenge, Metin soon finds that vengeance is a brutal road.

Forbidden Attraction (2010)

A critically acclaimed psychological thriller; Dark Woods tells the story of a young couple who moves to a secluded cabin to cope with the wife's terminal illness. After the husband rescues a young girl from the abusive hands of her psychotic uncle he is coerced by local law enforcement to allow her to stay with them. As the illness consumes the wife and the husband struggles with his own human connections, the young girl attempts to claim her place in this strange new family dynamic. The husband must rediscover his humanity and choose between his increasingly erratic and sexually explorative new housemate, and his horrifically deteriorating wife.

Web of Darkness (2001)

The long awaited release of the Indie Cyber-Vampire thriller, The Web of Darkness, is now upon us. Never before released this cat and mouse tale of the undead co-stars two of the horror genres most celebrated members. Tom Savini, Legendary Make-Up F/X Artist, Actor and Director and Brinke Stevens, Ultimate Scream Queen, Pin-Up Model, Writer and Actress are together again. A young couple crosses paths with a clan of Vampire they discover via the internet. Action ensues when one is bitten and the other must take on these creatures of the night to save her immortal soul. Special Features include: - Audio Commentary - Scene Selection - Blooper Reel - Original Teaser Trailer - Prequel Comic "Hunter's Moon" (Digital Copy) - Original Script

End of the Road (2012)

Follow Alex and Buck Cannon as the two brothers do battle with the paranormal and find themselves up against a group of demons that are here to destroy humankind. With the help from their uncle and distant father, they must use all of their special skills and weapons to not only save themselves, but each other from the coming doom. The Spirit Huntes is another release from Nagle Studio's that takes special effects to nothing seen before. With the Directors of Rome Williamson, Don Nagle, TOdd Nagle and the great actors involved makes for one HELL of a film

My Piece of the Pie (2011)

My Piece of the Pie (French: Ma part du gâteau) is a 2011 French comedy-drama film directed by Cédric Klapisch.

Midlake: Live in Denton, TX (2015)

Midlake returns to its hometown of Denton, TX for an intimate show at the iconic concert venue, Dan's Silverleaf, where the band had stopped off to play a local show while on tour promoting their fourth album, Antiphon. The result is a beautifully photographed 90-minute film that is both a live concert movie and documentary homage to the band's hometown of Denton.

Ben Bailey: Road Rage (2011)

This movie shows Ben try his hand at comedy. He has hosted several television shows and now he is trying his comedy routine in front of a live audience. His comedy act makes fun of road rage incidents as well as the stupid things people do while they are driving.

Reality Terror Night (2013)

To compete in a new reality show, five beautiful young women have to spend the night in a haunted house. However, they have no idea that the house is occupied by a serial killer who plans to murder all of them.

Creed of Gold (2014)

Creed of Gold is a 2014 film about fictional corruption at the Federal Reserve. It was produced by Crystal Creek Media and directed by Daniel Knudsen. Filming of Creed of Gold took place in several locations near Indianapolis, Indiana and Detroit, Michigan with some additional photography taking place on location in New York City.

My First Wife (1984)

My First Wife is a 1984 Australian drama film directed by Paul Cox. The film won several AFI Awards in 1984.

Beyond Bollywood (2013)

Pooja whirls around the dance studio, hips rocking back and forth to the Indian music. "As a child, I thought there was no better dancer than the superstar Madhuri Dixit. So I thought I would try to follow her footsteps." She tells us with an enormous grin. She's just one of thousands of beautiful young girls who have come from small town India to Mumbai to try and make it. As Ojas points out, the Bollywood glamour is just too much to resist, "The entire Bollywood look is so well produced and larger than life, that it kind of fascinates a normal person". But Pooja is something special. Amidst the gaggle of dancers in opulent costumes, the director immediately spots her, "When I saw her she was a full on, proper dancer. So I said, definitely, she is in my team". But navigating the competition, politics and prejudices of the industry can be hard to deal with. "I am fed up with being at the back row, I want to lead something". For Ojas it is different. He's a diva make-up artist who has already made it in the industry and sees the biggest Bollywood stars pass through his dressing room everyday. As he quips to one star's PA who has just stepped on his toes, "No offence to you darling, you may be a PA, but I've been doing hair and make-up for 20 years." Having survived the dog-eat-dog competition he feels at home here, despite his struggles with his sexuality, "Luckily everybody's welcomed me with open arms, all the fellow colleagues, the stars, producers, directors, technicians". Harry is one of the few white actors in Bollywood, here to play the baddies or just add a bit of internationality. It's an interesting race reversal, he's like an Indian in Hollywood. But Harry's frustrated by how this marginalises him, like so many others in Bollywood, he never feels in control of his own destiny: "It's like you've written out this contract of wishes, but somebody has twisted your terminology - I'll put you on a billboard, but you'll be a goofy face in the back, alri

The Perfect Gift (2011)

A couple's parents show up for the holidays and show a father what Christmas is all about.

The Co(te)lette Film (2010)

Three women dance in an intimate ambiance, squeezed between desire and satisfaction, without confrontation, rivalry, story, solution or end. Co(te)lette won Holland's prestigious Zwaan award in 2007/2008 for most impressive dance production.

Godfrey: Black By Accident (2011)

With his signature wide-eyed humor and treasure trove of voices Godfrey asks the questions that plague the depths of our being. Why do people duck in the rain and protect just one ear? What if guido bouncers ran the TSA? Filmed live at New York City's Gramercy Theatre, Godfrey brings the house down in this uncensored and extended special!

Regina Spektor Live in London (2010)

Live In London, the first live recording and concert film from acclaimed artist Regina Spektor. Captured mainly at London's famed Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, Live In London features 22 remarkable performances that span Spektor's brilliant catalog of music with such fan favorites as "Us," "Fidelity," "Samson" and "Eet" plus three new songs that have only been performed live.

The Horror Vault 3 (2010)

Five new stories of grueling horror: A Christmas Haunting, Zombie Office, Undone, Unchangeable and The Psychomanteum - ghosts, zombies and bloody revenge.

Cleaver's Destiny (2013)

Amy grows up thinking her father is dead and discovers he is alive, homeless and has no memory of her.

18 Fingers of Death! (2006)

18 Fingers of Death! (April 11, 2006) is a parody kung-fu movie made, written, directed and starring James Lew. Also starring are Maurice Patton as Ronald Mack, Pat Morita as Mr. Lee, and Lisa Arturo as Sushi Cue. Lori Beth Denberg is also in the movie.

Kentucky Kernels (1934)

Kentucky Kernels is a 1934 American comedy directed by George Stevens and starring the comedy duo of Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey. The screenplay was written by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, and Fred Guiol, from a story by Kalmar and Ruby.

Could This Be Love? (2007)

Could This Be Love? (French title: Je crois que je l'aime) is a 2007 French comedy film directed by Pierre Jolivet.

Dysmorphia (2014)

Siblings find their dead uncle's stash of VHS tapes but have no idea that, by watching them, they are summoning something ghoulish and gruesome.

Dance Of The Dead (2008)

Dance of the Dead is a 2008 American independent zombie comedy, directed by Gregg Bishop and written by Joe Ballarini. The film featured Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick, Chandler Darby, Lucas Till, Blair Redford and Carissa Capobianco. The plot revolves around the mysterious reanimation of the dead and the efforts of several students to save their high school prom from attack.

Coyotes (1999)

A drifter (Leo Gannon) goes to Baja California with his daughter (Kirsten Carmody) for a job, and when it doesn't materialize, he begins smuggling Mexicans across the border.

Uncomfortable Truth (2014)

After her lover abandons her, Maya does whatever it takes to care for her child.

This Movie Sucks (2009)

A farcical look at independent film making from a ground level view. Presented in typical "Buckingham Style" we watch as independent documentarians Chronicling the trials and tribulations of trying to make an indie film using whatever you can lay your hands on. You would almost expect to turn around during a viewing and find a camera crew behind you.

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (2006)

Filmmakers follow the jazz musician over 18 months, as he collaborates in-studio with Sting, Annie Lennox, Paul Simon, Christina Aguilera, Carlos Santana, and include clips of Hancock playing with Miles Davis, as well as his groundbreaking video for "Rockit."

The Undying (2009)

The ghost of a Civil War soldier seduces Barbara creating an undying bond between them.

Friends of Mine (2013)

Friends of Mine, tells the story of two young men, Jordan and Brian, who are required to volunteer at a week-long summer camp for the developmentally disabled. For them, life will never be the same. Jordan and Brian are no longer boys struggling to find their way. They, in the course of one week, have become men who have experienced unconditional love in a most unexpected way.

Münsters fall (2005)

(In Swedish with English Subtitles) One of the most suspenseful psychological thrillers from Sweden, the Van Veeteren series brings to life the best-selling crime novels by one of Sweden's most popular mystery writers, Håkan Nesser, whose books have been published in more than 20 countries world-wide. Set in the fictitious city of Maardam, in a made-up country that could be anywhere in northern Europe, the series follows the murder cases of retired chief inspector, Van Veeteren, and his two crime squad protégés, Münster and Moreno. Episode 2: Münster's Case- When the body of a wealthy wine merchant washes up on a beach with multiple stab wounds, police fear a media frenzy. But the quick arrest of the man's former partner in the face of damning evidence promises a quick resolution to the case.

In the Shadow of Chuck Norris (2014)

Resemblance to Chuck Norris changed the life of Jacek Pieniazek. Ordinary worker has become a local celebrity and an icon of good humor. As an impresario he employs in his agency other look-alikes such as Jerzy Maksymiuk, Lech Walesa, and Elvis Presley. The charms of living the double life of well-known persons is their daily bread. In 2012, Jacek finally meets the real Chuck Norris, whom he doubles in the bank commercial. For 20 years he is living "In the shadow of Chuck Norris."