Poveri milionari (1959)

Poveri milionari (internationally released as Poor Millionaires) is a 1958 Italian comedy film directed by Dino Risi. It is the final chapter in the trilogy started with Poveri ma belli.

Female Teacher: Private Life (1973)

Nikutai hanzai kaigan: Piranha no mure (1973)

Rat' mal, wer heut bei uns schläft...? (1969)

Three Minutes (1999)

Støt står den danske sømand (1948)

The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman (Danish: Støt står den danske sømand) is a 1948 Danish war drama directed by Bodil Ipsen and Lau Lauritzen Jr. The film, known alternatively as Perilous Expedition or its literal title translation Steady stands the Danish sailor, written by Grete Frische based upon the wartime diary of Kaj Frische, tells the true story of Danish sailors who sailed with the Allied forces during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II. It stars Poul Reichhardt and Lisbeth Movin. The film received the Bodil Award for Best Danish Film in 1949.

Apa Dah Jadi? (2012)

Frozen Frolics (1930)

Tudo Azul (1952)

Turn Me On: The History of the Vibrator (2001)

Down: Diary of a Mad Band - Europe in the Year of VI (2010)

Comic Store Heroes (2012)

My days (2011)

Go Fly a Kit (1957)

Go Fly a Kit is a 1957 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. It is available on disc 4 of the DVD set Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 4. The title is a pun on the phrase "Go fly a kite."

La force des choses (1998)

An Evening with Wynton Marsalis and Willie Nelson (2009)

Trapped (1923)

Wicked Game (2002)

Notorious But Nice (1933)

Notorious but Nice is a 1933 Pre-code American sound film drama directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Marian Marsh and Betty Compson. It was produced and distributed by B-Movie studio Chesterfield Motion Pictures. The film survives, with a copy preserved by The Library of Congress.

Szczesliwego Nowego Jorku (1997)

Szczęśliwego Nowego Jorku (en: Happy New York) is a 1997 Polish film directed by Janusz Zaorski. Its a film about six Polish immigrants in New York, who try to live their American Dream and cope with the realities of New York.

A Romance of Engineering (1938)

Io ti assolvo (2008)

From Leadville to Aspen: A Hold-Up in the Rockies (1906)

From Leadville to Aspen: A Hold-Up in the Rockies is a 1906 American short action crime/western film, directed by an uncredited Francis J. Marion and Wallace McCutcheon of the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company of New York City.

Jôji no hate (1974)

Dokyumento poruno: Zoku toruko tekkuniku daizenshû (1974)

Goo Goo Goliath (1954)

Goo Goo Goliath is a 1954 Merrie Melodies mockumentary cartoon short directed by Friz Freleng, which features the drunk stork (a.k.a. the "steadfastly stinko stork" from Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol. 6) as the main character.

Rocket-bye Baby (1956)

Rocket-Bye Baby is a 1956 animated cartoon short in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Chuck Jones for Warner Bros. Cartoons. The Michael Maltese story follows the adventures of a baby from Mars who ended up on Earth after the planets passed close to each other. It was Warner Brothers' take on the borderline hysteria surrounding UFOs in the 1950s, augmented by the Russian space program and the Roswell Incident. The cartoon is one of very few Warner Brothers short films of the era that did not use Mel Blanc's voice talent. Instead, Daws Butler, famous for the voices of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound and other characters in the Hanna-Barbera oeuvre, and June Foray, most famous as the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel, provided the vocal content of the film. No recurring characters were used.

What's Happening to Me? (1986)

Señorella and the Glass Huarache (1964)

Señorella and the Glass Huarache is a 1964 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Hawley Pratt (who also produced the layouts) and written by John W. Dunn. The plotline is a typical Cinderella story, but set in Mexico. This was the last Looney Tunes short released before the Warner Bros. Cartoons division was shut down. It was the final one-shot until 1968. Chuck Jones' ending sequence from Now Hear This and Bartholomew Versus the Wheel was used in this cartoon and this was the final cartoon to have this ending sequence.

Bathing Buddies (1946)

Bathing Buddies is the 18th animated cartoon short subject in the Woody Woodpecker series. Released theatrically on July 1, 1946, the film was produced by Walter Lantz Productions and distributed by Universal Pictures.

Kid's Castle (1995)

Grand Slam (1990)

Konjiki yasha (1937)

American Rural West (2007)

Vienna Blood (1942)

Vienna Blood (German:Wiener Blut) is a German operetta film from 1942, based on the 1899 operetta of the same name. With box-office takings of seven million Reichsmarks, it was one of the most financially successful films of the Nazi era.

Mado, poste restante (1990)

Mado, demand deposits (French: Mado, poste restante; Russian: Мадо, до востребования) is a French film 1990, directorial debut Aleksandr Adabashyan. Melodrama novel by Simone Arèse Mado.

The Box Man (2002)

Electric Shades of Grey (2001)

The Psychedelic Priest (also known as Electric Shades of Grey and Jesus Freak) is a 2001 American film produced by Allied International Films. It was directed by William Grefé, although he was uncredited, and written by Terry Merrill. It stars John Darrell, James Coleman, and Joe Crane.

Déjeuner du matin (1974)

The Coen Brothers (2000)

Meyer from Berlin (1919)

Meyer from Berlin (German: Meyer aus Berlin) is a 1919 German silent comedy film directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Lubitsch, Ossi Oswalda and Ethel Orff. It was part of the Sally series of films featuring Lubitsch as a sharp young Berliner of Jewish heritage. It was Lubitsch's penultimate film as an actor, after 1920 he devoted himself entirely to screenwriting and directing.

Nurse Marjorie (1920)

Nurse Marjorie is a 1920 American silent film drama produced and distributed by Realart Pictures, directed by William Desmond Taylor, and starring Mary Miles Minter. It is based on a 1906 play, Nurse Marjorie, by Israel Zangwill. The scenario is by Julia Crawford Ivers whose son James Van Trees was the cinematographer. On the Broadway stage Minter's part was played by Eleanor Robson.This is one of Minter's later films that survive at the Library of Congress. Actors Kate Lester and Edward Jobson are not listed in the cast, main or uncredited, but they appear noticeably in the film.

Neptune's Daughters (1900)

Bombardment of Taku Forts, by the Allied Fleets (1900)

Liquid Crystals (1978)

Cucaracha (1982)

Kukaracha is a Georgian film released in 1982. It is based on the story of Nodar Dumbadze. Directors of the film are: Siko Dolidze and Keti Dolidze.

Colossi of Love (2010)

Boulder Blues and Pearls and... (1992)

Found Footage Festival Volume 4: Live in Tucson (2009)

Butterfly (2008)

Sex Parties (2017)

That Couple You Know (2014)

The Hillywood Show (2006)

Tenor Toons (2016)

The Jim Norton Show (2014)

Take Care of Me (2014)

The Immoral Dr. Dicqer (2011)

The Mailroom (2015)

Star Wars: Detours (2019)

The Brooklyn Cycle (2016)

The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals (2010)

Shaboom! (2016)

Show X (2006)

The Legend of Sarmoti: Siegfried & Roy (1996)

Shadow Bringers (2012)

That Thrifty Show (2014)

The Adventures of Señor Toro (2009)

SnowPiffs (2015)

Small Town America (2016)

Stay Brony My Friends (2012)

Star Trek: Federation One (2008)

Tellement vrai (2008)

Somewhere in Palm Springs (2014)

The Egg and I (1951)

Rub Some Bacon on It (2012)

Pokémon: Pikachu's Jukebox (1999)

Post Secondary (2016)

Shaded (2015)

On the Edge of Time (2015)

Reaper of the Soul (2016)

Restore My Faith (2016)

Real Estate Milfia (2014)

Nintendo Quest: Power Tour (2015)

Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012 (2012)

Renegade Cut (2012)

The Gym: An Original Series (2017)

Reality Relapse (2014)

Ryan the Rebel (2016)

Rambo: No Blood (2008)

Raw Reality with Gail Kasper (2013)

Runestone: Sizzle Reel (2015)

Real Girls, Real Life (2006)

Off Topic (2011)

River City Heroes: Ascendance (2015)

Viral (2016)

Tango Americano (2016)

Strange Town (2016)

Montserrat: Deceptions (2015)

Solo en America (1998)

Survey Team Seven (2014)