Pro-Ana (2015)

A young woman tries to escape from the the influences of a Pro-Ana group whose adherents live by a strict doctrine of disordered eating.

Inside Ben (2017)

When a man faces his fears, he learns agoraphobia isn't his biggest problem.

Zindagi 50-50 (2013)

Three women in Mumbai find out how far they're willing to go for their dreams.


When a famous sex columnist attempts to host an orgy with old high school acquaintances in her conservative hometown, keeping secrets becomes the least of her problems.


Join Stevie, Carole and Lisa on their adventures at Pine Hollow Stables as they juggle their time between riding, school and boys.


Suspecting that those around him are actually malevolent shape-shifters, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself. A genre-bending story about love, loyalty and living nightmares.


A road movie on a bicycle. Jasper leaves an alley cat race and goes on a physical and spiritual journey on her bike, through Chicago’s nighttime streets, to an emotion-filled destination.


Eleven years in the making, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is a unique and intimate portrait of the renowned singer, songwriter, poet and activist. Patti Smith’s music, poetry, and politics are fearless, funny, raw, and original.


Doctors, nutritionists, authors and entrepreneurs from 4 countries share why they choose to go against conventional health wisdom to promote paleo. The film also reflects on how they were profoundly transformed by the lifestyle beforehand.


A naive college student, Evangeline, is brutalized by a gang of thrill seeking killers. Left to die in the forest, her corpse is revived by an ancient demon spirit that empowers her with a blood-lust for vengeance.


A personal film about a public subject, My Father's Vietnam explores the human bonds forged and shattered by war. Set against the backdrop of never-before-seen photographs and 8mm footage, the film is the story of three soldiers.


Jonathan is a very lonely man. One day, he gets a visitor in his house: a young woman who, through a jarring turn of events, ends up dead. He does not report it because he is happy to have a friend, but now the body of the girl begins to decay.


When a tour guide breaks into America’s Most Haunted House, a bit of amateur ghost hunting with friends turns into more horror than they could have ever imagined.


Elizabeth Hunter controls all in her life - society, her staff, her children; but the once great beauty will now determine her most defiant act as she chooses her time to die.


Unlike most high school girls, Yasmine spends more time kicking butt than painting her nails.


Create a warm, holiday atmosphere in your home with the sights and sounds of a real fireplace, filmed in full high definition. Sit back and relax as you enjoy this cozy setting, accompanied by traditional Christmas songs.

Skin Deep (1983)

Two determined partners in a successful Australian fashion empire will stop at nothing to achieve individual success.

Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie (2012)

Bits from the stoner duo's 1970s comedy albums get the cartoon treatment. Included "Sister Mary Elephant."

A Taxing Woman's Return (1988)

Ryoko Itakura (Nobuko Miyamoto) is one of the top tax investigators in the Japanese government, unafraid to take on even the roughest characters who have been accused of committing tax fraud. When she investigates a religious cult called Heaven's Path, however, she finds a new nemesis in the cult's leader, Teppei Onizawa (Rentar Mikuni). As Teppei and his wife, Kinu (Haruko Kato), bask in their billions of ill-begotten funds, Ryoko must find a way to ensnare the well-connected crooks.

The Great Mr. Handel (1942)

The 18th-century German composer (Wilfrid Lawson) relocates to England, clashes with royalty and clergy, and pens "The Messiah."

Mealtime Magic (1952)

A harried new bride gets a lesson in dinner preparation from the insanely efficient homemaker living next door.

Within These Walls (1945)

A strict judge is brought in as warden to bring order to a chaotic prison. Shortly after, his own son becomes an inmate.

Chitralekha (1964)

A king ignores his wife and continues his frequent visits to the royal dancer. Fed up with his ill-behavior, his wife decides to abandon the royal life and starts living in an ashram whereas he marries the dancer.

Belly Talkers (1996)

In this documentary about ventriloquism, also known as "belly talking" in ancient cultures, filmmaker Sandra Luckow chronicles the history of the hobby. Through interviews with and footage of top ventriloquists, Luckow, with help from her dummy "Juanito," showcases varied motivations for getting involved in the field. The film also discusses the ways ventriloquism is used outside of the entertainment industry, including in religion and psychotherapy.

Wolves of the Range (1943)

Rancher Corrigan (Karl Hackett) grows frustrated with Harry Dorn (I. Stanford Jolley), the head of the Cattleman Association, who avoids dealing with a cattle-killing drought. Unknown to Corrigan and the local ranchers, Dorn plans to ruin them in order to purchase their land cheaply and sell it to an irrigation company. Corrigan asks his friend Rocky Cameron (Bob Livingston) to help, but, when the local banker is murdered, Rocky and his sidekick, Fuzzy (Al "Fuzzy" St. John), are arrested.

Mudhoney (1965)

As the Great Depression wears on, Calif (John Furlong), who's fresh out of prison, wanders into a backwoods Missouri town, where he becomes a hired hand under farmer Lute (Stu Lancaster). Hannah (Antoinette Cristiani), Lute's pretty niece, is strongly attracted to Calif, and the feeling is mutual, but their shared passion enrages Sidney (Hal Hopper), Hannah's drunken lecher of a husband. With the help of an unhinged preacher, Sidney turns the locals against Calif and organizes a lynch mob.

The Stepford Children (1987)

A couple (Barbara Eden, Don Murray) and their teenage children move to a town where local men have things eerily under control.

I Was Born, But ... (1932)

Two brothers, Keiji (Tomio Aoki) and Ryoichi (Hideo Sugawara), move to a new neighborhood in the Tokyo suburbs after their father, an office clerk, gets a promotion. The boys join the local gang as lowly new kids and emerge as natural leaders after defeating a bully. While visiting the home of their father's boss, the brothers witness the ridicule their father has endured to please his superior. Angry and embarrassed, the boys find their naive ideas about power being challenged.

Funny Farm (1983)

A stand-up comic (Miles Chapin) from Cleveland joins others struggling at a woman's (Eileen Brennan) Los Angeles comedy club.

Man Crazy (1953)

A Minnesota druggist searches for a former employee who stole $28,000 in illegal liquor proceeds and high-tailed it to Hollywood with her fun-loving friends.

The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle (1963)

Scotland Yard sets a trap for the killer haunting an old British mansion.

The Heart of New York (1932)

Inventing the washing machine makes a New York plumber a rich man and gives him a new set of problems.

Very Happy Alexander (1969)

A lazy French farmer enjoys a self-indulgent lifestyle after the accidental death of his nagging wife.

The Landlords (2012)

Cosimo and Elia, travel from Rome to a remote town to renovate the villa of a popular singer. Their arrival causes conflicts with the town's inhabitants and unexpected consequences.

For a Few Dollars Less (1966)

A bank teller robs his bank to cover a $100 shortage in his till.

Carita de Primavera (1984)

A young girl dreams of her 15th birthday, and wants a modern dress, so her gang enters into action to get it.

Locos (2011)

A painter falls for one of the patients in the mental hospital where he works.

Sonny Rollins Beyond the Notes (2012)

Sonny Rollins, considered the greatest living saxophone player, puts on a production to mark his 80th birthday at the Beacon Theater with some of the world's most extraordinary musicians in 2010.

Rokkk (2010)

Anushka helps her sister fight a murder charge and she becomes trapped in a nightmarish world that may be inescapable.

The Sword of El Cid (1962)

For brutality to the daughters of the Cid, two counts must return swords presented to them and face the Cid's knights.

Abhinetri (1970)

Shekhar, a young scientist, falls in love with Anjana, a dancer, and marries her. Differences force them to separate but when Shekhar's mother visits, they are forced to unite again.

Aaj Ka Mahatma (1976)

When one twin is killed in prison, the other gets himself arrested to avenge his brother's death. Upon his release, he finds that his life -- and that of his girlfriend -- are in danger.

Chanel Solitaire (1981)

Fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel (Marie-France Pisier) loves a coal merchant (Timothy Dalton), dates lesbians and rises to prominence in early 1900s France.

Detective (1985)

Director Jean-Luc Godard's avant-garde drama/comedy follows Emile Chenal (Claude Brasseur) and his wife, Franoise (Nathalie Baye), as they lean on boxing manager Jim Fox Warner (Johnny Hallyday) to cough up the considerable sum of money that he owes them, with both the police and the mob circling the situation. In the same hotel, Inspector Neveu (Jean-Pierre Laud) looks into a murder that took place years before, and his storyline overlaps with the arc of the Chenals.

Straight (2007)

Three people (Beba Ebner, Florian Sonnefeld, Eralp Uzun) cope with repressed sexuality and a simmering love triangle in a Berlin ghetto.

Road Agent (1952)

A cowboy (Tim Holt) and his Mexican-Irish sidekick (Richard Martin) free ranchers from a cattle-trail toll.

Sanandresito (2012)

Wilson, a police officer in Sanandresito, wants a promotion and a better life, but is unwilling to do anything to earn it.

Change of Mind (1969)

A man (Raymond St. Jacques) resumes the career of a district attorney whose brain he has received in a transplant.

The Happy Guys (1934)

A man is mistaken for a concert star and uses his fame to woo a woman.

A Woman Is the Judge (1939)

A famous woman jurist at the peak of her career resigns the bench to defend her daughter against a murder charge.

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957)

An earthquake doesn't just shake up Southern California -- it awakens a nest of monsters lurking in the Salton Sea. These bloodthirsty sea snails are gobbling up anyone who sets foot in the water. And when the creatures move on to land in search of wider hunting grounds, they launch a reign of terror that threatens to spread across the whole country. Humanity's only hope rests on a crew of intrepid scientists and Lt. Cmdr. John Twillinger (Tim Holt).

Bandits at Orgosolo (1964)

Peasant thieves bring about the downfall of a man trying to make a living with a tiny herd of sheep.

The Young Caruso (1951)

In this dramatization of the Italian tenor's life, Enrico Caruso (Maurizio di Nardo) is a boy from a large but poor family in Italy who discovers a gift for singing while in his church choir. Although his parents support him, they lack enough money for musical training. Still, their son's abilities and his love for singing are clear. As a young man, Caruso (Ermanno Randi) makes his professional debut and embarks on a career that would make him one of the leading opera singers of his time.

One A.M. (1916)

A drunken homeowner finds it hard to move around his house.

Gopi - Goda Meedha Pilli (2006)

A man falls in love with a woman without realizing that she is a dreaded terrorist who wants to use him as a human bomb.

About Jenny Holzer (2011)

The life and work of the conceptual artist who uses LED displays to create works of art.

Cracks in the Shell (2011)

After landing the lead role in a play, a drama student (Stine Fischer Christensen) adopts the aggressive traits of her character.

The System (2011)

A nave young dropout and petty criminal becomes involved with former Stasi agents.

Surf Crazy (1959)

Filmmaker Bruce Brown rolls the camera as surfers search for the perfect waves in California and Hawaii.

Ek Krantiveer (2007)

After Kashikar is betrayed by his own people and sent to Africa by the British, he plans his escape and continued fight against the invaders.

The Devil's Bedroom (1962)

A fortune in untapped oil prompts a madman to join forces with his sister-in-law in a plot to drive his brother insane.

Young Aphrodites (1963)

Tragedy follows when a young shepherd falls for an older village girl in 200 B.C. Greece.

Lucky Star (1997)

A butcher who had been castrated in his youth as the result of an accident, Rafael now leads a quiet, and solitary life. One night, however, he meets Marina, a one-eyed girl who had been beaten by Daniel, her lover, and she is pregnant with Daniel's child. Rafael welcomes Marina into his home and also becomes her protector.

Life Size (1974)

Michel (Michel Piccoli) orders a life-sized sex doll and spends more and more time trying to appease it as if it were an unresponsive woman.

The Man in the Silk Hat (1983)

The daughter of pioneering silent-film comic Max Linder presents clips from many of her father's works that helped introduce slapstick to cinema.

The Boiling Point (1932)

Bad guys and a pretty girl (Helen Foster) taunt a hotheaded cowboy (Hoot Gibson) threatened with disinheritance if he gets in a fight.

Sucedió en Garibaldi (1998)

A man leaves his village to go to the capital to seek fame and fortune, but when he arrives his guitar is stolen.

Music Box (1932)

Gravity, an impatient professor and a sassy nursemaid hinder movers (Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy) trying to deliver a player piano to an upstairs address.

Make Like a Thief (1966)

A victimized American enlists the aid of a mercenary to help track a swindler across Finland.

A Dangerous Age (1959)

A pair of young lovers find themselves unable to cope with their surroundings.

Mary of Nazareth (2012)

The life of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Martín Romero, el Rápido (1964)

A lightning-fast gunslinger (Fernando Casanova) answers the call to action.

The Balloonatic (1923)

Buster and Phyllis try to prove their outdoor skills.

Now and Forever (1955)

A man and woman decide to elope when they learn of their parents' disapproval of their marriage.

Amazons and Gladiators (2001)

During the time of the Roman Empire, a woman seeks revenge against the warrior (Patrick Bergin) who killed her loved ones and destroyed her village.

Mother's Cry (1930)

A widow (Dorothy Peterson) raises four children with varying degrees of failure.

The Third Bank of the River (1994)

A man goes to extreme lengths to protect his miracle-working daughter.

Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & the Wolfman (1973)

Dracula returns to rule the world with help from Wolfman and his legion of followers. Victory seems assured until El Santo and Blue Demon are summoned to put them down for good.

Sinner's Holiday (1930)

A penny-arcade owner tries to frame her daughter's (Evalyn Knapp) boyfriend (Grant Withers) for a murder her bootlegger son (James Cagney) committed.

The Magic Show (1983)

A good-hearted magician (Doug Henning) uses wizardry to defeat a villainous rival, in a filmed performance of a hit stage show.

Girl on Approval (1962)

A troubled adolescent must adjust to a foster home while her mother languishes in prison.

Devdas (1956)

Devdas loves his childhood friend, Parvati, but cannot marry her because she is poor and of a lower caste. The introverted silent man does not know how to confront his family nor fight social prejudice and instead turns to drink, ultimately destroying himself.

Cannes Man (1996)

A famous movie producer makes a bet that he can turn an unknown into a major star at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sota, Caballo y Rey (1944)

A bandit schemes to become the owner of a ranch, until the children of the real owner discover his plans.

The Human Factor (1975)

A NATO planner (George Kennedy) in Italy uses a computer to hunt the terrorists who have killed his family.

Patriots (1994)

Recruited into the IRA by an undercover British agent, an American (Linda Amendola) must prove her allegiance through terrorism.

El Rey de los Gorilas (1976)

Some explorers in Africa are attacked by a pygmy tribe, and the boy who survives is adopted by gorillas.

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)

Flash (Larry "Buster" Crabbe) saves Earth from purple death sent by planet Mongo's Ming the Merciless (Charles Middleton).

Ardeshir Mohasses: The Rebellious Artist (2012)

The life and work of Iran's foremost political cartoonist, satirist, painter and illustrator.

From Nashville With Music (1969)

A New York City couple on vacation in Tennessee gets involved in the star-studded world of the Grand Ole Opry.

Scientists Under Attack (2009)

Agro-Chemical corporations victimize international scientists to prevent them from publishing scary findings.

100th Street Haunting: The Ghost of Richard Speck (2012)

Terror strikes a group of paranormal investigators at the site of a killing spree.

The Dust of Time (2008)

A film director of Greek ancestry tells the story of his family.

The Commander and the Stork (2012)

A working-class widower (Pierfrancesco Favino) with two teenage offspring meets and falls in love with a destitute artist (Alba Rohrwacher).

Deputy Droopy (1955)

Droopy (Bill Thompson) comes to the rescue when two villains try to steal gold from a safe.

Yo Soy Sola (2008)

Four women in search of happiness wonder about the possibility of love in modern times.

Carrier (2011)

A contagious virus turns people into killers.

Amorosos fantasmas (1993)

A private investigator must solve two mysterious cases, the suicide of a beautiful woman and the death of his best friend.

Tied (2013)

A married woman (Laetitia Casta) begins a sadomasochistic relationship with a banker (Benot Poelvoorde).

Raymie (1960)

A 10-year-old boy in a fishing village dreams that he might one day catch "Old Moe," a giant barracuda.