The Breakthrough (1963)

Flor salvaje (1965)

Devlet Kuşu (1980)

Mansion by the Lake (2002)

Wekande Walauwa is a 2002 award-winning Sinhalese language drama film directed by Lester James Peries and co-produced by Asoka Perera and Chandran Rutnam. It stars Malini Fonseka, Vasanthi Chathurani and Sanath Gunathilake in lead roles along with Paboda Sandeepani and Ravindra Randeniya. Music composed by Pradeep Ratnayake. It is the 1020th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.

Cartola - Música Para os Olhos (2007)

Bekenntnisse eines möblierten Herrn (1964)

Romarei, das Mädchen mit den grünen Augen (1958)

Wir wollen niemals auseinandergehen (1960)

Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen konnte (1958)

Marital Relations (1955)

Meoto zenzai is a 1955 black-and-white Japanese film drama directed by Shirō Toyoda and starring Morishige Hisaya and Awashima Chikage. It is an adaptation of the 1940 novel of the same name by Sakunosuke Oda. It tells the story of a couple, a spoiled son and a down-to-earth girl, in Osaka in the early Showa era. The film won the prestigious Blue Ribbon awards for best director, best actor (Morishige) and best actress (Awashima), and the Mainichi Concours award for best actor and best screenplay. It ranked second on the Kinema Junpō top ten films for the year.

The Town Santa Forgot (1993)

The Town Santa Forgot is a 1993 animated Christmas television special produced by Hanna-Barbera, narrated by Dick Van Dyke and originally broadcast on NBC. It is an adaptation of the poem Jeremy Creek, written by Charmaine Severson. Since then, it was frequently shown in Christmas marathons on Cartoon Network until 2005, and is still shown annually on Boomerang.

Hollywood Sex Fantasy (2001)

La mujer del zapatero (1965)

First Million (2000)

The Golden Claws of the Cat Girl (1968)

Ravishing (1960)

Charleston Parade (1927)

Shot in three days, this surreal, erotic silent short shows a native white girl teaching a futuristic African airman the Charleston dance.

The Sex is Crazy (1981)

Eine hübscher als die andere (1961)

Battle of Chemulpo Bay (1904)

Vater, unser bestes Stück (1957)

Mein Mädchen ist ein Postillion (1958)

The Kidnapping of Miss Nylon (1959)

Girls Taking Time Checks (1904)

Girls Taking Time Checks is a 1904 silent actuality film photographed by G. W. Bitzer for the Biograph Company in conjunction with Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company. It was released by the Biograph Company.

Il latitante (1967)

Acadia Acadia?!? (1971)

La tête du client (1965)

The Last Halloween (1991)

The Last Halloween is a Primetime Emmy Award-winning live action-animated Halloween television special produced by Hanna-Barbera. It premiered and first aired on CBS on October 28, 1991. The visual effects and animation were provided by Industrial Light & Magic and Pacific Data Images. It was the only time Hanna-Barbera would use CGI animation instead of traditional limited animation.

Silence...We're Rolling (2001)

Finden sie, daß Constanze sich richtig verhält? (1962)

Dicke Luft (1962)

Wenn die Bombe platzt (1958)

Mit besten Empfehlungen (1963)

Bath Day (1946)

I-San Special (2002)

I-San Special is a 2002 Thai experimental independent drama film directed by Mingmongkol Sonakul and based on an idea by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Set aboard a ramshackle inter-city bus traveling from Bangkok to Isan, the audio of a Thai radio soap opera is acted out by the passengers. However, when the bus stops, the drama of the passengers' normal lives is portrayed. Parallels are seen between the soap opera and reality in terms of the characters' social class.

Hassel 10 - Utpressarna (1992)

Hassel 05 - Terrorns Finger (1989)

Se sei così, ti dico sì (2011)

17 Year Olds Don't Cry (1960)

Tomme Tønner 2 - Det brune gullet (2011)

g@me. (2003)

Game is a 2003 Japanese thriller film, based on a novel by Keigo Higashino.

...und nichts als die Wahrheit (1958)

Beast at Bay (1959)

Hula-Hopp, Conny (1959)

Folies-Bergère (1956)

Dumb Like a Fox (1941)

Der Page vom Palast-Hotel (1958)

Le temps du ghetto (1961)

Alle lieben Peter (1959)

Robinson Crusoe (2003)

I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later (1985)

I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later is a 1985 American made-for-television fantasy-comedy film produced by Columbia Pictures Television which premiered on NBC on October 20, 1985. It is the first of two reunion films based on the 1965–1970 sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

Break of Dawn (2002)

What's Peckin' (1965)

Skandal um Dodo (1959)

Vater, Mutter und neun Kinder (1958)

Jetzt dreht die Welt sich nur um dich (1964)

Asier ETA biok (2014)

The Golden Patsy (1963)

The Lost Expedition (1975)

Sömnen (1984)

Du bist wunderbar (1959)

Violated Love (1963)

Melody and Rhythms (1959)

Born in Absurdistan (1999)

Hassel - Förgörarna (2000)

Hassel 04 - Säkra papper (1989)

Ver van Familie (2008)

Dangerous Dreams (2013)

Die türkischen Gurken (1962)

La dragée haute (1960)

Birth of Civilization (2007)

The Perfect Education (1999)

Bagnomaria (1999)

No Escape (1934)

No Escape is a 1934 British drama film directed by Ralph Ince and starring Ian Hunter, Binnie Barnes and Molly Lamont. It was made at Teddington Studios by the British subsidiary of Warner Brothers.

Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Match (1969)

The Laird of McGillicuddy (1913)

Vento di primavera (1958)

Die zwölf Geschworenen (1963)

Hassel 09 - Botgörarna (1992)

Orden für die Wunderkinder (1963)

Zorro the Avenger (1962)

The Radio Burglary (1951)

Radio tekee murron (1951) is a Finnish crime comedy directed by Matti Kassila and starring Hannes Häyrinen. The idea for the movie came from an actual radio program done by sensationalist reporter Usko Santavuori, in which he committed a fake burglary of which local police forces had not been made aware, with the exception of the commander.

Fabrik der Offiziere (1960)

Pohjanmaa (1988)

Fire of Waters (1965)

Fire of Waters is an experimental short film by Stan Brakhage, produced in 1965.

Der Schleier fiel (1960)

Taken (2004)

Oh, Moon! (1988)

The Happy Years of the Thorwalds (1962)

Riviera-Story (1961)

MollyCam (2008)

Räkan från Maxim (1980)

El pecador impecable (1987)

Alter Ego: A Worldwide Documentary About Graffiti Writing (2009)

One or the Other (1974)

One or the Other of Us (German: Einer von uns beiden) is a 1974 West German film directed by Wolfgang Petersen. It was Petersen's first theatrical feature film, and was based on the novel of the same name by Horst Bosetzky, published anonymously under his pseudonym -ky. The film is a psychological thriller and focuses on the intense conflict between a university professor and a blackmailer. The film features Klaus Schwarzkopf and Jürgen Prochnow as the two main characters and won two Bundesfilmpreise.

I Couldn't Care Less (2000)

Yasemin (1988)

Yasemin is a 1988 German-language film directed by Hark Bohm. The international co-production of Turkey and West Germany was chosen as West Germany's official submission to the 61st Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, but didn't obtain a nomination. It was also entered into the 38th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942)

The Black Sheep of Whitehall is a 1942 British black-and-white comedy war film, directed by Will Hay and Basil Dearden, and starring Will Hay, John Mills and Basil Sydney. It was produced by Michael Balcon and Ealing Studios.

Scary True Stories (1991)

Wehe, wenn sie losgelassen (1958)

When She Starts, Look Out (German: Wehe wenn sie losgelassen...) is a 1958 West German musical comedy film directed by Géza von Cziffra and starring Peter Alexander, Bibi Johns and Ruth Stephan.The film's sets were designed by the art director Emil Hasler and Paul Markwitz. It was shot at the CCC Studios in Berlin and on location in Bavaria. The plot was based on the Russian fim Jolly Fellows (1934), and that was this film's working title (German: Lustige Gesellen). The German title is a quote, line 163, from Schiller's poem Song of the Bell where it refers to nature's destructive forces ("Woe! when it, from bondage freed"), unrelated to the film's plot.