Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária (2013)

Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story (1999)

Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story is a TV miniseries that aired on CBS on November 7 and November 10, 1999.

A Trip to Mars (1918)

Himmelskibet, Excelsior / A Trip to Mars / Das Himmelschiff is a 1918 Danish film about a trip to Mars. In 2006, the film was restored and re-released on DVD by the Danish Film Institute. Phil Hardy says it is "the film that marked the beginning of the space opera subgenre of science fiction," but notes that Denmark did not make another science fiction film until Reptilicus in 1962.

Yoso (1963)

Ahviaasta (2003)

President Coolidge, Taken on the White House Grounds (1924)

How to Have an Accident at Work (1959)

Ezo Gelin (1968)

¿Quién mató a Mariano Ferreyra? (2013)

Retrato de mujer con hombre al fondo (1997)

Baby Dolls Behind Bars (2012)

New Times at Crossroad Street (1999)

Riders of the Dawn (1937)

Riders of the Dawn is a 1920 American silent western film directed by Jack Conway and starring Roy Stewart, Claire Adams, and Joseph J. Dowling.

Tilly in a Boarding House (1912)

Love, etc. (1996)

Linked (1996)

Barcarole (1935)

Gaston & Leo in Hong Kong (1988)

Ao no ekusoshisuto: Kuro no iede (2011)

A Feather in His Collar (1946)

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat (2011)

Poor old Sylvester he never seems to be smart enough to outwit Tweety.

Kings of the Turf (1941)

Kings of the Turf is a 1941 American short documentary film about horse racing, directed by Del Frazier. It was nominated for an Academy Award at the 14th Academy Awards for Best Short Subject (One-Reel).

Junk (2006)

In Dutch (1931)

Gravity (1984)

Alaska Johansson (2013)

Heimliches Rendezvous (1949)

Rainbow (2005)

Rainbow is a 2005 Chinese film written and directed by Gao Xiaosong, starring Chen Daoming.

Salaam-E-Ishq (2007)

Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love is a 2007 Indian romantic drama. Directed by Nikkhil Advani, it featured an ensemble cast of stars including Akshaye Khanna, Ayesha Takia, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, John Abraham, Vidya Balan, Govinda, Shannon Esra, Sohail Khan and Isha Koppikar in lead roles. The movie weaves six love stories together thanks to the relationships of the people within it. The film was Advani's second directorial venture after Kal Ho Naa Ho and remake of the Hollywood movie Love Actually. The shooting for the film begun in 2004 and was finished by 2006. The movie released on 26 January 2007. The film met with negative reviews from critics and recorded as disaster at the box-office.

Look Out Below (1929)

Look Out Below is a 1919 short comedy film starring Harold Lloyd. Prints of this film survive.

Tom-ic Energy (1965)

Tom-ic Energy is a 1965 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones and the eighth short in Jones' series of Tom and Jerry cartoons. The name is a pun on atomic energy. The music of this cartoon is primarily based on Paganini's Moto Perpetuo with other music and sound effects mixed in with the theme which crops up throughout the cartoon.

Advance and Be Mechanized (1967)

Advance and Be Mechanized, released in 1967, was the penultimate Tom and Jerry cartoon. It was directed by Ben Washam and produced by Chuck Jones, and is the third and final outer space themed shorts from the Chuck Jones era, following O-Solar Meow, and Guided Mouse-ille both released earlier in 1967. It is the last Tom and Jerry cartoon with Dean Elliott as the music composer.

Guided Mouse-Ille (1967)

Guided Mouse-ille is a 1967 Tom and Jerry cartoon, produced by Chuck Jones and directed by Abe Levitow. It was the second of three space-age Tom and Jerry shorts to be released in the Chuck Jones era, though taking a look at the MPAA code at the beginning of the cartoon would suggest that Guided Mouse-ille was the first of the three cartoons to be produced. According to episode number, it is the last Tom and Jerry cartoon to feature music by Eugene Poddany. However, O-Solar Meow could be the last specific cartoon according to the MPAA code to be produced. The cartoon was animated by Don Towsley, Tom Ray, Dick Thompson, Ben Washam, Ken Harris and Philip Roman, with music by Eugene Poddany and backgrounds by Thelma Witmer.

The 1002nd Ruse (1915)

The 1002nd Ruse is a 1915 Russian comedy film directed by Yevgeny Bauer.

Sir Norbert Smith, a Life (1989)

Norbert Smith: A Life, also released as Sir Norbert Smith: A Life, is a 1989 mockumentary television film, charting the life and career of the fictitious British actor Sir Norbert Smith. It stars Harry Enfield in the title role. It was written by Harry Enfield and Geoffrey Perkins and directed by Geoff Posner.

The Book of Law (2009)

The Book of Law is a 2009 Iranian film directed by Maziar Miri, written by Mohammad Rahmanian, and produced by Mohsen AliAkbari. The film is about a Lebanese woman and convert to Islam struggling with the contrast between the behaviour of Iranian Muslims and the principles of Islamic religion. The film stars Parviz Parastui and Darine Hamze.

Sundae in New York (1983)

Sundae in New York is a 1983 American animated short film directed by Jimmy Picker and starring Scott Record. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 56th Academy Awards.

The Great Cognito (1982)

The Great Cognito is a 1982 Oscar-nominated claymation short directed by Will Vinton.

Iddaru Mitrulu (1999)

Iddaru Mitrulu is a 1999 Tollywood drama film which was directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. This film stars Chiranjeevi, Sakshi Sivanand and Ramya Krishna. The film was released on 30 April 1999 to positive reviews.

Up to a Certain Point (1984)

Up to a Certain Point is a 1983 Cuban movie directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. It focuses on a theater director who starts up a relationship with a female dockworker. However, his machismo complicates matters.

Just Like Before (2007)

Tulad Ng Dati is a Philippine independent film released in 2006. Director Michael Sandejas, calls the film "an alternate reality musical drama". The film's plot revolves around the Filipino rock band The Dawn, and the film itself is part-documentary, part-fiction; an inadvertent tribute to The Dawn founding member and guitarist Teddy Diaz, who was murdered in 1988, shortly after the band achieved commercial success.

Experiment in Evil (1959)

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment is a 1959 French black-and-white television film directed by Jean Renoir. The film is a retelling of the novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson set in 1950s France. Jean-Louis Barrault plays Dr. Cordelier/Opale, the substitute for Dr. Jekyll/Hyde character; the film is also known for its visual style that is far above the normal television programs of the 1950s.

My Husband, An Assassin (2013)

Besuch bei Van Gogh (1985)

Manna (2008)

To Beep or Not to Beep (1963)

To Beep or Not to Beep is a Merrie Melodies animated short starring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Released December 28, 1963, the cartoon was written by Chuck Jones and John Dunn, and directed by Jones. That is the final short that Chuck Jones directed at Warner Bros. during the original "classic" era.

Sonntagsfahrer (1963)

Alaska - Foxes (1964)

Erkek Guzeli Sefil Bilo (1979)

Alike (2015)

Alike a 2015 3D computer-animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. The animation production took 5 years to complete along with the help of ex-animation student using the free 3D animation application, Blender. The animated short is a story of the relationship of a father and his son who live in a society "where order and work ethic literally choke the colour and creativity out of its inhabitants".

Horse Play (1933)

Horse Play is a 1933 American comedy film directed by Edward Sedgwick and written by H. M. Walker and Dale Van Every. The film stars Slim Summerville, Andy Devine, Leila Hyams, May Beatty, Una O'Connor and David Torrence. The film was released on June 1, 1933, by Universal Pictures.

Roter Mohn (1956)

So liebt und küsst man in Tirol (1961)

Hurra, wir sind mal wieder Junggesellen! (1971)

Stella Runs for Office (2002)

Moon and Midnight (1970)

Hanna-Barbera's 50th (1989)

Hanna-Barbera's 50th: A Yabba Dabba Doo Celebration is a 1989 American live-action/animated television special which premiered on TNT on July 17, 1989.

Augustas lilla felsteg (1933)

The Man from Montreal (1939)

Man from Montreal is a 1939 American western drama film, directed by Christy Cabanne. It stars Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, and Kay Sutton, and was released on December 8, 1939.

Salka Valka (1954)

Nor chor (2002)

Louis Theroux: America's Most Dangerous Pets (2011)

Attenborough's Paradise Birds (2015)

The Seven Brides of Lance-Corporal Zbruyev (1970)

Beach House (1982)

Romance Sentimentale (1930)

Romance sentimentale is a 1930 French film directed by Grigori Aleksandrov and Sergei M. Eisenstein. The film is also known as Sentimental Romance.

Le mystère de la tour Eiffel (1928)

Christo's Valley Curtain (1974)

Christo's Valley Curtain is a 1974 American short documentary film directed by Albert and David Maysles, about Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Valley Curtain project. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

The Sword and the Rose (2010)

King Lily of the Valley (2013)

Yaktin Beni (2015)

Popeye the Sailor (1933)

Popeye first appeared in a 1929 daily comic strip called Thimble Theater by Elsie Segar and caught the country by storm. Popeye had nothing but his wits, a funny way of talking, and a crush on Olive Oyl. His fame eventually caught the attention of the Max Fleischer Studio and by 1933 Popeye had made his big screen debut in a Betty Boop short entitled Popeye The Sailor. The WWII years brought change to the spinach munching sailorman. In 1942, Popeye's uniform changed permanently to Navy whites and the same year, Paramount took over the production studio from the Fleischer brothers and renamed it Famous Studios, which continued to produce some superb entries in the Popeye series.

Outlaws of Texas (1950)

Addiction: This Is Not a Love Story (2014)

Ye Olden Days (1933)

Ye Olden Days is a 1933 animated short film by Disney and which is in turn loosely based on the historical novel Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. It was directed by Burt Gillett and produced by Walt Disney.

Cyclone of the Range (1927)

Cyclone of the Range is a 1927 American silent western film directed by Robert De Lacey and starring Tom Tyler, Elsie Tarron, and Frankie Darro.

Rugged Bear (1953)

Rugged Bear is a 1953 American animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The cartoon follows Humphrey the Bear as he takes refuge in Donald Duck's cabin during hunting season by disguising himself as a bearskin rug. The film was directed by Jack Hannah and features the voices of Clarence Nash as Donald, Jimmy MacDonald as Humphrey, and an uncredited narrator.

Pluto's Judgement Day (1935)

Pluto's Judgement Day is a Mickey Mouse cartoon released theatrically in 1935. Although labeled a Mickey cartoon, the main star is Pluto.

The Road (1955)

The Road is a 1955 Soviet action film directed by Aleksandr Stolper and starring Andrei Popov, Vitali Doronin and Nikolai Gritsenko.

Tamami: The Baby's Curse (2008)

Tamami: The Baby's Curse is a 2008 Japanese horror movie based on a Kazuo Umezu manga directed by Yūdai Yamaguchi.

Still Waters (2000)

Still Waters is 2000 Russian romantic comedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov.

Garfield: His 9 Lives (1988)

Garfield: His 9 Lives is a 1984 book of illustrated short stories showcasing the "nine lives" of comic strip character Garfield. It was adapted into an animated television special in 1988. From 2014 to 2015, BOOM Studios released a comic book version.

Husbands Beware (1956)

Husbands Beware is the 167th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1956 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Heavenly Daze (1948)

Heavenly Daze is the 109th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1948 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges. The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Jogayya (2011)

Jogayya Indian Kannada language film starring actor Shivrajkumar and directed by Prem. This is the 100th film of Kannada actor Shivrajkumar and the shooting began on his 49th birthday. It was produced under the banner of Prem Pictures. Rakshita Prem, who is the wife of the director Prem, is the producer of this film. It is the sequel to the 2005 blockbuster film Jogi. The film was released on 19 August 2011 in more than 245 theaters across Karnataka to mixed reviews from critics.

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal (1989)

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal is a 1989 Indian Tamil language drama film, directed by K. Balachander. It stars Rahman, Sithara, Geetha, Janagaraj, Jayachitra, Poornam Vishwanathan, Sowcar Janaki, Vivek and Ilaiyaraaja.

Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle (1936)

Camel Through the Eye of a Needle is a 1936 Czechoslovak comedy film directed by and starring Hugo Haas. The title is an allusion to the "eye of a needle" aphorism.

Raraju (2006)

Raraju is a 1984 Telugu film directed by G. RammohanRao and produced by Vadde Sobhanadri. The filmstars Krishnam Raju, Vijayashanti, Sharada, Suman, Siva Krishna, Jaggayya and Kaikala Satyanarayana in the lead roles. The film has music composed by J. V. Raghavulu. The film is a blockbuster at the box-office.

Kattathe Kilikoodu (1983)

Kattathe Kilikkoodu is a 1983 Malayalam film, directed by Bharathan. The film was remade in Tamil as Oonjaladum Uravugal. Actor Nedumudi Venu wrote the story based on his English Professor who was nicknamed Shakespeare Pilla.

Swanthamevide Bandhamevide (1984)

Swanthamevide? Bandhamevide? is a Malayalam film released in 1984. Directed by Sasikumar, this film is about the issues cropping up inside the family after the marriage of two sons. Mohanlal, Jose Prakash, Swapna, Lalu Alex, Menaka, and Adoor Bhasi appeared in the leading roles.

Yuvajanotsavam (1986)

Yuvajanotsavam is a 1986 Indian Malayalam romantic comedy film written, directed, and produced by Shrikumaran Thampi. It stars Mohanlal, Urvashi, and Menaka. The music and background by Raveendran The film marks the return of Suresh Gopi, who started his career as a child artist in Odayil Ninnu (1965).

Revathikkoru Pavakkutty (1986)

Revathikkoru Pavakkutty is a 1986 Malayalam film by Sathyan Anthikkad starring Bharath Gopi, Mohanlal and Radha. The film is an adaptation of the stage play of the same name by Ravi Vallathol.

Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam (1986)

Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam is a 1986 Indian Malayalam comedy-drama film, directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and written by Sreenivasan. The film stars Mohanlal, Karthika, Sreenivasan and M. G. Soman.

Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam (1986)

Doore Doore Oru Koodu Koottam is a 1986 Malayalam language satirical comedy-drama written by Sreenivasan and directed by Sibi Malayil. It stars Mohanlal, Menaka, Jagathy Sreekumar, Nedumudi Venu, Mamukkoya, Sukumari, Kunjandi, Sreenivasan, Sanath Mathur Innocent and K. P. A. C. Sunny in major roles. It won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues.

Rajasilpi (1992)

Rajashilpi is a 1992 Indian Malayalam film, directed by R. Sukumaran, starring Mohanlal and Bhanupriya in the lead roles.

Nadodi (1992)

Naadody is a 1992 Indian Malayalam action drama film produced and directed by Thampi Kannanthanam, written by T. A. Razzaq. The film stars Mohanlal in the lead role, alongside Suresh Gopi, Babu Antony, N. N. Pillai, Jagathy Sreekumar, Kuthiravattam Pappu, Jose Pellissery, Sathaar, Mohini, Sangita Madhavan Nair, and Baby Vichitra. The music was composed by S. P. Venkatesh for the lyrics by O. N. V. Kurup. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Brahmarudrudu.

Thacholi Varghese Chekavar (1995)

Thacholi Varghese Chekavar is a 1995 Malayalam action film, directed by T. K. Rajeev Kumar, starring Mohanlal and Urmila Matondkar in the lead roles.

Praja (2001)

Praja is a 2001 Indian Malayalam language political thriller film directed by Joshiy and written by Renji Panicker. It was co-produced by Joshiy and Panicker. The film stars Mohanlal, N. F. Varghese, Cochin Haneefa, and Aishwarya. The film had a record opening collection at the box office.

What a Lion! (1938)

The Feast (1967)