The Dawning (1988)

Anthony Hopkins portrays an IRA gunman on the run in the beautiful and dangerous Ireland of 1920. He meets up with Nancy (Rebecca Pidgeon), a young woman just awakening in the possibilities of life and love, and enlists her in a dangerous mission. Soon what seemed to be a romantic game leads to deadly revolutionary violence, and Nancy faces life-and-death choices as the authorities fight back.

Getting Home (2007)

Getting Home (simplified Chinese: 落叶归根; traditional Chinese: 落葉歸根; pinyin: Lùo yè gūi gēn) is a 2007 Chinese comedy/drama film directed by Zhang Yang and starring Chinese comedian Zhao Benshan. It is episodic and follows two workers in their 50s, Zhao (Zhao Benshan) and Liu (Hong Qiwen). The film opens when Liu unexpectedly dies after a night of drinking and Zhao decides to fulfill a promise to his friend to get him home, beginning a long odyssey from Shenzhen to Chongqing with Liu's corpse on his back. Along the way, Zhao meets a variety of figures, played by several of China's better known character actors. Getting Home is Zhang Yang's fifth feature film. It was produced by Filmko Entertainment of Hong Kong and the Beijing Jinqianshengshi Culture Media company of the People's Republic of China. International sales and distribution was by Fortissimo Films out of Amsterdam. Getting Home's original title derives from a Chinese proverb meaning "A falling leaf returns to its roots." It is apparently based on a true story.

Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis (2014)

Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis is a 2014 documentary film directed by Anthony Hashem and featuring comedian activist Adam Hartle.

The Island (2006)

Ostrov (Russian: Остров, The Island) is a 2006 Russian biographical film about a fictional 20th century Eastern Orthodox monk. The film closed the 2006 Venice Film Festival, proved to be a moderate box-office success and won both the Nika Award and the Golden Eagle Award as the Best Russian film of 2006. The filming location was the city of Kem, in Karelia, on the shores of the White Sea.

Assignment: Outer Space (1960)

Space-Men (a.k.a. Assignment: Outer Space) is a 1960 Italian science fiction film directed by Antonio Margheriti. The film stars Rik Van Nutter and co-stars Gabriella Farinon, David Montresor, Archie Savage, and Alain Dijon. Space-Men's storyline recounts a mission in the 22nd century aboard a space station. The mission involves a risky effort by its crew to redirect a malfunctioning spaceship that threatens to destroy the Earth.

I Married A Monster From Outer Space (1958)

I Married a Monster from Outer Space is a 1958 American black-and-white science fiction film from Paramount Pictures, produced and directed by Gene Fowler Jr. and starring Tom Tryon and Gloria Talbott. The story of I Married a Monster from Outer Space revolves around a young wife realizing her new husband has become strangely transformed shortly after their honeymoon. He has seemingly lost all affection for her and for his pet dogs, even his earlier habits have now completely vanished. Thereafter, she quickly discovers that he is not the only man in town that has changed into a completely different person.

Living Things (2014)

This is a comedy movie about a young wife who is about to have dinner with her father-in-law. Her husband has not yet arrived to keep them separated. Leo is a blue collar worker who loves meat and potatoes. His daughter-in-law is a yoga instructor who is committed to a vegan lifestyle. Leo’s son has arranged for his father to meet them as a couple for dinner. Unfortunately, the son is late. This leaves the two of them to converse with only each other. While he tries hard to get along with this young woman that his son loves, but he just cannot seem to ever say the right thing. She takes every statement he makes as an insult.

The Deliverer (2012)

In a world where Human Rights are a memory, a group of refugees forge a plan to find freedom. Fate unites them with a wounded Freedom Fighter and his team.

Mulberry Stains (2012)

A woman's (Tricia Jo Hoffman) life soon spins out of control after she is forced to return to the Texas town she hoped to never see again.

Lost Boy (2015)

Kidnapped at age 6, a teen (Matthew Fahey) must adjust to a normal life when he reunites with his mother (Virginia Madsen) and other family members 11 years later.

Lewis Black: Old Yeller - Live at the Borgata (2013)

This movie shows Lewis Black as he is performing his comedy in front of an audience. He is on tour and movie is filmed during his performance in Atlantic City. Lewis does his comedy act which is funny yet raunchy at the same time.

Bye Bye Benjamin (2006)

Benjamin Osgood is the sharpest and savviest executive at Coleman Industries... He's also 10 years old.

Legend Of The Bog (2009)

Assault of Darkness, also known as Legend of the Bog, is a 2009 Irish horror film by the production company Bog Bodies surrounding local lore in the swamplands outside of Dublin Ireland. The film's plot follows six strangers who come across an ancient evil in the murky bog and are pitted in a fight for survival. Each of the travelers has a tale of heroism that seemingly links them to the situation, and only a local Archaeologist has the theories that may be able to save their lives.

Circle The Wagen (2013)

Dave, an idealistic adventurer, and his "co-pilot," Charlie, travel down Route 66 in a 1972 baby blue VW bus. They meet an underground community of VW diehards who help them save their beloved bus from the scrap heap.

In the Shadow of the Palms - Iraq (2006)

In the Shadow of the Palms (2005) is a documentary produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Wayne Coles-Janess. He filmed it in Iraq prior to, during and after the fall of Saddam Hussein after the United States invasion of 2003. An Arab-language film, it documents the changes in Iraqi society and the lives of ordinary Iraqis by focusing on a cross-section of individuals.

Lorenzo (2004)

Lorenzo is a 2004 American animated short film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation about a cat, Lorenzo, who is "dismayed to discover that his tail has developed a personality of its own." The short was directed by Mike Gabriel and produced by Baker Bloodworth. It premiered at the Florida Film Festival on March 6, 2004, and later appeared as a feature before the film Raising Helen; however, it did not appear on the DVD release of the film. It is based on an original idea by Joe Grant, who started working on the film in 1949, but it was eventually shelved. It was later found along with Destino. The short was intended to be one of the segments for the proposed but never completed Fantasia 2006. It was included on the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection Blu-ray/DVD set released on August 18, 2015.

Rethink Afghanistan (2009)

Rethink Afghanistan is a 2009 documentary by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films, about the US military presence in Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Produced and released eight years into the war, at a time when Congress was considering sending tens of thousands of new troops to Afghanistan, the film asks the American public to reconsider basic questions about the conflict, such as how much will it cost, in lives and money? How long will Americans troops be there? How do we know if we’ve won? What is our exit strategy? The film was initially made available for free, online, in six consecutive chapters. This staggered release allowed the filmmakers to stay atop an ever-changing news cycle. Greenwald characterized it as “the first real-time documentary.”

Reiki: The Power of Touch & the Art of the Healing Hand - A Day at the Spa Collection (2004)

When it comes to complimentary and alternative therapies, Reiki is deservedly becoming better known, and this wonderful treatment, based on ancient Japanese healing, is enjoying an increasing following all over the world. If this is the first you've heard of Reiki, or you'd just like to know what it's all about, then this program is definitely for you. Reiki translates from Japanese as "universal life force" and it evokes the flow of positive energy in all living beings. This is the perfect opportunity to watch a Reiki practitioner at work and see for yourself this gentlest of therapies in action. Discover the principles of Reiki, which will encourage self-growth, and learn how to use the force of Reiki for your own benefit and the well-being of those around you. Then, last but not least, try a little self-Reiki with an easy to follow demonstration that will help you to gently escape the stresses and strains of 21st Century life. You will: Explore the basic principles of this ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing • Create an atmosphere conducive to healing, and watch a Reiki practitioner at work • Learn how to do a Reiki treatment on yourself, whether at home or at your desk at work • Discover and access the chakras-- the centers of spiritual energy within the human body • Strengthen your immune system, and help your body fight infection • Restore equilibrium, and cope with stress and anger • Give your brain functions a boost • Relieve many ailments from head colds and backaches to intestinal problems and asthma • Boost your energy level and increase self-esteem • Find the inner strength to cope effectively in moments of crisis, and calm your frazzled nerves.

Bushisms (2004)

Based on the New York Times best-selling "BUSHISMS" books, this laugh-out-loud video features the accidental wit and wisdom of President George W. Bush as he makes statements like "There's no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead." Hosted by comedian/satirist Brian Unger (The Daily Show).

Marcus (2014)

Interviews and performance footage illustrate filmmaker Patrick Savey's profile of legendary bass player Marcus Miller.

Eidolon (2015)

A new chapter in experimental horror begins with Eidolon, the debut of writer/ director Jeremy Magnan. Revolving around a memorable cast of characters that both echo and modernize classic archetypes, the film takes inspiration from the classics of all genres while combining a distinctive technical method and film theory. The story involves Ray Fowler who arrives at a house owned and rented out by landlord Brian Moorland to question him about the disappearance of Kelly Crowlar. Fowler soons finds out that Kelly is the latest in a string of disappeances that have occurred at the location, and Moorland can only speculate as to what may have happened. Eidolon is a new take on the horror genre, an experimental approach that is sure to shock you, toss you some laughs, and get you thinking.

Trzy serca (1939)

The Three Hearts (Polish: Trzy serca) is a 1939 Polish romantic comedy film directed by Michał Waszyński and starring Jerzy Pichelski, Aleksander Żabczyński and Elżbieta Barszczewska. It was based on a novel by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz.

Who Wrote the Bible? (2004)

Who actually wrote the book that millions of people describe as the word of God? Christian theologian Robert Beckford sets off on a voyage of historical discovery through Genesis and beyond to uncover the Bible's complex origins.

Myth of Father (2001)

Myth of Father is a documentary that follows a son trying to come to terms with the fact that his father is assuming a new gender as a transexual woman named Jodie. As his father becomes more and more feminine the author struggles to cope. The film explores the how the film maker dealt with questions from family members and co-workers , as well as questions that he had in his own mind. The author sometimes wonders if he still has a father, or simply a new person in his life that he does not know at all.

Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story (2010)

When the country needed every man, she answered the call. They weren't formally recognized, received no military benefits - many Americans don't even know that they exist - yet today, women's place in this country might be very different if Vi Cowden, and the 1,073 other women like her, hadn't been willing to do the job they did. And they did it because their country needed them. A story of triumph and inspiration over adversity, Vi and her fellow Women Airforce Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.) were not only crucial to the war effort during World War II, they also changed the course of Women's history. Vi was among the first women in the United States to fly military planes. She ferried fighter planes (including her favorite, the P-51 Mustang) from the factories to the air bases where they were desperately needed. She flew enough trips with the WASP to have circumnavigated the world 55 times. In this documentary she tells her story from humble beginnings in a sod house in the Black Hills of South Dakota where she learned to fly biplanes, to flying fighter planes for the Army Air Corps in 1943 & Flying 19 different types of aircraft, she has been an inspiration to many, including one male fighter pilot afraid to fly the P-47 Thunderbolt, until he saw her take-off in one. In 2009, Vi and the other surviving WASP received the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honor that Congress can bestow.

Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite (1999)

When martial arts expert-and-cop John Keller infiltrates death row to uncover the truth behind the execution of several inmates, hejoins the ranks of prisoners forced to fight in battles staged for pleasure by a sadistic Warden (Darek McGrath). The best fighters are turned over to Caesar, an eccentric underworld madman. In Caesar's secret playground, Keller discovers that he must compete in an ancient Japanese event of Kumite, where fighters from different martial arts backgrounds battle for survival. But instead of fighting for honor, Caesar's Kumite is a spectacle of violence and death aimed at entertaining the most bloodthirsty of audiences.

Collegium Vocale Gent - Bach: Christmas Oratorio (2013)

Johann Sebastian Bach's most famous Christmas work was recorded live at the Salle Henry Le Bœuf in the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. Who would have thought, three centuries ago, that these cantatas, written by Bach for the services from Christmas to the Epiphany, would one day be performed as a single work presenting the Christmas story? As usual, internationally-renowned Bach expert Philippe Herreweghe, who founded the Collegium Vocale in 1970, surrounds himself with superb soloists who are well skilled in the music of the Cantor.

Technological Threat (1988)

Technological Threat is a 1988 animated short made by Brian Jennings and Bill Kroyer and was produced by Kroyer Films. It was an example of early computer animation, integrated with traditional animation, and is itself an allegory for the threat computer animation represented to traditional animators at the time. The robots and backgrounds were drawn based on computer-generated 3D models, while the dogs were drawn by hand.

The Prick (1981)

Minnesota is known for its nice people. Roshan is one of these individuals: a twenty-something childcare worker who has become deeply unsatisfied with the price of being "nice." Socially rebuffed and romantically frustrated, Roshan transforms into a sarcastic and mean-spirited manipulator, discovering along the way that this persona is more interesting to women. But will this change really lead to greater happiness, or will it turn Roshan's world upside down? From first time writer/director Justin Hawkins, comes a twisted and hilarious deconstruction of politeness, love and the nature of indecency. Say goodbye to Minnesota Nice and say hello to Prick.

Raise the Song: The History of Penn State (2008)

This 60-minute documentary produced by Penn State Public Broadcasting (WPSU-TV) brings to life the people and events that have taken the Commonwealth's land-grant university from its humble roots as the Farmers' High School to an internationally recognize

Stranger: Bernie Worrell on Earth (2005)

David Byrne, Mos Def, George Clinton and others discuss the musician's life and work.

Five Minutes Of Heaven (2009)

In 1970s Northern Ireland, young Joe Griffin watches in horror as the teenage leader of a UVF cell shoots Joe's brother dead. Thirty years later, peace is at hand, and Joe (James Nesbitt) is to meet his brother's killer, Alistair Little (Liam Neeson), on live TV. Unbeknownst to the TV crew, Joe is not there to reconcile with Alistair, but to kill him.

The Erectionman (2010)

This movie tracks the history of a little pill that popped on to the market ten years ago, and turned the world upside down. These tiny blue diamonds are also known as Viagra. Nosy and armed with a healthy dose of humor, the director discovers a tale about virility, anxiety and the state of our modern-day man.

Goodbye to All That (2014)

Paul Schneider (Parks and Recreation) stars as a newly single dad navigating the good, the bad, and the weird of the 30-something singles scene in this whip-smart comedy. When his wife unexpectedly informs him that she wants a divorce, well-meaning but oblivious husband Otto Wall (Schneider) finds himself thrust back into bachelorhood. Cue a hilarious sequence of romantic encounters—from reconnecting with a former crush to online dating—as Otto searches for the real thing amidst a string of one night stands. Directed by the acclaimed writer of Junebug, this sexy farce co-stars Anna Camp, Heather Graham, Amy Sedaris, and Melanie Lynskey.

Rebellion of Thought (2006)

What is post-modernism? How has it affected our culture? How will it impact our future? What is the role of the Christian church in a post-modern world? Does man truly need God or is God merely a fairytale idea left-over from a past cultural experiment? These questions are the launching point for Rebellion of Thought, as filmmakers, The Brothers Williamson examine a new generation that refuse to accept authority, code and convention. They probe the impact and consequences of such thinking both for the church and society. So, in the midst of all this, how do believers in Christ express their faith in a compelling, relevant way? What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? Parents, educators, small group leaders and Christian churches ignore the questions raised in Rebellion of Thought at their own peril. Without this critical examination, the result of post-modernism will bankrupt future generations in the years to come. Featuring these experts who take a critical look at the role of authentic Christian faith in a post-modern culture: Angus Menuge (Chair of Philosophy - Concordia University), D.A. Carson (Prof. Of New Testament - Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), Jim Spiegel (Professor of Philosophy - Taylor University), Bruce Ellis Benson (Assoc. Prof. Of Philosophy - Wheaton College), Gene Edward Veith, Jr. (Culture Editor - World Magazine) They don't just dance around the edges of this mind-splitting phenomenon. They ask the searing, heart-rendering questions and offer some thoughtful and tangible solutions. Raw, urgent music by a variety of Indie bands provides the musical context for this video journey. Abby Someone, Inner Surge, Joniqa, Mixtapes for Girlfriends, Stereovolt, West of Verona, Audrey Hatcher Woodams and others are featured, with the entire video's soundtrack available separately on the DVD extras.

Ever Again (2006)

A look into the resurgence of anti-Semitism and terrorism that threatens Europe and all of Western civilization.

The Haunted Casino (2007)

Dead Man's Hand is a 2007 film directed by Charles Band.

Cow Power: The Film (2013)

The movie Cow Power is a documentary film that takes a focus on the jeopardy of our environment. This documentary takes place in Vermont around several farmers in the area who have come up with a to help protect our environment and lessen our carbon footprint. In this documentary, viewers will meet various farmers in the area who have found a way to take the manure from their cows and use it to create a renewable energy. They are being supported, as well as funded, by the local utility company. It is their way of showing the world that they do give a crap about our environment.

Down the River (2004)

Krit is openly gay, but his closest friend, Win, is questioning. As they grow older, their love is tested when the two finally explore their passion. "Down the River" is a daring exploration of friendship and intimacy.

Spaghetti Story (2013)

Four young Italians yearning to change their lives encounter a Chinese prostitute, and she teaches them a valuable truth about freedom and identity.

Luggage Of The Gods! (1983)

Luggage of the Gods! is a 1983 American comedy film. In the movie, cavemen living in a mountainous region of Latin America are completely disconnected from the modern world. They speak a simple constructed language, similar to that used in the 1981 movie Caveman. They worship and greatly fear airliners that regularly pass overhead. Tradition in the tribe dictated that they avert their eyes whenever a plane flies overhead. One day, an airliner's cargo malfunctions, causing it to jettison a good deal of luggage. Two young male cavemen break the taboo against looking at the planes, and observe the falling luggage. When they leave the tribe, they find clothing, cassettes, and counterfeit paintings, which wreak havoc on the power structure and economy of the tribe. Events get even more out of hand when the counterfeiters come looking for the paintings. Writer and director David Kendall had an extremely tight budget. According to The New York Times, the film was shot "entirely on locations in New York, at city parks and near Bear Mountain". The movie was released on June 19, 1983 and is available on VHS but has not been released on DVD. Similar themes were explored in The Gods Must Be Crazy, a film in which an isolated African tribe was wrecked by a Coke bottle thrown from a plane.

Angel Wishes: Journey of a Spiritual Healer (2010)

The true-life story of Lana Bettencourt. A woman who endured abusive childhood situations and two abusive marriages to answer her calling of helping others as a Spiritual Healer. Experience the life's events, circumstances and conditions that lead her to a world of healing others. This is a unique Spiritual experience that will make you laugh and cry as you see her amazing life unveiled. This movie is a must see for anyone that needs to heal.

Broke* (2011)

“Is it possible for an artist to break?” Following on-the-verge artist Will Gray, Broke* chronicles the stories of artists and executives searching for ways to thrive in the face of today’s music industry challenges.

WildCat (2007)

Wildcatter Johnny Maverick and his pal, Chicopee Nevins are speeding toward Antril Bend, a small town in the oil region, that has offered $25,000 to the person bringing in the first oil well.They accidentally find oil on the town's outskirts, and Johnny writes a $4000 hot check for the property. He covers that by having Chicopee sell his half interest to oil promoter Gus Sloane for $7000. Sloane hires a crew to start drilling on his half of the property, with Johnny's old enemy, Mile Rawlins as his foreman. Rawlins sabotages Johnny's rig, causing Chicopee's death. Confidence man Oliver Westbrook and his confederate, Nan Dearing hatch a plan to swindle Johnny by having Nan pose as Chicopee's sister. It works and Johnny makes Nan his partner. Another accident staged by Rawlins forces Johnny to sign a note to get money for repair. Nan falls in love with Johnny and abandons her plan to swindle him. As the note deadline approaches, Johnny learns that Sloane has purchased it as a means of taking over the well.

Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

Trail of the Pink Panther is a 1982 British comedy film starring Peter Sellers. It was the seventh film in The Pink Panther series, the first film in the series following Sellers' death and also the last in which he appeared as Inspector Clouseau. Sellers died before production began. His performance consists only of deleted scenes from previous films.

Hercules Against the Barbarians (1964)

Hercules Against the Barbarians (Italian: Maciste nell'inferno di Gengis Khan/ Maciste in Genghis Khan's Hell) is a 1963 Italian peplum film directed by Domenico Paolella. Filmed in Eastmancolor and Totalscope. It was released in 1964.

Choppertown: The Sinners (2005)

Every now and then something happens that thrust custom motorcycling, and its associated lifestyle blinking into the glare of the spotlight. Life magazine started the ball rolling in 1947 with their Hollister cover story, it was picked up by The Wild One in '53, and then Easy Rider in 1969. There has been a myriad selection of others with lurid titles and plotlines since, the majority has been commercially, and shamelessly exploiting the genre, or the fears of an impressionable public, with few breaking the surface and establishing a fan base. Choppertown, the independently produced film by One World Studios, is up there with the giants as a potentially life-changing classic that will find a broad audience, not least among men, and could re-establish a grass-roots motorcycle culture. Strangely compulsive viewing, it is a frank, intimate and disarming look at the relationships of a group of exclusively male riders - the Sinners of the title - centered around the story of one member, Kutty Noteboom, building his first ground-up bike with the help of fellow Sinner, Rico, and his workshop. ~from American V-twin Magazine, July 2006

Home with Robin (2014)

HOME WITH ROBIN is a documentary short originally conceived as a web series, until the footage showed a rich tapestry of a woman in transition - marriage, mommy and mogul (early stages!) with the Robin Wilson home brand launched at Bed Bath & Beyond. An official selection of the Hoboken Intl Film Festival and an Honorable Mention Documentary Short at the Womens Intl Film Festival. The downloadable DVD includes trailer, video and directors notes. Director: Ali Muhammad

Saturn Returns (2009)

Saturn Returns is a 2009 film directed by Lior Shamriz, starring Chloe Griffin, Tal Meiri and Joshua Bogle. It was written and produced by Lior Shamriz and Imri Kahn.

Report To The Commissioner (1975)


Frank (2014)

Acclaimed Irish director Lenny Abrahamson follows up his award-winning films Adam & Paul, Garage and What Richard Did with an offbeat comedy about a young wannabe musician, Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), who finds himself out of his depth when he joins an avant-garde pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Michael Fassbender), a musical genius who hides himself inside a large fake head, and his terrifying bandmate Clara (Maggie Gyllenhaal). Written by Jon Ronson (The Men Who Stare At Goats) and Peter Straughan (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Men Who Stare At Goats), FRANK is based on the memoir by Jon Ronson. It is a fictional story loosely inspired by Frank Sidebottom, the persona of cult musician and comedy legend Chris Sievey, as well as other outsider musicians like Daniel Johnston and Captain Beefheart.

Several Ways to Die Trying (2005)

Several Ways to Die Trying is an independent film made in 420 by a group of college students and recent graduates. The film was mostly shot in Lopatcong Township, New Jersey, United States. The film's writer/director as well as members of the cast and crew are residents of the township.

Gottfried Helnwein And The Dreaming Child (2013)

Gottfried Helnwein and the Dreaming Child is a documentary following Austrian painter Gottfried Helnwein's efforts to bring the libretto "The Child Dreams" to a Tel Aviv opera house. An adaptation of a famous Israeli play by Hanoch Levin, the celebrated Israeli playwright, "The Child Dreams" explores themes of childhood, cruelty, and displacement. The opera itself stirred enormous controversy at the time, and much of that controversy and tension it created is palpable in the film. The documentary allows viewers the chance to view the intimate behind the scenes efforts of bringing such a work to life.

Conquest of Space (1955)

Conquest of Space is a 1955 American Technicolor science fiction film from Paramount Pictures, produced by George Pal, directed by Byron Haskin, that stars Walter Brooke, Eric Fleming, and Mickey Shaughnessy. The storyline concerns the first interplanetary flight to the planet Mars, manned by a crew of five, and launched from Earth orbit near "The Wheel", mankind's first space station. On their long journey to the Red Planet, they encounter various dangers, both from within and without, that nearly destroy the mission.

El custodio (2006)

The Minder (Spanish: El Custodio) is a 2006 Argentine drama film directed by Rodrigo Moreno. It was co-produced by Argentina, Uruguay, France and Germany. (In English the title literally means: "The Bodyguard.") The motion picture features Julio Chávez as the bodyguard, and Osmar Núñez as the man he protects for a living. The film tells of bodyguard Rubén, who is in charge of protecting Artemio, the Argentine's Minister of Planification.

Red Boots for Christmas (1995)

It's nearing Christmas in a small town in Germany. Hans the shoemaker works into the night, purposely shut away from the holiday festivities around him. Alone in his shop, with no family and few friends, Hans has never learned the true meaning of Christmas. While he mocks the townspeople's merry preparations, Hans is visited by an angel who brings the promise of a very special gift. Hans eagerly awaits the return of this angelic messenger and crafts a gift to give in return--the finest pair of red boots ever made. As the story unfolds, Hans learns the joys of sharing and fellowship, and finally embraces the spirit of Christmas as he does indeed receive the ultimate gift -- a gift from God. A wonderful program to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.

Searching for the 4th Nail (2009)

An American gypsy turns his camera on the secret life of his Romani culture.

The Third Girl from the Left (1973)

The Third Girl From the Left is a 1973 American made-for-television drama film directed by Peter Medak, written by Dory Previn, and starring Kim Novak and Tony Curtis.

Marvel & ESPN Films Present 1 of 1: Genesis (2014)

A film exploring the notion that superstar athletes are like real-life Super Heroes--with not just superpowers, but personal tales evoking themes and narratives found in Marvel comics. With Russell Wilson, Carmelo Anthony, Danica Patrick and more.

Wilderness Survival for Girls (2004)

Wilderness Survival for Girls is a 2004 independent thriller film that was shot in 18 days. Three soon-to-graduate high school girls stay at a mountain cabin. A stranger named Ed comes to their cabin. They manage to overpower him and tie him to a chair. The film shows the girls' responses to their captive stranger.

From Hollywood to Hollywood (2010)

Pushing the boundaries in new, creative and comedic ways From Hollywood to Hollywood brings you on the twisting journey of a lifetime with two brothers: reluctant gay porn actor Skyler Pierson and horrible idea having Dempster Pierson as they try to make their dream of writing and starring in their own Hollywood movie come true. But before that can happen, it would be helpful to leave gay porn behind and actually have a GOOD movie idea. Once you meet these two, you'll realize why they're undeterred by these 'minor details'. They soon arrive in Hollywood to discover not all is what it seems in this strange, new land. Figuring out the journey to the top just may kill your dream, and possibly you too...As soon as the film starts you won't just be watching, you'll be like a third Pierson brother and be pulled into the story; the shots, lines and characters are all there to get you involved. You'll be dodging a violent handyman, a gardener with no sympathy for your problems and conquering the side effects of having Dempster Pierson as your older brother which unfortunately makes him the one in charge. Dealing with not only their baggage, but the life threatening baggage of their new roommate, they are taken as far away as you can get from trying to make a movie. Ultimately forcing them to extremes not even the best trained psychics could have predicted, where gay porn may be the only thing that can save them now...As the director (Scott Bushaw), I'd like to say, we set out to give you something unique and with a story that could go anywhere but still make sense because that's what we want to see in films, but we just don't see that happening and wanted to try something new for movie fans like us.

On The Wings of The Monarch (2001)

"On the Wings of the Monarch" is an exciting nature documentary that follows host Libby Graham on an amazing journey into the life of the monarch butterfly. We travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering site in Mexico where we find close to 40 million monarchs. This documentary provides the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic monarch butterfly, tracing its incredible long distance migration and its fantastic life cycle. "On the Wings of the Monarch" will fascinate children and adults alike. Shot on location in Mexico, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Kansas, this documentary uses stunning slow-motion photography and brilliant macro photography to capture the beauty and strength of the monarch. It includes informative interviews with monarch expert, Dr. Lincoln Brower. Host Libby Graham and narrator Bernie Alan, PBS voice-over talent, fill the viewers in on all of the interesting facts about the monarch butterfly.

My Name Is Nobody (2005)

When a drifter returns home after 10 years, he discovers that something terrible has happened to his family.

OJ: The Musical (2013)

An eccentric theater artist (Jordan Kenneth Kamp) convinces his childhood friends to stage an O.J. Simpson-inspired musical version of "Othello."

Bush Pilot (1947)

Bush Pilot is a 1947 Canadian-American film directed by Sterling Campbell. The film, produced by Campbell's Dominion Productions, was noted for being one of the first full-length feature films in which a Canadian production company held the primary role. The movie was filmed predominantly in Toronto, Ontario, with outdoor and flight sequences filmed in the Muskoka region of Ontario.

He's Way More Famous Than You (2013)

In the daring and hilarious HE'S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU, actress and writer Halley Feiffer (Bored to Death) turns her up and down life in the movies into a madcap black comedy. Halley plays an exaggerated version of herself, a manic alcoholic living off the fumes of fame generated by her performance in The Squid and the Whale (2005). Desperate for attention, she decides to apply for a grant at an independent film festival. Thinking only of stardom, she spends her time begging celebrities to act in her unwritten drama, pestering Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), Mamie Gummer (Side Effects), and the Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio. As she drunkenly chases fame, her personal relationships disintegrate, and when the camera starts rolling she begins to realize how alone she really is. Feiffer bursts out of the screen with screwball energy, making HE'S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU one of the funniest Hollywood satires in ages.

Children on the Titanic (2014)

This is a one-hour documentary about the 85 children who emigrated from all over Europe to North America on Titanic's maiden voyage in April 1912. Betty had taken along a rag doll named Emily, named for her grandmother who made it for her, as she set out on the Titanic for Canada. The story of the journey is told by the children as they might have looked in 1912, and by historians.The children talk about food and fun on the Titanic. They also talk about traveling on the lifeboats towards the Carpathian and missing their fathers and teenage brothers.

Carnage Road (2000)

Four students set out for the barren Nevada desert on a class photography assignment. They are soon confronted by a machete-wielding maniac known as Quiltface.

Instruments of Change (2013)

Instruments of Change is a surfing documentary that takes the legendary crew of Mark Occhilupo, Tom Curren and Gary Elkerton on a voyage through Indonesia's pristine coastline in search for perfection! Also along for the ride are the next generation of surfing's superstars Pat Curren , Kalani Ball and Keanu Asing. Together these surfers explore unchartered waters, and find awesome uncrowded waves.

Into The Blue 2: The Reef (2009)

Into The Blue 2: The Reef is an American action film and a sequel to the 2005 film Into the Blue. It was directed by Stephen Herek and had a DVD release on April 21, 2009. However, it only shares similar themes and situations as Into the Blue and none of the cast from the first film return.

Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at the White House (2008)

The journalist spends decades covering White House press conferences.

Zarak (1956)

Zarak Khan (Victor Mature, Kiss of Death) — banished from his village after it’s revealed that he is in love with his father’s youngest wife, Salma (Anita Ekberg, La Dolce Vita) — becomes the ruthless leader of an outlaw band on the India-Afghanistan border. The British colonial government dispatches Army Major Ingram (Michael Wilding, Stage Fright) to hunt down Zarak and his men. The outlaws enlist a sadistic tribal leader to aid their fight against the British. Terence Young directs the adventure, made all the more entertaining by its cast of old British standbys: Finlay Currie, Patrick McGoohan and André Morell, to name a few. Newly remastered.

British Agent (1934)

The British consul-general (Leslie Howard) falls in love with Lenin's secretary (Kay Francis) during the Russian Revolution.


Death of a Ghost Hunter is a 2007 horror/suspense film, directed by Sean Tretta.

Polly's GlobalWalk (2009)

On August 1, 1999 Polly left Vail Colorado, by foot, to become the first woman to walk around the world. On September 11, while in Muslim Malaysia, she suddenly found herself discovering the world from a unique historical perspective. Determined as ever, she quickly adjusted her strut thru an Islamic Asia, India, and a simmering Europe. It became a journey personifying the spirit of commitment and perseverance. Polly's GlobalWalk is a human interest story full of grit, courage and determination. It entertains, educates, enlightens and inspires, and the film's message is clear: you can accomplish anything if you take it one step at a time.

Atomic Journeys: Welcome to Ground Zero (2000)

ATOMIC JOURNEYS explores the secret history of the over 900 Atomic and Hydrogen bomb tests detonated throughout the United States in previously unknown locations as diverse as Mississippi, Colorado, New Mexico and Alaska. Through the use of unique and spectacular, never-before-seen nuclear test footage, ATOMIC JOURNEYS travels to former test sites and examines the physical changes to the environment, the history behind each test and what the test sites are like today. Finally, we will visit the Nevada Test Site, known as the most bombed place on earth.

The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago (1977)

In a small community of steel workers, truck drivers, and teachers on the South Side of Chicago, a musical group called the Popovich Brothers maintained the traditional music and rich culture of their Serbian homeland by performing in local venues. By the 1970s, when this poignant but entertaining documentary was produced, the Popovich Brothers had been performing for almost 50 years, bringing this music to young generations eager to embrace the culture and values of their parents' native country. The brothers play with an earnest passion, making their love of the music and traditions infectious. THE POPOVICH BROTHERS OF SOUTH CHICAGO chronicles the end of an era as death and old age alter the group's members and internal dynamic. Just as the brothers preserve the traditions and culture of another time and place, so does this documentary offer a snapshot of Chicago's Serbian-American community, capturing a part of the immigrant experience.Time and progress may alter the landscape of the neighborhood . . . but the music lives on.

When Billy Broke His Head... and Other Tales of Wonder (1995)

When Billy Broke His Head...and Other Tales of Wonder is a documentary film that was released in 1995. The film documents a young man by the name of Billy who is dealing with a traumatic brain injury. The film shows him recovering from his injury, and attempting to understand that he no longer has the mental capacities he once had. The film then shows Billy having to deal with a number of civil rights issues, and trying to settle down into a happy life.

Les pêcheurs de perles (2005)

Les pêcheurs de perles dates from 1863 and represents much more than a mere operatic exercise written by a twenty-five-year-old composer. Pêcheurs is, as a matter of fact, the only other Bizet opera, beside Carmen, to have remained in the repertoire. This opera contains memorable passages, which have ensured its long-lasting success and which many great singers (beginning with Caruso) have recorded and performed: for example the aria of Nadir Je crois entendre encore; the beautiful aria of Léïla Comme autrefois, dans la nuit sombre and, above all, the superb duet between Léïla and Nadir Ton cour n'a pas compris le mien. This Venetian production features an extraordinary Annick Massis as Léïla and the refined staging of Pier Luigi Pizzi.

Debra Digiovanni: Single, Awkward, Female (2011)

Debra is a comedy star who is moving up in the world. She has been selling out many venues where she performs and has won a few awards. Her latest film is about dating and her views on love presented in a way that only she can get across.

Latter-Day Night Biscuit (2005)

Stand-up comedian Johnny Biscuit stars in this feature-length comedy film, bringing his trademark wit and searing insight to LDS culture!The Biscuit riffs on everything from handcarts to handicrafts to everyday oddities found in Mormon culture.Replete with laugh-out-loud moments, Latter-day Night Biscuit will leave you in stitches!

Nuevo mundo (1978)

9.7 Stars on Banned by the Catholic Church! A controversial story, banned by the Vatican for twenty years, Nuevo Mundo is set in the 16th century. A priest decides to plot with an artist to create an icon of the Virgin Mary closely resembling a native Aztec woman, in order to win the hearts and minds of the population of the new world, to promote conversion to Christianity.

Thais (1917)

Thaïs is a 1917 silent film directed by Anton Giulio Bragaglia. The movie is the only surviving Italian futurist film and currently kept at the Cinémathèque Française. It is not based on the novel of the same name by Anatole France.

Jesus Lizard: Live (2007)

One of the best live indie bands of the '90s performing at the Venus De Milo in Boston circa '94

After-School Special (2011)

A man and a woman have an awkward encounter at an indoor playground.

Born Into Mafia (2007)

The Movie that you can not miss. Action, Drama, Romance and Crime all together in a rollercoaster of adrenaline. The story about good and evil, God and Mafia, peace and war within the family. Find out what happens when a child is being born and raised surrounded by Russian Mafia Family. At adulthood Ivan decides that organized crime it is not for him. He finds peace and God and chooses to run to America against his father's will. Psychotic uncle Dimitry, greedy for money and power kills his own brother to take over the family and goes to USA in order to execute his nephew Ivan as well. They say: Once in the Mafia, Always in the Mafia. Ivan is going to find out if this saying is true or not. Will he escape his family curse?

The Cross and the Towers (2006)

Seven people spread the word of hope after they discover four perfect crosses at Ground Zero.

The Greatest Man In The World (1980)

Fortified with only a gallon of gin and a salami, Jack Smurch bests even Lindberg with the first non-stop, around the world flight.

Outcall (2014)

A murdered escort haunts a family man.

30 Years to Life (1998)

30 Years to Life is a 1998 American made-for-television science fiction film directed by Michael Tuchner and starring Robert Hays, Hugh O'Conor and Amy Robbins.

Walking Through the Angels (2014)

A young man without ambition would like to know why his girlfriend kicked him out of her car in the middle of the night. As he walks from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica he learns about keeping and finding love in the City of Angels.

Extinction: Patient Zero (2014)

A group of friends fight for their lives against the lethal and ravenous creatures lurking beneath the Earth's surface. Though they fought countless battles in Iraq, these friends never knew real fear until they went underground

Too Young to Marry (2007)

Too Young To Marry is a 2007 romantic comedy drama film made for television. It involves two 17-year olds, Max Doyle and Jessica Carpenter who think that they are in love and decide to get married, despite their parents' disapproval. Shortly afterward, the two begin to realize they have very different views on the future.

EUROPAKONZERT 2011 from Madrid (2011)

For twenty years the Berliner Philharmoniker has celebrated its 1882 founding with a concert at a major European venue, and the 2011 event takes place at the magnificent Teatro Real in Madrid. The renowned orchestra, under the baton of Sir Simon Rattle, performs Joaquín Rodrigo’s beloved Concierto de Aranjuez, Emmanuel Chabrier’s exuberant España, and Sergey Rachmaninov’s dramatic Second Symphony. It is joined for the Concierto by the famous flamenco guitarist Cañizares, whose virtuosity and sensitivity are given full opportunity to shine in this multi-faceted and subtle work.

Living The Fantasy (2015)

What was once a hobby for sports fanatics and stats geeks, fantasy football has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. This film follows 5 of the top players as they chase the big paydays.

Lost in Reality (2012)

Seduced by the lure of reality TV fame, Angelo becomes entangled between two opposing worlds. This twenty something struggles to maintain his own identity in a celebrity crazed environment that, for the most part, perceives him as The Animal, a character conceived and manipulated by studio heavyweights to line their own pockets . Life at the Zoo House, despite its glamorous trappings and undeniable perks, is inhabited with drama and friends of questionable motives. Can Angelo survive being LOST IN REALITY? writer/director - Bernadette Chapman producer - Bob Fitts dp - Kenneth Hurd staring - Kevin Wayne, Charla Cochran, Corey Merrida, Amy Leigh Albro, Sherri Eakin,

A Drowning Man (2001)

A man finds his wife dead in the bathtub. He picks up the phone to call an ambulance, but put sit down before dialing emergency. Instead he makes himself a cup of coffee. Then, he drains the bath and brings his wife's corpse to the living room couch, where he falls asleep beside her. The next morning, he is stunned to find himself in his bed. Even more surprising, his wife walks into the bedroom like nothing happened. Why is she alive? Last night, she died. Today, she is alive. The husband becomes obsessed with the improbability of his wife's resurrection.

El fantástico mundo de Juan Orol (2012)

This is a biographical movie about the life of a man known as the king of Mexican soap operas. It follows his adventurous life from start to finish. Juan Orol was born in Spain. His mother, fearing the dangers in that war torn country at the time, sent him to Cuba to live with a relative. He never found his relative, and he grew up living on the streets. He managed to carve out a life for himself there. He eventually left Cuba and moved to Mexico. When he arrived there, his life was still filled with adventures. He worked in many industries, including bull fighting.

Swish (2013)

The first video in the Swish catalog, "Swish" is Tom Nordland's original inspiration. It's a "classic" video on how to shoot a basketball and still especially valuable as the first Swish video for young kids. Swish 2 is the sequel and much richer and complete, but Swish is still worth viewing every so often for the wisdom it contains.

Homefront Heroines: The WAVES of World War II (2012)

Equal pay as men. Designer clothes. And (eventually) respect. It?s the story about the Greatest Generation that you haven?t heard. This documentary tells the story of the first group of non-medical women to be officially accepted into the Navy as WAVES, or Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service. More than 75,000 served. They were the hinges of history