Agent 5: A Night in the Last Life of (2008)

A lost man surfaces from a crude underground espionage experiment. He is stalked through a city's recesses by a murky assailant. The curious image of a "cowboy" haunts his thoughts. He should die tonight, but doesn't know why.

Power to the People (2013)

Power to the People explores how innovation and new technologies are providing answers to the questions of how we might meet our world's growing energy needs.

Love and Demons (2014)

Two demons offer sex, drugs and chaos to a struggling couple.

Ouvert 24/7 (2010)

Late t ight n remote ack oad estaurant the ustomers re rying o tay wake. o eep oredom t ay there’s othing etter han ORROR CANNIBALISM SEX nd IOLENCE.

Santa's Christmas Snooze (1995)

A grouchy bear doses Santa Claus with a sleeping potion in order to ruin Christmas in this animated feature.

Our Time Is Now: Two Years in the Life of Story of the Year (2008)

In January of 2005, after nearly two years of touring, Story of the Year headed back in to the studio to write and record their second full-length album. By that summer, they had completed what proved to be a more focused, mature record, representing a new level of musicianship and songwriting for the band. They called it In The Wake Of Determination. Immediately after finishing, they began touring in support of the record, which was released in October of 2005. Touring for In The Wake Of Determination brought Story of the Year to new fans, new places, and some of the biggest, most intense crowds to date. As always, cameras rolled and captured the experiences along the way. Our Time Is Now is the story of those two years. It's a two-part feature including a never-before-seen look into the band's writing and recording process, and a home video style documentary of life on the road.

PrimalRap (2008)

Primal Rap is a hip-hopumentary of west coast rappers and people who try to become successful in the music industry. featuring KRS-ONE,2MEX,SCARUB,THE SAURUS,AWOL ONE,RIDDLORE,RIFLE MAN,TWISTA,PHARCYDE,ABSTRACT RUDE,and many more

Demon Slaughter (2004)

Demon Slaughter

The Conspiracy to Rule the World: From 911 to the Illuminati (2009)

The Conspiracy To Rule The World: From 911 To The Illuminati is a documentary based on real life events. The documentary focuses on the conspiracy of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The documentary also focuses on the evil Illuminati organization that plans on destroying the world.

Guns of Jericho (2007)

Mr. Jericho, a local mafia boss, hires Jack, an assassin, to deal with three underlings he thinks are stealing. As jack tracks down the underlings, he discovers what is really wrong in the city.

Voices from the Forest (2014)

Sacred sites Researcher Gary Cook wanted to find out whether the faery folk beings are physical or whether they live in another dimension. Maori folklore speaks of the 'Turehu' or 'Patupaiarehe: a small faery folk, 3 to 4 foot tall. Often fair haired or occassionally witnessed with red hair and with green or blue eyes and pale skin. He engaged a camera crew and went into the bush to find out. Never in a million years did he expect to be rewarded so generously when the crew captured a supernatural anomaly on camera. Not only that, during the filming, local farmers, Maori Iwi and Kaumatua came forward with information and testimonials that have made the film an extraordinary experience that will change the way people look at the 'unseen'.

Devil's Weekend (2012)

Cédric Dupuis, a fledgling independent filmmaker, has set out to make the most terrifying horror film of all time. But shooting without any budget to speak of and a cast of his friends, Cédric soon realizes the frustration of indie film-making. The only way for Cédric to get the realism he wants is to actually murder his cast on camera. This is his documentary of the events that unfolded during the making of his opus. One of the most disturbing films of recent years with a sickening dose jet-black humor.

Rabbit Fever (2010)

Rabbit Fever is a 2009 feature-length documentary film directed by Amy Do, about the competition at the 2005 National Convention of the American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA), the largest assemblage of rabbits in the world. The film has found support from, among others, the Ignatz Award-winning artist Jeffrey Brown, who illustrated the movie poster. It was shown at the 8th San Francisco Documentary Film Festival in October 2009 as a work-in-progress. The final work officially premiered in 2010.

Guns n' Roses: Sex N' Drugs N' Rock N' Roll (2003)

Bursting out of the LA rock scene in the late 1980's, Guns N' Roses have come to epitomize everything that a rock n' roll band should be, and the fans love them for it. What other group could go almost 10 years without a new album and still pull massive crowds for every live event? This video goes behind the scenes to videoover what it took for Gun's N' Roses to become such icons of the genre. We now present an uncensored look at a truly exceptional band!

Fear No Fruit (2015)

Fear No Fruit chronicles Frieda Caplan's rise from being the first woman entrepreneur on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market in the 1960s, to transforming American cuisine by introducing over 200 exotic fruits and vegetables to U.S. supermarkets. Still an inspiration at 91, Frieda's daughters and granddaughter carry on the business legacy.

Seven Cities Of Gold (1955)

Seven Cities Of Gold is a 1955 historical adventure DeLuxe Color film directed by Robert D. Webb and starring Richard Egan, Anthony Quinn and Michael Rennie, filmed in CinemaScope. It tells the story of the 18th. Century Franciscan priest, Father Junípero Serra and the founding of the first missions in what is now California. The screenplay is based on the 1951 novel The Nine Days of Father Serra by Isabelle Gibson Ziegler. The tag line of the film was “This is the story of the making ...and the forging...of California...when men chose gold or God...the sword or the Cross”.

Stories from East of the Moon (2010)

Seven animated fairy tales based on stories by Monty Python's Terry Jones The Island of Purple Fruits A shipwrecked sailor finds a magical tree. When he eats the fruit he dreams wonderful dreams ?- but he learns that dreams are not the same as reality. The Corn Dolly The tale of a discontented Corn Dolly who, never satisfied, meets an unfortunate end. The Ship of Bones Bill Stoker refuses to believe in a ghost ship. Suddenly a mighty wave sweeps him aboard amongst the skeletons but he is still unafraid. Why Birds Sing in the Morning A myth which explains why the moon chases the sun across the sky. The Sea Tiger The animals of the jungle join together to stop their friend, the Tiger, from telling enormous lies. Three Raindrops The tale of three Raindrops whose vanity is short-lived. The Wonderful Cake-Horse A Cake comes to life and sets off in search of a friend.

Behind the Mysteries of Coral Castle (2009)

Song of the lost love cut into stones A venture into the territory charted by a question how a humble man could uncover the mystery of levitation and come to the realization of the principles of pyramid building. Or the Florida Coral Castle, which inspired rock musician Billy Idol to compose the Sweet Sixteen, is purely a monument to the lost love? A journey in time and inner space, the image of an eccentric genius and the spellbinding landscapes of the far south USA in the documentary film about the creator of the Coral Castle Leedskalnin, who was born in Russian imperial Latvia, crossed the North American continent and created a monument capturing the eye and imagination for 70 years since. The tragic love story about the bride-groom left at the altar, who then fled his country for ever, moved even the hardened rocker Billy Idol, who, after a visit of the Coral Castle in 1986, to write his famous song Sweet Sixteen. Part of the documentary series: Inventurers.

The Saturday Night Ride (2010)

When an ex-pro snowboarder is released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, he returns to a world where snowboarding has become something far beyond his wildest dreams. A crazy fusion between pro wrestling and snowboarding has taken over.

Chihuly at the V&A (2002)

In a devastating car accident in 1976, a young artist loses the use of one eye. In the years that follow, Dale Chihuly's talent for leading a team flourishes as he orchestrates glassblowing of a complexity previously unthinkable. His 2001 retrospective exhibition at the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum marks his triumphant return to London after years of study and development. Set in 2001 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, this film follows Dale Chihuly as he fulfills his lifelong dream of exhibiting at the V&A and sets up this stunning show. The exhibition begins inside the rotunda with an extraordinary Chandelier commissioned by the V&A. Moving into the Medieval Treasury, an exuberant Persian Pergola is displayed alongside a fascinating and educational survey of Chihuly's glass series and drawings. Finally, venturing outside into the Pirelli Garden, large, site-specific installations fill the grounds with vivacious colors.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular (2007)

Santa Flies to New York. Jump right into Santa's sleigh as it zooms over the frozen North, past international borders, and right to the doors of Radio City Music Hall.

Submarino (2010)

Submarino is a 2010 Danish drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg, starring Jakob Cedergren and Peter Plaugborg. It is based on the 2007 novel Submarino by Jonas T. Bengtsson, and focuses on two brothers on the bottom of Danish society, with lives marked by violence and drug addiction. The film was produced by Nimbus Film. As a condition from the financier TV 2, half of the cast and crew were novices, which the director enjoyed as it gave an experience similar to his earliest films. Submarino premiered in the main competition of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival. The film won the 2010 Nordic Council Film Prize. It was met by positive reviews in Denmark and has been nominated for 15 Robert Awards.

Baby Face Morgan (1942)

Baby Face Morgan is a 1942 American comedy of errors crime film directed by Arthur Dreifuss. It starred Mary Carlisle and Richard Cromwell. The film was a notable "B" effort for PRC (Producers Releasing Corporation). Jack Schwarz was producer, and Leon Fromkess was listed as "in charge of production".

The Black Kung Fu Experience (2012)

The year is 1973, and one of the most groundbreaking motion pictures in the history of Hollywood, is released. Enter The Dragon, starring Bruce Lee, is responsible for single-handedly exposing people to the exciting world of martial arts, specifically kung-fu. As soon as the movie was released, Americans were lining up in large numbers to sign up for kung-fu classes. This film portrays the rise in prominence of several African-American men who decided to take on the martial art, and be able to expose it to the black masses, rather than keeping it strictly to the white and Asian demographics.

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck (2008)

It's the 1960's. Local programming thrives as TV stations create shows for their viewing public. Suddenly the ""horror host"" becomes a nationwide presence on the airwaves as old horror and sci-fi movies are released to television. Dr. Dreck and Moaner go on the air in the small town of Fibbia, Mass. They incur the wrath of the station's grand dame, Louise Morgan, when the popularity of their show pushes her show off the air. So Louise gets nasty. But Dr. Dreck and Moaner can get nastier. Because they are what they really seem to be; a mad scientist and a zombie!

Last Hijack (2014)

This documentary explores how one Somali pirate named Mohamed came to live such a brutal and dangerous existence.

The Beekeeper (2013)

Andrew Cote is the only New York City beekeeper making a living solely from keeping bees. But younger, more tech-savvy beekeepers nip at his heels. The world of beekeeping in New York city is a sweet but sticky tale.

Sonic Rock Solstice 2010 (2011)

Recorded over three days during the 2010 Summer Solstice at Penmaenau Farm, Builth, Wales. The headlining Hawklords (featuring Nik Turner & Ron Tree of Hawkwind) are here in all their glory as well as some tracks from support acts Gunslinger, Litmus, Pre-Med, Dr Has Been, Quintessence, Darxtar, Anubis and more. Four hours of Sonic Rock!

The Challenge of Ideas (1961)

Experience the American Journey through our country's visual heritage in this historical recording provided by the National Archives of the United States. From the U.S. Army's THE BIG PICTURE television series, 1950-1975. Hanson Baldwin, Edward R. Murrow, Helen Hayes, Lowell Thomas, Frank McGee, John Wayne. These famed personalities appear in this filmed presentation to discuss the conflict between the democratic and communistic philosophies. a challenge which demands and must get the attention of all Americans. This historical recording from the National Archives may contain variations in audio and video quality based on the limitations of the original source material. The content summary for this video is adapted from an historical description provided by the government agency or donor at the time of production release.

Clown (2007)

On a warm weekend in June, a group of friends venture to the mountains for a weekend getaway. No parents, no professors, just pure unadulterated fun and games. Little do they know, they're not alone. Out in the wilderness, just a stone's throw away at the edge of the tree line, there is a dark presence waiting and watching the group. One of the main protagonists, Rachel is the first to realize that there is peril in the woods beyond the rickety old cabin, where they'll be sleeping. Josh (who wants nothing more than to have the nerve to approach Rachel and tell her how much he adores her) politely humors her and her worries of them never making it home again. The rest of the group however, laughs off her comments about the rustling in the bushes, the sounds of crazy laughter, and the shadows that keep moving around. Is she just crazy, or are they going to be picked off one by one? The director of The Graveyard Shift and the NewGil Pictures production team bring you an old face of the horror genre. A film that doesn't waste your nerves on cheap thrills or "jumps". A throwback to a time when exploitation of gore, mutilation, and good old fashioned terror was fun.

The Name on the Bullet (2012)

New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va. New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va.New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va.New from Alpha Vision Films! This revisionist Western takes a second look at a fabled myth of the American frontier. Spanning the post-Civil War era to the turn of the century, "The Name on the Bullett" will call to question the generally accepted version of the fate of one of the most widely studied personalities in American criminal history. The production was filmed on location at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in Staunton, Va. Produced, written, and directed by James Overton Mark Miller - Director of Photography Susan Conner - Assistant Director

Chess Kids: Special Edition (2011)

A follow-up to the acclaimed Chess Kids (1996), this feature-length Special Edition release (2011) delivers the original award-winning documentary and includes all new engaging interviews with the original players, nearly 20 years later! Featuring chess luminaries: Judit Polgar, Josh Waitzkin, Bruce Pandolfini and more.

John Legend: Live from Philadelphia (2008)

Live from Philadelphia further cements John Legend's reputation as a great live performer. The album features 19 soulful performances including tracks from Legend’s first two albums and a duet with Corinne Bailey Rae on "Where Is The Love.”

Polanski Unauthorized (2009)

An unauthorized chronicle of the life of Roman Polanski.

Walter: Lessons from the World's Oldest People (2013)

Hunter Weeks and his fiancee set out on an adventure to meet the oldest people in the world and discover their advice for living life to the fullest.

The 2011 General Tire Mint 400 (2011)

The General Tire Mint 400 is the roughest, most spectacular off-road race in North America! Started in 1976, The Mint is steeped in American lore as thousands of racers as well as celebrities from around the world have attempted to tame the brutal Nevada desert. The 2011 Mint 400 was an epic battle between some of the top off-road racers in the world in twenty-five different classes of vehicles. Shot entirely in HD by the largest, most experienced film production crew in off-road, The Mint features stunning cinematography, captured in some of the most remote spots on the racecourse. Witness the bumper-to-bumper battling from helicopter, feel the power of these incredible vehicles from the passenger seat, watch as racers fall away, embroiled in the agony of defeat, and share in the glory of victory! ...This is The 2011 General Tire Mint 400.

Eye of the Future (2011)

Five children are called by the Earth to imagine a new sustainable future for our global society.

Collapse (2015)

Four strangers attempt to figure out why a cabin in the woods has the power to keep an apocalyptic beast at bay, before the beast can unravel the mystery.

Campaign (2007)

Pro surfers are the solution in corporate marketing. Action sports are hot and the suits will do anything for a piece of the action. As they say in the ad game, Surfing sells. Two years in the making, Campaign is a comedy that combines a joke at corporate America combined with the most mind blowing surfing of today pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a board and a wave. Combine the best surfers in the world with comedically commercial shorts and a psychotic soundtrack and you have Campaign.

Vampyre Tales (2005)

Come along with Countess Plasma (Debbie Rochon) and her servant Phlegm (Jim O'Rear) as they deal with disgruntled villagers (including cult favorite Amber Newman) and tell a few eerie stories in the creepy and darkly humorous anthology VAMPYRE TALES. Turn down the lights... but not too low... there may be something behind you!!!

Peter (1934)

Peter is a 1934 Austrian-Hungarian comedy film directed by Henry Koster and starring Franciska Gaal, Felix Bressart and Richard Eybner.

Salmagundi (2009)

"America is a mixed salad." With this provocative metaphor, Director Max Robinson mixes riveting footage of American history with interviews with everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sho Dozono to Native American Chief Mati Waiya. Narrated by Gil Scott Heron.

Tachyonic Anti-Telephone (2014)

Imagine making a simple phone call. Now Imagine that you needed 3 people to make that call, because of course ,you are in the 4th dimension. Now imagine that the distances between you are so vast, that even the speed of light is not fast enough to get the signals through, so you have to use tachyons, which travel faster than light. But there's a catch, one of the 3 people on the call committed a violent crime, but they will not know it until the call is completed. Imagine how messages and voices and words can get confused when making a phone call from one galaxy to another, through another dimension, and past fractured time. Ever hear static on a call? What if you were speaking to someone from the 4th dimension, and their words made no sense, and they were speaking in the 3rd person, and they were living in eternity, so time meant nothing, and they had to talk to you. Would you understand them? Would it be garbled? Would it drive you insane? Would you hang up? Watch and see.

Intuition (2014)

GlobalGirl Media Network Presents: A short film set in Barcelona about a woman who is unable to listen to herself.

Drive-In Movie Memories (2001)

This one-hour documentary special is a film celebration of America's greatest icon of youth, freedom and the automobile. What began as an auto parts owner's business venture to make some easy money accidentally became a magical place where romance, fun and a sense of community flourished. This film chronicles the drive-in's birth and development, its phenomenal popularity with audiences of all ages, its tragic decline, and its inevitable comeback as a classic form of Americana. Described by Variety as "slick and entertaining," Drive-In Movie Memories includes photos and footage from the mid-1930s until today, a powerful original music score, and lively interviews with such notables as Leonard Maltin, Barry Corbin, Burton Gilliam, Beverly Garland, Samuel Arkoff, and John Bloom (aka Joe Bob Briggs). Drive-In Movie Memories covers every aspect of the drive-in movie-going experience: early outdoor projection, the marriage of the car and the movie, architects and drive-in construction, sound projection solutions, food trailers and concession stands, families and entertainment, teenagers and passion, church services, celebrity appearances, exploitation films, the effects of television and the VCR, and the drive-in's decline and comeback. Drive-In Movie Memories was an Official Selection at both the Chicago International Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival, and won the Gold Award at the Houston World Fest. During its film festival tour, it played in over 40 festivals across the nation. Drive-In Movie Memories was produced by Don and Susan Sanders, and directed and edited by Kurt Kuenne, who also composed the musical score. The DVD includes such extra features as a twenty-minute reel of nostalgic concession stand advertisements.

Dance with Destiny (2010)

SOMETHING IN THIS FILM IS TRUE This is a documentary that revives humanity's ancient spiritual past through interviews with Native American spiritualists, secular prophets, environmentalists, healers and leaders in the global sustainability movement. Through a collage of interviews, music, imagery and reporting, Director Bruce Weaver shows that only a spiritual and mythic revival can correct humanity's course. From stories by Sequoyah Trueblood, a former Green Beret and Choctaw medicine man, to the eco-visionary insights of environmentalist Dr. John Todd, Dance with Destiny will challenge the world to rethink, regroup and revive the ancient spiritual paths modernity has lost to its peril. It is, at heart, a call to end mechanized ways of existence by waking to the buried callings of our ancient soul song. The time is now. Humanity is barreling past the point of no return. Fueled by hope but awake to our catastrophic path, this film explores in a penetrating and, at times, disturbing way the fate of the planet and the potential of the individual to shift the collective course - if changes are made. Some viewers may close heart and mind to the revelations in this film. Others will walk anew with increased hope, less threatened and fearful, more deeply inspired to build a sustainable future for posterity.There is an undeniable disconnect between humanity and the earth rooted in the notion that we are separate. It is causing a longing to revive humanity as spiritual, connected beings, not religious ones. This longing is evidenced in part by the New Age movement and the success of books like The Celestine Prophecy, a book which sold 10 million copies worldwide, The Da Vinci Code, one of the best selling novels of all time, and the recent film "What the Bleep Do We Know?"Dance with Destiny asserts not a New Age philosophy or science, but rather an old-age return to sanity, common sense, and wisdom that has been buried deep in the collective human ps

Buttcrack (1998)

ZOMBIES FROM THE ANALS OF HISTORY! A young man enlists the help of his girlfriend and a bible-banging rockabilly priest (Mojo Nixon) to fight against his newly-returned zombie roommate!

Matchbox Twenty Live North (2015)

After releasing their first album in 1996, Matchbox Twenty went immediately to the top of the charts and have remained there ever since. With over 40 million albums sold and countless sold out concerts worldwide, the band have maintained consistent success topping the charts with over 10 #1 singles. Watch Matchbox Twenty perform all their timeless hits live from the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ.

Nightfall: Second World III (2013)

Cadence Simon (Perinda Lowe), Conner Chase (Brendan O'Donnell) and Charles 'Ruckus' Sisper (Altorro Prince Black) journey to the location of a secret cult compound in search of two of their own. When they come under attack from an unknown force, they fortify and barricade themselves in a strategic position with an experimental all female squad capable of conducting operations in the spiritual realm. A mix of demons, bullets and non-stop plot twists come together in this supernatural action thriller. Who will survive to see the sun rise?

Evidence of a Haunting (2010)

Ghost hunters shooting a reality show fight for their lives in tunnels beneath an old Texas college.

Starforce (2000)

A brutal intergalactic massacre leaves two survivors, Temetrian, a soldier, and Zed an orphan toddler. Marooned, the soldier raises the boy alone-as a warrior. Years later, Temetrian and Zed are rescued and returned to the metropolis of Alexandrius space station. Zed enlists in the elite Starforce Commandos and earns a special assignment to deliver medical supplies to remote mining colony at the edge of the galaxy. Arriving at the desolate, waterless Planet Osmar, Zed's ship is sabotaged, half the colonists murdered, and the remaining humans-especially ex-convict Dahlia-think he is to blame.. What Zed doesn't realize is that the miners have discovered rich deposits of tritium, the universe's most precious fuel. And that someone wants to grab it all and put the blame on Zed. When Temetrian leads a mission to rescue his son, Zed narrowly escapes a trap sprung by power hungry Commander Jankwo and his squad of Starforce turncoats. With Temetrian dead, Zed and Dahlia are left to fight the galaxy's most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland crawling with carnivorous insects, and ruthless killers.

Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas (2008)

What is democracy? Freedom, equality, participation? Everyone has his or her own definition. Across the world, 120 countries now have at least the minimum trappings of democracy--the freedom to vote for all citizens. But for many, this is just the beginning not the end. Following decades of US-backed dictatorships, civil wars, devastating structural adjustment policies in the South, corporate control, electoral corruption, and fraud in the North, representative politics in the Americas is in crisis. Citizens are now choosing to redefine democracy under their own terms: local, direct, and participatory. In 1989, the Brazilian Worker's Party altered the concept of local government when they installed participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre, allowing residents to participate directly in the allocation of city funds. Ten years later, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was swept into power with the promise of granting direct participation to the Venezuelan people; who have now

OxyContin Blues (2011)

Inspired by the death of Heath Ledger, OxyContin Blues is a raw, unflinching look inside an actor's struggle with prescription pill addiction. A producer kidnaps a drug addicted movie star, and takes him to a remote seaside cabin.

Trocadero (1944)

Trocadero is a 1944 American comedy film directed by William Nigh.

The Babe & the Iron Horse: Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig (2003)

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig -- these two sluggers made up the most powerful 1-2 punch in the history of our National Game. Featuring rarely-seen footage and photos, this video examines the lives and careers of two enduring American Heroes -- Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Amado (2011)

Amado is a rebellious soldier in the army of the King Tornik. He doesn't want to fight against his family, but he must avoid the wrath of Tornik if he is to stay alive. In this thrilling and epic adventure film, the power of love will go against the power of greed. Tornik is a powerful sage who has magic powers that few can match. Amado must find a way to protect his family and defeat Tornik. Through battles, foreign lands, and near-death experiences, Amado perseveres. The film's shocking conclusion finds the protagonist face to face with a very difficult decision.

Hit Man File (2005)

Equal parts violent and sensual, HIT MAN FILE is a flashy new Asian action film with a distinctive Thai identity.

Pocahauntus (2006)

She's Hot, She's Dead, and She's Pissed. Every hundred years, PocaHauntus seeks revenge on the descendants of those who killed her ancestors. As a woman, a warrior, and a slut, she was the best; building this great nation on it's strongest traits, SEX and MURDER.

The DeEvolution of Man (2004)

Grand Prize Winner: American Idol Underground's Comedy Contest!!! From Comedy Central, MTV, NBC, The Bob and Tom Show comes Stand Up Comedian Don Barnhart's 1st Video shot for 95.5 KLOS Five O'Clock Funnies All Star Show at the Grove Theatre in Anaheim, CA, the guy really shines as someone to look out for. Don Barnhart's comedy style incorporates physical facial expressions along with witty, off-the-wall observations with an upbeat, fast paced, improvisational edge. He has the versatility to go from hip-hop to the corporate world without missing a beat. He has performed at US Embassies in the Middle East, Def Jam Concerts, shows for the hearing-impaired and nudist colonies and has a Southern California flair that keeps audiences of all ages howling for more. Barnhart just released his first comedy special on Video which includes an original sketch show, "The South Bay Boys", his short film "What Are The Odds?" is currently making the film festival circuit and Don has just finished writing, directing and starring in the feature film, "China Dolls". Don Barnhart's television appearances include two pilots, the Sci Fi television show, "Genesis Wars", MTV, Comedy Central, Star Search and Evening at the Improv. Barnhart is also a graduate of the Second City Conservatory program in Los Angeles.

The Watershed (2004)

Faced with extraordinary trauma of losing both parents to alcoholism and divorce, seven siblings form a unique family structure. The Watershed is a moving documentary of survival and forgiveness that shows how tragedy can have transforming effects on individual identity.

40 Years of One Night Stands (2008)

40 Years of One Night Stands is the extraordinary account of two British adventurers who, in 1939, moved to the prairie town of Winnipeg and started an amateur dance club, now known internationally as The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company.

Hold on Me (2011)

Tom and Eve's relationship from inception to destruction.

Float (2007)

The story of Float is set against the backdrop of the homophobic climate in the Caribbean, a world where no LGBT stories are celebrated. Jonny is a young obsessive-compulsive white Bahamian artist who faces loosing his scholarship at a local University if he does not live up to the potential that his teachers believe he can. Inspired by this challenge and wanting to get away from homophobic bullies and his alcoholic father, Jonny chooses to escape for a weekend to the under populated and dramatic Bahamian island of Eleuthera where, by chance, he meets Romeo. Together these two embark on a series of adventures that inspire Jonny to paint but also forces him to let his guard down and allow real intimacy without fear. However things are shaken up when Romeo's girlfriend shows up and puts an end to Jonny's romantic dreams. Jonny must choose between finally giving up on love, career and his happiness or moving forward fearlessly and courageously. Float is not just a gay love story but a universal story-a story about being different in a world that wants us to all be the same. It is a story of finding value in our truths and loving our loved ones unconditionally. A story about a community and a nation, and, at the same time it is about taking charge of our lives and unlocking the power that burns deep inside of us to create something bigger than ourselves.

Hex (1973)

Hex is a 1973 American horror film filmed on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation starring Keith Carradine, Dan Haggerty, Gary Busey, Hillarie Thompson and Christina Raines (billed as Tina Herazo). The film was initially publicized under the title Grass Land. According to Phil Hardy's The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies, Hex "crosses elements of the bike film with those of the post-western and the supernatural tale... The film scarcely succeeds in welding its disparate elements together, but still makes a distinctive, atmospheric impression."

Incident (2012)

With James's lover soon returning home from his military service, James has ended his brief fling with Steve and is preparing to greet his lover. There's just one problem: Steve, who shows up on James doorstep hoping to rekindle their relationship.

Cinematic Titanic: War of the Insects (2011)

(1966, aka GENOCIDE) Yusuke Kawazu, Emi Shindo, Kathy Moran, Ralph Jesser. Its man against bugs in this cool sci-fi shocker. A plane carrying an atomic bomb is attacked by a new strain of killer bees. The bees have been created by a crazed scientist who has ideas of world domination. This colorful, seldom-scene Japanese sci-fi thriller is pretty wild. Color, scope, 16mm.

Straightman (1999)

Jack and David break up with their girlfriends at the same time and move in together. Jack works up the courage to come out to his friend and the men deal with the change in their friendship.

If I Close My Eyes I'm Not Here (2014)

Kiko is a teenager whose dead father was Italian and his mother Marilou is from the Philippines. They live with Ennio, mother's new boyfriend, a foreman who recruits and exploits illegal migrant workers. Kiko goes to school but at the same time he is forced to work in Ennio's building yards. He feels he lives in a wrong planet. There's only one place where Kiko can dream: an old abandoned bus in a dump yard that he's turned into his private refuge. One day it seems his fate could change: an elderly friend of his father's, Ettore, comes looking for Kiko and offers to become a strange kind of tutor for him. Ettore reveals his true identity, and Kiko will soon have to confront a terrible discovery and make a difficult choice.

Nights with Théodore (2012)

A romantic connection blossoms between two young Parisians during a succession of dreamlike nocturnal visits to a singular, beguiling park. Anna meets Theodore at a party, and together they impulsively climb the fence and enter the a nearby city park, an unusual and striking hillside public garden in northeastern Paris. The two part at dawn, but find themselves drawn back the following night, and, falling in love under the park's spell, embark on nightly explorations of its topographic mysteries, gradually discovering that, despite feeling entirely alone in the world, they may not be the only ones drawn to this magical place.

Team Qatar (2009)

Qatar is said to be the world's richest country. Competitive debating is said to be a training ground for future world leaders. So when the Qatari Emiress charged two recent Oxford graduates with creating the country's first national debate team and taking them to the world championships, the stakes were high. TEAM QATAR follows the journey of five ambitious teens as they are initiated into the cutthroat subculture of competitive high-school debate. Aware that their region is associated in Western minds with oil, money, and jihad, they are determined to show they are not closed-minded extremists - and even more determined to win. Training in London, Doha, and New York, they learn a bit about the world as they hone their debating skills. The kids are charismatic and cultured, with strong views and immense curiosity. Only 20% of Qatar's residents are Qatari, and the team reflects this: Tina is Iranian, Vartan is Syrian-Armenian, Fatima is Iraqi, Ayesha is from Pakistan; and Talal is half Lebanese, half Qatari. Alex, their coach, was president of the Oxford Union, and he is determined to prepare them for victory - despite the fact that they've only been debating for six months. Will the team overcome their inexperience and hold their own against the sarcastic English, meticulous Singaporeans, and ferocious Australians, all with years of practice reducing lesser teams to tears? How will they deal with America? What will they make of Team Israel? Are they worldly enough to triumph? At stake in their minds is the chance to demonstrate to the rest of the world their skills as modern, free-thinking Middle-Easterners. Quirky and endearing, engaging and informative, the film offers an entertaining window onto the rapidly growing global culture of the Arab world and its relation to the West. Original Version/90 Minute director's cut. "ABSOLUTELY LOVELY" - THE GUARDIAN "HUGELY ENJOYABLE" - TIME OUT "ENGROSSING" -

Blitzkid: Death By Jersey (2009)

BLITZKID, a band eternally committed to their fans, has been in motion for nearly ten years, and still carries with them the same momentum, inspiration, and love that forged their beginning. Fame is not a goal with this band. There are more important issues that the band feels should be accomplished. Such as leaving great music, song and memories that will stand the test of time. With a consistently growing worldwide fan base and an untouchable live show, BLITZKID is at the front of Horror-rock's blood-soaked future. Their music is an amalgamation of punk, metal, thrash, goth and rockabilly. It is romantic and melodically hooky musically, disturbing and gory lyrically and intense and devastating sonically. They are about as close as you can get to watching a B-horror movie, only a bit more realistic with plenty of fun and camp all intact... Long Live The Horror! Blitzkid: Death by Jersey, consists of two electrifying shows recorded live at Connections in Clifton, New Jersey on May 28, 2005 and October 31, 2005.

Elmo and Abby's Birthday Fun (2009)

Everyone loves birthdays! Join Elmo and Abby for lots of fun and games as Elmo shows her the many ways birthdays are celebrated. Elmo shows her the many ways birthdays are celebrated. At Fairy Tale birthday parties, everyone gets to make a wish! Elmo wishes for a toy, but when Abby can't remember the spell to get them back to Sesame Street, Elmo realizes his wish would have been better used to help his friend. Will Elmo get back in time for his pet goldfish Dorothy's birthday?

Street Fighter: Round One - FIGHT! (2009)

Based on video game. Ryu & Ken must solve the murder of their martial arts master. But M. Bison, head of Shadaloo, and his minions Cammy, Vega, and Sagat follow Ryu for reasons unknown, drawing attention of agent Chun Li & Special OPs officer Guile.

Living Things (2014)

This is a comedy movie about a young wife who is about to have dinner with her father-in-law. Her husband has not yet arrived to keep them separated. Leo is a blue collar worker who loves meat and potatoes. His daughter-in-law is a yoga instructor who is committed to a vegan lifestyle. Leo’s son has arranged for his father to meet them as a couple for dinner. Unfortunately, the son is late. This leaves the two of them to converse with only each other. While he tries hard to get along with this young woman that his son loves, but he just cannot seem to ever say the right thing. She takes every statement he makes as an insult.

The Deliverer (2012)

In a world where Human Rights are a memory, a group of refugees forge a plan to find freedom. Fate unites them with a wounded Freedom Fighter and his team.

Journey to the 100 Man Fight: The Judd Reid Story (2013)

Judd Reid's journey to the 100 man fight. An inspirational story of courage and commitment.

Where's My Food?! (2013)

"Where's My Food?!" is a new documentary that serves up the surprising truth about waiters and waitresses.

Punk: The Early Years (2003)

This facinating film, shot in 1977 & 78, documents the early days of the punk rock phenomenon. From it's beginnings on London's pub rock circuit to UK chart domination. PUNK the early years' lifts the lid off the origins of the anti-fashion statements of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm MacLaren, the Sex Pistol double whammy record deal farrago and the media bullshitters that hounded these so called dangers to decent society. Packed with live footage from The Adverts, X Ray Spex, The Slits, and Eddie & The Hot Rods. Also featuring extensive interviews with memebers of the bands as well as Siouxsie Sioux, Jordan, Steve Strange, Danny Baker, record company bosses, club owners, fans, and the last ever interview with Marc Bolan. This film gives valuable insight into the truth behind the music that literally changed the fact of pop culture.

The Gifts (1970)

The Gifts is a 1970 American short documentary film about water pollution in the United States. The film was produced by Robert McBride for the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

The Telltale Heart (1928)

Lawrence Payne, Dermot Walsh. A very unusual and very entertaining adaptation of the classic Poe story. A shy loner discovers the girl he loves in the arms of his best friend. Murder and horror follow in dramatic fashion. Possibly the best filmed version of this story. 16mm.

In the Shadow of the Palms - Iraq (2006)

In the Shadow of the Palms (2005) is a documentary produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Wayne Coles-Janess. He filmed it in Iraq prior to, during and after the fall of Saddam Hussein after the United States invasion of 2003. An Arab-language film, it documents the changes in Iraqi society and the lives of ordinary Iraqis by focusing on a cross-section of individuals.

Reiki: The Power of Touch & the Art of the Healing Hand - A Day at the Spa Collection (2004)

When it comes to complimentary and alternative therapies, Reiki is deservedly becoming better known, and this wonderful treatment, based on ancient Japanese healing, is enjoying an increasing following all over the world. If this is the first you've heard of Reiki, or you'd just like to know what it's all about, then this program is definitely for you. Reiki translates from Japanese as "universal life force" and it evokes the flow of positive energy in all living beings. This is the perfect opportunity to watch a Reiki practitioner at work and see for yourself this gentlest of therapies in action. Discover the principles of Reiki, which will encourage self-growth, and learn how to use the force of Reiki for your own benefit and the well-being of those around you. Then, last but not least, try a little self-Reiki with an easy to follow demonstration that will help you to gently escape the stresses and strains of 21st Century life. You will: Explore the basic principles of this ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing • Create an atmosphere conducive to healing, and watch a Reiki practitioner at work • Learn how to do a Reiki treatment on yourself, whether at home or at your desk at work • Discover and access the chakras-- the centers of spiritual energy within the human body • Strengthen your immune system, and help your body fight infection • Restore equilibrium, and cope with stress and anger • Give your brain functions a boost • Relieve many ailments from head colds and backaches to intestinal problems and asthma • Boost your energy level and increase self-esteem • Find the inner strength to cope effectively in moments of crisis, and calm your frazzled nerves.

Marcus (2014)

Interviews and performance footage illustrate filmmaker Patrick Savey's profile of legendary bass player Marcus Miller.

No Place Like Home (2008)

Twelve years after his parent's mysterious death, David returns to his old home and the past to rest. He slowly loses the trust of everyone in town, including his new wife, when the bloody murders resume and evidence implicates him.

Eyes Front (2008)

Two killers meet in a diner and discuss the nature of good and evil.

The Rangers' Round-Up (1938)

The Rangers' Round-Up is a 1938 American Western film directed by Sam Newfield and written by George H. Plympton. The film stars Fred Scott, Al St. John, Christine McIntyre, Earle Hodgins, Steve Ryan and Karl Hackett. The film was released on February 9, 1938, by Spectrum Pictures.

Once I Entered A Garden (2011)

Avi Mograbi and his Arab friend discuss the ideal binational state.

BeDeadly: Muay Thai (2012)

Filmed on location in Thailand, BeDeadly: Muay Thai is an instructional DVD that will teach you the training exercises and fighting techniques that have made Muay Thai fighters some of the most dangerous in the world.

Heaven Before I Die (1997)

Heaven Before I Die is a 1997 indie comedy film written and directed by Izidore Musallam and starring Andy Velasquez, Giancarlo Giannini, Joanna Pacula and Omar Sharif.

Hybrid (2013)

Mixed martial arts is the latest craze amongst sports fans. Producers have now created a show that is geared towards showing how mixed martial arts fighters prepare for their bouts. MMA Zen is a new television show that gives mixed martial arts fans an opportunity to see how their favorite Japanese fighters approach their craft. MMA Zen gives television viewers inside access to their training camps. Fighters also explain why honor is important to them. MMA Zen shows that mixed martial arts in Japan is not only a major sport, it is also a way of life for its participants.

Ghost Town (2009)

A remote village in southwest China is haunted by traces of its cultural past while its residents piece together their existence. Zhiziluo is a town barely clinging to life. Tucked away in a rugged corner of Yunnan Province, Lisu and Nu minority villagers squat in the abandoned halls of this remote former Community county seat. Divided into three parts, this epic documentary takes an intimate look at its varied cast of characters, bringing audiences face to face with people left behind by China's new economy. A father-son duo of elderly preachers argue over the future of their village church. Two young lovers face a break-up over harsh financial realities. A twelve year-old boy, abandoned by his family, scavenges the hillside to feed himself. "Directed with scrupulous attention to detail by Zhao Dayong" (Manohla Dargis, The New York Times), Ghost Town is "one of the most important films to have emerged from the booming (but still underexplored) field of Chinese independent documentaries" (Dennis Lim, Moving Image Source). Ghost Town "has a strong sense of historical consciousness, an eye for unique material, and a real sympathy for the people in the film and their tough lives" (Chris Berry, Goldsmiths University). "I do not expect to soon find scenes to match Ghost Town's mountaintop funeral, the running along after a rowdy exorcism, or the scanning of faces at the town Christmas chorale. His back to prosperity, Dayong finds hallowed ground" (Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice).

Marijuana (1968)

Marijuana is a 34-minute 1968 anti-drug documentary film by Max Miller and distributed by Avanti Films. It is narrated by Sonny Bono. It was described as "the first major film effort to center upon the use and possible risks of marijuana", in which "arguments for and against its use are presented and the accumulation of arguments against is allowed to speak for itself". Music for the documentary was composed by The Byrds' Gene Clark, a "bizarre" choice in his musical career, resulting in "meandering blues and pseudo-psychedelic instrumental jams".

3.11: Surviving Japan (2013)

3.11: Surviving Japan is a documentary film about the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan written and directed by volunteer and resident Christopher Noland.

Michael McDonald: Model Citizen (2010)

Michael McDonald (MADtv, Austin Powers, Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List) returns home to Orange County for his debut stand-up comedy special: MODEL. CITIZEN. In this hilarious, one-hour performance, Michael shares his views on a variety of topics from fame to family and gives the audience a peek at the seemingly normal person behind the whacked out characters he has developed for television (including his famous role as Stuart the baby). Part stand-up comedy, part one man show, this special is for anyone who - like Michael - finds humor in the strange world all around us.

Girls at Sea (1977)

Girls at Sea (Danish: Piger til søs) is a 1977 Danish comedy film directed by Finn Henriksen and starring Helle Merete Sørensen.

Four Times That Night (1972)

Four Times That Night is one of the most eclectic entries in Mario Bava’s already wildly varied filmography. Bava (Black Sunday, Black Sabbath) crafted a swinging sex comedy laced with dark undertones, and structured it in the style of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. It begins with a couple’s chance encounter in a public park that turns into a tumultuous sexual evening together. But sources vary on what exactly happened that fateful night, so the tryst is recounted from four separate points of view. Bava treats the kaleidoscopic story with his always-brilliant eye for color and composition, and the resulting film is perhaps the first bona fide arthouse nudie cutie picture.

Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx (1970)

Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx is a 1970 Irish-American comedy film directed by Waris Hussein and written by Gabriel Walsh. It stars Gene Wilder as the titular Quackser Fortune, a poor Irish manure collector who falls in love with an American exchange student (Margot Kidder) after she almost runs him over.

Being Bradford Dillman (2011)

Molly does not know who to believe after her mother tells her an absurd story.

Bhadaas (2013)

Bhadaas is a 2013 Hindi thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Yadav. The film released on 27 December 2013. The film features Meera, Aryeman Ramsay, Shree Rajput and Anant Mahadevan as main characters.

Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation (2007)

Bill Engvall is passing the torch on to a new group of Blue Collar comedians. Filmed live during The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation features comedians Jamie Kaler, Juston McKinney, John Caparulo, and Reno Collier. Watch as these up-and-comers take the stage and show that they have what it takes to carry on one of America's favorite comedy franchises.