Official Selection (2009)

8 (2012)

Carnal Knowledge (1970)

The Phantom of the Opera (1988)

Limbo (2004)

Night of the Pumpkin (2011)

Road to Hell (2017)

The Meteor (2014)

Officer Down (2016)

First Contact (2012)

The Master (2004)

The Last Emperor (1986)

Page Miss Glory (1936)

Page Miss Glory (sometimes called Miss Glory to prevent confusion with the 1935 film of the same name) is a 1936 cartoon produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions. The voices in this cartoon were provided by members of the Our Gang series. Most of this short takes place in the form of a dream sequence.

Fortress (2012)

Duel at the Supreme Gate (1968)

Beschreibung eines Sommers (1963)

Beschreibung eines Sommers is an East German film directed by Ralf Kirsten. It was released in 1962.

The Lost World (1999)

Guardians (2012)

Gulliver's Travels (1979)

Angel Dust (2006)

Fascination (1922)

Fascination is a 1922 American silent drama film directed by Robert Z. Leonard and starring his then wife Mae Murray. The film is based on an original story by Edmund Goulding, soon to be a prolific film director. The story capitalizes on Murray's continuing forays into outlandish costume dramas. It is not known whether the film currently survives, suggesting that it is a lost film.

Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (2011)

Die Besucher (2013)

The Raid (2012)

Kung-Fu Kitties (2004)

Solomon & Sheba (1995)

Solomon & Sheba is a 1995 film directed by Robert M. Young. It stars Halle Berry and Miguel Brown. It was nominated for an Image Award in 1996.

Betty I Am (2012)

Slash 3 (2015)

Blind Willie's Blues: A Documentary Film (1997)

HIV: The Musical (2009)

Passion in Hot Hollows (1969)

Ricky Steamboat: The Life Story of the Dragon (2010)

Pain (2015)

Over-Due (2007)

The Cranberries: The Best Videos 1992-2002 (2002)

Saturday, Sunday and Friday (1979)

Saturday, Sunday and Friday, originally titled Sabato, domenica e venerdì, is a 1979 Italian anthology comedy film directed by Castellano & Pipolo, Pasquale Festa Campanile and Sergio Martino.

A Railroad Wooing (1913)

Queensryche: Building Empires (1992)

Le voleur d'enfants (1991)

The Children Thief (French: Le Voleur d'enfants) is a 1991 French drama film directed by Christian de Chalonge.

Nothing for Christmas (2011)

Zombie Hunter (2005)

Black Ice (2009)

The Switch or How to Alter Your Ego (1974)

As Long as the Heart Still Beats (1958)

Rommel ruft Kairo (1959)

Rommel Calls Cairo (German: Rommel ruft Kairo) is a 1959 West German war thriller film directed by Wolfgang Schleif and starring Adrian Hoven, Elisabeth Müller and Peter van Eyck. It is based on a real incident from the North African Campaign during the Second World War. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Ludwig Reiber and Hans Strobel. It was shot on location in Egypt. Van Eyck reprised his role as László Almásy in the British film Foxhole in Cairo which was released the following year.

Waldrausch (1977)

Waldrausch is a 1977 German drama film directed by Horst Hächler and starring Uschi Glas, Alexander Stephan and Siegfried Rauch. A farmer tries to block the ambitious plans of an architect to build a new dam and flood a valley. It was based on the 1907 novel Waldrausch by Ludwig Ganghofer.

My Daughter Patricia (1959)

Geschichte vom armen Hassan (1958)

Geschichte vom armen Hassan is an East German film. It was released in 1958.

Interpol contre X (Dossier AST-555) (1960)

Interpol Against X (French: Interpol contre X) is a 1960 French crime film directed by Maurice Boutel and starring Howard Vernon, Maria Vincent and Andrex. It is also known by the alternative title of Dossier AST-555.

El trueno entre las hojas (1957)

Thunder Among the Leaves (Spanish: El trueno entre las hojas) is a 1958 Argentine drama film directed by Armando Bó, starring himself, Isabel Sarli, Ernesto Báez and Andrés Laszlo. The screenplay by Paraguayan writer Augusto Roa Bastos was based on his short story La hija del ministro. Set in Paraguay, the story is about a strike at a sawmill.The first film to feature full frontal nudity in Argentine cinema, Thunder Among the Leaves scandalized audiences and became a major box office success in the continent. It rocketed Sarli to stardom, and is now considered a cult classic.

Famous Love Affairs (1961)

Famous Love Affairs (French: Les Amours célèbres, Italian: Amori celebri) is a 1961 French-Italian anthology film starring Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot and Jean Paul Belmondo.

Wages of Sin (1966)

The Doctor Speaks Out or The Doctor Says (German: Der Arzt stellt fest...) is a 1966 West German-Swiss drama film directed by Aleksander Ford and starring Tadeusz Lomnicki, René Deltgen and Margot Trooger. The film's sets were designed by Heinrich Weidemann.

An Ace and Four Queens (1966)

Four Queens for an Ace (French: Carré de dames pour un as, Spanish: Demasiadas mujeres para Layton, Italian: Layton... bambole e karatè, also known as A Ace and Four Queens) is a 1966 French-Spanish-Italian spy film directed by Jacques Poitrenaud and starring Roger Hanin and Sylva Koscina. It is based on a novel by Michael Loggan.

A Nearly Decent Girl (1963)

A Nearly Decent Girl (German: Ein fast anständiges Mädchen, Spanish: Una chica casi formal) is a 1963 West German-Spanish comedy film directed by Ladislao Vajda and starring Liselotte Pulver, Alberto de Mendoza and Martin Held.

Unsere tollen Nichten (1963)

Our Crazy Nieces (German: Unsere tollen Nichten) is a 1963 Austrian comedy film directed by Rolf Olsen and starring Gunther Philipp, Vivi Bach and Paul Hörbiger. It was the second part in a trilogy of films which began with Our Crazy Aunts in 1961 and finished with Our Crazy Aunts in the South Seas. The film's sets were designed by the art director Wolf Witzemann. It was shot at the Sievering Studios in Vienna.

Secret Pleasures (2002)

Inner Rage (2006)

Pedalling Dreams: The Raleigh Story (2017)

Inside 'Moonraker' (2000)

Sex, Chocolate & Zombie Republicans (1998)

The First Gangster and the Last Gangster (1937)

The Big Apple (1937)

Luca (2008)

Wilbur and the Baby Factory (1970)

Tales of a Salesman (1965)

Rockin' on Heaven's Door (2013)

Rockin' on Heaven's Door (Hangul: 뜨거운 안녕; RR: Ddeugeoun Annyeong; lit. "Passionate Goodbye") is a 2013 South Korean film directed by Nam Taek-soo, starring F.T. Island lead vocalist Lee Hong-ki as an idol star who learns to cope with his past and rediscovers music during community work at a hospice for terminally ill patients.

Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)

Die Hunde sind schuld (2001)

Shania: Live (1998)

U.S. Open Sores (1989)

Desire (1993)

As They Continue to Fall (2016)

The Two Gun Teacher (1954)

I'm Healthy, I'm Alive and I'm Free (1977)

Amor y pecado (1956)

Popularity Killer (2011)

Cigarettes & Coffee (1993)

Cigarettes & Coffee is a 1993 short film written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Philip Baker Hall. It tells the story of five people's lives all connected through a $20 bill. The film helped launch the career of Anderson and was used as a basis for his first feature film Hard Eight (1996).

The Luck of the Navy (1927)

The Luck of the Navy is a 1927 British silent comedy thriller film directed by Fred Paul and starring Evelyn Laye, Henry Victor and Hayford Hobbs. It was an adaptation of the 1919 play The Luck of the Navy by Mrs Clifford Mills.

El Verdugo De Sevilla (1942)

El verdugo de Sevilla ("The Executioner of Seville") is a 1942 Mexican film. It stars Sara García and Fernando Soler. It is based on a play by Pedro Muñoz Seca.

The Bullet Machine (1970)

Clegg is a 1970 British crime film directed by Lindsay Shonteff. It featured Gilbert Wynne in his first starring role. Clegg follows a case of a private detective named Harry Clegg, a former policeman in London. The film was also released under the titles Clegg Private Eye, The Bullet Machine and Harry and the Hookers. It was lensed in various locations around London including the Docklands and Highgate Cemetery, as well as in Paris. Gilbert Wynne would also star in Shonteff's next film, Permissive which was also released in 1970. The score was by Paul Ferris. The film was distributed by Tigon.

Deep Cover (1996)

Two Blondes and a Redhead (1947)

Two Blondes and a Redhead is a 1947 American musical film starring Jean Porter.

Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging (2008)

Michael Bublé's 3rd Annual Christmas Special (2013)

Erotissimo (1969)

Erotissimo is a 1969 French-Italian comedy film directed by Gérard Pirès. It was entered into the 19th Berlin International Film Festival.

Why Bring That Up? (1929)

Why Bring That Up? is a 1929 American Pre-Code black-and-white musical film starring minstrel show comedians Charles Mack and George Moran, as blackface team Two Black Crows. The title of the film was part of the "vernacular of the day". It was the duo's first talking comedy film.

Crossbone Territory (1985)

Saturday Night Live Christmas (1999)

The Ten Commandments (1994)

Poslední propadne peklu (1982)

Poslední propadne peklu is a Czech adventure film directed by Ludvík Ráža. It was released in 1982.

Shelter from the Storm (2015)

Obsessed with Vertigo (1997)

James Dean Remembered (1974)

Lang zal ze leven (2011)

On a Dark and Stormy Night (2013)

Kuolema käy kuusi beessä (1993)

29 and Holding (2004)

Fairway to Heaven (2007)

I Think My Babysitter's an Alien (2015)

Tracing Battleship Potemkin (2007)