In the Pillory (1923)

Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)

3-2-1 Penguins: The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka (2001)

Nyom nélkül (1982)

Fei hu xiong shi zhi: Ji dao zhan shi (1994)

Pułapka (1997)

A Trap (Polish: Pułapka) is a 1997 Polish comedy film directed by Adek Drabiński. It was entered into the 20th Moscow International Film Festival.

Retorno a Aztlán (1991)

Return to Aztlán (In Necuepaliztli in Aztlan, original title in Náhuatl) is a Mexican fiction film directed by Juan Mora Cattlet starring Rodrigo Puebla, Rafael Cortés, Amado Zumaya, Socorro Avelar, made in 1990. It was the first feature film filmed in Mexico spoken entirely in náhuatl, subtitled in Spanish in exhibition. The film was produced in the context of Nuevo Cine Mexicano (New Mexican Cinema) films.

Genevieve Clancy, Instants Of Life (2013)

City Warriors (1988)

Qing yi wo xin zhi (1989)

Your Turn to Die (1967)

Your Turn to Die (Italian: Troppo per vivere... poco per morire, French: Qui êtes-vous inspecteur Chandler?) is a 1967 Italian-French crime-thriller film directed by Michele Lupo.

Lewis (2015)

Rhythm City Volume One: Caught Up (2005)

IceBreaker (2009)

Patron (2013)

El cadáver exquisito (2011)

The Crimson Curtain (1953)

The Crimson Curtain (French: Le Rideau cramoisi) is a 1953 French short film directed by Alexandre Astruc. It was screened at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival, but not entered into the competition.

Ballad of the Masterthief Ole Hoiland (1970)

Ballad of the Masterthief Ole Hoiland (Norwegian: Balladen om mestertyven Ole Høiland) is a 1970 Norwegian drama film directed by Knut Andersen, and starring a broad cast of notable Norwegian actors, headed by Per Jansen as Ole Høiland. Ole Høiland was an actual Norwegian Robin Hood-figure in the early 19th century. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor, enjoying numerous affairs with attractive women along the way. The story culminates in the ambitious burglary of Norges Bank, Norway's central bank.

Donald Duck Goes West (1965)

Dialogues (2005)

Book of Lore (2007)

Run with Fear (2005)

The Lion's Den (1919)

The Lion's Den is a surviving 1919 silent film drama directed by George D. Baker and starring Bert Lytell, Alice Lake and Edward Connelly. It was distributed by Metro Pictures.

The Bloody Monks (1988)

Vlyublyon po sobstvennomu zhelaniyu (1982)

Love by Request (Russian: Влюблён по собственному желанию) is a 1983 Soviet comedy film directed by Sergey Mikaelyan. It was entered into the 33rd Berlin International Film Festival, where Yevgeniya Glushenko won the Silver Bear for Best Actress.

Monica's Gang in an Adventure in Time (2007)

An Adventure Through Time (of Portuguese, Uma Aventura no Tempo) is a 2007 Brazilian animated film based on the Monica's Gang comic books. The film was directed and co-written by Mauricio de Sousa, creator of over two hundred characters featured in the comic books.

Streisand: Live in Concert (2009)

From Baghdad to Brooklyn (2015)

Mrs Nergis (2014)

Don Carlo (2013)

Prince (2014)

Sugar Wars - The Rise of the Cleveland Mafia (2012)

Angelo Lonardo grew up in the wealthy neighborhood of Shaker Heights, his father was a powerful man and the first "Mafia Boss" of the city. After his father was murdered by a member of the rival Porello crime family in 1929, 18 year-old Angelo swore revenge. He later joined the Cleveland Crime Family, working his way up to underboss in 1976. After his arrest in 1983 on drug charges,and fearing life behind bars, he became a government informant and testified against his former colleagues. He remains one of the highest ranking mob bosses to breach the vow of "omerta" in becoming a federal witness. He emerged from the Federal Witness Protection Program inn the early 1990's, and returned home to Cleveland to tell his story.

Propaganda (2014)

Mistress Nell (1915)

Mistress Nell is a 1915 American silent historical adventure film starring Mary Pickford. It is yet another story about Nell Gwyn taken from a Broadway play Mistress Nell that was very successful for stage actress Henrietta Crosman from 1900 to 1902. This production was produced by Adolph Zukor's production company Famous Players Film Company and released through Paramount Pictures. The film is extant.A surviving print is held by Museum of Modern Art.

Action Family (1986)

Witch Hunter's Bible (2010)

The Resurrection of Victor Jara (2015)

The Promise Keeper (2008)

Inside 'The Spy Who Loved Me' (2000)

The Luigi0730 Movie (2014)

The London Connection (1979)

The London Connection is a 1979 film directed by Robert Clouse for Walt Disney Productions. It stars Jeffrey Byron and Larry Cedar. It was renamed The Omega Connection when it aired on TV.

Running Wild (1955)

Running Wild is a 1955 crime film directed by Abner Biberman starring William Campbell, Mamie Van Doren, Keenan Wynn and Kathleen Case.

A Debtor to the Law (1919)

A Child for Sale (1920)

A Child for Sale is a lost 1920 American silent drama film directed by Ivan Abramson, starring Gladys Leslie and Creighton Hale.

The Earl Sessions (2011)

The Girls on F Street (1966)

Dandy (1970)

Come One, Come All (1970)

The First World War (1935)

The Fast Life (2003)

The Erotic Circus (1969)

Lacplesis (1930)

Vsichko e lyubov (1979)

Heimat Fragments: The Women (2006)

Outro País (2000)

Duraki umirayut po pyatnitsam (1990)

Herman Slobbe/Blind Child 2 (1966)

The End (2011)

The End (Hungarian: Konyec - Az utolsó csekk a pohárban) is a 2007 Hungarian comedy film directed by Gábor Rohonyi.

Amity (2012)

Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime (2001)

Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime is a 2001 American documentary film in which actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy discuss the Star Trek science fiction franchise and its effects on their lives. Shatner and Nimoy portrayed the characters James T. Kirk and Spock respectively in the 1960s Star Trek television series, the 1970s animated television series, and their film sequels. They talk about differences they had with Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, and about the strained relationships between Shatner and some of the other cast members. It was in this film that Nimoy first publicly revealed that he had struggled with alcoholism while he was acting in the original television series. Shatner talks about the death of his third wife, Nerine Kidd, who accidentally drowned in a pool in 1999 after suffering from alcoholism. Mind Meld was produced to advertise Shatner's personal website. Filming took place at Nimoy's home on September 5, 2001, and Billy West narrated the title sequence. The film's title refers to a fictional practice in Star Trek—a mind meld is a telepathic link that Vulcans are able to create with other organisms. Mind Meld was released for sale on Shatner's website on November 6, 2001, coinciding with the release of the director's cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Mind Meld attracted some notoriety because of an unintended sound in one scene that became a popular subject of flatulence humor among Star Trek fans and on morning zoo radio programs. Shatner denied being the source of this sound in multiple interviews; he and Mind Meld's director, Peter Jaysen, attributed it to equipment on set. The film received mixed reviews from critics. Scott Brown of Entertainment Weekly gave the film an "F", and said that the only people likely to watch the film were extreme Star Trek fans and people interested in hearing Shatner's supposed flatulence. Laurence Lerman of Video Business praised the film for not "rehash[ing] anecdotes that have long been staples of Star Trek conventions and behind-the-scenes memoirs", and instead for dealing with such topics as alcoholism, career difficulties, and conflicts on the set of Star Trek.

Ballad of Return (2016)

#Thosegirls (2015)

Hype Nation 3D (2014)

Due cuori, una cappella (1975)

Due cuori, una cappella is a 1975 Italian comedy film directed by Maurizio Lucidi.

Atrapados en el miedo (1985)

Monzetsu!! Dondengaeshi (1977)

The Violence of a Civilization without Secrets (2018)

Hippies (2007)

Snow (2008)

Snow (Bosnian title: Snijeg) is the 2008 debut film by Aida Begić.

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996)

The Power of the Dark Crystal (2021)

Sum-ba-kok-jil (2013)

Gyodoso World Cup (2001)

Moonfall (2021)

The Visual Bible: Acts (1994)

The Visual Bible: Acts is a 1994 Christian film that depicts the events of the Acts of the Apostles from the New Testament. All of the dialogue is word-for-word scripture, taken directly from the New International Version of the Bible. The Visual Bible project had earlier produced The Visual Bible: Matthew in 1993. Another project, also called "Visual Bible" produced The Gospel of John 2003.

Carriage to Vienna (1966)

Coach to Vienna (Czech: Kočár do Vídně, in USA released as Carriage to Vienna) is a 1966 Czech war thriller directed by Karel Kachyňa.

Abba Gold: Greatest Hits (1993)

Market Street (2005) - Paris Hilton Commercial (2018)

Rodeo (1969)

Oko na Roki (2018)

NIGGA (2018)

MANRY AT SEA ~ In the Wake of a Dream (2018)

Inheritance (2005)

Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender in the Bible (2017)

Concerto: One Night in Central Park (2011)

Bolshoi Ballet: Carmen Suite/Petrushka (2019)

Captured live the same day from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, this double-bill event for cinemas encapsulates and showcases the soul of Russian Ballet. Carmen is as sensual and free-spirited as ever as she finds herself caught in a love triangle. The passionate one act ballet by Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso, originally conceived for legendary Bolshoi prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, will captivate audiences alongside Petrushka, a new creation for the Bolshoi by contemporary choreographer Edward Clug.

Peter Pannekoek: Zacht van Binnen (2017)

Career Suicide (2004)

E'gad, Zombies! (2010)

Fongaluli (1972)

Rocket Dog (2013)

U-Boat, Course West! (1941)

U-Boote westwärts! (in English: U-boat Westward!) was a 1941 German war propaganda film promoting the Kriegsmarine. It concerns a U-boat mission in the Battle of the Atlantic and was produced by UFA. The U-boat used for the film was U-123, which would later play a major role in Operation Drumbeat.

As They Continue to Fall (2016)

Barbaro (2008)

Gángsters contra charros (1947)

Gangsters Versus Cowboys (Spanish:Gangsters contra charros) is a 1948 Mexican gangster film written, directed by, and starring Juan Orol, and featuring Rosa Carmina and José Pulído. It was made as a sequel to Orol's Gangster's Kingdom. However, it has become a cult film due to its low-budget production values and idiosyncratic style.

I'm Healthy, I'm Alive and I'm Free (1977)

Overdraft (2012)

Man from the Black Hills (1952)

Man from the Black Hills is a 1952 American western film directed by Thomas Carr and starring Johnny Mack Brown, James Ellison and Rand Brooks. The film's sets were designed by the art director Martin Obzina.

Half Time and Down (2014)