The Inside Man (1984)

A U.S. adviser (Dennis Hopper) and a Swedish soldier (Cory Molder) spy on an industrialist (Hardy Kruger) whose coveted laser detects submarines.

Englishkaran (2005)

A Tamil reformist goes to a village to help unite a couple and also rescue an aspiring singer from her cruel father.

Quedate (2014)

A transporter of illegal immigrants shelters a Central American refugee and her son in his apartment until the secret leaks out.

Dios los Cría (1975)

A man must help his friend to recover an heirloom as a way to express gratitude for his friend's saving his life.

Legion (1998)

A special team composed of military prisoners tries to defeat an unknown killing machine.

The Idealist (2015)

Journalist Poul Brink investigates one of the biggest government conspiracies in Danish history.

El Despertar del Lobo (1970)

A model causes a straight-laced widower, who is the owner of a linen factory, to become intoxicated and then pretends to have been seduced.

El Futbolista Fenómeno (1979)

A beer seller is kidnapped by some extra-terrestrials, who grant him the ability to be an excellent soccer player.

Forget and Forgive (2014)

After being left for dead, a woman (Elisabeth Röhm) awakes with full-blown amnesia.

Family Holiday (2015)

Chaos strikes when members (Julio Milostich, Alicia Rodríguez) of a family lie about their vacation plans.

Hard Times (1975)

A factory owner deals with mounting industrial problems in this modern-day reworking of the Charles Dickens story.

The Deathmaster (1972)

Southern California hippies make a long-haired vampire (Robert Quarry) their leader.

Once in a New Moon (1935)

The residents of Shrimpton-on-Sea try to organize a government based on equal rights after their town is sucked into space by a passing star.

Escapade (1955)

John Hampden (John Mills) pushes for world pacifism so ardently that he becomes blinded to his own family troubles. His wife, Stella (Yvonne Mitchell), has grown tired of his sanctimonious attitude and inattention. Meanwhile, his sons, Max (Andrew Ray) and Johnny (Peter Asher), have begun misbehaving at school. They decide that the best way to solve their parents' problems is to steal a plane and travel to Vienna, where they will present their father's political views to the world governments.

Flight to Nowhere (1946)

A charter pilot (Alan Curtis) takes passengers to Death Valley, where spies kill for a map to uranium.

Fool's Paradise (2015)

Without performing background checks, a mother hires a nanny to help care for her child.

Cruise of the Zaca (1952)

Erroll Flynn takes scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on an expedition to the South Seas.

Hardway to Freedom (2016)

A housewife is abused, raped and emotionally destroyed by her husband.

We Could Happen (2016)

A realtor's ex seeks closure at an open house.

Rock and Roll Fantasy (1994)

The party never stops when wild-and-woolly sorority sisters hold a famous rock star hostage.

In Your Dreams (2005)

A French rapper (Disiz La Peste) dreams of musical stardom while living a blue-collar existence.

Sword of the Conqueror (1962)

An Italian king (Jack Palance) rivals a Gothic general (Guy Madison) in war and in love for a Gothic princess (Eleonora Rossi Drago).

Juan sin Miedo (1939)

A bullfighter does not want his son to be a matador like him and sends him to the capital city to study a career.

The Easy Way Out (2014)

Three brothers deal with the different stages of falling in and out of love.

The Sex Demons (1972)

Nuns are tortured in a dungeon of horrors after being possessed by demons.

Zazie in the Subway (1960)

A girl (Catherine Demongeot) causes chaos on the streets of Paris after she runs away from her transvestite uncle (Philippe Noiret).

La Tijera de Oro (1958)

Besides being a barber, Tin Tan makes electric equipment, trains boxers and gets involved in a number of other things.

Las Abandonadas (1945)

A young woman abandoned by her boyfriend struggles on a daily basis to raise her child during the difficult 1920s in Mexico.

Robert (2015)

When their young son acquires a vintage doll a family begins experiencing terrifying, unexplainable occurrences.

The Keeler Affair (1963)

A young woman's (Yvonne Buckingham) involvement with high-level politicians leads to scandal in 1960s England.

Asham (2012)

An account of the lives of people from varied social classes and backgrounds who have different dreams and ambitions.

Man on a String (1960)

During the height of the Cold War, espionage between the United States and the Soviet Union runs rampant. In the middle of it all, Boris Mitrov (Ernest Borgnine) -- who was born in Russia but became a U.S. citizen -- turns against his adopted country to become a spy for the communists. However, Mitrov's spy network is compromised, leading the CIA to easily capture him. Fortunately for Mitrov, the CIA wants to use his abilities to make him a counterspy for the U.S.

Love, Gloria (2012)

Washed-up child star Gloria is sure her life can't get worse, then she is kidnapped by a stalker and held captive with her biggest fan; meanwhile, Gloria's agent decides the kidnapping is the perfect thing to reignite Gloria's acting career.

Minutemen (2008)

Three high-school outcasts (Jason Dolley, Luke Benward, Nicholas Braun) face unexpected problems when they use a time machine to change the past.

The Other Emma (2011)

A woman creates a new identity for herself.

Pourudu (2014)

A man who finds himself at the receiving end of the society's immorality rises against the system and fights injustice.

Calibre 44 (1959)

A crime lasts through the years and causes a hate which no one can escape.

The Hunted (1974)

An industrial spy (Michael Hinz) toys with a secretary (Lee Remick) to learn more about her boss (Ivan Desny).

Kid Courageous (1935)

Sent West to investigate a series of thefts, a man encounters gold-happy thieves and an unhappy bride-to-be.

The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (1972)

A Chinese man (Chen Lee) encounters violent lowlifes after traveling to San Francisco in search of a better life.

Sons of the Sea (1939)

British naval officers at the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth must defeat an espionage ring.

Toll of the Desert (1935)

An outlaw-gang leader (Roger Williams) is brought to justice by the son (Fred Kohler Jr.) he abandoned.

El Bracero del Año (1963)

A man crosses the border between the United States and Mexico in order to become an important person.

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue (2003)

Two days before her wedding, a woman (Sidse Babett Knudsen) must deal with the arrival of her sister's (Lotte Andersen) missing boyfriend (Bjrn Kjellman).

The Sky Palace (1994)

A lad's plans to purchase a cute canine go awry when his father disapproves.

The Jungle (1952)

An Indian princess (Marie Windsor), her adviser (Cesar Romero) and a white hunter (Rod Cameron) fight woolly mammoths. Filmed in sepia.

The Golden Ball (1994)

Bandian (Aboubacar Sidiki Sumah), an 8-year-old boy living in a small village in Guinea, dreams of playing soccer in the big leagues, but he is crushed when he learns that simply buying a ball will require a lifetime of work. Thankfully, a local doctor (Agns Soral) surprises him with a new soccer ball when she returns from a trip to Europe. Armed with the doctor's gift, Bandian is ready to leave his home and take the first of many steps toward the realization of his dreams.

Longwave (2013)

While visiting Portugal in 1974, members (Valérie Donzelli, Michel Vuillermoz, Patrick Lapp) of a Swiss radio crew get caught up in the country's revolution.

Djomeh (2000)

An Afghan refugee (Jalil Nazari) falls in love with a woman in Iran, but it is against the law for him to talk to her.

For Love or Money (2005)

An uninsured driver (Oliver Mommsen) crashes a borrowed car and fakes a severe injury.

Make Haste to Live (1954)

Crystal Benson (Dorothy McGuire), a small-town newspaper owner, fears her former husband, Steve Blackford (Stephen McNally), is stalking her. In flashbacks, Crystal relates her secret past: While young, she marries charismatic mobster Steve. When he grows increasingly violent, Crystal runs away and assumes a new identity. When a prostitute accidentally dies in Steve's house and Crystal cannot be found, he's jailed for her murder. Now, having served his time, Steve comes to town for revenge.

Boy Who Caught a Crook (1961)

A puppy and a tramp (Don Beddoe) lead the police to a boy (Roger Mobley) and a briefcase and a crook on the run.

A Zombie Invasion (2012)

Patrons of a popular diner in a small town are forced to fight for their lives when a horde of hungry zombies comes to town.

Crossing the Line (1989)

Daredevil teen Rick Kagan (Rick Hearst) dreams of becoming a motocross racer. But his youthful ambitions are put in peril when, after a chase with the police, his best friend crashes his motor bike and sinks into a coma. Rick is overwhelmed with guilt about the accident and wonders whether he'll ever get on a bike again. While Rick's strained relationship with his father deteriorates further, the vengeful brothers of his injured friend plan to make Rick pay however they can.

Rosenda (1948)

A ruffian sends his assistant to force a peasant girl to marry him, but while he is bringing her to him, he falls in love with her.

Un Pirata de Doce Años (1972)

The ghost of a twelve year old pirate boy helps the crew of a sunken ship to immerse themselves in the jungle.

O.S.S. (1946)

During World War II, an American spy code-named John Martin (Alan Ladd) is part of a covert operation to destroy a tunnel vital to the German army in Nazi-occupied France. During the mission, another American spy, code-named Elaine Duprez (Geraldine Fitzgerald), falls in love with John Martin, which endangers the team's mission. But as members of the Office of Strategic Service, they have an obligation to their duty, which leads one of them to a difficult decision and sacrifice.

Anonymous (2004)

When Todd tires of his steady relationship and uninspired office job, he looks for a way to return to the sexually charged atmosphere of days gone by.

Winner (2003)

A young man moves to his hometown; here he falls in love with the village head's daughter. The village head learns about this and he has the girl abducted; if the young man tries to rescue her, his parent's life will be at stake.

Blood Shack (1972)

An ax murderer known as "The Chooper" plys his trade with bloody efficiency.

The Three Weird Sisters (1948)

Three elderly sisters (Nancy Price, Mary Clare, Mary Merrall) share a decrepit mansion in a former mining town in Wales. An old mine collapses and causes damage to many nearby homes. The sisters want to rebuild the houses and revitalize their village, but they have no money. Their half brother, Owen (Raymond Lovell), a successful businessman living in London, travels to Wales with his secretary (Nova Pilbeam), but their modern lifestyle clashes with the sisters' old-fashioned ways.

Tabloid Truth (2014)

A rumor causes an up-and-coming actress to commit suicide, and her manager starts a vengeful investigation to expose the rumor's source.

The Man Who Wagged His Tail (1957)

Turned into a dog by a curse, a slumlord (Peter Ustinov) can only turn back if someone decides to love him.

Chasing Yesterday (2015)

The sweetheart of a washed-up high school sports star convinces him to run a marathon to get his life back on track.

Ima (2016)

An illusion turns a woman into a beauty.

Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure (2007)

The Dalton brothers decide to go to California.

Checkered Flag or Crash (1977)

Thrill-seekers make the most of a 1,000-mile jungle off-road race in the Philippines.

La Isla Encantada (1977)

A shipwrecked sailor teaches an aboriginal child a little white man culture and builds a raft to leave the island.

La Sombra de los Hijos (1964)

A widow knows she will die soon and tries to help her children as much as she can, but each is in serious trouble.

Second Chorus (1940)

Two music students, rather than face the responsibilities of life, repeatedly fail their exams so that they can stay in college. The students change their attitude, however, when they meet a woman who agrees to be their manager and both attempt to woo her as a way of getting a job in Artie Shaw's band. Featuring the Oscar-nominated "Would You Like to Be the Love of My Life?".

Savage Drums (1951)

An island native returns to his homeland to squelch the warfare that has erupted over power-seeking invaders.

Los Gavilanes (1956)

A dying man asks his wife to never reveal that one of his children is actually the bastard child of the landlord.

Traffic (1971)

Mr. Hulot (Jacques Tati) is the head designer of the Altra Automotive Co. His latest invention is a newfangled camper car loaded with outrageous extra features. Along with the company's manager (Honoré Bostel) and publicity model (Maria Kimberly), Hulot sets out from Paris with the intention of debuting the car at the annual auto show in Amsterdam. The going isn't easy, however, and the group encounters an increasingly bizarre series of hurdles and setbacks en route.

Cuando los Hijos Se Van (1941)

A marriage suffers various family problems, but eventually on a Christmas Eve happiness comes forth again.

Triple Deception (1956)

Police in Paris recruit an English ship's officer (Michael Craig) to help trap counterfeiters by joining them.

Jesus is Real! (2011)

A skeptical producer orders a news anchor to report Jesus as a fake. With the help of a young boy and a mysterious janitor, the reporter goes to unexpected places.

Undefeatable (1994)

With the help of a police detective (John Miller), a martial-arts expert (Cynthia Rothrock) tracks the serial killer who victimized her sister.

Kampout (2015)

After its offspring is murdered, Bigfoot rampages through Ohio.

Ambition (2005)

Paranoia builds when five former friends break into their old high school to get a few cheap thrills during their 10-year high school reunion, and they start to recall a deal they made years earlier.

Santo Contra el Doctor Muerte (1974)

Santo investigates the disappearance of original works of art that were supplanted by cheap copies instead.

Odeio o Dia dos Namorados (2013)

A businesswoman becomes involved in a car accident and, with the help of her best friend's ghost, recalls the events of her life that led to that moment.

Sally of the Subway (1932)

A con artist uses a member of European nobility to pull one over on a jewel company.

Vagary (2013)

The struggles faced by women in the face of love and duty.

Their First Mistake (1932)

Oliver adopts a baby to make his wife happy.

The Royal Family of Broadway (1930)

Despite a successful stage career and belonging to a famous acting clan, Julie Cavendish (Ina Claire) wants to retire. She wants love more than applause. But that won't happen if her family has anything to say about it. Her brother, Tony (Fredric March), returns from Hollywood to stir up trouble, while Ina's daughter, Gwen (Mary Brian), quarrels with her boyfriend (Charles Starrett) about the acting life. All the while, matriarch Fanny (Henrietta Crosman) tries to keep everyone together.

Play for Me (2001)

An adoptee (Hermes Gaido) goes on the road in Argentina to search for his natural father.

Riot in Juvenile Prison (1959)

Restless young inmates respond to a psychologist's (Jerome Thor) idea of a coed facilty.

Sombra, the Spider Woman (1966)

An amateur sleuth (Bruce Edwards) and a newswoman (Virginia Lindley) stop an Asian king's daughter (Carol Forman) and her atomic plot.

Silent (2014)

Two street performers discover a magic contraption inside an old theater and embark on an adventure of sight and sound.

Roaring Speedboat (1939)

Gangsters banking on a boat race eye an inventor's latest work.

The Red Balloon (1956)

A red balloon with a life of its own follows a boy around Paris.

Glory Days (1988)

Alarming his wife (Jennifer O'Neill) and family, a self-made man (Robert Conrad) in his 50s enters college and goes out for football.

Foxbat (1977)

A Soviet pilot's defection to Japan triggers a battle for possession of his aircraft's top-secret blueprints.

Daughter of the Streets (1990)

Discovering her teenager (Roxana Zal) is a prostitute with a pimp (John Stamos), a divorced mother (Jane Alexander) plans a bold family rescue.

Shock-O-Rama (2005)

A movie studio scrambles to find a replacement actress when B-movie queen Rebecca Raven (Misty Mundae) is devoured by a hungry zombie.

Les bons débarras (1980)

A lonely French Canadian girl (Charlotte Laurier) wants her mother (Marie Tifo) all to herself. Winner of eight Genie Awards.

Hard to Forget (1998)

A Chicago detective (Tim Dutton) asks a woman (Polly Shannon) in South Africa to help trap the killer of her identical twin.

On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music (2015)

Majid Shokor discovers that the songs he loved as a child in Baghdad have a hidden history.

Missing Mom (2016)

Brothers embark on a road trip to find their missing mother.

Wise Guys Never Die (2006)

A grifter (Wong Jing) wants a fellow ex-con (Nick Cheung) to help him swindle a tough gangster.