Dinah (1933)

Regina (2013)

Letty Lynton (1932)

Letty Lynton is a 1932 American pre-Code drama film starring Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery and Nils Asther. The film was directed by Clarence Brown and based on the 1931 novel of the same name by Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes (this novel itself based on a historical alleged murder committed by Madeleine Smith). Crawford plays the title character, who gets away with murder in a tale of love and blackmail. The film has since become famous due to its unavailability. It is also remembered for the "Letty Lynton dress", designed by Adrian - a white cotton organdy gown with large ruffled sleeves, puffed at the shoulder. Macy's department store copied the dress in 1932, and it sold over 50,000 replicas nationwide.

Ricky Jay plays poker (2007)

Sekigun-P.F.L.P: Sekai sensô sengen (1971)

Schogetten (2010)

Sobre el arco iris (2004)

On Our Own Land (1948)

On Our Own Land (Slovene: Na svoji zemlji) is a 1948 film directed by France Štiglic. It was the first Slovene sound feature film. It was released on 21 November 1948 in Union Cinema (Kino Union) in Ljubljana, received great public acclaim, and was entered into the 1949 Cannes Film Festival.

The Tuba Tooter (1932)

Pestilent City (1965)

WW1: Finding the Lost Battalions (2010)

The Four Elements (1966)

Ujti chtoby ostatsa (2013)

The Meeting of Two Queens (1991)

Chained Heat 2001: Slave Lovers (2001)

Malaise (2014)

Love Wanders in the Night (1981)

Nefarious (2008)

Patti LaBelle Live One Night Only (1998)

Christmas. Uncensored (2012)

Venshangupol (2011)

Black Dalia (2009)

Do or Die (1921)

Do or Die is a 1921 American film serial directed by J. P. McGowan. The film is considered to be lost.

Canelo vs. Lara (2014)

Blushes (2012)

'Legitimate Rape' Pharmaceutical Ad (2012)

Divinations (1964)

Lucero: Bright Stars on Lonesome Nights (2005)

Sun City Girls: Cloaven Theater (1994)

Le torchon brûle ou Une querelle de ménage (1911)

The Ordinary Things We Do (2014)

Mauban: Ang resiko (2014)

Tudo o que é sólido pode derreter (2005)

The Unpardonable Sin (1919)

The Unpardonable Sin is a 1919 American silent drama/propaganda film set during World War I. The film was produced by Harry Garson, directed by Marshall Neilan, and stars Neilan's wife Blanche Sweet whose portrays dual roles in the film. The Unpardonable Sin is based on the novel of the same name by Rupert Hughes. It is not known whether the film currently survives, suggesting that it is a lost film.

Transylvania 6-5000 (1963)

Transylvania 6-5000 (1963) is a Merrie Melodies animated short directed by Chuck Jones and starring Bugs Bunny. It was the last original Bugs Bunny short Jones made for Warner Bros. Cartoons before Jones left for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to found his own studio, Sib Tower 12 Productions. It was his second-to-last cartoon at Warner Bros. before moving to MGM, and the second-to-last Warner cartoon in 1963.

The City That Stopped Hitler: Heroic Stalingrad (1943)

Stalingrad, is a 1943 Soviet documentary film directed by Leonid Varlamov.

Out of the Fog (1919)

Out of the Fog is a lost 1919 silent film drama directed by Albert Capellani and starring Alla Nazimova billed as Madame Nazimova. It was produced by Nazimova, Richard A. Rowland and Maxwell Karger with distribution through Metro Pictures.

Intruder (1997)

Intruder is a 1997 Hong Kong horror thriller film written and directed by Tsang Kan-cheung and starring Jacklyn Wu, Wayne Lai and Moses Chan. The film was rated Category III by the Hong Kong motion picture rating system.

Apaches (1977)

Apaches is a public information film made in the United Kingdom in 1977. Produced by Graphic Films for the Central Office of Information (COI) for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it was shown extensively in the Southern, Westward, Anglia and ATV regions, before being shown either on film or videocassette in primary schools. It was shot on 16mm film at a Home Counties farm in February 1977, and child actors were selected from a school in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The 26-minute-long film deals with the subject of the dangers to children on farms, and has been seen in schools all over Britain, as well as Canada, Australia and the United States. The timeframe of the film is somewhat confusing, giving a surreal feeling to the events portrayed.

Romance with a Double Bass (1911)

Novel with a Double Bass is a silent comedy short film released in 1911. Directed by Kai Hanson, the film is based on a short story by Russian writer Anton Chekhov. The film was released seven years after his death, the time Chekhov thought people would stop reading his work. It is based on the story Roman s kontrabasom written in 1886.

A Christmas Story (1972)

A Christmas Story is a 1972 American animated Christmas television special produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions which was broadcast in syndication on December 9, 1972.

1812 (1912)

1812, is a 1912 Russian short film directed by Vasili Goncharov, Kai Hansen and Aleksandr Uralsky.

Interlude (1968)

The Box (2011)

Step on It (2002)

Pioneer Days (1930)

The Count of Monte Cristo (1908)

Van Gogh (1948)

Van Gogh is a 1948 short French film directed by Alain Resnais. It won an Oscar in 1950 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel). It is a remake of a film made the previous year.

Lest We Forget (1991)

Hospital (1977)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1907)

Quick on the Trigger (1948)

Shower (1961)

Grand Canyon (1958)

Grand Canyon is a 1958 American short documentary film directed by James Algar and produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was shown as a supplement during Sleeping Beauty's initial run. The short won an Oscar at the 31st Academy Awards in 1959 for Best Short Subject. It is also included as a bonus feature on the 1997 laserdisc, 2003 DVD, and 2008 DVD & Blu-ray releases of Sleeping Beauty.

Factory (1971)

37 (2012)

Youp van 't Hek: Oudejaarsconference 1995 (1995)

Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor (2010)

Befrielsesbilleder (1982)

Images of Liberation (Danish: Befrielsesbilleder) is a 1982 Danish drama film directed by Lars von Trier. The story is set in Copenhagen during World War II, and follows a German officer who visits his Danish mistress the days after the occupation of Denmark has ended. The film was Trier's graduation film from the National Film School of Denmark. It became the first ever Danish school film to receive regular theatrical distribution. It was screened in the Panorama section of the 34th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Alps (2007)

The Scary Movie (1993)

Our Folks (1967)

Sami swoi (variously translated as All Friends Here or Our Folks; literally "Only ours") (1967) is the first part of a Polish comedic trilogy of movies by Sylwester Chęciński. Its two follow-ups are Nie ma mocnych (a Polish idiom meaning "no can do") (1974) and Kochaj albo rzuć ("Love It or Leave It") (1977).

The Preacher (2007)

Big Top Bunny (1951)

Big Top Bunny is a Warner Bros. Pictures Merrie Melodies theatrical cartoon short released in 1951 and re-released in 1961 as a Blue Ribbon and directed by Robert McKimson and written by Tedd Pierce. The cartoon is available on Disc 1 in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1.

Cannonball Run Europe: Great Escape (2005)

Songbird (2007)

Baby Mozart (1998)

Doutores da Alegria (2005)

I'm Coming to Get You (2012)

Kokuhaku: Nurse no Zangyo (2009)

Kinder der Berge (1958)

Nocturne (1998)

Glittering Hands (2014)

Isolados (2014)

Isolados is a 2014 Brazilian thriller film directed by Tomas Portella, starring Bruno Gagliasso, Regiane Alves and José Wilker. Shot in the inner Rio de Janeiro state during three weeks, the film is the last work of actor José Wilker, who died on April 5, 2014. It was premiered on August 8 at the 2014 Festival de Gramado. The film follows the story of a couple who, after moving to an isolated house, begins to feel threatened by several violent stories that surrounds the location.

A Esmorga (2014)

A esmorga is a 2014 Galician film directed by Ignacio Vilar. The film is adapted from the book A esmorga by Galician author Eduardo Blanco Amor.

Nightbird (1973)

Ánima (2012)

Queen of the Turf (1921)

Silks and Saddles is a 1921 Australian film set in the world of horse racing directed by John K. Wells. The film is also known as Queen o' Turf or Queen of the Turf in the USA.

Hai shi shen lou (1987)

Saga of the Phoenix (1990)

The last incubus (2014)

Manolo by Night (1973)

The Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman (1971)

La Noche de Walpurgis (Walpurgis Night, released in the United States as The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman and in the UK as Werewolf Shadow) is a 1970 Spanish horror film starring Paul Naschy, the fifth in a series about the werewolf Waldemar Daninsky. This film was directed by León Klimovsky and written by Naschy and Hans Munkel, and is generally regarded to have kickstarted the Spanish horror film boom of the Seventies, due to its awesome box office success upon its release. Patty Shepard was so convincing as the vampiric Countess, it was thought at the time that she might replace actress Barbara Steele as Europe's reigning horror queen. Klimovsky filmed many of the scenes in slow motion, to add to the otherworldliness of the film. Naschy followed up this film with a sequel entitled Dr. Jekyll and the Wolf Man. Note* - There is a scene in this film that obviously inspired Spanish director Amando de Ossorio to write Tombs of the Blind Dead, which was made just a few months later in 1971. A skeletal zombie in a monk's garments assaults Naschy in a cemetery in one scene, bearing a strong resemblance to de Ossorio's Templar Knights in his "Blind Dead" films.

Kayangan (2007)

Cologne (2013)

Old Fools (2011)

Fair Play (1972)

Åland - Baltic Sea Bouldering (2004)

Kondaan Koduthaan (2012)

Dream of San Juan (2012)

What Goes Up (2003)

Notes on the Port of St. Francis (1951)

Notes on the Port of St. Francis is a 1951 short impressionistic documentary film on San Francisco, directed by Frank Stauffacher, and with narration written by Robert Louis Stevenson (1882) and read by Vincent Price. The film opens with "An Epitaph" by Walter de la Mare. The film was made in 16mm film, is 22 minutes long, and has been preserved by the Pacific Film Archive at University of California, Berkeley. Stauffacher was assisted by Hy Hirsh, Allon Schoener, Herb Gleitz, and Gene Tepper. The film was co-produced by Stauffacher, the SF Maritime Museum, and the California Historical Society. On December 18, 2013, the Library of Congress announced that this film had been selected for the National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

42/83: No Film (1983)

El campo para el hombre (1975)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1937)

The Hound of the Baskervilles (German:Der Hund von Baskerville ) is a 1937 German mystery film directed by Carl Lamac and starring Bruno Güttner, Fritz Odemar and Peter Voß. It is an adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes's story The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The Winter Of The Beard (2008)

Kurama Tengu: Kyôfu jidai (1928)

Iver (2004)

Billy Connolly Live: The Greatest Hits (2003)

Centerfold Screen Test 2 (1986)