Ice (2012)

City on Fire (2016)

The Wedding (2013)

The Wedding is a 1998 television film directed by Charles Burnett. Based on a novel by Dorothy West and written for television by West and Lisa Jones, it stars Halle Berry, Eric Thal, and Lynn Whitfield, and was produced by Oprah Winfrey's production company, Harpo Productions. The story touches on the subjects of marriage, race, prejudice, class, and family in 1950s Martha's Vineyard.

City of Wax (1934)

City of Wax is a 1934 American short documentary film produced by Horace and Stacy Woodard about the life of a bee. It won the Oscar at the 7th Academy Awards in 1935 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). The Academy Film Archive preserved City of Wax in 2007.

A Private Scandal (1931)

Krakatoa (1933)

Krakatoa is a 1933 American Pre-Code short documentary film produced by Joe Rock. It won the Academy Award in 1934 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). Educational Pictures was the film distributor of the film.

Do zavtra (1929)

The Little Street Singer (1924)

Alice and the Three Bears (1924)

Whistle in My Heart (1959)

El trato (2006)

Tire Trouble (1924)

Tire Trouble is a 1924 American short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 21st Our Gang short subject released.

Poumse... (1990)

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust (2004)

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust is a 2004 documentary film directed by Daniel Anker and narrated by Gene Hackman that examines the treatment of the Holocaust in Hollywood films over a period of sixty years and the impact of the films on public perception and thinking, and vice versa. The film was originally produced for the American cable network, American Movie Classics.

Pobednyy marshrut (1939)

The Fat and Lean Wrestling Match (1900)

Nouvelles Luttes extravagantes, released in the United States as Fat and Lean Wrestling Match and in the United Kingdom as The Wrestling Sextette, is a 1900 French short silent film directed by Georges Méliès.

Sylvi (1913)

Why Get Married the Day the World Ends? (2000)

In Danger's Path (1915)

Avalanche (1928)

Avalanche is a 1923 Austrian silent drama film directed by Michael Curtiz, and produced by Arnold Pressburger.

Tables of Content (1986)

The Egg (1922)

The Egg is a 1922 American silent comedy film featuring Stan Laurel.

I See the Sun (1965)

Gertie on Tour (1921)

Girls, Girls (1967)

The Mills in Joy and Sorrow (1912)

Mrs. Pussy Loves Animals (1911)

Lichtspiel opus I (1921)

L'hirondelle et la mésange (1920)

A Little Street in Paradise (1936)

The Dark World (1953)

The Dark World, also known as Aşık Veysel'ın Hayatı, is a 1953 Turkish biographical drama film directed by Metin Erksan, and written by Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu. It stars Asik Veysel, Ayfer Feray, and Kemal Öz.

The Midnight Cabaret (1923)

The Midnight Cabaret is a 1923 American film directed by Larry Semon and featuring Oliver Hardy.

Hard to Remember (1974)

Anna-Liisa (1922)

Anna-Liisa is a 1922 Finnish silent film directed by Teuvo Puro and Jussi Snellman based on the eponymous play by Finnish writer Minna Canth.

Luffar-Petter (1922)

Le chrysanthème rouge (1912)

Dla ciebie, Polsko (1920)

Opus II (1921)

The Praying Mantis (2001)

The Creation of Woman (1961)

Much like the Christian story of Adam and Eve, in The Creation of Woman, narrator Saeed Jaffrey describes first the Hindu god Brahma's creation of the world. The filmmakers managed to secure the famed Indian dancer Chowdhury for the production. During The Creation of Woman the sensuous, magnetic Indian dance star performs the "Dance of Shiva."

Revolution in Russia (1906)

Snapshot (2016)

Der Schrei der Liebe (1997)

Tutto parla di te (2012)

The Old Plantation (1935)

Good Little Monkeys (1935)

La Polka des Menottes (1957)

Hasan Arbakesh (1965)

Front in the Rear of the Enemy (1981)

Copenhagen Dreams (2010)

La fusée (1933)

Nevalyashka (2007)

Our Last Spring (1960)

Our Last Spring is a 1960 Greek drama film directed by Michael Cacoyannis and based on the 1938 novel "Eroica" by Greek writer Kosmas Politis. It was entered into the 10th Berlin International Film Festival.

That still Karloson! (2012)

To the Last Day (1960)

To the Last Day is a 1960 South Korean drama film directed by Shin Sang-ok. It was entered into the 12th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear Extraordinary Jury Prize.

The Country Mouse (1935)

Teacher and Three Children (2008)

Watch Your Step (1922)

Watch Your Step is a 1922 American silent comedy film directed by William Beaudine. It stars Cullen Landis, Patsy Ruth Miller, Bert Woodruff, and George C. Pearce. Life considered to film to be a "fabulously expensive production".

Maya and the Starboy (1988)

Molester's Train: Get On from the Back! (1989)

Burning Life (1994)

The Extraordinary Waiter (1902)

The Extraordinary Waiter is a 1902 British short silent comedy film, directed by Walter R. Booth, featuring a brutish colonialist failing to destroy a blackfaced waiter. The film, "makes for somewhat uncomfortable viewing," but according to Michael Brooke of BFI Screenonline, "it's just about possible to read this as a metaphor for the rather more widespread frustrations arising from British colonial rule, though it seems unlikely that this was intentional on Booth's part."

Das Geheimnis der roten Katze (1931)

Rebus Film Nr. 1 (1925)

After We're Gone (2005)

Il maestro di violino (1976)

Das Spukschloß im Salzkammergut (1966)

The Old Thieves: Artegio's Legend (2008)

Women Don't Lie (1998)

Hemsöborna (1944)

Alma provinciana (1925)

Prometheus... banker (1921)

O umbra de nor (2013)

The Story of My Son (1990)

It Was Not in Vain (1957)

It Was Not in Vain is a 1957 Yugoslavian drama film directed by Nikola Tanhofer. It was entered into the 7th Berlin International Film Festival.

Front Beyond the Front Line (1977)

South Side Story (2000)

The Temptress and the Monk (1957)

The Temptress and the Monk is a 1958 Japanese fantasy film directed by Eisuke Takizawa. It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival. The screenplay was based on a novel, Koya hijiri by Kyoka Izumi. The film was in CinemaScope and Eastman Color. It was not dubbed in English, but was distributed internationally in May 1963 in subtitled format.

A Party in Hell (1956)

A Party in Hell is a 1956 Iranian film directed by Samuel Khachikian and Mushegh Sarvarian. It was entered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival.

Schicksalsspiel (1993)

Hoya! Lero! (1952)

Panelstory or Birth of a Community (1981)

Spring Selection (1976)

Salonwagen E 417 (1939)

Landscapes in the Mist (1984)

Cha-Cha-Cha (1982)

Another Lonely Hitman (1995)

Another Lonely Hitman is a Japanese yakuza film directed by Rokurō Mochizuki starring Ryo Ishibashi and Asami Sawaki, who was making her film debut. The film was based on a novel by Yukio Yamanouchi who also appears as an actor in the film. The Japanese title of the film begins with the character 新, shin (new), to distinguish this movie from a 1989 film 悲しきヒットマン, also based on a novel by Yamanouchi but unrelated in plot.

Exams at Any Odd Time (1974)

Gardien de la nuit (1986)

Dirty Angels (1969)

The Temptation of Isabelle (1985)

The Misfortunes of an Explorer (1900)

The Misfortunes of an Explorer was a short silent film created and released in 1900 and directed by Georges Méliès.

Blue Christmas (1978)

Blue Christmas , also known as Blood Type: Blue or The Blue Stigma, is a 1978 Japanese science fiction film by director Kihachi Okamoto. It deals with prejudice against UFO witnesses whose blood is turned blue by the encounter. The close encounters occur on Christmas, hence the title.

Tevye and His Seven Daughters (1968)

Tevye and His Seven Daughters is a 1968 Israeli drama film directed by Menahem Golan. Based on stories by Sholem Aleichem, which were also the basis for the stage musical and 1971 film, both titled Fiddler on the Roof, the film is about a poor Russian Jew named Tevye who tries to make a living. When he slowly lands money, he attempts to get his daughters married. The film was listed to compete at the 1968 Cannes Film Festival, but the festival was cancelled due to the events of May 1968 in France.

Flashback (1997)

Due strani papà (1983)

The Headsman and the Harlot (1986)

Komanda 33 (1987)

Die Kinder von Golzow (2006)

Foul Gesture (2007)