Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears (1988)

Creatures from outer space choose Boo Boo and Yogi Bear to help them with their latest quest -- an invasion of Earth.

Home for Christmas (1990)

An old-time crook (Mickey Rooney) is unwittingly united with his long-lost son (Simon Richards) and 6-year-old granddaughter (Chantallese Kent).

Strange World of Planet X (1958)

Formerly harmless insects grow to enormous proportions after a scientist's experiments wreak havoc with cosmic rays.

King of the River (1995)

A couple (Alfredo Landa, Carmen Maura) with two children adopt their nephew, who becomes a selfish, greedy man (Gustavo Salmerón).

Pardon My Backfire (1953)

Moe, Larry and Shemp encounter a gang of crooks while working as mechanics in a garage.

Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)

A British intelligence agent transporting secret documents to America realizes German spies are following him and slips a microfilm copy of the plans to unsuspecting socialite Nancy Partridge (Marjorie Lord). After the agent disappears, the British Home Office sends Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and his partner, Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce), to Washington, D.C., to solve the mystery. When the agent is murdered, Holmes deduces Nancy's involvement and races against the Germans to find her.

Warriors (1994)

When one government mercenary (Gary Busey) goes AWOL, his protege (Michael Par) is sent to stop him at any cost.

Brutal (2014)

A young man is taken by an unseen, alien presence and forced to fight against other abductees. Now, two decades later, the violence has changed him from an innocent boy to an unflinching killing machine.

The Hustle (2000)

A grifter and his seductive girlfriend (Bobbie Phillips) swindle men out of money, until she meets another con man.

Billy Galvin (1986)

A stubborn Boston ironworker (Karl Malden) wants his son (Lenny Von Dohlen) to be an architect, but his son wants to be an ironworker.

Travis: A Soldier's Story (2013)

Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, one of five quadruple amputees to survive their injuries, provides insight into the life of a wounded soldier as he faces the physical and emotional challenges of his wounds.

Braddock America (2014)

Residents of Braddock, Pa., talk about how the steel mill grew the town's economy and how its closure collapsed it.

Rogue's Yarn (1956)

Inspector Walker (Elwyn Brook-Jones) is investigating the death of a rich, disabled woman, Hester Marsden (Agatha Carroll). On paper, it appears that Hester, who was in a wheelchair, simply died in a boat accident. But Walker begins to suspect that the woman's husband, John (Derek Bond), murdered her for her money and so he could run off with his mistress, Michele Cartier (Nicole Maurey). But, the closer Walker gets to the truth, the more dangerous his case becomes.

49 Angels (2016)

The aftermath of a tragic fire that claimed the lives of 49 children in Mexico.

Finger Man (1955)

Federal agents tell a crook (Frank Lovejoy) he can either go to jail or help them catch a bootlegger (Forrest Tucker).

Hell Is a City (1960)

A British police inspector (Stanley Baker) waits in Manchester for an escaped killer (John Crawford) to return for his loot.

The Sky Pilot (1921)

A preacher befriends a cowboy and attempts to fit into the community, so he can set up a church in the local saloon.

Washington Wolves (1999)

While laundering money for a former employer (Jos Sancho), petty criminals (Javier Bardem, Eduard Fernndez) unknowingly betray each other.

La femme de Rio (2013)

A woman (Céline Sallette) bonds with an alcoholic (Nicolas Rey) who refuses to go outside.

Happy Slapping (2013)

Five teenagers launch violent attacks against random victims and use smartphones to record their crimes in the hope that they will become Internet celebrities.

Timelock (1998)

A pilot (Maryam D'Abo) and a petty thief (Arye Gross) try to stop prisoners at a 23rd-century space jail from releasing cryogenically preserved criminals.

The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959)

Turn-of-the-century authorities search for a killer who surgically removes his victims' thyroid glands.

King of the City (1985)

A motocross rider (Tom Parsekian) moves to Hollywood and works for a nightclub owner (Tony Curtis) in trouble with mobsters.

Bush Christmas (1947)

In the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, the Thompson family boast of their mare, Lucy, to strangers led by Long Bill (Chips Rafferty), not realizing that the men are thieves. When Lucy and her foal are stolen, the children, sworn to silence by a bribe from Long Bill, set off in pursuit with Neza, a skillful young Aborigine, and visiting British friend Michael. They tell their perplexed parents that they are off for a Christmas camping trip in the wilds of the bush.

On the Threshold of Space (1956)

In the early stages of the space program, Capt. Jim Hollenbeck (Guy Madison) undergoes any experiment needed to ensure success in the new Air Force branch -- even though he's not required to be a subject in the tests. Always remaining a constant source of support, his wife, Pat (Virginia Leith), accepts his unwavering commitment to scientific progress. When Maj. Ward Thomas (John Hodiak) becomes the new head of the program, Hollenbeck must convince him of the necessity of taking the extra steps.

Tigress (1978)

A 1953 survivor of Ilsa's (Dyanne Thorne) Siberian prison finds her running a massage parlor in 1977 Montreal.

Hindle Wakes (1952)

A factory worker (Lisa Daniely) falls for her boss' son (Brian Worth) but enlists the aid of her girlfriend to keep it a secret.

The Tuttles of Tahiti (1942)

A lazy man (Charles Laughton), his son (Jon Hall) and the rest of their clan live for fun and games on a tropical isle.

The Lost Patrol (1934)

A British patrol is crossing the deserts of Mesopotamia during World War I when the commanding officer is suddenly struck down by an unseen sniper. Their sergeant (Victor McLaglen) suddenly finds himself in charge of the surviving members of his regiment, with no idea where they are or what their mission is. Barricaded at a desert oasis and surrounded by enemy snipers, with no way of summoning reinforcements, the sergeant is forced to call for volunteers for a suicide mission.

Breaking Sword of Death (1979)

A martial artist (Ti Lung) and a cunning thief must stop an evil mastermind.

Sam Kinison: Why Did We Laugh? (1997)

Sam Kinison's wild life and tragic end are examined by such stars as Rodney Dangerfield and Richard Pryor.

Spy Time (2015)

Adolfo, a security guard, loses his girlfriend, becomes the target of a dangerous criminal, and learns his father is a secret agent. He is forced to leave his comfort zone to work with his father to survive.

The Pineville Heist (2016)

A teenager witnesses the aftermath of a bank heist when he witnesses the murder of one of the robbers. In the chaos, he gets away with their loot and hides with his drama teacher in the high school as one of the robbers tracks him.

Shock (2004)

A newly married couple find the perfect apartment in the city, but little do they know about its horrifying past.

The Little Match Girl (1928)

On New Year's Eve, a beautiful but penniless young woman (Catherine Hessling) trudges through the snowy streets of Paris attempting to sell matches to the wealthy passers-by. After staring longingly into the windows of restaurants at the safe and warm patrons within, the match girl attempts to escape the snow and cold by huddling into a corner near a toy shop. As the girl tries to warm herself with her matches, the shop's window display comes alive and beckons her into a fantasy world.

Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

Two young couples encounter cannibals while trekking through the jungles of New Guinea.

All Things Bright and Beautiful (1979)

Good-natured veterinarian James Herriott (John Alderton) takes a new post in a small town in 1930s Yorkshire, England. Under the guidance of senior veterinarian Siegfried Farnon (Colin Blakely), Herriott hones his skills and bedside manner as an animal healer. Life in the rural community -- for humans and animals alike -- continues at a leisurely pace, until Herriott is called to deliver a pregnant cow, just as his wife, Helen (Lisa Harrow), is giving birth to their own child.

I.B.S. (2013)

Larry cannot get over his irritable bowel syndrome, but then he realizes that murder cures what ails him.

Greenery Will Bloom Again (2014)

A company of soldiers faces the difficult realities of war during a night on the Italian front lines.

All the Way Boys (1973)

Boozing charter pilots (Terence Hill, Bud Spencer) in the Andes help out emerald hunters on the Amazon.

Once a Doctor (1937)

Two foster brothers (Donald Woods, Gordon Oliver) vie for the same woman (Jean Muir) and the same profession.

Be a Man (2015)

Comedian Ray Harrington tries to discover what it means to be a man.

Caribe (1988)

A British agent's (John Savage) mission is to stop an ex-CIA agent's (Stephen McHattie) sale of explosives in Belize.

You, the Living (2007)

In the Swedish city of Lethe, people from different walks of life take part in a series of short, deadpan vignettes that rush past. Some are just seconds long, none longer than a couple of minutes. A young woman (Jessica Lundberg) remembers a fantasy honeymoon with a rock guitarist. A man awakes from a dream about bomber planes. A businessman boasts about success while being robbed by a pickpocket and so on. The absurdist collection is accompanied by Dixieland jazz and similar music.

Valley of Fire (1951)

After shifty gambler Tod Rawlings (Harry Lauter) is booted out of the town of Quartz Creek by Mayor Gene Autry (Gene Autry) and Sherriff Breezie Larrabee (Pat Buttram), he hits back at Autry by commandeering a wagon train of women intended to be brides for suitable bachelors in the town. Rawlings tries to sell the women off to a group of local miners instead. But his plan backfires and Rawlings is forced to fight it out with Autry and his lawmen.

The Black Marble (1980)

When tough-guy Los Angeles police detective A.M. Valnikov (Robert Foxworth) is paired up with comely fellow cop Natalie Zimmerman (Paula Prentiss), the two investigate the abduction of an aristocrat's cherished pet dog. As the case pushes the partners toward romance, they get closer to tracking down the canine's hapless kidnapper, Philo Skinner (Harry Dean Stanton). While Valnikov and Zimmerman are on the job, strange circumstances lead to plenty of ridiculous situations.

Postmark for Danger (1955)

An actress (Terry Moore) and an artist (Robert Beatty) are linked by his brother (William Sylvester) to deadly smugglers sought by Scotland Yard.

Just for You (1952)

In this romantic musical, widowed producer Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby) readies his latest show with star Carolina (Jane Wyman), and they confess a mutual attraction. However, Jordan's son, Jerry (Bob Arthur), has developed a crush on Carolina as well, unaware of his father's intent. Meanwhile, Barbara (Natalie Wood), Jordan's teen daughter, seeks admittance to an elite girls school. Meaning well but lacking parenting savvy, Jordan tries to help both children with the transition to adulthood.

The Pad and How to Use It (1966)

Single classical music aficionado Bob Handman (Brian Bedford) meets a stranger named Doreen Marshall (Julie Sommars) at an orchestral performance. Though she says otherwise, Doreen isn't a music fan. But that doesn't stop her from agreeing to go out with Bob. Hoping to keep his nerves in check, clueless Bob asks his suave pal, Ted (James Farentino), to join the would-be couple for dinner at his apartment. For Bob, the night proves to be a painful lesson in the ways of romance.

The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue (1965)

The tricky dwarfs save Snow White (Rossana Podesta) and Prince Charming (Roberto Risco) from the Prince of Darkness (Georges Marchal).

North Korea: The Great Illusion (2015)

A four-year journey of filmmakers trying to discover how North Korean people live.

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen (2008)

Will Spanner, the reluctant heir of a dark legacy, battles the forces of evil after a series of gruesome murders.

The Peacemaker (1956)

An ex-gunslinger (James Mitchell) settles a war between ranchers and farmers, in his new role as parson.

Don Juan Quilligan (1945)

In Brooklyn, N.Y., barge captain Patrick Michael Quilligan (William Bendix) falls for barmaid Margie Mossrock (Joan Blondell) because her charm reminds him of his beloved, deceased mother. Quilligan soon proposes, and Margie accepts. On a trip to Utica, N.Y., Quilligan defends shy Lucy Blake (Mary Treen) and is smitten by her home cooking. Through misunderstandings and plotting by Lucy's family, Quilligan finds himself married to both women and must concoct an outlandish tale as a cover.

The Face on the Bar Room Floor (1914)

A painter courts a woman and loses her to a wealthy client.

Boys Beware (1961)

Young Jimmy makes friends with a stranger until he goes to his hotel room.

White Week (1980)

Colleagues have a romp together in the snow while competing for the affection of the office beauty.

Bunker of the Dead (2015)

Two friends sneak on to a U.S. military base in Germany and break into an old underground Nazi research facility. They have no idea that something has survived in the bunker for 70 years or how hungry it is.

Lifeline (1997)

Special effects mark an intense firefighting drama that stars Lau Ching Wan as a heroic firefighter who is indifferent to danger but lacks the courage to face his personal demons.

Youth on Parade (1942)

Collegians' plan to produce the perfect student backfires when their professor wants to meet her.

El Mexicano (1965)

A fighter who defeats all his rivals in the United States helps a brother who is attacked by some Irish.

Your Name Poisons My Dreams (1996)

Two former colleagues reunite at a funeral and reflect on an incident of love and revenge that took place in their youth.

The Lives of Hamilton Fish (2013)

The lives of two men named Hamilton Fish become entangled in the imagination of a newspaper editor.

Children of the Trains (2012)

Railway authorities in Thailand use abandoned train cars as shelter and schools for children.

An American Girl: Lea to the Rescue (2016)

A girl travels deep into the Brazilian rainforest to find her missing older brother and save endangered exotic animals.

Memory (2007)

A medical researcher begins to experience weird hallucinations.

Louisiana Purchase (1941)

Facing a corruption probe headed by Senator Oliver Loganberry (Victor Moore), a few shady Louisiana businessmen try to blame their crimes on associate Jim Taylor (Bob Hope). Taylor, meanwhile, tries to maneuver the senator into a sex scandal by arranging for a meeting between Loganberry and exotic bombshell Marina Von Minden (Vera Zorina). But Taylor himself develops feelings for Von Minden, and, as this musical satire heads for home, the combatants brace for a showdown at the state capital.

Good Cops, Bad Cops (1990)

A superintendent (Edward Asner) turns on the heat after a police captain (Ray Sharkey) and his men rob a Boston bank in 1980.

Joe Bullet (1973)

Joe is hired to stop a mysterious gangster from sabotaging a soccer team.

The Fifth Horseman Is Fear (1965)

When Dr. Braun is forbidden to practice medicine during the Nazi occupation of Prague, he catalogs the confiscated property of his fellow Jews for the local party officials. When a gravely injured member of the resistance shows up in his apartment building, the elderly doctor abandons his pragmatism and decides to put his own life in danger by searching the city for morphine to assist with the man's pain.

Rainy Days (2014)

An old man recalls distant memories while traveling by ferry.

El Tesoro del Rey Salomón (1963)

TinTan and the love of his life enter "The Lost City" in search of one of the most incredible treasures of history.

All I Ever Wanted (2016)

A mime tries to escape from his other career: drug dealing.

El Violetero (1960)

In the heart of the Xochimilco neighborhood in Mexico City, a jobless man starts working as a flower street vendor.

Diary of a Badman (2015)

An undercover detective infiltrating a drug operation starts to blur the lines when she falls for the charming ringleader.

En el País de los Pies Ligeros (1982)

A boy comes to the city and meets an indigenous boy, and together they experience a series of adventures with a background of legend.

Mister Moses (1965)

Joe Moses (Robert Mitchum) is thrown into a river by Africans he's attempting to swindle. When a missionary's daughter, Julie Anderson (Carroll Baker), rescues him, Joe agrees to convince the natives to leave before a dam floods their village. Trying to win the tribe over with a magic show, Joe sets a bush on fire to convince them he is the Old Testament's Moses. Despite the mistrust of Ubi (Raymond St. Jacques), the witch doctor's U.S.-educated son, Joe begins to lead the tribe to safety.

Spirit of '76 (1990)

Two guys (David Cassidy, Geoff Hoyle) and a girl (Olivia d'Abo) from the future go by time machine back to 1776; they miss it by 200 years.

Santa Claws (2014)

Santa is allergic to cats, but Tommy has been so good this year he decides to bring him a kitten for Christmas. When Santa has an allergic attack, the kitties have to take over the sleigh to deliver all the presents.

La máscara de carne (1956)

A couple tries to get away from some traffickers after suffering an accident in which he is left disfigured and she blind.

Three Men and a Leg (1997)

Three store clerks (Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo) travel by car from Milan carrying their boss's dog and a valuable sculpture.

The Old Mill (1937)

Animals and insects make an old mill and pond their home.

Thunder Birds (1942)

During World War II, British medic Peter Stackhouse (John Sutton) follows in his late father's footsteps by joining the Royal Air Force, in spite of his crippling fear of heights. Stackhouse finds a friend and willing mentor in flight instructor Steve Britt (Preston Foster), who helps him to overcome his fears. But when Stackhouse falls for the gorgeous Kay Saunders (Gene Tierney) -- Britt's old flame -- Britt must struggle to put his feelings aside and do his job.

Stripped to Kill (1987)

A Los Angeles policewoman's (Kay Lenz) partner (Greg Evigan) has her pose as a stripper to lure a killer of strippers.

Hidden in the Woods (2015)

When two sisters report their abusive and drug-dealing father, he is sent to prison. They think the worst is over until their psychotic uncle arrives looking for his brother and some missing merchandise.

Le Frisson des Vampires (1970)

Newlyweds encounter a den of vampires in a castle formerly owned by the bride's relatives. Directed by Jean Rollin.

The Fighting Deputy (1937)

Sheriff Bentley (Frank LaRue) and his son, Deputy Tom Bentley (Fred Scott), come up with a plan to capture notorious outlaw Scar Adams (Charles King). Scar shoots and gravely wounds Sheriff Bentley, leaving Tom in charge. But Tom's fiance, Alice (Phoebe Logan), who is also Scar's estranged sister, won't marry Tom if he becomes sheriff. Alice changes her mind when Scar kills Tom's father. Tom, with help from his partner, Fuzzy (Al St. John), sets out to get Scar once and for all.

Miss V From Moscow (1942)

A Soviet spy (Lola Lane) tricks the Gestapo in Paris because she looks like a Nazi spy.

Prisoner of Corbal (1936)

A nobleman (Hugh Sinclair) and a leader of the people (Nils Asther) each love a noblewoman (Hazel Terry) during the French Revolution.

Where the Devil Dwells (2014)

When the schizophrenic son of an allegedly-dead serial killer begins to have visions of his father, he struggles to determine what is real and how he'll survive.

Cassino to Korea (1950)

Rare film footage highlights a chronicle of U.S. troops and their battles in World War II Italy.

The Ghost (1963)

Horrible Dr. Hichcock (Leonard G. Elliot) comes back from the almost-dead to haunt his wife (Barbara Steele) and her lover (Peter Baldwin).

The Great Alligator (1979)

Tourists (Barbara Bach, Claudio Cassinelli) flee from a tribally significant alligator at an entrepreneur's (Mel Ferrer) African resort.

The Outer Gate (1937)

Bob Terry (Ben Alexander) works for John Borden (Ralph Morgan), the father of his girlfriend (Kay Linaker). Someone embezzles a large sum of money, and John blames Bob. So Bob is sent to prison, where he stays for five years before he is exonerated. When he gets out, John, feeling guilty, trusts Bob with his safe. But Bob plots revenge and shows his former cellmate, Todd (Edward Acuff), and a gangster named Carmody (Charles Brokaw) how to break into the safe, framing John for embezzlement.

Regeneration (1923)

The survivors of a shipwreck find themselves on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. It seems to be a paradise until a discovered treasure lead to tension and violence.

The Face at the Window (1939)

A cackling mad chevalier (Tod Slaughter) and his half brother keep the police guessing in 1880s Paris.

Bitter Sugar (1996)

A patriot (Ren Lavan) with a rebellious brother falls in love with a dissident's daughter (Mayte Viln) in Castro's Cuba.

Here Comes Kelly (1943)

Cocky Kelly's (Eddie Quillan) girlfriend (Joan Woodbury) helps him straighten up enough to get a job as a process server.

Liemba (2010)

A voyage down Lake Tanganyika on Africa's last steamship.

Beauty Mark (2008)

Diane Israel, a former world-class triathlete, becomes a psychotherapist after battling anorexia. She shares her story while interviewing champion athletes, body builders and models about self-image.