Home for Life (1967)

Two elderly people make a difficult transition to living in an assisted-care facility.

The Turning Point (1983)

Mark Niebuhr, a young German POW, arrives at a Warsaw depot in 1945 and is accused of being an SS officer. He is imprisoned with real fascists, gradually sees through their lies, and recognizes the guilt within his heart.

The Man I Love (1997)

A nightclub singer becomes involved in an accidental death as a petty racketeer tries to force his attentions on her.

Vanishing Son III (1994)

Two Chinese brothers (Russell Wong, Chi Muoi Lo) are divided by a mob war between the Pink Knights and the Triads.

The Lovers And The Despot (2016)

After their glamorous romance ends, a famous director and actress are kidnapped by movie-obsessed dictator Kim Jong-il. Forced to play along with a bizarre filmmaking project, they get a second chance at love but only one chance at escape.

Untamed Love (1994)

An overwhelmed teacher (Cathy Lee Crosby) puts her boyfriend (John Getz) aside to keep a 6-year-old girl out of a mental hospital.

Stranger By Night (1994)

Blackouts make a policeman (Steven Bauer) suspect he is the serial killer he is trailing with his partner (William Katt).

3 Little Pigs and the Magic Lamp (2016)

Best friends follow a treasure map to a mysterious lamp that could unlock the secrets of the forest.

The Shadow Whip (1971)

A swordswoman single-handedly fights 16 bandits to avenge her father's death.

Circus of the Dead (2014)

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game with a sadistic clown, and is forced to examine the things in life he takes for granted.

Something In Common (1986)

A Manhattan widow's (Ellen Burstyn) 22-year-old son (Patrick Cassidy) falls for a divorcee (Tuesday Weld) old enough to be his mother.

Isi/Disi: Rough Love (2004)

A lovestruck metalhead (Santiago Segura) pretends to be a friend of singer Joaqun Sabina as part of a plan to woo a pretty coed (Jaydy Michel).

The Pleasure Seekers (1964)

A trio of gorgeous American tourists hope to find love while vacationing in Spain. Secretary Maggie Williams (Carol Lynley) falls hard for a married newsman named Paul Barton (Brian Keith) while fighting off the advances of one of his employees. Singer Fran Hobson (Ann-Margret) sets her sights on a handsome European doctor (Andre Lawrence). And coed Susie Higgins (Pamela Tiffin) receives an unexpected proposal from smooth-talking womanizer Emilio Lacaya (Anthony Franciosa).

Broadway Rhythm (1944)

Wunderkind producer Johnnie Demming (George Murphy) is having trouble finding an appropriate star for his latest Broadway attraction. When screen starlet Helen Hoyt (Ginny Simms) blows into town, he thinks she'd be perfect, but Helen isn't convinced Johnnie has a hit on his hands. To make things worse, Johnnie's vaudevillian father (Charles Winninger) doesn't want to be in the show, preferring to mount one of his own and steal away some of the very same talent Johnnie hopes to attract.

Dead Men Don't Die (1990)

Voodoo brings a slain anchorman (Elliott Gould) back as a zombie, and he goes on the air with a whole new look.

Happy Old Year (1988)

A student activist who lost his arms and legs in an accident continues his efforts in memory of his father.

Healing (2014)

At the end of his prison term, an inmate is sent to a low security prison that pairs men with injured game birds.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)

Ichabod Crane encounters the Headless Horseman during a terrifying night-time ride.

The Dead Next Door (1989)

An elite government squad takes action when cultists and flesh-craving zombies unite to destroy the human race.

The Happiest Moment (1973)

An old man dies from an overdose of virility pills, a cop goes on the run after extorting money from a hooker, and a mortician's ghost goes on the rampage.

America (1986)

A cable-TV newsman (Zack Norman) boosts ratings wearing the plaid skirt his wife (Tammy Grimes) found in his suitcase.

Four In A Jeep (1951)

In this Austrian-set post-World War II drama, a patrol featuring soldiers from each of the four nations occupying the country -- America, England, France, and the Soviet Union -- come across an escaped prisoner who wants to reunite with his wife, Franziska (Viveca Lindfors). While all of his peers aren't of the same mind, the American trooper, Sergeant William Long (Ralph Meeker), empathizes with the couple and pursues protocol-breaking measures to get them back together again.

The Imperial Swordsman (1972)

A government official heads home after being charged with falsifying reports. Along the way, he encounters and recruits a swordsman and both must protect a fleeing bride.

Common Denominator (2014)

Three men meet by chance in a coffee shop and discuss their women.

Holiday in Your Heart (1997)

Just before her debut at the Grand Ole Opry, a country singer (LeAnn Rimes) receives word of her grandmother's (Rebecca Schull) hospitalization.

Scorpion in Love (2013)

A young man (Álex González) tries to escape the clutches of a neo-Nazi group and its fanatical leader (Javier Bardem).

The Madame Gambles (1951)

Gambling debts force a dress-shop owner to relinquish her store.

The Jade Raksha (1968)

A swordswoman slices her way through life to avenge the deaths of family members.


After witnessing the horrors of religious persecution, a Roman centurion is converted to Christianity.

A Day Out in Paris (2013)

Complications arise when a young man tries to attend a writing workshop in Paris.

Confidence Reigns (2004)

Two career thieves (Ccile de France, Vincent Lindon) join forces, pose as domestic servants and fleece their unsuspecting employers.

The Unborn II (1994)

A mother (Michele Greene) and her friend (Scott Valentine) must decide what to do about a generation of bad-seed superbabies.

Family Demolition (2015)

Two teens spend quality family time demolishing cars.

Devilfish (1984)

A rigger (Michael Sopkiw) locates a 40-foot 15,000,000-year-old ancestor of the shark, capable of reproduction.

The Tin Man (1935)

Thelma and Patsy stumble upon an eery old house inhabited by a mad genius who has constructed a robot to fulfill his whims.

American Addict (2012)

The politics and big business that has made America the most prescription-addicted society in the world.

Nutcracker Fantasy (1979)

A girl's love and courage are tested while attempting to help a handsome soldier under the spell of a two-headed mouse.

Little Bigfoot (1997)

Children vacationing in the country meet a friendly creature who leads them on a series of adventures.

Platform (2000)

A group of friends experiences social, political and cultural changes in China from 1979 to 1989.

Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare (1975)

Alice Cooper performs his horror stage act in a concert in 1975.

Homework (1991)

For a class project, a film student (Mara Rojo) hides a camera under a chair and makes love to her ex-husband (Jos Alonso).

Strange Confession (1945)

Flashbacks reveal the events leading up to a man's grisly revenge on the racketeer who took advantage of his wife.

Red Lights Ahead (1936)

A man's assorted investments cause no end of trouble for his family.

Studs (2006)

A new team captain (Brendan Gleeson) whips a group of ragtag soccer players into shape.

False Pretenses (1935)

A waitress (Irene Ware) climbs socially with help from a millionaire (Sidney Blackmer) and a retired bootlegger (Russell Hopton).

The Wind In The Willows (1983)

Toad, Rat, Mole and Badger follow animal etiquette in this version of Kenneth Grahame's classic, in stop-motion model animation.

War Dogs (1942)

Trained by the military, a crafty canine protects a defense plant from saboteurs.

Sepideh (2013)

Sepideh Hooshyar, an Iranian teenager, dreams of becoming an astronaut, but cultural and economic factors make her goal difficult to achieve.

The Letter That Was Never Sent (1959)

A forest fire traps a geological expedition in a remote area of Siberia on a mission to find diamonds.

Tunnel Vision (1995)

A policewoman (Patsy Kensit) probes murders modeled after an artist's works, and one involving her partner (Robert Reynolds).

Paperhouse (1988)

This dark psychological drama follows young Anna Madden (Charlotte Burke), a lonely British child who begins to inhabit the world that she draws in her sketchbook. When she creates a boy on paper, she later meets the same child, Marc (Elliott Spiers), in her dream realm. Things take a creepy turn when Anna draws her absentee father (Ben Cross), and he appears in her world as a menacing figure out to get her. Can Anna control this strange realm, or will she become a victim of it?

A Ton of Luck (2006)

A group of soldiers must find a safe way out of the jungle after finding bags of money while hunting drug smugglers in the jungles of Colombia. Based on true events.

Something Unknown Is Doing We Don't Know What (2010)

The science behind psychic phenomena is explored.

Dirty Weekend (2013)

A couple on a romantic getaway in Normandy are forced to share their love nest with a disturbed fugitive.

Sailor's Luck (1933)

A sailor on leave (James Dunn) woos a girl (Sally Eilers), goes swimming and enters a dance marathon.

Ghosts of Hanley House (1968)

Frustrated by his inability to sell his home, a man plans an overnight party to dispel rumors that the house is haunted.

TekWar (1994)

In 2044 an ex-convict ex-policeman (Greg Evigan) tracks dealers of a virtual-reality drug called Tek.

Sororal (2014)

Cassie learns her visions of murder are real, and sets out to find the child-like killer to keep her sanity intact.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (1936)

At age 17, Ohio orphan Frankie (Frank Coghlan Jr.), exasperated by school, decides to run away. He leaves his brother, Dickie (Dickie Moore), and sister, Mary (Ann Doran), and ends up in New York City alone. There, he meets a group of delinquents who abuse him, pressuring him to get food for them through illegal means. As Frankie begins to regret his decision to leave, the young hooligans get involved in murderous activity, with the blame falling directly on an innocent Frankie.

The McGuerins from Brooklyn (1942)

Tim McGuerin (William Bendix) is a cabbie from Brooklyn, N.Y., working overtime to start his own service, despite the fact that he has only one taxi and a single co-worker. Tim falls head over heels for one of his fares, burlesque dancing beauty Sadie O'Brien (Grace Bradley), and the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, a dangerous gangster masquerading as a club owner also has eyes for Sadie, and his jealousy could wreck both Tim's budding romance and the fledgling cab company.

These Foolish Things (2013)

An unexpected visitor brightens a widow's disposition.

Awestruck (2013)

A young couple have a strange encounter while on vacation.

Project Moon Base (1953)

Science-fiction author Robert A. Heinlein co-scripted this story about a lunar expedition threatened by a saboteur.

Gregoire Moulin vs. Humanity (2001)

Born on Friday the 13th, timid accountant Grégoire Moulin (Artus de Penguern) has had only one kind of luck: bad. But when he meets a beautiful ballet teacher named Odile (Pascale Arbillot), they arrange to meet in a bar across the street, and Grégoire only needs to cross the road to change his fate. It proves easier said than done. With soccer fever sweeping Paris, Grégoire's quest to make his date intersects with the big game, and their match also hangs in the balance until the final whistle.

Men on Her Mind (1944)

A radio/nightclub singer (Mary Beth Hughes) makes suitors (Edward Norris, Ted North) wait for her career.

Let Timmy Smoke (2014)

Examines California's Proposition 19 and the fight to legalize marijuana.

The Violent Breed (1985)

Two ex-commandos return to Southeast Asia to stop a third from running drugs for organized crime and the KGB.

Katusha (2014)

A 19-year-old teenager fights for her father's love by playing a violin piece.

Charlotte and Her Boyfriend (1960)

A jilted man (Jean-Paul Belmondo) rants at his mostly silent former lover (Anne Collette).

Detectives (1928)

A conniving bellhop makes life miserable for a hotel detective.

Oh Happy Day (2007)

Two men experience the consequences of a one night stand when they find out they will be working together and must make their unique relationship work no matter how they feel about each other.

Spring Fever (1927)

Impoverished shipping clerk Jack Kelly (William Haines) is a natural golfer. Jack's boss (George Fawcett) invites him to his country club so he can teach Jack how to play golf. Jack's skills on the course attract a bevy of onlookers, including the beautiful heiress Allie Monte (Joan Crawford). Jack tells her he's a millionaire, and they begin a romance and get married. But, when she finds out he's poor, she leaves him. Jack's only chance to win her back is a golf tournament.

TerrorStorm: A History of Government-Sponsored Terrorism (2006)

Throughout history, regimes have used terror attacks as a means of control over their populations, and for the last 100 years, Western governments have employed the same measures.

The Bells of Death (1968)

After the murder of his family, a martial artist searches for his kidnapped sister.

Alien 3000 (2004)

Mercenaries hunt an invisible alien whose lair contains a fortune in gold.

The Big Hunt (1961)

A demented doctor (Wilton Graff) hunts teenagers with a bow and arrow, then puts them on display under glass.

Little Heroes 2 (2000)

Two dogs find excitement during a visit to Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The Retreat (2005)

A killer terrorizes a group of college students (Melissa Schuman, Scott Vickaryous) in the cold Michigan wilderness.

The Flaming Signal (1933)

A pilot (John David Horsley) and his dog crash-land near an island where a German trader (Noah Beery) has natives restless.

Midnight at Madame Tussaud's (1937)

Explorer Sir Clive Cheyne (James Carew) is visiting Madame Tussaud's wax museum to see his likeness when a friend proposes a bet: For 100 pounds, he must spend a night in the Chamber of Horrors. Cheyne accepts, not realizing his life is in danger. His niece, Carol (Lucille Lisle), is engaged to a corrupt man whose associate owes a considerable debt to Cheyne. Rather than pay the adventurer back, Carol's fianc and his pal intend to take advantage of Cheyne's bet and murder him in the museum.

Shadow of Chinatown (1936)

A European importing firm resorts to devious extremes to run its Chinese competition out of business.

Ospiti (1998)

Two Albanian immigrants (Julian Sota, Llazar Sota) living in Rome and working in a restaurant navigate the pitfalls of a hot city that has emptied for the summer holidays.

Untamed Women (1952)

An Air Force officer encounters a strange band of females from a lost civilization inhabiting a remote South Seas island.

The Eligible Bachelor (1993)

Nightmares wrack Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) who's on the case of an English aristocrat's missing American bride.

Mrs. Fitzherbert (1950)

The Prince of Wales (Peter Graves) meets Maria Fitzherbert (Joyce Howard) in 1783 London, leading to their secret marriage.

The Boar King (2014)

Cho loses her husband during a typhoon and fears their spa will have close when the hot springs are buried. When she receives invitation cards from her deceased husband, she is finally able to find a new direction in her life.

The Vengeance of the Vampire Women (1970)

Masked Mexican wrestler Santo (Santo) battles a vengeance-bent vampire countess (Gina Romand) who wants to destroy him.

The Voice of the Moon (1990)

The voice of the moon calls an innocent to a well to share important news.

Za ji wang ming dui (1979)

Four men plan an elaborate scheme to avenge their friend's murder.

Demon Fist of Kung Fu (1976)

Killers must answer to a student (Alexander Fu Sheng) whose kung fu echoes his slain master.

House Of Fallen (2008)

A mysterious group called The Twelve makes war with fallen angels who walk the Earth.

My Depression: The Up and Down and Up of It (2014)

A woman uses music and humor to reveal how depression affects her everyday life.

12 Storeys (1997)

Newlyweds, a baby-sitting brother, and a woman with a faultfinding mother live in a Singapore housing project.

Two Shots Fired (2014)

Mariano finds a gun in his house and shoots himself, twice.

Love-moi (1991)

French Canadian filmmaker Charles (Germain Houde) stalks the rough streets of downtown Montreal, investigating the unsolved murder of a homeless teenager. Though it seems most of the youths Charles speaks to knew the boy who was killed, a code of the streets keeps them from divulging any information they might have about the incident. Instead, the young homeless men and women tell their own stories of childhood abuse, drugs, prostitution and violent crime.

My Wife's Husband (1963)

A Frenchman (Fernandel) who stayed with an innkeeper for 10 years after World War II returns to his remarried wife (Claire Maurier).

Hollywood Harry (1986)

A boozing private eye (Robert Forster) hardly works at all, until his teenage niece (Kathrine Forster) and an angry client show up.

Through the Breaking Glass (2014)

Adult Alice awakes in Wonderland and must solve the mystery of the broken glass before 6 o'clock.

The Daniel Connection (2015)

A radio presenter realizes her life is in danger after her best friend, an underground journalist, is killed while investigating alien sightings.

Pachito Rex: I'm Leaving but Not for Good (2001)

Mystery surrounds the supposed death of a pop star, as his accused killer is released, and his body goes missing.