Aurore (2005)

The mysterious death of 10-year-old Aurore Gagnon leads to an intensive investigation in 1920 Quebec province.

Le père Goriot (1944)

A devoted father convinces his friend to become the lover of his unhappily married daughter.

MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis (1994)

Troubleshooter MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) teams with a scientist (Sophie Ward) to find the lost ark of Atlantis.

Marry the Girl (1937)

A wacky brother (Hugh Herbert) and sister (Mary Boland) run a newspaper syndicate.

How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996)

Enchanted toys come to life to do battle with a holiday-hating villain who is bent on stopping Christmas.

A Girl Cut in Two (2007)

Gabrielle (Ludivine Sagnier) is a determined weather forecaster working her way through promotions at a local TV station. When she meets a successful author named Charles (Franois Berland), Gabrielle easily pictures herself with the charming writer. Fighting for her affection is Paul (Benot Magimel), the heir to a fortune. But the more Gabrielle gets to know the two men, the more she wonders if their extreme personalities may be too much to handle.

Jonathan Stone: Threat of Innocence (1994)

A private eye (Richard Crenna) in mourning borrows a friend's (Robert Desiderio) beach house and becomes a murder suspect.

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1942)

A woman (Fay Bainter) scrapes by with her five children and neighbors (Hugh Herbert, Vera Vague) while her husband hunts gold in Alaska.

All Fired Up (1982)

A young woman suspects that her father has an ulterior motive for returning to the family he abandoned long ago.

Fados (2007)

A drama set in Portugal's fado music culture.

Street of Chance (1930)

A venal New York gambling boss, "Natural" Davis (William Powell), instructs his younger brother Babe (Regis Toomey), who has just come to town from California, not to follow in his footsteps despite all the wealth and power it has brought him. But when Davis's wife (Kay Francis) threatens to take the children and leave, he agrees to the straight life -- that is, until Babe starts emulating him and Davis has to gamble again to save Babe's life.

Face of the Enemy (1989)

A former U.S. Embassy hostage (George DiCenzo) kidnaps a woman (Rosanna DeSoto) he thinks was one of his torturers in Iran.

Lovers, Happy Lovers! (1954)

While his wife, Catherine (Valerie Hobson), is finalizing their divorce, serial philanderer Andre (Gerard Philipe) invites his latest conquest, Catherine's best friend, Patricia (Natasha Parry), over for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Andre shares his entire romantic history since first coming to London as a young man, including his liaisons with his former boss (Margaret Johnson), a marriage-minded young girl (Joan Greenwood) and a kindhearted Frenchwoman (Germaine Montero).

The Swan (1925)

A princess falls in love with her tutor.

Portrait of Love (2015)

Returning to her hometown, a renowned photographer (Bree Williamson) encounters the man (Jason Dohring) who broke her heart.

Understanding Jane (1998)

By answering an advertisement, two London men (Kevin McKidd, John Simm) meet women who date only for material gain.

Masquerade in Mexico (1945)

A nightclub singer (Dorothy Lamour) poses as a countess to woo a bullfighter (Arturo de Crdova) away from a man's (Patric Knowles) wife.

My Own True Love (1949)

An Englishman's (Melvyn Douglas) fiancee (Phyllis Calvert) comforts his son (Philip Friend) who has lost a leg and a family in World War II.

Search for Grace (1994)

Present-day lovers (Lisa Hartman Black, Ken Wahl) discover through hypnotherapy that their lives echo a 1920s doomed couple.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Lake of Sharks (1973)

Tintin and friends discover a link between a mysterious professor and missing artifacts in Eastern Europe.

Kids' Rights: The Business of Adoption (2014)

During their attempts to adopt a child, a young couple deal with corruption and unfair laws as they journey through Nepal, Ukraine, China, the United Kingdom and the USA.

1983 (2014)

A remote village in Kerala displays a passion for cricket from 1983 to the present.

Lovely Louise (2013)

Andre (Stefan Kurt) is in his mid-fifties, lives with his elderly mother, and flies model airplanes for fun. When an American named Bill (Stanley Townsend) arrives, he turns Andre's tranquil life upside down.

The Speckled Band (1931)

Sherlock Holmes (Raymond Massey) and Dr. Watson (Athole Stewart) know why a stepfather's (Lyn Harding) deadly, but not how.

I Think My Babysitter Is an Alien (2015)

A famous astronaut brings home a piece of an asteroid to give to his kids. Then new neighbors move in, and they behave suspiciously. They might be aliens!

Father Came Too! (1964)

British newlyweds (Sally Smith, Stanley Baxter) buy an old cottage to ditch her father (James Robertson Justice) ; he winds up helping them fix it.

Flore (2014)

Against medical advice, a son signs his mother with Alzheimer's out of a hospital to take her home.

Women Of The Night (2001)

The lives of three women intersect while the host (Sally Kellerman) of a radio show dispenses advice.

The Education Of Charlie Banks (2007)

Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg) and his best friend, Danny (Chris Marquette), attend college at an elite school in upstate New York. Charlie's world comes crashing down with the unexpected arrival of Mick (Jason Ritter), a bully from high school. As Mick worms his way into Charlie's life and the lives of his friends, Charlie begins to fear the worst: that Mick may be planning revenge for an incident from their shared past.

The Girl in White (1952)

Emily Dunning Barringer (June Allyson) graduates from medical school to New York's Bellevue Hospital circa 1900.

Getting Frank Gehry (2015)

The work of an architect on the University of Technology, Sydney.

The Border Legion (1940)

A fugitive singing doctor (Roy Rogers) from New York fights Idaho outlaws with his sidekick (George "Gabby" Hayes).

Paris Asleep (1924)

Having just relocated to a comfortable new home in suburbia, the Kobayashi family -- Katsuhiko (Katsuya Kobayashi) ; his wife, Saeko (Mitsuko Baish) ; and their two children, Masaki (Yoshiki Arizono) and Erika (Youki Kudoh) -- appear to be the picture of middle-class success. But the family's comfortable bourgeois veneer begins disintegrating when white ants infest their home, eating away at the woodwork. As the Kobayashis' house begins to crumble, so does the sanity of its inhabitants.

The Lucky Stiff (1949)

A lawyer (Brian Donlevy) spooks gangsters by faking a framed singer's (Dorothy Lamour) electrocution.

Mr. Love (1985)

When a great many women show up at the funeral of gardener Donald Lovelace (Barry Jackson), his relatives are somewhat shocked -- by all accounts he was an unassuming, middle-aged man. Lovelace, however, led a double life as a ladies' man. Twelve local women -- ranging from gawky theater usher Melanie (Julia Deakin) to grizzled prostitute Pink Lady (Margaret Tyzack) to wacky arachnologist Lucy Nuttall (Helen Cotterill) -- recall their seductions at the hands of the covert lothario.

I'm Going to Mum's (2013)

A boy caught between divorced parents begins a stubborn, silent protest.

Miso Hungry (2015)

Comedian Craig Anderson goes on a culinary voyage to Japan to learn a whole new approach to food and health. Eating nothing but traditional Japanese fare for 12 weeks, he seeks to discover something about a healthier life.

Sly Cad (2014)

A handsome young man (Michael Seater) sustains his lifestyle by dating older women. Everything changes when he meets a hip young woman named Gabi (Chloe Rose), and he starts breaking his own rules.

Project Vampire (1992)

A scientist sells a serum on the international market which transforms people into vampires loyal to him.

Prehysteria! 3 (1995)

Pygmy dinosaurs help the owner (Fred Willard) of a miniature golf course fight off bank foreclosure and takeover by his greedy brother (Bruce Weitz).

The Legend of Custer (1968)

Lt. Col. George A. Custer (Wayne Maunder) and his men (Slim Pickens, Peter Palmer) shape up the 7th Cavalry.

Roselyne et les Lions (1989)

A young couple (Isabelle Pasco, Grard Sandoz) from Marseille join a German circus to apprentice as lion tamers.

The Frozen Dead (1966)

A mad scientist (Dana Andrews) uses a girl's disembodied head to re-animate Nazis frozen 20 years before.

Pyaar Vali Love Story (2014)

Two people, Aliya and Amar, fall in love and a passionate romance ensues. However, they are unaware of the forthcoming challenges that will ultimately test their love and patience.

The Little Polar Bear: The Dream of Flying (2003)

A polar bear cub escapes from trappers and begins a remarkable adventure.

Sanders of the River (1935)

In N'Gombi, Nigeria, British District Commissioner R.G. Sanders (Leslie Banks) oversees various tribes. Discovering that a Liberian native, Bosambo (Paul Robeson), has been acting as chief without approval, Sanders nevertheless is impressed by Bosambo's skills and allows him to remain chief. With Sanders' aid, Bosambo holds off an attack by rebel Mofolaba, and for the next five years peace reigns at the river. However, when Sanders heads to England to marry, Mofolaba returns, vowing revenge.

Discretion Assured (1994)

Affairs with three women make a businessman (Michael York) look guilty of murder and embezzlement.

The Girlfriend Experience (2005)

A heartbroken guy gets more than he bargained for while trying to get over his ex-girlfriend.

Paydirt (1981)

Based on stories from the 1980s, illegal marijuana growers who see their crops destroyed tend to their illegal cannabis, which incites heists, revenge, sex in the sunlight, and feminine heroism.

Bounty Hunters (2004)

Rival bounty hunters (Michael Dudikoff, Lisa Howard) join forces to catch a bail-jumper before mob assassins reach him.

The Goldwyn Follies (1938)

Distressed when his last few films fail, movie producer Oliver Merlin (Adolphe Menjou) decides to trust the commonsense opinion of young Hazel Dawes (Andrea Leeds). When Hazel's advice on his next film makes it a success, Oliver forbids her to be on the lot or around actors, to keep her judgment pure. Certain that Oliver's next film needs a new face and voice, Hazel believes she has found a star in Danny Beecher (Kenny Baker), a short-order cook, but Danny proves to be a problem for Oliver.

Stranger In The House (1997)

Participants in a failed jewel heist seek shelter in a quaint country home, whose occupants have troubles of their own.

Miracle in the Land of Coffee (2006)

In 1930s Colombia a young monk faces a test of faith when his friend is accused of murder.

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939)

Cheapskate circus owner Larson E. Whipsnade (W.C. Fields) has a habit of skipping out on his bills, with the result that he has an entire posse of sheriffs and bill collectors following him from town to town. When his beautiful daughter, Victoria (Constance Moore), visits her father's circus, she falls in love with ventriloquist "The Great Edgar" (Edgar Bergen), but her sense of duty to her father presses her to accept an engagement to stuffy rich boy Roger Bel-Goodie (James Bush).

Alienator (1990)

A space commander (Jan-Michael Vincent) sends a female android to Earth to destroy an escaped convict (Ross Hagen).

Girl on the Run (1958)

A Hollywood private eye (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) seeks a singer being stalked by a hired killer.

The Lost Treasure Of Sawtooth Island (1999)

In spite of his doubts, a retired sailor (Ernest Borgnine) sails Lake Michigan with his grandson in search of gold.

Le plus beau métier du monde (1996)

A teacher (Grard Depardieu) struggles with a class of underachievers and life in a seedy Paris suburb.

The Curse Of The Cat People (1944)

In this sequel to "Cat People," Oliver Reed (Kent Smith) is married to the lovely Alice Moore (Jane Randolph). The couple has a daughter, Amy (Ann Carter), a withdrawn young girl with a vivid imagination who soon begins talking to visions of her father's deceased former wife, the cursed Irena (Simone Simon). When Amy unintentionally incurs the wrath of a mentally unstable woman (Elizabeth Russell), the girl's relationship with Irena's apparition comes into play.

Four Girls in White (1939)

Norma (Florence Rice), Mary (Mary Howard), Pat (Ann Rutherford) and Gertie (Una Merkel) are four nursing students hoping that their long education and investment will lead to a well-paying, stable job. When Bob Maitland (Kent Taylor), the son of their hospital's founder, is checked in, Norma falls for his good looks and his fabulous wealth. When she neglects her other patients to dote on Bob, however, her position in the hospital is put in jeopardy.

Girl in the Woods (1958)

A lumberjack (Forrest Tucker) and his wife (Margaret Hayes) move to a town caught up in a tree war.

Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (1971)

A prostitute (Diana Kjaer) disappoints her faithful clients when she announces her retirement in order to get married.

The Perils Of Pauline (1933)

A famous scientist (James Durkin) and his daughter (Evalyn Knapp) travel to Indochina to find an ivory disc that has the formula for a deadly gas engraved on it.

Shelby (2014)

An orphaned dog (Rob Schneider) is taken in by Jake (John Paul Ruttan) on Christmas Eve, and has to hide from a dog catcher, Jake's parents, and a nasty great dame.

The Avenger (1960)

A Scotland Yard investigator is called in to save an actress from a murderer and his bestial accomplice.

Vampire in Venice (1988)

While staying at a Venetian palace, a vampire scholar comes face to face with the renowned Nosferatu.

Lord of the Jungle (1955)

Bomba the jungle boy is ordered to slaughter a herd of rogue elephants that have been trampling natives.

Eagle Vs. Silver Fox (1980)

The Silver Fox incurs the wrath of a martial-arts master when he attempts to recruit students as assassins.

Drudge (2013)

What was supposed to be a romantic night in for a young couple quickly turns into a terrifying encounter with a vicious killer.

Last Paradise (2015)

Physicist and outdoorsman Clive Neeson chronicles how the planet has changed in 45 years.

Hotel America (1981)

Helene (Catherine Deneuve), a pill-addicted anesthesiologist, is mourning the death of her boyfriend when, through a car accident she causes, she chances to meet the lethargic Gilles (Patrick Dewaere), a young man who lives for free at his mother's hotel. Gilles pursues Helene romantically, and she eventually softens up. Gilles, however, is also devoted to Bernard (tienne Chicot), a petty crook who revels in mugging gay men. All three struggle with relationships that seem to be going nowhere.

Blood and Black Lace (1964)

A masked man with a metal-claw glove stalks models at a couple's (Cameron Mitchell, Eva Bartok) fashion salon in Rome.

Identikit (1974)

A woman (Elizabeth Taylor) flies to Rome on a reckless quest, not for love but for death.

Queen: Live in Budapest (1987)

The British rock group's 1986 tour includes "We Will Rock You," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We Are the Champions."

Strip Search (1997)

A woman (Caroline Nron) hires a police detective (Michael Par) to track her stepdaughter, a stripper.

Lake Fear (2014)

Four young women go to a cabin in the woods and must battle their way out of a labyrinth of evil.

Project-M (2014)

Four astronauts have to live in a space station for 1,000 days to prove a trip to one of Jupiter's moons is possible. The project goes well until something goes wrong on Earth.

Antonio (1973)

A South American villager's life takes a turn for the worse when he tries to return a car to an eccentric Texas oilman.

Powder River (1953)

While seeking the man who murdered his partner, a marshal (Rory Calhoun) befriends a dying doctor (Cameron Mitchell).

The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (1988)

A female officer (Heather Thomas) joins a major (Telly Savalas) and GI convicts for a desert raid on the Nazis.

Bombshell (2012)

A 10-year-old tomboy must weigh her loyalty to her trusted older brother when the siblings become complicit in a hate crime.

Origins (2014)

Exploring the balance of nature and technology,particularly the advances of human civilization and how man's technological marvels threaten the environment.

Sweethearts of the U.S.A. (1944)

Knocked unconscious, a worker (Una Merkel) in a defense plant dreams that she is a detective on the trail of bank robbers.

Wilt (1989)

A British inspector (Mel Smith) thinks a woman (Alison Steadman) has been killed by her lecturer husband (Griff Rhys Jones), last seen with an inflatable doll.

Athena (2013)

A Greek protestor receives an unexpected visit from the goddess Athena.

Riff Raff Girls (1959)

The owner (Nadja Tiller) of a floating nightclub finds herself mixed up in a bank caper in Brussels.

Bermuda Affair (1956)

Chuck Walters (Ron Randell) and Bob Scoffield (Gary Merrill) are old war buddies who run a cargo airplane service in Bermuda. Walters is happily married to Chris (Zena Marshall) while Scoffield chases after every woman who looks his way. Though Walters doesn't suspect anything, Chris isn't nearly as happy as he is and has started a romance with Scoffield on the side. When Walters finally finds out about the affair, he's devastated by the betrayal and runs out into the jungle.

The Dark Avenger (1955)

Edward III's son (Errol Flynn) fights the French and rescues a lady (Joanne Dru) as the Black Prince of the Hundred Years' War.

The Diabolical Dr. Z (1966)

The late Dr. Z's daughter (Mabel Karr) tries his mind-control method on an exotic dancer called Miss Death (Estella Blain).

Adieu Galaxy Express 999 (1981)

An idealistic teen continues an intergalactic quest to avenge his mother's murder.

Rio, 40 Graus (1955)

Filmmaker Nelson Pereira dos Santos follows boys from the hills beyond Rio de Janeiro who sell peanuts in the city.

The Healer (1935)

A crippled child has a stabilizing effect on an idealistic physician who let fame and fortune go to his head.

Rio, Zona Norte (1957)

A talented songwriter must face the social injustices of his city.

Mrs. Hobbes' House (2009)

A recently widowed woman (Ellen Bry) forges a deep bond with a couple and their five foster children.

The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand (1936)

A detective battles the minions of a master criminal who has kidnapped the inventor of a gold-synthesis formula.


A bandit (Lee Van Cleef) turns sheriff in order to rob a payroll.

Cry Uncle! (1971)

A sloppy private eye (Allen Garfield) and a woman (Madeleine Le Roux) help a rich client caught on camera during an orgy.

Under my skin (2014)

A father is more interested in cars, poker, and women than being a part of his son's life. After he spends the night with a beautiful hitchhiker, they have a very disturbing awakening.

Gary Numan: Android in La La Land (2016)

The film explores life for Gary and his Numanoid family as they unpack their new home in California.

The Day the Sky Exploded (1958)

An astronaut (Paul Hubschmid) says Earth-bound asteroids can be stopped only by mutual use of the world's atomic weapons.