Girls, Girls, Girls (2014)

Helmet Heads (2018)

From Baghdad to Brooklyn (2015)

Don Carlo (2013)

Twin Sisters (2013)

Twin Sisters is a 2013 documentary film, directed by Mona Friis Bertheussen and produced by Moment Film. The film won the Audience Award at the 2013 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Twin Sisters went on to win 10 other awards and has been broadcast by more than thirty television channels reaching millions of people worldwide.

Sugar Wars - The Rise of the Cleveland Mafia (2012)

Angelo Lonardo grew up in the wealthy neighborhood of Shaker Heights, his father was a powerful man and the first "Mafia Boss" of the city. After his father was murdered by a member of the rival Porello crime family in 1929, 18 year-old Angelo swore revenge. He later joined the Cleveland Crime Family, working his way up to underboss in 1976. After his arrest in 1983 on drug charges,and fearing life behind bars, he became a government informant and testified against his former colleagues. He remains one of the highest ranking mob bosses to breach the vow of "omerta" in becoming a federal witness. He emerged from the Federal Witness Protection Program inn the early 1990's, and returned home to Cleveland to tell his story.

Cowboy Camembert (2018)

Broken Doll (2018)

Akemarropa (2018)

The 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films (2019)

For over a decade, ShortsTV has proudly brought the Oscar© Nominated Short Films to audiences across the globe. This exclusive release features the year’s most spectacular short films and for a limited time is available to watch on the big screen. Each nominee is released in one of three distinct feature-length compilations according to their category of nomination: Live Action, Animation or Documentary.

The Archive (2008)

Inside North Korea: Then & Now with Lisa Ling (2017)

Macy's 4TH Of July Fireworls Spectacular (2016)

The Woman with the Hungry Eyes (2006)

Beethoven Missa Solemnis (2012)

Là-haut sur ces montagnes (1946)

Bolshoi Ballet: Carmen Suite/Petrushka (2019)

Captured live the same day from the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, this double-bill event for cinemas encapsulates and showcases the soul of Russian Ballet. Carmen is as sensual and free-spirited as ever as she finds herself caught in a love triangle. The passionate one act ballet by Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso, originally conceived for legendary Bolshoi prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, will captivate audiences alongside Petrushka, a new creation for the Bolshoi by contemporary choreographer Edward Clug.

Under the Knife (2018)

The Mary Jane Massacre (2018)

Multiplicity (2014)

Forced Alliance (1989)

Balloons over Babylon (2019)

Welcome to Essex (2018)

Beur sur la ville (2011)

Beur sur la ville is a 2011 French comedy directed by Djamel Bensalah.

You Are Your Body/You Are Not Your Body (2014)

Freddy, die Gitarre und das Meer (1959)

Freddy, the Guitar and the Sea (German: Freddy, die Gitarre und das Meer) is a 1959 West German musical film directed by Wolfgang Schleif and starring Freddy Quinn, Corny Collins and Sabine Sesselmann.

The Power of the Dark Crystal (2021)

Carriage to Vienna (1966)

Coach to Vienna (Czech: Kočár do Vídně, in USA released as Carriage to Vienna) is a 1966 Czech war thriller directed by Karel Kachyňa.

Precure the Movie: Dream Stars! (2017)

Vampire Girls (2011)

Bobby's Run Off (2016)

Abba Gold: Greatest Hits (1993)

Crooked Candy (2014)

The Visible Compendium (1991)

Rostropovich: The Genius of the Cello (2011)

The Secret Santa (2014) - Paris Hilton Commercial (2018)

Rojo Amarillo Rojo (2018)

Rodeo (1969)

Mongeville et Magellan: Un Amour de Jeunesse (2018)

Inheritance (2005)

If Something Happens (2018)

Gangsters (1992)

Gangsters is a 1992 Italian drama film directed by Massimo Guglielmi. It was entered into the 18th Moscow International Film Festival.

Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit 2007 (2007)

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (2014)

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan is a 2014 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film written and directed by Rajmohan. It stars Krishna Kulasekaran, Monal Gajjar, Ma Ka Pa Anand and Niharika Kareer. The film is set in the backdrop of rural Coimbatore. The film, features musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja. It was released on 12 September 2014 to mixed reviews from critics.

The Celebrated Gisaeng (2014)

Speed Demons (2012)

The Good Life (1996)

The Good Life (Spanish: La buena vida) is a 1996 Spanish comedy film directed by David Trueba. The film was screened for the Directors' Fortnight of the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.

Bank Busters (1978)

Crossroads (2014)

Beartooth: Live in Columbus (2017)

Beartooth: Live in Columbus includes 14 live performances spanning their catalog, along with commentary from each band member as they describe their journey as musicians.

Jurowski conducts the COE (2009)

This programme captures the musical encounter between one of the most talented conductors of his generation with arguably the best chamber orchestra musicians. They are joined by worldwide renowned pianist Hélène Grimaud in a programme featuring Strauss and Ravel, a perfect combination of familiar repertoire and works that deserve to be discovered. The 90 minutes version offers the complete concert while the 52 minutes programme features Strauss’ 'Metamorphosen' and Ravel’s 'Piano Concerto'

Steve Reich - Phase to Face (2011)

A drummer-turned-composer, Steve Reich has produced some of the most vibrant, original and interesting music of our time, with influences as varied as Bach, Stravinsky, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Balinese and Ghanaian percussion. His technique of ‘phasing’ (short, repeating patterns moving in and out of phase with each other), used first in It’s Gonna Rain of 1965, formed the springboard for his complex and colourful style, with its intoxicating melodic lines and rhythmic patterns. In Phase to Face, we follow Steve Reich as he travels from the Autumn in Normandy festival to Rome (with the Italian musicians of Ars Ludi, the Ready-Made Ensemble, Coro Ha-Kol and Quartetto Prometeo), to Tokyo, to New York, and to Manchester – for the world premiere of 2X5.

Celibidache Conducts the Berliner Philharmoniker (2012)

In 1992, the revered conductor Sergiu Celibidache returned to conduct the Berliner Philharmoniker for the first time in thirty-eight years. This stupendous event was to be his final concert with the famous orchestra, and it is the only video recording in existence of Celibidache conducting the Berliner Philharmoniker. Bruckner’s majestic Symphony No. 7 is given an expansive, triumphant performance that fills the Schauspielhaus with rich, ripe and burnished sound. To maximise the artistic impact of this momentous occasion, the video assets have been restored and upscaled from 4:3 to 16:9. Recorded live in the Schauspielhaus, Berlin, 31 March and 1 April 1992, directed by Rodney Greenberg. Includes the 54 mins. Documentary ‘The Triumphant Return’ directed by Wolfgang Becker. The film documents the maestro Celibidache’s reunion with the Berliner Philharmoniker after 38 years, and includes extensive footage from the rehearsals of Bruckner’s Symphony No. 7 and interviews with former orchestra members. Released on EuroArts’s new sub-label: Recorded Excellence – Historical Value.

The 12 Cellists (2012)

Since 1972 the 12 Cellists of the Berliner Philharmoniker have been a prominent institution in international musical life. Whether they’re playing classical music, jazz, tango or avant-garde, listeners around the world are invariably fascinated by the wide range of the unique and intoxicating timbres that these twelve cellos can produce. Their mixture of seriousness and humor, of depth and lightness, appeals to audiences of all ages. Among the contemporary composers who have written works especially for the “12” are Boris Blacher, Jean Françaix, Iannis Xenakis, Arvo Pärt, and Tan Dun. The documentary by Enrique Sánchez Lansch portrays the ensemble of the 12 Cellists, its history and its individual members. Also available: The 12 Cellists: The 40th Anniversary Concert.

Baden-Baden 2017: Tosca (2017)

For the Easter Festival 2017 in Baden-Baden, Sir Simon Rattle and the Berliner Philharmoniker draw their inspiration from Tosca, the most well-known and also most brilliant of all the Puccini operas. And that is deservedly so, since Tosca is not merely a work of art, but also a gripping suspense-packed story. With Kristine Opolais as Tosca and a spectacular staging by Philipp Himmelmann this production offers a fresh view on this beloved classic.

Cinderella (1990)

Christopher Wheeldon recreates the enchanting story of Cinderella, based on the original tale collected by the Brothers Grimm and set to the Prokofiev score. This production was awarded the prestigious Benois de la Danse for choreography in 2013.

1000 Waves to Surfing Glory (2013)

The film is presented in a dream like structure with no distracting titles letting the visual imagery speak freely to your surfing soul and wanderlust. With over two hours of epic surf adventure this film will stoke the fires of your surfing dreams.

Lucerne Festival 2006: Abbado conducts Mahler 6 (2007)

“The Lucerne Festival Orchestra is like a holiday camp, but for adult musicians,” is how the Berliner Tagesspiegel describes the special atmosphere of Lucerne in the summer. In August 2006 for the fourth time, first class musicians answered the call of the orchestra’s founder Claudio Abbado. In the architecturally spectacular concert hall (KKL) numerous prominent soloists sat by each other as if they had never heard of a “featured soloist” or “exclusive contract” – among them Kolja Blacher (concertmaster of the LFO), the clarinettist Sabine Meyer, the trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich or the cellist Natalia Gutman. This year Claudio Abbado added a new instalment to his Mahler cycle: the 6th Symphony. Over the last few years EuroArts has also filmed Abbado and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra’s performances of Mahlers 2nd, 5th and 7th Symphonies.

Sol Gabetta Sir Simon Rattle in Baden-Baden 2014 (2014)

Sol Gabetta’s debut with the Berliner Philharmoniker at the Easter Festival 2014 in Baden-Baden stood under the sign of contrast: Beginning with Wagner’s Lohengrin and György Ligeti’s orchestral piece Atmosphères they show how they both pursue similar objectives in different ways – that of an iridescent, otherworldly sound Elgar’s warm and melodically charged Cello Concerto is contrasted with Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, an entirely progressive piece that pushes the conventional boundaries of classical music. “Sol Gabetta’s Elgar Concerto is one of the best around, a heartfelt, tonally rounded performance …. Hers is a softly spoken presence, especially beautiful in those infinitely sad modulations that fall towards the end of the piece.” - Gramophone magazine

Gall Force: Earth Chapter (1989)

Land of Milk and Honey (1971)

Pierre Etaix’s most radical film, and perhaps unsurprisingly the one that effectively ended his career in cinema, Land of Milk and Honey is a fascinating investigative documentary about post–May ’68 French society. In it, Etaix trains his discerning eye on idle summer vacationers, but the film has bigger fish to fry, asking pertinent questions about the sexualization of culture, class and gender inequality, media and advertising, and even architecture.

Deconstructing The Beatles' Revolver (2017)

In Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver, composer/producer, Scott Freiman, takes Beatles fans young and old into the studio with The Beatles as they create their seminal 1966 album, Revolver.In many music polls, Revolver is rated the top album of all time.  The 1966 album launched a period of studio experimentation for The Beatles that coincided with their decision to stop performing live.  With memorable songs, such as “Eleanor Rigby,” “Yellow Submarine,” and “Tomorrow Never Knows,” The Beatles pushed popular music to a place it had never been before.Deconstructing The Beatles’ Revolver explores the groundbreaking production techniques that went into creating this landmark piece of music history.  In addition to many of the tracks from Revolver, Mr. Freiman will also explore the creation of two other songs recorded during the same time period, “Paperback Writer” and “Rain.”  Mr. Freiman conducts an educational journey into the creative process of The Beatles performances and recording sessions.

Lucerne Festival 2009 - Abbado conducts Mahler No. 4 Rückert Lieder (2009)

The charismatic and inspiring Claudio Abbado and the magnificent mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená, with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, hold the audience spellbound in this live recording from Lucerne Festival in Summer. Mahler’s five Rückert-Lieder – in a profoundly moving and rapturously received performance – precede Mahler’s sublime and deeply personal Fourth Symphony. This extraordinary work is executed with power, passion and sensitivity, with Magdalena Kožená giving a transcendent rendition of the final movement.

Confrontation (2006)

National Memorial Day Concert (2015)

Broken Goddess (1973)

Baba Yega: The Movie (2018)

The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf (1979)

The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf is a 1979 Japanese crime thriller film based on a novel by Haruhiko Oyabu. It stars Yūsaku Matsuda as a criminal who disguises himself as a salaryman, and Jun Fubuki as his girlfriend. It was directed by Toru Murakawa.

Jusqu'au cou (1964)

Scenesters: Music, Mayhem and Melrose ave. 1985-1990 (2017)

In the Orchard (2018)

Sanada fûunroku (1963)

Les déguns (2018)

Paris au mois d'août (1966)

La domenica della buona gente (1953)

Good Folk's Sunday (Italian: La domenica della buona gente) is a 1953 Italian comedy film directed by Anton Giulio Majano.

Elisa (2015)

Élisa is a French drama film directed by Jean Becker and starring Gérard Depardieu, Vanessa Paradis, Firmine Richard and Florence Thomassin. It was released in 1995.

We Shall Overcome (2015)

It Happened in Soho (1948)

Refresh (2009)

10 years deep and still not satisfied. Level 1 looks back and challenges perspectives of where the sport has come from, and where it’s going in their tenth-anniversary offering, Refresh.

The Simulation Hypothesis (2015)

Planet Carlos (2008)

15 Lads (2011)

Raggarjävlar (Swedish Greasers) (2019)

Sahis 46 (2019)

Shadows of the Empire (2019)

Solo cose belle (2019)

Döndüm Ben (2019)

Being Natural (2019)

Burning Ghost (2019)

Tarpan: The Salvation (2019)

One Day When the Rain Falls (2013)

Pettersson und Findus - Findus zieht um (2018)

Boi de Lágrimas (2019)

Slow TV: National Firewood Morning (2013)

Slow TV: National Firewood Evening (2013)

Slow TV: National Knitting Night (2013)

Slow TV: Northern Passage (2012)

Rolling Stone: Stories From The Edge (2017)

A Place Among the Living (2003)

A Place Among the Living is a 2003 French film directed by Raúl Ruiz.