Gifts of Belita Platinum Embraced Brilliante (2010)

Simulated diamonds; exclusive designs.

VMA's Revealed (2010)

Memorable moments from the Video Music Awards.

The Olden Days Coat

Whirled into the past by a forgotten coat, a young girl learns the importance of family at Christmastime.

SEC Tonight (2010)

A recap of the day's SEC action.

Rift Valley (2010)

The Great Rift Valley is a huge, complex region created by the inner forces of the earth.

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story (2010)

The American Midwest has some of the most-productive farmland, but excess fertilizers are contaminating water as the soil washes away; farmers and scientists look for a more-sustainable future.

NRL Rugby (2005)

Coverage of matches played in Australia's National Rugby League.

Papal Visit to Fatima: Departure From Fatima (2010)

The pope leaves Fatima.

AMA Motocross Series (2010)

Action from AMA Motocross Series.

So Glad I Made It (2011)

A documentary of American's best unknown songwriter, Roger Salloom.

West Virginians in War (1995)

Archival film and photographs explore the historic role of the mountaineer; host Jon McBride.

Papal Visit to Fatima: Departure (2010)

The pope flies out of the Porto International Airport.

Angora Napkin (2010)

While rushing to a concert, Beatrice, Molly and Mallory -- better known to the world as the bubblegum-pop group Angora Napkin -- meet up with a zombie boy and unwittingly unleash the undead upon humanity. As they travel the country playing gigs, they continually find themselves dealing with the macabre, though they don't necessarily see it as such. Despite the upbeat pop-music sound, this is not a cartoon for the little ones -- with its drinking, drugs and sexual innuendo, "Angora Napkin" is definitely for the older crowd.

WWE Night of Champions (2010)

WWE Championship Six-Pack elimination challenge; Kane vs. Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship; The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan for the United States Championship; Divas and Women's Championship Unification Lumberjack match. From Sept, 19, 2010 in Chicago.

The Trials of Michael Jackson (2010)

The media covers the 2005 trial of pop superstar Michael Jackson.

Zebras on the Move (2010)

Thousands of zebras lead the way for the largest migration of hoofed animals in Africa.

Video Killed the Radio Star (2010)

Interviews with renowned video directors whose works are featured.

MLB Tonight: World Series Live (2010)

Featuring live look-ins, updates, highlights, reporting and analysis.

Rod Stewart: One Night Only (2010)

Stewart performs his classics, including "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" "Hot Legs," and "Maggie May," accompanied by a 60-piece orchestra and with guests Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Jeff Beck and Ronnie Wood.

To Forgive ... Divine (2010)

Examining the concept of forgiveness through personal stories.

Jwl Red, White & Blue Tag Clearance (2010)

Savings on jewelry styles.

Riding Britain's Railways (2010)

A unique and revealing history of Britain's railroads and engineering evolution.

Wellington: The Iron Duke (2002)

Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington, whose action at the Battle of Waterloo immortalized him.

NASA SCIence Files (2000)

Exercises in math, science and technology for grades 3-5.

Jewelry Clearance up to 60 Percent Off (2010)

Bridges and Pathways: Stories of Canadian Diversity (2010)

The impact of diversity in Hamilton.

Rally (2000)

Wellness for Life (2000)

Nascar Angels (2006)

Rusty Wallace and top drivers help deserving people across the nation with their car-care needs.

Electronic Connection Clearance (2010)

Reduced prices on household and personal electronics.

Heroes Among Us (2008)

Courageous Americans choose to help others.

The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart (2010)

Africa's Great Rift Valley is home to the greatest concentration of animals on Earth.

Insane Cinema: The Arena - North Shore (2010)

Each year the best surfers in the world come to North Shore Oahu to compete.

CBS News: Election Coverage (2010)

Coverage and analysis of the midterm elections.

River Warriors (2010)

A crew lives and works on a floating compound while fighting the huge trash problem plaguing the Mississippi River.

The Occult History of the Third Reich

N.N. (2009)

The Late DDouble (2010)

NASCAR Racing (2002)

Classic NASCAR races from years past.

Rally Dakar Highlights (2008)

Rally Raid (2002)

All-terrain motor racing action from this year's World Cup.

Landing Zone Vietnam (2004)

The Huey UH-1 helicopter symbolizes the American effort in Vietnam.

Great British Food

Author Tom Norrington-Davies tries his hand at British favorites.

The Covenant (2010)

Dramatic and musical presentation of the story of the people of Israel from the calling of Abraham to the modern state.

Landing Zone in Vietnam (1999)

The Huey UH-1 helicopter symbolizes the American effort in Vietnam.

Alex Scott: A Stand for Hope (2010)

In her short life, a little girl starts Alex's Lemonade Stand, raising money to help other children with cancer.


Concha Buika (2010)

A musician whose unique style mixes classic flamenco with elements of jazz and soul.

Mount St. Helens: Life From Zero (2010)

A look at how Mount St. Helens has recovered since its eruption in 1980.

Franz Ferdinand: Shockwave NME Awards Big Gig 2009 (2010)

Franz Ferdinand Perform Live at the NME awards 2009.

Papal Visit to Fatima: Arrival in Lisbon (2010)

Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Lisbon Portela International Airport.

Rally on Board (2006)

Action sports. From point to point, the best information about your favorite motor sports.

John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind (My Music) (2010)

Performances by artists of the 1950s and '60s include those of Pete Seeger, Judy Collins, the Kingston Trio, and the Chad Mitchell Trio.

NBA Media Day (2010)


Stranded: Andes Plane Crash Survivors (2010)

Survivors of the 1972 plane crash recall how they survived 60 days with no provisions.

Never the Bride (2008)

Himalayan Kyanite (2010)

The beauty and vibrant blue color of jewelry made with Himalayan Kynanite.

There's Something Out There (2010)

Filmmaker Caelum Vatnsdal documents the search for Bigfoot near the Norway House community.

The Odyssey of Captain Healy

The career of black U.S. Marine Capt. Michael Healy, who hid his African-American heritage during his command of 1886-1896.

Making Miracles Happen (2010)

Healthcare providers and volunteers help provide the best healthcare possible at Children's Miracle Network hospitals across the country.

TNA Wrestling: Bound For Glory (2010)

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy; Abyss vs. Rob Van Dam; Fortune vs. EV2 in a Lethal Lockdown match. From Daytona Beach, Fla.

Papal Visit to Fatima: Visit to the President (2010)

Pope Benedict XVI visits Portuguese President Antonio Cavaco Silva at the Palacio de Belem in Lisbon.

Life Is But a Dream... (2010)

Charlie Wilkins rows across the Atlantic in 30 days.

Pie Paradise (2010)

Serving up the most interesting places for a piece of pie.

The Plausible Impossible

Animation techniques make the implausible believable.

The NBC Primetime Preview Show (2010)

A preview of new and returning shows for the fall season; among the new series featured are "The Event," "Undercovers" and "Law & Order: Los Angeles."

Scientology Ex-Files (2010)

Accusations of financial greed and emotional cruelty by Ex-Scientologists.

Quest for the Birthplace of Christ (2010)

Latino Filmmaker Showcase (2000)

Short films from young, Latino filmmakers.

Design Inc. Holiday (2010)

A couple needs help updating the layout and wiring of the first floor of a house, weeks away from the holidays.

My Country, My Faith (2010)

Religious show.

White House Christmas 2010 (2010)

Staff reveal design secrets in a program showing the decorating, volunteers and menu that go into creating a fun and festive holiday season in America's First Home.

The Legends of Santa (2010)

Santa's image today is a fusion of cultures and traditions; how these traditions emerged around the world.

Himalaya (1998)

Himalayan Gems (2001)

Handmade jewelry using craftsmanship that is 2,000 years old; ornate detailing; beautiful gemstones.

Storefront Lawyers (1970)

Storefront Lawyers is an American legal drama that ran from September 1970 to January 1971 and February 1971 to March 1971 on CBS. The series starred Robert Foxworth, Sheila Larken, David Arkin, and A Martinez.

Burning Water (2010)

Flammable tap water pits an Alberta family against Big Gas and the government.

Live From the Red Carpet: The 2011 Grammy Awards (2011)

Celebrity arrivals for the Grammys.

Invitation Only: Rascal Flatts (2010)

The country band performs its hits and the single "Why Wait."

Naked Planet (2001)

Nature's greatest wonders are revealed.

Storie maledette (2014)

The Plow That Broke the Plains (1936)

Filmmaker Pare Lorentz illustrates the effects of the dust bowl on farmers in Oklahoma and Texas after the Depression.

Power of Kabbalah (2010)

Classes in Kabbalah taught by top teachers from the Kabbalah Centre.

Deadliest Catch Roughest and Toughest Moments (2011)

The most gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring moments in maritime history.

The 45th Annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon (2010)

An annual event raises funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Ritratti musicali (2011)

Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century (2011)

Mobile devices and electronic media impact learning.

Reagan: The Hollywood Years (2003)

The life and career of America's 40th president, Ronald Reagan, including his work with the Screen Actors Guild and his role during the McCarthy hearings.

Jimbo Fisher Show (2010)

Head coach Jimbo Fisher and Gene Deckerhoff review highlights of the previous weekend's games and preview the upcoming opponent for the Seminoles.

Strolling With Tamori (2010)

Comedian Tamori takes viewers on a tour to provide a glimpse of history hidden in modern scenes.

A Muslim Journey to Hope (2010)

Tune in and hear true stories of life-changing experiences from former Muslims.

Doorbusters (2010)

Amazing prices and incredible deals on many items.

The Invention of Dr Nakamats (2010)

Kaspar Astrup Schrder's portrait of one of the world's more eccentric inventors, Yoshiro Nakamatsu.

Derek Dooley (2010)

University of Tennessee football.

The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas (1993)

A puppy and his owners cut a Christmas tree. Animated.

Irregular Heartbeats

Facts and management tips regarding abnormal heart rates.

Laugh at Us: The Merry Pranksters Theatrical Troupe ... For the Exceptionally Talented (2005)

Mentally impaired adults present and perform a full-length theatrical production.

Laugh Out Loud (2010)

Dierks Bentley Live From the Ryman (2010)

Dierks Bentley performs hits and songs from the new album "Up on the Ridge."

Stories From the Mines (2000)

The acquisition of anthracite plays a pivotal role in American democracy, in part due to the volatile relationship between immigrant coal miners and wealthy mine owners.