All the Fault of Paradise (1985)

All the Fault of Paradise (Italian: Tutta colpa del paradiso) is a 1985 Italian romance-comedy film directed by Francesco Nuti. For his performance Nuti won the Ciak d'oro for best actor.

The Vanishing Legion (1931)

The Vanishing Legion is a 1931 American Pre-Code Mascot film serial directed by Ford Beebe and B. Reeves Eason. The stars Harry Carey and Edwina Booth were originally intended to be in the studio's previous serial, King of the Wild, but had to be re-cast when the MGM film Trader Horn (1931) overran its schedule. Both also starred in the Mascot serial The Last of the Mohicans and Carey was the lead in The Devil Horse. An infection received while filming Trader Horn led to Booth's retirement for acting.

Sonic: Night of the Werehog (2008)

Andre Rieu: Live in Vienna (2008)

Ang Nerseri (2009)

The Snow Woman (1968)

Antek policmajster (1935)

Police Chief Antek (Antek policmajster) is a 1935 Polish comedy film directed by Michał Waszyński.

Mensajeros de paz (1957)

Benigni (2009)

Stephen the Great - Vaslui 1475 (1974)

Stephen the Great - Vaslui 1475 (Romanian: Ștefan cel Mare - Vaslui 1475) is a 1975 Romanian biography film directed by Mircea Drăgan.

Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany (2009)

The Girl Is Mime (2009)

Flagpole (2010)

La mano que aprieta (1966)

Voyage to Metropolis (2010)

The Beatles on Record (2009)

The Curse of the Bambino (2003)

Faceless (2008)

Faceless is a 1988 French slasher film directed by Jesús Franco. The film is about Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger) and his assistant Nathalie (Brigitte Lahaie) who lure unsuspecting victims to use their skin to perform plastic surgery on the doctor's disfigured sister - a plot reminiscent of Franco's first film, Gritos en la noche (1961). Hallen (Telly Savalas) is a New York businessman who hires private detective Sam Morgan (Chris Mitchum) to find his missing fashion model daughter Barbara (Caroline Munro). Other elements of the story include a Nazi doctor (Anton Diffring) and a chainsaw/power tool tormentor who are called in by Dr. Flamand. This was Savalas' final acting appearance before his death in 1994.

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist: Product Placement on Tour (2004)

Don't Cry Wolf (2003)

Don't Cry Wolf (Swedish: Lillebror på tjuvjakt) is a 2003 Swedish comedy film directed by Clas Lindberg. Lindberg won the Audience Award at the 2003 Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival for the film.

Bro (2003)

Unscarred: The Life of Nick Mondo (2004)

The Rock (1967)

James Ellroy: Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction (1994)

Posledniy zaboy (2006)

The Witches of Breastwick 2 (2005)

Soldati - 365 all'alba (1987)

Soldati - 365 all'alba (i.e. "Soldiers 365 Days Before Discharge") is a 1987 Italian drama film directed by Marco Risi. The film, which deals with the military service seen as a traumatic experience, marked the switch of Risi from low-wattage comedies to more complex themes. Before coming into production, the screenplay was submitted to the Ministry of Defence to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in real barracks, but it received an outright refusal, as the Ministry feared to exacerbate the already harsh controversy that at the time had invested the Army because of a chain of suicides in the barracks as a result of hazing. The film, therefore, was filmed partly in Rome between the Empire Studios, the private school Nazarene College and the psychiatric hospital Santa Maria della Pietà, and Trieste, in the museum of national history.

La hija del regimiento (1944)

Savaitgalis pragare (1987)

Il trionfo di Maciste (1961)

Triumph of the Son of Hercules (Italian: Il trionfo di Maciste) is a 1961 Italian peplum film directed by Tanio Boccia and starring Kirk Morris.

Dues dones (1998)

John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together (1979)

John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together is a 1979 Christmas television special starring Jim Henson's Muppets and singer-songwriter John Denver. The special first aired December 5, 1979, on ABC. The special has never been commercially released on any standard home media video format.

Death Scenes 2 (1992)

I Love You All (2004)

The World's First Computer (2012)

White Rat (1971)

Inside the Living Body (2007)

Love Made Easy (2006)

Holocaust 2: The Revenge (1980)

Cheng shi nu lie ren (1993)

Die Frau und der Fremde (1985)

The Woman and the Stranger (German: Die Frau und der Fremde) is a 1985 East German film directed by Rainer Simon. It is based on Leonhard Frank's novella "Karl und Anna" and tells the story of two friends in a POW camp during World War I. One of them escapes and forms a relationship with the other man's wife. After the war her husband returns. The film was entered into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Bear. It is a remake of Homecoming (1928).

Cristóbal Colón, de oficio... descubridor (1982)

Cristóbal Colón, de oficio... descubridor ("Christopher Columbus, by proffesion...discoverer") is a Spanish comedy film, released on September 8, 1982. It is a comic interpretation of the preparations of Columbus before making the discovery of the Americas.

The Man with the Smallest Penis in Existence and the Electron Microscope Technician Who Loved Him (2006)

Schuberts Frühlingstraum (1931)

Schubert's Dream of Spring (German: Schuberts Frühlingstraum) is a 1931 German musical film directed by Richard Oswald and starring Carl Jöken, Gretl Theimer and Alfred Läutner. It is a biopic of the early Nineteenth century Austrian composer Franz Schubert. It was one of two films along with Vienna, City of Song (1930) with which the director paid musical tribute to his native city Vienna.

The French, They Are a Funny Race (1955)

The French, They Are a Funny Race — known in France as Les Carnets du Major Thompson (The Notebooks of Major Thompson) and in the U.K. as The Diary of Major Thompson — is a 1955 comedy film written and directed by Preston Sturges, based on the novel by Pierre Daninos, and starring Jack Buchanan and Martine Carol. This was the last film directed by Preston Sturges as well as the last film for actor Jack Buchanan before his death from Spinal Cancer on 20 October 1957.

The Lumière Brothers' First Films (1996)

What Max Said (1978)

What Max Said (Spanish: Las palabras de Max) is a 1978 Spanish film directed by Emilio Martínez Lázaro. It tells the story of a man who feels disconnected from people around him. It was entered into the 28th Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Golden Bear.

Madonna: A Case of Blood Ambition (1990)

Un día con Sergio (1977)

Hajime no ippo - Champion road (2003)

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962)

Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (Chinese: 大小黄天霸) also known as Seven Little Valiant Fighters (Chinese: 橫掃江南七霸天)/Two of a Kind is a 1962 Hong Kong film. The film is notable for being Jackie Chan's film debut. The film is now considered a lost film, with no known complete copies remaining. The only footage that survived is a 9-minute opening clip and a short 5 minute clip of dialogue.

Esquilache (1989)

Esquilache is a 1989 Spanish film directed by Josefina Molina. The film stars Fernando Fernán Gómez as Leopoldo de Gregorio, Marquis of Esquilache. It is based on the play "Un Soñador Para Un Pueblo" by Antonio Buero Vallejo. The film was entered into the 39th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Comb (1991)

Brevi amori a Palma di Majorca (1959)

Vacations in Majorca (Italian: Brevi amori a Palma di Majorca) is a 1959 Italian comedy film directed by Giorgio Bianchi.

Die grosse Treibjagd (1968)

The Last Mercenary is a 1968 Spanish/West German/Italian international co-production of a modern-day Western. It was directed by Mel Welles who was uncredited for financial funding reasons. The film was shot in Rio de Janeiro and Spain.

An Italian in Greece (1958)

Die verkaufte Braut (1932)

The Bartered Bride (German: Die verkaufte Braut) is a 1932 German film directed by Max Ophüls and based on the comic opera of the same name by Czech composer Bedřich Smetana.

Magic Johnson: Always Showtime (1991)

Resident Demon (2004)

Avia Vampire Hunter (2005)

Chonda Pierce: This Ain't Prettyville (2009)

Love or a Kingdom (1936)

Barbara Radziwiłłówna is a Polish historical film. It was released in 1936. It was the first feature film transmitted by Polish television during its test phase (26 August 1939).

De Blå Ulvene (1993)

De blå ulvene (English: The blue wolves) is a 1993 Norwegian crime film directed by Morten Kolstad, starring Håvard Bakke, Tommy Karlsen and Viggo Jønsberg.

Same Love, Same Rain (1999)

Same Love, Same Rain (Spanish: El mismo amor, la misma lluvia) is a 1999 Argentine-American romantic comedy film directed by Juan José Campanella and written by Campanella and Fernando Castets. It stars Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Ulises Dumont and Eduardo Blanco.

Red Riding Hood (1931)

Red Riding Hood is a 2006 American musical film starring Morgan Thompson as "Red", Henry Cavill as "the Hunter", and Joey Fatone as "the Wolf".

Do You Have a License to Save This Planet? (2001)

George! (1972)

Docteur Popaul (1972)

Dr. Popaul is a 1972 French black comedy film directed by Claude Chabrol. also known under the titles High Heels and Scoundrel in White. The film was based on the 1969 novel Meurtre à loisir by Hubert Monteilhet, translated into English as Murder at Leisure.

The Highwater Trilogy (2006)

Marilyn's Window (1988)

The Mansion Cat (2001)

Travel Notes (1932)

Medusa (1998)

In this surreal retelling of the ancient myth of the Medusa, bizarre, clothed statues of men are appearing all over Greece. Only Perseus, the leader of a gang of modern Athenian thieves, holds the answer to the mystery. It has something to do with a beautiful, long-haired woman in black who is connected with his troubled childhood. One night his gang breaks into a deserted house in the countryside looking for goods to steal. What they find is entirely unexpected and leads Perseus on a dangerous journey into his past.

I love you, Jamie (2012)

A Funny Thing Happened to Kelly and Ted (2017)

Available Light (2015)

Hot for Paris (1929)

Hot for Paris is a 1929 American pre-Code black-and-white romantic adventure musical film. This film is believed to be lost. The film is also known as Fifì dimmi di sì in Italy and Un marido afortunado in Spain. The film length (metres) is 1710.84 m in the silent version and 2002.54 m (7 reels) in the sound version.

Garden Path (2001)

Running Shadow (1972)

Before Sunrise (2005)

MAD GOD: Part 2 (2015)

Tarpan: Repainting an Ancient Picture (2014)

Form Phases IV (1953)

Gary Gulman: It's About Time (2016)

Morning Love (2011)

All About a Girl (2004)

Here Comes the Pun (1996)

The Girl from Pussycat (1969)

Naughty Dallas (1964)

Naughty Dallas is a 1964 American film about a small town girl who arrives in Dallas determined to become a stripper. It was claimed this movie was partly shot in Jack Ruby's nightclub, but this has been discounted. There was also a rumour Buchanan shot footage of Jack Ruby.

The Girl of the Golden West (1915)

The Girl of the Golden West is a surviving 1915 American Western silent black-and-white film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. It was based on the 1905 play The Girl of the Golden West by David Belasco. Prints of the film survive in the Library of Congress film archive. It was the first of four film adaptations that have been made of the play.

Liberace: A Valentine Special (1979)

Stream of Doubts (2015)

Bionic Eye (2012)

Dying to Tell the Story (1998)

Trick or Cheat (1966)

The Protectors (2017)

MST3K Turkey Day Marathon (2018)

Super Hell 3: Dreams of Horror (2014)

2001 World Series (2001)

Grin and Bear It (1954)

Grin and Bear It is a Disney animated short featuring Donald Duck, who appears as a visitor to a park, and Humphrey's third appearance.