Muchas Gracias, Willy Wuff (1996)

Breaking Horizons (2012)

Breaking Horizons (German: Am Himmel der Tag) is a 2012 German drama film directed by Pola Schirin Beck.

The Vortex of Love (2013)

Man Underground (2017)

Man Underground is a 2016 science fiction film written and directed by Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine.

Unschuld (2008)

Missione Di Pace (2011)

Missione di pace (Peacekeeping mission) is a 2011 Italian black comedy film directed by Francesco Lagi. It was the closer film at the Critics' Week at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

Junior G-Men Of The Air (1942)

Junior G-Men of the Air is a 1942 Universal film serial starring the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys.

Flashburn (2017)

Wes Nolan alone holds the cure for a deadly virus that has brought the world to its knees. When he awakes in the wreck of a car crash, trapped within a warehouse sealed off from the rest of the world, he quickly realizes that his memories, among them the cure for the virus, have been wiped from his brain. Before he can save mankind, he must unlock his memories and release the cure hidden within.

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2016 (2016)

Die Innere Zone (2014)

Cheeky Girls (2008)

Freche Mädchen (transl. Sassy Girls) is a 2008 German teen film directed by Ute Wieland. Its script was written by Bianka Minte-König and it is based on the book series Freche Mädchen – freche Bücher.

Homefront (2013)

A Different Tree (2014)

Maria and the Spider (2013)

The Black Dragon's Revenge (1975)

Diamond Cartel (2015)

The charismatic and ruthless Mussa makes a deal to purchase the Star of East Diamond from the Hong-Kong triad crime boss Mr. Lo - but not before being robbed via an inside job by his own people aka former lovers Aliya and Ruslan. Aliya's other former love interest and Mussa henchman gets involved setting up a veritable whodunit love triangle versus Mussa over pursuit of his gem and riches. With the help of a friend determined to ferry the back-stabbing duo of Aliya and Ruslan across the sea abroad, the couple nearly makes it across the borders with the loot. But Mussa's gangsters find them just before they escape and a spectacular, violent finale that sets up a surprise ending.

The Batwoman (1968)

Mala racha (2006)

Out Of The Black (2001)

High Tech Soul: The Creation Of Techno Music (2006)

Trop plein d'amour (2003)

Isenhart: The Hunt Is on for Your Soul (2011)

Meier Müller Schmidt (2016)

Faccio Un Salto All'avana (2011)

The Night of the Sorcerers (1974)

Muzhchina s garantiey (2012)

Odin (1985)

Odin: Photon Sailer Starlight , also known as Odin: Starlight Mutiny, is a 1985 Japanese anime film produced by Yoshinobu Nishizaki's West Cape Corporation which was previously known for Space Battleship Yamato. It was directed by Toshio Masuda with a music score by Hiroshi Miyagawa, both of whom worked on the Yamato series.

WTF (2006)

A tus espaldas (2011)

Behind You (Spanish: A tus espaldas) is a 2011 Ecuadorian drama film written and directed by Tito Jara.

Henaut President (2012)

Torno A Vivere Da Solo (2008)

Torno a vivere da solo (I'll be back to living alone) is a 2008 Italian comedy film written, directed and starred by Jerry Calà. It is the sequel of Marco Risi's Vado a vivere da solo.

L'ultimo Crodino (2009)

Reportaje (1953)

Reportaje ("Report News") is a 1953 Mexican film. The film brought together the most important stars of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and was held for charitable purposes for the A.N.D.A (Asociación Nacional de Actores) of México. The film is divided in 6 chapters around a principal storyline. Was released in a special presentation in the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

1/2 Man (1986)

Halber Mensch (also known as 1/2 Mensch) is a 1986 film by Japanese director Sogo Ishii with German band Einstürzende Neubauten. It was originally released on VHS, and re-released on DVD in 2005. The film's title comes from the album of the same name. The one-hour film documents Einstürzende Neubauten's visit to Japan in 1985. It includes concert footage along with scenes of the band performing in an industrial building. Several songs from the "Halber Mensch" album are presented as music videos, some with accompanying Butoh dancers. According to DVDManiacs, the DVD was originally mastered from a VHS tape, and the quality is therefore not as high as a usual DVD. The band, due to disputes with the manager of the label involved, have since released a remastered DVD on their own label.

The True Story of Palestine (1962)

Niente Paura (2010)

Five Steps of Love (2015)

It’s the clash of the incompatible signs when Huy, a Sagittarius playboy, meets My, a zodiac-enthusiast Pisces, and their fates become heart-achingly entangled in a twisted journey of unrequited love.

Barbra: The Music... The Mem'ries... The Magic! (2017)

Iconic songstress Barbra Streisand culminates her 13-city tour in Miami with dazzling ballads, Broadway standards and stories from behind the scenes.

Charleys Tante (1976)

Charley's Aunt (German: Charleys Tante) is a 1956 West German comedy film directed by Hans Quest and starring Heinz Rühmann, Hertha Feiler and Claus Biederstaedt. It is an adaptation of the British play Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas.

Jungle Girl (1941)

Jungle Girl is a 1941 15-chapter Republic Pictures serial starring Frances Gifford. It was directed by William Witney and John English based on the novel Jungle Girl (1932) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the 22nd of the 66 serials produced by Republic.

Nous nous marierons (2017)

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project (2010)

Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project is a 2010 Hungarian film written and directed by Kornél Mundruczó, developed from his own theatrical play and loosely based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The film was screened in the main competition at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, where it was poorly received by critics.

All Monsters Attack (1969)

All Monsters Attack, released in Japan as Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Ōru Kaijū Daishingeki , is a 1969 Japanese science fiction kaiju film featuring Godzilla, produced and distributed by Toho. The film is directed by Ishirō Honda with special effects directed by Honda and Teruyoshi Nakano and stars Tomonori Yazaki, Hideyo Amamoto, and Kenji Sahara, with Haruo Nakajima as Godzilla, Marchan the Dwarf as Minilla, and Yasuhiko Kakuyuki as Gabara. It is tenth film in the Godzilla franchise and Shōwa series.

Trans Bavaria (2012)

Game of Truth (2013)

Cómo ser mujer y no morir en el intento (1991)

Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes (2014)

Bruce Springsteen's High Hopes is a 30 minute documentary film directed by Tom Zimny that aired on HBO on April 4, 2014 and documented the recording of Bruce Springsteen's chart topping 18th studio album, High Hopes, which was released in January 2014.

Baching (2009)

Valley of the Wolves: Homeland (2017)

That inauspicious night when patriotic Turkish people made history... The night of the coup… Enemy, who waited for ultimate glory of the traitor, had laid in ambush in order to invade the Turkish soil. That night… Courageous sons sacrificed their lives and served as true examples of the selfless bravery to which all brothers aspired across the country. That night… If it hadn’t been for the Turkish people… There would have been no tomorrow. A surprise is waiting for Polat Alemdar and his team who have been conducting an operation in North Iraq. Other than strategically important targets such as military units and special operations centers, a location near the border had been marked on Turkey’s map: Yalavuz… The enemies who have been waiting for a chance to invade the Turkish soil for centuries were now in our borders with a huge army, standing by for the news from the coop. Polat Alemdar and his team are about to start a fight against the enemy within as well as the enemy outside with the Turkish nation.

Louise's Diary (2010)

Dragon from Shaolin (1996)

Chamisso's Shadow (2016)

Das Leben meiner Tochter (2019)

Seven Souls in the Skull Castle (2013)

Ostfriesisch für Anfänger (2016)

A longtime loner and grump must face his prejudices when he is forced to deal with a group of foreigners.

Alexander Granach (2012)

Gangster Payday (2014)

Gangster Payday (大茶飯) is a 2014 Hong Kong action comedy drama film directed by Lee Po-cheung. It was the closing film at the 19th Busan International Film Festival. It was released on 6 November.

Dorfpunks (2009)

Monster Mash: The Movie (1995)

Monster Mash is a horror-themed musical film, based on the Bobby "Boris" Pickett song "Monster Mash" and the 1967 stage musical, I'm Sorry the Bridge is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night, also by Pickett and Sheldon Allman. It stars Pickett himself as Dr. Frankenstein, was produced and distributed by Prism Pictures, and originally released to cinemas in November 14, 1995.

Le Thanato (2011)

Popular Music (2004)

Popular Music (Swedish: Populärmusik från Vittula) is a Swedish comedy film which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 24 September 2004, based on the novel of the same name by Mikael Niemi.

The Talking Parcel (1978)

The Talking Parcel (also published as The Battle for Castle Cockatrice) is a 1974 book by Gerald Durrell in which children are transported to the fantasy land of Mythologia to save it from cockatrices. They are aided by a talking parrot and encounter many other magical creatures, including a mooncalf.

Chez Gino (2011)

From War to Wisdom (2017)

Veterans of the most decorated Battalion in Marine Corps history, Fox 2/5, discuss the psychological injuries of war—and the unexpected trauma of returning to civilian life after the accolades of their successful battles have ended. But even in their most challenging, darkest moments, our nation’s veterans can learn to connect with each other, find ways to serve their fellow veterans on the home front, and make it their new mission to change the world for the better.

Star Slammer (1986)

Prison Ship, also known as Star Slammer, is a 1986 American science fiction film directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Ju-on: White Ghost (2009)

Ju-On: White Ghost is a 2009 Japanese supernatural horror film produced in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Ju-on series. Like most films in the franchise, White Ghost is told through anachronistic order, with each vignettes titled after a character central to the story. The Saeki murders, central to previous Ju-on films, are absent from the sequel, with Toshio Saeki making a brief cameo being the only exception.

Wadan's World (2011)

SPIT: The Story of a Caveman and a Chicken (2017)

The Late Blossom (1977)

The Late Blossom (French: Le soleil se lève en retard) is a 1977 Canadian drama film directed by André Brassard and written by his long-time collaborator, playwright Michel Tremblay. It was entered into the 10th Moscow International Film Festival.

A Scream from Silence (1979)

A Scream from Silence (French: Mourir à tue-tête) is a 1979 Canadian drama film directed by Anne Claire Poirier. It competed in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival. The film was selected as the Canadian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 52nd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Séraphin (1950)

Les smattes (1972)

The Horror Vault 2 (2009)

Standalone (2005)

Torment (2008)

The Aimless Bullet (1961)

Obaltan is a 1960 South Korean tragedy film directed by Yu Hyun-mok. The plot is based on the novella of the same name by Yi Beomseon. It has often been called the best Korean movie ever made.

Çiçero (2019)

El Potro, lo mejor del amor (2018)

El Potro: Unstoppable (Spanish: El Potro, lo mejor del amor) is a 2018 Argentine biographical film directed by Lorena Muñoz and written by Lorena Muñoz and Tamara Viñes. The film tells the story of the rise as a cuarteto singer Rodrigo “El Potro” Bueno, who becomes an Argentinian pop star, but dies in a car accident in 2000.

Cine Holliúdy (2013)

Cine Holliúdy is 2012 Brazilian comedy film, directed by Halder Gomes and starring Edmilson Filho, Miriam Freeland and Roberto Bomtempo, based on the award-winning short film Cine Holiúdy – O Astista Contra o Caba do Mal. The film premiered at the Cine Ceará Festival on June 8, 2012. It was released on August 9, 2013 in Fortaleza and some cities of the metropolitan region for general public.

Califórnia (2015)

Terebi bakari mi teruto baka ni naru? (2007)

This erotically tinged psychological drama from Japan follows the story of Yuki, a shut-in whose entire life takes place within the four walls of her small apartment – which she hasn’t left in years.

Slaughter Island (2010)

The Second Wife (1967)

The Second Wife is a 1967 Egyptian drama film directed by Salah Abu Seif.

Femmes femmes (1974)

The Curse of Blanchard Hill (2006)

Free Man (2010)

Free Man is a 2011 Turkish biographical film, co-written, produced and directed by Mehmet Tanrısever, starring Mürşit Ağa Bağ as Muslim scholar Said Nursî. The film, which opened on January 7, 2011 at number 2 in the Turkish box office, had a gala premiere on January 4, 2011 at the Türker İnanoğlu Maslak (TİM) Show Center in Istanbul.

Where the Grass Is Greener (2007)

La mansión de los muertos vivientes (1985)

Get ready to experience notorious writer/director Jess Franco at his most wild, perverse and extreme! Four wanton waitresses – including Eva León of House Of Psychotic Women, Mamie Kaplan of Lillian, The Perverted Virgin and the legendary Lina Romay (billed here as ‘Candy Coster’) of Barbed Wire Dolls – arrive for vacation in the Canary Islands where they soon indulge their hungers for masturbation, lesbian lust, bondage and beyond. But the ultimate depravities are still to come, as a nearby 17th Century monastery unleashes a horde of zombie Templars crazed for the taste of hot female flesh! Robert Foster (Macumba Sexual) co-stars in this jaw-dropping saga of sex and sadism that Franco scholars have called an insane homage to the Blind Dead series. Severin Films is proud to present it now fully restored from original Spanish elements, featuring all-new Bonus Materials and presented totally uncut & uncensored for the first time ever in America!

Sister Emanuelle (1977)

Suor Emanuelle (Sister Emanuelle) is a 1977 exploitation film. It can be classified under both the nunsploitation and sexploitation exploitation film subgenres. It is part of the long running Black Emanuelle series of films starring Laura Gemser.

Hatsujô kateikyôshi: Sensei no aijiru (2003)

The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (2003) was introduced as a pink film, with the title Horny Home Tutor: Teacher's Love Juice but it developed into a cult hit and the producers allowed director Mitsuru Meike to expand it into its present form. In 2007 the film was featured at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Sharm el Sheikh - Un'estate indimenticabile (2010)

Dispongo de barcos (2011)

I Like To Play Games (1995)

I Like to Play Games is a 1995 American erotic drama film that was directed by Moctezuma Lobato and written by David Keith Miller. It starred Lisa Boyle and the late Ken Steadman, with Jennifer Burton, Monique Noel, and Cheryl Rixon also being featured in the cast. It was released on September 15, 1995, and was followed in 1999 by I Like to Play Games Too.

Boys Briefs (1999)

Voyage Of Time: The IMAX Experience (2016)

Dungeon Of Desire (1999)

Och Piccadilly Circus ligger inte i Kumla (2014)

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America (2019)

Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America offers a fascinating look at the varied ways Americans are choosing to both find meaning and celebrate life as it comes to an end. With attitudes about death and end-of-life choices rapidly changing, 2018 saw the first time more Americans chose cremation over more expensive, traditional burials, disrupting the $16 billion a year funeral industry. As the baby boomer generation approaches death, more and more are rethinking the way end of life is recognized and are deciding to take control of what will happen when they die. Alternate Endings tells six stories of people nearing death, as well as family members of the recently deceased, who have chosen non-traditional end-of-life options and remembrances, from celebrations of life and living wakes, to green burials, extraterrestrial burials and more. Profoundly intimate and illuminating, the film explores what it means to be near death, either from age or terminal illness, and captures the healing power of honoring, giving thanks, and staying true to loved ones who have passed away.

Afterlife (2011)

Founding Brothers (2002)