Dead Body (2019)

Several friends decide to celebrate their high school graduation at a lake house in the woods. One of the classmates recommends that they play the old fashioned game of 'Dead Body.' In the game, one player is "the body," one player is "the killer" and all of the other players try to figure out whodunit. Unfortunately, on this particular night, the game ends up featuring a real life killer! The bodies begin piling up and, in an Agatha Christie And Then There Were None style mystery, the survivors are forced to figure out who the killer is amongst them - before there is no one left standing.

We Joined the Navy (1962)

This is the story of the riotous, romantic, exciting, astonishing and highly entertaining adventures of Lt Commander Badger, RN. An exceptionally likeable fellow, the Badger has one besetting sin, a shining honesty.

It Will be Chaos (2018)

Life in Southern Italy is thrown into a tailspin when refugees arrive by the thousands and the locals are left to fend for themselves. Eritrean survivor Aregai, trapped in the Italian faltering immigration system, goes underground to reach Northern Europe. Through his journey, intercut with the road trip to Germany of a Syrian family, the clash between the newcomers and the locals escalates in real time.

Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future (2018)

Filmmakers Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson explore solutions to global crisis.

Désiré (1937)

Sacha Guitry exchanges his usual top hat for a uniform in Désiré, playing a cavalier valet embroiled in an awkward flirtation with his new employer (played by the actor-director’s real-life wife, Jacqueline Delubac), who is involved with a stuffy politician. A carefree class farce filled with memorable supporting characters, Désiré blurs the distinction between upstairs and downstairs.

Denis (2013)

On two different occasions, Vincent believes he has met the woman of his life. Unfortunately, he gets dumped both times for the same man: a gaudy loudmouth named Denis. Now, Vincent attempts to understand why the women are attracted to Denis.

De Premier (2016)

The Belgian PM is abducted while en route to an important meeting. He also finds out that his wife and children have been taken hostage. If he wants to see them again – alive - he has to kill the person he is meeting later that day. And that person is no less than... the president of the United States. The PM is caught in the impossible dilemma of having to choose between his public duty and his wife and children. What started off as a day full of promise spirals into a true nightmare and an emotional rollercoaster.

Sebastian (2017)

Sebastian is a Canadian romantic drama film, which premiered at the Inside Out Film and Video Festival in May 2017. The feature directorial debut of James Fanizza, the film is an expansion of the 2014 short film of the same name, which was written by Fanizza but directed by Ricky Bryant. The film centres on Alex (Fanizza), a man in Toronto whose unfulfilling relationship with his husband Nelson (Guifré Bantjes-Rafols) is complicated when he meets and falls for Sebastian (Alex House), Nelson's visiting cousin from Argentina. The film's cast also includes Brian McCook, better known as drag entertainer Katya Zamolodchikova, as Xenia.

Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum (2015)

Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum (English: Four Policemen and a town that used to be trouble free) is a Tamil comedy film written and directed by Srikrishna. The film features Arulnithi and Remya Nambeesan in the leading roles. The film was highly panned by critics for its poor story and screenplay. The movie failed to perform well at the box office. Storyline has striking similarities to Swedish movie Kopps.

Treasure Hounds (2017)

Moving into his late grandfather’s house, a clever tween inherits the old man’s dog, Skipper (Norm MacDonald) — who can talk! The sassy pooch leads the kid and his friends to a priceless treasure hidden nearby.

Africa Fusion (2015)

Alex and Hazel North travel to the remote Blouberg range.

Future Ways of Living (2017)

Leaders, thinkers, designers and students come together at the World Expo in Milan to critique and redesign societal systems.

What a Man Wants (2018)

What a Man Wants is a 2018 South Korean romantic comedy film directed by Lee Byeong-heon. It stars Lee Sung-min, Shin Ha-kyun, Song Ji-hyo and Lee El.

Derailed (2016)

Derailed, also known as No Way to Go, is a 2016 South Korean action crime film starring Ma Dong-seok and Choi Min-ho. The film was displayed at the 21st Busan International Film Festival in the "Korean Cinema Today – Panorama" section. The film was released in the cinemas in South Korea on November 30, 2016.

Dream City (2016)

An American filmmaker details the life of an Iraqi actress as ISIS invades her country.

Especialista en señoras (1951)

A plastic surgeon is called to enhance the physical appearance of some sultan's wives, but the doctor is caught red-handed with one of the women.

Once Upon a Time in the East (2011)

Once Upon a Time in the East is a Bulgarian documentary film based on the books by the late Georgi Stoev. The feature-length documentary tells the story of the Bulgarian transition period and includes reconstructions, TV archive from Bulgarian National Television (BNT), NOVA TV, bTV and features interviews with contemporary Bulgarian figures like Palmi Ranchev, Atanas Orachev, Rumen Leonidov, Haralan Alexandrov, Andrey Pantev and Georg Kraev. Other witnesses and participants in the power structures tell their stories of the establishment of VIS & SIC and the fierce brutality that is required to survive the days of the transition.

Le schiave di Cartagine (1956)

After witnessing the horrors of religious persecution, a Roman centurion is converted to Christianity.

Madraza (2017)

The Godmother (Spanish: Madraza) is a 2017 Argentine crime black comedy film directed, written, and produced by Hernan Aguilar. Madraza won the Best Feature Film Award in Sitges Film Festival 2017 Blood Window and won the Best Feature Film Award "Panambí de oro" at the Paraguay International Film Festival 2017. Using visually powerful action sequences and realistic performances, the film depicts the story of a simple housewife that becomes an assassin for money. A fiction feature film about a housewife living in the slums of Buenos Aires who becomes an assassin for hire to overcome the struggles of her emotional emptiness and tough economic situation. An intelligent and romantic detective investigates the murders. Stained of sexual tension, the relationship between the Detective and Matilde is both funny and refreshing. Madraza is a genre film that, using suspense, action and comedy, wanders through the many difficulties that citizens of Buenos Aires must endure. The movie´s tone tends to satirize the current social perspective of Argentina and the limits of morale and insanity. It was picked up by the Walt Disney Company, and distributed by Buena Vista International, something rare for an independent Argentine film.

Love and the Frenchwoman (1960)

Love and the Frenchwoman is the US title of a 1960 French anthology film originally entitled La française et l'amour. It starred Jean-Paul Belmondo and Dany Robin. The movie was a big hit in France with admissions of 3,056,736.

Demon Protocol (2009)

After an exorcism goes wrong, a team from a shadowy religious order has to figure out who has been possessed by a demon.

Candelaria (2017)

A man discovers that watching his wife through a hidden camera excites him.

The Golden Rut (2016)

A bohemian playboy actor falls in love with a career driven entrepreneur.

The Offering (2014)

A father and son travel deep into the woods to make an offering to a mysterious force.

Dos Maridos baratos (1960)

Two Cheap Husbands is a 1960 Mexican comedy western film directed by Jaime Salvador and starring Lilia Prado, Demetrio González and Julio Aldama.

Interior (2014)

When a letter is found hidden inside a family's home, Sam is hired to capture evidence of supernatural events. Isolated and alone with a dark force, Sam and his cameras are taken on a digital journey through the unknown.

The Heretics (2017)

A notorious cult kidnaps a young girl and sacrifices themselves by the light of the locust moon. The next morning the girl awakes, caked in dried blood and surrounded by corpses but safe – or so she thinks. Years later, the locust moon is about to rise again and the girl is captured once more by a surviving member of the cult. She is taken to a remote cabin where she learns that a demon has been growing inside of her all these years and before the dawn it will rise.

Kaufman's Game (2017)

Kaufman’s Game follows Stanley, an unemployed young man with a passion for boxing, who is keen to improve his strength and stamina. When a stranger approaches him outside the gym with the offer of a specially produced steroid, Stanley is drawn into the ever more violent operations of a powerful organisation, unwittingly entering into a series of tests designed to prove his mettle. This is a film about power, determination and being your own worst enemy. It celebrates the archetypes of classic Film Noir, and the dark, conspiratorial storytelling technique of Franz Kafka, but with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic.

Everyone's Life (2017)

Chacun sa vie et son intime conviction is a 2017 French comedy film written and directed by Claude Lelouch.

The Brutal 9 (2017)

A covert organization hires a criminal to infiltrate and escape a top secret prison.

Nana (2016)

Born in Poland, Maryla Michalowski-Dyamant survived Ravensbruck, Malchow and Auschwitz – where she was the forced translator for the "Angel of Death," Josef Mengele. Maryla dedicated her life after the war to publicly speaking about her survival to younger generations. Alice and Serena, daughter and granddaughter, explore how Maryla’s outspoken activism continues today, in a world where survivors are disappearing, and intolerance, racism and anti-Semitism are on the rise.

Hi Maya (2004)

Two women meet at the hairdresser's place after 40 years.

Matthews (2017)

The life and career of soccer player Sir Stanley Matthews, considered by some to be the greatest player of all time.

In the Name of All Canadians (2017)

Filmmakers illustrate the current state of Canadian civil rights and liberties.

The United States of Detroit (2017)

Residents of Detroit work to improve their community.

SpaceDisco One (2007)

Winston Smith runs into the daughters of Logan 5 and Francis 7.

Extralarge: Cannonball (1992)

Detectives (Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas) investigate suspicious circumstances surrounding a soccer champion's drug overdose.

Blue Flame (1993)

Blue Flame is an American 1993 independent sci-fi film starring former child actress Kerri Green as one of two seductive aliens who live inside the head of a renegade police officer.

Poached (2015)

Illegal egg collectors in the United Kingdom threaten the survival of rare bird species.

Pauline Detective (2012)

After Pauline is dumped, she lets her sister bring her to a luxurious hotel on the Italian Riviera. Instead of relaxing, Pauline is convinced that a crime has been committed in the hotel and starts playing at being a detective.

The Wedding Wish (2007)

How I Married My High School Crush is a Lifetime Movie which aired on July 1, 2007, it stars Katee Sackhoff and Kim Poirier. Its working titles included Be Careful What You Wish For and Once Upon a Dream.

The King of Ping Pong (2008)

The King of Ping Pong (Swedish: Ping-pongkingen) is a 2008 Swedish film directed by Jens Jonsson, who also co-wrote the film with Hans Gunnarsson. The film revolves around a dysfunctional family, including a teenager Rille. It was featured and won two awards at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. It received mostly positive reception.

The Girl from Calgary (1932)

The Girl from Calgary is a 1932 American Pre-Code musical comedy film directed by Phil Whitman, and starring Fifi D'Orsay and Paul Kelly.

Inquiring Nuns (1968)

Inquiring Nuns is a 1968 Kartemquin Films production directed by Gordon Quinn and Gerald Temaner. The documentary film features Sisters Marie Arne and Mary Campion, two young Catholic nuns who visit a variety of Chicago locales to ask people the question, "Are you happy?" They meet a variety of individuals ranging from hippie musicians to intellectuals, whose responses are everything from the mundane to the spiritual. The film was directly influenced by Jean Rouch's Chronique d'un été, which Quinn and Temaner had watched at Doc Films while they were undergraduates at the University of Chicago. Quinn and Temaner's fourth collaboration was produced for about $16,000 ($110,005 US in 2016) for Chicago's Catholic Adult Education Center which never suggested any changes or requested a single edit. Both Sisters Marie Arne and Mary Campion served at the St. Denis Parish in Chicago's Southwest Side at the time of the filming. They subsequently left the sisterhood within a few years after the film's release, the former eventually becoming a family counselor in the Chicago suburbs and the latter a school superintendent in Florida. One of the random people they encountered in the film was Stepin Fetchit who showed a few of his publicity shots and stated that he was happy. An Official Selection of the 1969 Chicago International Film Festival, Inquiring Nuns features music by the then relatively unknown composer Philip Glass (Truman Show, Fog of War) who was paid $100 ($688 US in 2016) for earning his first film credit. Recently re-released on DVD, Entertainment Weekly graded Inquiring Nuns an 'A' and applauded the film's "reaffirmation of the virtue of conventional wisdom".

North Shore Fish (1997)

Workers (Mercedes Ruehl, Peter Riegert, Tony Danza) at a Massachusetts frozen-fish factory deal with pregnancies, affairs and the threat of a shutdown.

The Twelve Chairs (1962)

The Twelve Chairs (Spanish: Las doce sillas) is a 1962 Cuban comedy film directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. The plot based on Ilf and Petrov's novel of the same name. It was entered into the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival.

Speed Madness (1932)

The son of a shipbuilder takes charge of a new speedboat project, completely unaware that dangerous gangsters want to shut it down at any cost.

Le secret (1974)

The Secret (French title Le Secret) is a 1974 French film, directed by Robert Enrico.

Arachnicide (2014)

Arachnicide is a 2014 Italian made-for-television action horror film directed by Paolo Bertola and produced by Ruben Maria Soriquez.

Moment to Moment (1965)

Moment to Moment is a 1966 film directed by Mervyn LeRoy starring Jean Seberg as a married woman who has an affair which leads to murder. It was Le Roy's 75th and final movie.

The Bridge (1949)

A woman reunites with an old flame while trying to save a beloved bookstore.

The Man from Macau (2014)

When a small time con man's undercover brother is murdered by a gambling syndicate, he turns to a legendary gambler to battle them.

Raiders of San Joaquin (1943)

Raiders of San Joaquin is a 1943 American Western film directed by Lewis D. Collins and written by Elmer Clifton and Morgan Cox. The film stars Johnny Mack Brown, Tex Ritter, Fuzzy Knight, Jennifer Holt, Henry Hall and Joseph E. Bernard. The film was released on May 1, 1943, by Universal Pictures.

Victoria's Shadow (1998)

One hundred years after being bitten by a vampire and entombed in a vault, Victoria is awakened by hoodlum grave robbers and sets out on a murderous rampage.

I Fine..Thank You Love You (2014)

I Fine..Thank You..Love You is a 2014 Thai romantic comedy film directed by Mez Tharatorn.

The Immortal Augustus Gladstone (2013)

While squatting in an abandoned hotel in Portland, Augustus, a man who believes he is immortal, shares stories of his 150-year existence.

House of Mystery (1934)

House of Mystery is a 1934 American Pre-Code mystery horror film directed by William Nigh.

Sky Devils (1932)

Sky Devils (a.k.a. Ground Hogs) is a 1932 American Pre-Code aviation comedy film, starring Spencer Tracy as a draft dodger who blunders into a war zone. Sky Devils was partly written by humorist Robert Benchley and the picture's director A. Edward Sutherland from a story by Sutherland. The film features Ann Dvorak in a supporting role.

Master Minds (1949)

Master Minds is a comedy film starring The Bowery Boys. The film was released on November 29, 1949 by Monogram Pictures and is the sixteenth film in the series.

Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1965)

Face of the Screaming Werewolf is a 1964 horror film created by occasional film maker Jerry Warren from parts of two unrelated Mexican horror films plus two sets of footage which he shot himself at different times. It was released theatrically on a double-bill with Warren's similarly constructed Curse of the Stone Hand.

Captain Z & the Terror of Leviathan (2014)

In 1714, Captain Zicari stops possessed townspeople from using an amulet to release a leviathan. Three hundred years later, Captain Zicari has to save Earth when the amulet falls into the wrong hands.

The Galloping Major (1951)

Major Hill is a horse-lover, who after a particularly lucrative day at the races, decides to set up a syndicate to buy a particular racehorse. He is joined in his venture by various acquaintances, and they successfully raise enough money to buy the horse. Unfortunately, by mistake they buy the wrong horse. When it proves useless on the flat, they decide to enter him as a jumper and name him ‘The Galloping Major’. As he becomes more and more successful, they decide to run him in the Grand National. But 36 hours before the race he disappears.

Fools (1970)

Fools is a 1970 drama film directed by Tom Gries. It stars Jason Robards and Katharine Ross.

Cosmos (1996)

A series of short tales feature an immigrant cabby, his passengers and other individuals in crisis.

The Arnelo Affair (1947)

The Arnelo Affair is a 1947 American dramatic film co-written and directed by Arch Oboler and featuring John Hodiak, George Murphy, Frances Gifford and Dean Stockwell.

Death to Prom (2014)

Two friends fall for the same guy and compete for an invitation to prom.

Mission Stardust (1967)

Mission Stardust (Italian: ...4...3...2...1...Morte) is a 1967 science fiction film based on the early novels of the popular German Perry Rhodan series by K.H. Scheer and Walter Ernsting.

Voley (2015)

Nicolas invites several friends to spend New Year's Eve in his summer house. He flirts with all of the women until he falls into bed with Manuela, his best friend's girlfriend.

White Phantom (1987)

White Phantom is a 1987 action ninja film directed by Dusty Nelson, written by Chris Gallagher, starring Jay Roberts Jr. and Bo Svenson.

Sidewinder 1 (1977)

Sidewinder 1 is a 1977 American action film directed by Earl Bellamy and written by Nancy Voyles Crawford and Thomas A. McMahon. The film stars Marjoe Gortner, Michael Parks, Susan Howard, Alex Cord, Charlotte Rae and Barry Livingston. The film was released on September 21, 1977, by AVCO Embassy Pictures.

I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist (1985)

I Was a Teenage TV Terrorist (also known as Amateur Hour) is a 1985 comedy film directed by Stanford Singer and distributed by Troma Entertainment. The film follows two bored teenagers, anarchic troublemaker Paul and aspiring actress Donna, as they use Paul's father's TV station to stage an elaborate bomb hoax and throw the media into a frenzy. The film was produced by Susan Kaufman, the sister of Lloyd Kaufman, the president of Troma Entertainment.

Blake of Scotland Yard (1937)

Blake of Scotland Yard is a 1937 Victory Pictures American film directed by Robert F. Hill. It is a feature film edited from the film serial of the same name.

The Black Pearl (1977)

A Mexican boy finds a beautiful black pearl protected by a deadly manta.

Stream of Love (2013)

An elderly peasant woman decides to get married for a second time.

Flirting with Fate (1938)

Flirting with Fate is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Frank McDonald and written by Joseph Moncure March, Charlie Melson and Ethel La Blanche. The film stars Joe E. Brown, Leo Carrillo, Beverly Roberts, Wynne Gibson, Steffi Duna, Charles Judels and Stanley Fields. The film was released on December 2, 1938, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Hollywood Vice Squad (1986)

(not to be confused with the 1982 film Vice Squad, which is also sometimes referred to as The Hollywood Vice Squad) Hollywood Vice Squad is a 1986 film directed by Penelope Spheeris with music by Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd. The movie has an early screen appearance by Robin Wright as the drug addicted runaway daughter of Trish Van Devere.

Jacqueline Kennedy's Asian Journey (1962)

The wife of President John F. Kennedy experiences the art, culture and history of India and Pakistan during a March 1962 visit.

Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters (1949)

Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters is a 1949 American comedy film directed by William Beaudine and starring Joe Yule, Renie Riano and George McManus. It was the third of four films in the Jiggs and Maggie film series, spun off from Bringing Up Father (1946). The series follows the adventures of a family of Irish immigrants to the United States.

Jedda (1955)

In the largely uninhabited lands of Northern Australia, Sarah, a childless white woman, adopts an Aborigine baby she calls Jedda. Sarah has plans for her daughter to marry a handsome stockman. But Jedda falls prey to the magnetism of an Aborigine and is tormented by the conflict between her upbringing and the pull of her native heritage.

From Headquarters (1933)

Not to be confused with the 1929 film of the same name, starring Monte Blue. From Headquarters is a 1933 American Pre-Code murder mystery film starring George Brent, Margaret Lindsay and Eugene Pallette, and directed by William Dieterle.

Dragons Of The Orient (1988)

Filmmaker Rocky Law explores the history of kung fu, including footage of Jet Li, students and masters.

The Nude Vampire (1970)

Wealthy and decadent industrialist Georges Radamante rules over a strange secret suicide cult and wants to achieve immortality by figuring out a way to share the biochemistry of a young mute orphaned vampire woman. Complications ensue when Radamante's son Pierre finds out what's going on and falls for the comely lass.

The Right to Live (1935)

The Right to Live is a 1935 American drama film directed by William Keighley and written by Ralph Block. The film stars Josephine Hutchinson, George Brent, Colin Clive, Peggy Wood, Henrietta Crosman and C. Aubrey Smith. It was released by Warner Bros. on January 26, 1935.

We're in the Legion Now (1936)

We're in the Legion Now is a 1936 American adventure comedy film. The film is also known as The Rest Cure (American reissue title).

Don't Bet On Blondes (1935)

Don't Bet on Blondes is a 1935 American romantic comedy film.

The Roundup (1941)

The Round Up is a 1941 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Harold Shumate. The film stars Richard Dix, Patricia Morison, Preston Foster, Don Wilson, Ruth Donnelly and Douglass Dumbrille. The film was released on April 4, 1941, by Paramount Pictures.

More Than Honey (2012)

More than Honey is a 2012 Swiss documentary film directed by Markus Imhoof about honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Austria. The film was submitted for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Insight (2011)

InSight is a 2011 American mystery thriller drama film starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Natalie Zea, Adam Baldwin, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Christopher Lloyd, Veronica Cartwright and Max Perlich.

Desperado Square (2001)

Desperado Square is a 2001 Israeli film.

Swing It, Sailor! (1938)

Swing It, Sailor! is a 1938 American film directed by actor/screenwriter Raymond Cannon.

La cinquième saison (2013)

The Fifth Season (French: La Cinquième Saison) is a 2012 Belgian drama film directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth. The film was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. The film received four nominations at the 4th Magritte Awards.

Four In The Morning (1965)

Four in the Morning is a 1965 British film directed by Anthony Simmons and starring Judi Dench. It featured a score by John Barry.

Johnny Gunman (1957)

A young woman (Ann Donaldson) preparing to give up on her dream of becoming a writer spends several hours in the company of an ambitious hoodlum (Martin Brooks).

Over the Moon (1939)

Korda favourite Merle Oberon stars as Jane Benson, a young woman living in a run-down country house with few acquaintances except the local doctor (Rex Harrison). He has just decided to propose when Jane learns she has inherited eighteen million pounds and sets off for adventure. Her attitude is changed by all the media attention and sudden popularity, but as time passes, she finds herself pining for that which money cannot buy.

Cuando lloran los valientes (1947)

A man has trouble with love and the Federales.

Clandestino destino (1987)

Parts of Mexico are annexed by the United States and sex is forbidden.