Aircraft Carrier: Guardian of the Seas (2016)

The mission to protect and defend the world's oceans has become far more complex and challenging in recent years, and naval aviation has become increasingly vital to success. One of the greatest engineering feats in history, the modern U.S. nuclear carrier is a masterpiece of technology, and the flagship of the fleet. With RIMPAC, the world’s largest and most comprehensive international maritime training exercise providing a stunning visual context for the story, find yourself aboard the carrier alongside the 5,000 highly skilled sea and air personnel conducting flight operations in the midst of the simulated war exercises taking place there. Rarely has there been a topic so visually suited and compelling for IMAX® and other giant screen theaters.

Vosotros sois mi película (2019)

Murphy's Law: Ghanoone Morfi (2019)

By Player (2000)

By Player is a 2000 Japanese biographical film directed by Kaneto Shindo based on the life of actor Taiji Tonoyama.

Far til fire i byen (1956)

Father of Four in the City (Danish: Far til fire i byen) is a 1956 Danish family film directed by Alice O'Fredericks.

Max Pinlig 3 - på Roskilde (2012)

The Wounded Blue (2019)

L'agenzia dei bugiardi (2019)

The Ugly Model (2019)

Johannes Pääsukese tõeline elu (2019)

After Met You (2019)

Das letzte Land (2019)

Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited (2019)

Tabu: Mengusik Gerbang Iblis (2019)

Starwars: Goretech (2018)

Oru Caribbean Udayippu (2019)

Schwartz & Schwartz: Mein erster Mord (2018)

Rugrats (2021)

Seytan Oyunu (2019)

Posljednji dani ljeta (2019)

Özgür Dünya (2019)

Calm at Sea (2012)

Martin Atkins: 16 Days in China (2008)

Blood, Sweat and Tears (2015)

Bloed, zweet & tranen, also known as Blood, Sweat & Tears, is a Dutch biographical film about the late Dutch singer André Hazes. The movie, named after Hazes' song Bloed, zweet en tranen, was directed by Diederick Koopal and released in 2015. Starring actors are Martijn Fischer (who plays Hazes), Hadewych Minis, Fedja van Huêt, and Matheu Hinzen.

Nadzieja (2008)

Hope (Polish: Nadzieja, German: Hoffnung) is a 2007 German-Polish drama film directed by Stanisław Mucha. It was entered into the 29th Moscow International Film Festival.

Safari: Match Me If You Can (2018)

Unsere Zeit ist jetzt (2016)

Holy Hustler (2008)

Jasmine has been struggling to make ends meet and care for her ailing Grandmother for as long as she can remember. With no where to turn she looks to an old friend and the local church for support. After joining the church choir Jasmine finally feels like things are going her way. However, the church is harboring a dark secret; will Jasmine be strong enough to stand up for what's right?

Afraid of the Dark (Bruises) (2010)

Dean Smith (2015)

Das Leben Ist Zu Lang (2010)

Hellfire (1995)

Hellfire is a 1995 American film. It was part of the Roger Corman Presents series. It was filmed in Russia.

Live East Die Young (2012)

Times Have Been Better (2006)

Embargo (2017)

EMBARGO chronicles the story of the politics and collusion behind the Cuban embargo; its history, impact and evolution. Embargo documents the journey of an American woman, Jeri Rice's quest for truth, beginning with a rare encounter with Cuban President, Fidel Castro in 2002, when the Communist leader confesses to her that the utopia he tried to create, did not succeed and he was unable to fix it. Rice sets out to find out why her country's unprecedented embargo of Cuba has persisted unabated, long after the Cold War. Along with information from recently declassified documents and original interviews with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Sergei Khrushchev, Ted Sorensen, and Lucie Arnaz—among others—an unprecedented array of historical, political, social and cultural perspectives is revealed. New insights into: the Fulgencio Batista-Richard Nixon- CIA connections; Nixon’s link to the failed Bay of Pig invasion; behind the scenes with Ted Sorensen during the Cuban Missile Crisis; Watergate and more…. The film's compelling truths ultimately link the threads of an untold history, as it exposes a foreign policy that has failed both countries. Now is a time of change between Cuba and the United States – forward or backward, and the future of the embargo hangs in the balance. A new Cold War developing with the threat of nuclear confrontations, Embargo’s relevance to today’s political climate is a perfect point to begin a new conversation.

Very Senior - Attitude is everything (2018)

There is a place in Arizona that is so peaceful that people go there to die: a retirement community in the middle of the desert, especially designed for senior citizens, with palm trees and bungalows, blue skies, red sunsets, an abundance of pharmacies and extra-wide streets for a comfortable ride in your golf cart! Seen from Europe, Sun City seems like a utopian vision: a town designed on the drawing board that looks like some extra-terrestrial apparition. And yet, since 1963 it has been routine and everyday reality. Fun! Fun! Fun! The bright lights flash: there is a punk band in the garage and a tap dance revue on the stage. The old punks call themselves “One Foot in the Grave” and the tap dancers radiate revue charm with undisguised pleasure in what they are doing instead of a perfect figure and blemish-free skin. Aging is a condition where “aches and pains are part of the deal”, as Jim observes. On the other hand, you have reached a point in your life where you can just shrug and say: “Get over it or take a pill to make you feel good”. At least, that’s what Betty-Jane recommends. Everyone living here has to find his or her own way to deal with life while facing death: if you don’t have much time left, you can choose to make the best out of it. Jim sums it up nonchalantly: “We come to Sun City to die – but to have fun while doing it!” It’s all about attitude. The residents of Sun City do not subscribe to the view that the last chapter of our lives has to be a solemn one. The town provides a stage on which the protagonists of the film perform the drama of old age as a metaphorical round dance. In telling their stories the residents reveal what they have gained – and lost – from life. They speak openly about the painful side of aging, as well as its pleasures. And they believe that being happy is a decision we can take.

Harts 5 - Geld ist nicht alles (2013)

Jakobs Bruder (2009)

Startap (2014)

Schemes of Affection (2010)

The 90 Minute War (2016)

Dama De Porto Pim (2001)

Balzac: A Passionate Life (1999)

Ex - Amici Come Prima! (2011)

Ex – Amici come prima! is an Italian comedy film. It was directed by Carlo Vanzina and its ensemble cast is led by Alessandro Gassman and Anna Foglietta. It was produced by Italian International Film and distributed by 01 Distribution, a subsidiary of RAI.

Radiant Sea (2016)

A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die (1972)

Branded a coward for surrendering his New Mexico fort to the Confederates without firing a shot, a Union colonel attempts to redeem himself by leading a band of condemned prisoners on a suicide mission to recapture it.

So Ein Millionar Hat's Schwer (1958)

So ein Millionär hat's schwer is a 1958 Austrian film directed by Géza von Cziffra.

People Forward (2012)

Avanti Popolo is a 2012 Brazilian drama film directed by Michael Wahrmann. It was selected for the Rotterdam and Rome festivals in 2013, awarded for best film at the CinemaXXI competition.

Mission Pays Basque (2017)

Sibylle intends to shine in her new professional functions by buying a hardware store in the Basque Country to set up a supermarket. She imagines that she has "rolled" the old owner but the latter is under curatorship. Sibylle must therefore deal with Ramon, the nephew, to recover his money and sign as soon as possible. Otherwise, the ejection seat is assured. She will soon realize that the Basques do not intend to let themselves be made by a Parisian, however pretty she is

I Protect Myself Against My Enemies (1968)

Gypsy: Live from the Savoy Theatre (2015)

Silverhide (2015)

One Minute Before Death (1972)

Take Peace! A Corgi Cottage Christmas with Tasha Tudor (1998)

Take Joy! The Magical World of Tasha Tudor (1996)

Spence Jr. vs Porter (2019)

It’s champion vs champion as World Title holders clash! Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. takes on “Showtime” Shawn Porter in a World Welterweight unification Title Bout broadcast LIVE to theatres from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Die Huberbuam - Close Call with Mount Asgard (2014)

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales (2002)

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales is one of many prime-time animated TV specials based on characters from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip Peanuts. It originally aired on ABC December 8, 2002. It has since been broadcast each Christmas season after that as a companion segment in an hour-long slot featuring an unedited version of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It is the only TV special to credit Charles M. Schulz posthumously for writing. Other TV credits do not credit Schulz writing it.

The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea (2019)

The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea, is a 2019 thriller/drama Greek film with horror and surrealist elements, directed by Syllas Tzoumerkas. It tells the story two women, a police woman and an eel hatchery worker, whose solitary lives cross when a circle of violence erupts in the poor, small town of Western Greece where they live. Angeliki Papoulia, Youla Boudali and Christos Passalis lead the film's ensemble cast.

The Seventh Page (2018)

The Lost Corvette (2019)

In 1983, for the first time since the brand’s inception in 1953, Chevrolet did not release a Corvette model for that year. Designs were drawn, parts ordered but no car was ever released. On what would have been a celebratory 30th anniversary – no ‘Vette hit the market. In this HISTORY special, die-hard Corvette expert and builder Chris Mazzilli will try to fix this missing piece of muscle car history as he and his team build a one-of-a-kind 1983 Corvette from the ground up. The creation will be presented to a panel of experts, including the Corvette designers who pulled the plug on releasing the ’83 originally, to see if it’s worthy.

The Monkey King Caused Havoc in Dragon Palace (2019)

Sextuplets (2019)

Sextuplets is an upcoming American film directed by Michael Tiddes from a screenplay by Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans. It stars Marlon Wayans and Bresha Webb.

Parallel World Love Story (2019)

Cup-Tie Honeymoon (1948)

Cup-Tie Honeymoon was the first motion picture to be filmed at the Dickenson Road Studios by the Mancunian Film Corporation in 1948, themed around football.

The Break (1963)

Lotta 2 - Lotta flyttar hemifrån (1993)

Lotta flyttar hemifrån is a Swedish film which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 18 September 1993, directed by Johanna Hald. It's the 2nd film based on the books about Lotta på Bråkmakargatan written by Astrid Lindgren.

Successive Slidings of Pleasure (1974)

Successive Slidings of Pleasure (French: Glissements progressifs du plaisir) is a 1974 French fantasy art film directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet.

Dear Santa (2005)

Dear Santa is a 2005 American Christmas television film directed by Jim Hunziker and starring Clay Aiken, Hilary Duff, Raven Symoné, and Tony Hawk. The film first aired December 9, 2005 on the Fox network, and Season 2 was hosted by Kristen Bell and aired November 28, 2006 on ABC Family.

Four Fingers (2019)

Olsen Banden For Altid (2018)

Little Grey Fergie Saves the Farm (2017)

Tsatsiki, Dad and the Olive War (2015)

Benvenuto Cellini (2007)

Tady hlídám já (2012)

Sowing the Seeds of Love (2016)

Father of Four (2014)

W. Kamau Bell: Private School Negro (2018)

Comedian W. Kamau Bell muses on parenting in the Trump era, "free speech" dustups, woke children's TV and his fear of going off the grid.

Blood Paradise (2018)

The Nada Gang (1974)

Nada is a Franco-Italian film directed by Claude Chabrol released in 1974 and adapted from the crime novel Nada by Jean-Patrick Manchette. The film was known as The Nada Gang in the USA.

The Beasts' Carnival (1980)

Target: Harry (1969)

Target: Harry (also known as How to Make It and the original title What's in it for Harry?) is a 1969 thriller film directed by Roger Corman. The film was originally meant as a television pilot for the American Broadcasting Company. Rather than show it as a made for television film, the film was released theatrically as How to Make It. The film was shot in Monaco and Turkey in 1967 with Monte Hellman editing the film in 1968. Roger Corman took his name off the film and credited himself as "Henry Neill".

Der Turm der verbotenen Liebe (1968)

Captain America (1944)

Captain America is a 1944 Republic black-and-white serial film loosely based on the Timely Comics character Captain America. It was the last Republic serial made about a superhero. It also has the distinction of being the most expensive serial that Republic ever made. It also stands as the first theatrical release connected to a Marvel character; the next theatrical release featuring a Marvel hero would not occur for more than 40 years. It was also the last live-action rendition of a Marvel character in any media until Spider-Man appeared in the Spidey Super Stories segment of the children's TV series The Electric Company in 1974.

Karate Killer (1976)

Kill or Be Killed is a martial arts movie that was made in South Africa in 1977 and was titled Karate Olympiad, but released in 1980 to capitalize on the popularity of American martial arts films.

Farewell, Friend (1968)

Adieu l’ami (also known as Farewell, Friend, reissued as Honor Among Thieves) is a 1968 French-Italian film directed by Jean Herman and produced by Serge Silberman, with a screenplay by Sebastien Japrisot. The film was a big success in Europe and was crucial to Charles Bronson's career, making him a star over there, after being pigeonholed as a supporting actor in Hollywood.

My Nights with Susan, Sandra, Olga & Julie (1975)

Susan (FRANK & EVA’S Willeke Van Ammelrooy) lives in an idyllic farmhouse, along with the sex-loving youngsters, Sandra, Olga and Julie, and the unstable voyeur Albert. A number of killings take place by the sex-vampires, the allegations, however, go out to Piet (Flodder’s Nelly Frijda), the crazy woman on the other side of the ditch. A young craftsman, Anton (Hans van der Gragt), visits and gets surprised by the dangerous ladies.

The Garden of Sinners: Future Gospel (2013)

The Garden of Sinners: Future Gospel is a 2013 Japanese animated film produced by ufotable based on The Garden of Sinners novels by Kinoko Nasu. It is a sequel of the series, preceded by A Study in Murder – Part 2 (2009). Chronologically, the events that occur in The Garden of Sinners: Future Gospel are the tenth in the timeline of the series.

Fric-Frac (1939)

Fric-Frac is a 1939 French comedy film directed by Claude Autant-Lara and Maurice Lehmann, starring Fernandel, Arletty and Michel Simon. It tells the story of Marcel, an assistant to a jeweller, who befriends a couple of criminals who want to use him as an accomplice to rob his boss. The film is based on a 1936 play by Édouard Bourdet. Filming took place in March and April 1939 at the Laboratoires et Studios Eclair in Épinay-sur-Seine. The film was released in France on 15 June 1939 through Solaris Distribution.

Take It Out In Trade (1970)

Take It Out in Trade is a 1970 softcore pornographic comedy, written and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. The plot centers on a couple who hire a private investigator (Michael Donovan O'Donnell) to locate their missing daughter. He finds her in a "house of ill-repute," full of various soft-core couplings. The film has never been made available on home video, but is extant.

Seven Warriors (1989)

Seven Warriors is a 1989 Hong Kong action film directed by Terry Tong and starring Adam Cheng, Jacky Cheung, Max Mok and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai with a guest appearance by Sammo Hung. This film is a homage to the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai.

The Bullfighters (1974)

Maresia (2016)

Los del suelo (2015)

Shangri-La: Near Extinction (2018)

The Last Wild (2018)

In a man-made world hewn from nature, the exploitation of both living and inorganic resources is shaping the planet beyond recognition. For many animals, such human activity is gradually altering their land beyond habitable existence. Hunting in Africa for food, sport, and anger is drastically reducing animal populations. But there is still time to save and reconnect with nature. With governments protecting wild land, and through the Khoisan peoples' example of how to share life with other predatory animals, this ruminative doc explores how humans and animals might one day coexist in peace. "We never gaze at the stars or a tree without seeing ourselves, without seeing our reflection in them." Across Africa there is growing concern that our relationship with nature has become all take and no give. Our unsustainable, selfish opportunism is ruining what could be a far more beneficial co-existence. We know that the ever-expanding boundaries of 'modern' civilisation are encroaching upon the wilderness of Africa. But there is also concern that major damage is being done by the continent’s more isolated communities. Donovan Darrington Prince, a wildlife guide, is frustrated: “I honestly don’t believe that people has respect for nature, animals or wildlife, especially in rural areas”. Biological conservationists like Matt Claverley defend locals attacking wildlife: “if a wild animal is considered a threat to their children or livelihood, then of course their immediate need is for their family”. Yet this is not the whole story. Animals are also killed “to let off steam, because of contempt for animals or because of profit”. Poachers illegally sell horns, ivory and skins for easy money. They even hunt in land which governments have designated as nature reserves since the late nineteenth century. What’s more, poachers poison their carcasses. “The poachers often don’t want the vultures to give them away,” Ortwin Aschenborn elaborates, “so there is an active poisoning of vultures at the moment”. “Technology has made people so impersonal and they are getting addicted to that,” thinks Christo Snyman, a wildlife writer and photographer. Our relationship with technology is blamed for ruining the miraculous bond with the wild that only a few tribes, like the Khoisan peoples of Southern African, retain today. Rather than killing lions, they prefer to talk to them in order to share some of their prey. “It will not kill the human being,” says Steve Kunta, a local wildlife guide. “They will move away and then a person can come and get the meat.” Over the course of this passionate documentary, questions are raised over the capacity for larger mammals, like the elephant, to think like we do, even contemplate death. “They are very social animals, extremely like humans,” says Donovan. This meditative exploration of African ecosystems teaches us that if we learn to share our environments with the creatures we live amongst, there will be no need for the African plains to become the last wild.

Simon Amstell: Set Free (2019)

Honest, introspective comic Simon Amstell digs deep and delivers a uniquely vulnerable stand-up set on love, ego, intimacy and ayahuasca.

Secrets in the Sky: The Untold Story of Skunk Works (2019)

In 1943, in a circus tent in Burbank, CA, a bunch of revolutionary thinkers first gathered together in secrecy to build America’s first jet fighter. They were rule benders, chance takers, corner cutters—people who believed that nothing was impossible. In the decades that followed, this secret club would create some of the most iconic flying machines in history: the U-2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 stealth bomber… each of them so unfamiliar, so far ahead of their time, that they were often mistaken for something otherworldly. Secrets in the Sky: The Untold Story of Skunk Works pulls back the veil of secrecy on Lockheed Martin’s enigmatic Skunk Works program. It features never-before-seen material: rare photos, films locked away for decades, and entries from the private journals and logbooks of Skunk Works’ founder and aerospace legend, Kelly Johnson. With narration by Dennis Quaid, in Kelly Johnson’s own words, the film plunges deep into a world shrouded in secrecy—where wars are won or lost not just on the battlefield, but at the design table. Secrets in the Sky: The Untold Story of Skunk Works reveals the incredible story of one small group of bootstrapping engineers and pilots whose innovative aircraft changed world history.

Justice - Verstrickt im Netz der Macht (2019)

Hüddam 2 (2019)