María and the Spiderman (2013)

A 13-year-old becomes impregnated by another teen who works as a juggler while dressed in a Spider-Man outfit.

School's Out (2008)

A French teen (Tho Frilet) discovers that a girl (Valentine Catzeflis) he likes is the daughter of his overbearing philosophy teacher.

Special Delivery (2000)

An adoption-agency courier (Andy Dick) misplaces a baby he needs to deliver to a family by Christmas.

The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (1993)

Rescue workers struggle to save summer-camp youths caught in a flash flood near Comfort, Texas. Based on a true story.

It's Not Me, It's Him (1980)

A successful comic's ghostwriter fast-talks his way into a prestigious assignment with a famous movie star.

Fort Ti (1953)

Capt. Horn (George Montgomery) and Rogers' Rangers raid Fort Ticonderoga during the French and Indian War.

Hostile Intent (1997)

War games between two teams of rival computer programmers turn deadly when government assassins crash the affair.

Public Enemy's Wife (1936)

A G-man (Pat O'Brien) falls in love with the aloof ex-mate (Margaret Lindsay) of a gangster convict (Cesar Romero), who escapes.

The Golden Arrow (1936)

A fake heiress (Bette Davis) keeps fortune hunters at bay with a false marriage to a poor newsman (George Brent).

Avalanche (1999)

The survivor of an Alaskan avalanche, Dr. Lia Freeman (Caroleen Feeney) is an environmentalist concerned about a similar disaster occurring if a proposed new oil pipeline is built. Freeman adamantly warns the planners of the likelihood of a major avalanche, but they ignore her pleas. As she realizes that a massive whiteout is imminent, Freeman tries to get the citizens of a nearby town to leave, aided by brave helicopter pilot Neal Meekin (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Caveat (2011)

Members of a privileged family are forced to come together after their patriarch's death. As they sort through the will, they discover deep-seated resentments and hostility that prove money is not the true root of evil.

A Tale of Springtime (1989)

Jeanne (Anne Teyssedre), a high school philosophy instructor, meets Natacha (Florence Darel) at a party. They become friends, and soon Jeanne, who shares an apartment in Paris with her messy boyfriend, is staying at Natacha's while her father (Hugues Quester), a middling French bureaucrat, is out of town. Very quickly, Jeanne realizes Natacha has something to hide -- and when her father comes home and discovers her in his flat, unacknowledged desires come to the forefront.

The Secret Policeman's Private Parts (1984)

The music and comedy from four Amnesty International benefit performances.

Promises to Keep (1985)

A roustabout (Robert Mitchum) comes home after 30 years to a wife (Claire Bloom), a son (Christopher Mitchum) and a grandson who wants to go to sea.

The White Rose (1961)

A Mexican planter (Ignacio López Tarso) and his wife (Rita Macedo) lose their land to U.S. oilmen in 1937.

Escape From San Quentin (1957)

An ex-airman (Johnny Desmond) flies himself and another convict (Richard Devon) out of prison, then hides with his wife's sister (Merry Anders).

What Lola Wants (2015)

A 17-year-old girl lets everyone think she has been kidnapped. She meets a young man in a New Mexico diner and the two fall instantly in love, but when he learns of the reward for her return, he has to choose between helping her or cashing in.

La Habanera (1937)

A woman rebels against her evil husband.

The Peterville Diamond (1942)

A jewel thief targets a woman after her husband gives her a valuable diamond.

Dead Men Can't Dance (1997)

Stranded without communication, a covert military patrol tries to destroy a North Korean nuclear power plant.

Street Wars (2012)

Elijah Kane (Steven Seagal) and his team race to stop a drug ring from distributing poisonous Ecstasy at raves.

Without a Home (2009)

A young woman becomes involved with the homeless in LA to better understand their plight.

Stray Dogs (2004)

Two Afghan siblings spend their days struggling to survive on the streets of Kabul and nights sleeping with their imprisoned mother.

Pool of Princesses (2007)

Three German teenagers discuss dating, school and other components of their daily lives.

Iron & Silk (1990)

After graduating from college in the United States, Mark (Mark Salzman) takes a job teaching English in China. He arrives in the city of Hangzhou, where he feeds his enthusiasm for martial arts by taking instruction from famed teacher Pan Qingfu (Pan Qingfu). Meanwhile, he starts a romantic relationship with Dr. Ming (Vivian Wu). And, though Mark is teaching his eager Chinese students English, it's he who ends up having the most to learn from this cross-cultural exchange.

U-67 (1931)

A Navy officer is court-martialed when he rescues survivors of a U-boat attack instead of pursuing the submarine.

Just the Way You Are (2015)

Hoping to recharge her marriage, a professional matchmaker asks her husband out on a blind date.

Brain Damage (1988)

A boy (Rick Herbst) grows addicted to psychedelic jolts from an eel-like brain-eating monster called Elmer.

Zombeo & Juliécula (2013)

A young zombie boy (Kai Whitaker) and a young vampire girl (Madeline Moon) befriend each other despite the ongoing feud between their families.

Cage of Gold (1950)

An instant widow (Jean Simmons) marries another man (James Donald), then is blackmailed by her tricky first husband (David Farrar).

Torment (2013)

Newlyweds (Robin Dunne, Katharine Isabelle) and their young son find themselves at the mercy of sadistic madmen who secretly took up residence in their remote country home.

The Heart Is Elsewhere (2003)

A timid scholar (Neri Marcor) falls in love with a blind socialite (Vanessa Incontrada) who is using him to get back at her former fiance.

Genji Kuro Sassoki Byakko Nitoryu (1958)

A master swordsman must defend a lord's secret treasures from pirates and villains.

Face to Face (1975)

Dr. Jenny Isaksson (Liv Ullmann) is a psychiatrist whose temporary summer gig at a mental hospital offers only modest responsibilities. With her husband out of the country for a seminar and her daughter at camp, Jenny moves in with her grandparents, expecting a relaxing few months. But it isn't long before unpleasant memories of her childhood, the sudden appearance of strange apparitions and a near-rape push this otherwise stable woman to the very edge of sanity.

Cry of the Hunted (1953)

A state prison officer (Barry Sullivan) chases an escaped convict (Vittorio Gassman) to the Louisiana bayou.

Joe Hill (1971)

Joe Hill (Thommy Berggren) immigrates to America from Sweden in the early years of the 20th century. Although he secures a few jobs in his new homeland, the degrading working conditions astonish him. He becomes involved in the radical organization Industrial Workers of the World and goes on to write folk ballads championing the rights of the average worker. But in 1914 circumstantial evidence links him to a murder. Joe claims he is innocent, but the authorities think otherwise.

Breathing Earth: Susumu Shingu's Dream (2012)

Susumu Shingu talks with nature through his sculptures.

A Touch of Hope (1999)

An ordinary man (Anthony Michael Hall) discovers that he has the ability to heal with his hands when he comforts a victim of a car accident.

Jaws the Revenge (1987)

The family of widow Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) has long been plagued by shark attacks, and this unfortunate association continues when her son is the victim of a massive great white. In mourning, Ellen goes to visit her other son, Michael (Lance Guest), in the Bahamas, where she meets the charming Hoagie Newcombe (Michael Caine). As Ellen and Hoagie begin a relationship, a huge shark appears off the coast of the island, and Ellen's trouble with the great whites begins again.

Dead Cert (1974)

In this film based on Dick Francis' mystery novel, Alan York (Scott Antony) is stunned when his dear friend, skilled jockey Bill Davidson (Ian Hogg), is killed during a simple steeplechase. Convinced Davidson's death was no accident, York begins an investigation with a suspicion that Davidson's racehorse, Admiral, was drugged in a murderous act of sabotage. Assisting him as he delves into this world of high stakes, horses and gambling is Davidson's devoted widow, Laura (Judi Dench).

One Last Fling (1949)

A bored housewife (Alexis Smith) gets jealous when her shopkeeper husband (Zachary Scott) wants to hire an ex-girlfriend.

A Gift for Heidi (1958)

Orphan girl Heidi (Sandy Descher) lives with her grandfather, Alm Uncle (Douglas Fowley), in the Swiss Alps, and spends her summer vacation searching for one adventure after another with her friend Peter (Van Dyke Parks). In addition to entering Peter in a singing contest against his will and making friends with a lonely old man, Heidi climbs a dangerous mountain to rescue a newlywed couple caught in an avalanche -- with a little help from the U.S. Army.

Children of History (2016)

Two boys dawdle after swim class and end up alone in the cloakroom.

Taeter City: City of Cannibals (2012)

In a city where criminals are turned into food, three biker officers are charged with restoring order after chaotic events undermine the city's leaders.

Don Camillo (1952)

A Communist mayor and a liberal-minded cleric engage in a comical battle of wills.

Joker (2016)

A man questions the system.

Road Rage (1999)

A deliveryman (Jere Burns) stalks a woman (Yasmine Bleeth) who inadvertently cut him off in traffic, seeking revenge upon her and her family.

Blind Chance (1987)

Witek (Boguslaw Linda) is a young medical student who is no longer sure whether he wants to become a doctor, and his future will be determined by whether or not he makes the train that he is running to catch. Through three possible scenarios revolving around specific choices, Witek experiences his possible futures depending upon whether he decides to continue with his schooling, join up with the Communist Party or become an anti-Communist rebel.

Only the Brave (2017)

A billionaire pirate broadcaster (Richard Fitzpatrick) kidnaps a heroic martial artist (Jeff Wincott) for his battle-to-the-death gladiator TV show.

Sprout (2014)

A young Guatemalan girl struggles to grow food for her family and grapples with her faith.

Blondie in the Dough (1948)

Blondie (Penny Singleton) tries to make some money by going into business baking cookies at home.

Red Line (1996)

Debt forces an ex-auto racer (Chad McQueen) into petty crime and the heist of an impounded car for a mob boss (Jan-Michael Vincent).

South of Santa Fe (1932)

A cowboy (Bob Steele) runs into trouble on the Mexican border.

Her Perfect Spouse (2004)

A family begins to suspect that their pregnant daughter may have been the victim of murder at the hands of her husband when she vanishes on Christmas Eve.

The Humanoid (1979)

The people of Metropolis try to stop evil Graal and an insane scientist from creating an army of indestructible automatons.

Ordinary Hero (1995)

Banker Michele Sindona (Omero Antonutti) supervises a vast international financial empire that crumbles in 1974 because of mismanagement and fraud. A corrupt Italian government assigns lawyer Giorgio Ambrosoli (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) to investigate, assuming he will find, and do, nothing -- but Giorgio proves to be dogged and scrupulously honest. Sindona, who has fled to the United States, calls upon his Mafia ties to rid him of this nuisance. Soon, Giorgio is receiving death threats.

Little Red Riding Hood (2015)

A young girl who is being chased by a wolf takes refuge in a castle and soon discovers that there are worse horrors in store for her.

Blackballed (2014)

A supermarket manager tries to find out why he was refused membership in a sporting club. When he learns that one member is blocking him from becoming a member, he is determined to find out who is humiliating him.

The Student Body (2016)

A high-school student takes a stand against state-mandated body mass index tests and finds herself thrust into the middle of a heated national controversy.

Yvonne's Perfume (1994)

This nostalgic romance follows restless young man Victor Chmara (Hippolyte Girardot) as he woos the gorgeous Yvonne Jacquet (Sandra Majani) while on vacation at a luxury hotel on Lake Geneva. The couple spends much of their time lounging about the shores of the lake with eccentric gay doctor Rene Meinthe (Jean-Pierre Marielle), who regularly dispenses witty observations about their posh fellow tourists. Unfortunately, their idyllic holiday can't last forever.

Happiness Is ... (1975)

Neighborhood boys try to keep a tomboy out of their club.

Altered States of Plaine (2012)

While on the run from a government agency, a man (George Gallagher), mysteriously, awakes in random places whenever he falls asleep.

Marvelous Light (2003)

A former mechanic (Alfredo Landa) suspects that the man (Nino Manfredi) he met years ago is executed Spanish poet Federico Garca Lorca.

Mary of Nazareth (1995)

An angel announces that a young woman will bear the Son of God in this account of the lives of Mary, Jesus and Joseph.

Four Wise Monkeys (2016)

A heartbroken man (James Unsworth) reviews past events to try to understand the disintegration of a relationship.

Pirates of Monterey (1947)

The Spanish Royalists attempt to overthrow the Mexican Presideo at Monterey with a Yankee from Missouri contributing.

Kissed (1996)

Teenager Sandra (Molly Parker) is obsessed with death, so much so that after wandering into a funeral home she wishes to be a mortician. But this fascination becomes highly sexual, as Sandra develops a taste for necrophilia. Her secret passion doesn't cause any problems until she goes to college and meets medical student Matt (Peter Outerbridge), who soon falls for the unusual young lady. She comes clean about her morbid sexuality, but turning her on to the world of the living is no easy task.

Freeze-Frame (2014)

An agent from Shanghai goes on a top secret mission, and she's willing to bend the rules.

Big Village Lights (2016)

A cinema owner and his friends stand up to a local politician who wants to tear down the theater to make way for a shopping mall.

Enemy of Women (1944)

Joseph Goebbels (Paul Andor) is a struggling playwright besotted with Maria (Claudia Drake), the daughter of his landlord, Col. Brandt (H.B. Warner). She rebuffs Goebbels' advances, and he is thrown out. At his lowest ebb, he overhears a young Adolf Hitler speak and becomes an instant admirer. When Goebbels becomes Hitler's minister of propaganda, he grows drunk on his limitless power. For revenge, he has Col. Brandt killed and then uses his power to cruelly manipulate Maria.

Times Like These (2013)

A woman tries to summon the courage to escape from an abusive relationship.

Roman Scandals (1933)

This musical romp though ancient Rome concerns the adventures of innocent delivery boy Eddie (Eddie Cantor). One day while making his rounds in the dull American Midwestern town of West Rome, Eddie, after being clocked on the head, falls into a stupor in which he imagines himself in his burg's namesake -- Rome -- as a royal servant fighting imperial corruption. The goofy young man soon runs into a pile of trouble, in a story line that parallels his experiences in his home town.

Slate, Wyn & Me (1987)

Two Australian brothers (Simon Burke, Martin Sacks) rob a bank, shoot a policeman and kidnap a schoolteacher witness (Sigrid Thornton).

Good Sister (2012)

A woman becomes dedicated to rescuing her narcissistic mother from a nursing home.

Capturing Grace (2014)

The Mark Morris Dance Group works with Parkinson's patients.

Dead of Night (1977)

This horror anthology features three chilling tales from legendary writer Richard Matheson. In the first, a young man named Frank (Ed Begley Jr.) discovers that the antique car he's lovingly restored is actually a time machine. The second revolves around Alexis (Anjanette Comer), a woman who falls prey to a scam involving vampires. The final installment features a mother (Joan Hackett) grieving for her son until she gets a unique chance to reunite with him.

Mia, a Dancer's Journey (2014)

The life of the celebrated Croatian ballerina Mia Slavenska.

Apology for Murder (1945)

A reporter (Hugh Beaumont) agrees to help his lover (Ann Savage) kill her husband.

Cross Channel (1955)

The owner of a small charter boat becomes involved with a gang of smugglers who force him to ferry them to France.

The Cry of the Owl (1987)

A man (Jacques Penot) has revenge on his ex-fiancee (Mathilda May) and her married lover (Christophe Malavoy) by having an affair with the other's wife.

First Monday in October (1981)

The Supreme Court's first woman (Jill Clayburgh), a conservative, debates and dates her grumpy colleague (Walter Matthau), a liberal.

MXP: Most Xtreme Primate (2003)

Two brothers (Devin Drewitz, Trevor Wright) must rescue a snowboarding chimp from kidnappers and return him to his rightful owner.

Ants in the Mouth (2005)

Ten years after he was convicted of robbing a bank in Barcelona, Spain, Martin Losada (Eduard Fernndez) is set free from prison. Haunted by his past, Losada seeks out his former partner in crime, Julia (Ariadna Gil), who ran off with the loot. His pursuit takes him to Cuba, which is on the brink of revolution. Here, he finds Julia, married to a dangerous and powerful politician who is eager to make life very difficult for Losada. The film is based on a novel by Miguel Barroso.

The Capitol Conspiracy (1998)

Disturbing mental flashbacks lead a CIA agent to the discovery that he was once part of a secret experiment in ESP.

Firehouse (1987)

Women firefighters (Gianna Rains, Martha Peterson, Renee Raiford) save a slum from the first step in a politician's plan of urban renewal.

The Longest Penalty in the World (2005)

A backup goalkeeper (Fernando Tejero) must wait one week before trying to stop a delayed penalty kick in a soccer game.

Blood & Wine: A Brazilian Story (2006)

A Brazilian (Leonardo Vieira) and his family are forever scarred by an act of police brutality during an incident at the grand opening of their new business.

Killer Tongue (1996)

Accidentally ingesting a meteorite part causes a serpentine, man-eating tongue to grow out of a woman's (Mindy Clarke) mouth.

Don Camillo, monseigneur (1961)

The proposed building of a house on the site of an old church re-ignites the fierce rivalry between Don Camillo (Fernandel) and Peppone.

Listen (1996)

A San Francisco executive (Brooke Langton) overhears rendezvous plans on her cordless phone, then sees one of the lovers slain.

We Was Homeboyz (2012)

Ice (Pastor Troy) tries to find balance in his life while hunting down a traitor and thief with his friends.

30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1968)

A nightclub pianist (Dudley Moore) tries to write a hit musical and marry his new neighbor (Suzy Kendall) before he turns 30.

Antarctica: Ice and Sky (2015)

The groundbreaking research of French glaciologist Claude Lorius provides evidence of man-made, global climate change in Antarctica.

Edith and Marcel (1983)

French singer Edith Piaf (Evelyne Bouix) and boxer Marcel Cerdan (Marcel Cerdan Jr.) spend the 1940s in love.

The Ideal Man (1996)

Childless at 35, a magazine editor (Marie-Lise Pilote) makes a bet with her friends to find the perfect father within three months.

The Great Chicken Wing Hunt (2013)

A ragtag team sets out to find the perfect Buffalo wing.

The Mind Benders (1962)

Following the death of a fellow scientist accused of being a communist spy, Dr. Henry Longman (Dirk Bogarde) works to prove that his colleague had been brainwashed. To do so, Longman subjects himself to experiments in a sensory deprivation tank. This starts to take a heavy toll on his mental health; in particular, it alienates him from his wife. Additionally, his scientific credibility suffers and with it the chances for discovering the truth about his colleague.

Scrooge (1923)

Christmas spirits give a bitter old miser (Russell Thorndike) a chance at redemption.

Frankenstein's Monster: A Steampunk Adaptation (2014)

Victor Frankenstein leaves behind his abominable work to escape judgment and return to a peaceful life. He soon learns all secrets have their price.

Dog Sitting (2011)

A young English student in Paris takes care of dogs to make extra money and finds that man's best friend can be an unexpected burden.