Sidewalk Stories (1989)

Sidewalk Stories is a 1989 American low-budget, nearly silent movie directed by and starring Charles Lane. The film was shot in black and white and tells the story of a young African American man raising a small child after her father is murdered. The film is a remake of Charlie Chaplin's 1921 feature The Kid. The film was televised by PBS as well as saw limited exposure on VHS and cable television in the 1990s.In October 2014, Sidewalk Stories was released on DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Kino Lorber.

B.O.R.N. (1988)

PJ Soles (Halloween), Clint Howard (House of the Dead) and Ross Hagen (Angels Wild Women) star in this suspenseful thriller about black market organ harvesters.

Tougher Than Leather (1988)

Tougher Than Leather is an American film released in 1988 and distributed by New Line Cinema. The film was directed by Rick Rubin and stars the hip-hop group Run–D.M.C. They created the film to coincide with the release of their fourth studio album also titled Tougher Than Leather.

Destination Vegas (1995)

An attorney (Jennifer Sommerfield) must travel to Las Vegas to expose a corporate scandal.

Stand-by (2000)

A woman (Dominique Blanc) remains in an airport after her husband (Patrick Catalifo) announces he wants a divorce, just before they are to board a plane.

Columbus Day (2008)

Columbus Day is a 2008 crime drama starring Val Kilmer, Marg Helgenberger and Wilmer Valderrama.

The Light of Western Stars (1940)

The Light of Western Stars is a 1940 American film directed by Lesley Selander and starring Victor Jory. The film is also known as Border Renegade (American alternative title). The supporting cast features Morris Ankrum, Noah Beery, Jr., Tom Tyler and Alan Ladd (in a tiny role as a ranch hand named "Danny").

Remember Me? (1997)

Remember Me? is a 1997 film directed by Nick Hurran and starring Imelda Staunton and Robert Lindsay.

The Yellow Ticket (1931)

The Yellow Ticket is a 1931 pre-Code American drama film based on the 1914 play of the same name by Michael Morton, produced by the Fox Film Corporation and directed by Raoul Walsh. The film starred Elissa Landi, Lionel Barrymore and featured Boris Karloff. The film is also noted for its brief glimpse of nudity. The play was produced in 1914 on Broadway; it starred Lionel's younger brother John Barrymore and Florence Reed. The stage version played between 20 January and June 1914. The play was previously made into an American film The Yellow Passport in 1916 and a German film Der Gelbe Schein in 1918.

The Lady Objects (1938)

The Lady Objects is a 1938 American drama film written by Gladys Lehman and Charles Kenyon and directed by Erle C. Kenton. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Song at the 11th Academy Awards with the song A Mist Over the Moon, with music by Ben Oakland and lyric by Oscar Hammerstein II. Although the writing credits differ, this film bears a striking resemblance to Columbia's 1933 film, Ann Carver's Profession.

The Invincible Gladiator (1961)

The Invincible Gladiator is a 1961 film directed by Alberto De Martino and Antonio Momplet. The film stars Richard Harrison.

Cafe Hostess (1940)

Cafe Hostess is a 1939 American crime drama film directed by Sidney Salkow, which stars Preston Foster, Ann Dvorak, and Douglas Fowley. The screenplay was written by Harold Shumate, based on a story by Tay Garnett and Howard Higgin. Prior to filming the studio had been warned by the MPAA that the film did not comply with its code, but it is unclear whether changes were made to the script. It was released on November 30, 1939.

False Movement (2015)

Victor moves to Quebec City from Paris after his father dies, and he meets another student -- on a ledge -- at the school.

Cadet Girl (1941)

A West Point cadet (George Montgomery) and his bandleader brother (John Shepperd) fall for a singer (Carole Landis) in the band.

Scar (2005)

A young man (Randy Wayne) and woman (Ashley Nelson) find terror when they investigate the murder of a friend.

Johnny Handsome (1989)

Johnny Handsome is a deformed gangster who plans a successful robbery with a friend of his, Mikey Chalmette, and another couple (Sunny Boid and Rafe Garrett). During the heist, Johnny and Mikey are double-crossed by Sunny and Rafe---Mikey is killed and Johnny sent to prison. While in prison, Johnny is invited to a rehabilitation program, where Dr. Steven Fischer rebuilds Johnny's face and helps Johnny get paroled. Johnny starts working in a shipyard, where he meets Donna McCarty and starts a romance. Lt. A.Z. Drones is a skeptical detective who follows the rehabilitation of Johnny. Johnny's new life is consumed by the desire of payback.

The Naked Heart (1950)

The Naked Heart (French title: Maria Chapdelaine) is a 1950 British-French historical drama film directed by Marc Allégret, based on the novel Maria Chapdelaine by Louis Hémon. The film stars Michèle Morgan, Kieron Moore and Françoise Rosay. It was released in separate English and French versions. It tells the story of a convent girl in a remote Northern Canadian village at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Boarder (2012)

Produced by Andres Barahona (Filigrana Films) and Co-Produced by Susana Hornil (Hornil Brothers Productions), The Boarder is a feature film written by Jane E. Ryan and based on real life events. The film tells the story of the Williams family who, after adopting an 11-year-old troubled homeless boy named Carl, have to deal with his reactive attachment disorder (RAD). It is based on the novel The Boarder by Jane E. Ryan, who interviewed families in the US, Canada and UK about their experiences with adoptive children suffering from RAD. The title is inspired by an anonymous British mother Jane interviewed regarding her experience with children suffering from RAD: "They're like boarders in a boardinghouse. They sleep in your home and eat at your table, but you never really know who they are." The boy was lying about Carl. Dee Wallace plays the psychologist who assists the family in coping with Carl and his disorder. Carl Williams is portrayed by Andy Scott Harris. Other actors appearing in the film are Leslie Stevens who played Annika Williams (Carl Williams' mother) in this movie, Carlton Wilburn and Eric St. John. The film is set in a suburb outside of Lincoln, Nebraska and is shot for the most part in Ravenna, Nebraska. A percentage of the proceeds from the movie will be used to support the Institute for Family Health in Central Nebraska funded by Jane E. Ryan.

Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016)

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens is a 2016 American made-for-television sci-fi comedy disaster film and the fourth installment in the Sharknado film series, following Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One, and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!. The film was directed by Anthony C. Ferrante with Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, David Hasselhoff and Ryan Newman reprising their roles from the previous installments. New people joining the cast in the film include Tommy Davidson, Masiela Lusha, Imani Hakim, Cheryl Tiegs and Gary Busey. The film premiered on Syfy in the United States on July 31, 2016. Though the film title, poster, and intro are a parody of the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it is not a mockbuster.

Supervan (1977)

Supervan is a 1977 American vansploitation film directed by Lamar Card, featuring a very heavily modified van central to the storyline. Unusual for the genre, it is rated PG.

Larceny in Her Heart (1946)

Private eye Michael Shayne (Hugh Beaumont) finds a corpse on his porch and investigates.

The Philadelphia Experiment 2 (1993)

David Herdeg (Brad Johnson), the surviving hero, has built a life for himself and his young son that's unraveling fast. The U.S. military is conducting another Experiment- one that not only alters Herdeg's DNA makeup, but also threatens the fabric of the entire universe. The Experiment's goal is to transport a Stealth Fighter back to 1943 to use as the ultimate war machine, but its effect hurls Herdeg into another time warp- still 1993, but a 1993 where Germany has won the war. Can Herdeg with the race against time andsave his son- and the world- from a terrible future? Or will the future be a twisted reality distorted by the Philadelphia Experiment

That Wasn't Me (2012)

That Wasn't Me is a 2012 short film by Esteban Crespo. The film had a limited release on 9 February 2012 during an event organized by the Spanish NGOs Fundación El Compromiso, Amnistía Internacional, Save The Children, Entreculturas, Alboan, ONG DYES to celebrate the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers.

Blood Salvage (1990)

A self-taught doctor (Danny Nelson) of autos and anatomy runs a spare-parts clinic in the country with his sons.

Search for the Jewel of Polaris: Mysterious Museum (1999)

Two children travel back to the 18th century and use magic jewelry to battle an evil king.

Yankee Fakir (1947)

Yankee Fakir is a 1947 American mystery film directed by W. Lee Wilder and written by Richard S. Conway. The film stars Douglas Fowley, Joan Woodbury, Clem Bevans, Ransom M. Sherman, Frank Reicher and Marc Lawrence. The film was released on April 1, 1947, by Republic Pictures.

The Gendarme in New York (1965)

Gendarme in New York (French: Le gendarme à New York) is the sequel to the French comedy film Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez. It stars Louis de Funès as the gendarme. With Michel Galabru, Christian Marin, Grosso and Modo, Alan Scott.

No Man's Woman (1955)

No Man's Woman is a 1955 American crime film directed by Franklin Adreon and starring Marie Windsor, John Archer and Patric Knowles. The film's sets were designed by the art director Walter E. Keller.

In the Year 2889 (1967)

Nuclear war devastates much of the world, but old man John Ramsey (Neil Fletcher) manages to survive, and he holes up on his rural property with his daughter, Joanna (Charla Doherty). Because John always believed in the inevitability of nuclear apocalypse, he'd prepared the house with plenty of provisions. Other survivors of the disaster start to show up at the house demanding refuge. John reluctantly lets them in, but there is much tension. Then the mutants appear.

Headin' Home (1920)

Heading Home (also called Headin' Home) is a 1920 American silent film directed by Lawrence C. Windom. It attempts to create a mythology surrounding the life of baseball player Babe Ruth. The screenplay was written by Arthur "Bugs" Baer from a story by Earle Browne. Besides Ruth, it stars Ruth Taylor, William Sheer and Margaret Seddon.

Under the Sun (2015)

Under the Sun (Russian: В лучах Солнца, V luchakh solnca) is a 2015 Russian documentary film directed by Vitaly Mansky. The film follows a year in the life of a family in Pyongyang, North Korea as their daughter Zin-mi prepares to join the Korean Children's Union on the Day of the Shining Star (Kim Jong-il's birthday).

Lay That Rifle Down (1955)

Lay That Rifle Down is a 1955 American comedy film directed by Charles Lamont starring Judy Canova. It was the thirteenth and last in a series of Judy Canova films released by Republic Pictures.

Eight on the Lam (1967)

Eight on the Lam is a 1967 Technicolor film directed by George Marshall. It stars Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller.

Heroes and Sinners (1955)

Heroes and Sinners (French: Les héros sont fatigués, released in the UK as The Heroes Are Tired) is a 1955 French drama film directed by Yves Ciampi. For his performance Curd Jürgens was awarded Volpi Cup for Best Actor at the 16th Venice International Film Festival.

Branded To Kill (1967)

When Japanese New Wave bad boy Seijun Suzuki delivered this brutal, hilarious, and visually inspired masterpiece to the executives at his studio, he was promptly fired. Branded to Kill tells the ecstatically bent story of a yakuza assassin with a fetish for sniffing steamed rice (the chipmunk-cheeked superstar Joe Shishido) who botches a job and ends up a target himself. This is Suzuki at his most extreme—the flabbergasting pinnacle of his sixties pop-art aesthetic.

Fighting Elegy (1966)

Fighting Elegy is a 1966 Japanese film directed by Seijun Suzuki. Filmmaker Kaneto Shindō adapted the script from the novel by Takashi Suzuki. The film has also screened under the titles Violence Elegy, Elegy to Violence, Elegy for a Quarrel and The Born Fighter at various film festivals and retrospectives.

Hercules Against Rome (1964)

Ercole contro Roma, internationally released as Hercules Against Rome, is a 1964 Italian peplum film directed by Piero Pierotti.

Prince in Hell (1993)

A young gay man tries to save his lover from drug addiction.

Quatre garçons plein d'avenir (1997)

Four male law students go out on the town to celebrate the end of school exams.

A Lousy 10 Grand (2004)

A Lousy Ten Grand is a 2004 Vanguard Productions movie written by, directed and starring the stand-up comedian Kelly Monteith.

Night Life (1989)

Night Life is a 1989 American zombie comedy film directed by David Acomba and starring Scott Grimes, John Astin, and Cheryl Pollak. It centers around a high school nerd named Archie Melville who is harassed from beyond the grave by the zombie corpses of his former high school bullies (recently deceased) after they are brought back to life by a freak lightning storm. It is also known as Grave Misdemeanors.

Story of a Prostitute (1965)

Story of a Prostitute is a 1965 Japanese film directed by Seijun Suzuki. It is based on a story by Taijiro Tamura who, like Suzuki, had served as a soldier in the war.

Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal (2012)

A struggling, uninspired artist (Thure Lindhardt) finds a new muse in the form of a brawny mute (Dylan Smith) who devours human flesh while sleepwalking.

The Rainbow Man/John 3:16 (1997)

Filmmaker Sam Green focuses on Rollen Stewart, the Rainbow Man, and his plan to spread God's word through televised sporting events.

Scorn (2000)

Several young people deal with the trials and tribulations of love, friendship and pain over the course of a year.

Code Name: Vengeance (1987)

In a terrorist raid, rebels kidnap the wife and child of a third world country leader. Only US convict Monroe Bieler can save them. When he is released he shows the terrorists the real meaning of terror.

Rawhide Romance (1934)

A cowboy captures the heart of a young woman while hunting down outlaws.

Blazing Sixes (1937)

Blazing Sixes is a 1937 American Western film directed by Noel M. Smith and written by John T. Neville. The film stars Joan Valerie, Mira McKinney, John Merton, Glenn Strange, Kenneth Harlan and Dick Foran. The film was released by Warner Bros. on June 12, 1937.

Robo Warriors (1996)

A boy (James Lew) recruits a high-tech war machine (James Remar) to battle reptilian beings who have conquered Earth in 2036.

Dream Street (1921)

From the author from whose works sprang Broken Blossoms, comes this trilogy of moral tales about two brothers who love the same girl and what happens when a rejected suitor swears a vendetta.

The Great Train Robbery (1941)

A railroad detective (Bob Steele) guards a shipment of gold his brother (Milburn Stone) plans to rob.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (1931)

Sherlock Holmes (Robert Rendel) and Dr. Watson (Frederick Lloyd) protect Sir Henry (John Stuart), cursed by a glowing killer dog.

Vanished Without a Trace (1993)

A determined woman (Shelley Long) continues to search for her missing daughter after the police have given up.

Scarlet Angel (1952)

Scarlet Angel is a 1952 Technicolor adventure film directed Sidney Salkow and starring Yvonne de Carlo and Rock Hudson.

Haven't We Met Before (2002)

Believing a law student killed him in a previous life, a man (Page Fletcher) in a mental institution seeks revenge.

Stunt Rock (1978)

Stunt Rock is a 1978 movie by director Brian Trenchard-Smith starring Grant Page.

Blood on the Arrow (1964)

Blood on the Arrow is a 1964 Western film starring Dale Robertson and Martha Hyer is about the sole survivor of an Apache ambush, who rides out to save a young boy who has been captured. It was directed by Sidney Salkow and written by Mark Hanna.

Lovely to Look At (1952)

This season in Paris, Red is all the rage! Red Skelton headlines a joyful Technicolor® remake of Roberta as a New York producer who inherits a failing Parisian fashion house. His partners are Howard Keel and Gower Champion and the lovelies they look at are Kathyrn Grayson, Ann Miller and Marge Champion. Which means the zippy story (everyone falls in love with everyone else as they scramble to save the salon) is in masterful hands. But the talent doesn’t stop there. Jerome Kern provides ten classics, including "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Yesterdays," "I Won’t Dance" and the title song. And Vincente Minnelli directs the finale, a razzling, dazzling, riotous-with-color Broadway-style fashion show featuring fabulous Adrian couture.

Dr. Wai in The Scripture With No Words (1996)

A serial adventure writer with problems in his personal life lives out the adventures of his literary hero, King of Adventurers.

Danland (2012)

Dan Leal, a pornography producer, has a hard time finding commitment and intimacy due to the industry he works in.

Spanish Affair (1957)

Spanish Affair is a 1957 American-Spanish co-produced drama film directed by Don Siegel and Luis Marquina. It featured Carmen Sevilla, Richard Kiley and José Guardiola.

Captain Midnight (1942)

Captain Midnight (1942) was the 17th serial released by Columbia Pictures. It was based upon the radio adventure serial of the same name broadcast from 1938 to 1949.

Blood and Steel (1959)

Blood and Steel is a 1959 American drama film directed by Bernard L. Kowalski and written by Joseph C. Gilette. The film stars John Lupton, James Edwards, Brett Halsey, John Brinkley, Allen Jung and Ziva Rodann. The film was released in December 1959, by 20th Century Fox.

Square Dance Jubilee (1949)

Two New York talent scouts (Don Barry, Wally Vernon) go west to book acts for Spade Cooley's TV show.

Hotel Continental (1932)

Hotel Continental is a 1932 American Pre-Code crime film directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Peggy Shannon, Theodore von Eltz and J. Farrell MacDonald. Various criminals search for loot stashed in a luxury hotel which is about to close.

The Sea Chase (1955)

German naval officer Karl Ehrlich loves his country but hates Hitler. Busted to the command of a lowly freighter docked in Australia as World War II erupts, Ehrlich must choose: be interned by the British or sail to Germany so his men can determine their own fates. On a foggy night, Ehrlich decides—and casts off! John Wayne as Ehrlich and Lana Turner as a woman forced into Nazi espionage are a formidable romantic team in this harrowing adventure directed by John Farrow. Through a relentless high-seas pursuit, Ehrlich drives his exhausted men (James Arness, Tab Hunter and others). The pursuing British have the navy that rules the waves. The freighter Ergenstrasse has the Duke. Any action fan knows that's an even—and exciting—match!

Dragonfly (1976)

One Summer Love, originally titled Dragonfly, is a 1976 romantic drama film directed by Gilbert Cates from a screenplay by N. Richard Nash. It stars Beau Bridges and Susan Sarandon and features Mildred Dunnock and Ann Wedgeworth.

Killers in the House (1998)

Killers in the House is a 1998 made for TV film starring Mario Van Peebles, Holly Robinson Peete, and Hal Linden. Bank robbers hold a family hostage in a newly inherited mansion. The movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film aired on the USA Network.

Christmas Angel (2012)

This Christmas, Olivia Mead has one wish: that her single mom (Teri Polo) would find someone that she can call “Dad”. She and her classmates soon discover that the answer to all their wishes lie inside a mysterious abandoned house. Within the house they discover Elsie Waybright (Della Reese), the Christmas Angel. Elsie tries to teach Olivia that some requests must be left to God. As Christmas day approaches, Olivia receives an unwelcomed answer, the suspicious Dr. Nathan Davis (Kevin Sorbo). This Christmas, will Elsie be able to teach Olivia and her friends to trust in God?

Trapper County War (1989)

A New Jersey musician (Robert Estes) and his pal meet a diner waitress (Betsy Russell) guarded by a trigger-happy backwoods clan.

Johnny Firecloud (1975)

An American Indian war veteran (Victor Mohica) avenges the hanging of his grandfather by local thugs.

Valley of the Eagles (1951)

A Norwegian scientist builds a device that can convert sound waves into electrical energy. However, the machine is stolen by the scientist's wife and assistant, who head across the frozen tundra towards Russia. A police inspector and a local girl team up with the scientist to help recover the device.

5 Time Champion (2012)

In a small Texas town, while young scientist Julius steadfastly researches the asexual reproduction of worms, his friends and family force him to re-evaluate how, and if, he understands human relationships and feelings.

Tomorrow at Ten (1963)

Tomorrow at Ten is a 1962 British thriller film directed by Lance Comfort and starring John Gregson, Robert Shaw, Kenneth Cope and William Hartnell.

Roar of the Press (1941)

While on their honeymoon, a reporter and his bride encounter a group of fifth columnists.

The Courtship of Andy Hardy (1942)

In the small town of Carvel, the family of Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) welcome eldest daughter Marian (Cecilia Parker) back from New York but are dismayed when she takes up with the local "wolf." Hardy then asks his son, Andy (Mickey Rooney), to take out Melodie Nesbitt (Donna Reed), a teen at the center of a custody dispute. When Melodie develops a crush on him, Andy gets nervous. Meanwhile, Mrs. Hardy (Fay Holden) nervously suspects that she's being cheated on a mail-order gift for the judge.

The Great Dan Patch (1949)

The Great Dan Patch is a 1949 American film directed by Joseph M. Newman about the trotting horse Dan Patch. The film is also known as Ride a Reckless Mile (American reissue title), and Dan Patch.

Rose of Cimarron (1952)

Rose of Cimarron is a 1952 Cinecolor Western produced by Edward L. Alperson for 20th Century Fox. Despite the title, it has nothing to do with Rose Dunn the actual "Rose of Cimarron". The film is a revenge Western with a twist: the protagonist is a woman raised by the Cherokee avenging her parents who were murdered by whites.

Kurtulus Son Durak (2012)

Neighborhood women try to cheer up psychologist Eylem, a newcomer to the building who was recently dumped by her boyfriend.

Big and Hairy (1998)

A boy (Robert Burke) recruits a young sasquatch onto the local basketball team, with unforseen results.

Dead of Night (2015)

Beaten by her boyfriend (John Reno), a woman (Julie Merrill) uses voodoo to become beautiful and lure men to death.

The Lone Rider in Ghost Town (1941)

Tom and Fuzzy investigate a ghost town which, in this case, is supposedly haunted by real ghosts. The town is an outlaw gang's hideout, and they scare folks away to protect their mine.

Summer Job (1989)

Coeds (Amy Baxter, Sherrie Rose, Cari Mayor) cavort with guests and co-workers while working at a Florida resort.

The Siege Of Sidney Street (1960)

The Siege of Sidney Street is a 1960 British historical drama film co-directed by Robert S. Baker and Monty Berman. It stars Donald Sinden, Nicole Berger and Kieron Moore. The film depicts the 1911 Siege of Sidney Street in which armed police surrounded a house occupied by a gang in the East End of London. It was filmed at Ardmore Studios in Ireland, with shots of Dublin standing in for pre-First World War East London.

The Mango Tree (1977)

The Mango Tree is a 1977 Australian drama film directed by Kevin Dobson and starring Geraldine Fitzgerald and Sir Robert Helpmann. Lead actor Christopher Pate is the son of actor Michael Pate who also produced the film.

Tremendous Sunset (2004)

A vampire prowls the streets for blood and the reincarnation of his dead lover.

The Killer (2006)

Cab driver Nikhil becomes witness to a spree of killings by a ruthless contract killer.

Valentino Returns (1989)

A '50s teen (Barry Tubb) with a pink Cadillac courts a farmer's daughter and tries to keep his father (Frederic Forrest) out of trouble.

I Am a Dancer (1972)

I Am a Dancer is a 1972 ballet film.

Long John Silver (1954)

Long John Silver, also known as Long John Silver's Return to Treasure Island, is a 1954 United States film production made in Australia about the eponymous pirate from Treasure Island, starring Robert Newton as Silver and Rod Taylor as Israel Hands. It was shot in CinemaScope and colour at the Pagewood Studios, Sydney, and the same company went on to make a 26 episode TV series with the same actors, called The Adventures of Long John Silver. The director, Byron Haskin, had directed Treasure Island in 1950, with Newton as Silver. Long John Silver should not be confused with the 1954 American film, Return to Treasure Island, starring Tab Hunter and Dawn Addams.

Assault of the Party Nerds (1989)

Coeds (Michelle Bauer, Linnea Quigley) go all out at a rush party to help a four-man fraternity lure new members.

Island of Darkness (1997)

After learning of several suicides, a teacher (Sofie Grbl) begins to suspect a killer is responsible.

Dance Hall (1929)

Dance Hall was an American musical film directed by Melville Brown and written by Jane Murfin and J. Walter Ruben, based on the short story of the same name by Vina Delmar. It was RKO's second to last release of the decade, and was a critical and financial flop.

Frontera (2013)

A pair of misfits experience romance, but dangerous, exciting, surprising and violent events threaten it.

Bleacher Bums (2001)

A businessman, two gamblers, a blind man and other loyal fans cheer for a woeful Chicago baseball team.

The White Lioness (1996)

A small-town Swedish cop (Rolf Lassgrd) discovers a mysterious connection between a woman's death and an assassin.

Dr. Minx (1975)

Dr Minx is a 1975 sexploitation film.

Caesar Must Die (2012)

The captivating new drama from legendary Italian auteurs Paolo & Vittorio Taviani follows real-life prison inmates as they rehearse for a performance of Shakespeare's classic story of honour and power, Julius Caesar.

Alive (2002)

Alive is a 2002 Japanese science fiction film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. Based on the manga of the same name, the film focuses on Tenshu, a convict placed in an isolated cell with another convict and a mysterious woman possessed by an extraterrestrial life form known as the "Isomer", which possesses those with murderous instincts. The film stars Hideo Sakaki, Ryo, Koyuki, Erika Oda, Jun Kunimura, Bengal, Tetta Sugimoto, and Tak Sakaguchi.