Christine (1958)

Christine is a 1958 film, based on the novel Liebelei by Arthur Schnitzler. The film was directed by Pierre Gaspard-Huit and the title character was played by Romy Schneider. The cast included Alain Delon as a young lieutenant. Schnitzler's play had been filmed in 1933 by Max Ophüls as Liebelei, starring Romy Schneider's mother, Magda Schneider.

White Snake Enchantment (1983)

Hakujasho (白蛇抄) is a 1983 Japanese film directed by Shunya Itō.

Owalini (2002)

Owalini is a Marathi movie released on 26 April 2002. The movie is produced by Medhpranav Babasaheb Powar and directed by Dr. Babasaheb Powar. The movie is based on an army officer who becomes an outlaw to save his sister.

The Internet Must Go (2013)

The Internet Must Go is a 2013 independent docufiction short web film about net neutrality, directed by Gena Konstantinakos.

Naani (2004)

Naani is a Telugu fantasy comedy film released in 2004. It was directed by S. J. Suryaah and stars Mahesh Babu, Amisha Patel. The film is bilingual, simultaneously shot with the Tamil version New, and features music composed by A. R. Rahman. The film is loosely based on the 1988 American film Big starring Tom Hanks.

Chinna Poove Mella Pesu (1987)

Chinna Poove Mella Pesu is a 1987 Tamil language drama film directed by the duo Robert – Rajasekhar. The film features Prabhu, Ramki, Narmadha, Sudha Chandran and Sabitha Anand in lead roles. The film, produced by S. K. Rajagopal, had musical score by S. A. Rajkumar and was released on 17 April 1987. The film became highly successful at the box office. The film also marked the debut of S. A. Rajkumar, Ramki and Narmadha.

Quell and Co. (1982)

Quell and Co is a 1982 film directed by William Witney.

Making the Headlines (1938)

Making the Headlines is an American 1938 crime drama directed by Lewis D. Collins and starring Jack Holt, Beverly Roberts, and Craig Reynolds.

Chhota Bheem aur Hanuman (2012)

Chhota Bheem Aur Hanuman is a fictional animated film produced by Greengold Animations. It is the tenth movie in the Chhota Bheem movie series, and the first of them to feature Hanuman.

Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang (2009)

Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang is a 2009 Malaysian film, directed by Majed Salleh. The film was produced by Dayang Digital, and also stars Farid Kamil, Siti Elizad, Zul Huzaimy, Lynette Ludi and Uji Rashid.

The Lion Men (2014)

The Lion Men is a Singapore action film directed by Jack Neo and starring Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang, Eva Cheng, Noah Yap, Charlie Goh, Maxi Lim and Chen Tianwen. The main plot revolves around two lion dance groups pitting themselves against each other.

End of the Wicked (1999)

End Of The Wicked is a Nigerian horror movie that tells story of how the forces darkness destroy good people and how they are being saved by the power of the Almighty God.

Reconciliation of Foes (1910)

The Rape of the Sabine Women is an art film by Eve Sussman, which had its world premiere on 2006-11-26 at the 47th International Thessaloniki Film Festival.

Barney's Big Surprise (1998)

Barney's Big Surprise was Barney the Dinosaur's first national tour. The show started in 1996 and played in 60 cities, with a program of 28 old and new Barney songs. Originally planned for theaters, it was revised to become more like a rock concert for young children; most of the venues were small arenas with around 5,000 seats, with some larger arenas used as well. A video of the show, which had been taped at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, was released in 1998.

Line Describing a Cone (1973)

Line Describing a Cone is a film produced in 1973 by artist Anthony McCall as part of his "solid light" film series. McCall's reduction of film to the essential properties of the medium resembles the work of other radical artists of his time, and has inspired various projects by artists such as Stan Douglas, Richard Serra, and Gordon Matta-Clark.

Fields of Sacrifice (1964)

Fields of Sacrifice is a 1964 documentary by Donald Brittain about Canadian war dead. The film visits former battlefields where over 100,000 Canadian soldiers lost their lives in World War I and World War II and examines Canadian military cemeteries and memorials from Hong Kong to Sicily.

Gogoler Kirti (2014)

Gogoler Kirti is a 2014 Indian Bengali film, directed by Pompy Ghosh Mukherjee and produced by Supratik Ghosh under the banner of Ishani Films. Based on the story Royraja Uddhar and Mahishmardini Uddhar by Samaresh Basu, the film features child actor Ahijit Ghosh, Vikram Chatterjee and Indraneil Sengupta in the lead roles. It is the sequel of 2013 film Goyenda Gogol. The film was released on 12 September 2014.

Inside: The Mob's Bloody Valentine (2011)

7362 (1967)

Bus Lane (2007)

Bus Lane is a 2007 Thai action-comedy film directed by Kittikorn Liasirikun.

Hotel Angel (1974)

Hotel Angel is a 1974 Thai drama film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol, about a young woman who becomes involved in the sex trade in Bangkok. The film was premiered on 2 March 1974.

Black Board (1986)

Burakkubōdo (ブラックボード) is a 1986 Japanese film written and directed by Kaneto Shindo. It is a drama about school bullying.

Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary (1995)

Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary is a 1995 Malayalam film about a lawyer who seeks justice for a teenage girl who was raped and murdered.

Puli Varunne Puli (1985)

Puli Varunne Puli is a 1985 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Harikumar and produced by P. K. R. Pillai. The film stars Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu, Lissy Priyadarsan and Unnimary in the lead roles. The film has musical score by Jerry Amaldev.

The Siam Renaissance (2004)

The Siam Renaissance, known in Thai as Tawipop or Thawiphop, is a 2004 Thai historical fantasy film directed by Surapong Pinijkhar. It is the second film adaptation of the 1986 novel Thawiphop by Thommayanti. It stars Florence Vanida Faivre in her film acting debut as Maneechan, a contemporary young woman who is transported to Siam of the 19th century and witnesses the country's struggles against the colonial aspirations of Britain and France.

No: 1 Sneha Theeram Bangalore North (1995)

No. 1 Snehatheeram Bangalore North is a 1995 Malayalam film, written by Fazil, directed by Sathyan Anthikkad, and produced by Fazil, starring Mammootty and Priya Raman, supported by Innocent, Thilakan, Oduvil Unnikrishnan and Sukumari.

Unnatural History (1959)

Unnatural History is a 1959 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Abe Levitow, with a story by Mike Maltese. The cartoon is made up of blackout gags with no real story tying them together, similar to many cartoons directed by Tex Avery.

Pacific 231 (1949)

Pacific 231 is a 1949 short film directed by French film theorist Jean Mitry.

Peck Up Your Troubles (1945)

Peck Up Your Troubles is a 1945 animated short featuring Sylvester the Cat. It was written by Michael Maltese and directed by Friz Freleng. The cartoon marked the first appearance of Sylvester's long-time foe Hector the Bulldog, who would later become a recurring character in Tweety and Sylvester cartoons. The woodpecker would later reappear in A Peck o' Trouble, a Dodsworth Cat cartoon directed by Robert McKimson in 1953.

Meatless Flyday (1944)

Meatless Flyday is a Merrie Melodies cartoon short produced by Warner Bros., and released on January 29, 1944. The cartoon was directed by Friz Freleng, written by Michael Maltese and animated by Jack Bradbury. The title is a pun on Meatless Friday, a reference to the traditional Roman Catholic practice of abstinence from meat on Fridays.

The Weakly Reporter (1944)

The Weakly Reporter is a Warner Bros. cartoon released on March 25, 1944. Directed by Chuck Jones, written by Michael Maltese, and with music directed by Carl Stalling, this cartoon is a spoof of sacrifices made by those on the homefront during World War II.

The Hungry Wolf (1942)

The Hungry Wolf is a 1942 one-reel animated cartoon short subject from MGM. It tells the story of a hungry wolf who one day, while starving during a cold winter, meets with a rabbit and is struggling between his instincts and conscience.

The Snow on the Pines (2013)

The Snow on the pines is a 2010 Iranian black and white film written and directed by Iranian-American director and actor Peyman Moaadi.

As It Is in Life (1910)

As It Is In Life is a 1910 silent short film directed by D. W. Griffith and produced and distributed by the Biograph Company. Mary Pickford appears in the film.

Whimsical Illusions (1909)

Whimsical Illusions is a 1909 French short silent film directed by Georges Méliès.

Don Diego i Pelageya (1928)

Don Diego and Pelagia is a 1928 Soviet silent comedy drama directed by Yakov Protazanov.

Yagodka lyubvi (1926)

Love's Berries is a 1926 Soviet comedy film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko. The film was Dovzhenko's debut and the screenplay was written in three days. It deals with a dandified barber's attempts to get rid of his "love berry" - his illegitimate offspring.

Mirame la Palomita (1985)

Triangle (1994)

The Count of Montenegro (2006)

Lillian's Dilemma (1914)

Blak Mama (2009)

Hollis & Rae (2006)

Depois Daquele Baile (2006)

Vlyublennye v Kiev (2012)

Busty Cops 2 (2006)

Das Mädchen ohne Vaterland (1912)

Johannes' hemmelighed (1985)

Schicksalstage in Bangkok (2009)

Streamlined Greta Green (1937)

Warbirds (1989)

Aşık Oldum (1985)

Den røde tråd (1989)

Once Upon a Wintertime (1948)

Hurra, wir sind mal wieder Junggesellen! (1971)

Stella for Office (2002)

The Water Spider (1971)

Soul Birds (2009)

Dulsineya Tobosskaya (1980)

Augustas lilla felsteg (1933)

The Fascination (2003)

Excursion (1966)

The Way You Wanted Me (1944)

Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm (1960)

Feuerland (1988)

Spray of the Days (1968)

Man from Montreal (1939)

Man from Montreal is a 1939 American western drama film, directed by Christy Cabanne. It stars Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, and Kay Sutton, and was released on December 8, 1939.

Pluto's Playmate (1941)

Lovesong (2001)

Uchû senkan Yamato 2199 (2012)

Chunar ABCD 2 Cover by Vivek Verma (2015)

11-12-13 Rak Kan Ja Tai (2016)

Süpermenler (1979)

3 Supermen Against the Godfather is a superhero film directed by Italo Martinenghi.

Iddaru Mitrulu (1999)

Iddaru Mitrulu is a 1999 Tollywood drama film which was directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. This film stars Chiranjeevi, Sakshi Sivanand and Ramya Krishna. The film was released on 30 April 1999 to positive reviews.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree (1995)

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree is a television Christmas special that first aired December 6, 1995 on CBS. The special stars Robert Downey Jr., Leslie Nielsen, and Stockard Channing. It also features Kermit the Frog as a narrator and various other Muppets created exclusively for the special. It was sponsored by Nabisco.

Is It Always Right to Be Right? (1970)

Is It Always Right to Be Right? is a short animated film directed by Lee Mishkin, produced by Stephen Bosustow Productions, and narrated by Orson Welles. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1970, the last to do so under its previous name "Short Subjects (Cartoons)".

When Life Departs (1997)

When Life Departs is a 1997 animated short film directed by Stefan Fjeldmark and Karsten Kiilerich. The film illustrates the various thoughts children have about death. The animation was produced at the A. Film A/S headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, with lead animators Ando Tammik and Meelis Arulepp. It was included in the Animation Show of Shows.

A Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Double Feature (1966)

A Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Double Feature is a 1966 short animated film featuring two songs from the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass album Going Places. The film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1967. It was written and direct by John and Faith Hubley, who had previously won for Moonbird and The Hole. It is considered to be an early prototypical example of a music video, and has not been released onto home media.

Hasta cierto punto (1984)

Up to a Certain Point is a 1983 Cuban movie directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. It focuses on a theater director who starts up a relationship with a female dockworker. However, his machismo complicates matters.

Kita no misaki - Cap du nord (1976)

Cape of the North is a Japanese movie directed by Kei Kumai (1976)

Mein Mann, ein Mörder (2013)

Trællenes børn (1980)

Au petit Marguery (1995)

For 30 years the title eatery has delighted its customers with good family style French cooking, but as with many good things, its time has come and it must close. This semi-autobiographical French drama, adapted from screenwriter/director Laurent Benegui's novel, chronicles the final meal served to 15 loyal patrons on closing day. Amidst affectionate humor and occasional pathos, much attention is paid to the conversations, personal situations, and emotions of the diners and the staff.

Manna (2008)

Lise et Laura (1982)

A Girl in the Sunflowers (1984)

Les Anneaux de Bicêtre (1977)

Nelken in Aspik (1976)

Bak Yeşil Yeşil (1975)

Richy Guitar (1985)

Windows (1975)

Tigryonok na podsolnukhe (1981)

The Truth About Cancer (2008)

Hilton! (2013)

Sweet Sioux (1937)

Rover's Rival (1937)

Porky's Building (1937)

Some Folks Call It A Sling Blade (1994)

Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade is a short film written by Billy Bob Thornton, directed by George Hickenlooper and starring Thornton, Molly Ringwald, and J. T. Walsh.

Playa del Futuro (2005)

Arthur L'aventurier en Afrique (2013)